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More devilish growls are heard as the onslaught of undead carcasses continues to spill out and across the field, A younger zombie wearing a grey Mailbox 22 sports Tee shirt is also among the pack, He would of been attacked while trying to score a field goal and was moments from touchdown. 

giphy (4).gif

The Mailbox 22 zombie has his eyes closed and is slow and sluggish as it moves forward. 


The 1985 NFL season was the 66th regular season of the National Football League. The season ended with Super Bowl XX when the Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots 46–10 at the Louisiana Superdome. The Bears became the second team in NFL history (after the previous season's San Francisco 49ers) to win 15 games in the regular season and 18 including the playoffs.


'85 Bears Dominate Cowboys | Bears vs. Cowboys (Week 11, 1985) | NFL Full Game


A clown from a travelling circus is also making itself inside the compound, Other Florida everglade locals mix with the crowd as they surge forward unabated.


Fast paced trumpet bleats are heard infused with a slow and morbid melody, slow and methodical drum beats are also heard to provide the sound score. The zombies growl loudly with hunger as they continue there journey towards Miguel. (Zombies howl and moan as they stagger from side to side)


Miguel holds onto his religious chains as he looks back at the approaching horde. 


Miguel turns back around as he looks forward fleetingly before closing his eyes as he prays to god for forgiveness, 


Suddenly Miguel closes his eyes as he places his right index finger to his lips for a few short moments in time. Miguel is praying to God to protect him and keep him safe from evil. (Speak no evil untold)


Miguel quickly outstretches his right hand as he sticks his index finger into the air, Miguel moves his mouth as he prays deeply for resurrection and a new beginning.


Miguel fleetingly places his right hand over his temple but is distracted by the oncoming hordes of the undead.


Miguel rapidly turns around as he watches the zombies stagger towards him, 


Miguel realizes he does not have the time for a full religious exercise with prayer so has resorted to a much faster method, Miguel quickly places his right hand to his left shoulder.


Miguel looks up at the sky as he raises his right hand vertically into the air, Miguel rapidly turns around as he watches the zombies close in on his half naked body. Miguel suddenly reaches down with his right hand as he takes hold of the control box to the elevator.


Miguel quickly lowers himself down to the floor as he faces away from the zombie crowd, Suddenly the evil ghouls are upon Miguel as they continue on over to where he lays. Miguel has a score to settle and is willing to give up his life to see it through. 


The zombies stagger forward towards the fresh meat that is the body of Miguel. Miguel has laid down onto his side.


Miguel lays flat to the floor as he places his religious chains into his mouth with his right hand.


Miguel lifts his head fleetingly as he looks to his right for the control box. Miguel closes his mouth as he keeps a tight grip on his treasured necklaces.  Miguel closes his eyes as he places the control box over his chest.


Miguel bends his head at an awkward angle to his right as he waits for fate to take it's course. The zombies are right over Miguel now as they begin to drape there spiny hands over his fresh and appetizing flesh. A zombie with a green army jacket places his hand down and below Miguels head as another hand touches Miguels left shoulder. Miguel begins to groan loudly from the terrible trauma he is now facing.


Miguel groans some more as he straightens his head while keeping his eyes tightly closed. A zombies hands gyrate and claw at Miguel from his left side cheeks before the right hand is lowered and begins to caress Miguels right side ear and temple. Miguel is doomed to be eaten alive and there is no escape for him this time.


While Miguel is being consumed alive Pvt Rickles and Pvt Steel are attempting to fix the fuse box that was sabotaged by Miguel earlier on. Rickles moves his head slightly left as he holds one end of a severed piece of copper wire. Pvt Steel is holding the other piece with his left hand as they both attempt to join the wires together. Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickles are not electrical engineers and have very little knowledge on how to fix a fuse box, nether the less the soldiers are keen to fix the elevator so that they can get back to the outside world. Pvt Steel moves his head slightly inwards as he attempts to get a better view of the job at hand. Pvt Steel say's to Rickles with a quiet tone of voice "Hold it up" as he refers to Rickles piece of wire.


Pvt Steel is holding a screwdriver in his right hand which is jammed into one of the fuse relays, Steel leans in more as he touches his bare wire with Rickles end.  


-A bright white and blue spark flashes between the severed ends for a split second followed by a loud sound of electrical fizzing. Pvt Steel is devastated that this amateur method of joining two wires together failed drastically.


Steel lowers his head and rests it on Rickles right arm as he say's "Ah Fuck"" 


Suddenly Captain Rhodes walks into the control room followed by Pvt Torrez behind him. Captain Rhodes shouts out loudly "What's going on?". Pvt Torrez suddenly leaps into the room taking two quick steps as he holds his left side chest with his left hand. 


Captain Rhodes takes a short step to his right before stopping on his feet. Torrez suddenly holds his left hand to his injured left eye as he tries to dull the pain from Flyboys attack. Rhodes looks on over at Steel and Rickles with a serious concern. Rhodes takes another step forward.


Pvt Steel is frustrated, Steel is angry as he holds a screwdriver in his right hand, Steel points the tool behind him as he emphasizes to Rhodes the damage Miguel has caused. Steels head bobs up and down with a burning hatred for Miguel who he now despises. Steel say's "That Spick" He ripped these controls out, the little yellow bastard. 


Pvt Torrez quickly makes his way over to Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickles as Captain Rhodes stares up at the elevator ceiling. Rhodes sways on his feet slightly from side to side before becoming motionless. Rhodes is rather pissed now that he knows Miguel has become a traitor as his lips contort and his body tenses with frustration. Rhodes say's quietly but with contempt "The little shit!" Rhodes fleetingly hunches his lips closed


Captain Rhodes is badly bruised from the powerful attack by Flyboy and is not in a great mood, Rhodes suddenly raises his left hand as he opens his mouth wider, Rhodes continues to look up at the elevator as he softly touches his left side jaw with the back of his hand to try and numb the pain. 


A second passes before Rhodes say's with inbuilt hatred for Miguel "The little fucking' shit". Rhodes begins to walk slowly forward as his mind festers on Miguels betrayal, Rhodes shakes and quivers a cold sweat as he looks up at the elevator that refuses to come back down. Rhodes sways from side to side as he say's "He tried to make a run for it".


Unknown to the soldiers Miguel is performing some kind of religious ritual where he allows the undead to devour his flesh, Miguel has not had it easy and now want's to commit suicide as a quick way to end his nightmares. A zombie that once was a soldier just like Miguel is chewing on Miguel's neck and is pulling at a large piece of flesh with it's rotten teeth. Miguel has been severely injured as a large amount of blood seeps from the deep wound. Rotten zombie hands gyrate and twitch as they feel the warm and appetizing flesh. Miguel stares into the void as he bites down tightly onto his silver chains. Suddenly a crunching sound is heard as the Soldier zombie takes a large and greedy bite of Miguel's flesh, Blood pours out of Miguel's large wound like a flowing river.


Miguel moans loudly as the soldier zombie suddenly pulls up on Miguels neck, This causes Miguel;s skin and muscle to stretch like jelly as the zombie snatches a quick bite to eat. Miguel has a large and gaping hole in his neck and is bleeding profusely. It is a very noisy horde of zombies as they all simultaneously groan and moan with undead pleasure.


The male zombie flails it's left arm down as it instinctively stares at Miguel's flesh and body, The female zombie is mesmerized by the fresh smell and visual offering as it waits it's turn.


This zombie stands slowly as another zombie hand comes into view from the left, The rotten hand has a downwards motion to it as it attempts to get to Miguel. Just like a large pack of Hyena's these zombies will have to learn how to share if they have any chance of getting a bite.


Several zombies including a Florida everglades local, Circus clown, and another army soldier all portray the natural hand over hand zombie motion as they growl loudly, There is a lot of movement and it is true to say Zombies are very unorganized when they join as a horde.


These Zombies are truly evil and devoid of all human emotions, Before the apocalypse the circus clown entertained others, now sadly human beings are entertaining the clown because it requires human flesh. The soldier protected people but now it only wants to hurt human beings, The Florida everglades male had a small grocery store and was a vegan. Here is a small list of some evil clowns you may or may not of heard of. 


Billy is a puppet that has appeared in the Saw franchise. It was used by John Kramer to communicate with his test subjects by delivering recorded messages, often appearing on a television screen or occasionally in person to describe the details of the traps and the means by which the test subjects could survive. In the film series, before becoming the Jigsaw Killer, John created Billy to be given as a toy to his unborn child. However, Jill, his wife, is shown to miscarry after being hit in the stomach by a swinging hospital door due to Cecil ramming it open without looking. John's unresolved anger was likely a primary motive for creating the puppet as a vehicle for his instructions to trap victims. The traps he created can be seen as a manifestation of his anger with people who he feels do not appreciate having their life, when his unborn baby was killed before having a life of its own.

Billy the Puppet/Jigsaw/John Kramer Evolution in Movies (Saw)

Best Twisty the Clown Kill troy freakshow american horror story sound replacement


Twisty is a disgraced clown who uses increasingly twisted methods to regain his position as an entertainer of children. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by John Carroll Lynch. He wears a makeshift prosthetic mask nearly as terrifying as the disfigured face beneath. Twisty was literally dropped on his head as a baby, resulting in minor mental disability. He left Jupiter in 1943 to work as a clown with Rusty Westchester's Traveling Carnival. Jealous of his popularity, the carnival freaks (led by two cruel dwarfs) spread a lie that he was molesting children. He was no longer able to find work as a clown (though this didn't stop him from wearing the costume and makeup) and he returned to Jupiter to build novelties from garbage scrap. Upon his return to Jupiter, he found that his alcoholic mother had died. Efforts to sell his "whirligigs" to the local toy store were met first with disinterest and then fear at his crazed desperation and rage against the rumors of his past. Despondent, he blew off his lower jaw with a shotgun in an attempted suicide. To cover up his horrible facial disfigurement, he began wearing a wide-grinned prosthetic mask. He then decided, in his own "special" way, to make the children love him again by keeping them "safe" from their parents. Twisty wore a frightful grinning mask which served as a prosthesis over his missing jaw and a filthy clown suit, and carried a sack that held his juggling pins.

The clown was a kidnapper and a serial killer. His purported motivation (as he revealed to ghost Edward Mordrake) was to save children from their mean, chore-giving, candy-denying parents. Though some of his murders, like the toy store owner, were likely more personal. Twisty strongly believed that kids did indeed still like him and was oblivious to the fact that he actually terrified them. Twisty also had a hatred of carnival freaks, after the ones at the circus he once worked for ruined his career, and believed the freaks of the Cabinet of Curiosities were "stealing" the children just like the others. As a result, he sought to "save" the kids from them, as well.

71PKJVtPFrL._AC_SL1500_ - Copy.jpg

Killjoy is the titular main antagonist of the slasher-movie "Killjoy" and its sequels "Killjoy 2: Deliver Us From Evil", and "Killjoy 3" ("Killjoy's Revenge") and "Killjoy Goes to Hell". He is a killer clown and a wicked demon that is the end result of black magic on behalf of tragic individuals who sought love and closure but instead became victims of violence and injustice before being reborn by Killjoy's magic. In the end after the deaths of their rivals and tormentors, these people who summoned him, pay a terrible price by losing their souls to Killjoy. Thus Killjoy was born and began to murder everyone he came across, prone to driving an ice-cream truck. He was portrayed by both Angel Vargas and Trent Haaga.

Killjoy Ice Cream Boy

Killjoy The Demon Clown - clip by Film&Clips


Two future brothers-in-law find themselves in a circus nightmare when they unwittingly resurrect the clowns from hell... Desperate to impress tough-guy Byron, Tyler is reluctant to reveal his current means of employment, performing as a clown at a local themed carwash. When Byron spots the similarity between Tyler's costume and a figure from local legend - a serial killer clown named Wasco – they decide to recreate the killer look and head out into town, posting the images across social media. Finding themselves an overnight viral hit, the pair continue to embark on further hilarious outings, but are horrified to discover a pile up of bodies following in their wake. As the unrelenting murders rock the community and sightings of the real infamous clown grow, the troubled new friends must face up to a legend that was better left dead. 2015 Forbidden Films LLC. Under Exclusive License to Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Ltd.


Another zombie has torn off Miguels left breast and nipple as it attempts to tear the flesh away. Zombie hands gyrate and waggle with intense cravings as Miguel continues to groan loudly with fear and severe pain.


Suddenly a loud snapping sound is heard as the zombie pulls up on Miguels tender muscle, Miguel moves his head from side to side as he allows the undead to consume him, Miguel groans loudly, 


The evil zombie continues to pull away from Miguel as it takes his flesh with it. 


This zombie soldier sways up and down as it fights to get through the crowds with arms flailing, It locks it's eyes onto Miguel with only one thing on it's decomposed mind.


Zombies push and shove as they outstretch there arms in all directions, Miguel has created complete mayhem.


This zombie soldier opens it's evil eyes wide as it's mouth widens producing a loud but short groan of hunger. The zombie outstretches it's arms over other undead carcasses as it attempts to get to Miguel's flesh and blood.


Miguels eyes are half closed as he prays to God for resurrection, 


Miguel groans loudly as he lays defenseless and at the mercy of the hungry pack.


Miguel shakes his head slightly as he closes his eyes unable to take much more punishment from the greedy ghouls, Miguel's neck is bleeding profusely as his lifeblood seeps out at a fast rate.


Miguel's mouth opens slightly as he grimaces and groans loudly, Miguel's bottom lip almost releases his silver chains as the pain and suffering become to great for Miguel to bare. Fast drum roll with snare drums are heard - 


Miguel's right hand shakes furiously as he holds onto the control box for the powerful elevator system, Suddenly Miguel pushes down on a large switch with his thumb, Miguel maintains the pressure as a sound of moving machinery is heard.


(Torrez is attempting to help his comrades fix the fuse box) The loud sound of moving machinery and a continuous siren bleat has alerted Pvt Rickles Pvt Torrez and Pvt Steel, The three soldiers simultaneously turn around as they look up at the slow moving elevator system. The three soldiers are silent and motionless as there anxiety and fears start to become reality.


A loud crashing sound is heard as the rusted lift gets into motion, Medium sized cogs slowly revolve around in a clockwise motion as they transfer thick steel cables along there runners. 


The fuse box for the elevator has been damaged and it is not possible to command the lift from the control room. The switch box that Miguel is using must work independently from the sensitive electronics below. The lift continues on down as sirens blare out and heavy machinery rumbles. 


Captain Rhodes is composed as he stands silent and motionless, Rhodes is fixated with the moving elevator as he watches it slowly lower itself back to the ground floor of the bunker.


Suddenly a bright and intense light illuminates Captain Rhodes face and the control room as the elevator releases light from the outside world. Rhodes veers his eyes more to his right as he patiently waits for Miguel's return.


As each second passes the elevator platform reveals more and more information on who or what is stood on it. The elevator begins to divulge the facial expressions of several zombies at the right hand side of the lift. Whirring of siren continues - 


A loud sound of groaning and whining zombie voices gradually fill the air as the lift continues it's slow and methodical approach to ground level. Zombies gyrate and flail there arms around as they enjoy a free ride down to the unexpected soldiers.


Zombies shake and slumber as some look up at the sky in complete confusion, A light and continuous drum beat is heard to provide the sound score.


Captain Rhodes can now see the zombies making there way down to him and his goons, Rhodes is hot and sweaty as he begins to fumble with his weapons belt with both hands at either side. Rhodes breathes out deeply as his eyes veer more right as the zombie horde comes more into view. Rhodes shakes with complete terror and fear as he slowly backs away from the oncoming carcasses.


Suddenly Rhodes can take no more of the putrid smell of death as he quickly turns around in an anti clockwise motion and heads off back out of the door he came through. Now Rhodes knows he has been stitched up by Miguel and there is nothing he can do as the elevator is the only known way out of the Seminole bunker.


The elevator has no emotion or feelings for Rhodes and his soldiers as it continues to carry the undead down to the ground level. Zombies stare up at the bright blue sky as they gyrate and fidget amongst themselves. A female zombie wearing pink trousers and a red hat carries a wicker basket in her left hand, The bag sways in an up and down motion as the zombie stares out and away from the bunker.


A zombie to the far left wearing soiled blue jeans slowly limps around in a 360 degree motion moving in a clockwise motion. Other zombies stare into the void while others are confused as they look up and around. Pvt Steel Pvt Torrez and Pvt Rickles can also see the zombies on there way down, Suddenly Pvt Walter Steel shouts out with shock and amazement, "Holy Shit!" A slow and simple synthesizer melody is playing.


The three soldiers are stunned in silence and thoughts as they watch the large horde of zombies make there way down the elevator system, 


A loud thud of metal is heard as Pvt Steel releases his grip on the screwdriver he is using to fix the fuse box, Screwdriver falls into the bottom of box -  Steel quickly turns to face Rickles as he say's with an unbelievable tone of voice "Holy fucking shit!".


Pvt Steel rapidly turns around as he touches his machine guns magazine fleetingly with his right hand before grabbing hold of his weapons strap with his right hand. Pvt Steel is feeling rather worried and scared for his life as he watches the approaching horde. Schematic board wobbles slightly from Rickles hand.


Pvt Steel has seen enough as he rapidly runs off as quick as his legs can carry him leaving Pvt Torrez and Pvt Rickles to enjoy the show. Pvt Rickles is also feeling the pressure as he also rapidly runs off as he continues to lock eyes with the descending undead ghouls. As Rickles releases his left hand from the bottom of the schematic diagrams board the front piece of white paper sways slowly from side to side. Pvt Torrez is also on the move as he pushes himself away from the left side blue box with his right hand, At all times Torrez keeps his eyes peeled onto the approaching zombies as he makes his exit.


Captain Rhodes and his men had better think of something fast or they will soon be unable to cope with the many hundreds of zombies that are moments away from exploring the Seminole Storage Facility.


The elevator continues to slowly descend as the zombies patiently wait for there journey to end. 


The zombie with the pointing arrow keeps his right arm high in the air as it looks from side to side.

Some zombies keep there hands in the air while others shake them out in front of them. 


The zombie with the pointing arrow strikes out twice with it's right hand before turning its body and facing right, The zombie looks up slightly before facing forward, Zombie looks down as it shakes it's arms at either side, Zombie looks back up and forward, Zombie swings out it's right arm once, Zombie turns right once again as it quickly lifts it's left arm up then back down. Zombie looks up before facing forward.

Some zombies keep there hands in the air while others shake them out in front of them. Some are less active than others


A zombie wearing a black crash helmet suddenly turns around in an anti clockwise motion and looks forward towards the ground level of the bunker. The zombie instantly begins to walk forward having not realized that the lift is still moving. The zombie takes two small steps forward before stepping off the platform left foot first.


The motorbike zombie takes a nasty fall as it loses all balance and crashes to the floor below. 

source (1).gif

A loud thud is heard as the biker zombie hits the deck, Loud screams and groans can be heard from the zombie horde as they become much more excited. 


The biker zombie slowly lifts it's left arm up as it attempts to stand back to it's feet. Zombies at the front suddenly begin to walk forward as the elevator reaches the bottom.


This zombie steps forward before almost losing it's footing as it stumbles ahead, The zombie quickly side steps around the zombie to it's right as it quickly makes it's way across the floor.

Suddenly a loud mechanical sound is heard similar to a slowed down bullet from a gun as the platform hits equilibrium. Zombies growl and howl loudly as they begin to make there way off of the platform, 


The biker zombie slowly gets back to his feet as he pushes up on it's right arm, Zombies begin to stagger forward as they shuffle there feet across the concrete.


The sound the zombie make is almost like a large crowd of football fans, High pitched cries and groans add to the atmospheric ambiance


The biker zombie walks on it's knees as it holds it's arms out having no capacity to stop, stand up and then walk on. A loud skating of feet is heard as the zombies slowly penetrate deeper into the bunker, 


Miguel's remains lay some where on the lift but are obscured by the thickness of undead ghouls, A woman in a wedding dress is also present having been bitten by the vicar, Many old souls going about there daily lives have also been infected as they flail there arms and limp forward.


Another zombie has it's left hand in a sling and may of been infected at the local hospital, He slumbers forward before lowering his right arm down. All of the zombies have a terrible smell and there clothes are badly soiled and ripped. 


Captain Rhodes will be regretting his actions as the situation has now developed into something far worse. It will be very difficult to eradicate the undead without some serious fire power which Rhodes and his men simply don't have.


Captain Rhodes is a coward at heart as he quickly makes his way over to another area of the bunker where several buggy carts are stored. A light patter of feet is heard as Captain Rhodes runs through the maze of corridors towards a waiting vehicle.


Rhodes quickly looks behind him as he rapidly runs for his life, 


The distant sound of groaning and wailing zombies can be heard - Captain Rhodes is keen to escape as in his book it's every man for himself.


Rhodes lifts his right leg up first before leaping onto the buggy, A loud thud of metal is heard - Buggy wobbles from side to side - Rhodes takes hold of the steering wheel with his right hand first followed by his left.


A loud tap is heard as Rhodes sits down, Rhodes looks down as he quickly raises his right foot before slamming it down onto the accelerator. 


As the buggy slowly sets into motion Rhodes has a sneaky look back into the passageway he came to check that no one has seen him make a fast escape. (When the going get's tough the tough get going.)


A low level breeze sound is generated from the travelling buggy, Rhodes focuses his eyes on the road ahead as he attempts to escape the zombie hordes leaving his men behind to face the music.


The buggy produces the odd loud squeak as it carries the dead weight of Captain Rhodes. Rhodes is on a mission and nothing is going to stop him now.


Rhodes quickly looks behind to see if anyone is watching as he continues his chicken manoeuvre.


Suddenly a fast tapping of feet is heard as Pvt Steel comes running out of the door well, Pvt Steel is pissed and angry that Captain Rhodes has left them behind without saying anything. 


Pvt Steel skids on his feet as he stops dead in the middle of the large hangar, Pvt Rickles is just behind Steel followed by Torrez. Pvt Steel lowers his head and raises his arms out slightly as he shouts at the top of his voice with complete exasperation for Rhodes "Rhooooodes!" Steel shouts long and hard with complete anger. 


Pvt Torrez comes flying into the hangar with his arms flailing in a circular motion, He stops rapidly as he looks down at the escaping captain, Rickles flails his left arm out once as he runs into the hangar, Pvt Steel raises himself slightly as he shouts out again, "Rhodes"


Steel hunches his head forward as he emphasizes his words "You Bastard!". 


Pvt Torrez turns to face the door at the sound of the approaching zombie horde, Pvt Steel fleetingly turns his head also towards the door in fear for his life. 


Rickles turns to face a large red painted skip as he suddenly kicks out with his right foot and strikes the object with anger. A loud thud is heard - Rickles turns clockwise as he looks into the door well from which he just came. Pvt Steel rapidly turns his head around to his right from the unexpected sound Rickles created.


Zombies begin to trickle out of the trap door from the corral cave system as they moan and groan with evil. When Flyboy entered the corral cave to find Sarah and McDermott he did not lock the gate behind him. 


This female ghoul wobbles from side to side as it makes it's way left, 


A male zombie slips out behind the female ghoul as it turns to it's right.


Another NFL American football player stumbles out of the trap door as it croaks and groans with evil delight. The Trap door wobbles slightly as the zombies pass by.


The zombie male to the left limps awkwardly forward as the Football player decides to follow the female zombie wearing a green hat and yellow braided dress.


More static noise and croaking sounds are heard - The male zombie to the left suddenly raises both of it's hands to it's throat as it pulls down on it's dog collar. A zombie wearing a pink jumper and white trousers takes large strides as it follows closely behind.


Three female zombies suddenly appear, The second zombie out has it's arms around the first zombies shoulders momentarily before holding them outstretched. A female zombie wearing a tattered green jumper has it's arms down as it presses it's left shoulder against the trap door, This causes the trap door to open slightly before sliding back.


Zombies are coming out of the trap door thick and fast as they groan with evil thoughts. Another zombie wearing a hat appears as he wobbles furiously from side to side.


The entire compound is now overflowing with the undead and the odds of survival amongst the soldiers is not looking good.


Captain Rhodes continues to make a fast escape on his cart away from the many hundreds of undead ghouls, 


Rhodes turns a corner as he speeds along the tunnels at full capacity. A red flashing light pulsates behind Rhodes head.


Rhodes is a man possessed as he frantically ponders his mind for a solution.


Rhodes looks to his left momentarily as he evaluates his position.


Rhodes quickly slides his left hand down the steering wheel as he look forward with a mind full of self conceited desire.


Rhodes grimaces with evil as he continues his journey.


Captain Rhodes has made his way into a large storage area as zombies appear from every direction. The zombies growl loudly with evil as they limp and slumber, Rhodes is unaffected by the numerous zombies they lay in his path as he continues on unabated. A female zombie wearing a red jacket and grey skirt stands motionless behind an old and rotting trailer as she watches Rhodes go by. Zombies are slow and lethargic as they explore there new surroundings.


Suddenly a zombie wearing a dark red jacket and stripy orange trousers comes into view in the middle of the road, Rhodes has no time to slow down or spin his vehicle around the ghoul.


Suddenly a zombie wearing a dark red jacket and stripy orange trousers comes into view in the middle of the road, Rhodes has no time to slow down or spin his vehicle around the ghoul. A loud crashing sound is heard as Captain Rhodes rams his cart directly into the zombie at full speed, Rhodes does not blink an eye as the zombie crashes into the cart head on. 


The zombie growls loudly as it falls heavily to Rhodes left, As it falls it manages to grab hold of a black metal railing for one of the seats, 


The zombie growls much louder as it is pulled along the ground.


As Rhodes continues he passes a stationary cart that is parked to his left. A loud thud sound mixed with a wet crunching effect is heard as the zombies legs smash against the back end of the cart causing the ghoul to release it's hand from the railing. The zombie has become wedged under the cart as it sticks it's left leg high in the air. 


Rhodes has come to the end of his journey as he quickly jumps off the cart while the vehicle is still in motion. Rhodes places his left hand on to the left seat as he swings both of his legs over the side and jumps down to the ground. 


The cart instantly stops as Rhodes runs forward while flailing his arms out momentarily. 


Captain Rhodes has made the decision to make his way back to the scientists laboratories and storage rooms, Rhodes has parked his buggy cart quite close to Flyboy and McDermott's steel cabin. 


A patter of fast moving feet is heard as Rhodes skids to a stop. Rhodes quickly reaches out with his left hand as he attempts to open the door to the maze of corridors and rooms.


A fast scraping metallic sound is heard as the door is rapidly opened. From the solitude of the other side the door opens outwards from Rhodes hand.

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