A slow harpsichord is playing infused with an electronic organ, The next day has arrived as the white nets blow softly in the cool breeze.


Mathilda and Leon are slowly creating a strong bond and friendship as the days pass, Mathilda is putting the green potted plant back out on the window ledge for some quality sunshine.


A low level thud is heard as the plant touches down on to the concrete ledge, Mathilda crosses her arms as she finds a few moments to contemplate her life and the life of the plant.


Mathilda lifts up her left index finger as she watches the plants leaves swaying in the breeze trying to conceive the same emotions and feelings that Leon has for this plant.


Mathilda smiles as she compares the life of the well cared for plant with  her own life force and can see some similarities.


Mathilda then rests her head on her hands as she looks out and down at the bustling streets below. A harpsichord continues to play.


Mathilda is sat down in the living room as she watches Leon from across the way with silence and reflection. She is starting to understand this man that saved her life just a little bit better.


Leon is passionately attending to his plant with a white cloth in his hands. Mathilda say's, You love your plant, don't you?.


Leon replies "It's my best friend," as he carefully wipes one of the leaves.


Leon places the white cloth down on to the tables surface as he uses his hands to check the leaves for imperfections and disease. Leon continues, "Always happy, No questions." Leon begins to lift up leaves too check the condition underneath as he looks at them almost like a scientist would look into a microscope, Leon begins to caress the leaves as he uses both of his hands to imagine he is caring and holding a beautiful woman. 


Leon turns his head and looks at Mathilda briefly as he points his left index finger at the plant pot,


Leon lifts up the plant with his left hand as he quickly turns away from Mathilda as say's, "And it's like me, you see?." Leon expresses with his right hand as he wavers his fingers underneath the plant pot,  


Leon places the plant pot back down on to the tables surface as a low level thud is heard, Leon turns and looks at Mathilda, Leon say's as he let's out a slight chuckle and smiles broadly, No Roots. Leon is referring to his life having no real commitments except his cleaning responsibilities. (Leon moves from place to place and where ever he lays his hat is his home.)


Mathilda replies, If you really love it, you should plant it in the middle of a park so it can have roots.


Leon moves his eyes away from Mathilda briefly then they return to look at Mathilda as Leon considers what Mathilda has just said. 


Leon looks away towards his plant as he nods positively from Mathilda's suggestion thinking it is a good idea. Leon say's Yeah as he continues to look at his prized specimen.


Mathilda continues with a sarcastic reply, I'm the one you should be watering if you want me to grow.


Leon is looking down at his plant in silence and does not respond to Mathilda's words.


Suddenly Leon turns his head and looks at Mathilda still in silence.


Almost instantly Leon springs into action and turns his head back around as he snatches a plastic spray bottle from the table. Leon shouts out, "You're right" as he quickly stands up from the living room chair with the spray gun in his right hand.


Leon rapidly approaches Mathilda who is sat on an armchair, Mathilda screams out loudly with shock and surprise as Leon attempts to spray Mathilda with the gun.


Leon laughs wildly with pleasure as Mathilda screams and tries to defend herself from the cool water spray. 


The sound of the spray bottle being squeezed rapidly can be heard as the electronic organ provides the sound score. Leon ha ha's with a sense of fun as Mathilda turns her head away from the water spray.


Mathilda has to think fast or she will be soaked through by Leon's excitable antics.


Mathilda makes her escape as she handstands over the right side armchair in desperation.


Mathilda lands on both feet as she screams out loudly again, Mathilda stands and makes a run for it with Leon in hot pursuit.


Mathilda dashes for the bath room as Leon follows aiming the spray gun directly at her.


Mathilda turns into the left side of the bathroom and disappears from view as Leon closes in.


Suddenly Mathilda returns form the bathroom with something that Leon does not find funny, Leon starts to retreat backwards as he say's No No No.


Mathilda is ecstatically happy as she decides to play Leon at his own game. Leon holds his arms out with despair as Mathilda carries a large plastic green tub that is full of water. Mathilda shouts out loudly, "Yes Yes" to express her desire that Leon is going to get soaked.


Matilda shouts even louder this time, "YES" she shouts to amplify her control as she tips the bucket of water all over Leon's white jumper and face.


Leon becomes drenched from the torrent of water and is not amused in a happy way that is.


Leon tries to defend himself but all is futile.


Leon quickly discards the empty plastic container as a loud thud is heard as the tub hits the floor. Leon quickly chases Mathilda who has run off into the bathroom to escape Leon's revenge.


Mathilda screams loudly as Leon attempts to spray Mathilda again with the spray gun, Mathilda quickly hides behind a green shower curtain to protect herself from the spray gun.


The sound of metal hooks skating on there pole is heard as Mathilda screams then turns her head away from Leons rapid squirts of the gun. The shower curtains violently sway and crease from one side to the other as Leon and Mathilda tussle for control.


The electronic Organ continues to play as Mathilda uses the green shower curtain to her advantage while in fits of laughter.


Leon decides to grab Mathilda with his right hand as he squirts wildly with his left hand. Mathilda screams out loudly "No" as Leon grabs her.


Leon playfully escorts Mathilda back into the living room and softly pushes open one of the two sliding doors to a ward robe. 


Mathilda retreats inside the ward robe as Leon continues to spray water at the girl. Mathilda chuckles intensively as Leon attempts to soak Mathilda as much as possible. A loud wooden banging sound is heard as Leon and Matilda tussle at the closet.


Matilda is ecstatic at Leon's spray gun game, He could not beat her at the miming game but is making a better attempt at his own game this time.


Leon slides the open door shut as Mathilda screams out with fun from inside.


Leon reopens the door as Mathilda pushes the door from the other side. Mathilda let's out a loud complaining scream as she pushes the door back open. 


Leon bends down and looks in between the short gap in the door as he sprays the gun at Mathilda. Two squirts of the gun are heard.


Suddenly the sliding door comes away from it's hinges as a loud jingling of metal bells are heard. There is a lot of noise and banging as Mathilda and Leon continue to play. 


Leon holds the broken sliding door with both hands as Leon and Matilda laugh insanely at each other and the door for falling off. Mathilda reaches up with her hands as she tries to escape from the closet.


The scene changes to Guido's restaurant, The electronic organ continues for the sound score, Tony is in the kitchen demonstrating how to cook scallops correctly. Tony say's to his two chefs, "They gotta be jumping out of the plate, Tony turns to look at his head chef and say's with a passion, "they gotta be alive" as he tips the contents of a hot pan into one of the bowls. A loud metallic crashing sound is heard as Tony places the hot pan down onto the cooker surface. The assistant chef is quickly adding seasoning to the bowls as he rapidly turns and crosses to the other table. The assistant chef begins to wipe his hands with a white cloth.


Tony picks up the two bowls and turns to leave the kitchen area.


The head chef begins to clean the cooker with a white cloth as Tony makes his way into the restaurant.


A scraping sound is heard as the head chef uses a metal spatula to scrape up the loose bits of food.


Mathilda is waiting for Leon outside Guido's restaurant as Leon does some business with Tony the restaurant owner.


A car's horn is heard as Mathilda looks through the glass window at Leon who is sat at the back of the restaurant. Mathilda waves to Leon to let him know that she is waiting for him outside.


Leon quickly waves back at the girl.


Tony comes out of the kitchen with two hot bowls of freshly prepared and cooked scallops. Leon turns to his left as Tony suddenly appears.


A wooden tap sound is heard as Tony places a bowl of food on to the table for Leon.


Tony walks around the table as he say's, It's been a long time, Leon. No sound score exists at this moment.


The elderly man who is a regular customer sits in complete silence with his hands placed on top of one another resting on his walking stick, He has his head down in some kind of thought.


The sound of pottery is heard as Tony places the other bowl of scallops down on to the elderly mans table. Tony then places his left hand over the elderly mans two hands to express his love and kindness for the silent man.


A tapping of wood and feet is heard as Tony returns to Leon's table and sits down. Tony say's "I missed you" as he sits himself down.


Tony relaxes as his weight pushes onto the chair.


A dripping of liquid is heard as Tony fills his glass with some wine from a glass bottle, Tony continues, And ahh, you missed some nice jobs, too. Leon replies as he looks down, Been training, 


Tony nods his head in acceptance at Leon's words and say's, Training's good.


Tony continues with sincerity, But don't over do it eh, You know training don't pay as good as working, Leon.


Leon is in a serious mood as he looks down at the table avoiding eye contact with Tony, There seems to be something worrying on Leon's mind as he hesitates before continuing the conversation.


Leon speaks slowly and carefully, Leon say's, All the money I... make... Leon looks back at Tony and say's, "that you keep for me".


Tony is eating as he instantly replies, You need some money?


Leon replies, No just curious. Tony responds with Oh as he nods positively.


Leon continues, Because I've been working a long time and I haven't done anything with my money...


Leon hesitates and then nods slightly at Tony and say's, I thought maybe some day I could... Leon hesitates again then say's, Use it...


Light drums accompanied by a tambourine begin to produce the sound score as Tony replies, You met a woman? 


Leon is silent as he nods negatively at Tony.


Tony pulls his head back feeling slightly agitated and worried for Leon, Tony believes Leon really has met a woman and now wants to give him some sound advice. (Such is life).


The electric organ begins to play infused with the drum and tambourine, Tony stares at Leon for a few moments then say's, Leon..


Tony moves his head and shoulder's closer to Leon and sighs loudly. Tony cares for Leon and only wants the best for him as he attempts to make his words sink in. Tony say's, Leon, you gotta be careful with women.


Leon just looks on at Tony with a straight but slightly awkward expression., Tony continues, Remember when you arrived in this country Leon,


Tony continues, When I took you in?


Tony pulls gently on Leon's left ear with his right hand to express his words. Tony say's, "You were still wet behind the fucking ears". Tony continues, And already you were in deep shit because of a woman.


Tony continues, Don't forget that Leon, Leon is in a thoughful mood as he looks down and say's Wish I could, sometimes..


Tony reduces his distance from Leon slightly as he looks down at the table, Tony then raises his glass and drinks some of the wine.


Getting back to the subject of money Leon say's, You know, about my money.


Leon continues, Maybe I... Leon hesitates as he tries to explain his feelings towards his money,


Leon expresses with his hands as he say's, Maybe I could give...A little. Leon hesitates for a few moments more then say's, To someone, you know, to help out. 


Two taps are heard from a distance, Tony signals with his left hand as he replies, Hey, It's your money,


Tony nods slightly to express his helpfulness, "I mean I'm just holding it for you, You know Like a bank".


Tony continues, Except ahh you know, Better than a bank. Leon crosses his hands as he listens to Tony's words.


Tony say's, Because you know, banks are always getting knocked off. And you know no one knocks off old Tony.


Tony continues, And besides, with a bank, there's always tons of forms to be filled and all that shit.


Tony continues, But old Tony, nothing to read nothing to write.


Tony places his right index finger to his right temple and then taps once, Tony shrugs his head and say's, "It's all in his head".


Leon replies with sincerity,  I know how to read now 


Tony say's "That's good Leon" as he nods positively. Tony smirks with satisfaction as he looks down and repeats his words, "Good".


Tony "umms" as he suddenly remembers something.


Tony signals with his right arm and say's,  "Your money's here. Tony signals with his index finger as he touches his inside shirt pocket.


Tony say's, Whenever you want it,


you just ask me, Okay?. Tony offers Leon a roll of cash.


Tony say's, Here's a grand, 


Leon signals with his left hand to indicate that he does not want any money, Leon feels a little awkward and say's as he looks away from Tony, It's Okay, I don't need it.


Tony responds in a pushy way, He say's, Nah Nah, Come on, come on, Leon folds his hands in a resilient way as he looks at Tony.


Take it, Have some fun, Tony slides the roll of cash across the table towards Leon, Tony say's, Go ahead, Take it. 


Leon accepts the $1000 dollars and puts the roll of cash into his jacket pocket.


Leon replies, Thank You.


Tony looks on over at Leon as he accepts the money and say's reassuringly, "All right".


Tony continues, Now let's talk business,


Don't move, I'll go get the file.


Tony stands up and leaves the table as a light wooden sound is heard from Tony's chair.


Leon looks to his right as Tony say's to one of his employee's. Manolo, 


Tony continues, A glass of milk for my friend Leon here!.


Tony makes his way up towards the front of the restaurant as Leon watches from a distance.


Tony keeps some of his private and important business client items hidden inside the deep refrigerator for safe keeping.


Tony turns to look back at Leon as he enters the cold storage area.


A loud click is heard as Tony pushes down on the bulky handle that release the lock. The large and bulky silver door swings open as Tony steps inside.


The refrigerator door closes shut revealing Mathilda and a teenage boy wearing a bandanna, They are having a conversation just outside the door. Mathilda is streetwise and is easily approachable so will be friendly with a few of the local boys and girls that hang out in that area. The boy is pulling something out of his top pocket. The sound score becomes silent for now.


The road is very busy outside and many people and motor vehicles pass by including Yellow taxi's and emergency vehicles. The boy pulls out a packet of cigarettes and taps the pack with his hand to loosen the contents.


The boy hands Mathilda a cigarette and she places it into her mouth. Mathilda clasps her hands together so that the wind will not blow out the flame that the boy lights for her,


Leon is watching Mathilda from his table and has a clear view of what she is up too, Suddenly Leon puts his left hand down to the side of his chair as he is becoming a little concerned for Mathilda. The sound of passing vehicles is the only ambient sound.


Mathilda is asking for directions and the boy signals with his left hand as he directs Mathilda in the right direction.


Mathilda and the teenage boy continue to chat as Leon slowly becomes more irritated.


Leon does not want Mathilda to talk to anyone as cleaners keep themselves to themselves. Leon has his eyes glued to the pair now.


Suddenly Leon decides enough is enough as he stands up and leaves the table. The chair produces a wooden sound as Leon moves off.


Leon burst out of the restaurant door with a stern and unhappy expression on his face, The door bounces off the wooden paneling and makes a loud banging sound as it hits the wood then it repels back.


Leon instantly has his eyes fixed on the teenage boy as he stares at him with evil eyes, Leon places his right arm around Mathilda to protect her from the stranger. The boy stands motionless not taking things too seriously.


Leon pulls Mathilda away from the teenager with his left hand as he continues to look back at the boy.


Leon continues to stare at the boy as the boy begins to smoke a cigarette.


Leon has dragged Mathilda sufficiently away and say's, Listen Mathilda, You gotta be careful. You can't just speak to any guy off the street. A large commercial white passenger bus goes by.


Mathilda brushes her hair with her right hand not taking things too seriously as well. A yellow taxi pulls in from across the road.


Beeps of a motor vehicle are heard. Mathilda say's, Leon, get a grip, What's the big fucking deal?.


I was just smoking a butt while I was waiting.


Mathilda looks at Leon sweetly for a brief moment as the busy traffic goes by.


Leon replies, I want you to stop cursing.You can't talk to people like that all the time. A black car and a red van pull out from the right. Leon continues, I want you to make an effort to talk nice. A red car shoots across the road from the left, A man wearing blue jeans and a denim shirt carrying a newspaper in his right hand crosses over the street from the left towards Leon and Mathilda.

Mathilda nods her head positively in agreement with Leon as she say's Okay. A silver van crosses the road from the left,  Leon replies, And I want you to stop smoking, It will kill you.

Mathilda holds the cigarette butt in her right hand as she indicates to Leon that she will stop smoking. Several couples and individual people walk by and across the busy road.

Mathilda discards the cigarette butt with her left hand and then say's,


Okay. A harpsichord begins to play to produce the sound score.


Leon say's as he refers to the teenager who gave Mathilda a cigarette, Stay away from him, he looks like a weirdo.


Matilda say's, Okay. Mathilda raises her eyebrows as she agrees to comply with Leon.


Leon say's, I'll be out in five minutes, stand where I can see you.


Matilda nods positively and say's Okay.


Leon leaves Mathilda as he returns to the restaurant to speak with Tony and to check on some important files.


Mathilda watches as Leon returns back into the door he came out off.


A thud is heard as Mathilda flops backwards onto the double bed with arms outstretched, Leon and Mathilda have returned back to Hotel National Room 410 and Mathilda is feeling happy and content with herself. A simple harpsichord tone produces the sound score.


The camera starts to zoom in slowly as Mathilda say's, Leon, I think I'm kind of falling in love with you.


Mathilda's remark causes Leon to nearly choke on his milk as he splutters and sprays milk out all over his face hands and tee shirt.


Leon looks down at his now soaking wet hands and pantaloons and is a little shocked and surprised at Mathilda's words.


Matilda continues, It's the first time for me, you know?.


Leon responds as he rubs his hands of the milk, How do you know it's love if you've never been in love before?.


Mathilda replies, Cos I feel it.


Leon replies, Where?.


Mathilda is motionless momentarily as she thinks about the sensation she is experiencing.


Mathilda slowly brings both of her arms down towards her stomach.


Mathilda places her hands over her stomach region and say's, In my stomach.


Mathilda caresses her stomach with her fingers as she feels the sensation.


Mathilda say's as she continues to caress her stomach, It's all warm... Mathilda hesitates, I always had a knot there, and now... Mathilda hesitates then say's, It's gone. The camera zooms in slowly onto Mathilda.


Leon is watching and listening to Mathilda, He say's, Mathilda, I'm glad you.... don't have a stomach ache anymore. I don't think that means anything.


Leon signals with his right thumb as he point over to the door, Leon say's I'm late for work, I hate being late for work.


Leon pushes up from his chair with both hands as he makes preparations for work


Leon turns and picks up his weapons belt from behind the chair. A loud gyrating wooden sound is head as Leon lifts up the heavy ammunition's kit.


Leon adjusts the straps and prepares it for wearing.


A loud rumbling thud is produced as Leon places his weapons carrying suitcase heavily down on to the floor.


Leon puts on his long black trench coat as he ensures he is securely covered over and that his weapons belt can not be seen.


Leon opens the door to Hotel National 410 as he makes his way out.


Leon steps out silently, No sound score exists at this moment.


Leon closes the door too as a light symphony orchestra begins to play a dark themed sound track. A violin takes the lead as cymbals occasionally crash.


Leon breathes out heavily as he turns to walk along the corridor, Leon does not look too well and is showing signs of fatigue and high stress levels.


Leon takes a couple of steps before placing his suitcase to the floor. A thud is heard as his suitcase hits the ground.


Leon rests his head on to the corridor wall as he contemplates his life and his actions. Another cymbal crash is heard.


Mathilda is still resting on the bed with her arms spread wide, She is breathing in and out very calmly as her chest contracts in and out from the air flow. Mathilda stares at the ceiling in deep thought and contradiction.


Leon is still resting in the corridor, He may be having second thoughts about his job and is also worried for Mathilda.


Leon puts on his trademark glasses from out of his jacket pocket.


Leon is somber and silent as he stands in the corridor. 


The hotel receptionist is engrossed in a newspaper as he picks at his nose.


A light tapping is heard as Leon quickly makes his way down the stairs,


Two ceiling fans are spinning as the hotel receptionist breaks from his reading.


The hotel receptionist is happy to see Leon and shouts out, Hey, how's the practicing going?.


Leon is in no talking mood as he completely ignores the hotel receptionist, Leon walks past and straight outside. The clock on the back wall reads 2.40pm, The receptionist watches as Leon leaves.


Leon leaves the hotel in a hurry.


Leon is walking very quickly as he is late for work.


The streets are very busy with motor vehicles and people going about there business.


Leon continues his journey. In New York City, taxicabs  come in two varieties: yellow and green; they are widely recognizable symbols of the city. Taxis painted canary yellow (medallion taxis) are able to pick up passengers anywhere in the five boroughs. Those painted apple green (street hail livery vehicles, commonly known as "boro taxis" which began to appear in August