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Vocal Trance is a subgenre of trance music that focuses on vocals and melodies, The sound started to grow from an early 1990's vision and progression. In the early 1990's great trance styled artists were paving the way for a new style of sound that would eventually blossom into what it has become today. The beautiful piano melodies from Robert Miles and the upbeat and deep meaning sounds and vocals from Jam & Spoon to the more simplistic but perfectly sculptured early trance beats and melodies. B.T's Excellent flaming June to the powerful synthesized sounds of Chicane. These artist's works without a doubt stimulated and pushed forward the beautiful sounds that we are presented with today in the form of Vocal trance. 


Offshore was released as Chicane's debut single from the album "Far from the Maddening Crowds on 2nd December 1996. The track reached no 5 in the United states on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart, no 12 in Ireland and no 14 in the UK. Nicholas Bracegirdie born 28th February 1971 is behind Chicane. He has created music for the sungenres of Electronica, Trance, House, Ambient, and Chill out.

Saltwater (Original) by Chicane

Many early trance recordings relied firmly on samples blended in with the rhythms and beats, the earliest examples of the style appeared in 1992-93. The 1990's defined an explosion in different musical styles with Rave music starting in 1991 until it's fading in 1994, The acid house boom burnt out around 1989 and the new music craze reached fever pitch between 91 to 94. After the rave hacienda had worn out enough vinyl records to produce another subgenre Jungle had swung around the corner permanently fracturing the scene. 

Alex and Danny, The members of Hyper on Experience. Alex Banks, Daniel Scott Demierre 

Hyper On Experience - Lord Of The Null Lines

Alex and Danny met when Alex moved to Beccles aged 14. They became friends along with JMJ (Jay Hurren) & Richie (Andrew Riches) and started going out raving, DJing and producing. In 1990 Alex wanted to update his studio, Danny got a loan to enable them to do this and Hyper On Experience was born. They split up in 1994, with Alex being asked to record an E-Z Rollers album with JMJ and Danny going solo as Flytronix. This track called "Lords of The Null Lines was released in 1993, Information (Discogs) It has an intense drum rhythm with high synthesizer beeps and bass rhythm which kicks in around the 2 minute mark. Samples and scrathing sounds can be heard. An excellent blend of sounds to produce this track, The style is mostly a breakbeat rhythm with a slightly jungerlistic feel, with a  middle toned synthesizer breakout melody that slightly edges into an exploring theme. Nearer the end of the track a more hardcore sound is distinguished to carry the many sounds to the end.

New technology was fueling a total new wave of sounds that echoed from one corner of the earth to another. Tempos rocketed up in beats per minute as the experimentation had no limits and people were accepting these new sounds with open arms. Breakbeats were being mutilated and then re-stiched, and a generation of DJs who'd learnt their craft playing imports from America and Europe were suddenly packing their sets full of homegrown bangers. 

Vocal trance can be split down into three sections, A typical vocal trance track will start with an intro of progressive beats and the melodic part starts incrementally combining vocals usually female. A bass pattern will intercept after the first two parts have played out, Towards the end of the song the melody fades out and the intro rhythm returns usually with some minor adjustments. Vocal trance producers sometime use session musicians to provide the vocals, These are usually women and I would agree here somewhat that female voices dominate the sound but there are many male voiced tracks. I have a selection of videos that I would like to share with you.

Denise Rivera has been singing and performing as an International Trance vocalist since 2003 when she recorded her first trance track for Ferry Corsten's album RIGHT OF WAY. Then she was asked to feature on three tracks on his album L.E.F. which also included tracks sung by Guru, Howard Jones and Simon le Bon from Duran Duran. During these recording sessions she came in contact with the producers Raz Nitzan and Adrian Broekhuyse. Thanks to these producers her voice was featured in tracks like “Face to Face” for Armin van Buuren's album IMAGINE , “Back to Zero” by Robbie Rivera (USA) and " Body of Conflict" by Cosmic Gate.

NEWSCHOOL// - Alive (Official Video) ft. Silver Things

Lyrics for Newschool, Alive ft Silver Things.


Soft guitar lead with sampled overlays 


Saw you sitting from the runway
Wondering if you've changed
Glasses ocean champagne at the game
Should I have stayed
My mind is running in the worst way
Through pleasure and through pain
When the colours on my face fade away
What does that say


Male Vocal lead


Are you home
Do you call this home anymore

Female voice lead

Are you home
Is this home anymore



You gotta hold on to me
And I know it but I love it
So Just hold on to me
Hold on and never let go
You gotta hold on to me
I know it but I love it
So Just hold on to me
Hold on and never let go

Male vocal lead (Slow guitar rhythm)


Found you somewhere down town.
Busy living in the background
Filling empty spaces
Getting drinks in your name
I thought I caught your eye
As you walk outside
Secretly hoping your be close behind



Female voice lead
You gotta hold on to me
And I know it but I love it
So Just hold on to me (You make me feel alive) "Male overlaid Vocal".
Hold on and never let go
You gotta hold on to me
I know it but I love it
So Just hold on to me
Hold on and never let go

Slow mood setting atmosphere

Male Vocal lead

Are you home
Do you call this home anymore?

Female voice lead

Are you home
Is this home anymore?


Female voice lead

You gotta hold on to me
And I know it but I love it
So Just hold on to me 
Hold on and never let go
You gotta hold on to me
I know it but I love it
So Just hold on to me
Hold on and never let go (Does it make you feel alive) (Male overlaid voice)


You gotta hold on to me
And I know it but I love it
Just hold on to me (You make me feel alive) "Male overlaid Vocal".
Hold on and never let go
You gotta hold on to me
I know it but I love it
Just hold on to me
Hold on and never let go...



Alexander Popov -When The Sun (Motion Video) 

Ana Criado - Vulnerable (Denis Kenzo Edit)

Ana Criado - Trance vocalist.

An Interview with Ana Criado / 10 Questions With Ana Criado December Special

Ana Criado & Denis Kenzo - Beautiful Creature (Intro Mix) 

Denis Kenzo (Denis Pisarev) is a DJ and sound producer, well known in the Trance music scene. Kenzo was born in Khabarovsk, Russia on May 10 1989. He currently acts as a solo artist producing compositions in the style of progressive vocal trance, The most famous compositions were released on Sir Adrian Music Label which he worked for 4 years. On January 31, 2017 Denis Kenzo Recordings label became part of Armada Music. On February 8th 2017 Kenzo played the hour set at the Road to 1000 as part of A State Of Trance 800 anniversary festival in Utrecht Netherlands.

Denis Kenzo

Andrew Bayer at The Observatory

Andrew Michael Bayer is an American DJ and music producer who creates material in the trance and progreesive subgenres. He is under contract to the Anjunabeats label and its sub label Anjunadeep. Andrew had a huge interest in music even from a very young age, He started to play piano also at a young age. At the age of 15 he started to produce music and later he studied "Music synthesis" at the renowned Berklee College of Music the same school that Aruna had attended. In 2003, Andrew founded the music project "Signairunners" with Alan Nimmo from Scotland. Between 2003 and 2008 the pair had produced thirteen singles and several EPs. Meet Me in Montauk and These Shoulders are notable tracks that have appeared on Anjunabeats in 2008.  Both songs have been voted No 4 and no 9 of the top 20 tracks  in 2008 respectively. Voted by listeners of Above and Beyond on there radio show Trance Around The World 250. The duo founded label Fraction Records in 2007. For a long time,  Anjunabeats was Andrew's favourite label and after sending them numerous demos, Above & Beyond signed him in 2010 and the EP The Taxi Driver on their sub-lable "Anjunadeep" was released, In 2011 Andrew released his debut album called "It's Artificial" on Anjunabeats.  His second album, If It Were You, We'd Never Leave, also appeared on Anjunabetas in 2013.

Andrew Bayer feat. Molly Bancroft - Keep Your Secrets (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)

Molly Bancroft like Bayer started her musical journey early on in life playing jazz sax and piano. Later on after college Molly dropped out of a graduate programme after only a month. Molly had other ideas of what direction her life should be going even though the pressure to study is huge. She headed out to Boston with a bunch of pawnshop instruments and a 4 track recorder. Cambridge is where she performed an open mic circuit and recorded her first 7" single called "Birds Fly Free/Walk Away" released on Portland Oregon's T/K Records. Molly moved on to Atlanta to form her first band LIFT, a four piece composition that generated major critical acclaim. The band released 3 CD's and toured nationally with Indigo Girls and performed at CMJ and other major festivals. Lift released "Stellar" Lifelike, on the Daemon Records label, and "September" EP" which are available on ITunes and

After LIFT dispanded a friend helped Molly produce a solo album titled "Get Closer" which won Rockgirl Magazine's Rockgirl Artist of the year Award for her creative rap tune "Hey Cheri". Songs from “Get Closer” and Molly’s 2006 EP, “Red Dirt Diaries,” both found major placements in TV and other licensing outlets, and at the same time, Molly performed solo shows opening for artists such as Lori Carson and Marshall Crenshaw. In 2006, Molly ventured forward to new territory, linking up with superstar DJ producers Gabriel and Dresden and co-wrote and performed the hit “Tracking Treasure Down,” along with other tracks on their artist debut CD. That success (a #1 Billboard hit) led to more collaborations, including Italy’s Gianluca Motta (”Not Alone”, e.g. Deadmau5 remix) Spain’s John Shelvin, Dutch DJ Phynn, and “Fountains of Youth,” with Loverush UK.

In the midst of these efforts, Molly also teamed up with talented fellow singer, songwriter, producer Adrianne to form the band LOVE THIEVES with a dreamy electro pop EP, Sparks.

Currently, Molly released a new EP called "Antelopia," which merges her electro-pop soundscapes (think Sia and Imogen Heap) with rock guitars into a sexy combo of beats, electronics, and shimmery orchestral arrangements into hummable melodies. She continues with several new DJ collabs with some major names in the international DJ set and an upcoming album release later in the year.

With constant melodies and music bursting through, Molly offers an inspirational and grooving soundscape to daily life.

The Observatory and the Constellation Room are the premiere music venues in Orange County, with the greatest selection of musical talent across all genres performing on a nightly basis. The Observatory is a large room that feels small, with great views from all over the venue and VIP service available. The Constellation Room is a small venue with great sound where you’ll be able to see next year’s stars now in an intimate setting. 3503 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704, USA

Denis Sender & Cynthia Hall - Pave The Way With Gold

Denis Sender is a DJ and Musical producer from Russia.

Cynthia Hall

Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt-Waiting (Cover by ZOYA ft. KARYM)

Cynthia Hall was a a singer, Performer, and Songwriter, Sadly Cynthia passed away on November 1st 2017. It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the passing of Cynthia on November 1st 2017, after a battle with cancer. This beautiful soul will stay in our hearts forever. RIP

Singer / songwriter / performer, CYNTHIA HALL, has been gracing stages and capturing audiences with her warm, sensuous vocals and endearing stage presence for decades primarily in Canada, but also in Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, USA.  Having moved to Metro Vancouver, Canada from The Netherlands at the age of 9, the bulk of her music influences and developments are from a North American perspective.  All kinds of rock, soul and pop styles have been part of Cynthia’s vocal exploration, having performed these styles in hundreds of shows in numerous bands.  One of her most well-known projects is SAM’S FALLING, a duo with producer/multi-instrumentalist/composer Pim Bouwens.  Sam’s Falling has released 3 well-received CDs of its own brand of soft-alternative music, which found its way on various Canadian radio stations including Canada’s national broadcasting station, CBC Radio.  Sam’s Falling has performed extensively in western Canada and Europe.

Being of Dutch-Indonesian descent, and having lived in Canada for almost all of her life, Cynthia felt fortunate to have been innately influenced by Asian, European and North American cultures.  These influences have had a profound impact on her creativity and awareness, which in turn profoundly impacted her artistic expression. 
Making The Netherlands home in 2010, Cynthia continued to enjoy a vibrant music career, in the form of trance music, new Sam’s Falling material, and other music explorations and performances. 

Aurosonic & Frainbreeze With Sarah Russell - Tell Me Anything (Radio Edit)

Aurosonic is a Russian trance project from Noginsk consisting of Yevgeny Smirnov and Sergei Klimov. Founded on June 6th 2005 after the two musicians realized they had the same tastes in music and decided to merge their efforts together. While Yevgeny Smirnov produces the music of the project, Sergei Klimow takes over the music selection and the mixing of the DJ sets. In 2008 Their debut album Always Together was released. 

Ukrainian project "Frainbreeze", which works in such genres as Trance, Chill out & Ambient was created in 2013 by the young producer Alexander Antonenko. His works were released on such labels as Armada Music, Raz Nitzan Music, Sir Adrian Music and others. He worked with Aurosonic, Katty Heath, Ellie Lawson, Natune and many others... 
His remixes and original mixes were supported by Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, Alexander Popov, Bobina, Paul Oakenfold, Beat service, Tenishia and many others...

Roberta Childs

Roberta Childs  is a Scottish based singer as seen on BBC1 Viva Variety. Also known for her Club Hit 'Dreams'
Well known for her club hit 'Dreams' Roberta was also singer/songwriter for NRC classic tracks 'Here Comes The Rain Again', 'Fragile', 'Sometimes I fly' and 'Feels like Heaven,

Roberta Childs - dreams (M.A.T. Radio Mix)

Laura Brehm is an American singer and songwriter. She has collaborated with Monstercat artists such as Rogue ("Dreams"),Feint ("We Won't Be Alone"), Varien("Valkyrie" and "Valkyrie III: Atonement"), TwoThirds ("Waking Dreams"), and Draper ("Pressure"). She formed her own label, Electric Bird Records, in November 2016. Brehm is also known outside of Monstercat for collaborating with producer TheFatRat on three tracks, "Monody"[1] "The Calling"[2], and "MAYDAY"

TheFatRat - The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

Christian Friedrich Johannes Büttner (born 1 June 1979), known as TheFatRat, is a German record producer and musician. His genre is often described as "glitch-hop". Büttner began producing music in 2001 under his real name. He began by making background music for television, radio and advertisements and produced music for DJs. He is currently signed onto Casablanca Records, which is owned by Universal Music Group. Some of his music has been accompanied by vocalist Laura Brehm as in the track "The Calling". 

“There are incredible opportunities today for artists,” Christian Büttner says. He's been making music professionally for 14 years now mostly as a ghost producer.

The Fat Rat Christian Friedrich Johannes Büttner

Emma Bale - Worth It

Emma Bale, born Emma Balemans on 2nd August 1999 is a Belgian singer. 

Marlo Hoogstraten also known under his stage name MaRLo, is a Dutch DJ, record producer and trance musician from Amsterdam. He currently resides in Australia. In 2010 he was voted Australia's Number 2 Trance DJ and overall Number 11 in the inthemix Top 50 DJ poll. He started his career using hardware synthesizers (Roland JP -8000, Nord Lead, Korg Wavestation, Novation Supernova, and nowadays produces almost exclusively on his computer. The music mixed and remixed by MaRLo rely heavily on electronic sounds. The primary influences for his music include trance techno and house music.

MaRLo, who has already hosted four fully sold-out ‘Altitude 2017’ shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur last year, has been releasing music on Armada-related labels since 2009. Known for highly-acclaimed singles such as ‘Visions’, ‘Atlantis’, ‘Darkside’ and ‘You And Me’ as well as his seismic live sets at the world’s biggest festivals, the Dutch-born DJ and producer has been touted one of the best Trance artists in the world for years now. That alone proves that MaRLo keeps pushing himself to greater heights, which is exactly what he aims for with his new label and reinforced brand as well.

MaRLo feat. Chloe – You And Me (Extended Mix)

South/Pole (real name Sam Middleton) is a trance and progressive producer based in Perth, Western Australia.
Record Label
Elliptical Sun Melodies

South Pole - Come Alive (Talamanca Remix)

Having led several noteworthy productions the past year, Australian producer South Pole returns to Emergent Shores with his latest offering, ‘Come Alive’. A diverse production employing surging chords, dynamic guitar leads, and lush pads, ‘Come Alive’ sees South Pole adding another top notch progressive tune to his back catalogue.
Talamanca presents his own refreshing and gratifying take on ‘Come Alive by finely crafting infectious melodies and textures in to the song. Sedi has inputted with a finely tuned selection of immersive synth and piano melodies, intricate vocals, and a strict and meticulous attention for detail in his basslines, Sedi presents a forward-thinking and diverse remix.

Der Mystik Ft. Tiff Lacey - Watching The World (ReOrder Vocal Mix)

Paulo Andres Munoz


Der Mystik was born in Pereira, Colombia in March 2 of 1978. In 2004 he started making music and in 2006 he released his first record. Ever since, he has released music with Armada Music, Yakuza, Magic Island, Silent Shore, Lost Language, Redux Recordings, Big Alliance and Blue Soho. 

Rather than making sounds that are world wide popular, he goes for the totally unconventional and experimental. His music is greatly influenced by film and world music. 

In 2013 he announced his retirement, yet in 2016 he comes back as Caellus & Camulus and his own digital record label "World of Caellus", bringing to the table yet another experimental idea of fusing Electronic Dance Music, literature and art together.

Der Mystik

Princess Chelsea - We Are Strangers

Chelsea Nikkel, better known by her stage name Princess Chelsea, is an experimental producer and musician from Auckland, New Zealand and a previous member of "twee pop" band The Brunettes and Auckland band Teenwolf. Her baroque musical style has been attributed to her classical training, and the New Zealand Herald praised her "angelic vocals and acerbic wit". Nikkel is associated with the Lil' Chef Records collective and is a part time member of Auckland soul group The Cosbys and Disciples of Macca,a Paul McCartney covers band featuring members of The Brunettes, Ruby Suns, Bressa Creeting Cake and Lawrence Arabia and more recently performs as bass player in three piece rock n roll band "Hang Loose" Nikkel works in Auckland as a composer. Chelsea's song "World Turns Grey" was remixed in a collaboration with the German electronic music producer, Robin Schulz. The remix is on the album Sugar released by Schulz in September 2015. In August 2016, she made a cover of a song called "Cold Glass Tube" by The Reduction Agents, which is available on the album Waiting for Your Love: A Tribute to The Reduction Agents. The album was released on iTunes on 19 August.

Snow Flakes & Rishabh Joshi ft. Ekatherina April - Kiss The Night (Oren Chill Out Mix) Video Edit

Rishabh Joshi is a electronic music producer from India, His track ‘My Marine Drive’ was the first track by an Indian .. His track "My Marine Drive" was the first track by an Indian to be featured on Above and Beyond's Group Therapy Radio show, And he also won the web vote winner the following week. He feels that electronic musicians in India are not taken as seriously as they should be. Johi went to Mcgill University in Canada where he developed his passion for electronic music, While in Montreal his exposure to Minimal, Techno, to mainstream Trance and House music is what really got me interested in understanding the depths of EDM. 

Rishabh Joshi performing at the Sunburn Festival in Goa, India

Sunburn is a commercial EDM electronic dance music festival held in India. It was previously in Vagator, Goa India every year but now has been shifted to Pune. It is Asia's largest music festival. The festival is an amalgamation of Music, Entertainment, Food and Shopping, and was ranked by CNN in 2009 as one of the Top 10 festivals in the world. The festival is organized by Percept company and owned by Shailendra Singh, It is spread out over a four day period and has multiple stages with artists playing simultaneously. The first festival was in 2007 in Goa.

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