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The group have decided that they will use there own body weight and strength to support Holloway as it will give her a greater buoyancy and leeway, They decided against attaching the rope around the silver lever as it may snap off or worse the trap door could close severing the rope, Tying the rope around a metal rung would reduce the length that Holloway has to play with and there is no option to attach the rope to the outside of the shell, Holloway will need help to swing and also to pull herself back up if she loses her strength.


Holloway holds on for dear life as she grimaces and strains from the effort required, Holloway takes a deep breath knowing she will soon be dangling below several thousand feet of blackness, (Worth grunts) (Echoing synthesizer sounds are heard) slowly but surely Holloway disappears below leaving her team behind. (Worth adjusts his left arm in a downwards motion for the tension.) (Leaven slides her left hand backwards)


(Light tap sound is heard) (Loud breeze is heard) (Ambient whistling wind is heard) (Light ruffling of material is heard) Holloway looks to her right and glances down at the sheer height that she is suspended, Holloway slowly lowers herself further and further down the makeshift rope. Holloway closes her eyes for a fleeting moment as she contemplates her dilemma. 


Suddenly Holloway gasps with fright as the makeshift rope slides out an extra foot without warning, Holloway slowly nudges downwards as the group slowly release the knotted garments, Holloway uses her feet to guide and support her as she slowly descends, Holloway looks out across the void as she tries to fathom a solution, Holloway breathes out another loud gasp of excited air as she hovers above a lower trap door.


Holloway knows that she can go no further down and will have to try and attempt a crossing with the rope she has.


Worth release more rope as Leaven grimaces from the strain, Kazan is just holding onto the rope as he feeds it through his fingers but is not fulfilling his share of the load. (Quentin grimaces as he feeds out more rope)


Holloway looks into the unknowing as she waits for the group to fully lower her down, Holloway looks down as she ponders her destiny if she was to fall. Holloway's body jumps and shakes each time a knotted segment spills over the trap door edge.


Quentin looks behind himself as he checks the floor for any more rope, Quentin turns back around and shouts out loudly, "That's as far as you go.


Holloway grunts as she close her eyes trying to block out her dilemma, Holloway lets out a loud breath as she bravely looks down once again at the void below, 


Holloway shouts out from below to the prisoners above - There's nothing down here. Worth grimaces as he pulls and gives with all his might. Leaven is shell shocked and is feeling scared for herself and Holloway at this point.


Holloway is motionless as she looks back up towards the light of the Brown room trap door, Holloway shouts out again, "Hold tight"


Holloway looks away and out at the shell as she shouts, I'll try swinging over there. (Holloway s voice echoes into the abyss)


The rest of the prisoners continue to struggle with the weight that Holloway is placing onto the rope. Kazan is in a world of his own and does not understand that he should be facing forward with a greater determination. 


Holloway bides her time momentarily as she prepares herself for an almighty swing, Holloway bounces slightly in a forward and backwards motion from the pressure of her feet.


Holloway strains and winces as she pushes herself away from the shell wall with both of her feet, Holloway swings her right hand out as she attempts to grab hold of something on the projectory outward journey.


Loud grunts are heard from the prisoners above as Holloway's body weight and outwards forces pull tightly on the rope, Leaven lets out a high pitched gasp as she and the rest are violently pulled forward. Quentin shouts out "Oh God as he is forcefully yanked across the floor. Kazan is now facing forward and has no choice now that the rope is under extreme pressure and resistance.


Holloway lets out another yelp of sheer effort as she swings at speed across the void, Holloway holds her right arm out wide as she desperately tries to get a hold of something. Holloway quickly turns and swings back having failed to secure any solid surface that she can be supported with.


A loud slap is heard as Holloway makes impact with the shell wall, Holloway is determined to succeed and her emotions are driving her forward.


Quentin pulls hard in a backwards motion on the tight rope as Leaven Kazan and Worth step back two paces and then stand motionless to support the resistance.


Holloway shouts out again - Brace yourselves, I'm gonna try again.


Holloway looks over once again at the shells outer exterior as she ponders her direction and angle, A few moments later and Holloway grunts as she pushes herself away from the cold shell wall, 


(An echoing synthesizer note is heard) The prisoners grunt and groan as they are ripped violently forward once again, 


Holloway stretches her right arm out once again in a bid to find some kind of hold but all is futile as she swings back unable to secure a suitable grip.


Another loud slap sound is heard as Holloway hits the shell wall once again, Holloway gasps loudly from her endurance effort, Holloway shouts out - Okay - Holloway hesitates before shouting out - One more time. Worth responds as he shouts back to Holloway, Hurry - You're getting heavy.


The prisoners above stand motionless as they strain and groan from the extreme exertions placed onto them.


Holloway knows that she is placing great strain onto the prisoners above and has to be faster if she is to secure a safe position across the void, Holloway grunts loudly as she pushes herself away from the relative safety of the outer shell and outwards into the unknown for the third time.


Holloway stretches out her right hand and attempts the impossible.


Leaven screams out loudly from the intense and violently exceptional pull she is under, The rest of the group grimace and groan as they are pulled forward, 


Suddenly from outside a powerful and explosive bang is heard, A loud rumbling and severe shaking almost like an earthquake tremor is now being experienced by the group and Holloway from below. A grinding sound of large cogs and moving machines is heard almost too similar to previous interruptions only worse this time, The closer you get to the outer shell has now proven that the sounds are closer and much more violent, something is out there but the  prisoners do not know what it is. The prisoners shake and gyrate violently from the immense pressure.


Sudden disaster has come early as the enormous pressure and violent shaking has caused the group to lose grip on the rope, Worth has lost his footing and the rope is rapidly sliding out of the trap door at high speed, 


Quentin has realized that he or someone must act fast and catch the rope before it slips out the trap door, This will result in Holloway's death as she will fall down the shell wall, Quentin is very athletic and instantly jumps to his feet and chases the rope that is now moments away from disappearing


Holloway screams out with all her might as she rapidly descends down the shell wall, The extremely violent shaking and trembling continues uninterrupted.


Quentin dives through the trap door opening like Superman in his bid to rescue Holloway from certain death, Quentin leans over the gap as he attempts to grab hold of the rope that is seconds from slipping away. A loud bang is heard as Quentin slams down onto the cold and metallic surface of the exterior wall.


Holloway screams for her life as she continues to fall into the abyss of darkness. (Loud sounds of rumbling and shaking continue)


Holloway is rapidly falling and her life is now certainly over if Quentin does not achieve the impossible and grab the slipping rope, Suddenly the rope stops dead and Holloway bounces to a sudden stop, Holloway flails her left arm out as she tries to stop herself from hitting the wall as she holds on with all her might with her right hand.


A portion of the makeshift rope shakes violently and now shows signs of severe damage as it comes to a stop, If Holloway does not climb back up now the rope may tear completely and she will fall.


Worth has managed to grab hold of Quentin's protruding right leg while Leaven quickly takes hold of Quentin's Left, Now Quentin hangs in the balance and it is imperative now that Holloway returns, (Leaven gasps loudly) (More banging and loud rumbling is heard)


Holloway is now traumatically scared witless from the near death experience, Holloway holds on for dear life as she shouts out with true fear and dread, "What the hell is going on?


Quentin shouts out loudly while straining from the weight of Holloway, Get up here now! (Quentins words echo all around)


Holloway looks behind her for the last time but knows this mission is over, Without any more hesitation Holloway begins the slow and arduous climb back up to the safety of the trap door. Holloway' grunts with each upwards pull of her arms, 


(Whistling sound is heard) (Rumbling continues) Holloway pulls with all her might as she struggles to reach Quentin. Holloway's legs swing out momentarily as she climbs the rope, (Holloway looks to her right as she sniffs)


Holloway grunts some more as Quentin pulls and strains with all his strength, 


Quentin looks up towards the shells higher space as he pulls on his strong and muscular arms.


Holloway looks behind for a fleeting glimpse before returning to the symetry of the shell wall, (Holloway grunts loudly once again) (Slap of Holloways feet is heard as she climbs)


Quentin puffs out his cheeks and gasps for air as Holloway continues to grunt and groan. Quentin pulls with one arm and then the next in a continuous cycle of movement.


Holloway is nearly within reaching distance of Quentin as she holds on to the rope as tightly as she can, (High pitched whistling sound is heard) Holloway is almost ecstatically overwhelmed to have nearly reached back to the trap door, She lets out a happy and relieved groan of satisfaction knowing she is literally seconds from safety. 


(Another high pitched whistling sound is heard) Holloway reaches out her right hand as she begs for the touch and security of Quentin's, 


(Quentin groans) (loud slap sound is heard as Quentin and Holloway's hands embrace tightly)


Holloway gasps out loudly with utter deliverance that she has reached the safety of Quentin, Quentin looks down upon Holloway with a satisfied smile but is not making any further effort to pull her into the trap door.


Holloway is choked with relieve as she gasps with sheer happiness, 


Quentin's temperament has now took a change for the worst as he looks down at the innocent and vulnerable doctor, Quentin's eyes are full of evil and he is pale stone cold.


Suddenly Quentin's cheeks drop and deflate as his eyes take on a sinister and black hearted tone of devilish wickedness, 


The rumbling has stopped and the sound of cool air has returned, Holloway stares up at Quentin as the most unbelieveable reality starts to infest Holloway's mind, 


Holloway's face starts to change to one of sheer terror and shock, Something terrible is now on Quentin's mind and Holloway knows that she is in serious danger.


Quentin continues to hold Holloway as his ego and his power trip continue, His hold on Holloway is his feeling of control on life and Holloway has been led into a trap. Worth shouts out loudly - Quentin! 


Holloway's face starts to change to one of sheer terror and shock, Something terrible is now on Quentin's mind and Holloway knows that she is in serious danger.


Holloway is now very traumatic and begins to cry like a baby as she begs for her life, Holloway shakes her head wildly as she whimpers No No No as the terrible reality starts to sink in.


Leaven shouts out - Have you got her? Holloway is becoming distraught as she splutters and gasps for air, Worth shouts out again - What's going on? Holloway shakes her head negatively in a furious way as she begs for her life from Quentin, Leaven shouts out - Quentin is she okay? Holloway continues to shake her head as she say's No No No in a bid for a reprieve. Holloway lets out an almighty cry for help and whimpers loudly as she looks to her right knowing that she is destined to fall to her death and there is no one that can save her, If she shouts out to the others Quentin will instantly drop her and she is now stuck in a catch 22 situation.


Quentin has had his sick moment of fun and lets Holloway slip away into the void, 


Holloway screams loudly as she slips away into the blackness.


Holloway screams loudly as she slips away to her certain death. (The torn rope wavers in the cool breeze)


(A low and deep synthesizer sound is heard) Holloway's screams echo around the shell as she falls. Quentin watches as Holloway disappears into the void.


Holloway was just a huge liability for Quentin and his selfish personality has him thinking for himself, Quentin has little regard for anyone else inside Cube so is prepared to murder if necessary.


Quentin is in no rush to climb back inside the Brown room as he ensures the last of Holloway's life is for his eyes only.


A few moments have passed and Quentin decides it is time to go back to the other prisoners.


Quentin pushes up with his arms as he slides back inside the gap.


Quentin is satisfied that Holloway is out of the equation and can just make up any old story he likes.


Quentin slowly steps back down into the Brown room as the others stand waiting for Holloway to emerge. Quentin is in no rush to face the others as he stands with his back turned, he will now have to play the pretending game so that the others don't catch on to his murderous inclinations.


(Low level breeze is heard infused with low level wispy synthesizer key) Quentin slowly turns with a sad and somber frame of mind, Quentin whispers softly almost in a state of shock, She... Quentin hesitates then say's, slipped. Kazan is fascinated with the gap and is missing Holloway, He say's with a sad voice Holloway as he tries to come to terms with the loss.


Leaven slowly turns away from the group with her arms folded, She is now very upset and shaken from the loss of Holloway and can't stand to be near the outer shell anymore. (A rattling is heard as Quentin pushes up and closes the trap door hatch)


Leaven slowly begins to walk on over to the far side of the room unable to look Quentin in the face, (Kazan steps down from the trap door and begins to flutter his fingers once again.)


Leaven kneels down and is feeling sick to the bone from the loss of Holloway and the insane situation she is stuck in. Leaven is extremely sad and many emotions are going through her mind as she stares blankly ahead.


Leaven whimpers slightly as she gasps loudly from some unimaginable thoughts that are infesting her mind, Leaven closes her eyes for a short few seconds as she tries to come to terms with her dilemma, Quentin has noticed that Leaven is not in the best of ways and slowly walks on over to check on her. (Chime sounds are heard)


Leaven is devastated for Holloway and is now feeling rather insecure for her own safety, Quentin is silent as he stands behind her knowing that she might of caught on to his cheeting and scheming intentions.


Kazan is feeling stressed as he begins to look up at the ceiling and whine loudly, His right hand fingers flutter rapidly as the tension rises. Worth say's to Kazan, Hey, Shhh... Come on Kazan in his bid to calm him down.
Kazan is in no mood to stop and continues unabated, To Worth's impatience Kazan has now infuriated Worth, Worth shouts out loudly, Kazan, will you please stop doing that? - Kazan stops his whining for once but continues to flutter his fingers.


Quentin say's with a soft voice of encouragement, Leaven, you got to be strong sweetheart. Worth slowly bends down to his knees. (Kazan is now slapping his right palm against the side of his head.)


Leaven replies, Don't even talk to me. Quentin hesitates then replies, We gotta get down to the bottom. (Quentin Hesitates) It will be easier to get on to the shell from there. Quentin gets slight annoyed as he say's, It's a long fucking way with only one boot. But we gotta do it before we get to weak. (Hesitates) You gotta keep cracking the numbers, Leaven.


Leaven shakes her head negatively and say's, I can't think anymore. Quentin replies, Sure you can, (Hesitates) It's your gift. Leaven replies, It's not a gift, (Leaven looks to her left) It's just a brain.


Worth breaks the strange atmosphere and say's, Let her sleep for a while, We haven't slept in fuck knows how long. (Worth stands up as he looks at Kazan)


Quentin agrees this time and say's softly, All right.


Worth takes a few steps towards the wall as he wanders around in a subdued state of mind, , Quentin say's One hour.


Worth turns his head around to look over at Quentin and say's, "How the fuck are you gonna know how long an hour is?" Quentin hesitates then replies with a raised voice, "An hour is as long as I say."


Some time has passed and the four remaining prisoners are sleeping on the floor of the Brown room, Relaxing synthesizer chord is heard infused with human patter and heavy breathing sound effects,


The room begins to spin around in an anti clockwise motion to emphasize the passing of time.


Synthesizer sound of wind is heard  - High pitched synthesizer key is heard - The shapes and the squares bend and squeeze and flatten and move in a kaleidoscope manner.


(Synthesizer crackle is heard) 


(Female human sound patter effect is heard) Worth is sound asleep with his black boot which is the last remaining of the group. (Camera effect) Worth spins around in a circular anti clockwise motion.


(Whispers air and female voice sound patter effect provide the sound score)


(Breeze sound infused with a screeching effect is heard)


Worth sleeps soundly but maybe in deep though and contemplation.


(Another screeching effect similar to a cars wheels is heard)


Worth continues to rest but is oblivious to one of the prisoners who is attempting to steal his boot, The black lace wobbles as someone begins to pull at the boot from between Worth's arms.


Worth flinches slightly but does not wake up from the feeling of his boot being pulled away from him, Quickly the boot raises and is taken as Worth continues to sleep.


Leaven is still asleep and is also oblivious to one of the prisoners who is seconds away from putting there hand over her mouth. A light slap sound is heard as the hand takes a firm grip of Leaven blocking her airways so that she will wake up in silence. (Suddenly Leavens eyes open as they try to fathom who it is) 


No surprise here, Quentin has decided to activate his own plan and has stolen Worth's boot and now wants Leaven for his own devious escape idea. Quentin lowers his face lower and lower into the face of Leaven as he smothers her until she passes out. (Quentin wants to be as quiet as possible)


Quentin has completed his dirty deed and Leaven has gone into a much deeper sleep, Quentin picks her up and carries her across the room to a Green trap door opening, (Low level breathing and thud sound is heard from Quentin) Quentin has placed Worth's black boot into the gap as it rests on it's heel, In Quentin's mind he can use Leaven and the boot to make an escape without the complication and problems the other prisoners are causing to him. Deep synthesizer chord is heard similar to planes on a dive. Quentin lets out a blast of air as he lifts Leaven into the Green room trap door space.


Another blast of air and then a thud is heard as the Green trap door shuts behind Quentin and Leaven.


Quentin's plan is working so far but how long can he keep Leaven before Worth and Kazan find out?


Leaven is starting to come to her senses as she kneels on the floor, Leaven say's in a confused and tired state of mind, W.What are you doing?


(Leaven squints) (Tapping is heard from Quentin as he comes over to her) Quentin say's, We have to make it down to the bottom. It'll be quiet there, and you can concentrate.


Leaven replies, You just want to leave them? Quentin replies, There traps Leaven.


Quentin taps his chest with his right hand as he say's "We are the key." (Quentin is trying to persuade Leaven that Worth and Kazan will only slow them down and ultimately they will die)


Quentin continues, I'll get us down there, You think us out.


Quentin say's, Believe in me!

Quentin say's, Try and see what I see, how my mind works. (Quentin taps his right side temple with his right index finger)


Quentin becomes excited as he rapidly opens his right hand in the air to emphasize his words, Quentin raises his voice slightly as he continues to whisper to Leaven, "The flash (Quentin lowers hand) when I look into someone's head like a fucking X-ray.


Quentin swallows heavily as he tries his best to educate Leaven on his brilliant light bulb moment. (Quentin is breathless) 


Quentin slowly stands as he looks on over to the trap door that Kazan and Worth are located, Quentin is now on a roller coaster ride and believes he now has a true purpose inside Cube, Quentin say's with passion, I look through the walls, Quentin takes a few steps forward before raising his left hand and pointing it towards the trap door, Quentin say's, I dreamed him at his desk, designing everything. (Quentin is referring to Worth)


Quentin turns his head to reveal the madness on his face, Quentin either believes he has a purpose or is lying to save his own ass, Either way the prisoners may all have a purpose as to the reason they are in Cube.


Quentin lowers himself back down to Leaven's height as he say's, He can't let you solve the puzzle, see, 'cause, Quentin clenches and shakes his right fist) there is a purpose, 


Quentin continues to lay it on in persuading Leaven to be on his side, "We are the purpose, The cube... - (Deep rumbling sound is heard) is us...


(Rumbling of machines and cogs increases) Leaven is not enjoying Quentin's prognosis and is becoming increasingly agitated and unsettled, Leaven say's "Quentin" as she tries for him to see sense, Quentin continues, We fit (Hesitates) like numbers,


Quentin begins to breath heavily as he gyrates his head up and down behind Leavens hair, Quentin say's, A man and a woman, Two halves of the equation.


Quentin is becoming much more personal as he caresses Leaven's shoulders with his hands, Quentin say's, I take you down, the perfect key.


Strands of Leavens hair suddenly fall from the right side of her face, Leaven is feeling very uncomfortable at this point, Quentin continues, I slip you in the lock,


Leaven can take no more as she retorts and screams while pushing herself up and away from Quentin, 


Leaven gasps with fright some more as she quickly makes her way over to a far corner of the room, Leaven turns quickly to face Quentin as she knows inconceivably now that Quentin is very dangerous and psychotic, (Leavens glasses swing from side to side) 


Leaven brushes the left side of her face with her left hand as she stands motionless anticipating Quentin's next move, She knows she is trapped and if Worth and Kazan do not help her in time she will have to succumb to Quentins demands, Leaven quickly takes a step to her right - Quentin stands and say's Leaven.

Leaven brushes the left side of her face with her left hand as she stands motionless anticipating Quentins next move, She knows she is trapped and if Worth and Kazan do not help her in time she will have to succumb to Quentins demands, Leaven quickly takes a step to her right - Quentin stands and say's Leaven.


(Low level rumbling is heard) Quentin hesitates then say's, It's time to go down.


Leaven continues to stand motionless as she stares ahead at Quentin who is determined to take her with him, 


(Whirring of a trap door is heard) (Quentin is breathing in and out profusely) (Suddenly Quentin lunges for Leaven) 


Leaven flails her arms as she screams loudly from the sudden attack from Quentin, 


Quentin leaps at Leaven grabbing her around the chest as she continues to scream loudly with distress.


Leaven twists around to her left as Quentin tries to contain her, (Loud sound of metal is heard from trap door)


Quentin jumps onto the back of Leaven as he attempts to take her down, 


Quentin pulls Leaven across the floor as he attempts to take her down with him into the lower trap door room.


Suddenly from no where Worth appears jumping onto the back of Quentin at speed, Worth groans loudly as he attempts to stop Quentin from abducting Leaven for his own twisted and sick purposes. 


Worth uses all his strength and weight to smash his arms and body down onto the back of Quentin.


A loud bang is heard as Quentin smashes down onto the floor landing on his forearms. Quentin squirms on the floor for a few seconds while he gains composure.


Worth slowly stands up as he looks down at Quentin with anger and frustration. Leaven quickly stands up and joins Worth and Kazan as they wait for Quentin to join them. Kazan is making his way down some metal rungs being the last to exit the Brown room.


(Thud is heard as Brown room Trap door closes) (Beating fan sound is heard) Quentin slowly raises himself up from the floor not in the best of moods at this point, Quentin say's with anger, Get away from her.


Leaven grimaces from a bruised right shoulder as she rubs it with her left hand, (Kazan is fluttering his fingers) Worth glares at Quentin as he breathes in and out deeply, Quentin say's with a loud whisper, "Leaven"


Quentin continues with his paranoia episode as he directs his words towards Leaven,  They're fuckin' spies. Quentin quickly nods towards Worth and say's "Him" (Nods at Kazan) The retard.


Quentin continues, Holloway, had outside information about my family, 


Quentin begins to slowly walk forward as he continues, But she slipped up, didn't she?

She crossed the line!


Leaven responds and say's with shock, You dropped her - Referring to Holloway. 


Quentin suddenly changes from being angry to a more solemn and less agitated man, Something has now changed inside Quentin and his murderous activities have now been brought to the forefront.


Worth say's, Just go Quentin.


Leaven say's with anger, Give us the boot, (Looks down and then up) (Raises voice) you pig!


Quentin stares at Leaven and the others in silence and with a serious and evil intent as he absorbs the disrespectful words from Leaven, (Quentin is easily offended and he won't go down without a fight)


Quentin is now at boiling point but his illusive character deters anyone from the surprise he always has in store. (Quentin begins to slowly turn around as he sniffs out) 


Suddenly Quentin blows his top as he quickly swings back around, Quentin groans loudly as he aims his right fist towards Worth.


An almighty thud is heard followed by a loud groan from Worth as Quentin smashes him as hard as he can right into the left side of his face, 


Leaven is shell shocked to see Worth being attacked by Quentin yet again, While Kazan cowers the best he can.


Worth grunts some more as he quickly falls to the floor producing another loud thud.


Worth lands on his hands but quickly falls onto his side out of breath and clearly quite injured. Worth turns around to face upwards as he stares into outer space. 


Quentin is taking it in his stride as he slowly walks on over to Leaven and Kazan, 


(Worth gasps for air) Quentin slowly places his left hand over the face of the stricken and scared Leaven.


Leavens eyes close as Quentin gently tries to persuade her that she should listen to him and not Worth, Leaven tries to shut out the trauma and suffering as Quentin invades Leavens personal space once again.


Quentin pushes his face close to Leaven and say's "You don't want the boot" Quentin will use every item at his disposal to control the game.


(Pulsating fan sound is heard) Worth is winded and has a neck and face injury as he lies on his back,


Quentin has not finished with Worth and without warning begins to slam the black boot into Worth's stomach, To add insult to injury Quentin is now beating Worth with his own boot which he stole earlier on, Worth winces and groans loudly from the first strike of the heavily constructed footwear.


Worth is helpless as he takes a beating from Quentin.


Leaven grimaces as Kazan tries his best to comfort her the best he can, Quentin is ruthless and wants to inflict as much pain as possible as he smashes the boot down onto the stomach of Worth six times in succession, Each time Worth groans and gasps loudly from the air that is exploding out from his lungs.


Quentin unleashes his punishment as his blood boils and Worth has become a human punch bag for Quentin's anger and frustrations.


Quentin strikes Worth for the Seventh time, this time he holds the boot with both hands for maximum power as he slams it down onto the defenseless Worth, A loud thud is heard and then a loud Grunt from Worth as Quentin unleashes his fury.


Quentin is a man possessed and if he can't get his own way then he loses the plot, Quentin will kill Worth he he cannot control his temper.


Quentin breaths out heavily as he stands over Worth with rage in his eyes, 


Quentin has decided that it should be Worth who should disperse from the group and not he, Quentin begins to turn the ground floor lever in that all too familiar anti clockwise motion.


A grinding of steel and then a click is heard as the lever is twisted a full 360 degrees.


A loud sound of released compressed air is then heard as the trap door opens in a downwards motion. Quentin say's, You want to come with us, Worth? down the hatch. Quentin has decided that he is going to discard Worth and the best way to do it is to throw him down the hatch head first.


Quentin has severely weakened Worth and he is now at the mercy of Quentin, Quentin drops Worth inside the hatch and his body weight has no say when gravity comes into play, Worth screams loudly as he falls through the hatch and into a new room below, Quentin can test the new room and save the last remaining boot simply by throwing Worth down.


Worth screams long and hard before hitting the deck which produces an almighty thud that echoes all around from inside the new room, Leaven is distraught and feels very sorry for Worth from all the abuse and beatings he receives from Quentin. Leaven whimpers and cries loudly from the physical and emotional abuse she is also suffering from the hands of Quentin.


Quentin stands up and looks down into the new room from above, Worth may be cracking up but begins to laugh at an extra ordinary level of funniness, He may of injured his brain and is now suffering a form of mental psychosis brought on by blunt force trauma but Worth is hysterical. Quentin say's What the fucks wrong with him?


What comes around goes around as the saying goes, Worth has been lucky to have survived such a high fall but seems to be enjoying it, Worth lays on his back and laughs so intensively he may as well have been sniffing Nitrous Oxide.

Drop The Pressure (Dirty Mix) - Mylo

Worth continues to giggle hysterically as he lifts his head up and down from the intense euphoria he is feeling. Leaven now knows that the room is safe and quickly climbs down to check on him.


Worth begins to sit up from the floor as he continues his fits of giggles, Something has tickled Worth or he might be cracking up under the extreme pressure he is under. Leaven looks at Worth with serious concern as she tries to fathom why he is feeling so incredibly happy. (Kazan is also making his way down)


Leaven has spotted something in the not to far distance of the room and is showing a facial feature set of shock and surprise. Kazan is phoning home and flutters index and middle fingers)


A light tapping sound is heard as Quentin joins the group to investigate Worth's sudden change in mentality.


Quentin is keen to found out what the hell is going on, After all Worth should be groaning with pain and not laughing with hysterics, 


Quentin turns around slowly and is also shocked at the sight in front of him.  Quentin's eyes open wide and start to change to a bright and pearly white as he absorbs the detail in front of him, (Worth continues to giggle)


Quentin looks down onto the floor at something which has him paralyzed from the neck down, (Camera slowly pans down)


(Deep humming synthezier chord is heard) A prisoner can be seen lying face down on the floor still in there prisoner issued garments. (Worth whimpers and giggles)


Quentin slowly walks over the prisoner who is laying face down, The prisoner indicates they are dead and have been there for quite some time. The prisoner is motionless and looks slightly familiar from an earlier episode.


Quentin is solemn as he shakes with trepidation and anticipation, Something is telling Quentin that he somehow knows this person and has been here before (déjà vu is certainly on Quentin's mind) (a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.) (Piercing high toned synth adds effect)


Quentin quickly turns the corpse over with his foot to confirm his suspicions, (Head wobbles slightly) Quentin is losing his stability and mind set as he looks on over the burnt out and severely injured Rennes who died earlier on, If logic defies principle the group have managed to navigate a complete circle and have come back to the point in which they started. 


Camera pans down to reveal Rennes imprinted on the prisoners shirt, 


(Worth giggles with slight madness) Quentin stands devastated as he holds the black boot in his left hand.


Worth turns his head towards Quentin - Quentin stands motionless and in some kind of shock, how could this be the laws of physics just don't add up. (A loud thud is heard as Quentin drops the boot)

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