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Ripley is scared and a little confused as to what to do, She freezes only to slowly turn her body around to face an Abdomen of a large xenomorph.


A sloopy squidgy sound is produced as the oviposter ejects a fresh egg from a large ovarian tube.

The giant cocoon shaped sack of eggs is producing at a frequent rate similar to a termite Queens abdomen.

Ripley is watching the Queen lay her eggs as she slowly follows the fat outline of the abdomen to it's controller.

All is revealed and Ripley and Newt are face to face with a Queen alien.

A heavy distorted type of breathing can be heard from the Queen alien. The Queen alien is motionless and void of any emotion.

Suddenly the Queen alien lifts it's head up and comes out of another part of it's head, its large jaws are revealed as a huge and dazzling set of razor sharp teeth. The mouth is full of a sticky gel that drips off at random intervals.

The Queen hisses at Ripley and Newt.

Suddenly more xenomorphs appear from the darkness, They hiss at Ripley and Newt but do not attack, They are keeping a distance from Ripley as they sense she has a weapon and could hurt the Queen.

It is dearthly quiet as Ripley sets Newt down on to the floor, Ripley looks up at the foreboding Queen alien, It hisses and breathes smoke like a Dragon as it looks down onto the survivors.

Suddenly Ripley turns to her left side and fires her flame thrower unit high into the air, This is a warning shot from Ripley. The Queen alien screeches out loudly as the flames whoosh in the air.

Ripley stops her warning fire and slowly looks up at the Queen alien, The Alien squirms and hisses from this warning attack.

Another alien appears but backs away as soon as Ripley looks over at it.

Ripley starts to cautiously move left in a backwards motion while still having her eyes locked onto the Queen. She is taking no chances here. The Queen hisses and bellows smoke as it looks down on the trespassers..

Ripley slowly backs away from the Queen as her feet scrunch on the sticky ground,  An elastic Goo stretches out as it sticks to her footwear.

Suddenly another egg opens up to a full extension, Ripley stops for a moment and then makes a conclusive decision. She turns her head slightly to earmark her actions.

Suddenly Ripley opens fire with her flame thrower, She fires out the spread of flame in a clockwise rotation burning everything in it's path.

The Queen xenomorph screeches loudly as it rotates on it's perch. A loud roaring is heard as the flames burn and spread out.

Suddenly several Aliens try to attack, Ripley uses her M-41 A pulse rifle to dispatch them quickly.

Ripley starts to fire wildly and angrily at everything around her and everything that moves. She wails loudly as she unloads her machine gun.

The machine gun produces a loud noise as a Trumpet score plays out, She fires from side to side and is not stopping any time soon.The Queen alien is screeching and flailing its arms and legs wildly.

Suddenly Ripley starts to pump her gun and fires out a M40 grenade, The explosive hits one side of the Queen aliens large abdomen. A thick blue and grey gel explodes outwards as the grenade penetrates inside,

Ripley continues to pump out another M40 grenade.

Ripley fires out another M40 grenade.

Ripley continues to fire multiple M40 grenades at the Queen's abdomen, Suddenly a large explosion causes a massive rupture in the fatty organs and a huge pool of gooey liquid oozes out.

Ripley fires another grenade and a torrent of gooey liquid explodes out, The Queen is screeching continuously. Newt shouts loudly, "Let's Go!" as she pulls Ripley's right arm from behind.

Ripley starts to fire her flame unit into the inferno, Newt turns and shouts, Behind Us, A xenomorph has appeared.

Ripley dispatches the alien as it screeches and explodes, An alarm is now blaring out.

Ripley pulls off her M40 grenade pouch and throws it into the inferno,

Massive booming explosions are heard as the M40 grenades explode, Ripley has picked up Newt and nearly loses her balance as the grenades explode out.

The almighty explosions have cause the Queen alien to fall down from her perch, She is burning and cannot stay there without burning to death.

The Queen is screeching wildly and flailing her arms and legs, She starts to pull away from the abdomen organ that she is connected to.

Suddenly the Queen has detached from her laying position and is loose, A ripping sound and screeching is heard as the queen pulls her body from the alien umbilical cord.

Two sirens can be heard simultaneously, One is a honking sound at two second intervals and the other is a bleeping siren,

Ripley is breathing heavily as she makes her escape carefully following the flares she had lit earlier.

Ripley grunts and breathes heavily as she makes her escape, She can be heard softly hoping to survive with a oh god sound.

Ripley follows the burning purple flares along the low lit corridors and metal railings. The computer voice can be heard, Attention Emergency All personnel must evacuate immediately.

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