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Captain Rhodes slowly shakes his head negatively as he say's calmly, I'm not so sure we need you at all. (Rhodes looks up at Sarah slightly) Pvt Steel suddenly contributes as he say's calmly Fuckin "A" (Rhodes blinks)- Pvt Steel is totally on Captain Rhodes side and absolutely despises the scientists as he believes Captain Rhodes is more politically correct. Rhodes hesitates then say's, I'm not even sure (Raises pencil slightly) just what the hell it is you're doing in there, (Rhodes turns his head right then back to Sarah), Rhodes becomes slightly more frustrated and angry - "just what the hell it is my men are risking their assess for". No sound score exists and all is quiet


Sarah raises her eyebrows slightly, Well maybe if there was more cooperation around here, your men wouldn't have to (Sarah becomes louder and more angry) (Shakes head up and down slightly) risk their assess quite as often.


Pvt Steel looks at Sarah with a solemn expression before suddenly smiling - (Loud clicking sound is heard) Pvt Steel instantly cocks his machine gun as he plays with his cigar between his lips, Steel automatically then looks down at his most treasured possession.


Sarah stands silent and motionless for a moment before saying, Miguel Salazar's in bad shape. Pvt Rickle's holds a pack of cards in his left hand as he quickly takes one card at a time from the pack with his right and lays then picture side down on the table in a line. (Most likely Solitaire or Devil's Grip)


Pvt Steel instantly responds from Sarah's comment as he turns to look at her,  "Hey No Shit!" Pvt Steel chuckles intensively from Miguel's dilemma, Pvt Steel looks on over at Pvt Rickle's who is sat down at a table for a sick response - Pvt Steel as we know despises Miguel and almost killed him back at the corral underground cave.


Pvt Rickle's looks at Pvt Steel from his devilish laughter and then back down at his cards, Pvt Rickle's looks back again fleetingly as he also chuckles from Miguel's ill health and Pvt Steels sick wisecracks. Sarah speaks with a controlled and serious tone of voice as she locks eyes with Captain Rhodes, "I want him pulled off active duty for a while until we can evaluate his condition". Pvt Rickle's places another card face down on the table.


Pvt Steel raises his yellow can of RALPH Beer to his mouth as he takes a few large mouthfuls, Captain Rhodes holds his mug of tea just in front of him in a static position, Captain Rhodes say's calmly and with slight sarcasm, Can't spare him, (Thud is heard as Pvt Steel returns his beer can to the tables surface). Dr Fisher suddenly looks away from Sarah. Captain Rhodes stares into his mug as he slowly brings it closer to his mouth, Sarah continues, He's over the edge.


Sarah continues as she tries to get her serious point across - He's turning into jello (Jello is a fruit-flavored gelatin dessert made up from a commercially prepared powder). JELLO can also mean "Jealous" Sarah suddenly looks in Pvt Steels direction as the soldier butts in and say's with a sarcastic tone, Jello? Sarah stops talking as she waits patiently for something sensible Pvt Steel may have to offer.


Pvt Steel turns to Captain Rhodes as he say's, That's the way the spicks (Looks back at Sarah) say "yellow" Captain Rhodes instantly stands as he drops his yellow pencil onto his map (Light wooden sound is heard) Captain Rhodes examines an area of interest momentarily as he places his left hand onto the map on the table before cross referencing on the wall behind. Pvt Steel shouts loudly "Jello" as his mouth contorts and drops down to his left side,


Pvt Steel then lets out an insane and devilish chuckle that Sarah is not finding amusing at all. Dr Fisher closes his note book with his left hand producing a brown cover,  (Low level sound of paper is heard) Dr Fisher finishes by closing the other side with his right hand producing a purple front - (light thud sound is heard) (Dr Fisher removes the note book and places it on his lap with his left hand.)  Captain Rhodes walks on over to the far wall where several blown up maps of Florida and the surrounding area are visible. Captain Rhodes spends a lot of his time trying to work out and identify any suitable habitats that he and his men could live as a superior alternative to the Seminole bunker storage system. Pvt Steel is in a fit of hysterics and is not taking the situation or Sarah seriously, Pvt Steel shakes his head as he chuckles loudly before taking another few mouthfuls of beer from his can. Dr Fisher lowers his head in disbelief as the soldiers are now running the show. Sarah say's Miguel is seriously disturbed.


Sarah continues, He's close to the breaking point, and that's dangerous for all of us.


Sarah continues as Captain Rhodes observes his blown up maps of Florida, "He can't handle any more stress right now." Captain Rhodes leans his left side down the map as he rudely ignores Sarah's concerns.


Captain Rhodes slowly turns himself around to face Sarah once again, (Removes his right hand from map)  Captain Rhodes say's as he slowly pulls open his green army jacket to reveal two silver magnums and a long chain of machine gun ammunition, "Well, maybe I should cut off his extracurricular activities. (Light tapping of feet) Rhodes takes a step forward as he slides his jacket off from behind with both hands. (Sound of material is heard) Jacket slides off from the left side as Rhodes jerks his arm out at rapid speed, Rhodes grabs the right side collar with his left hand and pulls the jacket off completely.


Rhodes becomes vulgar in words - Maybe you're keeping him too busy at night. Rhodes pulls up the loose jacket with his right hand before transferring the jacket to his left hand.


Sarah replies, We're talking about a man's life here, (Sarah shouts loudly with anger) "you son of a bitch".


Captain Rhodes leans to his right as he rests his hand on his studying table, (Light thud sound is heard) Sarah continues, And the lives of others he might put in jeopardy. Captain Rhodes stares at Sarah with glaring eyes of hostility as he places his right hand to his right hip, Rhodes replies, Maybe I should put him in quarantine?. Rhodes eyes stay firmly locked to Sarah as he say's "How about it Steel" Steel replies, You call it, Captain.


Pvt Steel continues, I'll build him a cage,


Pvt Steel looks back at Sarah as he instantly spurts out a devilish chuckle of sick and twisted amusement. Pvt Rickle's can also be heard chuckling loudly at Pvt Steels continuous wisecracks.


Captain Rhodes replies, Yeah, Might not be a bad idea... Sarah looks on almost astonished at the childish and degrading antics of the soldiers. Sarah suddenly looks to her left and directly at Captain Rhodes, Sarah is silent and is not appreciating her time spent with the uncooperative goons.


Captain Rhodes slowly turns his head away from Pvt Steel as he say's with a sincere but cruel tone of voice, "Give some of the rest of us a shot at some loving". Captain Rhodes touches his chin with his left hand as he provocatively stares over at Sarah as he contemplates the possibilities that he was her boyfriend instead of the ill Miguel. Rhodes slowly rubs his mouth and lips as he looks on at Sarah in silence and thoughts of lust and seduction.


Pvt Steel replies with sarcasm and a severe disregard for the serious predicament they are in, "Hey, it's gonna be a long winter", Pvt steel bursts out in rapturous laughter once more as he considers Sarah a useless and worthless mannequin that just happens to speak it's mind. Sarah continues to stare at Captain Rhodes as Pvt Steels laughter hits the roof, He furiously chuckles in complete delight and complete disregard for Sarah's feelings. Pvt Rickle's is also laughing as he continues to play his card game and is immensely enjoying the fun and games at Sarah's expense. Sarah has had enough of the fun and games and is not prepared to stand there as an Aunt Sally any longer, Sarah looks away from Rhodes and directly to Steel as he continues his sick and twisted chuckling, Sarah begins to loosen her position as she say's to Dr Fisher with a sense of frustrating anger and tension, Come on, Ted. Let's get out of here.


A light tapping of feet is heard - Sarah turns around from Captain Steel and begins to walk back towards the door she came through just a few minutes earlier. Dr Fisher instantly stands up from his chair, Dr Fisher passes his note book from his right hand to his left as he holds it by his side, Dr Fisher also places his pencil into his top left side pocket with his right hand. Both Sarah and Dr Fisher walk at a swift pace as they make there  way out of the operations room. Pvt Steel chuckles as he watches the two scientists make there escape, Captain Rhodes rests his left foot on to a back beam of his deck chair as he shouts back to the pair, I'm calling a meeting for 7.00 tonight.  I want everybody present, Rhodes speaks with more authority "Everybody, lady." Pvt Rickle's holds his coffee cup in his right hand as he looks on down at his cards, He continues to hold the remaining pack in his left hand. Pvt Rickle's removes his hand from the cup as he places it down onto a card on the table, Rickle's picks up a piece of gum from the table surface and pops it in his mouth with his right hand as he turns his head to watch Dr Fisher pass him. Pvt Rickle's turns his head right as he continues to watch the doctors make there way out, Rickle's is smiling and is full of beans.


Captain Rhodes continues, including Dr Frankenstein and including your boyfriend. Pvt Rickle's is looking down at his card game, Sarah replies as she nears the exit door, I gave him a sedative, He won't be awake. Pvt Rickle's picks up two cards in quick succession with his right hand,


Captain Rhodes shouts back to Sarah as he continues his narcissist approach, "Look here woman, I'm short on man power, I won't have you going around doping up any of my men without orders from me. Is that clear?


Pvt Rickle's looks away from Rhodes as he watches Sarah from a distance. Captain Rhodes constant shouting and ordering around is infuriating Sarah and she can no longer keep in her anger and dismay at the appalling situation of the operations station and the soldiers that now control it. Sarah suddenly turns around at speed and shouts back to the Captain, (Sarah's right arm swings around her at speed) "Yes Sir" Sarah raises her right hand to her right side temple and salutes Rhodes, Sarah shouts back again "Fuck You Sir" as she strikes the same hand out in rejection at Rhodes mean and tyrannical demands. Dr Fisher drops down several feet as he descends several concrete steps. A metal chinking sound is heard as Dr Fisher opens the exit door with his right hand. Sarah turns and follows Dr Fisher out of the operations area. Rickle's picks up another card with his right hand.


A loud echoing bang reverberates along and around the operations bunker as Sarah slams the door closed with full force and vexation, She is not happy with her treatment and deserves better that the small cluster of soldiers that are left to protect her and her scientific research. Captain Rhodes is silent as he continues to observe the exit door in the distance, Rhodes has a mean and evil expression on his face and will definitely create more problems as the day's go by.


A light tapping of feet is heard as Dr Fisher and Sarah appear from around a corner, Dr Fisher say's to Sarah, Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Dr Fisher turns his head fleetingly towards Sarah, Dr Fisher continues, I thought Cooper was an asshole, (Sarah fleetingly looks to Dr Fisher) but he was a sweetheart next to Rhodes.


Dr Fisher continues, We could be in real trouble, Dr fisher turns his head back towards Sarah as he say's with concern, You'd better watch yourself...


Dr Fisher faces Sarah as he stops in his tracks, Sarah stands with her hands in her pocket as she carefully listens to Dr Fishers words, Dr Fisher say's as he as he raises his right hand out to express his words. "I mean physically (Fisher Points his right index finger towards Sarah) "Watch yourself" Fisher lowers his hand as it swings up and down a few times in momentum - Sarah shrugs her shoulders slightly as she say's softly, I can handle it, Sarah pushes her head forward slightly towards Dr Fisher and say's "Don't worry, It's not going to come to that." Dr Fisher is worried that she could be raped by the soldiers or worse.  Dr Fisher retracts his head slightly as he ponders on Sarah's predicament,


Sarah continues with confidence, We've just gotta pound some logic into their heads, Dr fisher say's "Impossible" as he looks left and back down the corridor to indicate to Sarah the soldiers residing in the operations room and other places. Shakes head negatively slightly - Sarah sighs as she stands silent momentarily,


Sarah then say's as she turns her head left and along the corridor,  Where's Dr Logan? - (aka Frankenstein) Dr Fisher turns his head to his right as he faces the corridor that leads to Dr Logan's laboratory, Dr Fisher nods his head slightly as he say's, Frankenstein? Directs right hand towards the laboratory slightly and say's, He's in his laboratory, Where else?


Sarah and Dr Fisher look up along the empty and eerily silent corridor that leads to Dr Logan's laboratory, A middle toned synthesizer pad is playing that is continuous.


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Dr Logan's scientific lab is also part of the cave system, A large rock protrudes out from the right side and it has been purposely darkened to help selective zombies to acclimatize into there new surroundings.


(Low level relaxing synthesizer melody is heard) A squeaking sound is heard as Sarah opens the door to the laboratory, Sarah does not close the door as she slowly walks up the darkened area towards Dr Logan's hypnotic voice. (Light tapping of feet is heard from Sarah) Dr Logan is a break away scientist with radical and if a human society existed quite controversial. Sarah and Dr Fisher do confer with Dr Logan but do not contribute or participate in his many vivisection's or extreme forms of open body surgery and amputations. They do confer and share information but Sarah and Dr Fisher believe in another strategy and scientific direction. Dr Logan can be heard in the distance as he talks into his dictator tape machine, he is explaining his day's scientific study and what has been learnt. Dr Logan speaks with a soft tone of voice and say's, There's a loss of initiative, caution, many of the human cognitive functions. Apparently the result of decay in the frontal parietal.


Dr Logan continues as he stands near to one of his zombie specimens, "Temporal and occipital lobes". Dr Logan lowers his dictator machine with his right hand for a split second before raising it to his mouth and continuing. Dr Logan slowly walks off to his right turning his back on his subject. Dr Logan continues to speak into the machine, "


Sarah is solemn as she slowly walks into Dr Logan's laboratory quiet and low profile, She is listening to Frankenstein's medical analysis. Sarah slowly lights up as the ambience from the lab illuminates onto her face and clothing. Dr Logan continues, On revival the rate of decomposition slows substantially, Sarah stops dead in her tracks as she watches DR Logan carry out his affairs.


A loud click is heard as Dr Logan switches on an X ray machine with his left hand, The machine rapidly lights up to produce a bright blue image of a zombies skull and brain. Dr Logan looks up at the image as he say's into his recorder, Indications are that these beings...


Dr Logan turns to face forward) could function over a period of years...Dr Logan looks to his right, begins to walk forward as he looks down, "In cases of early revival 10 to 12 years before decay would threaten mobility. Dr Logan's laboratory is dirty and very bloody, Several zombie specimens are stretched out on autopsy tables and there is a lack of cleaning solutions and chemicals to keep the surgery sterile and clean. Dr Logan is always covered in blood and zombie guts and because of the lack of clean clothing and sterile conditions cross contamination of bodily fluids is a real possibility and highly likely.


Sarah hides in the dark as she continues to watch and listen to Dr Logan's prognosis.


A loud phazer of synthesizer sound is suddenly heard infused with a loud crashing sound. Without any warning a male zombie suddenly appears from behind Sarah, Sarah is completely oblivious to the danger as she becomes more engrossed in Dr Logan's work.


The zombie strikes out with both hands as it attempts to grab Sarah from behind, Sarah instantly screams as she rapidly turns around from the touch of the undead, Sarah steps backwards as she attempts to get as far away as possible from the ghoul, The zombie groans loudly as it contorts and twists it's rotten mouth, Luckily for Sarah the zombie has been chained up with thick steel and can go no further forward.


The zombie continues to growl from it's missed opportunity, Sarah stands a few feet away silent and motionless, She is gobsmacked and totally blown away from the sudden attack and is now suffering from shock.


Short and sweet keyboard melody is heard - The zombie stares at Sarah with a strangely devoid set of emotions, The zombie keeps it's eyes on Sarah as it suddenly walks to it's left producing a jingling clunking sound from it's chain. The zombie has pure evil in it's eyes and is cold and rather frightening for Sarah, Dr Logan did not warn Sarah of the impeding danger as he also likes to keep his work as classified as possible from the soldiers.


Suddenly the zombie opens it's foul and putrid mouth wide open producing a stench of rotten death into the air, It groans loudly as it's mouth bends and contorts from the presence of fresh human meat. Sarah is dumbstruck and frozen on the spot as she contemplates how lucky she was not to have been bitten.


Dr Logan has spotted Sarah from a distance but does not show any reaction to Sarah's meeting with one of his specimens. Dr Logan is slightly louder in tone as he continues his prognosis but this time he is speaking over to Sarah, Dr Logan leans forward slightly as he raises his left hand and say's, "The brain is the engine Sarah"


Dr Logan raises his hand again rapidly as he sticks up his middle finger and say's, the motor that drives them. (Lowers hand and walks off to his right.)


Sarah turns and watches as Dr Logan quickly takes a few steps to his right as he continues to talk, Dr Logan is very enthusiastic and extremely involved in his work, He say's, "They don't need and blood flow,


Sarah fleetingly looks back at the male zombie that is blending in with the darkness before beginning to walk on over to the mad scientist.


Dr Logan continues, Don't need any of their internal organs. The zombie looks on with a dull and complete lack of understanding as Sarah moves away.


A light tapping and scuffling of feet is heard as Dr Logan makes his way over to another zombie specimen that is laid out on an autopsy table. Dr Logan picks up a surgical pair of scissors with his left bloodied glove, Logan looks down at the zombie as he retrieves another pair of scissors. with his right. (Metallic sounds from the surgical instruments are heard) Logan say's to Sarah with zeal and extreme enthusiasm, Now, I've severed all the vital organs in this one,


Logan looks up at Sarah fleetingly, Sarah begins to walk forward with awe and extreme fascination at Dr Logan's extremely radical procedures, Logan say's, There's nothing left of the corpse but brain and limbs, and still it functions.


Dr Logan suddenly feels an impulsive urge to demonstrate to Sarah a certain aspect of the zombies behavioral characteristics, Logan quickly points his right index finger towards Sarah as he looks back down at the zombie, Logan say's Look Sarah Look as he demonstrates his findings. Zombie fleeting looks at Sarah with cold and evil eyes.


No sound score exists - Logan slowly raises his left hand outstretched over the zombies face and mouth as he tries to excite and achieve a response. Dr Logan rapidly lowers his hand over the zombies mouth before snatching it up quickly, Dr Logan has now got the zombies attention as it turns it's head to look up at the smell of meat, Even though the zombie has it's eyes closed it can sense and smell Dr Logan's presence and offering,


The evil undead corpse opens it's stench filled mouth as it tries to eat Dr Logan's hand, The zombie growls as it raises it's head in an attempt to bite Logan, (Snapping of teeth is heard)


Dr Logan quickly lowers his hand again as an offering, The zombie snaps at the bloodied glove as it raises it's head as high as possible - Snapping of teeth - Growling -


Dr Logan stops the game as he looks back at Sarah and say's, See, It want's me, (Logan looks down at Zombie)  It want's food but (Hesitates) (Looks back at Sarah) it has no stomach.

source (2).gif

Sarah looks at the zombie with fear and amazement as Dr Logan continues, It can take no nourishment from what it ingests.

giphy (8).gif

Dr Logan fleetingly looks down at zombie - Logan say's, It's working on instinct, a deep, dark, primordial instinct. Dr Logan walks away from his specimen as a low patter of feet is heard.


Sarah slowly turns her head as she follows Dr Logan across the room, Dr Logan continues, Decomposition occurs... Sarah is still silent as she tries to absorb the horrors in front of her.


Dr Logan makes his way over to a large green chalk board where he has drawn a schematic of his findings, This schematic portrays the human brain or in this case a zombie brain.


Beautiful mid-sagittal section of the brain from Johannes Sobotta's atlas of human anatomy, 1st published in 1904


Dr Logan continues, First in the frontal lobes, Dr Logan looks at Sarah as he points his bloodied right index finger to that specific part of the brain. Dr Logan raises both of his hands fleetingly towards Sarah as he expresses his prognosis. Dr Logan say's  "the neocortex".


Dr Logan points up again as he say's, and next in the limbic system,


Dr Logan raises his hands and flutters his fingers as he say's, the middle brain.


Dr Logan looks at the board then back to Sarah as he raises his right index finger, Dr Logan places his index finger close to the board and shakes furiously as he say's, But the core, (Breathes deeply).


Sarah slowly looks away from Dr Logan as she begins to feel rather sick inside, She respects Dr Logan but his extremity is now having an effect on her mental state, She want's a cure the same as Dr Logan but does not agree with his bizarre and scrupulous methods. Dr Logan continues, the core is the last thing to be attacked by the decay.


Sarah suddenly looks back at Dr Logan as he continues, Logan points his right index finger to another area of the chalk board as he say's with enthusiasm, It's the "R" complex, Sarah...


Sarah suddenly looks back at Dr Logan as he continues, Logan points his right index finger to another area of the chalk board as he say's with enthusiasm, It's the "R" complex, Sarah... "that" (looks down and breathes deeply as he shakes his bloodied right glove) central bit of prehistoric jelly...Looks back to Sarah - that we inherited from the reptiles. Dr Logan looks to his right before quickly stepping over to another area of his laboratory, Dr Logan say's, as he raises his right arm and points to another area in the laboratory, Here I ...


The Limbic System – Diagram


A fast tapping of feet is heard from Dr Logan, Sarah follows Dr Logan across the room as she continues to keep her eyes firmly focused on the scientist, Dr Logan say's, I've gone into the center here and attacked the "R" complex discretely.


Sarah fleetingly looks down at the new specimen with intrigue and a growing frustration and fear as she quickly looks back at the Dr. Sarah is becoming overwhelmed and is not entirely on Dr Logan's side with his experimentation with the undead. The male zombie behind Sarah stands quiet and motionless


Dr Logan stands above another autopsy table where a zombie lies under a white sheet, Dr Logan lifts the sheet with both bloodied hands as he pulls it away to reveal the macabre result underneath. Dr Logan say's, I've removed it from the equation this corpse... Light muffling of material is heard as Dr Logan pulls the sheet down and away from the corpse. Dr Logan's laboratory is filthy and it is a very messy job when you have to dissect a dead corpse or an animated one. A large syringe lays on the table to the right and is still full of a thick blood sample. The fridge handle is smothered in blood from the repeated opening and closing, Dirty rags of blood dot the floor and the autopsy tables are covered.


Dr Logan has been busy with his corpse and has successfully removed the entire skull to leave just the brain and a small amount of skin and hair. The brain is attached to a series of colored wires which are attached to a Fisher programmer which controls voltage and current. This is then linked to a printer which is a Electroencephalography (EEG) (Records electrical activity of the brain) and another blue box that further changes the current and regulates amps and resistance. With this equipment Dr Logan can hopefully control the zombies motor functions.

tenor (1).gif

Sarah stares in almost disbelief at the dead corpse on the autopsy table, With every minute Dr Logan's experiments are becoming more and more grotesque.


Dr Logan looks at Sarah as he say's, I believe this creature would be benign (gentle and kind.) (Looks back to Sarah then back down again) even if it had it's eyesight and it's other (Hesitates) senses. Dr Logan raises his left hand up and shakes it once as he say's, It's primitive instincts have been erased. Dr Logan looks down as he begins to walk on over to his electrical equipment that the brain has been wired to.


An echoing tapping of feet is heard as Dr Logan quickly shuffles over to his scientific equipment, Logan places his right hand onto a dial on the bottom blue box as he turns and watches his specimen, Suddenly Logan twists the knob as a loud electrical fizzing and crackling is heard -


No sooner as Logan switched on the current and turned the settings to high the zombie corpse instantly raises it's right arm up high in the air, The fingers are outstretched as the strong current travels through the brain and into the dead body, (The exposed brain and spinal chord wobble and shake slightly)


Logan quickly turns the knob back down to off which results in the arm falling back down to the autopsy table -  A loud thud is heard as the hand and arm smashes back down.


Dr Logan is extremely engrossed in his work as he turns the dials, Next Dr Logan twists a smaller knob which is part of a series of four, More electrical disturbance is heard (Fizzing and crackling) The zombie's right arm suddenly lifts at speed and stays momentarily in the air as the current is applied.


Dr Logan looks on over at Sarah with a triumphant smile of energy as the hand lifts up into the air, Logan is very pleased with his progress and is keen to show Sarah more. Logan turns the dial back resulting in another electrical fizzing and crackling sound  - The dead arm drops back to the autopsy table at high speed - Thud is heard -


Dr Frankenstein repeats the process as he gets into the rhythm, The dead corpse raises it's left arm again as Logan applies the current, Fizzing and crackling is heard - Thud is heard as the dead meat drops back to the white sheet below. Logan finishes the process by raising up the corpse's right arm for the second time - The same fizzing and crackling is heard then a loud thud as the arm drops back down again.


Logan takes his right hand away from the blue box as he points it towards the dead zombie corpse. Logan say's to Sarah as he shakes his right hand furiously at the corpse, It still has motor function,



Sarah is looking at the dissected corpse before looking back at Dr Logan, Dr Logan say's, Probably still has powers of deliberation. (slow and careful movement or thought.)


A light tapping of feet is heard as Dr Logan makes his way over to a small table that has several glass Erlenmeyer flasks on top. Dr Logan looks at the table then dead corpse for a fleeting moment before looking back at Sarah, Dr Logan picks up a bloodied and soiled white cloth with his left hand which he then holds with his right also, Dr Logan say's, It can be domesticated Sarah, don't you see? (Hesitates) -Looks back at corpse. Dr Logan continues, It can be (Hesitates) (Breathes heavily) conditioned to behave (Shakes head positively slightly in quick succession) the way we want it to behave.


Sarah responds to Dr Logan's enthusiastic approach to the apocalypse, And all that's required is 15 hours of fancy surgery (Becomes slightly louder) that only a handful of people are trained to do. Male zombie in the background has become more agitated as it growls and moves from side to side. Sarah continues, I thought we were going to stop work on the neurophysical and concentrate on something more practical. Sarah and Dr Logan's serious discussion has stirred the male zombie a little, (Lifts left arm up slightly then back down again, Slides right foot back slightly creating a scuffling sound. Looks to right - Groans at a continuous rate. - Moves head slightly from left to right.


Dr Logan waves his right hand up in the air as he say's, These finds are central to the condition, (Shakes head negatively slightly)


 I will not stop any work that might (Raises arms out slightly) lead to an answer, (Looks away then back at Sarah) let alone in an area that is (Looks away then back at Sarah nods forward) (Smiles smirks quickly) central to the condition.


Light tapping is heard as Dr Logan turns and walks forward towards a table that is full of medical clutter, This includes a human skull, a microscope, a large lamp, bottles and jars and various other items. Frankenstein is adamant that he will not stop his studies at this crucial time.

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