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Cults have existed for many years and date back to 1000 BCE at the time of King David second king of united kingdom of Israel and Judah. Cults have hit the headlines many times for there bizarre beliefs and it's members. Many people join these cults out of curiosity or because they have no where else to go. They could of been born into the cult so know no different and some were led there by friends and family members. All cults have one thing in common they live in secrecy have beliefs outside the norm and have a power to brainwash and control a persons mind. Some cult leaders may believe they are all powerful gods with incredible powers and to follow them you will also receive the light the power of life and so on. Some believe that they are aliens from another planet and some would have you believe that there life is the best way to live compared to modern civilization. What becomes disturbing is how cults treat the outside world when they do not conform to there laws and beliefs. Many tragic tales can be told of cults which have commited suicide due to outside pressure from the authorities or some crackpot who believes death is better than life. Here are a few examples of cults that ended bad for all who lived within them.

James Warren Jones - Born May 13 1931 was an American cult leader and founder of the peoples temple Jonestown Guyana. As a child jones found making friends difficult, He read a lot of books on Hitler Stalin and Karl Marx, Jones was a fantasizer an individual who promised his followers a beautiful life one that modern civilisation could not offer. Everyone in his family were treated equally and there was love and peace inside the walls of his temple. People flocked to Jonestown as it offered them a better life, Most were black African Americans but there were also white people and Jewish people most were poor and had little to offer but he took them in gladly no matter who they were. People fell into his spell he could manipulate a person he could be your father or your nemesis he just had a powerful hold over everyone who went there. Extroadinarily once there it was very hard to leave as he would get everyone to sign papers he could blackmail you, He never let children leave so if you had a child you could not take them with you. 

Jim Jones posing with some children at Jonestown.

A third of the community in Jonestown were made up of children, The temple was stirring up publicity as people within the temple were not happy with the control placed upon them. There was substandard living conditions and jones had a drug addiction. He had a belief in translation and preached to his members that death was better than life and that in death they would all go to another planet and live in harmony forever. Members were starting to defect and escape the temple one such person Deborah Layton escaped and told members of the press and members of congress about the living conditions. Things were getting on top for Jim Jones and in 1978 Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown with a consortium of photographers relatives of temple members  NBC camera crew and various newspaper reporters. He was out to investigate to fact find the conditions there. He was attacked 2 days later by temple member Don Sly and everyone decided it was time to leave.

Leo Ryan US Congressman 1973

15 members of the temple went along with Ryan as they had a desire to leave and no action was taken to stop them. As they arrived at the airstrip to leave Jones had sent his armed guards called the Red Brigade on a tractor and trailor to shoot and kill as many as possible. Ryan dies  and is shot 20 times and 4 other people in the shooting. Then Larry Layton one of the passengers on the plane a temple defector pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the party trying to leave on a Cessna plane.

Jim Jones held meetings regularly when everyone would attend called White Nights, He would tell his congregation about capitalist pigs who were hell bent on destroying his settlement and to address the safety of Jonestown. He also conducted a rehearsal for mass suicide after a vote was reached. The same day the airstrip shootings occurred he ordered all his people to meet and they were ordered to drink a Kool-Aid drink which consisted of Cyanide and prescription drugs like Valium and Phenergan sweetly flavoured. some 89 people were forced to drink while others drank willingly. The children were the first to die and in total over 900 people died, The effects took only 5 minutes and if anyone tried to run they were shot. Jim jones was found with a self inflicted shot to his temple.People showed a reluctance to die but were forced into drinking. Needles were also used to administer the poison. A 45 minute sound recording can be found here.

Jim Jones Final Meeting Audio Tape. Warning distressing sound recording.

A terrible end to for everyone that lived in Jonestown, He misled and cheated his people who had so much belief and faith in him, Because he thought he was some kind of a god and had the right to take peoples lives.

David Koresh Born August 17 1959 was the leader of a religious sect called the davidians, He believed he was the final prophet and if you understood the bible it would lead to him. He was a lonely child had dyslexia and he was teased by other children. At the age of 20 David turned to the church of seventh day Adventists his mothers church but was expelled for being a bad influence on other members. He tried to become a rockstar in Hollywood but was unsuccessful. In 1981 he joined the sect Branch Davidians which was established in 1932 ten miles outside of Waco.It had at one point 1400 members. It was here that he competed with another member called George Roden for control and dominance of the cult group .Roden was jailed for murdering another rival who he thought had been sent by Koresh to kill him and sent to a mental hospital until his death of heart failure in 1998 so he was out the way .He and his followers stockpiled weapons and ammunition at his ranch in preparation for the apocalypse .In 1984 he married a teenager from within the group called Rachel Jones with whom he had a son and two daughters with. He at one point left the branch but came back some time later with a handful of devotees with guns to kill Roden but he escaped wounded. Koresh and his followers were arrested but no charges were ever brought against them.

Davidian Sect Members.

Koresh's teachings included spiritual weddings which enabled him to bed god chosen female followers of all ages. He claimed to have cracked the code of the seven seals in the book of revelation. He willed his members to build an army of god so they started stockpiling weapons.

On February 28 1993 the federal bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms raided his compound. A four hour gunfight ensured leaving four agents dead and six Davidian members. The FBI took over control as agents had been killed and a 51 day siege lay ahead. Koresh communicated by telephone. As the standoff continued Koresh who had been seriously injured by gunshot along with his closest members negotiated delays. He would tell the fbi agents he was the prophet the sun of god the righteous one. On april 19th the order was given by US attorney general Janet Reno to use force and physically remove everyone from the mount carmel center. 

An armoured tank arrives at the mount carmel site.

Things did not go smoothly as the Davidian sect members set fire to the branch building in 3 places simultaneously. Barricaded inside the building 80 members burned to death including 22 children under the age of 17. The FBI played The song these boots are made for walking sung by Nancy Sinatra to try and flush Koresh out of the building bizarrely. Koresh is buried at Memorial park cemetery tyler texas in the last supper plot section. On January 23rd 2009 Koresh's mother was stabbed to death in Chandler texas by her sister.

Sai Baba of Shirdi

The Waco compound burning.

Sathya Sai Baba Born 23 November 1926 – 24 April 2011 was a cult leader and mystical guru. He had many followers of his principles and beliefs. He belived he was the incarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi who was a spiritual master and regarded by his followers as a saint. Baba belived he had unlimited power and new everything there is to know about religion especially dharmic religions.He also setup his own centers currently there are over 1200 in 130 countries. The centers were built to help the individual 

  • To be aware of the Divinity that is inherent in him and to conduct himself accordingly;

  • To translate into practice in daily life, divine love and perfection; and therefore

  • To fill one's life with joy, harmony, beauty, grace, human excellence and lasting happiness

Various trusts and institutions exist within the organisation and cover Free Health care, Free Education, Drinking water supply projects. Code of conduct one must perform these duties and requirements. 

1. Daily meditation and prayer.

2. Devotional singing/prayer with family members once per week.

3. Participation in the educational programmes conducted by the organization for children.

4. Attendance at least once per month at group devotional programmes conducted by the organization.

5. Participation in community service and other programmes of the organization.

6. Regular study of Sai literature.

7. Putting into practice the principles of "ceiling on desires", utilising any savings thereby generated for the service of mankind.

8. Speaking softly and lovingly with everyone with whom one comes into contact.

9. Avoiding speaking ill of others, especially in their absence

Accusations against Sai Baba by his critics over the years have included sleight of hand, sexual abuse, money laundering, fraud in the performance of service projects, and murder.[

Koa Toa is also an important breeding ground for Green Turtles and Hawksbill turtle. There are over 223 different marine fish species around the waters.

Koh Tao is a small tropical island located in Thailand and forms part of the Chumphon archipelago on the western shore. The island has a population of about 2100 people and it is a popular tourist destination especially for diving and scuba.

Shortages of electricity and fresh drinking water are common on the island. Koa Toa is also very popular with rock climbers and hikers. In recent years the island has been plagued with several unsolved murders among back packers. 

The Four F's Sathya Sai International Organisation. 

Your Duty Is to Follow the Four Fs - Then You Will Win My Love in Full Measure

Your Conscience Is Your Master - Follow Your Conscience

There Can Be Nothing More Sacred Than Following the Four Injunctions

The Four Fs Are Essential to Achieving the Goals of Human Life

Following the Four Fs Allows You to Boldly Face the Difficulties in Life

Follow the master means observe righteousness. Face the devil means overcome the temptations that beset you when you try to earn wealth or the wherewithal to live in comfort. Fight to the end means struggle ceaselessly; wage war against the six enemies that are led by lust. And, finally, finish at the goal means do not stop until the goal of moksha (liberation from ignorance and delusion) is reached.

Seven backpackers have been murdered so far on the island and one of the four F's states to wage war against the six enemies that are led by lust. 

Ben Harrington 32

Ben Harrington was backpacking on Koh Tao when he died while riding a moped at about 12.30am on August 30th 2012. The verdict of his death was that he crashed into an electricity pylon. His wallet and watch were never recovered and his family believe he may of been mugged. The death certificate issued in thailand is incorrect as it states he died of a broken neck. There is no recognition that Ben actually died there. He lay in a temple for 3 days before a death certificate from Bangkok could be issued. A post mortem carried out in Brighton after his body was returned revealed he died of Traumatic Aortic Transection a very serious injury caused by but not always motor vehicle accidents. The condition is most often lethal and requires immediate mediacal attention.

Nick Pearson was only 25 years old when he was found dead by Scuba divers on New Years Day 2014. He had fallen 50ft into the water and drowned. But his parents believe he was followed back to his bungalow and murdered possibly being thrown down the 50ft cliff. An autopsy back in the UK revealed that Nick had no broken bones and murder is not out of the question.

Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were staying at the ocean view bungalow complex on Koa Toa, They by chance met and became companions on the island, In the early hours of 15th September 2014 they were brutally murdered, Witheridge was raped and beaten to death while Miller suffered heavy blows to his head and was left to drown in shallow water.

Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin the two migrant workers charged with the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in Koh Tao last September have been found guilty in the Koh Samui Provincial Court and sentenced to death. They initially confessed to there crimes but later recanted saying they had been tortured into confession. Cigarette butts close to the murder scene did match there DNA say prosecutors.

Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin

Frenchman Dimitri Povse, 29, was found hanged on the island on New Year’s Day 2015.

Christina Annesley Died 21st January 2015 shortly after arriving in Koh Tao. She died of natural causes after taking antibiotics for a chest infection.Annesley had been in a relationship with former UKIP youth leader Olly Neville. In March 2013, Neville was removed from the party for saying that he backed gay marriage.

Olly Neville and Christina Annesley

Hanspeter Suter 44 was found dead on Chumpron Beach having washed ashore, He had been missing since 8th November 2014, His body was found on November 18th 2014. Suter had just completed a master dive scuba course on the island. His doctor days before warned him not to dive as it could cause blindness.

Luke Miller was found drowned at the bottom of a pool at the sunset bar at Sairee beach on the island of Kao Toa on January 8th 2016.He had suffered head injuries and had been drinking,  James Gissing his friend who was holidaying with him has said it has been covered up by the Thai authorities as if it had never happened .Like so many other families who have lost loved ones on the island they believe Luke was murdered. But no one knows for sure if it was misadventure or something darker.

Valentina Novozhyonova was visiting Koh Tao when she vanished without a trace. She disappeared between February 11th and February 16th 2017.The authorities did not start looking for her until at least two weeks had passed. But as soon as news spread around the globe it was suddenly a very urgent matter .The thai authorities said she had mental heath problems had taken up free diving even though she had no experience and had only swam in local pools.They also said she had a dive buddy who had left for the Phillipines but that was false information as she never had a dive buddy, She had experience of depths of 20 meters free diving and was not having suicidal thoughts the thai government suggested.

Bones & diving gear found on bottom of sea believed to belong to missing Russian tourist believed to have drowned while diving.

Tissue, bone samples samples Meaning: a small amount of a substance that is used for scientific or medical tests Thai Translation: ตัวอย่างทดลอง Learn more and diving gear found in the sea off Koh Tao have been sent to Bangkok for DNA checks.

After finding this evidence at sea, investigators are trying to shed light on what happened to a Russian tourist missing since the middle of last month

Bone fragments, flesh and a diving mask were found Thursday off Koh Tao’s Chalok Ban Kao Beach, nearly a week after the search began for a missing Russian tourist.

Elise Dallemagne 

Elise Dallemagne a Belgian tourist was found dead on Koh Toa becoming the 7th such tourist in three years. She was found dead and half eaten by lizards. She checked into the triple B hotel on Mae Hat Bay at about 3pm on April 19th 2017. Later that evening a suspicious fire broke out in the room she was staying in and it spread to three adjacent rooms. She vanished that night and was found a week later about 200 yards away in some jungle terrain behind the Family Tanote Bay Resort on April 28th. Family and friends believe she was murdered on Koh Toa dubbed Death Island.  Authorities have said she hanged herself committing suicide but her parents believe she would never do a thing like that. She also signed into the hotel using a fake name and refused to give passport details, Her luggage arrived after her death.

Koh Samui Monitor Lizard

Elise Dallemagne was also a member of the Sathya Sai Baba cult and lived with a self proclaimed guru called Raaman Andreas a german expat.

Raaman Andreas

The police wanted to interview Andreas about her death but he had already left Koh Phangan for Thailand. 

Devotional Message 

Miracle worker Andreas will claim to have special powers to resurrect the dead and levitate as he will consider himself a prophet just like Jesus. Jesus had holy powers to bring back the dead, turn water to wine and heal the sick. In all Jesus performed 37 miracles.

In the 1973 British mystery horror film The Wicker Man depicts scenes not to disimilar to Koh Tao. Sergeant Howie is sent on a discovery mission to find a girl called Rowan Morrison who has disappeared from the Hebridean island Summerisle. On arriving there by plane he discovers the islanders are paying homage to the pagan celtic gods of there ancestors. They dance and run around in praise of there god dressing up in flowery clothes.They live a basic life placing toads in there mouths to remedy a sore throat. In bad harvest years they sacrifice kill a person. Howie finds Lord Summerisle the leader of the people there, But he is tricked in thinking Rowan Morrison is in danger as the intended sacrificial victim was actually Sergeant Howie. He is sacrificed to the pagan god so that they will have a good season to grow apples and grains.

Could it be all the people who have died in mysterious circumstances are really sacrificial victims for the island. Most people who live in Koh Tao are expats from all over the world a good mix and there are rumours of an underground mafia that operate in the area. A fire broke out in Elise's room maybe this was deliberate to bring her out into the darkness anything is possible. She was also a member of the Sathya Sai Baba cult and lived with a self proclaimed guru called Raaman Andreas a german expat. Maybe he tried a resurrection on her but failed, The cult have been found to use trickery to mislead there members.

In the Zombie game Dying Light The Following, The protagonist Crane has to build up the ranks until he gets complete trust in The Faceless a secret sun worshiping cult. The Children of the Sun believe in a prophecy where a chosen one would rise up to become the prophet of the God of the Sun and purify the infection. Defying the mother will make her turn against you. 

Jesus walking on water as recounted in The New Testament.

Dying Light The Following Developed By Techland.

Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jr. (May 17, 1931 – March 26, 1997), also known as "Bo" and "Do" among other names was an American cult leader who founded what became known as the Heavens Gate religious group and organized their mass suicide in 1997, claiming the lives of thirty-nine people.

Heavens gate cult was made up of a small amount of people and it's leader or father Marshall Applewhite. He believed that they were merely just vessels for the soul and the time will come when they would leave there bodies and go the next level. A spaceship behing Halle bopp the comet would take them to another world where they would live happily forever. They believed Earth was coming to an end it was to be wiped clean and recycled, Meaning they had to leave as soon as possible.To enter the next level the members would have to give up everything associated with br=eing human, Things included sexuality jobs money possessions and individuality. The Evolutionary Level Above Human" (TELAH) was as a "physical, corporeal place  another world in our universe where residents live in pure bliss and nourish themselves by absorbing pure sunlight. At the next level, beings do not engage in sexual intercourse, eating or dying, the things that make us "mammalian" here. Heaven's Gate believed that what the Bible calls God is actually a highly developed Extraterrestria.

Halle Bopp was discovered in 1995 on July 23rd. Hale–Bopp had its closest approach to Earth on March 22, 1997 at a distance of 1.315 AU. In November 1996 amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek of Houston Texas took an image of the comet which seemed to show a fuzzy slightly elongated object nearby. Ufologists soon concluded it was a spaceship of some kind following the comet.

Techniques To Enter The Next Level.

Physical pickup onto a TELAH spacecraft and transfer to a next level body aboard that alien spacecraft would descend to Earth, collect Applewhite, Nettles, and their followers, and their human bodies would be transformed through biological and chemical processes to perfected beings

Natural death, accidental death, or death from random violence. Here, the "graduating soul" leaves the human container for a perfected next-level body.

Outside persecution that leads to death.

Willful exit from the body in a dignified manner. Near the end, Applewhite had a revelation that they may have to abandon their human bodies and achieve the next level as Jesus had done

Applewhite believed extra terrestials were communicating to him through episodes of Star Trek, He believed he was from another planet and he wanted participants for an experiment aliens were conducting the next level. His soul mate Bonnie Nettles was called Bo and was a co leader with Applewhite, She died in 1985 of Liver Cancer.

Bonnie Nettles.

Original Cast Members of Star Trek which debuted in 1966.

Applewhite met Nettles in March 1972, He was visiting a friend in hospital when she entered the room and there eyes locked in a shared recognition of esoteric secrets.

Strangely a nurse called Doreen Kendall in 1969 saw an alien craft outside the hospital ward window. It was exactly 11.59 pm on New Years Eve when she arrived for work at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island for the midnight to eight swing. At 5 in the morning she attended one of her patients and opened the curtains to cool the room, as she did she saw an alien spaceship outside with two humanoids inside, Half the ship was taken up by a control panel with lots of knobs and buttons and she thought it was having technical problems, The craft did fly away after a short time.

Heavens Gate Suicide House located in the San Diego suburb of Rancho Santa Fe.

On March 26th 1997 the grizzly discovery of 39 members of the Heavens Gate cult were found dead in an apparent suicide pact. The members each took phenobarbitual mixed with apple sauce and washed down with Vodka. They also placed plastic bags over there heads to induce asphyxiation. Each victim was spread out in bed wearing black tracksuit bottoms and each was shrouded by a purple fabric. They certainly went out in style as each was wearing a brand new pair of Nike decade jogging trainers. Each wore a Star Trek inspired arm patch that read Heavens Gate Away Team, They also had $5.75 each in there pockets and the computers in the mansion flashed a Red Alert style screen also inspired from Star Trek.

Only one of the group's members, Rio DiAngelo/Richard Ford, did not kill himself. He videotaped the mansion in Rancho Santa Fe; however, the tape was not shown to police until 2002, five years after the event

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 1

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 2

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 3

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 4

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 5

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Part 6

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 7

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 8

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 9

Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 10

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