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The Queen alien starts to whip its tail to try and hurt Ripley, A whipping sound is heard as the frantic Ripley tries to avoid its sharp razors clutches.

A chinging is heard as the Queens tail snaps home and hits the thick metal of the loaders cockpit just missing Ripley by centimeters.

The Queen whips its tail again hitting the loader from the right side just missing Ripley.

Ripley frantically tries to hit the Queen with the loaders arms but misses every time, The Queen alien is hissing and determined to kill Ripley.

Ripley decides to open the inner doors to the sealed space lock, She presses some buttons on a control pad.

The doors whirl then thud as they fully open up.

Ripley goes for the kill and traps the Queens head into the loaders gripper again. The alien hisses and screeches in pain.

The alien extends its mouth out and snaps at Ripley to try and bite her.

It snaps its mouth out for the second time as Ripley grunts with fear.

Ripley activates the welder function of the loader, A hot flame of fire protrudes into the face of the alien Queen. The alien screeches with pain

Ripley screams out with frustration and fear as the alien clings to the loader.

Ripley tries to rotate the Queen alien around so that she can drop her down the locking bay shaft. As she attempts to drop the alien the alien grabs hold of the metal bars of the loader and pulls Ripley down into the shaft along with it.

Ripley lets out an almighty scream as the loader goes completely upside down and crashes momentarily onto the side of the lock shaft,

An almighty thud is heard as the loader Ripley and the Queen smash down onto the outer loading bay doors, This noise startles Newt. She shouts out "Ripley"

Ripley gasps loudly as a creaking can be heard, She starts to unlock herself from the harness so that she can get out of the loader.It is very quiet at this point and there is no music score.

The Queen alien is trapped underneath the heavy loader and can not move, The alien screeches as it tries to get loose.

Ripley frees herself and starts to climb the metal stairs that lead to the top, As she passes a control switch box the Alien Queen grabs her left foot and stops Ripley from climbing any further.

An alarm starts to blare as Ripley pulls down a lever that will open the outer lock doors, She is being pulled down and has no other choice at this moment.

With an almighty effort Ripley slams th lever down thus opening the outer lock doors, A huge draft of suction is created as the doors open up.

Newt screams loudly as the suction sends her flying towards the open hatch, A loud noise is heard as the suction pulls everything outwards.

Bishop wails and flails his arms as his torso is sucked towards the opening, He manages to grab hold of a gap in the grills.

A tremendous noise of wind is heard in the air lock as Ripley holds on with her dear life, The loader suddenly is released and is sucked out into outer space along with boxes and other materials.

The Queen alien screeches as it also clings on with dear life. Ripley screams with pain as she can hardly hold on herself anymore.

Ripley shouts out with intense pain as the alien Queen finally lets go off Ripley, The forces were so strong the alien has come loose after Ripley's trainer comes off with the shear weight and pressure.

The Queen alien screeches loudly as she is sucked out of the air lock doors, She twists and turns as she travels out into the cold blackness.

Ripley pulls with all her might one rung at a time to try and get back to the top of the air lock shaft.

Newt loses her grip as she screams along the metal floor, She shouts out loudly "Bishop as she travels past him.

Bishop just manages to grab Newt before she goes over the side of the lock.

Ripley struggles with all her might to get to the top as boxes and other materials come flying over the side.

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