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A set of traffic lights can be seen in the not too far distance as Mathilda and Leon slowly appear. Leon has decided to take Mathilda with him on the journey to find a new hotel after Mathilda fired a gun out of the living room window, The big city that Leon and Mathilda are exploring is New York. Leon now considers it too risky to leave Mathilda as the drugs gang are looking for her and he has finally seen sense from what Mathilda has been trying to tell him.


Bongo drums continue to play as Leon's head bobs up and down from his fast paced walking.


A couple walk by in front of Leon as well as two closely following Orange coloured motor vehicle's which are going in the opposite direction.


People walk behind Leon and Mathilda as Violins now accompany the sound score with occasional bops of a xylophone. Mathilda is trying to keep the pace with Leon as she carries his beloved green potted plant with her.


Leon is carrying a violin case and his brown suitcase which contain his weapons and tools of the trade. Mathilda is also carrying a large brown parcel that contains essential items such as food, tooth brush, soap, red carton milk, and possibly Piggy and anything else that a hotel may not provide. A large white pedestrian bus passes the pair as they continue there journey.


Suddenly Leon stops and turns to face Mathilda, He say's, Mathilda, Mathilda responds by turning briefly as she walks a few feet away from Leon, Leon is upset that Mathilda fired a gun from the apartment window and this has caused the pair to leave in a hurry. Leon say's, Don't you ever do that again or I'll break your head. You got that?.


Mathilda nods positively as she say's Okay!. Leon continues, I don't work like that, It's not professional, There is rules.


Mathilda again say's Okay as she nods her head in agreement.


Leon responds with a deep and irritated voice, He say's, And stop saying "Okay" all the time!, Okay?. Mathilda pauses briefly then nods her head positively again as she say's Okay!.


Leon hesitates and then replies, "Good" even though Mathilda has said Okay for the third time, Leon then turns away from Mathilda to continue the journey along the busy road. 


Leon and Mathilda make there way to the HOTEL NATIONAL.


The streets and walkways of New York city are very busy as Leon and Mathilda make there way along.


Light bongo drums produce the sound score, Leon and Mathilda enter the hotel and walk on over to reception. Mathilda places the green potted plant onto the table top as she say's "Hi" to the receptionist.


Leon places his violin carry case onto the table top. 


The hotel receptionist say's, You expect to use that in this hotel? referring to the violin case.


Leon looks down at the violin case in silence not quite sure on how he should reply to the receptionist.


Mathilda suddenly raises her right index finger as she say's with a serious tone of voice,  Mister, I have to use it, because I have an audition at Juilliard next month and I have to practice.


The hotel receptionist buys Mathilda's words as he nods positively in appreciation at the young girls musical abilities, The receptionist say's, Okay Okay Okay, He raises his right index finger and say's. But not after 10.00 PM Uhum.


Mathilda say's as she nods positively,  Okay, I promise!


The hotel receptionist stands up to retrieve a key for a suitable and vacant room.


Mathilda smirks at Leon as the hotel receptionist makes his way over to a large key rack that is numbered numerically, He say's, I'll put you at the end of the hall..


So that you don't disturb anyone eh, 


A sound of keys is heard as he places the plastic key chain down onto the table top.


The hotel receptionist holds up a visitors liability form which has to be filled out in black ink.


A slap sound is heard as the receptionist pats the form down onto the wooden surface. Leon and Mathilda stare at the unexpected piece of paper as they fathom how they are going to get around this minor problem. The receptionist say's, Could you fill those out please?.


Leon stares down at the form as he has learning difficulties when it comes to reading and writing.


Leon looks back up at the receptionist in silence and confusion. A ceiling fan is rotating behind Leon.


Mathilda suddenly realizes that Leon won't be able to fill out the form and say's, Oh, Um,  Daddy, Can I please fill them out?. Mathilda picks up the form showing an eagerness and enthusiasm.


Mathilda continues, You know how I like to check in to hotels.


Leon stares at Mathilda in silence for a few seconds then nods to signal his approval.


Mathilda say's with excitement, Thanks, pop,


Mathilda looks at the receptionist and say's, I'll bring these back in a minute as she grabs the form and keys from the wooden surface.


The hotel receptionist is in a happy mood as he shouts out, The fourth floor.


The hotel receptionist watches as Mathilda disappears from view. Mathilda shouts back to the receptionist as she makes her way up the stair case, Thanks Mister!


The receptionist say's to Leon,  Ahh, You're lucky to have a little girl that's interested in things.


Leon stands there a little bewildered as Mathilda takes control of the situation.


The receptionist becomes slightly apprehensive as he stares away at Leon, He say's, I have a kid, seventeen, does nothing all day long. The receptionist sighs and nods his head negatively in disappointment of his son.


Leon breathes in deeply as he listens to the receptionist, 


Leon points his left index finger and say's, Can I leave my plant here while I take my stuff upstairs?.


The receptionist replies, Of Course. Light Bongo drums continue to play as the only instrumental sound.


Leon continues to point his finger for a few seconds.


Leon grabs his violin case and turns to follow Mathilda up the steep stair case.


Leon quickly leaves the scene as the receptionist admires Leon's well looked after green plant.


The hotel receptionist is considering the notion that his hotel could do with a nice plant at the reception desk for a relaxing environment when customers arrive and leave.


Leon arrives at his rented hotel suite " HOTEL NATIONAL, (Room No 410)


Mathilda has left the key in the door so Leon can get in.


A rattling of metal is heard as Leon removes the key on his way in.


Mathilda is sat down in the front room and is pleased to see Leon, She looks over at Leon and say's "HI" before returning to the hotel form that she is filling out. The sound score includes random strokes of vioin and metal pipe synthesizer effects including the light drums.


Leon pears at Mathilda through a door well as he investigates the rooms for safety and security. 


Leon fully closes the door to the hotels bedroom.


Leon rapidly and cautiously examines each room ho enters, He turns to his right to check for anything suspicious.


Leon's reflection can be seen on a mirror to his left.


Leon looks in every direction.


Leon checks behind the door.


Leon is happy with the bedroom and leaves as he slams the door shut.


Leon comes out of the bedroom as he faces the kitchen in front of him and the bathroom behind him.


Leon turns around to investigate the bathroom area.


Leon checks around a corner.


Leon's face can be seen reflecting in the small bathroom mirror.


Leon checks a small window to ensure it is secured and safe.


Leon exit's the bathroom as Mathilda continues to write out the hotel form, She say's, I'm putting it in the name of a girl in my class who makes me sick.


Leon quickly returns to the living room and walks on over to a window. Leon stares out of the window for a few short seconds.


Leon suddenly pulls the window panel down as a sliding sound is heard then a thud as the glass window closes shut.


Mathilda say's to herself quietly as she writes on the form, When things get hot she'll take the heat.


Leon walks to the other side of the room and quickly pulls the curtains closed but allows a slight gap for light to penetrate through from outside. A loud sound of curtain hooks skating across metal is heard.


Leon passes Mathilda rapidly as she turns to look at the window.


Mathilda contemplates the urgency of Leon as she pauses momentarily.


Leon looks out of a window onto the busy street below. He moves his head from side to side as he quickly evaluates his position.


Leon quickly shuts the curtains as another skating of hooks is heard.


Leon has not finished his investigation of the hotel apartment as returns to the front room still on edge. Leon looks on over at Mathilda as he continues his search.


Leon looks all around but is slowly feeling satisfied with his knowledge of the rooms and what they contain.


Leon sits down in to an armchair as he looks on over at Mathilda. The sound score stops and all is silent.


A clicking sound is heard as Mathilda holds the form in her hand, She turns around and looks at Leon then say's, There, finished.


Leon is motionless as he say's with a serious tone of voice, How old are you?, Cars can be heard from outside beeping there horns.


Mathilda replies, Eighteen. Leon replies, Eighteen?, Mathilda replies, Wanna see my license?.


Leon replies, No, You just look a little... Leon looks down and then back up again as he say's, "younger"


Mathilda replies, Thanks. Mathilda continues to stare at Leon for a few moments before she stands up.


A low level sqeaking is heard as Mathilda stands. Cars and the occasional beep can be heard from outside.


Leon looks up and is a little surprised when Mathilda walks on over and kneels down in front of him.


Mathilda say's, Leon, I want you to teach me how to be like you.


Mathilda continues, I wanna be strong like you, smart like you.


Leon replies softly in an understanding way, He say's, Mathilda.


Mathilda quickly responds, I know I'm not strong enough yet. (More car horns are heard.) Mathilda continues, But I can learn the basics, the theory.


Leon listens carefully to Mathilda's words as she say's, What do you think?...Just the theory. (A loud pitched squeaking sound is heard from a vehicle outside.)


Mathilda say's with conviction, I need this, Leon.. I need time to get my head together.

Leon is looking down as he nods his head in some kind of agreement, Leon say's, Yeah, And I need... (A rattling sound is heard) Leon moves his head from side to side as he raises his left hand and then brushes his hand away indicating to Mathilda that he also needs something. Leon is unsure what he needs at this moment in time. Leon looks down briefly in silence.

Leon is full of surprises as he looks back at Mathilda and say's after a few seconds, "A drink".


Mathilda raises her left hand as she outstretches her palm and say's, Don't move, I'll go get one.


Violins start to play to produce the sound score. Mathilda's footsteps can be heard in the distance as Leon sits in contemplation in the armchair. Leon sighs loudly as the sound of a slamming door is heard.


The next scene is with Tony the restaurant owner of Guido's and Leon as they discuss business over a drink. Tony holds a shot glass high in the air filled with an unknown white spirit.


Leon say's "Salute" as he chinks Tony's glass in a sign of friendship. No sound score can be heard at this point, but a low level ambient sound of motor vehicles can be heard in the background.


Tony and Leon look at each other for a brief moment as they contemplate there long standing friendship.


In an instance Tony and Leon raise there glasses to there mouths and drink.


A loud clicking is heard as an employee of Guido's restaurant opens the door to a large cooling refrigerator. The large and bulky door opens at speed as the employee grabs the door from sliding to far. .


The sound of police sirens are suddenly heard as the employee looks left and down towards the kitchen area. A chef in full white uniform steps out from the cold storage area and begins to walk back to the kitchen which is situated past the tables at the back of the restaurant.


Leon responds to the loud clicking sound of the fridge as it closes, he turns his head left sensing the chef and the employee walking back towards him and Tony. More police sirens can be heard from outside. The chef is carrying something in his right hand.


Leon looks back at Tony as he smiles and begins to light a cigarette. A loud clicking is heard from Tony's oil lighter as he begins to light up.


Leon rubs the lighters flint wheel twice as a huge flame emits from the lighters heat outlet.


Suddenly the chef appears with a medium sized brown suitcase which had been retrieved from the refrigerator and sets it down next to Tony and Leon. A thud sound is generated as the suitcase hits the floor.


The chef and the employee head back towards the kitchen as Tony sniffs as he looks on at Leon. Tony say's, You know when you told me to get this baby out for you, 


Tony signals with his right hand around his right ear as he say's, I thought my hearing's going.


Tony continues, I say's to myself, (Tony signals with his right hand) "Leon's a pro, "Nobody uses that, except beginners".


Tony inhales on his cigarette.


Leon replies, I like to stay in shape.


Tony agree's with Leon's words as he nods positively and say's, "Sure".


Tony continues, Always stay on top.


Tony scratches the right side of his face as he say's,


It's like me, I gotta know where everything is all the time.


Leon carefully listens to Tony's friendly words.


Tony continues, That's why I never leave this place except to go from here to there.


Tony starts to chuckle from his own words as Leon absorbs what Tony is trying to explain to him. Smoke bellows from Tony's cigarette as Leon suddenly becomes amused at the conversation.


Leon produces a wide and bright smile as he looks on at Tony from across the table.


Tony continues, Change ain't good Leon, Tony nods to Leon to express his words, Tony say's, "You know?".


Leon's face slowly changes from a beaming smile to a normal facial expression as he momentarily is silent. Leon begins to nod in compliance with Tony's wise words as he say's "Yeah".


An elderly man sits at the back of the restaurant nestled among a series of vintage black and white framed photographs. The old man is motionless and silent as he looks on over at Leon and Tony. This man is a regular customer of Guido's and is treated with the utmost of respect by the staff and of course Tony. A loud sound of gushing steam is heard from the kitchen as a chef prepares coffee.


Tony leans over to his right as he rests his cigarette end in to the ashtray. 


A loud leather ripping sound is heard as Tony reaches down and lifts up the brown suitcase from the floor. 


Tony say's "Check It" as a loud thud is generated when he places the heavy suitcase onto the table in front of Leon.


Leon pulls the suitcase down flat towards him as Tony sighs loudly and say's, Make sure it's the right thing. 


Leon replies, I trust you, as he places a hand on each of the two suitcases pop up locks.


Tony say's, One thing's got nothing to do with the other.


Tony signals with his right hand and say's, Remember that Leon.


Leon look's at Tony with a serious facial expression and then say's, I Will. A deep and low synthesizer key is playing at a continuous chord.


Leon looks down at the brown suitcase with interest.


A click is heard including a low level squeak as Leon opens the lid of the case to reveal it's contents.


Leon has left Guido's restaurant and has returned to Hotel National to retrieve Mathilda. A short time has passed and Leon has decided to teach Mathilda a lesson today on how to be a good sniper. Both Leon and Mathilda find access to a fairly high complex that will be ideal for Mathilda's lesson. Leon places the brown suitcase down on the floor and opens it. The suitcase contains all the parts required to assemble a fully functional sniper rifle.


A clicking is heard as Leon detaches two snap on clips that ensure the weapon is safely secured inside the case.


Sniper Rifle Example.


Leon quickly pulls out the first part of the sniper rifle (The back part). The sound score consists of a middle toned synthesizer tone accompanied by a higher toned Harpsichord.


Leon reaches in for the second part (The front Part).


Mathilda is kneeling down on her knees as she watches Leon assemble the weapon. A clicking is heard as Leon handles the weapon parts.


An even louder crunch is then heard as Leon inserts a magazine into it's compartment.


Leon ensures the rifle is setup correctly.


Leon turns the gun on to it's stock end as he holds the body with his left hand. 


Leon attaches a suppressor onto the barrel end of the weapon.


Leon starts to twist the suppressor vigorously onto the end of the weapon to ensure a tight and secure fit, Leon say's to Mathilda, The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use,


because it let's you keep your distance from the client.


The closer you get to being a pro, Leon looks at Mathilda as he say's, "the closer you can get to the client."


Leon is finishing tightening the compressor to the rifle barrel with his right hand as he applies strong pressure by squeezing his hand tightly around the accessory. Leon say's, The knife, for example is the last thing you learn.

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