Sergeant Howie quickly falls to the floor onto both hands as he investigates the strange and unusual burning hand,  (No sound score exists)


Howie rapidly puts out the single flame by smothering it with his left hand, A mumbling and bumbling of low level garble can be heard from the corridor from the enthusiastic Alder as he changes up into his almighty Punch outfit.


Howie pulls his left hand away from the Hand of Glory as a large amount of silvery smoke bellows up from the charred thumb.


Howie checks his hand to see that he has not injured himself before looking back at the smoking hand, Howie definitely does not appreciate this strange act from the Green man staff and being a police officer he now feels infuriated.


The mumbling sound from Alder has become much more prominent which causes the sergeant to turn his head and look ahead into the corridor, Suddenly Alder can be seen walking across the floor to another room with his Punch outfit in his right hand.


The bumbling Alder is definitely playing his part as Punch today as he fails to look into the sergeants room or even to check after the loud bang from the candle stick holder. The sight of Alder has only made things a lot more difficult for the sergeant as he reaches for the heavy candle with his right hand, What is the police officer thinking is he going to assault Alder.


A loud chinking sound is heard as the sergeant grabs the candle with a rapid speed of movement, 


Alder is completely oblivious to the sergeants serious intentions as he enters into the changing room, The sergeant stands up slowly and is now intent on giving Alder a taste of his own medicine.


The sergeant stealthily walks forward with candle stick in hand as he attempts to take Alder by surprise.


The sergeant follows the mumbling sound of Alder as he speeds up his attack approach,


The sergeant is getting much closer as he nears the edge of the changing room door


As the sergeant reaches the door to Alder he stops momentarily to evaluate the situation, Alder has literally just put the punch suit over his body as the sergeant peeps in, Alder continues to mumble some unrecognizable garble as he fumbles with his wrists to ensure they are even and that his hands protrude out, 


The scene before the police officer is only making things much worse, The hobnob Punch has angered the sergeant beyond sensible reasoning and Howies actions will seriously affect his investigation progression. Alder fumbles with his neck ruffles to ensure that the suit is properly fitted as the suit does seem to shrink a little each year.


Suddenly without warning the sergeant decides to go in for the kill and assault alder with the heavy candle stick holder, The sergeant moves at speed as he approaches Alder before raising his right hand high with candle stick in hand.


A loud thud of material is heard as Alder screams out an almighty loud and high pitched groan of pain and shock. Sergeant Howie strikes Alder in the back of the head with the heavy blunt end of the candle stick at full speed and ferocity, One strike is all that was required to send the bumbling fool sprawling and collapsing down onto the floor into a heap of rotten vegetables and fruits. As the sergeant strikes Alder he lets go off the candle stick which also falls to the floor.


Another loud wooden bang is heard as Alder collapses to the floor having become unconcious from the heavy candles impact, Alders legs raise up slightly as he hits the ground then come back down again producing a second loud bang, Alder's eyes look directly up into his eyelids as his mouth opens wide from the powerful strike, Sergeant Howie stands over Howie with a stance like attack position as he ensures that he did a good enough job of knocking Alder out.


Howie looks at the unconscious man for a few short seconds before swooping down with his right side in response to the attack, In a continuous movement Howie turns himself around to face a large mask that Alder wears every year to portray the facial features of a fool and king for the day. Howies tie lifts up from his body movements


Howie grabs the mask with both hands with a sense of urgency and interest, The clock on the mantle piece reads 2:53 pm and the second part of the procession starts at 3:00 pm sharp, 


A loud clicking sound is heard as the sergeant lifts the mask from off of a ceramic flask that was used as a support holder, 


Howie examines the piece much more closely as he holds it up with both hands, The strange and ugly facial features of the mask have caused the sergeant to think in a completely different way.


Sergeant Howie turns and looks back at Alder who is completely incapacitated, Now the sergeant is considering the crazy idea that he could impersonate Alder as Punch, What a great idea and if he can fool Lord Summerisle then he may just solve this complex and disturbing case, The sergeant is losing his marbles as his frustrations and anger get the better of him, Now that he has broken one of the ten commandments to his Christian faith what has he got to lose, after all everyone has been treating him as a bumbling idiot so why not play them at there own game.


The sergeant turns around to face Alder as a scuffling of feet is heard, The sergeant then bends down while holding the mask in his right hand.


With both hands the sergeant lifts Alder up so that he can get to his Punch suit more easily, another scuffling of feet and fabric is heard, Alder is completely out for the count and wont feel a thing.


The sergeant strains and heaves as he flips Alder over as he attempts to remove his Punch outfit.


Howie tussles with the suit in his bid to become Punch and Fool for the day. As the saying goes, If you cant beat them join them,


Howie pulls back on the awkward and bulky material as he quickly removes the suit, Time is ticking and if the sergeant wants to be Punch he must be on time so as not to expose his intentions and blow the operation wide open.


More scuffling of material is heard as the sergeant pulls at the suit.


Back at the town hall a slow and deep drum beat is heard with intervals of one second, A large sculptured plaque stares out at the excited crowd in the form of Nuada, Lord Summerisle impedes his beliefs daily onto the locals and they are required to praise and nurture Nuada continuously and on a daily basis, Anyone that decides to break away from the powerful bonding will be dealt with accordingly.


Sergeant Howie has left the Green Man pub and is on his way to the procession as Punch, He has ensured that Alder will not be able to escape or summon for help as he has tied him up securely in his room against a bed post with hands tied firmly and his mouth gagged. Alder has come to his senses slightly though still succumbed to his injuries, He moves his hands up and down while moving his mouth up and down from the forces of the gag. Alder is suffering while being tied to the bed but can do nothing as he is firmly secured and will have no choice but to wait until Willow and others return. (A distant drum beat can be heard)


The women have been given a five minute head start as they initiate and proceed first along a very beautiful and scenic route, Lord Summerisle explained at the earlier meeting that everyone will process through the village and the countryside and then down to the beach for a final ceremony and small sacrifice that will enrich and educate the people. The woman are in high spirits as they laugh and chatter loudly amongst themselves while running along the concrete road. (Birds are heard loudly tweeting)


As the women run along some look back at there friends while others carry long wooden sticks that are stimulated as swords, Most women are wearing there treasured animal masks and are having the time of there lives as they lead the procession process.


The noise is very loud from the 29 euphoric women as they chatter and laugh, They emit a keen desire to get to there destination and not a single person is sad or depressed but all possess the same feeling of happiness and fun. (Drum beat is heard)


As soon as the women disappear from view all seems strangely empty and void of people just for a few short seconds.


A moment has passed and suddenly Lord Summerisle appears, He is leading the men's procession down to the beach and is dressed as a half man half women type of figure, A man-woman, the sinister teaser, played by the community leader or priest;
A scuffling of feet is heard as the men progress down the path in a slow but orderly fashion, Lord Summerisle is dancing and jigging as he leads the large party of islanders, The Lord moves his arms up and down from right to left to left to right in a continuous action as he lifts his feet up to coincide with his hand actions. The drum is prominent and loud but now a Trumpet plays a sombre melody at a medium pace that is infused with the jingling of bells from Oaks snap dragon costume.


The Lord carries a wooden sickle in his right hand and a posy of green herbs in his left hand. The Lord also embellishes a long silky dress and wears a long black wig of hair. The Lord raises his right hand with sickle held high.


The Lord then raises his left hand as he turns in a complete 360 degree motion.


The Lord continues to turn around for a second turn as he makes his way along the scenic route.


The Lord jumps high in the air on his second turn causing his dress to lift up from the forces of movement. A loud tap is heard as the Lord lands back on his feet. Oak is moving his snap dragon up and down with rhythmic balance as he follows behind the Lord.


The Lord steadies himself as he continues his dance routine.


The Lord continues to move forward as he raises his left leg high into the air. Punch has come into view from behind the snap dragon and is swinging out from side to side with a bauble in his right hand.


The Lord then swings out with his right hand and right leg with sickle in hand as he continues to raise his left hand with the posy of herbs.


The Lord raises his left leg once again while holding up his right hand and sickle.

Punch jumps on one leg as he twists his body around to face the long line of dedicated islanders.


The Lord continues to swing his arms in an alternate pattern, The Lord raises his right hand with sickle held high while raising his left leg, Oak swings his snap dragon costume from side to side as he beams with happiness for the magical day ahead. Punch is less enthusiastic as he walks at a slow pace not really getting into the spirit of the occasion. Other islanders walk at a steady and controlled pace behind, some carry stag animal masks that they are holding to there faces with long white poles while other musicians carry there trumpets. Several other men who are sword dancers carry there sharp instruments for a required heathen act later on.


The Lord raises his left hand with posy of herbs held high while raising his right leg, The Lord is solemn and moves at a controlled pace.


The Lord repeats his movement as he raises his right hand with sickle and raising his left leg, This time however the Lord jumps up leaving the grounds surface with his feet. The sword dancers turn around anti clockwise before returning to face forward. Another musician has come into view who plays a large silver Trombone. 


The Lord continues to repeat his movements as he raises his left hand with posy of herbs and kicking out with his right leg, Oak lifts up the oval skirt of the snap dragon as the bells continue to jingle loudly.


Punch is still walking at a slow pace and is not feeling very energized for the occasion, I wonder if this is Sergeant Howie, 


Punch looks back at the following crowd as he tinkers along, Punches golden ropes that are attached to his hat swing around in the cool breeze.


The procession march forward somberly at a controlled pace, Five men wearing stag animal masks swing them from side to side as there heads turn from left to right with the movement,


(All Five bearers look to there left)


(All Five bearers look to there right)


The Lord holds his hands high as he jigs along the path, Swordsmen from behind are dancing and holding there sharp swords high in the air. Punch is swinging his bauble around with his right hand as he tries to get into the spirit of the occasion. As he swings the balloon attached to the end of the bauble it makes contact with the snap dragons costume creating a tat tat sound.


The Lord turns around in a anti clockwise motion as he looks down at his brainwashed followers, Punch looks to his right as he continues to wave his bauble around.


The Lord notices that Punch is not his normal self today and begins to question him on his lackluster performance, The Lord say's with a tone of anger, What's the matter with you MacGreagor?,


Punch turns back around.


The Lord continues, You call that dancing? Oak swings his snap dragon from side to side as he continues to smile with happiness.


Lord Summerisle continues with conviction, Cut some capers, man. Use your bladder!- Punch suddenly jumps in the air as he begins to increase his interest in the celebrations.


As the Lord holds his arms high he shouts over to Punch once again and say's, Play the fool, That's what you're here for.


The Lord turns to face Punch as he say's, I suppose you've been getting drunk at your own bar. The swordsmen begin to make contact with there swords as they hold them high, (A clinking of metal is heard) Jingles continue from the snap dragon, 


Punch strikes out with his bauble once again making contact with the snap dragon, The Lord turns back to face forward as he continues his satirical and somber dance for Nuada and Avellanau.


The Lord hops on his left leg as he raises it high in the air, The Lord then hops on his right leg raising his right hand high and lowering his left arm.


The procession from behind continues it's slow and somber march, Musicians play clarinet, another has a pair of cymbals,  while another bangs a large drum, An islander wearing a skunk animal mask has the pleasure of carrying a large John Barley bread, John Young the fish monger is also visible wearing his Salmon of knowledge costume, The butcher stands next to him wearing his bull animal mask.


The butcher taps his held out left palm with a stick that has red and white ribbons attached to it at a rhythmic pace, Every walks with there feet in unison from left to right and repeat similar to a funeral procession. (More jingles are heard)  A short and excited flurry of clarinet notes are heard for a duration of four seconds.


Another islander to the far back left sweeps his hands from left to right as he taps lightly from hand to hand, 


Punch has picked up his game as he uses his bauble to it's full potential, Punch sweeps to his right.


Punch sweeps the bauble behind him as the swordsmen look up with there weapons held high before chinking there swords,  (Cymbal crash)


Punch swings the bauble over his left should as he becomes more affluent at the Punch role.


Lord Summerisle lowers both of his arms before raising his left leg up and then raising his hands back into the air before lowering them again. The lord then jumps up high as he straightens his arms and holds them high in the air.


A trumpet plays a high pitched siren of notes that are prolonged for seven seconds, A scratching metallic sound of swords rubbing together is heard as the swordsmen make contact. The swordsmen move around in a circle as they intertwine there swords together and move them in a up and down motion to create friction.


After a few short seconds the swordsmen stop there rapid movements of there blades and stand motionless while pulling there blades away from the infused star like pattern that almost mimics Nuada the Sun God.


The swordsmen turn there hands out after creating the symbol to ignite and please Nuada.


A loud thud is heard as the swordsmen thrust there swords into the ground to honor Avellanau the Goddess of the Orchards. A red colored sword swings out slightly before resting in the soft earth a symbol of power and immortality.


Musicians continue to play the somber sound as they slowly march further into the countryside (Cymbal Crash),  


The procession move up and down with a slow and controlled pace as they think about Nuada and the importance of today. The procession is a great time to prepare one's mind emotionally and spiritually before the lead up to the main event.


Musicians exert extreme effort as they blow into ther musical mouth pieces, The sound is quite fitting for Nuada and Avellanua and they will be pleased that they have chosen such a delighful musical tribute.


The swordsmen begin to twist around at high speed with there swords held high, The men's kilts spin and raise up from there rapid movements.


A violinist and a musician blowing on some Scottish bagpipes provides additional sound for the somber melody.


Swords are lowered before the swordsmen begin there 360 degree twist.


The swordmen are out in force as they show off there fighting and athletic skills,


3 pairs of swordsmen reenact a duel as they clank swords together.


As the swordsmen make contact with there swords they turn around in opposite directions of each other while holding there swords high in the air before making contact with there swords again - Clacking of metal is heard)


John Young the fishmonger is making further progress into the countryside as he walks with another man who wears a fox animal mask.


A swooping sound is heard as the three swordsmen facing forward rapidly swipe there swords over the heads of there fellow competitors with there right hands,  The three swordsmen facing away from view quickly duck to prevent serious injury.


More Swordsmen jump high as there sparring partners strike out at there competitors feet, (More sounds of swiping swords are heard) 


The swordsmen that jumped then strike back with there swords in defense.


The butcher is wearing a dual mask that has a bulls head on either side of his head,


The swordsmen hold there swords up high as they all make contact with each other, (More clanking of metal is heard) Three strikes are made at a high position in fast succession


One strike is made to the middle zone as the swordsmen point there swords in a downwards position.


A continuous flurry of sword strikes are made in a high position.


The long and orderly procession continue there somber and meticulous march in unison towards the next stage of the ceremony. The swordsmen at the front of the line continue to joust and dance with there competitors while musicians continue to play there somber sound. The Lord leads the pack as he continues to raise one arm and one leg to his right and then one arm and one leg to his left in a continuous motion, Others shake there sticks and ribbons from one side to the other in rhythm with everyone else.


The islanders are all individuals as they wear uniquely different animal masks of various fabrics and colors, Some prefer to have there faces visible while others prefer to be incognito.


The islanders continue to sway from one side to the other in unison as they celebrate Nuada and Avellanau.


All the females have segrated into a large group and are 5 minutes ahead of the slower mens march, Like so many religions and cults men and women are judged and treated accordingly to there sex, Even the school in Summerisle is for Girls only while the May pole dancing was exclusively for boys. Several women look behind at the approaching males as they banter and trott forward, They scream, laugh, and chatter loudly amongst themselves as they anticipate the next stage of the ceremony process. A woman wearing a light blue flowery dress and large dog animal mask turns her head around and as she does so the mouth of the dog mask snaps up and down in rapid succession to imitate a real dog.


All of the women carry small tambourines in there right hands which produce a loud jingling. Willow, Mrs Rose and the Librarian are in the middle of the crowd, All three wear are wearing dresses and carry wooden sword sticks but don't have masks on. Miss Rose wears a full white dress, The Librarian wears a white top with an Orange dress, While Willow wears a multi colored dress of Red Blue and Purple.


The Lord is still in his dancing routine and will continue to do so until he reaches the next stage, The Lord raises his right leg while raising both of his arms with sickle and posy of herbs in hand before lowering them again. Oak rocks his snap dragon up and down while Punch swings his bauble and balloon around in an up and around motion then a complete 360 degree twist. Jingles are heard from the snap dragon


Punch continues to swing his bauble from side to side as Oak sways up and down. Punch continues to swing his bauble from side to side as Oak sways up and down. Lord Summerisle swings his hands down then back up as he crosses them over each other then repeats.


Suddenly Miss Rose, Willow, and the Librarian turn around at the sight of Punch and Oak, In unison the three women hold there wooden swords out above there chests as they rapidly move forward towards Punch and Oak, After a few flurried steps the women instantly raise there right legs in unison before lowering them again as they continue forward.


The women then raise and lower there left legs as they continue forward.


As they reach Punch they rapidly raise there right legs before lowering them again in unison, They laugh loudly with fun and excitement as they reach up with Punch, Each woman is carry a wooden sword stick in each hand and Punch has been taken by surprise.


As the women surround Punch they strike out with there wooden swords and begin to make contact with Punch, A loud snapping sound is heard as the sticks snap in and out.


Miss Rose snaps at Punch from behind as he tries to get away from the laughing and ecstatically happy women. 


Punch turns around to face the women as Miss Rose continues to snap at the Fool for a day and Simpleton of the village.


The women scream with intense fun and excitement at there extreme and irritating act that Punch is enduring.

The snapping sound continues as the women continue there onslaught, Miss Rose is aiming for a tender part of the body but it is all in good fun. All the women are now ganging up on Punch as they attack with a ferocious speed, Punch is not enjoying the show and shouts out loudly with dissatisfaction, "NO" as he tries his best to defend himself.


Miss Rose is getting her own back after the sergeant tossed a dead rabbit at her inside Lord Summerisles castle a few days earlier.


Miss Rose lunges at Punch around his groin area as she laughs loudly from the displeasure of Punch, More snapping is heard


Lord Summerisle is also ecstatically elated and happy with the proceedings of the day, He raises his arms before quickly turning around to face the congregated women.


The women shriek and wah wah as they strike out at Punch with speed and voracity, Willow aims her wooden swords at Punches head as he raises his hands in an attempt to shield himself from the mischievous women, Miss Rose almost falls over as she lunges at Punch from a bending position, The Lord turns back to face the women and Punch and shouts with delight and to urge the women to try harder, He say's, That's more like it!


Willow is enjoying her time tormenting Punch much to his irritation.


Punch strikes out with his bauble towards Willow as he tries to deflect the snapping swords, Lord Summerisle shouts out again, Good Good in complete satisfaction of the three women's performance, 


Miss Rose turns around so that her back is now facing Punch, Punch is striking out with his bauble in a downwards motion as Lord Summerisle raises his arms, 


Miss Rose sticks her bottom out as an offering for Punch to hit it with his bauble,


Punch quickly strikes the teachers backside with the balloon as she shrieks loudly with fun from the light contact. (Loud thud is heard) Willow runs off to the right as she looks back at Punch and the other women, The Librarian is taking a more lighter defensive approach and is keeping her distance from Punch in case he strikes out with his bauble.

Miss Rose quickly turns to her right as she touches her bottom with her left hand from the reaction of the strike, Her feet almost lift from the floor from the impact and delight of the play fight. Lord Summerisle has his arms raised again as he oversees the mayhem.


Punch quickly turns around to face Willow who is now on the attack, Willow shrieks with fun and happiness as she torments Punch.


The librarian has now moved into position to continue on the backside game, She bends down and pushes her bottom against Punch as she laughs wildly.


The librarian ha ha's and laughs loudly with fun as she turns back around to face Punch, She holds her left side hip with her left hand as she strikes out again with her wooden sticks as the rest of the women laugh with total enjoyment.


Willow jigs to her right as she bends down slightly as she watches the other women snap and attack Punch with there sticks.


Willow offers her backside to Punch again as he takes up the offer and strikes her bottom with the large balloon at the end of the bauble, 


A high pitched trumpet note is heard as the snap dragon raises high into the air, 


As the snap dragon flops back down people begin to scream loudly and there is a lot of noise and commotion. One of the islanders has bent down and is totally consumed by the large oval dress as it opens wide from the downwards motion swallowing the women alive. More screaming is heard as the women disappears from view.


The snap dragon raises up again this time consuming an islander who is wearing a chicken face mask, Another person reaches out for her as the dress covers her over,


The chicken faced islander screams loudly as the red fabric covers her in full entirety, 


The woman vanishes inside the costume as she screams loudly with excitement.


Jingles and loud screams persist as Oak raises the costume up once more.


The camera pans left to reveal a host of animal faces and happy festival revellers.


The men and the woman have now caught up with each other as the mayhem ensures.


Oak continues to raise and lower his snap dragon costume as everyone cheers and shouts with elation.


Underneath the oval dress reveals the intricate design and mechanical workings that make up the costume, This is the sight every islander will experience if they are swallowed by the large flowing dress.

Alder has come to his senses a little more as he groans and strains from his concussion and tightly bound bonds, 

As Alder suffers he slowly turns his head to his right as he looks at the slightly ajar door, All is silent and no one is going to rescue him at this time of day as everyone is attendance at the May Day festival.

A deep drum kick is heard at a continuous beat including loud Jingles, The atmosphere has quietened down some what as Punch walks forward at a slow and controlled pace. 


A scrunching of feet is heard on the soft grass as the islanders continue to there destination, Lord Summerisle raises his left hand with the posy of green herbs while lifting his right leg up. (No musicical instruments are playing except the rhetoric drum beat)


The Lord then raises his left leg as he raises his right hand with sickle, 


The Lord then quickly turns around to face the crowd from behind, Punch continues to swing his bauble around from left to right as he walks slowly forward.    


The Lord then raises both of his hands as Oak raises the front of his snap dragon costume, 


The Lord then swings his arms up high as the islanders watch his movements with commitment and learning. Punch on the other hand has turned away from the Lord as he looks at the somber islanders from behind.


More jingling is heard as Oak lifts the oval dress as high as he possibly can to acknowledge the Lords movements and strong beliefs.


The islanders are now moving there bodies and arms to the rhetoric beat of the base drum, They move from one side to the other in unison and harmony as they touch there left hands with there sticks before raising the stick and repeating the movement. (Birds can be heard tweeting)


Recognisable faces are visible in the long procession including, Miss Rose, Willow, The Libraian, John Young, The Butcher, A local fisherman, The grave digger, and many more.


Islanders wave there sticks with ribbons attached high in the air from side to side causing the materials to snake and glide with elegance.


Willow moves from side to side with her wooden sticks as she becomes one entity with the deeply brainwashed community. T.H.Lennox the chemist and part time photographer stands behind Willow wearing a foxes mask, He also carries a vintage camera which he will use later on to capture the moment.


An islander wearing an Owl mask straddles by as the women wearing a dog mask follows behind with her hands clasps together.


The five men wearing stag masks also straddle from side to side to the beat of the drum. (Jingles continue to be heard)


Another islander wearing a cat mask comes into view, 


A horse and cart suddenly appears from behind, The cart consists of the coachmen who wears a strange fox or other animal type of mask, Next to him is another person who wears a full rabbit animal costume from head to toe, There is a wreath around the ears of the head and there is no expression on the face , The next strange oddity is a large bush of leaves and vines, This odd tangled pile of shrubbery is in significance to the Green Man, The Foliate head is completely covered in leaves and is a symbol of and praise for Avellanau the Goddess of the Orchard. Someone is inside the green leaves and is in deep contemplation as it is they who would give there life for there deities.


The sound of Horses hooves is heard as the cart travels along the ground.


Punch turns around from the sound of the horse as he looks over at the cart.


The rabbit costume rocks from side to side as it is transported on the special cart, Another islander who wears a fish mask walks slightly behind the cart and has his left hand rested on the left shoulder of the coachman while another walks behind him. The coachman looks to his left as he also rocks gently from the cart and horses movements.


Punch looks back ahead after observing the strange cart and it's occupants.


The Lord raises his right leg as he raises his left arm with the posy of herbs,