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Camera pans back up to Quentin - Quentin is dumbfounded as he opens his mouth wide with uncontrollable feelings. Quentin say's with a disturbed whisper, How did... Quentin is gobsmacked that he has returned back to the same room they were in many hours ago, All that risk climbing, solving mathematics, near death misses, anger, frustration, energy loss, was all for nothing.


Worth points his left index finger towards Rennes as he continues to giggle, Worth is feeling the effect of meeting back with Rennes much stronger and the combination of Quentin's beatings has caused a mental fuse to blow inside the mind of Worth.


Worth turns to Leaven for a fleeting moment as he say's with an uncontrollable urge, It's, It's, It's the Wren, Worth begins to mimic the wings of a bird with his hands then looks back at Leaven momentarily. 


Worth giggles profusely and points his index finger at the dead prisoner, "It's the old Wrenster"


Quentin is still shell shocked to the core and is finding it hard to accept, Quentin whispers as he moves his head right, How could...


Worth chirps some more as he raises his right index finger and spins it around in a circular motion, Worth say's, We've been going around in circles, Worth cracks up some more with the giggles as he turns his head right.  


Quentin is becoming emotional as he say's with a deep connection and misunderstanding, That can't be! - Worth splutters with humour as his funny bone is tickled some more.


Quentin is mesmerized by the dead corpse of Rennes and is now wondering if it is he who is cracking up and not Worth.


Suddenly Quentin turns his head to look at Leaven who has now become the main priority, Quentin hasn't finished with her and still needs her if he has any chance of getting out of the maze of suspense and horror.


Light thuds from Quentin's feet are heard - Quentin quickly grabs Leaven by her right arm as she kneels in contemplation.


Leaven is now feeling the hard core stress from Quentin once again, Quentin shouts, Where are we?


Leaven replies, I don't know! - Quentin begins to turn the silver lever to a random trap door, Quentin is now venting his anger back to Leaven and is blaming her for there return to base manoeuvre.


Kazan watches from a distance  - A click is heard followed by an ejection of pressurized air as the trap door opens out, (Kazan looks down as he starts to flutter his fingers)


Quentin is putting all the blame on the only female left in the group as a way to keep his mental stability and composure, It is never his thought but other peoples, Quentin begins to man handle Leaven as he lifts her from behind in an attempt to shove Leaven through the unexplored trap door. Leaven screams and groans from the pressure as she frantically tries to stop Quentin from possibly killing her if she fell into the room unchecked.


Quentin screams out much louder as he hustles Leaven, Where are we?, Leaven screams and whimpers as the cowardly Quentin continues his attack.


Leaven is feeling distraught and hates Quentin for what he has put her through, If anyone can work out the numbers it is Leaven and without her Quentin is doomed to fail.


A loud slap sound is heard as Leaven smashes Quentin directly in the face with her left elbow, Leaven screams loudly as she pushes herself away from the trap door but Quentin continues to keep his tight grip on her from around her upper waist area.


Light thud is heard as Leaven jumps down and away from Quentin's grip, Leaven breathes out heavily as she screams out, You figure it out!


Dreamy pipe synth sound provides the sound score - Quentin steps back a few paces as Leaven continues to scream at Quentin, She say's, You haven't done anything,


All you do is freak out you... Leaven flaps her arms by her side as she emphasizes her words, 


Leaven takes a deep breath of air as she shouts at the top of her voice with anger frustration and a host of other emotions all mixed together, Murderer! Leaven screams the word long and hard as she expels her hatred and demons that Quentin has so conveniently placed there.


Leaven has now become very emotional as she begins to sob loudly from her terrible ordeal, Quentin stands motionless and does not know where to put himself at this moment, Quentin is beginning to become desperate and is only thinking about himself and has no regard for the others.


Leaven sobs for her life and that of Holloway, Worth stands to attention and is still in a jovial mood, He indicates that he may well be on narcotics as he smiles brightly while looking at Quentin. 


Worth giggles at Quentin like it is some sort of a circus and he is the clown act trying his best to entertain. 


Quentin is still mad but he is finding it difficult to move on to the next course of action, Quentin stumbles forward in Zombie mode as he watches Leaven sob from a distance.


More low level synthesizer sounds are heard - Quentin is suffering the bends or is extremely intoxicated as his brain works some overtime.


Poor Leaven sobs out loudly as she takes large gulps of air, Leaven is taking it badly as she faces away from Quentin and the others, Leaven slowly drops to the floor as she lowers her right then her left arms producing two light thud sounds, 


Leaven turns herself around as she gasps loudly with sadness, 


Leaven is breathless as she looks on over at Quentin, 


A light ruffling is heard as Quentin slumps down to his knees in a defeated kind of way, 


Spacey synthesizer key is heard - A deep rumbling of machines and moving cogs begins to gradually increase in volume - Quentin slumps even further so he is resting on his arms, 


Quentin slowly lifts his head up in deep thought and contemplation. Quentin say's with a quiet tone of voice - I guess you were right Worth


Echoing pipe effect is heard - Quentin continues as Worth looks down at him, There is no way out of here. (Worth's left side temple has been injured when he was thrown down the hatch by Quentin)


Worth slowly bends down as he rests his weight against the back wall, (Low level friction sound is heard from Worth) Worth has no sympathy for Quentin and Worth knows that Quentin is always trying to pull the wool over the rest of the group for his own tactical advantage. Worth produces a choking wheeze as he expels air before breathing out heavily.


Deep continuous synthesizer chord is heard - Quentin is feeling emotional and very sad for himself, He so desperately wants to escape Cube he has resorted to murder, abuse, foul language, disrespect, bullying, GBH and he is now on the defense. (Quentin weeps as he closes his eyes tightly) 


Large amounts of saliva begin to pour from Quentin's mouth dripping over his bottom lip, Quentin produces a loud intermittent cry of anguish as he continues to shut out Cube for that moment.


Quentin wants a reprieve and is contemplating his life and his actions.


Kazan is also feeling Quentin's dispair and has taken the liberty to try and comfort him even after the unfair treatment he has suffered from his hands. Kazan rubs the back of Quentin's head over and over to try and ease his pain.


Quentin moves his head at an angle to his right as he whimpers uncontrollably, Quentin say's loudly while in fits of tears, Get away from me - Referring to Kazan, Kazan does not understand Quentin's words and continues to rub his head.


Worth watches the weeping police officer as he shifts his head slightly in an up and down motion. (Quentin weeps loudly) 


Worth looks away and shifts his eyes down at the floor, Worth blinks several times in succession before slowly lifting his head and focusing his eyes forward, Quentin swallows and borks out loudly) Worth stares forward in some kind of thought. 


Worth slowly begins to lift himself from the floor as he continues to look forward not taking his eyes of Quentin.


(Quentin weeps) Worth continues to slowly stand from the floor


(Quentin sniffs loudly) (Quentin cries out) (Worth breaths out heavily) Worth stands silent for a few seconds before saying with a sense of curiosity, Wasn't Rennes killed in that room? - 


A grinding static metallic sound is heard as Worth slowly turns the lever to the trap door that Rennes was burnt by acid in earlier on. Worth has a hunch that all is not right because they have returned back to the same exact room.


A loud click is heard as the lock system opens producing a loud ejection of air and screeching mechanics. Worth pulls down the heavy door with his right hand as his inquisitiveness takes the better of him.


Thud is heard as the door fully opens revealing a dark outside world.


Worth sighs loudly as he softly strikes the bottom of the trap door space with his right hand.  (Worth is calm and is taking his time)


Worth points his right hand out over the door as he turns to look at Quentin, Worth raises his right hand to express his words as he speaks with a punch drunk tone of voice from Quentin's beatings and abuse. Worth say's "How come there's nothing out there?" (Worth is slightly breathless)


Leaven closes her eyes tightly as she rests on the floor oblivious to Quentin's and Worth's conversation, 


Kazan is continuing to groom and comfort Quentin's head with his right hand with Quentin's permission, Quentin say's with a tone of doubt and dissolution, It's the edge. (Loud breeze is heard from outside the open trap door)


Worth continues with more conviction, Well.. We weren't at the edge before, (Worth nods towards the shells outer space then back again) Where's the room that killed Rennes?


A light ruffling sound is heard as Quentin rapidly picks up the black boot he used to beat Worth with, Quentin becomes angry once again as he shouts loudly, Fuck off! before throwing the boot as hard as he can towards the open trap door space.


A loud whooshing sound is heard as the boot propels threw the air at speed,


The boot travels directly out of the trap door missing Worth by centimeters, Worth quickly turns his head back around to avoid being hit by the boot.


Worth raises his right hand to his head in disbelief that Quentin is already on the attack again.


A crackling ruffling sound is heard as the boot spins in an uncontrollable tumble out and down the shell wall into the abyss. (Loud breeze is heard)


Worth watches the boot disappear before turning around to face Quentin, Worth say's, "Oh, that was good" as he conveys his disappointment and Quentin's stupidity.


Kazan has stopped rubbing Quentin's head and is now fluttering his fingers to his right side ear, Kazan flutters his fingers just under his chin, Kazan returns to his right side ear. Quentin is looking down and not in the best of moods, Quentin say's with zero confidence, What difference does it make?, We're dead anyways.


Worth shouts out loudly, Hey!, Worth raises his right hand and bangs on a metal strip above the trap door as hard as possible, (Three loud metallic bangs echo out)


Worth shouts out again with slight anger and frustration as he tries his best to educate Quentin on Cube and how it works, Worth shouts, Listen to what I am saying, There was a room there before. Worth waves his right hand out towards the shell to emphasize his words.


The loud noises from Worth and Quentin has now woken Leaven from her sleep, Leaven lays awake with her eyes open as she absorbs the information she has just heard from Worth, 


Worth continues to shout as he explains his theory, We haven't been moving in circles, (Worth shakes his right hand) The rooms have.


Leaven is beginning to work out in her mind the mathematical dilemma she has faced ever since she was put inside Cube and now the numbers and the rooms are starting to make even more sense, Leaven whispers loudly - Of course.


Kazan flutters his right hand - A tear appears from Quentin's left eye and begins to roll down his cheek, Quentin is somber and is still trying to understand what Worth is trying to explain. Quentin say's softly, The rooms.


Worth continues, That explains the thunder and the shaking, Worth raises his right hand to emphasize.


Leaven has come to her senses as she stares at Quentin with a face of shock and sudden discovery. Worth continues, We've been shifting the whole time. Leaven nods her head positively as Worth's words sink in further, A moment passes then Leaven say's It's It's the only logical explanation. (Leaven looks towards Worth)


Leaven quickly makes her way over to the trap door where Worth is standing as she now has yet another method and mathematical angle on how to work out the rooms and long strips of numbers. Leaven breathes out loudly as she climbs several rungs to reach the trap door hatch, Leaven looks down at the numbers in disbelief as she say's "I'm such an idiot!"


Leaven quickly places her glasses to her face.


(Glasses produce a jittering crunching sound) Worth say's What are you onto, Leaven? 


Leaven raises her left index finger up to Worth as she say's, Give me a minute. Leaven stares down at the numbers as she tries to find an alternative solution. Leaven nods up and down slightly as she gets her mind working, After a few moments Leaven say's Okay, 


Leaven turns to Worth and say's, The numbers are markers, points on a map, right?


Worth agrees and say's Right.


Leaven looks away from Worth as she say's, How do you map a point (Leaven looks back to Worth) that keeps moving? Leaven is fascinated as she speaks to Worth.


Worth's eyes shift down and then from side to side as he ponders on Leavens question, Suddenly Worth say's "Permutations" before looking back to Leaven.


In mathematics, permutation is the act of arranging the members of a set into a sequence or order, or, if the set is already ordered, rearranging (reordering) its elements—a process called permuting.


The rotational symmetry group of the dodecahedron is A5, since any even permutation of its 5 inscribed cubes can be achieved by a rotation:

Leaven nods positively as she agrees with Worth's well thought out response, (Leaven swallows)

Wavy Gravy - Sasha

(Howling breeze is heard) (Kazan flutters fingers) Quentin is slightly confused by Worth and Leavens assumptions and say's with confusion, Permu what?


Leaven breaths in and turns to face Quentin before saying with enthusiasm, Permutations,


Leaven breaths in rapidly with excitement as she turns to Worth and say's, A list of all the coordinates that the room passes through. Leaven looks slightly away from Worth, Like a map, that tells you where the room starts, Looks back at Worth.


Leaven looks to Quentin - How many times it moves, and where it moves to. (Looks back at Worth)


Quentin is starting to become more interested as he looks up at Leaven and Worth, Quentin say's, The numbers tell you all that? (Kazan flutters fingers)


Leaven nods negatively as she say's with slight doubt, I don't know. Leaven shakes her left hand out as she emphasizes her words, See, I've only been looking at one point on the map, 


Leaven turns to look at Quentin and say's, which is probably the starting position. (Looks back at Worth)


Leaven continues, All I saw was what the cube looked like before it started to move. (Leaven shakes her left hand in a continuous motion) (Looks rapidly at Quentin then back to Worth)

(Kazan flutters fingers) Quentin is calm as he looks away from Leaven and say's, Okay, so it's moving, (Looks back to Leaven)


(Quentin swallows and sighs before looking back down) Quentin say's, How do we get out? (Sniffs)


Leaven is silent as she ponders her thoughts, Suddenly Leaven whispers to herself, 27 before looking back up in an excited frame of mind.


Worth is silent as he looks down then back up again at Leaven, 


Leaven is feeling energized as she has just worked out a solution to escaping the maze of rooms, Leaven looks at Quentin then back to Worth before saying, I know where the exit is.


This is music to Quentin's ears as he hears the words from Leaven, Quentin is now super interested in Leavens and Worth's conclusion and stands slowly in some kind of trance state, Quentin say's calmly, Where?


Leaven turns to Quentin and say's with a tone of hate and dislike, Stay away from me, 


Worth also turns to Quentin and say's with a loud and authoritative tone, Back off, Quentin.


Quentin steps back slightly as he raises his hands up in defense before saying softly, I just wanna know. Quentin hesitates then say's, Don't you wanna know?


A light tapping sound of metal is heard as Leaven begins to step down from the metal rungs attached to the wall, (A strong breeze can be heard)


Leaven is in deep thought as she ponders her mathematical conundrum.


Leaven raises her left index finger to her chin before turning to face Worth and say's, "You remember that room we passed through before", The one with the coordinate larger than 26? Earlier on Leaven had worked out that the Cube has a maximum height of 26 rooms and 26 rooms across which equates to 17,576 rooms in total. There can't be a coordinate larger than 26 if Leavens calculations are correct as that would be outside of the cube.


Worth nods slightly as he say's What about it?


Leaven turns away from Worth as she raises then lowers her left hand to express her words, Leaven begins to walk forward at a slow pace of steps as she say's, That coordinate placed the room outside the cube. (Rattling and sound of escaping air is heard followed by a thud as the door to the outer shell is closed up by Worth)


Leaven turns to face Worth, Worth say's, A bridge.


Leaven takes two steps to her right to face Worth close up, Leaven say's, Right, but only in it's original position, 


Quentin slowly steps over to Leaven and Worth with strong intrigue and interest on his mind, Quentin say's to Leaven, What are you talking about? Leaven fleetingly looks at Quentin before looking down, Leaven sighs and holds her hands up for a split second before she steps away from Worth and Quentin.


Leaven takes a couple of steps into the room before turning to face Worth and Quentin once again, (Kazan flutters fingers) Leaven adjusts her glasses with her right hand momentarily,


Leaven say's Look, The room starts off as a bridge, Leaven holds her hands out to express her words.


Leaven takes a deep breath - (Leaven moves her hands right) And then it moves it's way through the maze, which is where we ran into it. But at some point it must return to it's original position.


Worth say's, So a bridge is only a bridge. 


Leaven replies with zeal, For a short period of time, Leaven looks around the ceiling as she say's, This thing is like a giant combination lock,


Leaven waves her hands and looks back at Worth and Quentin. When the rooms are in their starting position, the lock is open, But when they move out of alignment, the lock closes.


Worth say's, With a structure this size it must take days for the rooms to complete a full cycle.


Quentin looks at Leaven wanting more information and say's, So, when does it open?


Leaven becomes silent and is bamboozled as she ponders her thoughts once again unable to give Quentin an answer, (Deep rumbling sound is heard) 


High pitched chime sound provides the sound score - A deep scratching sound is heard as Leaven begins to score her mathematical equations onto a square sheet of metal that is attached to the trap door leading to the lower room.


Leavens button has come is as a useful tool for inscribing onto metal. Leaven stops scratching momentarily as she ponders her permetational calculations.


Leaven is deep in thought as she tries to work out how Cube moves and when and where the bridge would be available for the group to escape.


The suspense is killing Quentin as he rests on his knees, Suddenly Quentin begins to crawl on over to Leaven to investigate her findings, Leaven raises her left hand and sticks her index finger in the air before saying sternly, Don't! - Quentin obeys this time and stops in his tracks, Leaven does not want to be disturbed as her mind is working much harder in solving the numbers this time round. (Worth looks at Quentin)


The camera begins to pan around anti clockwise as Leaven whispers to herself while in deep cogitation, "To find the original coordinates, the numbers are added together from the permutations, they're subtracted from one another. Leaven shakes her head negatively as she tries to work out a working mathematical system that she can use to find the bridge.

Slow and melodic synthesizer key is heard that emulates time and space, (Scratching metal sound is heard as Leaven continues to work out the numbers 


Kazan whines at a low level - Leaven ponders some more until she suddenly solves a small piece of the puzzle, Leaven say's "That's it!" Leaven speaks out to herself and the others, This room moves to zero, 1 and negative 1 on the X-axis. 2,5 and negative 7 on Y.


Leaven pushes her glasses closer to her nose with her right index finger, Leaven continues, And 1, and negative 1 and zero on Z.


Quentin responds to Leavens calculations and say's with misunderstanding, And what does that mean? - Worth looks at Quentin as leaven lifts her head up to respond to Quentin.


Leaven is feeling sarcastic as she say's, You suck at Math?


(Kazan looks at Leaven then back down again) Kazan has stopped whining and is rocking backwards and forwards at a gentle pace,  Leaven say's, Okay, I need the room numbers around us as reference points. A winding clock sound is heard then a click followed by an ejection of air and squeaking mechanics as Worth opens up a trap door.


Worth pulls the door down with his right hand as he attempts to read the number grid from inside the hatch, Trap doors from within Cube require a certain physical intervention to open but have inbuilt mechanics to close automatically.


Worth reads out the numbers for a Green color coded room, "666", The number 666 flashes and hurtles in at speed from the right to provide a special effect.


Worth turns his head to look at Leaven as he say's the next 3 digits out loud, 897.


More sounds of locks opening are heard as every trap door will be investigated for the number grids. 466 comes into view from the left with the same blurred and speeded effect. Worth convey's the numbers 466 over to Leaven so that she can continue her work.


More ejected air and moving mechanics is heard from another trap door that has just been opened, 

The sound of breeze and chimes is heard - Kazan looks on over at Quentin who is also helping out with the numbers. 


A tapping from Leavens button can be heard -Quentin say's out loud, 567,


Leaven is working some overtime as she tries her very best to solve the number grids and hopefully find a solid mathematical solution. Quentin say's 898,


Quentin turns to look at Leaven as he has not had a response from her, Quentin say's Okay? to confirm that Leaven is listening,


More winding of door mechanics is heard, click and air ejection follows - Leaven stops thinking for a second as she raises her head to look at Quentin with a face of irritability. Leaven replies sternly, Yes!


Leaven continues to scratch the numbers,


Quentin say's and 545. Electronic air blast is heard


Quentin turns around and say's to Leaven, Did you get that? 


Leaven looks up at Quentin with slight annoyance at his inability to understand her intelligence.


More winding followed by a loud squeaking and rumbling metal is heard as Worth opens yet another trap door.


Worth looks down at the number grids as he continues to read off the numbers for Leaven.


Worth shouts out, 656, The numbers blur in at speed from the right and then zip out to the left - Rumbling explosive sound is heard to provide sound effects for the numbers as they come in and go out.


Leaven nods her head positively at speed as she signals to Worth that she has heard the numbers, Camera pans around Leaven to provide effect.


Worth shouts out, 778


462 blurs in at speed obscuring the numbers, the numbers stop dead for a few moments providing a clear set of digits before sliding away. Worth shouts out 462.


Leaven scratches with her button wildly onto the metal sheet as she nods furiously expressing that she is absorbing the numbers and that she is making progress at the numbers being conveyed, 


Leavens shiny Rose Gold plated square metal plate would make a great iPhone protective case.


Leaven say's, X is 17, Y is 25 and Z is 14. Kazan is gyrating his fingers as he whines softly and rocks gently forwards then backwards.


Kazan is in some kind of thought as he looks down into a blank space of conformity.


Leaven raises her glasses closer to her face with her left hand as she ponders her work, 

giphy (7).gif

Leaven breathes out loudly as she continues to evaluate the numbers, Leaven slowly looks up as she say's softly, (Leaven nods up and down slowly) Which means this room makes 2 more moves (Leaven turns to face Worth) Leaven continues, "before returning to it's original position." Leaven is a little worried from her findings as it does not leave much time for the group to act. Only certain rooms align with the bridge at any one time, If they stayed in the room they are in the bridge would not align with that room so they have to find the room where the bridge will be, There is no guarantee that the bridge will stay for any length of time and the group have to think fast or they will have to go back to square one again.


Worth say's Do we have time? -  Leaven say's with hope, Maybe. Camera pans anti clockwise around Leaven then stops, Leaven turns to look at Quentin with a slightly confused mind set.


Quentin quickly stands and is keen to find the correct room and escape Cube, Quentin say's with an urgency, Then let's go!


Worth sighs loudly as he stands from the floor, Worth say's to Leaven, Can you work the traps through the system?


Quentin snaps back at Worth and say's with slight vexation, Fuck the traps, Let's get to the bridge.


Worth responds with an air of sensibility and say's, Well you threw out our last boot, (Worth turns and looks directly at Quentin) you fucking idiot.- Worth is beginning to smarten up against Quentin and is becoming tougher in mind and body.


Leaven say's with certainty, Technically, I can identify the traps.


Worth is slightly bewildered as he questions Leavens judgment and say's, Technically?


Leaven looks down as she explains her theory, At first, I thought that they were identified (Leaven looks back at Quentin and Worth) by prime numbers, (Leaven nods negatively) but there not, There identified by numbers that are the power of a prime.


Prime powers are prime numbers raised to powers. For example, 729 is a prime power, being 3 6. Technically, the primes themselves are prime powers, too, with exponent 1, but generally an exponent of 2 or greater is meant. (Along similar lines, the number 1 is technically a prime power as well, with the exponent being 0.)


Quentin responds with high expectations from Leaven as he say's Okay, so? Worth say's, Can you calculate that?


Leaven is rubbing the back of her head with her right hand momentarily before lowering her hand,


Leaven raises her right hand again to express her words - Leaven say's with discertainty, The numbers are huge, Leaven nods negatively to Worth at her inability to work out the much more technical and difficult power to the prime number sets. 


Quentin responds with an expected positive answer and say's with eagerness, But you can, right? Quentin hesitates before looking toward Worth avoiding eye contact but staying focused on Leaven and whispering loudly with confidence, She can.


Leaven continues to defend her mind and her abilities, Leaven say's, I'd have to calculate the number of factors in each set. (Leaven shakes her head negatively furiously)


Leaven snaps slightly with frustration and say's, Maybe if I had a computer. 

Factors are the numbers you multiply together
to get another number:
There can be many factors of a number.

Example: All the factors of 12
2 × 6 = 12,
but also 3 × 4 = 12,
and of course 1 × 12 = 12.
So 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 are factors of 12.

And also -1,-2,-3,-4,-6 and -12, because you get a positive number when you multiply two negatives, such as (-2)×(-6) = 12
Answer: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, -1, -2, -3, -4, -6, -12


Quentin is adamant that Leaven is clever enough to work out the factors as he say's, You don't need a computer, Quentin is keen to escape Cube now that he is a murderer and is putting pressure on Leaven to perform her duties.


The camera pans right to Quentin as Leaven snaps with infuriating frustration, Yes I do!  - Quentin responds without appreciating the complexity of the mathematics required, "Figure it out!"


Leaven shouts loudly with anger, "I can't" as she accepts her limitations and abilities.


Quentin has hit boiling point and will not accept Leaven's inability to decipher the numbers, Quentin shakes his arms wildly as he shouts with anger at the top of his voice, (Quentin shakes his head furiously as he comes closer to Leaven) "I'm not dying in a Fucking rat maze!" (Low ambient wind sound is heard)


Quentin becomes silent as he stares at Leaven expecting her to pull out a magic wand to solve the complex strings of numbers.


Leaven tries her best to persuade Quentin that it is nigh on impossible to work out the numbers, Leaven say's Look, Nobody in the whole world, (Leaven raises her voice) could do it mentally.


Leaven continues with a raised voice of frustration, "Look at the numbers."


Leaven begins to read out a long string of numbers at high speed in her efforts to persuade Quentin that she can not work the numbers as the system has become much more complicated. "567898545"


Leaven continues, There's no way I can factor that! - I can't even start on 567!, 


Leaven shouts loudly as she shakes her head with infuriating anger, It's astronomical!


Quentin stares down at Leaven in silence as he tries to absorb the frustrations Leaven is venting. As Leaven and Quentin stand frozen in time a sudden sound emits from across the room, The number 2 is heard from Kazan as he listens to Leaven and Quentin's argument.


The sound from Kazan causes Worth to look round and down at the mentally retarded man including Leaven and Quentin, (Kazan rocks forwards and backwards at a steady pace as he flutters his right hand fingers to the side of his right ear) Kazan suddenly say's "Astro...Nomical," The heated conversation between Leaven and Quentin has sparked some interest in Kazan's mind and he has suddenly had the urge to say the word out loud.


The rest of the group look down at Kazan in some kind of strange fascination as it is abnormal for Kazan to comment on the rest of the groups conversations and tribulations.


Kazan continues to rock and flutter fingers, Kazan shifts his eyes right then left as he looks up at the group, Kazan say's again, Astronomical, (Kazan scrunches and widens his mouth momentarily) Worth continues and say's, Before that.


(Kazan looks up at Worth) Kazan say's "Factors"


Quentin is mesmerized by Kazan's words and is clearly shocked and somewhat astonished at Kazan'a ability to possibly understand Factors at a higher Level than Leaven. Worth looks to Leaven, Leaven say's with excitement to Kazan, How many factors Kazan? of 567 as she attempts to evaluate Kazan's mathematical mind.


Kazan continues to rock and flutter fingers, A few seconds pass before Kazan say's "2" Kazan widens his mouth momentarily after his incredibly quick calculation.

Leaven looks down at the floor in silence as she ponders another set of numbers for Kazan, (Light drum beats and a singular middle toned synth key provide the sound score) Quentin looks at Worth as he say's with astonishment, "What, are you fucking kidding?  - Leaven knows the answer to her question but must test Kazan on his abilities,


Leaven looks back at Kazan and say's with zeal, Kazan, How many factors does 30 have?


Kazan is looking down away from the rest of the group as he answers immediately without any time gap, Kazan say's with rapid speed "3" (Light drum beats) Leaven say's How about "7?" Kazan instantly replies "1"


Kazan looks back up at Leaven and the rest of the group before saying "Gum drop" Kazan wants a reward for his answers and loves gum drops. with a passion.


Leaven replies, I don't have any Gum drops, (Worth looks back at Kazan) Kazan requests his favorite sweets again as he say's with more desperation, "."Gum drop."


(Light drum beat) Worth is quick to respond as he comes over to Kazan, Worth kneels down next to Kazan as he say's, Kazan, I'll give you a whole box of gum drops for each answer. Kazan responds to Worth and say's, Gum drops come in (Kazan struggles to produce the last word) bags. 


Kazan looks up as he expresses his thoughts on gum drops - Worth looks over at Quentin and Leaven as he say's softly, Okay, You want them in bags, you got em' in bags.

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