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A loud sound of the sea can be heard as an arm appears from a small hole in the ground, 


Suddenly Sergeant Howie's right arm appears as he climbs out of the deep hole, 


Sergeant Howie is looking down as he attempts to pull himself out from the cave system. Howie shakes his body as he pushes and pulls his body up and out of the hole.


Howie turns around as he rests his hands onto the soft grass with only his legs now dangling over the deep chasm. (Seagulls can be heard squawking)


Howie lifts up his backside as he slowly pushes back with his arms, 


Howie lifts his left leg out as he bends over the hole to help Rowan climb out, Howie then turns more to face her as he stands up while supporting the girl with both hands. 


As Howie helps Rowan to her feet he say's, I seem to have lost our torch bearing friends.


Rowan's hair blows in the breeze, Rowan say's, I'm sorry,


Howie rummages at Rowans long dress as she continues, It was worse than I remembered it.


Howie and Rowan suddenly turn around to face the sea, There facial expressions signal that there is something in front of them as they continue to look forward, The sound of heavy wind and Seagulls can be heard, Howie's costume blows in the wind and Rowan's hair blusters in all directions.


Howie holds Rowan tightly with his right hand as he looks forward in a slightly complexed way, Rowan seems relaxed and in no way frightened or worried as she looks into the distance.


Suddenly all is revealed which will be quite a surprise to sergeant Howie, Lord Summerisle is sat down on the rocks along with Willow, The Librarian is also present as she stands with her hands at her hips, Willows hair blusters in the breeze as the three islanders stare ahead in silence.


A few moments pass before Lord Summerisle slowly stands and begins to walk forward towards the sergeant, 


As the Lord walks forward a few steps Willow also stands up.


As Rowan watches the silent islanders looking at her she begins to feel rather happy and emotional, The indication is she is relieved and extremely fond of the Lord and her heathen friends.


Now Lord Summerisle is beckoning Rowan over to him as he holds his hands out and smiles warmly, This behavior must seem rather odd for the sergeant and he is now feeling rather bemused and confused.


Rowan is now warming to the Lord's open arms and is feeling rather homesick and alone.


The pressure is too much for Rowan as she suddenly breaks away from the sergeants embrace like a small lost child who has suddenly found there parents.


Rowan runs away and down to her heathen family leaving the sergeant to his own thoughts and dilemma.


The sergeant is silent and subdued as he raises his right hand to signal to Rowan that she should come back to him and also the conundrum "where the hell are you going!"


Rowans dress floats from behind as she runs down the short embankment towards Lord Summerisle, Now other islanders have turned up including Mrs Morrison who is the mother of Rowan and Miss Rose, A sword carrying heathen stands on a hill to the right as he oversees the proceedings.


Sergeant Howie watches the girl run home to her Lord and master in total bewilderment and shock, 


Rowan reaches the Lord and instantly say's with concern and slight worry, Did I do it right? 


The Lord is full of zest and enthusiasm as he shouts loudly, You did it beautifully, The Lord is overwhelmed with joy that Rowan carried out all the instructions she was told to do.


Rowan and Lord Summerisle embrace each other as Willow looks on,


Willow now joins the party as she also embraces Rowan with happiness and a proud sense of achievement.


Howie still has his left hand outstetched as he slowly begins to lower it, Sergeant Howie is feeling shock and confusion and does not really understand the strange scenario, The Lord continues with elation and Love, Dear little Rowan.


The Lord looks to his right as he raises his right index finger towards something in the distance, Rowan and Willow both look to there right as they follow the Lords signal, 


Something has now caught the attention of Rowan as she instantly pulls away from the Lord and begins to run up the steep embankment. The Lord pushes the back of Rowan softly as he urges her to go.


The Lord and Willow watch Rowan run off with elation and pure happiness on there faces, 


The sergeant slowly turns his head to his left as he watches Rowan run off to embrace Miss Rose who is a high priestess and school teacher for Summerisle. (So Miss Rose was lying to the sergeant after all)


Seagulls squawk - Rowan embraces Miss Rose as she kisses her on the cheek, Mrs Morrison stands a little higher up wearing a pink jumper and dress, She holds her hands out in anticipation of meeting her daughter who she has not seen for quite some time.


A few moment pass and Rowan is off up the short embankment to meet her mother who she so dearly misses. Miss Morrison has her hands completely outstreteched as she waits for her daughters warm and loving embrace.


Rowan is elated to finally be back with her mother as she runs up the hill towards her. (Seagull squawks loudly)


The strong bond between mother and daughter is evident as they get closer and closer.


Finally mother and daughter are reunited but they wont be thanking Sergeant Howie for the reunion as it is Lord Summerisle who is giving the authority for the pair to be reunited and not the sergeant.


The loud sounds of the sea are heard - Mrs Morrison embraces Rowan as she say's with a tone of longing, Rowan, darling!


Mrs Morrison is over the moon to have her daughter back, (Sergeant Howie now knows that Mrs Morrison has been lying to him about her daughters whereabouts)

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Mrs Morrison and Rowan look into each others eyes as the feeling of relief and safety feels there minds.


Mrs Morrison grabs Rowan by her left arm as she say's with urgency, Come on, now. Both Mrs Morrison and Rowan turn and make there way away from the cliff top so that they can get back some lost time that was most graciously given away to Lord Summerisle and his strong beliefs.


Rowan and Mrs Morrison quickly run up and over the hill as they quickly disappear from view.


Sergeant Howie slowly turns his head further to his left as he notices some movement in the distance. (The punch suit blisters in the cool air)


Seagulls squawk loudly - Suddenly six swordsmen come bounding over to the edge of the hill each carrying a sword in there right hands.


The swordsmen stop as they reach the edge and look down at the sergeant, There body movements and stances indicate that they are hostile and in know mood to negotiate or help the sergeant with his ongoing investigations. (The swordmens kilts blow in the strong breeze)


Sergeant Howie looks up at the swordsmen and is feeling rather isolated and bewildered.


A seagull squawks loudly as it flies over from behind the sergeant. Howie slowly turns his head back around to face Lord Summerisle and his brainwashed family members.


Lord Summerisle, Willow, and the Librarian just stare at the sergeant in silence and complete motionless.


The resilient sergeant is taking the situation well and is not showing any signs of anger at the moment, He decides he must go down to the Lord as he needs to know why his investigations and strong concerns have ended in such a bizarre and strange way.


Seagulls squawk - The sergeant slowly takes a few defeated short steps that will lead him to his Lordship.


The sound of crashing waves is heard - Sergeant Howie must hear out the Lord so that his mind can be put at ease.


Willows hair blusters in the strong sea winds as she smiles at the sergeant on his descent.


The sergeant wants a few moments to collect his thoughts as he walks past Willow towards the edge of the cliff. Willow turns as she watches the sergeant take a few steps to the crashing waves and sharp jagged rocks below of Summerisle.


As the sergeant reaches the dangerous ledge Willow grabs Howie from behind with her right hand just in case he falls to his death from the strong winds or he decides to do something foolish like jump off.


The sea is icy cold and very stormy, The water elopes and wraps itself around the rocks below and there is just no escape for the bewildered and exhausted sergeant.


A large abundance of water crashes over the center protruding rock to the left as it travels towards a small inlet. Water races up the jagged rocks surface from the right before falling back down into the deep ocean of white swirling salt.


The water comes in thick and fast as it crashes against the rocks, A loud sound of water is heard - 


As the large crashing wave hits the rocks it ejects up and over producing a fountain of splashes and chaotic water spray.


The powerful wave tries it's best to reach a stable dry surface but the rocks keep the strong currents at bay each and every time the waves hit.


Sergeant Howie is counting his chickens as he looks out and over the high ledge, He knows that he is in serious trouble but he wants a moment of solitude to conclude and accept his fate.


Sergeant Howie has had his short moment of consolidation as he turns to face Lord Summerisle, Willow still holds onto the sergeants left arm for slight comfort from what the his Lordship is about to say.


Lord Summerisle is placid and calm as he say's to Howie, Welcome Fool...


The sergeants Punch suit blisters in the strong winds, Howie is silent and eager for more information, Lord Summerisle continues, You have come of your own free will...


to the appointed place. The Lord hesitates as his hair blusters in the wind, The Lord then say's, "The game's over".


The sergeant is silent and does not speak for a few seconds in time as he tries to understand the Lord's words, Howie squints from the bright sunshine as he say's with confusion, Game? Howie hesitates some more then say's with concern, What Game?


Lord Summerisle replies with a hidden passion and understanding, He say's, The game of the hunted leading the hunter. Lord Summerisle continues, You came here to find Rowan Morrison, But it is we... The Lord nods forward


Howie listens carefully to the Lords strong and revealing words, who have found you and brought you here.


Howie looks to his right as he moves off from his standing position, He is feeling infuriated and angry with Lord Summerisle after all the hard work and trust he has put into the people of Summerisle he is now being treated like a true fool.


Sergeant Howie looks over at the Lord for a fleeting moment as he walks off to the other side of rocky ledge.


The Lord suddenly starts to show his true colors as he becomes angry from the sight of the disrespectful sergeant walking off without looking him in the face, The Lord speaks with a faster voice as he say's loudly and with a zeal and passion, and controlled your every thought and action since you arrived.


The sergeant is feeling anxious and frustrated with a hidden anger that he can not let out, Howie carefully makes his way down another steep embankment towards the Librarian who is still standing motionless with her hands by her hips.


The waves produce a loud rumbling ambient atmosphere as Howie continues the few short steps to a large protruding rock.


Howie rests his hands onto the large rock as he looks down at the rough sea, Lord Summerisle continues, Principally, we persuaded you to think that...


Lord Summerilse continues, that Rowan Morrison was being held as a sacrifice.


Lord Summerisle continues, because our crops failed last year.. The Librarian suddenly pulls her skirt slightly up with her left hand as she moves away from the large rock.


Sergeant Howie steps forward a few steps towards the Lord from his disappointed words and shouts out, I know your crops failed, Howie points his right index finger at the Lord and say's, I saw the harvest photograph.. 


The Lord nods positively to express his words as he say's, Oh Yes!, They failed all right, Disastrously so.


Howie begins to walk back up the steep embankment towards Lord Summersile as the Lord say's, For the first time since my grandfather came here.


As the sergeant makes his way up the steep cliff face he slips and falls onto his knees (A crunching snapping sound is heard)  Howie crawls on his knees for a few moments as he gains his stability before looking over at the irritated Lord.


Lord Summerisle raise both of his hands slightly to express his words as he say's, The blossom came,


The Sergeant begins to walk back over to the cliff face position he was stood over just a few moments earlier, Lord Summerisle continues, but the fruit withered and died on the bough.


As the sergeant looks back out to sea the Lord say's with a stern tone of voice, That must not happen again Howie looks back at the Lord.. this year.


Sergeant Howie takes a short few steps closer to the Lord as the Lord widens his arms and looks at the Librarian for a fleeting moment before saying, "It is our most" The Lord turns back to face the sergeant, earnest belief that the best way of preventing this... (Willow brushes her right side hair with her right hand)


The Lord opens his arms wide as he looks up at the sky and say's, is to offer to our God of the Sun 


The Lord opens his arms wide as he looks up at the sky and say's, is to offer to our God of the Sun ..The Lord looks back at the sergeant - and to the Goddess of our orchards


The Lord continues as his hair blusters wildly, the most acceptable sacrifice that lies in our power. 
The Lord hesitates then say's with an air of negativity as he nods his head slightly, Animals are fine, but their acceptability is limited, A little child is even better, The Lord speaks with an evil tone of voice, but not nearly as effective as the right kind of adult.

The sergeant is motionless as he listens to the strong and evil words from the mouth of his Lordship, The sergeants Punch outfit continues to bluster in the strong breeze. The sergeant steps on his left foot before moving forward as he say's softly, What do you mean,


Howie walks off as he says with a frustration and anger, "right kind of adult?"


Howie stops in his tracks as he looks up at something in the distance, Seagulls are heard squawking. (The frills on the Punch suit bluster wildly)


Howie is astonished and scared from the sight before him, The hill in the distance now has an abundance of islanders who all wear animal masks except for five swordsmen, The swordsmen still stand in a combat stance while the mask wearing heathens slowly come forward from the back of the hill to reveal there silhouettes on the horizon, 


As Howie watches more and more islanders appear at the top of the hill, They are silent as they move slowly forward to the edge, They look down at the sergeants dilemma and indicate that they are blocking the sergeants safe return to the mainland.


The Lord takes a few short steps towards the sergeant as he say's, You, sergeant, are the right kind of adult.


The heathen islanders are now transfixed on the sergeant from below, They all wear there animal masks and stare down with a silence and hidden needs, The Lord continues, As our painstaking researches have revealed.


The grave digger moves over to the front so that he can have a good look at the sergeant as he holds his white stick in his right hand, T.H.Lennox holds his vintage camera in his right hand and looks down with a strange sense of knowing. The islanders are waiting on the hill for the final stage of the celebrations as they wait for there master to explain things to the sergeant as easily and pain free as possible.


Another brainwashed islander wearing a cows mask carries T.H.Lennox's camera stand.


Lord Summerisle continues as the sergeant looks up at the heathen crowd on the hill, You, uniquely, (Willow turns to look at the Lord) were the one we needed. (Howie turns to face the Lord)


Willow say's, A man who would come here of his own free will.


The Librarians hair blusters in the wind as she say's, A man who has come here with the power of a King.


The Librarian continues, By representing the Law. As she speaks she looks down at the sergeant then back up again with evil eyes as she emphasizes her disrespect and hate for the police officer.


Willow continues, A man who would come here as a Virgin.


Suddenly the Librarian grabs the sergeant from behind which causes Howie to react and turn around quickly, The Librarian places her right hand onto Howie's stomach while wrapping her other arm around his back,


She is trying her best to dishevel and humiliate the sergeant as she say's with slight aggression, A man who has come here as a fool...The Librarian shakes Howie as she emphasizes that he is a complete idiot.


The sound of the sea is heard - Howie continues to look at the Librarian for a few moments in silence as his mind ponders on her strong words , She now shows absolutely no respect or good manners for the sergeant and the sergeant is not going to stand there while being verbally and physically abused. The sergeant is infuriated as he say's to the heathen woman with a stern and authorative tone, Get out of my way. The sergeant grabs the right hand of the Librarian and quickly pulls it away from his body. 


All is strangely silent except for the sea and squawking seagulls, Howie looks back at the heathens on the hill as he considers his options and the bizarre situation he is now in.


The entire party of islanders have accumulated on the hill side, There clothes bluster in the strong winds as they continue to look down upon the sergeant, 


Suddenly all the people who wear animal masks begin to take them off at the same time and in a strange synchronicity.


The sergeant continues to look up at the heathens on the hill as he considers his options,


The sergeant is pale and frightened as he suddenly begins to walk away from the two women and the Lord, 


Some of the islanders are still in the process of taking there masks off, (Seagulls squawk)


T.H.Lennox is the second from last islander to take his mask off and he does with his right hand, In one straight motion the photographer lowers his mask so that Howie can see for himself who he is. The gravedigger takes his mask off at the same time as T.H.Lennox, A woman to the far left then takes her cow mask off with her rigt hand while holding a wooden stick in her left. The islanders want the sergeant to know who they are as it can only increase his suffering and mental stress.


Howie begins to trudge up the hill at a slow pace while looking down at the ground, He is solemn and quiet as he leaves the cliff side. Miss Rose stands to the left and watches Howie as he makes his escape.


Howie continues his slow walk as Miss Rose watches his every step.


Suddenly Howie stops in his tracks as he can go no further, Oak is now causing an obstruction and is stopping the sergeant from making any more progress. All is silent except for the wind sea and birds, Howie looks up at the big Scottish man as he looks him in the eye. Both men have solemn expressions and Howie is now anticipating if Oak is going to let him pass or not.


Oak lowers his head slowly as a curtsy then takes two steps back which cause the sergeant to look away for a fleeting moment and then quickly back at Oak before continuing on up the hill.


As Oak has moved out of the way Sergeant Howie is convinced his police authority and powers will allow him to continue without any more crazy talk or buffoonery.


As soon as the sergeant takes a few steps further just past Oak the big man grabs the officer from behind with both hands at speed. (A loud slapping sound is heard)


The sergeant groans loudly from the sudden attack by Oak, Oak allowed the sergeant to pass so that he could get him from behind, Oak is a strong man and easily controls sergeant Howie with his strong arms and legs. Howie is spun around in an anti clockwise motion as his arms flail and his mind goes into overdrive.


Howie groans some more as a loud thud is heard from his body hitting the ground, Howie rolls over two times as he lands on his right side then rolls to his left, Howie tries to find stability on the steep bank but all is in vain, Miss Rose looks down at the sergeant with a blank expression as Oak follows the officer down to make sure that he does not get back up or try anything foolish. 


Howie slides and then bounces from the tumbling forces as he lands on his stomach right next to the feet of Miss Rose, Miss Rose looks down at the suffering sergeant with no feelings of any kind, Oak follows the assaulted officer down the hill to ensure he is adequately controlled and subdued.


As the officer stops sliding he immediately tries to get back to his feet by pushing up with both of his hands, Oak has stepped over the back of the officer and grabs him from behind his shoulders, The sergeant quickly grabs Oak's left side leg with his left hand as he struggles to free himself of the strong and violent man. 


Howie breaths in deeply from the strain and forces of the fall and now the pressure of Oak from behind, Oak locks the sergeants shoulders from behind as Miss Rose looks on, Islanders are beginning to appear from the hill and most probably have already foreseen this would happen to the police officer.


Miss Rose say's, You are the Fool, Mr Howie. (The teachers hair blusters in the striong winds)


Punch, (Miss Rose hesitates) one of the great fool (Miss Rose bends her head right) victims of history.  Sergeant Howie grimaces and retorts with pain as he continues to be shoulder locked by the big strongman called Oak, His mouth is bleeding from the impact when he fell and he is now being fully controlled by the brainwashed islanders. Miss Rose continues - For you have accepted the role...


Miss Rose continues - of King for a day. (A loud sound of rushing air is heard)


Miss Rose continues - And who but a Fool would do that? (Miss Rose bends her head left)


Miss Rose hesitates then say's, But you will be revered and anointed as a King. Miss Rose nods positively to signal to Oak that she requires him to take the sergeant down towards Willow for the next sacrificial step of the process.


A scuffling is heard as Oak forcefully takes the sergeant down a few steps towards Willow, Howie grimaces and retorts from pain as the big man does his job.


As Howie is forcefully moved from one position to the other it is putting great strain on his legs and back, Howie has already injured himself when he was thrown down the embankment but now the pain seems to be getting much worse,


Howie groans loudly and closes his eyes as pain shoots through his body, His arms spasm and flip backwards from the pressure of Oak, Miss Rose follows Oak down as do some islanders who are out for a show.


Willow pulls a small knife from its protective sheaf with her right hand as she waits for Oak to bring the sergeant down to a more suitable and close position.


Willow looks at the sergeant with a smile as she brandishes the sharp knife, As she holds the blade she tilts the edge to her right so that the sunshine lights up the silver metal, Miss Rose say's, You will undergo..


Miss Rose continues, death and rebirth...


Howie suddenly looks at Miss Rose in an awkward way as he suffers with pain from her strong words.


Miss Rose continues, Resurrection if you like.. Miss Rose hesitates as the wind blusters her hair wildly, She say's, The rebirth, sadly will not be yours. (Miss Rose nods negatively)


Miss Rose continues with zeal, but that of our crops.


Sergeant Howie speaks with his eyes closed and say's, I am a Christian, Sergeant Howie swallows as he hesitates then say's, and as a Christian, I hope for resurrection, Howie hesitates again as he looks down at the sharp blade in Willows hand before saying, And even if you kill me now,  (Howie breathes heavily)


Howie becomes slightly angry and irritated as he say's, it is I who will live again, Howie nods negatively before saying, not your damned apples.


Suddenly Willow raises the sharp knife with her right hand as she attempts to slice down the Punch suit from the center buttons so that it can be removed from the sergeants body.


Willow slices with ease as Oak patiently waits from behind, Many islanders are now standing around the sergeant as they watch with anticipation and knowing.


Willow looks away and down as she slides the sharp blade back into it's protective sheaf, Oak quickly places his two hands around the head and shoulders of the sergeant as he attempts to now remove the Punch suit from the officer.


A short second passes in time as Oak pulls at the Punch suit from either side, Howie grimaces and retorts from the violent and cold treatment he is receiving, Islanders watch with intrigue and contemplation as the officer is physically assaulted and ridiculed. Miss Rose turns and walks away from the officer


Howie groans loudly with intense and sudden pain as the Punch suit is removed with force and a heavy heart, Howie closes his eyes and looks up as the pain surges through his body,  (A ripping of material is heard)


Howie breathes deeply as his mouth opens wide from the intense and rough handling he is receiving from Oak, Suddenly The Librarian steps forward and begins to loosen the tie's knot from the sergeants neck as Oak holds the officer firmly.


The Librarian takes her time to loosen the tie before pulling it slightly through the shirt collar, 


The Librarian gets a firm grip of the now loosened shirt collar from either side with both hands.


A ripping sound is heard as The Librarian pulls violently from either side of the sergeants shirt, The sergeant grimaces and retorts again as The Librarian's body reacts violently from her heavy handed pressure, 


More islanders stand behind a musician who begins to play a small hand held harp, The musician plays the strings down the scale at a frequency of one note per second for 8 descending notes before repeating. This group of islanders are solemn and have bleak expressions on there faces as they stand silent and motionless.


Lord Summerisle and Miss Rose look on at the sergeant in silence as there hair blusters in the cool breeze. (Harp continues to play).  Lord Summerisle suddenly nods forward as he instructs his heathen followers to initiate the next part of the preparation on the sergeants body which is now completely owned by Lord Summerisle and his cult family.


The sergeant has now been completely stripped of the Punch suit and the clothes he wore underneath, He no longer has his dignity as he stands completely naked in front of the deeply religious crowd. The Librarian raises her right hand as she carefully wipes the right side face of the officer in a downwards motion,


 Willow also raises her left hand as she begins to sterilize and prepare the sergeants skin for the sacrificial offering.


Willow rubs the sergeants forehead while the Librarian cleans the sergeants mouth and jaw, The motion off hands is repeated with downward strokes as the sergeant grimaces from the forceful treatment he is receiving.


Willow cleans the sergeants right side cheek and mouth while the Librarian carefully cleans the sergeants left side cheek before swooping in a circular motion under his jaw, 


A few moments have passed and the facial cleaning is now over, The two women stare at the officer in silence as he looks up and away from the brainwashed eyes of the pair. Willow passes the white cloth from her left hand to her right before lowering her right hand and dropping the cloth to the ground.


The Librarian suddenly grabs a small amount of her hair with her right hand as she continues to stare at the sergeant, Willow attends to her own hair with both hands, First she quickly pulls down with her left hand rapidly at her braided hair before raising her right hand to accompany her left, A female voice is now heard humming a soft and emotional melody that blends in with the harp sound, 


The Librarian and Willow begin to caress the sergeants face with there hair as they rub it gently into the officers skin, They move up and down and around in a circular motion as there hair is delicately massaged into the officers cleaned skin.


The officers eyes close as his mouth opens wide, he is now very much in deep thought and contemplation as to what exactly will happen to him.


Willow and the Librarian are very close to the officers face as he continues to shut out the images in front of him. 


The Librarian sweeps her right hand and fingers down the sergeants neck and onto his chest as she tries to relax the sergeants mind from the terrible stresses he is enduring.


The police officers clothes and Punch suit have been quickly collected and are now being transported away from the area by the heathen crowd. The sergeants black shoes rest on top of the clothes that he know longer requires or will ever wear again.


Ash Buchanan has the honor of carrying the pile of materials up and away from the crowd, 


A heathen cult member holds the sergeants right hand up with his right hand as Oak forcefully holds the sergeants left hand outstretched with both of his, The Librarian is now holding a large brass jug that contains blessed sacrificial