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Manipulated by greedy power crazed hands.

There unscrupulous Trash!,

And I don't want any part in it!

Yet without me they are Powerless!

So now you understand why they'll act at any cost.

Use any means to get there filthy hands on me.

No Trash! These killings were not a coincidence.

Trash replies, If this is true you'd be running right back into their arms.

Anne replies, I know... But I prefer this too seeing you killed!.

Trash say's, Stay Anne... At least dying for you would give my life a meaning.

Trash and Anne return together but Trash notices the way is blocked, He signals to Anne to slow down.

Trash and Anne dismount their bikes, Trash pulls out his spiked metal baton as he feels there might be something going down.

A simple synthesizer key is playing, Suddenly a group of Zombies appear and surround Anne, Trash has no time to respond as a net falls from the ceiling and he is trapped.

Two groups of four Zombies swarm Anne and Trash, A guitar soundtrack is now playing. The Zombies sound out there trademark ahh and haha as they escort Anne away. Anne shouts out loudly, Trash! Trash! but Trash can not help.

Anne shouts out again a longer Trash as Four Zombies pummel into Trash as he lies trapped on the floor.

The Zombies finish their attack and skate off leaving Trash out so they think.

Trash is not dead and slowly raises himself up in a dazed state.

Ice say's, We gotta burn them up before they get a chance to burn us up!

Blade replies, You gotta be kiddin' You got your grey matter in your butt.

Blade continues, Ogre picks up the telephone and calls his pals...It's our ass.

Suddenly Paul spots Trash coming back along the road, He shouts out and signals saying, Hey there, It's Trash!

Blade say's Did you see Anne?  Trash replies, The Zombies caught her. Trash managed to free himself from the netting and now has a clear path of action.

Ice say's decisively, Then it's War!

Ice continues, I trust Trash that this has finally made you see things clear.

Ice continues, You got one option war against the Tigers.

Trash replies, I ain't talking options my plan is to visit the Ogre.

Ice responds in a serious tone, Talk to the Ogre? Are you outta your fuckin' mind man?

Trash is getting a little pissed with Ice's ideas and stirring violence, He snaps back at Ice and say's, Shut your mouth and listen Asshole! 

Trash continues, I think those Manhattan big shots are trying to trap us because of Anne.

Trash continues, We can never take them on alone we need allies!

Trash continues, And that means every Rider in the Bronx!.

Trash continues, And only the Ogre could deliver them! Blade say's, How the hell you gonna get to the Ogre alone? You realize that's No Mans land?. Blade lays it down in a serious tone, You gotta get through the territories of the Jackels, The Scavengers, The Sharks... Paul say's, Blade's right Trash, You'd never make it alone... 

Trash replies, Then I'll have to bring some men with me

Paul puts his shades on, Another biker thumbs up in agreement, Ice holds his glasses and nods negatively in disagreement but has no choice.

The soundtrack starts again it is a light drum beat with a flute sound, Trash say's, You Hole and Hawk, Blade replies, Hey can I go?

Trash say's quietly to Blade as he indicates to Blade with his eyes, You better keep your eye on that one!

Blade looks over at Ice who does not seem too happy with the situation.

Trash nods slightly at Blade before the pair high five in agreement. Blade is the more quieter but more faithful gang member a thinker.

Ice notices Trash and Blade high fiving and looks over for information.

The Zombie gang are in training and are making Huh! Huh! Yah! Yah! sounds as they skate around.

Some gang members are boxing and performing high kicks,

The sound of clinking is heard as the hockey sticks make contact. The grinding of skates is also heard as the Zombies loop round and take high jumps in the air.

This is Golem, He is the big boss of the Zombie gang.

Golem walks over to Anne, He is observing his men and now has a bonus item that could be of some use. Golem say's to Anne, So you are Trash's lay?

Anne replies in a serious tone,  You shouldn't of done this! He'll kill you!

Trash Paul and Hawk make there way to the underground entrance that will lead them to the other side of the Bronx. Neither man wants to go underground as the Scavengers live down there, They will first try a higher route to the other side of the Bronx with the help of the Ironmen gang if possible.

It is very quiet with no sound score, Only the tapping of feet and the metal grinding of weapons is heard. Paul decides to leap the gap.

All three gang members go under an arch that leads to a stairwell. This circular access tunnel will lead them into the Ironmen Gang territory.

As the three gang members climb out of the stairwell they walk into a large and derelict car park arena, It has graffiti on every surface. 

As the three gang members climb out of the stairwell they walk into a large and derelict car park arena, It has graffiti on every surface. 
Suddenly a long line of tap dancing men appear that wear tin hats silver clothing and have metal sticks as weapons, A jazzy soundscore is playing with deep base notes and piano, 

The Ironmen have symmetry style and pizzazz, they move in synchronicity and could go down well at a local theatre or stage show, They have brightly painted faces which is there trademark look, None of them are making any sound just the tapping of there dancing shoes.

The scene is placid and devoid of any faceful expression from any one, The Ironmen look at the gang members with an overall face of non existence, Only the energy to dance and tap there feet is the most important requirement at this moment.

Paul Trash and Hawk seem amused at the sight, Paul starts to smile and say's to Trash, Let's have some fun...

Trash replies, Go on..

Paul nods to Hawk to follow as the three gang members get closer to the Ironmen group.

The funky jazz sound is still playing as the Riders edge closer. Suddenly all but two of the Ironmen twizzle out of there static positions in sequence like they were competing in an ice figure skating championship.

Suddenly two of the Ironmen start to fight with Paul and Hawk, Clinking is heard as the metal weapons make contact.

The ironmen jump high and twizzle round as they fight with the Riders. They perform backward kicks and make yah ha ha sounds as they go about there business.

Hawk gets kicked in the stomach and falls to the floor.

Paul also gets some punishment and he also falls to the floor.

An Ironmen gang member is just about to spear Paul when a sound is heard. 

A woman wearing a golden suit with a matching gold metal tin hat suddenly appears with arms held high, She is the Ironmen leader!. She shouts, Hold It!

She tap dances around Trash with a  golden bed knob stick while Trash looks on.

She holds her stick under Trash's chin and say's Your Trespassing Trash!

She repeats her words a little louder, I said your trespassing Trash!, 

Trash replies, You don't say!

She spins around Trash then taps him on the shoulder with her stick and say's in an elegant way, Did you come looking for trouble?

Trash replies, Gotta get to the other side of the Bronx... Fast!

The Ironmen leader replies as she spins around again, What's the rush?

The Ironmen leader places her stick over Trash's head and say's Planning on going to a meeting?

Or something?

Trash replies, Yeah right! Between me and the Ogre.

The Ironmen leader tap dances around Trash again, She say's, Your lucky Trash... 

She continues, You see she say's as she breathes out slowly draping the stick down Trash's chest in a kind of erotic way.

She say's I gotta soft spot in my heart for you.

Trash replies, And they say you got an iron heart

The Ironmen leader looks away then back again and say's to Trash, Beat it!

The Ironmen leader tap dances around Trash again then say's Before I change my mind... Trash replies, Ok Baby, I owe you one..

Trash dings the top of the Ironmen leaders golden metal hat with his finger in reconciliation.

Hotdogs truck has it's engines running and has stopped close to the Riders hangout.

Blade spots the truck from his hideout, He say's Hey Looky Looky!

Blade continues, Hotdog's down the street in his truck flickin the lights on and off.

Ice replies with a rhythmic expression, Hot diggity dog!

Ice say's I wonder what the bastards up too?

Ice walks off and Blade say's Hey, where you going?

Ice replies, I got me a little score to settle with that son of a bitch. And this time Trash won't be around to help him.

Suddenly the truck sets off up the road.

Ice is following behind on his Motor cycle.

Blade is keeping a close eye on the unfolding scene he may sense something is not quite right.

Blade runs to his bike and rides it down the steep stairs as he always does.

Ice catches up with Hotdog and they both pull in to the side of the road.

Blade is on a mission to find Ice's whereabouts he will keep it low key though.

Ice pulls the door open to Hotdogs cabin but is shocked to find Hammer pointing a pistol at him.

Hammer say's Welcome general.. Let me introduce myself.

Hammer say's I'm the one they call Hammer!

Trash Paul and Hawk have arrived at another part of the derelict system.

Trash takes the lead as he carefully lowers himself down into an underground set of tunnels. The sound has changed to a simple synthesizer sound of tubular bells and rats screeching.

Trash say's This is Scavenger territory so be on guard!

Only the sound of the gang members feet can be heard.

Suddenly a twang of an electric guitar is heard as a Scavenger drops down from a height just behind the Rider gang. Then another Scavenger appears and they both run up ahead towards the Rider gang members.

Trash is looking in all directions, He say's, I don't like this strange silence.

Paul replies, Maybe it's a trap.

Another Scavenger appears from the right side and jumps down, Another two also show up in the crevices of the dark corridors, They make a strange kind of grunting sound like a bad impression of a Gorilla.Scavengers use sharpened wooden stakes to kill there prey, They always work in teams and will pounce on there prey resulting in many scavengers at once going in for the kill. Death is almost certainly guaranteed.

Trash and Paul run on ahead and forget about Hawk who is trailing, Suddenly several Scavengers pounce from high above taking Hawk by complete surprise. One larger Scavenger grabs Hawk from behind and covers his mouth so that he can't call for help. The pack drag him away to his ultimely death.

Trash is alerted and hears the painful groans of Hawk as the scavengers kill him.

Hawk comes from a corner with several huge wooden spikes sticking out of his back, He groans Trash as he croaks and splutters. He then falls to the ground.

Suddenly the soundtrack becomes more upbeat as several Scavengers strike falling from the ceiling and side walls.

The Scavengers are fighting with large planks of wood but work best taking the victim by surprise and dragging them away.  Scavengers have caveman traits also.

A clacking of metal is heard as the Riders belt the scavengers as hard as they can.

Paul has to fight off two scavengers at the same time, He kicks the scavenger to the right and he falls, he then whacks the scavenger to the left in the head with his weapon, The other scavenger that fell down comes back and Paul dispatches him with a whack to the head.

Trash sends a scavenger flying into a broken wooden door.

Paul whacks this scavenger to the left in the head with his weapon. Paul's style of kicking first then a head strike second is becoming very effective against the scavengers.

Paul gets a good whack on to a scavengers head.

Paul whacks another scavenger in the head, This is becoming Paul's special move.

Trash rams his weapon into a scavengers chest and he falls down, Another scavenger strikes at Trash but misses and instead hits the wall as Trash ducks, Trash then strikes the scavenger down, Another scavenger strikes from the left side and a clinking of metal is heard,

Trash manages to get a good whack on this scavengers head and he goes down.

Paul and Trash make light work of the scavengers as a whacking sound is heard.

Trash turns his head and notices Paul is in a spot of bother. His weapon has broken in two and a scavenger is just about to hit Paul with a large plank of wood. This can't be the metal spiked baton Paul was using to whack them in the head but whatever Paul was using has snapped in half.

Anticipating injury Trash instinctively throws his Metal weapon like a dart straight into the back of the attacking scavenger. The scavenger drops to the floor dead having been severly impaled.

All goes quiet as the last Scavenger dies, Trash say's Let's go as he and Paul exit out of scavenger territory.

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