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A small amount of time has passed and Flyboy has recovered slightly from the attack by Pvt Steel, Though badly cut and bruised the helicopter pilot will survive for the time being anyway, John stares up at Captain Rhodes as his head spins around slowly and his body rocks up and down. Flyboy suddenly looks away and slightly down from Rhodes as he breaks eye contact. Flyboy is out of breath and feeling the pain and mental torture Rhodes and his goons have placed onto him. Captain Rhodes is becoming a little impatient as he keeps his evil eye on Flyboy. 


Suddenly Captain Rhodes looks down at Torrez and say's with a normal tone of voice "Let's go Torrez" 'Get up'. 


A low level and muffled material sound is heard as Captain Rhodes pushes Pvt torrez left shoulder with his right foot. 


A loud thud is heard as Pvt Torrez quickly turns around from Captain Rhodes rough treatment, Torrez is motionless and is showing signs of concussion, When Flyboy punched Torrez a little while ago he actually knocked the soldier clean out. Captain Rhodes thinks that Torrez is actually okay and ready to pick himself back up. The concussed soldiers eyes open slightly as he is roughly turned over but is unable to comply with Rhodes orders as he is too punch drunk and confused. 


Suddenly a fast and rapid tapping of feet is heard as Flyboy goes in for the kill, While Rhodes concentrated his time in getting Torrez to his feet Flyboy has decided to try one last time to take control of the situation. Flyboy was pretending to be defeated but he actually has a few gallons of fuel left in the tank. All is silent and there is no sound score.


A loud clicking of metal is heard as Flyboy quickly grabs Captain Rhodes machine gun with both hands, 


Flyboy leaps at Rhodes like a sprinter who has taken performance enhancing drugs as he catches him off guard, Rhodes grabs Flyboy around the waist with his left hand as he immediately tries to stop the lunatic from getting the upper hand.


Suddenly a tremendous blaze of bullets is heard coming out of the nozzle of Captain Rhodes machine gun, A grey smoke infused with bright flashes of light escape from the weapon as Rhodes attempts to kill the stir crazy pilot. Flyboy closes his eyes as he pushes his weight down on Rhodes weapon at the nozzle end. This causes the gun to point down deflecting the bullets to the floor, Rhodes continues to maintain a tight squeeze on the trigger as he is brought down by Flyboy. 


A thud is heard as Rhodes lands on his back while Flyboy lands on top of him, The bullets continue to sound out from the trigger happy Captain. Flyboy manages to get both of his hands down onto Captain Rhodes chest as he pushes him down to the floor. The sound of gun fire slowly fades away Rhodes lets go of the trigger.


Captain Rhodes quickly raises his head up but is now no match for Flyboy who is already poised to hurt the captain. Flyboy quickly stands to his feet as he joins both of his hands together before swinging them as hard as possible towards the distressed face of Rhodes. Flyboy grimaces as he gives it everything he's got.


Captain Rhodes has been knocked for six as he lets out an almighty grunt of pain before falling over with his legs and arms flailing in every direction. Rhodes shriek of utter failure sends a shiver of echoes throughout the cave system that repeat continuously until gradually fading away. This is Flyboys second successful knockout and Pvt Steel could be next.


Flyboy looks on down at the unconscious soldier with a face of anger as he considers his next move. Flyboy breaths deeply as he slowly raises his shoulders up. All is strangely silent at the cave entrance once more except for a light breeze that is coming from the corral cave maze. No sound score exists. Suddenly Flyboy lowers himself slightly as he widens both of his arms, Flyboy begins to bend his arms as something of interest has caught his attention.


Flyboy is rather interested in one of Captain Rhodes silver magnum styled handguns as he places his left hand onto the protruding grip. The thick black leather strap that holds the gun holder in place slowly lifts up, A crunching sound is heard followed by a sliding of metal as Flyboy pulls out the weapon. The holster quickly falls back down an inch or two after the gun is released.


Fast drum roll is heard - But wait, Captain Rhodes is a man with a certain style and always carries two fully loaded guns for his pleasure. Flyboy has placed both hands onto Rhodes guns in unison as he pulls them both out at the same time. Flyboy slowly raises the guns above Rhodes chest as he begins to feel the power and victory he has over the narcissistic Soldier.


Flyboy slowly closes his hands together as he lowers the weapons down onto the chest of the sleeping man, The guns waver slightly as Flyboy checks to see that Captain Rhodes is really knock out or just pretending. 


Captain Rhodes is completely silent and motionless as Flyboy leans over him with his prized possessions, Suddenly a loud clicking is heard as Flyboy pulls back on the guns triggers simultaneously. Rhodes has a small amount of blood in his left nostril and by any account seems to be out for the count. Flyboy could easily kill Rhodes now if he wanted to but he does not possess a heart as evil as Rhodes and will give him a chance instead. 


Flyboy is silent as he shakes and stares down at the man who has caused so much pain and misery, Flyboys eyes are bright and almost sad for the way he and the rest have been treated.


Suddenly Flyboy looks up and over at something in the distance as his mind feels with emotion. Flyboy slowly lifts his head up further from the sudden interest as he contemplates his thoughts.


In the distance lays Dr Ted Fisher who was murdered in cold blood by Captain Rhodes, Fisher was viciously shot in the head at point blank range and died instantly from his injury. Large amounts of blood have seeped under his head and there are numerous splats covering his white jacket. 


Flyboy is silent as his head shakes slightly from the madness, Flyboy is having a moment in time to reflect on Dr Fishers life and his friendship he had with him. Flyboy knows in his heart he can not bring him back to life but maybe he can make some good out of this whole fiasco and come out a winner. Sarah was also good friends with Ted and he can relate her to him as he still has hope that maybe she and his good friend McDermott are still alive in the corral cave system.


Flyboys mouth begins to slowly open as he breathes out deeply, suddenly Flyboys eyes look down at the evil Rhodes who has caused so much misery, Flyboy has tears in his eyes as he blinks once before contorting his lips slightly from his pain, A small line of saliva expands in Flyboys mouth as he wells with sadness. Suddenly Flyboy stands up having seen enough, time is of the essence and flyboy must continue his mission now that he has the upper hand. 


Pvt Steel has just arrived at the control room for the elevator system, Pvt Steel has a face of serious concern and worry as he rapidly flies through the door-well with his machine gun in his right hand. A loud clicking is heard from Steel's machine gun as it is robustly carried in, The control room also stores several red safety helmets and even a gas mask among other things.


Pvt Steel sprints across the room until stopping in his tracks behind a roll of thick copper wire. (Pvt Steels dog tags gyrate around on there chains) Steel looks up at the bottom of the elevator system with his mouth wide, Steels face is one of shock as he investigates the situation.


Pvt Steel can see that the elevator system has been raised to the top of the outside world without Rhodes permission. 


Suddenly a fast tapping of feet is heard as Pvt Rickles suddenly appears, He instantly runs around Pvt Steel as he makes his way over to a control panel for the elevator. Pvt Rickles places his left hand onto bottom of the panel as he swipes his hand down in one quick motion, A circular red button has now been depressed by Pvt Rickles as he attempts to bring the eleveator back down again. The control panel has some large red letters printed in ink on the wall to the right of the switches entitled (ELEVATOR SOP) (This means Standard Operating Procedures)


On the other side of the control room a fuse box can be seen, What looks suspicious is the fact that the door for the box is open revealing the delicate fuses and switch diodes. Miguel Salazar as we know has made his way to the top of the elevator for reasons unknown, Maybe he is responsible for the tampering of the box. A small amount of smudged blood can be seen on the wooden beams next to the fuse box.


Without warning a loud electrical fizzing is heard from a short distance away, A tremendously bright light suddenly explodes out of the elevators fuse box at tremendous speed, Blinding sparks and copious amounts of a thick grey smoke belch from the internal electrical circuits creating a firework show. The sparks drop down like a fountain of youth scorching the floor below.


The rapid explosive sparks last for a second in time as the fuses and sensitive electronics burn out at an expeditious rate. 


An intense orange and yellow fire is now burning from inside the fuse box as a large plume of smoke rapidly escapes out and up into the atmosphere. The sparks have now changed to a dazzling and intense golden orange color as smaller sparks of a darker orange spit out from the box also. Amazingly the light show was short lived as the box miraculously cools and reverts back to a dull and dank box of rusted steel and unusable parts.


Both Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickles instantly turn there heads towards the fizzing fuse box before Steel looks back to Rickles with some kind of confusion. Rickles looks on over at the box momentarily as he ponders his actions.


A loud sound of expelled air is heard as both Rickles and Pvt Steel run over to the fuse box simultaneously, Both men are extremely frustrated fearful and irate at the situation as they investigate further. (More fast tapping of feet is heard)


Pvt Steel quickly makes his way over to the fuse box as he looks inside with an inquiring mind, A couple of seconds pass before Pvt Steel becomes rather angry at the condition of the fuse box. Steel shouts out loudly with anger and frustration as he say's "Ah Shit". Steel rapidly raises his left hand and slams the metal door to the fuse box closed with a violent and rapid swipe of his hand. A loud sound of crashing metal is heard as the fuse box door hits the open box at speed before rebounding back out and then slowing sliding back in again. 


Pvt Steel looks to Pvt Rickles as he raises his left hand up and then back down at speed as his anger takes over once again, Steel say's with concern "Somebody took this apart". Steel glances back at the fuse box before looking back to Rickles as he expresses his thoughts. Steel suddenly turns away from Rickles in an anti clockwise motion as he say's "The only other control's up on the platform with a hand box". Steels voice echoes slightly as he slowly increases his distance from Rickles. 


Pvt Rickles looks ahead as he silently attempts to find a solution to the situation, Rickles chews on his gum as he rests both hands on to two rusted control boxes, Rickles stares in at the burnt out fuse box as he evaluates the damage. (Rickles closes his eyes fleetingly from his disappointment)


Pvt Rickles raises his left hand and slowly pushes the door to the fuse box open so that he can get a better look, (Sound of squeaking is heard from the door) Rickles maintains his left hand onto the bottom of the door as he continues to chew on his gum. (Rickles is not an engineer and will have problems repairing this fuse box)


Pvt Steel looks on up at the raised elevator with his mouth wide open and very distressed. Pvt Steel takes a deep breath as he turns his head slightly right as he evaluates the underneath of the lift system. Steel looks even more to his right as he lets out a thwarted and out of breath "Oh Jesus".


Pvt Steel looks up at the raised elevator with utter frustration and anger as he now knows that he and the rest of his soldiers are stuck down inside the bunker with no other means of escape.


Steel turns his head towards Rickles but avoids eye contact as he looks up at the elevator belly, Steel slowly turns his head back around as he follows the lift from one end to the other. Pvt Steel say's loudly and with a deep sense of concern and worry, "Rickles, we can't get out of here."  Rickles is moving his shoulders slightly from behind Steel.


Pvt Rickles has found some schematic diagrams for the elevator system as he holds up several sheets with his left hand, As soon as he hears Pvt Steels words he drops the paperwork back down as he lowers his hand and turns around to face Pvt Steel. (Light slap sound from the schematics is heard) Rickles speaks and say's with a sensible solution "Fix it"


Rickles turns completely around to face Steel as he stands motionless on his feet, Rickles speaks again and say's "Can't you fix it?" (Rickles blinks)


Pvt Steel has become rather frustrated and angry as he shouts out loudly with hatred for Miguel "It's that Fucking' spick that did this!  - Pvt Steel is at boiling point as his head rushes with blood while looking up at the elevator.


Both Rickles and Pvt Steel turn there heads towards the destroyed fuse box before Rickles suddenly turns his head back to Steel as he points his hand behind him to emphasize his words - Rickles say's with a heated frustration "Fix it!"


Rickles takes a staggered step forward in silence as he looks on over at his angry friend  - Rickles is breathing rapidly as he wobbles slightly on his feet,


Suddenly Rickles shakes out his left hand towards Steel before shouting out loudly "Come on man". (Rickles dog tags sway slightly)


Pvt Steel takes two slow steps forward towards Rickles, Suddenly Steel hunches forward slightly and widens his arms as he say's with a quieter tone of voice "Fix What?"


Rickles is also becoming much more irate as he rapidly turns his head while outstretching his left hand in the direction of the fuse box once again, Rickles say's Fix - Rickles rapidly turns his head to face Steel as he raises his left hand higher and in front of the fuse box momentarily as he shakes it rapidly before screaming out loudly, "Fix the box man" 


Rickles violently shakes his head towards Steel as he shouts loudly with anger "Come on Fix it" Pvt Steel instantly looks up at the broken and burnt out fuse box momentarily as he struggles to understand how to repair such a complicated circuit board.


Pvt Steel raises his right hand towards the fuse box for a split second as he say's "Fix what" Steel is very tense and frustrated as he shouts loudly. 


Pvt Steel looks back to Pvt Rickles as he shouts out loudly with vexation, "He tore the fucking guts out of it Rickles." Rickles turns to face the schematic note book as he rapidly pulls up on his weapons belt with his right hand momentarily.


Pvt Steel turns back to face the fuse box as he suddenly raises his right hand and swings it out in the air, Steel shouts with anger and say's "I can't fix it" Steel turns back to Rickles - Rickles machine gun suddenly slides down his right shoulder a few inches as he plays with the strap. Rickles raises his left hand and roughly slaps the first sheet of paper that is attached to the clipboard on the wall (This creates a loud flapping sound)  


The technical notes instantly tear at one side from Rickles heavy handed approach. Rickles lifts the clip board slightly as he shows Pvt Steel it's contents. Rickles violently shakes the white papers in front of Pvt Steel as he shouts out loudly "We got the book here! We can fix it!" Pvt Steel becomes quiet as he shakes his head left and right with a dissolute conscience unable to comply before looking back up at the fuse box.


Captain Rhodes is still unconscious on the floor just outside from the corral cave platform, Suddenly a loud sniff is heard as Captain Rhodes comes back to life. He rapidly raises himself up from the floor as he struggles to come to terms with the dire situation. Rhodes stares out into outer space as his mind goes into overdrive.


Pvt Juan Torrez has also recovered as he holds his bruised face and eye with his left hand. Torrez slowly turns his head towards Captain Rhodes as he opens his right eye,


Torrez then turns his head slightly to his right as he releases his left hand from his face, Torrez is looking for his machine gun that was discarded to the floor earlier on.


Torrez suddenly looks down at his gun holster as he attempts to find his hand gun. Torrez touches the right side of his stomach before looking back at Captain Rhodes with a face of terror and loss. (Flyboy has been busy and has confiscated Torrez weapons)


Rhodes instantly checks the left side of his jacket for his magnum weapon, (A loud thud sound is heard) (A low and simple piano key is playing mixed with slow drum beats) Rhodes stares back at Torrez with impossible thoughts of despair and dissolution


Rhodes is thinking the worst as he slowly slides his left hand over to his right side to check to see if his other weapon is still there.  Rhodes breathes in and out deeply - Rhodes looks down as he closes his eyes slightly after discovering that Flyboy has taken both of his weapons without authority. Rhodes anger is turning into something much more worse as he ponders his thoughts. Rhodes eyes veer right as he say's quietly" The Bastard" Rhodes mouth contorts as his feelings for Flyboy explode inside his mind. 


A loud clicking of metal and a low howling breeze is heard as Flyboy suddenly appears from the darkness of the Corral cave network, Flyboy has made the brave decision to go after Sarah and his good friend McDermott as they have no weapons and are at risk of death. He can't stay back in the bunker unless he wants a shootout with the soldiers and there is nothing left for him to stay there for. Flyboy is silent and motionless as he observes his position while holding one of Captain Rhodes guns high in the air. 


Flyboy moves slightly on his feet as he listens very carefully for any sounds that could be Sarah and Bill, A spooky synthesized low level melody plays to provide atmosphere - A sound of running and trickling water is also heard - Flyboy turns his head to his right as he evaluates his situation, Flyboy turns his head even more as he looks into the dank and foreboding distance. A large pool of water has accumulated behind Flyboy that has a golden shine to it.


Suddenly a loud screeching sound is heard as a large bat flies past John at high speed, This bat may of been the bat that followed Sarah and McDermott earlier on. This noise startles Flyboy as he instantly catches the fast moving creature with his eyes as it rapidly hurtles past. Flyboy follows the bat with his eyes as he turns his head back right. A loud sound of flapping wings is also heard - John looks up slightly as he watches the bat fly off into the distance. John lowers his head down slightly before turning back to his left. Suddenly John rapidly runs left from his position. (Falling water noise becomes louder)


A loud sound of crunching earth is heard as Flyboy makes haste along the dark passageway, A clicking of metal is also heard from Flyboys large collection of handguns and a sub machine gun. Flyboys shadow momentarily moves across the dim blue walls of the cave from his right. A spooky and echoing synthesizer chord provides atmosphere.


Flyboy continues to run until he reaches the end of that particular section, As John reaches the end his body lights up from the ambient light that is provided. Flyboy stands motionless in silence as he evaluates his position once more, Suddenly Flyboy turns and faces a new right side corridor section as he instantly shouts out - "Sarah" at the top of his voice.


The loud sound of Flyboy's calling loudly echoes along and around the dark and eerie tunnels of rock and broken rubble, Sarah's name is repeated over and over again as the walls amplify and escort the sound far and wide.


Somewhere in the depths of the Corral Cave McDermott and Sarah are running for there lives. A loud sound of tapping feet is heard from the surviving pair - Sarah suddenly turns around in a clockwise motion from the echoing sound of Flyboy. Sarah's long brown hair sways in the direction she turns - Flyboy shouts out again, this time he calls for McDermott as he shouts out "Willie" (William "Bill" McDermott) Sarah looks up and along the dark passage with a sense of hope as the sound hits her ears. Sarah's eyes and mouth open wide as she prays for some kind of miracle to happen. Flyboys calling produces yet more echoing as the word "Willie" is stretched and carried along the walls and corridors.


A loud sound is heard as Willie digs his beloved shovel into the soft dirt with his right hand as he hits a back wall. Willie brings himself to a sudden stop with his left hand as he uses it to cushion his weight from the speed he was jogging. Bill turns to face forward as he brings his hand down from the wall and looks to his right and down. Bill shudders and drops his right shoulder down slightly in a rapid movement as he breaths deeply in an attempt to regain some of his strength. Bills left arm swings backwards and forwards from his tiredness.


For a moment in time Sarah is silent as her mind processes on the sounds she is hearing, She does not want to give her and Bills location away if it is a Zombie that is making the noise. Sarah rocks gently from side to side in a natural rhythm of motion, Suddenly Sarah shouts out the name "John!" at the top of her voice. Sarah almost screams the name out as she bends down slightly from the forces of her vocal chords. The word "John" echoes loudly as it repeats over and over before gradually decreasing in loudness.


Suddenly a loud and demented growling sound is heard as a grotesque and very frightening zombie appears from a right side corridor back where Flyboy stopped momentarily. The zombie is slow and lethargic as it holds its arms out slightly outstretched, The zombie rots with evil as it groans and creaks loudly with intensive thoughts of flesh and blood. John is still stood at the top of the corridor facing his right as he waits for any reply from the survivors.


John suddenly turns his head at the distant sound of the slow and evil presence, John bides his time as he aims his handgun directly at the approaching zombie, Suddenly John fires as a bright spark of bright white light emits from the chamber of his weapon. A loud gunshot echoes along and around the chamber as it propels at rocket speed towards the undead corpse. Flyboy is a crack shot as he hits the zombie directly in the head from at least 40 feet away, The back of the zombies head explodes as the high powered bullet demolishes the undead brain and explodes out the other side.


The zombie moans like a baby as it instantly falls over to it's left side landing on it's putrid puss filled stomach. (A loud thud sound is heard)


John instantly raises his gun high in the air just like a good cowboy would as he watches the evil ghoul collapse to the ground.


John suddenly lowers his weapon as he instantly moves off at speed from his position along the corridor he was facing in his search for Sarah and McDermott. Flyboy's shadow can be seen moving and changing shape from the far left wall just passed the red light as it instantly escapes from the blue light of the wall.


Bill is in need of a wee drink as he ponders his thoughts, As Bill produces his flask he grabs it with his left hand also while looking to his right for any approaching zombies who may care to steal his liquor or worse. A twisting of metal is heard as Bill quickly unscrews the flasks top with his right hand as he continues to look down the passage. Bill is breathing quite rapidly from the stresses of the situation.


Suddenly McDermott's senses pick up a gear as he hears the echoing gunshot from Flyboys weapon. McDermott instantly looks forward as his eyes widen and his eyebrows raise up with a tremendous fear, Bill is struck down with zombie fever as he freezes in time stopping his actions of unscrewing the flasks top. Bill looks up at the ceiling then rapidly veers his eyes left then turns his head right as he begins to slowly unwind the cap once again. 


While Bill has been distracted by the loud gun shot and the unscrewing of his flask he has become completely oblivious to a moving shadow that is slowly closing in on Bills head. This black shadow has the appearance of a rotten zombie arm and hand and is just moments away from stealing Bills drink or his shovel. Bill looks down along the long and dark passageway as he quickly raises his flask to his lips with his left hand as he prepares to enjoy a gulp of fine liquor. Bill also produces shadows of his own from his right side.


Suddenly McDermott notices something in the not to far distance which causes him to raise his eyebrows and widen his eyes again in complete shock and fear. A growling is heard as the arm shadow comes even closer to McDermott. Bill's mouth now opens wide as his senses pound on his whole mental state. McDermott loses all facial control as his mouth contorts and his silver flask rapidly displaces from his hand. (A tinny sound is heard as the flask tumbles to the floor in an anti clockwise spinning motion, The screwing top also flies off into the air to Bill's right as he shudders and explodes with undead energy.


Bill instantly pulls the shovel from the ground with his right hand as he grabs it with his left hand also. Bill sweeps it to his right, Bill swings it out in front of him  before lifting it up in the air, Bill stares ahead as he suddenly runs forward at high speed with shovel in hand. A loud tapping of crunched earth is heard from McDermotts feet.


McDermott must of spotted a vintage crate of liquor as his body and limbs gyrate and shake into action. (Loud and sustained growling noises are heard)


McDermott never wastes liquor but on this occasion he must act fast, A rather tall and irate zombie has been disturbed and is coming straight at Bill for a bite to eat. This zombie looks as if it has just come from a judo championship as it wears traditional attire. Judogi (柔道着 or 柔道衣) is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition. A judogi is somewhat similar to a karategi (空手着 or 空手衣, Karate uniform) as it shares a common origin. ... Other martial arts, notably Karate, later adopted the style of training uniform that is used in Judo. The zombie stumbles forward as it staggers from side to side with it' s arms outstretched. Zombie growls loudly - 


This zombie is hungry as it makes it's way over towards the advancing radio and Brandy enthusiast. Zombie gets much more excited and faster as it closes in on it's prey.

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Full song Kung Fu by Smoochknob Robots & Nurses Zombie Ball. Test 1


McDermott is rather upset having been disturbed from his favorite pass time as he reaches the undead ghoul, The ghoul instantly attempts to grab McDermott as it growls intensely and turns in at an angle for the attack. Bill on the other hand hasn't got much time for unwelcome guests as it clobbers the fiend right around it's head with the trusty shovel. A loud thud is heard followed by a loud ringing ding sound from the shovels end which continues to sound out for a short time. Bill hit the zombie with all his might and has cleanly knocked it for six. A karate sound similar to "HIYAH" is heard from the ghoul as it is struck down by Bill. Another loud crashing sound is heard as the ghoul flops to the floor. The zombie propels at high speed head over hills to Bills left.

GLORY OF LOVE ( Peter Cetera - SoundTrack - KARATE KID II ) HD


Bill stands victorious above the zombie that has just had it's ass kicked, Bill knows there are plenty more like this zombie hiding and ready to surprise at any moment. Bill steps back slightly as he breathes deeply, Bill woofs like a savage dog "Huh!" as he suddenly opens and closes his mouth in quick succession while shaking his body down violently. Bill decides that the zombie deserves no more of his attention as he instantly makes his way back over to the far wall. Bill runs as he breathes rapidly. - Light taps from his feet are heard - Simple and eerie synthesizer melody provides the atmosphere.


A dark shadow forms over McDermotts liquor flask as he returns to where he was standing.


A light scrunching of earth is heard as McDermott places his trusty shovel into the soft ground.


A tinny sound of metal is then heard as McDermott quickly reaches down and retrieves his discarded flask.


Sarah quickly makes her way back to McDermott as she backs into him while looking to her right, Bill is still in need of a drink as he quickly raises his silver flask to his mouth. 


Sarah turns her head as she looks to her left, Sarah is breathless as she moves slightly away from Bill, Bill looks down at his flask in deep thought. Sarah say's to McDermott with a tone of concern, "Let's keep moving" Sarah takes another deep breath of air before suddenly running off from her position. (Light tapping of feet is heard from Sarah) 


Bill shakes his right hand up and down momentarily as he twists his liquor flask onto it's side before flipping it upside down. Bill scrutinizes the flask fleetingly before holding it up slightly, The cap is till on the floor and there is no liquid escaping from the vessel. Bill holds the flask even higher as he stares at it with a face of disappointment. Bill sighs loudly as he suddenly lets the flask fall from his fingers having realized that the flask is completely dry. (A low level sound of metal is heard as the flask hits the ground) Bill quickly turns his head to face the direction Sarah went as he instantly runs off - (Light tapping of feet is heard from Bill)


McDermott chases after Sarah with his trusty shovel as he quickly runs to his right,  - An eerie synthesizer melody is playing, The keys are slow and consist of 5 notes that repeat - 


Somewhere in the darkness of the corral cave network Flyboy is attempting to locate and find Sarah and his good friend Willie - Suddenly a dark shadow begins to form on the lucid blue wall to the right followed by a hand. A creeping groaning is heard but no zombie is in sight.


Suddenly Flyboy appears silently from the left hand side, As he enters the new area he instantly slows to a stop as he evaluates his position. Flyboy is taking no chances as he holds one of Captain Rhodes magnums high in the air with his right hand, A zombie has suddenly appeared that is slowly creeping around the rock face from Flyboys right, The zombie silently groans of evil intentions as it crawls around the rock, The ghoul raises it's right hand high above it's head before placing it's left hand outstretched onto the wall, Flyboy has a handgun in each hand just in case he is attacked by multiple ghouls at the same time. 


The zombie growls again which heightens Flyboys senses, He quickly turns his head in the direction of the sound as the zombie continues to crawl around the rock like a spider would, Suddenly Flyboy aims his weapon directly at the approaching zombie, 


A bright flash and a loud explosive sound is heard followed by a grey plume of thick smoke as Flyboy unleashes his fury, The powerful bullet hits the zombie directly in the head which causes the ghoul to gyrate and shudder with the forces of metal and gunpowder. Another large mass of thick smoke instantly appears from the back of the zombie as the bullet disintegrates the ghouls brain before exploding out the other side. A violent mass of skull and brains rapidly leaves the zombies head as the bullet echoes for a second time.


The zombie quickly falls over to it's left as it growls for the last time, A loud thud sound of rotten flesh and bone is heard as the ghoul hits the deck. 


Flyboy is satisfied he killed the zombie as he quickly turns his head forward before making haste along the dark and dank passageway of rock and jagged stone. A light tapping of feet is heard from John.


(High pitched tapping of feet is heard from John) - John does not run far as he quickly enters into another dark and dangerous cross section of cave, John stands motionless as he stares to his right in an attempt to navigate the maze of tunnels,  A strange high pitched sound is heard similar to a space ship that is landing, A zombie is approaching from a distance but Flyboy has not spotted this undead ghoul as of yet.


Suddenly a growl of demonic evil is heard from the zombie in the distance, This sound cause Flyboy to turn his head at the approaching zombie, The zombie walks at a medium pace of staggered steps as it walks along the passageway while keeping an icy stare onto Flyboy. Flyboy raises his right hand high in the air as he takes aim at the ghoul, A low level click of metal is heard as Flyboy raises the lever on his weapon - The zombie spots Flyboy aiming his gun and instantly stops dead in its tracks as it waits for it's fate.


Flyboy suddenly lowers his weapon to a horizontal level as he lines up his shot.


A loud explosive sound is heard again as a high powered bullet penetrates the ghouls left side chest before exploding out of it's left shoulder at super high speed. Flyboys gun emits a flash of brilliant white as he unloads the explosive round. A huge amount of undead blood squirts out from the back of the zombie producing a water fountain effect, The stinking blood sprays and surges as it is released from it's static valley of veins and dead vessels.


The grotesque and severely decomposed carcass instantly swivels around anti clockwise on it's deformed legs as it growls loudly with undead pain and pleasure, It's putrid pus filled mouth opens wide as it stares ahead into a void of emptiness. Blood pours from it's shoulder wound as it runs down it's soiled and badly shredded jacket.


Flyboy has not finished as he unleashes another round, A loud sound of explosive forces is heard as the bullet hits the ghoul in the back of the head, A bright and intense orange light emits from the ghouls head as the gunpowder and metal erupt inside the undeads skull. A plume of fast moving grey smoke instantly lifts off from the top of the ghouls head before rapidly disappearing into the ceiling of the cave, Flyboy raises his gun once again as he waits for the zombie to fall down dead.


The zombie stumbles once to a staggered left as it stands momentarily while blood seeps from it's wounds.


Zombies can be killed with a head shot and it is very important that you aim for the head if possible to save on precious ammunition. The gravelly wounded zombie can take no more punishment as it falls down to it's left. (A loud thud of dead flesh and rotten internal organs is heard as the zombie flops to the floor).


Flyboy watches the ghoul fall to the floor for a fleeting moment before returning his attention to Captain Rhodes high powered magnum weapon,


A light crunching of metal is heard from the barrel of the weapon as John holds it up to examine it more closely. Flyboy turns his head at an angle slightly right before looking down at his weapon, Flyboy shakes the gun a single time in his hand before lowering it down for further investigation. As Flyboy checks the gun he has become oblivious to yet another zombie that is slowly approaching from behind him, The zombie rests both of it's rotten arms on the wall as it rapidly pats them down to help it navigate around the jagged rocks and walls. The zombie shakes and gyrates as it slowly limps forward.


Flyboy shakes the gun three more times in quick succession as he focuses his mind on the barrel of the weapon. A loud click is heard as Flyboy opens up the weapons barrel with his left hand thumb, Flyboy tilts the gun slightly to it's side as he stares in at the hollow space, Flyboy begins to spin the barrel around at a medium speed with two quick downward touches of his left thumb as he checks the bullet chambers. The zombie awkwardly releases it's hands from the wall as it raises them outwards as it makes it's way over to Flyboy, Zombies left arm is high in the air at an angle, The zombie takes a staggered step forward then stops for a fleeting second before continuing again. Zombie produces low level sounds of moving earth and stones, 


Flyboy quickly raises both guns in the air as he cleans out the barrel chamber, A small piece of shrapnel falls away and to the floor, A high pitched tinging sound of metal is heard - The obstructive metal fleetingly lights up an intense red color as it falls from the red lights that frequent the numerous walls and tunnels, The rim of Captain Rhodes gun also produces a circular indented shape of light from the luminescence for a brief moment.


Flyboy lowers his left hand down as he continues to evaluate the gun in his right hand, Flyboy ponders his thoughts as he decides if the weapon is now safely ready for another round of action.


The zombie growls loudly from behind Flyboy as it slowly makes it's approach, Suddenly Flyboy snatches down with his right hand as he pushes the barrel back with his thumb, A loud clicking sound of metal is heard as the barrel quickly slots back into place. Flyboy is now aware of the zombie in the darkness as he stands motionless while holding the gun on it's side. Zombie stumbles forward on its continuous mission to attack and then eat Flyboy. Flyboy slowly turns his head clockwise as he prepares for a confrontation.


As Flyboy faces the ghoul it becomes much more excited with evil intentions as it groans widely with undead instincts, A fast sliding and pushing down of moving earth is heard from the sluggish fiend as it gyrates and slumbers forward,


The ghoul holds it's hands out in front of it in typical zombie style as it hastily approaches. It's mouth is wide and it's fingers are outstretched as they tingle with the desperate touch of the living. 


The zombie has no fear of Flyboy or his weapons as it hastily steps forward.


The zombies growls a different tone of evil each time it raises it's right arm forward, It's dialogue of sounds are short and chaotic as it groans with devilish thoughts of warm flesh and rich blood.


Flyboy looks on over at the zombie with a face of fear as he continues to point his weapons away from the ghoul, Ghoul groans loudly - Flyboy suddenly swings his right hand out and throws away the gun he had checked just a few short moments ago. Flyboy has expelled all the bullets from within the chamber and does not have any more ammunition to replace it with. It is better to go light than have to burden yourself with unnecessary weapons, A loud thud is heard as Captain Rhodes now empty gun is tossed down onto the floor below. Flyboy quickly turns his body around in a clockwise motion as he faces the zombie head on.


A loud click is heard as Flyboy raises Captain Rhodes second gun into his right hand as he pulls back on the guns lever, Flyboy sticks the gun vertically in the air as he takes hold with his left hand also. Flyboy suddenly lowers both hands as he aims the weapon directly at the approaching ghoul. Zombie groans continuously, An explosive sound of bright light and shrapnel is heard as Flyboy squeezes on the trigger. 


Flyboy is not messing about anymore as he instantly fires a bullet directly into the forehead of the approaching zombie, A cloud of grey smoke hair particles, blood and brain, and skull explodes out of the back of the ghouls head causing it to close it's eyes fleetingly.


The bullet echoes around the chamber as the zombie begins to spurt blood from it's right side, The zombie contorts it's upper right lip as it stares with it's right eye towards Flyboy.


The zombie lets out a weakened growl of pain as more and more blood spurts from it's head wound. 


Flyboy has severely damaged this ghoul as vast amounts of stinking dead blood gush and fountain from it's wound, The zombie closes both eyes as the blood seeps over it's eyes, nose and mouth. 


The zombie moans with a continuous and sorrowful tone, The ghoul shudders with utter displeasure as it shakes and stutters, The devilish blood refuses to stop as it fills and almost covers the entire face of the zombie. Blood oozes out of the ghouls wound like a running tap as it drips down onto the demon's jacket, A moment passes before the ghoul falls backwards onto the rocky floor below easily defeated. A loud thud is heard  - 


Flyboy quickly lowers his weapon as he looks to his right and then slightly over at the distance,  Flyboy quickly veers his eyes left as he lowers his hands down, (Flyboy looks forward) Flyboy is satisfied another ghoul has bitten the dust as he moves forward in his quest to find Sarah and Bill McDermott. A fast tapping of compressed earth is heard from John's feet.


A loud sound of buzzing insects is heard infused with a distant sound of desperate zombie screeches and groans. The slapstick cemetery has not been attended to for sometime because of the mayhem below ground. No sound score exists.


Miguel has made his way to the outer fence where a large horde of zombies have accumulated, A loud sound of shaking and gyrating metal is heard as the zombies continuously pull and grab hold of the corrugated wire fencing. The zombie hands are erratic energized and frustrated as they continuously pull and shake the fence in an attempt to break through. A loud sound of insects is heard that have become attracted to the rotten flesh, Miguel stands silent and motionless as he closes his eyes and grimaces at the evil images in front of him. Miguel is hot and sweaty as he absorbs the sights and sounds of the undead from the other side of the fence.


Miguel takes a moment to ponder his emotions and his thoughts as he raises his head up slightly towards the blue sky, Captain Rhodes thinks that Miguel has made a cowardly run for his life leaving everyone behind. Why would Miguel show little enthusiasm for escaping as he stands eluded and full of dissolute memories of a bitter future.


Miguel portrays a man of little value, a man who considers himself a failure in everything he does, Miguel is crying from inside as he listens to the sounds of an uncertain future and one that has so much hate and disdain for the human race. Suddenly Miguel uneasily looks down to his right at something below him, Miguel shows a face of unhappiness mixed with a worried complexity. Miguel looks forward as he steps back slightly from the highly energized horde, 


Suddenly Miguel grabs hold of the large chain that is entangled around the thick metal pipes of the steel gates. Zombies are pushing against the corrugated fencing as they gyrate and shake with evil thoughts.


Miguel pulls hard on the golden padlock that ensures the fence stays firmly closed, A loud sound of chinking steel is heard as the silver chain comes away from the gates with great ease. Miguel quickly discards the chain to the grass but no sound is heard as it is quickly drowned out from the wailing and moaning horde of undead ghouls.


Miguel has committed an impossible crime by letting in the zombies from the road outside, Miguels life is so tainted with bad luck the chain just came off the fence without Miguel even needing a key. Miguel is cursed and has now considered his life a key moment that will have dire consequences for Captain Rhodes and his soldiers. The zombies instantly push open the gates as the large horde pushes forward from behind. 


The large silver metal gate to the left rapidly swings open as the zombies push forward with evil delight, All walks of life are represented by the zombies clothing, but sadly that is all that remains of the person that once was. The zombies are extremely noisy as they stagger and clumsily make there way forward, Some outstretch there arms while others just walk forward with one arm raised and the other lowered. The gate to the right has stuck and refuses to open to a full extension, The gate wobbles as Zombies rapidly make there way past as they attempt to catch up with Miguel. A male zombie that is wearing black graduation clothing and cap is one of the first through the gates, 

giphy (3).gif

Zombies rock from side to side as they moan and groan with undead pleasure at breaking through the perimeter fencing. The wave of zombies are unrepentant as they push forever forward.


Zombies grimace with contorted faces as they swagger and limp forward. Several zombies push on the fence with there right hands as they pass the iron gate. A female zombie wearing a red dress and yellow tinged scarf keeps her hands on the metal railings as the gate slowly slides open. Her legs are deeply cut with pieces of flesh missing.

unnamed (1).gif

Zombies groan with an uncontrollable urge to explore further. A female zombie that has just got married can also be seen wearing a white wedding dress.


Miguel has made his way back to the elevator platform as he runs forward with a slow and awkward body of motion, Several hundred zombies are making there way through the gates as Miguel attempts to escape. Miguel's chains and dog tags swing from side to side at a fast rate as Miguel runs across the field. In the distance a zombie suddenly falls over onto it's arms and legs momentarily before lifting itself back up again. Zombies flail there arms out wide as they move forward.


Suddenly Miguel rests his right knee down onto the elevator platform next to the control box that operates the lift. Miguel looks forward across the field as he contemplates his actions. 

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