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Man has moved on in the world from it's humble beginnings of living in caves and rubbing flint together to now living outside of the earth on a space station that revolves around earth's atmosphere. Technology has improved drastically over the last 100 years or so and we can truly call ourselves living the digital age. There have always been wars between nations  and mankind ever since we evolved. One person can not agree with the other and nothing can be resolved no matter how hard they try. We now live under the blanket of possible nuclear conflict and it is worrying to think that the world could be destroyed in a hot fireball. We don't need an asteroid to destroy the planet mankind will do it for themselves. But what if there was a nuclear war what would you do?, This is the question have you prepared for the impending explosion and radiation fall out, Would you rather accept your fate and die in the inferno or have you plans to build your own bunker and stock it full of food and water. Many people do have bunkers ready but not everyone will be so lucky. Destroying the planet is foolish but people are foolish and we can only hope there will never be nuclear war as it will change the world as we know it.

A nuclear bunker is a deep underground space where in the event of a nuclear attack people can go to escape the heat and radiation from the massive explosion. Inside the bunker will be all the amenities required to live a basic life, There will be fresh water and food and also medical supplies to maintain health. No one knows how long you could be down there so a lot of supplies will be required. 5 years of food and water would be a good amount depending on how many people will be consuming the supplies. These bunkers would also provide safety in case of a Typhoon Hurricane or flooding and even an earthquake as falling debris rubble is very dangerous. A modern nuclear bunker will also be sealed to prevent deadly Radon gases from entering and it serves it's purpose to also exclude any chemical agents and weaponised viruses that may be accumalating at the surface. After all a bomb could carry anything and you wont know until it's too late so best to take all precautions possible. All bunkers will have to be air controlled temperature controlled, Air filters will provide the clean air and sanitation will also be required. Power will also be required so a generator must be installed, The deeper your bunker underground the better it is, The deeper you go the less of an impact the radiation will have, For instance if your bunker was 2.5m or 8 feet deep a one megaton bombs radiation would equal to a single chest X ray roughly 0.01 sieverts.


If the warning is heard you will need to take cover as soon as possible, If you have a bunker immediately get down to it otherwise you will need to find alternative shelter. Look for a concrete or brick building and get inside, If it has a basement go there you need to get as low below ground as possible, The more material surrounding you the better the protection of the initial blast and heatwave, You should stay there for at least 24 hours or up to a month if your closer as the initial blast will subside by 80% within the first 24 hours. If you can't find shelter in time try and find some sort of protection lie flat and don't look directly at the flash or fireball. Wind can carry radioactive fallout for hundreds of miles, Shower and change your clothes as soon as you can as radiation will seep into the materials and removing this will remove up to 90% of the radiation material. Safely bag your old clothes and put safely somewhere away from people and animals, Dig a hole and bury them if possible.Do not use conditioner on your scalp as it will bind the radioactive material to your hair. Shower frequently to keep removing radioactive materials. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe your eyes  eyelashes and ears and softly blow your nose, Use a clean cloth to wipe your skin if a shower is unavailable. Stay tuned to radio and TV so you know where not to go and when it might be safe to venture outside. Radiation has no smell can not be seen or detected without sophisticated electronics so be cautious at all times.

Obviously a full on nuclear world war would be devastating and it would produce 150 million tons of smoke if there was a Russian vs USA war.This smoke would rise into the stratosphere and create a dark dense cloud layer which would shut out up to 70% of the earths sunlight. This would create a big freeze as the temperatures on earth would plummit going back 18000 years to the last ice age. Growing seasons would be virtually eliminated for many years allowing starvation to set in. The protective ozone would be severely damaged allowing dangerous UV light to penetrate the atmosphere and reach the surface of Earth. Toxic smoke would inbed the earth including large quantities of industrial chemicals. Much life would perish in these extreme conditions many species will be wiped out for good. A massive extinction event would occur similar to the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Even people in bunkers equipped to survive would likely perish.

Post apocalyptic life after a war would be extremely difficult. There would be scavengers that plague the land killing if need be to survive. Groups of people would build bases to survive and to grow food. What ever was left from the inferno would be used to build a new life. As most people would have died law and order is no more, only the leaders of groups have any control over there people so it would be a very dangerous place outside of camps and settlements. Many movies have been made in a post apocalyptic setting, The Mad max franchise is one of them, The book of Eli is another, and the movie the Last Survivors when water is scarce and an evil group are killing the folks for greed and control. The computer game franchise Fallout also depicts life after a nuclear war, Though I doubt it would be as made up as the game it would be similar in principle. Life would be short in a post apocalyptic world and no one would really enjoy life after a war.

A clip from the movie Mad Max 2 starring Mel Gibson.

The Book Of Eli starring Denzil Washington.

From this diagram you can see that most nuclear stockpiles are located in Russia and the USA with the other countries having just a handful of bombs. It's worrying to see North Korea with 15 as Kim Jong Un is very volatile and hungry for nuclear domination. It would only take one nuclear bomb to explode over a city for a chain reaction event to take place or a very good chance of that happening. 

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