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Quentin and Leaven continue to look on over at Kazan as Kazan say's with negativity, I don't like the red ones. Leaven suddenly looks up at the ceiling with distress on her mind. (Worth helps Kazan from the floor) A short moment in time has passed and the group are now using the mathematical genius of Kazan to work out the sets of numbers inside the trap doors, A fast winding mechanism followed by a click is heard as a trap door is opened from the outside,(Blast of air is heard) (Chime sound is heard to provide the sound score) (Low level drum beats)


Worth quickly opens a trap door to test the power of Kazan's mind, Kazan could just be the key to get the group safely to the bridge and hopefully escape the hell of Cube maze of horrors. Worth shouts down to Kazan 898 as he reads off a number panel, Kazan responds moments later with the answer "2". (Kazan flutters fingers)


Quentin and Leaven look on with amazement and slight shock as Kazan knocks out the numbers.


Worth reads out another set of three digits clearly and precise, "545" Kazan veers his eyes left and up as he looks into outer space, Kazan say's "2"


Leaven say's with amazement, He's giving us the factors. 


Kazan is finding the mathematical problem solving soothing and he has stopped whining and is more mentally stable, Kazan is impressed with himself as he say's out loud, "Astro...Nomical."


(Worth laughs as he is finding Kazan rather amusing)


Quentin is finding it difficult to keep a straight face as he listens to Kazan, Quentin begins to laugh as he looks at Leaven unable to accept in full that Kazan is a math's genius and wizard.


Quentin chuckles under his breath as he raises his left index finger towards Kazan and say's, You're telling me, (Quentin fleetingly hesitates)


Quentin extends his index finger out further as he say's, Telethon boy

(Quentin erupts with laughter) is a genius? (Quentin laughs some more)


(Kazan rocks forward and backward) Leaven is not finding Kazan funny and is more serious, Leaven say's, "By those numbers, the room should be safe) If Kazan is correct the group will have a good chance of reaching the bridge in good time.


Quentin shakes his head as he erupts with the giggles once again, Quentin say's with slight sarcasm as he looks on over at Worth and Kazan, "Only one way to find out."


Quentin is back to his controlling and bullying ways as he quickly walks on over to Worth, Loud slap sound is heard as Quentin rapidly grabs Worth from behind, Worth groans out loudly from the surprise attack. (Chime sounds are heard)


More groaning sounds from Worth are heard, Leaven shouts out loudly "Don't" as she watches Quentin accost Worth.


(A sound of whipping air is heard) Quentin must be on steroids or something as his ego turns him into The Flash, Without any warning Quentin picks up Worth by the shoulders and legs and physically throws him into the next trap door room without mercy. Worth propels threw the door head first just like Superman as he screams and groans for his life.


An almighty loud echoing thud is heard mixed with a loud groan from Worth as he lands on his hands and knees into the next room, 


(Worth groans and moans with pain from the other room) Leaven Quentin and Kazan quickly make there way to the trap door and peer inside to check on Worth and also to evaluate if the room is safe or loaded with a booby trap system.


Worth turns onto his back as is badly winded, Worth continues to project his inbuilt sarcasm towards the rest of the group as he manages to stutter out "Safe" referring to the room.


Quentin is super impressed with Kazan now that he knows the room is safe and that Kazan truly is a mathematics genius, Quentin say's with a tone of sophistication, Kazan,..


Quentin turns too look at Kazan and say's, "My Man."


Worth breathes out loudly as he tries to recover from his blunt force injuries, Quentin is treating Worth like an object and it is only a matter of time before Quentin causes serious injury to Worth, 


Worth breathes out loudly as he tries to recover from his blunt force injuries, Quentin is treating Worth like an object and it is only a matter of time before Quentin causes serious injury to Worth, (The sound of a trap door opening is heard from the room) Worth slowly turns his head toward Leaven who has climbed into the room to check on his status. Quentin is heard speaking to Kazan, Quentin say's to Kazan with a tone of harshness and hastiness, What's the number, buddy boy? (Leaven looks round from the sound of Quentin)


(Kazan and Quentin have also climbed into the new room that Worth was thrown head first into.) Quentin's priorities have changed and now he wants Kazan to help him to escape, Quentin points his right index finger in the air as he looks at Kazan to try and get his attention, Kazan knows that Quentin is a bad person and does not want to help him, Quentin say's with a tone of irritability, Hey, 


Quentin quickly looks down at a set of numbers then back at Kazan, Quentin slams his right index and middle fingers down onto the surface of the trap door three times in quick succession, (3 loud thuds are heard) Quentin shouts at Kazan, "Right Here!"


Quentin becomes angry because of Kazan's blatant disregard for his demands, Quentin shugs his shoulders and body closer to Kazan as he shouts loudly "Look Here"


(Low level tap is heard) Quentin is having a tough time getting through to Kazan's mentality and will have to resort to Leaven helping him out yet again, Quentin looks down at Leaven who is knelt besides Worth, Another tap is heard as Quentin grabs Leaven by his right hand, Quentin say's with vexation, Make him do it!


Quentin pulls Leaven from the floor by the scruff of her neck as she retorts with pain,


Leaven breathes out loudly as she slams her right arm down onto the trap door surface.


Quentin is climbing a few rungs from the exterior of the room as he hangs on from behind Leaven and Kazan, Leaven hustles up to Kazan and say's with a breathless tone, Kazan, we're gonna do some numbers now, Okay?


Leaven continues, We like to do numbers, right?


Kazan is feeling slightly stressed as he say's with a retarded tone of voice, Prime...Numbers. Leaven say's with excitement, That's right..  Leaven looks down at the number grid and say's, Can you tell me the factor of 656? Leaven looks back at Kazan as she waits for an answer.


A few short seconds pass before Kazan suddenly say's "2", Leaven looks back down at the number grid and say's, 779? (Leaven looks back to Kazan) Kazan stares into outer space as he closes his eyes fleetingly, (Kazan rapidly stutters his lips as he thinks about the factors) A few short seconds pass before Kazan answers with "2" (Leaven looks back down,)  Leaven looks back at Kazan and say's 462? Kazan hesitates then say's "3" Leaven say's Clear as she works out the numbers Kazan has provided to her. 


Quentin is being arrogant and obnoxious as he say's "Move" while separating Leaven from Kazan with his right hand, Quentin hustles Leaven as he is in a rush to get to the bridge and escape just in time for his morning cornflakes. 


Leaven cries out with irritation from Quentin's pushing and shoving,


Kazan is the first to climb into the new room as he has no choice, Quentin shouts loudly with anger from the other room, Come on, Come on, let's go, 


(Light tapping sound from Kazan is heard) Kazan crawls on his hands and knees before standing and lifting his left leg out of the trap door first, Quentin shouts out loudly again, You too, Worth!


Quentin hangs onto the top metal rungs from the other room as he ensures the three other prisoners vacate into the next room, Quentin is not in the best of moods and is now very desperate to escape Cube even if it jeopardizes the others.


Leaven is making her way down a series of metal rungs to her left as Worth steps out of the trap door entrance, Quentin say's, Move your scrawny ass, Worth, 


Quentin continues, I'm not through with you yet. Worth lifts his left leg out first as he holds onto some top rungs before lifting out his right and climbing down. Quentin shouts out again, Leaven, open that door, Quentin is requesting Leaven open the next trap door that will lead on to the bridge and to get Kazan working out the factors.  Quentin shouts out again, Get Einstein working on the numbers.


A light metallic tapping is heard as Quentin crawls to the hatch opening sticking his head out as he does so, 


Suddenly a loud rumbling sound is heard as the trap door rapidly closes up at speed, Quentin has left his guard down and is seconds away from getting his neck and head trapped in the heavy steel door.


Quentin will not be escaping from his dilemma any time soon, 


Quentin begins to produce a gurgling choking sound as his windpipe is crushed by the heavy steel construction of the door, Quentin shakes like a wobbly jelly on a fair ground ride as the door pushes and pushes expelling his air and choking him to death.


Kazan flutters his fingers as he walks backwards away from Quentin, Leaven also retreats backwards as she say's with complete worry and concern, Oh, jeez.


Worth has took a stand and has had enough of Quentin beating him and treating him like a pile of rubbish, Time for payback is definitely on Worth's mind as he pushes the door up as hard as he possibly can in an effort to choke and even snap Quentin's neck,  Worth shouts loudly as he looks over at Leaven, "Go!" Worth screams at the top of his voice, A crunching sound is heard from Quentin's neck as Quentin manages to splutter out "Worth" This is war and if Quentin survives the attack he will hunt Worth and the others down like a pack of dogs until they are finished.


Worth shouts loudly, "Hurry!" Worth can only push for so long before he becomes to tired and weak to hold Quentin in place, Leaven immediately turns and makes her way the few short steps to the trap door ahead, (Light tapping from Leaven is produced when she touches the metal rungs.)


More crunching sounds are heard as Quentin manages to splutter out the word "Leaven" even under immense pressure Quentin is still trying to control the situation even though he can do nothing, Quentin's head is turning into a beetroot as his blood pressure goes sky high, 


Quentin's eyes shift down to Worth who is still maintaining a tight pressure on Quentin''s neck.


Worth is really working his back and arms as he pushes up with all his strength, Worth plans to keep Quentin in place until Leaven and Kazan have worked out a number set that is safe to enter, Hopefully Worth will have time to escape through the Cube leaving Quentin behind hopefully to become lost and die.


A squeaking of mechanics and air release is heard as Leaven opens the trap door in front of her.  Quentin is being strangled by Worth as his lips tremble insanely from the intense pressure.

Wot - Maxi Version - Captain Sensible

Leaven immediately begins to read out the first string of three digits to Kazan in the hope he can calculate considering the situation, Leaven say's with haste, 563! as she looks over to Kazan.


Kazan is whining and his face is red from the stress he is experiencing, Kazan looks down at the numbers as he tries his best to calculate the correct factor.


Camera quickly pans back to Leaven producing a blurring effect, Leaven shouts out, Please Kazan, (Raises voice) 563?


Quentin is really pissed and there will be hell to pay if he manages to get back to the group in one piece, Quentin splutters and strains his words as he say's with tainted breath, You Fuckers, (Raises voice) you're dead! (Crunching  sound continues)


Kazan finally produces an answer as he say's "2" with  a tone of fright and insecurity, 


Leaven turns her head to face Worth and shouts out loudly, Clear!


A loud choking coughing sound emanates from Quentin's direction as Leaven quickly turns to climb the metal rungs that will lead her into the next room, (Leaven begins to climb)


Quentin is still being choked but suddenly a loud squeaking sound is heard as the door falls away releasing the pressure from Quentin's neck, Quentin will be relieved that he is still alive but will now want blood as his alter ego kicks in.


(Trap door squeaks loudly) Worth grunts as the heavy door plummets down rapidly releasing Quentin,


Quentin chokes and is gasping for air as he retreats a few feet back inside the trap door unable to do anything at this point in time.


More squeaking is heard as Worth pushes the door back up to a closed position, Worth grunts as he rapidly closes the door before running back to Leaven and Kazan.


A sound of fast moving air is heard to add effect to the number 384, The digits rapidly blur in from the right and stay motionless for a few seconds.


Leaven and Kazan have entered into the new room which is color coded a lime green, Leaven and Kazan are not wasting anytime in deciphering the numbers as Quentin is on there case, Kazan say's over to Leaven with a soft tone of voice, "1" (A deep echoing sound of air travelling through a long pipe is heard to provide ambiance)


Leaven turns her head in Worth's direction and shouts out loudly, "Trapped" to indicate the room is unsafe to enter.


(Camera pans right to bring Worth into view" A light ruffling is heard as Worth quickly steps down from the metal rungs that lead into the Green room, Worth grunts loudly as he jumps the few rungs straight down to the floor, Worth quickly slides the door to a closed position with both hands. (Grating sound followed by an injection of air is heard)


Worth turns his head towards Leaven and Kazan as he shouts with a breathless tone of voice, "Check the floor," Worth knows that Quentin is still alive and will be making an all out effort to reach the remainder of the group, Worth want's Leaven to check the room that goes down as he has a surprise plan for Quentin later on.


Leaven shouts out to Worth with fright and complete fear for her life, "Is he dead!"


Quentin is behind the trap door and is trying to get through, Worth struggles and groans loudly as he tries with all his might to keep the door closed from the raging inferno of Quentin, Worth turns to face Leaven once again and say's with a strained voice, No!.. Not quite.


Worth turns back to the door as he groans again while keeping both of his hands firmly on the silver lever, Worth shakes and gyrates from the immense pressure as Quentin shouts out loudly with vexation from the other side, "Not even close" Quentin has heard Leavens words and responded.


Leaven begins to make her way down the metal rungs to her left as Quentin continues to shout loudly with extreme anger, Worth when I get out of here, 


Quentin continues, "I'll finish you off in a fucking trap on the way."


Worth continues to apply pressure to the silver lever as he keeps the psychotic Quentin at bay.


A loud sound of escaping air under pressure is heard as Quentin overpowers Worth and takes control of the trap door lever from the other side.


A snapping sound is heard followed by a forceful jerk of the lever as Quentin turns the door mechanism a quarter turn in an anti clockwise motion.


A grinding sound is then heard as Quentin begins the meticulous task of twisting the lever anti clockwise a full 360 degrees, Quentin raises his left hand to the top of the lever as he pulls down, Quentin removes his left hand and places it back to the top of the lever, Quentin grabs the bottom of the lever with his right hand. Another loud sound of escaping air under pressure is heard as Quentin begins to pull at the door with both hands, The door slides out a few inches before sliding down to reveal the Green rooms interior. (Sliding grating sound is heard)


Quentin is determined to reach the remainder of the group as he now has a score to settle.


Leaven and Kazan stand motionless to the back of the Green room in silence as they await there fate from the hands of Quentin, They show no signs of aggression or fear but produce a faceless feature set to try and cool Quentin if possible.


 A loud thud is heard as Quentin jumps down from the trap door landing on his feet, (Camera rapidly pans right producing a blur effect) Quentin bends on his knees as he lands before swaying to his right while trying to balance with his right hand, Quentin stares ahead at Leaven and Kazan with an evil and foreboding feature set. (Loud echoing sound and synthesizer chord is heard which increases in volume.


Quentin screams at the top of his voice with extreme anger for Worth, "Where is he?" The loud sound causes Leaven and Kazan to instantly step back from the dangerous Quentin, Leaven stares ahead contemplating her fate and that of the others.


Quentin slowly edges forward as he stands with his right shoulder twisted behind himself, Quentin holds his throat injury with his left hand as he produces a stare of evil intent, Quentin loudly whispers "Come here" 


Leaven is fearful but decisively resolute as she disobeys Quentin's wishes, Kazan looks up at the ceiling and is not providing any eye contact with Quentin just to be safe, Leaven and Kazan continue to slowly edge backwards scared for there lives. Quentin shouts out again, "I said come here...."


Suddenly without warning the trap door located in the floor promptly and rapidly opens producing a loud sound of escaping air and rumbling mechanics. Quentin is in the middle of his sentence as he shouts, right! His words are cut short as he has inadvertently fell for Worth's trap this time, Quentin is standing on the trap door but now there is a gaping hole and gravity will have to take it's course, 


Quentin screams and groans with great intensity as his words follow him down the hole in the floor, Quentin shouts Nooowwww!! long and sustained as he falls to the room below. Worth was hiding underneath the trap door and is now hanging on for his life with his right hand on the silver lever and the other on a metal rung, Worth has not been down inside the room and he has taken a chance not to set off any booby trap devices that may lurk undetected. 


Leaven flinches as she looks down at the floor still scared witless from the ordeal.


An almighty thud is heard as Quentin lands awkwardly on his back smashing his head onto the floor as he lands, Quentin's hands flail out as he groans for the last time completely unconscious and severely injured.


A few seconds have passed and Worth slowly makes his way back out of the trap door room, Worth grimaces and groans as he pushes his body weight with both hands while Leaven pulls at his right arm with both of hers. Kazan watches with interest as Worth climbs back out of the Blue room.


Quentin has received a serious head injury and a large amount of blood is pooling around his head, Quentin fell for Worth's little stunt Hook line and sinker and is very unlikely to recover from his injuries. Worth is pleased that he has finally got his own back on Quentin and has given him some of his own medicine to suck on, Worth say's in a breathless tone of voice, "Gotcha"


Worth is breathless and breathing heavily as he turns away from Leaven and nods forward to indicate that the next room to navigate is directly across the floor, Worth say's, That way as Kazan and Leaven continue to look down at the severely injured Quentin.


The camera quickly pans to the left producing a blurred effect of Green blazing brightness, The camera rapidly continues as it focuses on a number strip with the digits 805. (A loud sound of prolonged explosives is heard) Another blast of explosives provides the effects as the metal digit strip rapidly blurs downwards producing a zebra crossing pattern.


Kazan Worth and Leaven have navigated successfully into a red color coded room and are all looking down at the number strips to calculate a factor, Kazan say's softly, "2" as he reads the set of three digits. (Worth looks at Kazan) (Leavens eyes veer to Worth two times in quick succession) Leaven instantly responds with a confident "Clear!"


(Explosive effect is heard) (Camera rapidly pans left producing a red blur effect) The three prisoners have navigated to yet another room and are continuing there tiring procedure to read the numbers, Kazan say's "4" Leaven shouts out loudly "Clear!" Leaven looks away from Kazan and forward as Worth looks up at the trap door ceiling. (Explosive effect) (Camera pans rapidly left producing a haze of grey with straight and horizontal black lines.


A loud sound of rumbling mechanics and escaping air that is under pressure is heard as another trap door is opened, The door slides out and then slides down to reveal the three prisoners, The team have been working hard and have traversed several rooms safely, now they stand in an Orange color coded room and are getting very close to reaching the bridge and a possible exit from Cube.


Leaven and Worth are keen to see what is behind this trap door and look out through the gap with a sense of understanding but also intrigue, Kazan closes his eyes as he smiles before also looking out into the void, Worth looks up and all around as Leaven stares wanting to know more. (A loud sound of ambient breeze is heard)

Oxygene (Part - 6) - Jean Michelle Jarre

The group have found a lift shaft one of many inside Cube, Because Cube consists of 17,576 rooms there are multiple lift shafts that interconnect with each other, Depending on your location within Cube will also dominate your decisions in finding the bridge. A light tapping is heard as Leaven decides to climb inside the hatch to take a closer look at the outside world, 


Jets of intermittent steam and gas are heard from the shaft space, (Loud sound of air is heard) Leaven peers her head out of the gap and looks up at the vast symmetry and tremendous size of the lift shaft, Many rooms are visible and any could potentially be a stopping point for the lift, Leaven shouts out loudly "Hello" as her words echo up and around the square shaped shaft space, If anyone was to climb out into the shaft in an attempt to escape could potentially be squashed by the lift as it hurtles up and down at frequent and varied times of the 24 hour clock, Cube has no time and prisoners soon lose all direction and time the longer they stay inside the giant and complex structure. (A rumbling of mechanics and machinery is heard)


Leaven looks up for a few seconds but decides she should get herself back inside to the safety of the Orange room, Leaven quickly pushes herself back with her arms as the sound of machinery and rumbling cogs becomes much louder. (Leavens mouth opens wide as she retreats back inside.)


Leaven can see something in the distance and has retreated back inside Cube, (High pitched fog horn effect is heard infused with moving cogs and machinery and a loud and increasing deep rumbling sound) A moving lift is making it's way down the long shaft towards Leaven.


The bottom of the lift flashes a bright white light in the shape of a square made up of vertical grooves made from steel in the same composition as the rest of Cube. The rumbling sound becomes a loud storm of sound as the lift gets forever closer to the ground level.

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Deep Orange - Intro Mix - PROFF

The lift is very noisy and travels at high speed creating turbulence and tremors at every stage of it's journey.


The lift slams to a sudden halt producing powerful magnetic waves that shake the foundations and rooms of Cube that are closest to the impact. The Orange room begins to shake violently causing the prisoners to tremble and quiver at the severe energy discharge,  

The loud rumbling stops the prisoners in there tracks and they can do nothing but wait for the disturbance to disperse.


A loud sound of moving cogs and machinery is heard as the rooms of Cube begin to turn and shift to another geometric location, Just like a Rubik's cube the rooms frequently move and change position each time the sound of cogs rumbling and machinery is heard. A loud explosive bang is heard as something large and heavy hits a solid surface. (Worth turns to look at Leaven) (Worth turns back around and looks straight ahead) (Kazan is feeling stressed from the loud commotion and extreme vibration) Suddenly Worth steps away from Kazan and Leaven as he goes back to the trap door that leads to the lift shaft once again. (Echoing pipe synth effect is heard)

1465643586_Cubes Illusion.gif

A rumbling of metal and mechanics is heard as the trap door is pulled down,


The three prisoners look out of the trap door the same as before.


Because the rooms have changed position the lift shaft no longer exists from this trap door, Now a Blue color coded room has taken it's place, Worth comments as he looks out into the new room, "Guess that proves our theory," 


Worth looks down at Kazan as he say's "Numbers" Kazan is stressed but must continue to solve the number grids if the group have any chance of escaping, One mistake and they could become lost and this will becoming life threatening because the group are very thirsty and hungry.

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(Synthesizer sound of a light breeze and low ambient wispy key is heard) Kazan quickly communicates the numbers out loud, 4,2,3, The numbers 206 rapidly pan left revealing the digits 911.


The digits 911 always remind me of The World Trade Center complex that was destroyed by terrorists on September 11th 2001, God Bless the poor souls of New York and everyone else that perished.


Leaven shouts out to Worth "Clear" 


Leaven and Worth quickly enter into the Blue color coded room which was the lift shaft previously, Both prisoners run up to a trap door that is facing them, (Light metallic taps are heard from Leaven's and Worth's feet.) Worth raises his right hand and grabs onto a metal rung as Leaven attempts to open the trap door with her right hand. Suddenly the loud rumbling returns which causes Worth to look up at the ceiling and for Leaven to stop in her tracks. Both prisoners slowly turn around as Kazan has not managed to climb into the Blue room.


Kazan stands motionless inside the Orange room as he shifts his eyes left and right, (Loud rumbling continues)


Worth and Leaven have now realized that Kazan is in danger as the rooms switch and Kazan could vanish from view never to be found again. Worth and Leaven rapidly make there way back towards the Orange room in an effort to save Kazan from disappearing.


Kazan continues to shift his eyes left and right, suddenly an almighty thud is heard as something very large and very heavy slams down onto a solid surface, The Orange room begins to shake violently causing Kazan to completely lose his bearings and position.


More light metallic tapping is heard as Leaven and Worth reach the Orange trap door entrance, Worth and Leaven shout at the top of there voices long and hard, "Kazan!" A loud rumbling high pitched sound emanates from the structure of cube. 


Kazan is still motionless and silent as he let's fate take it's course, Kazan does not have any urge to try and escape the room as he slowly goes down with the shifting process. Leaven and Worth outstretch there arms as they try in vain to rescue Kazan but all is futile.


Kazan vanishes from view as the room shifts position, (High pitched squeaking of brakes is heard) (Rumbling and shaking continues)


Worth and Leaven watch with shock as Kazan slips away, (A loud sound of moving cogs and machinery is heard)


Worth steps down from the metal rungs with severe regret that he left Kazan for a few moments unsupervised, Leaven looks up utterly devastated that Kazan may never be found again considering the size of Cube and the risk and the time it may take to find the retarded man. 


Leaven also steps down from the metal rungs as a new trap door appears which instantly closes, (A loud metallic squeak infused with air under pressure is heard followed by a loud thud)


The door closes tightly ready for another prisoner to open and discover.


Worth and Leaven slowly step back from the new trap door defeated and extremely upset that they have lost Kazan who's genius mind is still required to solve the factors.


(All is quiet inside the Blue room) Leaven turns to look at Worth as Worth looks at Leaven in silence and contemplation.


Leaven looks away from Worth, In the mist of silence a sound of whining can be heard from Kazan, Worth turns his head right before saying "Listen" Leaven looks up at the ceiling as she listens to Kazan's high pitched repeating wails of distress. Leaven say's, He hasn't moved far, Worth turns to face a trap door to his left as he say's "I'll go find him!" Leaven looks all around as she tries to locate the sound and room Kazan may possibly be inside.


Worth quickly steps over to the trap door and climbs a few rungs to reach the silver lever, A click is heard as Worth turns the lever with his left hand, A sound of pressurized air and vibrating steel is heard as the door is opened by Worth, 


Worth turns around to face Leaven and say's, "What do you think? - Worth is asking Leaven if he should risk his life in going inside the new room in his bid to rescue Kazan. 


Camera rapidly pans left back to Leaven, Leaven shakes out her right hand before slapping her leg (Slap sound is heard) Leaven say's, "You don't have a lot of lives left." Only factors have any meaning now so the door can't be checked by Leaven for traps as her method is not fail safe.


Kazan has shifted a few rooms and is feeling distressed and frightened, Kazan is all on his own and is shouting out a disturbed and distraught sound, Kazan steps back two paces as he shouts out for help, (Kazan is not fluttering his fingers)


Kazan takes another two steps but stays firmly in position as he turns to his right, "Kazan shouts out loudly again a disturbed uggh of distress."


Low level thud is heard as Worth jumps down into the Blue room, Worth stands as he looks all around in his bid to locate Kazan's position, (More Uggh sounds from Kazan are heard) Worth looks to his right then down at the floor, Worth thinks that Kazan's shouts are emanating from the trap door located in the floor as Kazan did go downwards when the room changed so the laws of physics should prevail.


Leaven is feeling stressed as she waits for Worth to retreive Kazan, Leaven bites on her left thumb as she turns her head left, Leaven gasps with a nervous disposition and breathes heavily as she tries her best to calm herself down, Leaven turns completely around so that she is facing forward before taking three steps, Leaven turns to her right and then faces in the opposite direction once again, Leaven whimpers as she brushes her mouth and nose with her right hand, Leaven sniffs loudly as she continues to press her fingers to her mouth, Leaven looks to her right as she breathes out loudly, Suddenly Leaven lets out a gasp of severe pain as she grimaces and looks down, Leaven has inadvertentenly stood on something sharp and has caused her instant trauma.


That all too familiar winding sound is heard as Worth opens a trap door from inside the Blue room, Kazan can hear the trap door releasing it's intricate locks as he looks to his right, A loud sound of releasing air under pressure is then heard which causes Kazan to look directly up at the sound, Camera rapidly pans up producing a blur effect of orange grey and brown hues and tones, 


Loud metallic thud of steel is heard as Worth appears from the ceiling trap door space, Worth say's with slight sarcasm, Kazan!.


Worth has to play it smart as Kazan can be awkward and Worth and Leaven need Kazan to escape Cube, Kazan say's with a slight delay to his verbal dexterity, I ... Didn't... Move!


Worth replies, Yeah good, But you're gonna have to climb up here, Okay?


Kazan replies with negativity and fear, I don't like that. (Kazan rocks forwards and backwards with a slight movement)

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