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Ogre can quite clearly hear Hammer's amusement and laughing, He pulls his metal cane from his belt and looks up at the menacing and evil Hammer.

Hammer signals with his arms and hands how much he is enjoying the show, Ogre moves off from his position.

Gang members are fleeing the scene and a rider gang member and a Tiger with a blonde Mohican type haircut can be seen running for there lives as horsemen give chase.

Bikes are heard rumbling as people scream and run for there lives.

Another victim receives a huge fireball of flame directly in to his face, The burn victim retorts and screams as the flames burn him.

More gunfire is heard as people run in all directions.

Another member gets burnt, The horsemen are showing no mercy and intend to burn everyone and everything.

Trash is with Anne, Anne hides behind some furniture while Trash hides behind a concrete column.

A horsemen ejects flame towards Anne but Anne is okay for the time being as she can't be seen.

Suddenly Ogre appears and pulls a horsemen from his horse, 

Ogre kicks the horsemen to the ground.

Witch snaps her whip and pulls another horsemen from his perch. 

Paul grabs a squad member and takes him down.

Another victim screams with agony.

Anne and Trash are still in the same position and are trapped for the time being,

Ogre whacks a horse with his cane as it runs past, The horse neighs in pain as it falls to the floor bringing the horsemen down with it.

The horsemen goes flying from the forceful landing. I consider this scene an excellent stunt.

Another person gets the hot flame treatment.

Leech the blood freak is also in action. In this scene he leaps from an elevated gap in the wall to take down an unsuspecting horsemen. Another good stunt.

Yet another defenceless person gets burnt.

Paul pulls a horsemen down from his horse.

Another victim gets burnt.

Leech sticks a blade into the downed horsemen to finish him off, A whacking sound is heard,

Leech and Paul run for there lives.

Leech and Paul somersault over some drums as a horsemen ejects his flame unit towards them.

Trash watches the scene unfold from behind the concrete column as another gang member is shot at point blank range. He falls to the floor.

The squad member that killed the gang member suddenly runs forward towards Trash and the Hiding Anne.

The squad member pears around the draped furniture and spots Anne hiding..

The squad member fails to spot Trash and Trash uses this opportunity to grab the squad member from behind the neck. 

Trash throttles the squad member and he falls to the ground, Now Trash has his automatic weapon.

A squad member is on fire but is okay because he is wearing flame proof clothing, He does not seem to bothered as he ejects flame over another victim.

Another innocent bystander stands motionless unable to escape his fate.

Witch whacks a horsemen with the metal end of her whip, A clinking sound is heard as she smashes it full force into the helmet of the approaching horsemen, The horsemen is dismounted and falls backwards and crashes on to the ground in a heap.

Witch looks over the dismounted horsemen but is oblivious to two squad members who have come down from some stairs. 

The squad members use the opportunity to discharge there weapons into the back of Witch, Witch retorts with pain and falls to the ground.

Hammer claps is hands together in jubilation at the scenes before him. His laugh is menacing and with no heart.

Ogre looks up and can see Hammer, Suddenly a horsemen appears and releases a cloud of hot flame towards the Ogre. Hammers laughter can be heard all around.

Ogre tries to shield his face from the hot flames.

Another gang member is shot in the back and goes flying, Flames and bullets are heard in every location.

Suddenly the squad member that had just killed the gang member appears and spots the Ogre. Ogre turns his back to escape but is shot several times in the back. 

Hammer see's the Ogre getting shot and lets out an almighty loud and continuous laugh. Hammer is a sick man for sure.

The Ogre is severely injured but manages to stay on his feet. 

A group of horsemen appear down the corridor and spot Ogre as he limps to his chair.

A simple keyboard sound and horses hoofs are heard not to dissimilar to Mike Oldfield as the Ogre struggles in pain to sit down defeated.

A horsemen expels his flame thrower unit at the Ogre, Ogre must be made of steel as he just sits there motionless. Maybe he has already died from inside and can feel nothing.

Horses are heard neighing as the Horsemen unloads another round of hot flame towards the Ogre. The Ogre just sits there with a cigar in his mouth.

Trash steps out from his hiding place and discharges the machine gun he acquired from the downed squad member earlier. He takes out two squad members in a hail of machine fire.

The noise of the machine gun firing has alerted another squad member from across the way. The squad member turns his head and spots Anne in the distance.

The squad member takes aim at Anne.

Anne spots the squad member aiming at her, She shouts out NO! and spreads her arms out in fear.

Anne screams as she is shot in the chest, Trash turns and returns fire killing the squad member.

The murdering squad member goes down in a hail of fire.

Trash drops his weapon to tend to Anne who is not in a good way.

Another victim screams in agony as the flames burn.

A simple guitar sound is playing, Trash has Anne is his arms and is welling with sadness.

Anne is still alive and is barely able to talk without struggling for breath, She say's to Trash, Remember, Us and the Bronx, 

Live with.....


Anne passes away.

Another victim screams with agony as hot fuel explodes in to his face and body.

Another victim 

A roaring fire is heard along side screaming and shouting, Trash looks up at Hammer who is still standing on the circular roof opening.

Hammer does another Nazi salute and shouts loudly, Men!... No Survivors!.

Trash looks around and spots a discarded spear gun.

Trash walks over to the spear gun and picks it up, Suddenly a horsemen appears and fires his flame unit at Trash. Trash retorts in pain as the flames hit.

Trash pulls of his black leather clothing.

The horsemen start to retreat out of the building.

The pilot of the helicopter say's over his radio set, Operation now entering final phase!.

Hammer is on a mission and starts to shout down loudly at Trash, He shouts, Hammer! Hammer is GOD! 

Hammer is angry and sticks his arm out to signal his power, He shouts, Hammer!

Trash has his sights locked onto Hammer with the spear gun he found just a few moments ago.

Trash fires the spear and it hits Hammer directly in the chest. Hammer slumps to the back wall and breathes out in pain.

A raging fire is heard as Hammer falls from the ceiling. Hammer lets out an almighty yell as he falls backwards to the ground below.

Trash is tying a rope to the back bars of his motor cycle.

Trash ignites his engine and revs the machine as a raging fire is seen and heard around him.

Trash pulls off dragging Hammer from behind on the rope he had just attached.

The scene changes to Trash pulling the dead Hammer along on his bike, Hammer is in for a long ride, The sound changes to the theme tune. 

1990: I Guerrieri Del Bronx (The Bronx Warriors) // Walter Rizzati -- [Full Vinyl Rip]

1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982) Music by Walter Rizzati - Cover by Orgasmo Sonore


Bronx Warriors: The Hunt for Trash 2009

Bronx Warriors: The Hunt for Trash 2010

The Bronx in The 1980's PART 1 (Original)

The Bronx in The 1980's PART 2

1990: The Bronx Warriors Video Blog

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