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Blade Runner Blues - Vangelis

An ambient sound of machines in the distance that produce a rumbling mechanics of vibration can be heard.


Synthesizer notes produce a deep and dark echo of static pitch and tone. A close up camera shot of a closed eye that is beginning to reawaken provides suspense and intrigue. The eyeball is moving from underneath the skin of the eyelid and is moments away from receiving light.


A deep breath of air is expeled as the eyelid suddenly opens to reveal a slightly blood shot sclera (White of the eye) that moves slightly from side to side.


The eyelid rapidly closes then reopens as the eye adjusts to the light of the environment. The pupil of the eye slowly reduces in size as it reduces the amount of light that is being absorbed.


A loud sound of steam is heard as Alderson a prisoner of Cube a large maze of rooms lays motionless on the floor.


Alderson tilts his head slightly to his right so that he is resting on his outstretched right arm, He breathes with slight fear and caution as he tries to fathom his whereabouts and situation. Alderson slowly raises his left arm and looks forward towards a silver twisting handle that is attached to a square entrance hole. Alderson groans with mental shock and delusion as he slowly picks himself up from the floor.


The deep rumbling sound of machines is continuously heard but all is strangely silent and devoid of any other atmospheric noise. Cube consists of many rooms interlinked that can be accessed by moving through square trap doors that align the walls and floors in a symmetrical pattern. Each room has 6 trap doors that all lead to other areas of Cube, 


A steel tapping is heard as Alderson stands to his feet, Another blast of a deep rumbling and echoing steam is heard. Alderson slowly stands and looks ahead cautiously as he tries to understand his environment. Alderson then looks up at the ceiling as he gains more information and knowledge on his predicament.


The rumbling sound is very loud as it continues to add intrigue to the Cube maze of rooms. Alderson can see another trap door that is attached to the ceiling as he stares up in bewilderment and confusion, Alderson must find a way out from the maze of rooms or will face a certain death. Any trap door can be accessed but which one do you choose?


Alderson is realizing quickly that he is a prisoner who has no recollection or memories of the day and time everything went to a cold blank of massive memory loss. Alderson lowers his head slightly as he looks across the circumference of the room towards another trap door.


Alderson turns his head to his right as he evaluates the trap doors that are symmetrically attached to the walls, floor and ceiling, (A sudden screeching of metal is heard) The camera pans around in a clockwise motion as it follows Alderson who is also turning his body in a 360 degree motion as he evaluates his dilemma.


Alderson turns his body around as he looks at the trap doors that will ultimately choose his destiny of life and death, Alderson is fearful and mentally perplexed but he has a unique urge to explore further.


Alderson slowly steps over to a trap door, (A light tapping of feet is heard) Alderson looks up at the long silver handal as he raises his hands in an attempt to twist the solid steel door open.


Alderson is cautious as he slowly raises his hands to the cold and silvery metal handle, Alderson breathes in and out with concern as he carefully grasps the handle with both hands.

Alderson grasps the handle firmly with both hands as his fingers flutter with excitement, He then slowly turns the handle in a anti clockwise motion one complete turn, A grating scratching sound of metal is heard as the handle is slowly twisted around, As soon as the handle returns to its original position a loud metal click sound is heard as the locks for the heavy steel door release.


Several grids of metal rungs go around the circumference of the room and several more go from top to bottom of the square shaped room to allow a prisoner free access to any of the trap doors.

Alderson quickly pulls at the handle with a forceful pressure, this action immediately causes the door to slide away from it's hinges a few inches outwards before sliding down to reveal another room behind. A loud squeaking is heard as the metal door opens and cascades down including a rumbling of metal mechanical bearings. A small rung of steel bars are conveniently attached to either side of the trap door to allow a prisoner to climb up in there bid for freedom, Alderson looks to his right before beginning his ascent the few metal rungs required, 


Alderson peeps his head out from the side wall as he looks through the open space into the fresh room he has revealed. Alderson is completely subdued and silent as he ponders his actions and thoughts.


(Another echoing screeching sound of ambiance is heard) The new room is exactly the same size and layout as the room Alderson is still standing in, Only this time the room is Blue colour coded and not White, As you explore the Cube the participant will gain more and more knowledge on it's design and giant mechanics of construction, 


Alderson looks through the square gap in the wall as he contemplates his next move,  The room from inside produces a deep rumbling of air and ambiance and is void and obsolete of any life.


Alderson is now investigating and studying his environment, He now knows that each trap door leads to another room and that new room also has six trap doors to choose from which will lead to yet another room. Alderson in his intuition and inbuilt instincts has decided he will not enter the room and quickly steps back down to the floor, (More tapping of feet is heard) (Alderson swallows) Alderson takes a few short steps forward as he looks across the room at another trap door, Suddenly a loud sound of mechanics and bearings is heard as the electronic and electrically powered door shuts back to a closed position, The door quickly raises then pushes back into the wall. (A loud thud is heard) Alderson quickly turns his head at the sound of the door closing with surprise and slight shock, Alderson is breathing with caution and mental fatigue.


Alderson watches as the door automatically close with a sense of intrigue, The door seems to sense Aldersons presence and is robust and mechanical in its operations. Alderson slowly turns his head back around to face forward as he contemplates his next move. More tapping of feet is heard as Alderson slowly makes his way over to the center of the room, Another trap door lays undisturbed and Alderson has decided that he will investigate this concealed door.

Alderson quickly bends down as he places both of his hands onto the silver metal handle.


Alderson grasps the handal tightly as he begins to turn it around to release the locks. (A grinding metal sound is heard). As Alderson twists he removes his left hand and finishes the turn with his right. Alderson then places his left hand back to the handle as it completes its full 360 degree anti clockwise movement. (A loud click is heard) Alderson pulls at the handle with both hands as the door lifts up from the floor (A loud sound of releasing steel is heard as the door raises up several inches).


The mechanical and electrical door slides down to reveal the inside of another room, This time the room is color coded a deep red as Alderson stares down from the floor. (Airy and deep sounds of ambiance are heard from inside the red room) (Synthesizer effects are heard) Alderson ponders his dilemma once again as he considers his options, A few seconds pass and the door closes back creating a hissing and then a loud thud sound. 


Alderson has decided he will give this room a miss as he investigates each trap door one at a time.


A light tapping of feet is heard as Alderson makes his way over to yet another trap door. Alderson slowly and cautiously reaches up with his hands as he places his right to the bottom of the handle and then his left to the top of the silvery metal. Alderson begins to pull down the handle in a anti clockwise motion with his right hand, as the handle turns he crosses his hands with the motion of movement before releasing his left hand. Alderson continues to twist until that all too familiar click is heard as the locks open. Alderson returns his left hand to the top of the handle as he twists his right hand around so that he has a good grip. Alderson pulls at the handle as a loud sound of grating metal is heard. The door opens a few inches just in the same exact way as the other doors before sliding down to reveal the room from behind.


Alderson maintains pressure on the door as it lowers down to just below his head, Alderson looks up into the room before looking forward at the thick steel trap doors symmetrical construction.


Alderson slowly turns around as a loud electronic screeching sound is heard. Alderson surveys his surroundings and that of the room he is standing in for a few short seconds before turning back around.


More light tapping is heard as Alderson raises his left hand to one of the metal rungs to his left, Alderson raises his right leg as he begins to ascend the metal rungs to allow him access into the new room, 


Alderson climbs one rung at a time until he has a clear view of inside the new room, Alderson reaches over with his right hand onto another rung as he carefully supports himself with his left hand.


Alderson raises his right leg over the trap door and inside the room as he moves his left hand further to his right, Alderson then moves his right hand to the next rung to his right as he lifts up his left leg and steps inside the gap, 


More tapping is head - Alderson lowers himself down as he holds onto the top rungs with both hands, Alderson slowly moves his feet forwards as he releases his right and then his left hand as he makes his way inside the new room. Alderson rests his left hand on the side of the wall below the rung as he leans to his right before bringing his left hand in.


A loud thud is heard as Alderson drops down into the new room onto both of his feet. Alderson is cautious as he surveys his new environment, A whizzing sound of electronics is heard as the trap door automatically closes behind him. Alderson looks up and then down at the floor as he gains knowledge and information, Alderson is silent and motionless as he shifts his eyes to his left and then back up at the ceiling. 


This room is color coded a light brown and is no different to any of the other rooms, The room is silent and void of life as it displays an oblique and hollow shell of nothingness.


Alderson is subdued but also fearful and mentally on edge, He shifts his eyes down and around as he anticipates the strange and transparent atmosphere. Alderson looks back up again as a mellow sound of wind fills the room.

Suddenly the strong suspense and silent atmospheric surroundings have excited Aldersons curious mind, He begins to walk forward a simple two steps in succession. A loud sound of whipping metal and then a metalic thud is heard as Alderson suddenly jumps back with a forceful spasm of uncontrolled movement. Alderson's body jerks and retorts from something that he has now disturbed.


Aldersons eyes immediately open wide and stare ahead into the distance, He shows no signs of pain or distress just a cold and foreboding cold stare of silence.


A dripping and crackling sound is heard - Aldersons grey uniform suddenly begins to produce long lines and squares of blood that become more and more visible as it seeps through the material.


(A synthesizer produces a low and deep continous base sound) Alderson stares ahead motionless and void of emotion, Long lines of blood are quite visibly streaked across his face and he now shows signs of serious injury.


Large volumes of a deep thick and very red blood now bubble and seep from Aldersons skin, The blood flows and trickles down like a thick treacle from the deep wounds Alderson has suddenly received. 


A creaking is heard - Blood drips down onto the floor in large spots and patches as it seeps and flows wildly from Aldersons body.


Suddenly a wet splashing sound is heard as Aldersons right ear falls off from the side of his head and onto the bloodied floor below. Aldersons face now consists of a series of symmetrical lines and he has been sliced through completely by something very sharp and unforgiving. Alderson has died and because of the sudden and very fast attack by one of the trap doors death machines he had no time to respond to his demise.


More scrunching is heard as Aldersons fingers and hand cascade down to the floor in multiple pieces of flesh and bone.


More crunching is heard as Aldersons head splits into two pieces, Both sides fall away as his body quickly succumbs to a trap rooms death device.


Each room in the Cube can potentially be a death sentence to whoever is brave enough to enter, Not all rooms have death traps but some do, It is a game of chance when you navigate the many rooms of the maze.


More crunching sounds are heard - Aldersons body has been severely cut and cubed into small chunks of flesh and bone, The sharp death device quickly and without warning penetrated Aldersons body and turned him anto a mish mash of cubed sushi.


Aldersons stomach area quickly falls out from his sliced and cubed body and to the floor followed by his split head. 


Aldersons head falls quickly behind his other body parts which are now also losing there stability.


A pattering of flesh is heard as it tumbles to the floor into a large pile of warm and sticky offal. Similar to a domino effect Aldersons complete body is no more but a collection of different sized squares and oblongs.


The last of Aldersons tormented body stands several slices high and is the last to fall to join with the rest of the body. Slowly but surely the last of his body topples, A high pitched synthesizer note is heard which pierces the air.


Suddenly a grinding and chinking of metal is heard as a large wire framed gate glides down from the ceiling. Blood has amassed into large blobs and drips like rain onto the wires surface.


More screeching of metal is heard like an old iron gate that is stubborn and rusty, The wire frame suddenly stops dead as it locks into place, This causes the frame to wobble slightly producing small droplets of blood to fall from the sharp wire mesh. 


A few seconds later the wire frame begins to fold up like a window blind four squares at a time into a nice and even package of thick metal and sticky blood. A tapping of metal is heard as it automatically folds in preparation for the next victim that may be tricked into entering the death room.


A low level synthesizer produces an ambient and wispy sound of echoes and tubular bell sounds. The logo for Cube begins to slowly form from a white background, A square to the far right is the first to appear followed by another shape that is second in from the left. Another shape slowly appears second from far right followed by a shape to the far left.


A shape appears under the higher shape third from the left, A shape appears under the higher shape first from left, Another shape appears under the higher shape second from left, A shape appears above the furthest right shape. A shape appears second from the left in between the visible other two shapes, A shape appears above the two shapes third from the left. A shape appears at the bottom of the two shapes furthest left, 


The letters CUBE begin to form around the shapes to form the word and fill in the gaps.


A loud echoing sound of ambiance is heard infused with female vocals, A deep base sound is heard for a few seconds. Splashes of a high frequency whooshing is also heard.


The CUBE logo changes to black as a loud thud of deep ambiance is heard before slowly fading away. 


In another area of Cube a prisoner rests with his back to the floor, He is silent and motionless and is another test dummy for the inescapable Cube system.


Suddenly a bloodied and traumatized hand slowly emerges from a gap from one of the rooms below, The hand opens it's palm wide as it tries to find a stable surface. (A sound of wind is heard)


The hand shakes and trembles as it feels and senses a safe area, Suddenly a grunting is heard and a loud thud as the hand slams down onto the new rooms surface. The hand almost mimics a crab as it feels and caresses the new surface of the room.


Suddenly a prisoner slowly appears from the gap in the floor, He huffs and stares up at the ceiling as he surveys his new surroundings. The man is hot and sweaty and not in the best of moods as he appears from the gap, Suddenly the prisoner becomes alarmed at something he has spotted in the not to far distance of the room, He stares ahead with a face of worry before quickly looking up at the ceiling then along to his right. The man puffs some more as he looks further to his right at the ceiling before looking to his left at the ceiling.


A metallic thud sound is heard as the prisoner slams his right hand down onto the floors surface as he tries to pull himself out of the room below. Suddenly the prisoner drops a few inches but manages to support himself with both of his elbows as he looks on over at the sleeping prisoner.


The sleeping prisoner is oblivious to the other prisoners physical presence as he rests on the floor, The prisoner who has just climbed out of the hole from the other room softly calls over to the sleeping man, "Hey" to try and get his attention.


The prisoner from the room below has managed to climb out of the gap as he pushes up with his hands and lifts his legs out and over the gap. A thud sound is heard as the prisoner slams his left leg to the surface of the room, The prisoner stands up as he release his right hand from the floor and turns in an anti clockwise motion so that he is now facing the trap door. (More thuds are heard)


The prisoner reaches and extends his arms as he slowly slides the trap door shut, (A high pitched steam sound is heard). The prisoner strains and grimaces as he slides the door shut.


The prisoner quickly makes his way over to the sleeping man to check on his condition.


All prisoners that enter the Cube are dressed in grey overalls and given a name which is printed in large letter on there right side shirts, The man that came out of the room from below is called Quentin and is also another unwilling victim that has been placed inside the Cube. Quentin quickly bends down onto his knees and checks the sleeping prisoners pulse with his right hand.


Quentin looks away after a few seconds then quickly back down at the sleeping prisoner as he instantly slaps him on his right side cheek to try and get a response. Quentin say's loudly "Hey" as the sleeping prisoners head moves slightly but there is still no response. 


Quentin looks away with concern and then behind him towards another trap door, 


A loud tapping of feet is heard as Quentin makes his way over to the trap door, Quentin raises his hands applying his left hand to the top of the lever and his right hand to the bottom, Quentins carefully turns the lever in an anti clockwise motion before releasing his left hand and then reapplying it as the lever turns a full 360 degrees. ( A grinding metal sound is produced) A loud click is heard as soon as the lever locks into position) Quentin pulls at the door producing a loud rumbling sound) The door slides out a few inches then slides down to reveal the room from behind. (Quentin has been injured on his right arm and a large amount of blood has seeped through his clothing.)


Quentin looks to his left as he prepares to climb up the metal rungs to allow him access inside the room.


Metal thuds are heard) A synthesizer screeching sound is heard) Quentin breathes heaviliy as he peeps into the room to survey it's contents.


Screeching synthesizer sound is heard - A deep static base sound is also heard - Quentin stares in at the room for a few seconds until he is satisfied that no one else is in there in distress or disillusion.


Quentin has seen enough as he pushes himself away from the gap and quickly slides the open trap door up with his right hand. (Electronic screeching effect is heard)


A high pitched sound is heard including a rumbling of metal as the door slides back into a closed position. 


Quentin steps away and down the metal rungs as he leaves the trap door. A light tapping is heard) Quentin stands motionless for a fleeting moment as he stares ahead before slowly turning his head around to his left from sensing something behind him.


Quentin rapidly twists his body around while keeping his feet firmly to the floor, Quentin is in shock as he sets his eyes upon the sleeping prisoner who has suddenly woke up. The awakened prisoner slowly lifts his head and looks across at the shocked Quentin with a silence and blank expression on his face. He has a visible injury to his left side head which will explain why he was sleeping on the floor and in all respects is suffering from a mild concussion.


Both men are silent as they look at each other, 


Suddenly a deep and low bang sound is heard that is coming from behind another trap door, The awakened prisoner is confused and is in a dazed state of mind, He suddenly moves his head to his right towards the sound while looking up towards the door that the sound emanated from.


A more repeated tapping and echoing banging sound is now heard from behind the trap door which has caused Quentin to become very concerned.


Quentin stares up at the trap door as the loud tapping sound continues, Almost immediately Quentin sets to work to investigate the sound.


The dazed prisoner continues to stare up at the sound as Quentin runs towards the door leaping over the prisoner as he does so, (Loud tapping of feet is heard.) Quentin lands on his right foot as he quickly twists his body around so that he is close to the side wall below the door.


A metallic rumbling sound is heard as the lever begins to twist in a anti clockwise motion all by itself, Whoever is behind the door is now opening it from the other side and Quentin is very concerned and worried as he does not know himself why he is locked inside the Cube maze and his life might be in danger.


The lever rapidly turns in an anti clockwise motion.


The lever quickly reaches equilibrium and produces a clicking sound as the locks open and release. A light wind sound is heard as the door opens producing a familiar rumbling of metallic noise.


Quentin is silent as he looks up at the trap door in anticipation of who or what might come through the gap, The door squeaks and rumbles as it slowly slides down to a fully open position.


The concussed prisoner who is resting on the floor is called Worth, he continues to stare up at the open hatch in anticipation also. 

A deep rumbling synthesizer effect is heard - A female prisoner suddenly appears from the hatch, She crawls on her hands one step at a time as she makes her way to the front of the trap door, Quentin waits with anticipation and is taking no prisoners this time or any time. The female prisoner is looking ahead and is oblivious to the evil eyes and gross intentions of Quentin who is firmly locked on the trap doors entrance.


As the female prisoner sticks her head out of the hatch into the next room Quentin suddenly without warning jumps up at her with both hands, 

Quentin uses force as he grabs the woman's overalls from the left side and pulls her from the hatch at speed and with voracity, A loud thud sound is heard as Quentin grabs the woman at speed, Quentin grunts loudly as he uses maximum power to pull the woman from the trap door exit. The woman hurtles out of the door head first as she goes head over heels crashing to the ground below and hitting her back hard onto the rooms surface.


The walls and surfaces of the Cube have a type of Abstract Expressionism inscribed into them, The floor is moments away from a heavy impact that the female prisoner will make as she falls to the floor.


A loud thud and groan is heard as the female prisoner hits the deck hard and fast. Her mouth opens wide with the shock and pain from being forcibly pulled several feet to the hard surface below.


Quentin is angry and full of energy as he raises his right hand into a clenched fist ready to punch the woman in the face if required.


As soon as the female prisoner gains a little composure and see's the agitated and angry man braced to hit her she screams out loudly with total fear and confusion.


As the woman screams loudly Quentin looks down upon her with a face of confusion and madness, He holds his fist high ready to strike but can not do so. Quentin freezes as he watches the woman explode with fear and complete shock from the sudden attack and can do nothing.


Suddenly the female prisoner lifts herself from the floor at speed while she continues to sceam and gasp for air.


As the female prisoner makes her way over to the far wall Quentin steps back in bewilderment as he raises his right hand up and say's in his defense, "I'm Sorry!

A loud thud is heard as the female prisoner hits the back wall at speed and in complete distress and turmoil, As Quentin slowly approaches her the female prisoner begins to become more agitated and raises her left hand to the right side wall before sitting back down again,


Quentin continues to raise his right hand as he tries to calm and subdue the woman, Quentin say's again, I'm sorry! 


Quentin wants the woman to settle down and say's once again "I'm Sorry! as he tries his best to reassure her that he will not harm her.


The woman is scared out of her wits as she retorts and shakes while pushing herself even more against the back wall, The woman looks at Quentin with complete fear for her life and she breathes in and out at a fast pace of breathes.


Quentin backs away a few steps as he continues to reassure the woman, He say's, It's alright! (Quentin hesitates) - I'm not gonna hurt you. Quentin is also out of breath as he speaks to the prisoner.


The woman is gasping for air as she shouts out loudly, What do you want?


Quentin grimaces slightly as his cheeks puff out and say's, I though you were... Quentin is unable to complete his sentence to the woman's dismay.


The female prisoner screams out with a serious concern and dismay from Quentins inability to finish his sentence, "What?


Quentin is silent and does not reply straight away, The woman is suffering from shock and extreme fright and desperately wants some information on her dilemma.


Quentin nods his head negatively before saying, "I don't know".


(A loud rumbling sound now fills the air as Quentin looks up high to his left and then jerks his head slightly as he continues to look further left at the ceiling before looking across the ceiling.


Quentin has become interested with the ceiling as the loud rumbling sound continues, He looks up to his left and then back to his right as he evaluates the situation.


Worth is also looking up at the ceiling as his eyes and head shifts more to his left.


The loud rumbling has caused everyone to look up and all around, Quentin is still fascinated with the ceiling as he looks up to his left and then slowly to his right.


Suddenly Quentin returns his attention to the female prisoner with a look of madness and delusional thoughts of morality.


The female prisoner is still confused and in turmoil as she looks back at him with a concerned and worried expression. Suddenly a loud females voice emanates from a trap door that is located in the central span of the room at an alleviated height, She shouts loudly, "Help!


The female shouts again a longer distressed Help! as the female prisoner turns her head to her left at the sound.


A high whistling sound is heard infused with the deep rumbling sound, Quentin is silent and motionless as he stares at the trap door from where the sound is coming from, Suddenly the camera pans right at high speed blurring the image as an expression of Quentin's timely response to the distress call. 


A tapping of feet is heard as Quentin quickly makes his way over to the trap door, He places both hands onto the lever as he begins to twist the mechanism around in an anti clockwise movement.


The trap door quickly opens to reveal yet another female prisoner, She is fearful and scared as she clings to some metal rungs to the far back of the room, She screams out for assistance - "Help! Help!"


The camera quickly pans left at speed back to Quentin, Quentin is looking into the room and can quite clearly see the woman's distress, 


As soon as the female prisoner see's Quentin she immediately steps down from the metal ladders and turns to face Quentin as she attempts to walk on over to him.


Quentin knows about the death trap rooms and is now very concerned for the prisoner as she may just activate one of the traps if she continues to walk across the room, Quentin raises his right hand and shouts out loudly, "Stop!"


Quentins loud words have an instant effect on the prisoner as she stops dead in her tracks, (Thud is heard)  The prisoner now knows that something dangerous could be in the room and her face changes to extreme anxiety and fearful anticipation.


All is silent except for an ambient wind that emanates from the room, Quentin continues to raise his hand as he evaluates the room and the situation, He only has the prisoners safety at heart and will now help her to navigate across as safely as possible.


The female prisoner is unsure what Quentin is trying to communicate with her, She looks down and to her left as she tries to fathom what the serious warning from Quentin can be. This indicates that the prisoner has just been put inside the Cube and is unaware of the death trap rooms and how they can be activated, Some activate by sound and others by heat and vibration.


Quentin is taking a risk as he jumps down into the room landing on both of his feet, A thud sound is heard - Quentin stares over at the prisoner with a serious face of worry and concern.


The female prisoner continues to look all around with her eyes as she stands frightened and confused, She whimpers loudly as she shakes with fright and say's, What? What? - Erie high pitched synthesizer chords provide the sound score.


Quentin maintains his right hand outstretched as he begins to tiptoe slowly across the room towards the prisoner, He softly reassures her by saying, It's Okay, Come here.


Quentin quickly reaches the prisoner as he grabs her around the waist so that he can lead her out of the room, Prisoner is also walking slowly forward - -Thud is heard - 


More taps of feet are heard in quick succession as the female prisoner takes the lead with Quentin behind, The female prisoner quickly begins to climb the metal rungs that will lead her safely out of the room. Quentin helps the woman from behind as he gently pushes and supports her waist with his hands.


The female prisoner grabs a top rung with her left hand as she holds onto another with her right, She carefully maneuvers her body through the small square gap as Quentin assists from behind.


The other female prisoner who was violently pulled from out of a trap door by Quentin has come to her senses and is now assisting the other female prisoner in exiting the room, She grabs the female prisoner with her left hand as the other prisoner holds onto her.


Worth turns his head slowly to his right as he watches the female prisoner make her way out of the trap door, 


The female prisoner carefully climbs down the left side rungs one step at a time as she makes her way to the ground.


As the prisoner climbs down she suddenly slips and falls quickly to the ground, A grunting and loud gasping is heard including a loud thud as the prisoner falls heavily.


A loud snap of broken glass is heard as the prisoners glasses dislodge from her face and quickly hit the floor, The impact breaks the right side lens creating a fragmented circular lens of sharp and uneven lines, A small chunk of glass dislodges and falls out resting just below the broken glasses.