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Dietrich shouts out, Top, get over here, We got a live one!

Dietrich tries to reassure the distressed woman by saying, You're gonna be all right. The distressed woman cries out in pain and turmoil, Please.. she begs, K Kill me.

Dietrich say's in a calm manner, Just stay calm, We're gonna get you outta here.

Ripley watches on in distress on the display monitors, Dietrich say's It's gonna be all right, Give me a hand, Apone comes over the radio, He says' ahh we got a survivor here.

Dietrich say's We gotta get her outta here. Apone comes over Dietrich's headset and say's What is it, Dietrich, Whats going on? Hicks say's Oh man, 

Dietrich responds by saying, Convulsion! as the distressed woman suddenly starts to shake her head and body violently and uncontrollably.

Something forceful and distressing is exploding out of the woman's chest as she screams in pain like a thumping and ripping catacomb.

Apone orders Dietrich to clear the area, He shouts over the headphones "Dietrich get back"

Apone looks on at the suffering woman as he again orders Dietrich to get back.

The infected woman screams in pain as the chestburster pushes out from her cavity.

Ripley looks on in distress as a ripping and screaching is heard. The Xenomorph pushes out of the woman's chest and breaks through her damp clothing.

Hudson say's No man, Apone shouts for the flamethrower Frost is holding, Hudson shouts, Kill it. The xenomorph has broken through the womans chest and is screaching and aggressive. 

Apone shouts "Get back" Flamethrower, Apone grabs the flamethrower from Frost! Apone shouts move as he aims the flamethrower at the xenomorph.

Apone opens up the flamethrower onto the xenomorph, The alien screeches loudly as the flames burn and incinerate the organism.

The sound of crunching is heard as the intense heat burns and destroys everything in it's path.

Ripley is distraught after watching the scene unfold.

The alien screeches and girates in pain at the intense flames and heat.

A loud hissing can be heard and Apone and Dietrich look up and around there surroundings.

The sound of crackling flames is heard as the alert soldiers try to make out what is happening. 

Dark silhouettes and shadows of blackness suddenly move in and out of the dark walls and ceiling almost effortlessly creating a low level feet stuck in mud sound. Hudson's tracker is really working now, It is beeping at a much higher rate and Hudson shouts, Movement in a slightly distressed tone.

Apone shouts, What's the position?

, Hudson replies, I can't lock in!.

Apone is feeling agitated and nervous, He shouts over to Hudson, Talk to me Hudson!

Hudson replies, "Multiple Signals"

The tracker is on overdrive as it circles around beeping and displaying multiple unknown objects. Hudson shouts, They're closing.

Apone shouts, Go to infrared, people. Look sharp!

Gorman is getting extremely nervous and agitated, He say's What's happening, Apone?, Can't see anything in here.

Ripley say's with sincerity, Pull your team out Gorman.

Hudson is completely fixed to his motion scanner, He shouts out, I got signals, I got readings in front and behind.

Frost say's Where, man? I don't see shit.

Hicks say's, He's right, There's nothing back here.

Hudson shouts out with frustration, Look, I'm tellin you, There's something moving, and it ain't us!

Dietrich taps Frost sternly on the right shoulder as he has his back turned to her, Frost say's Oh shit as a sign of relief after turning to find out who it is.

Hudson shouts, Trackers off scale man.

Hudson shouts, They're all around us man! Jesus!

Dietrich say's in a worried voice, Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all.

Suddenly a large xenomorph appears from the shadows and catches Dietrich from behind, The totally off guard soldier screams and girates in fear pain and uncertainty.

The shock and sudden attack causes Dietrich to lose control of her flamethower as she is lifted high up into the ceiling by the xenomorph. She fires her weapon out of shock and intense fear.

Frost turns around to witness for that moment Dietrich high in the air with legs flailing, The soldier is seconds from a hot fire ball and there is just no time to escape.

The hot flames fire down onto Frost who has no time to react, He tries to escape the heat by running away but because of where he was at the time he runs in the wrong direction and hits some railings. Frost is completely alight and as his body impacts the metal bars he is swung over and falls head first down a deep shaft to his death. 

Frost falls many feet as he burns up.

Hicks shouts "Frost" as he falls to his death.

Dietrich is being held many meters above and is screaming and flailing her legs in pain and fear. A female colonist can be seen cocooned and dead among the putrid crystallized slime and rocky starch.

Private Wierzbowski runs over to where Frost was standing and looks directly at the bag of ammunitions Frost was carrying. He cant see Frost but notices the ammunition fire.

The soldiers ammunitions and grenades are on fire it is only a matter of seconds before a large and lethal explosion blasts out in all directions.

Hicks runs over to Wierzbowski and grabs him by the shoulders, He shouts Come on! at the top of his voice, 

Private Crowe is standing very close to the ammunitions fire as Hicks pulls Wierzbowski away from the dangerous situation.

The ammunitions will explode at any moment.

Wierzbowski goes flying as the ammuntions explode into a huge fireball.

Crowe goes flying also as he was too close for comfort.

Private Crowe lands head first upside down against a wall of rocky crystalline, He is badly burning.

A steady beep is heard from Crowes and Wierzbowskis health display monitors, There is also a flatline on all four levels of the analysis. 

Gorman say's Jesus Christ Apone! What is going on? 

Frost responds, Wierzbowski and Crowe are down!

Hicks can be heard over the headphone system, He say's Dietrich, Frost, off the board! Apone is in a dazed state of mind, He shouts out for his team mates, He say's Dietrich, Crowe! Sound off! Frost!

Ripley can hear the flatline continous beep all around her, The screens are fizzing and losing picture signal,

Hicks identifies Crowe dead with his mouth wide open, 

Hicks can only look at his dead comrade as there is nothing he can do.

A soldier can be heard screaming in pain, Hicks shouts out Wierzbowski!.  Wierzbowski is screaming in pain, as Hicks shouts out again Wierzbowski.

Vasquez is agitated and fearful for her life, She decides to disobey a direct order by Apone to not fire there weapons, She shouts out "Let's Rock! Drake can be heard shouting yeah yeah in the background.

Gunfire richochets out in all directions as Vasquez unloads in rapid succession. The high powered machine gun lights up like a large power fan.

Vasquez is taking no prisoners!

Gorman is really narked at this point, He say's Who's firing? Goddamn it!

Vasquez is hot on the trigger, She shouts Yeah Yeah as she pumps the high powered bullets out in all directions.

Vasquez and Drake fire there weapons in unison as they light up the dank and dull air.

Vasquez swings to the right to ensure a good spread of bullets.

Gorman say's I ordered to hold fire, Hudson comes over the headphone system, They're coming out of the walls!.

Hudson repeats, They're coming out of the goddamn walls! Let's book!. Hudson repeats, They're coming out of the goddamn walls! Let's book! Vasquez fires her weapon again, She shouts in excitement, On the right man, 

Gorman is starting to lose control and his words just don't have that much meaning any more, He say's quietly, Uh Apone, I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators 

Apone is having difficulties hearing Gorman with all the noise that is going on around him, He can hear Gorman on his headset but cannot make out what he is saying, Apone shouts out, Vasquez, Drake, Hold your fire, goddamn it!.

Gorman repeats, Apone, are you copying me?, I want you to lay down a suppressing fire... Gun fire is still audibly heard.

With the incinerators and fall back by squads to the A.P.C. over.

Apone say's Say again, all after "Incinerator" still having difficulties hearing Gormans words.

Gorman is getting very frustrated and angry now, He say's I said I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back 

By squads to the A.P.C. Over. Apone is having severe difficulties hearing Gorman, Gunfire is still bellowing out,

Suddenly a large xenomorph appears from the darkness and grabs Apone, He screams out Ughh! as the giant beast jumps onto Apone at very fast speed, A whipping sound from the tail of the alien is heard as Apone screams to his death. 

Apone's display monitor witnesses the alien attack and then turns to a blank screen of black and white interference.

Hudsons shouts Sarge! Sarge! as it comes over the A.P.C. head phone units, 
Gorman has nearly lost his voice and say's Apone in a low voice. 
Talk to me Apone? Hicks is heard in the background saying Copy! Copy!

Gorman shouts talk to me Apone, Ripley replies He's gone!

Machine gun fire is heard over the head sets as Hudson shouts get out.

Ripley is distressed and say's to Gorman, Get them out of there! Gorman replies Shut up.

Ripley say's Do it now! Gorman snaps back Shut up! 

Ripley grabs the microphone headset from the table and say's Hicks whoever's left, get the hell out of, Gorman shouts loudly before Ripley can complete the sentence, Just shut up Gorman shouts in anger as he grabs the headset from Ripley's hand. 

Ripley responds by shouting angrily at Gorman she say's Goddamn it.

Hudson say's through the monitor display system, It's coming out of the goddamn walls! Hicks shouts in fear Where's Apone? Where's Apone?

Hudson say's The sarge is gone! Let's get the fuck out of here!

Hicks is heard shouting, Let's move it! Let's go marine! Move it back move it, Vasquez and Drake are still firing there weapons.

Gorman is in a state of shock, he say's in a low and wimpy voice, Hudson? Vasquez?

Hicks say's, Hudson this way! Look out! Hudson shouts Get it!

Hicks can be seen in the display monitors firing his shotgun! A screeching elephant like sound is heard as he unloads a couple of shells. Hicks shouts Hudson.

Gorman shouts "Hicks Hicks" The soldiers are heard shouting, Move back Fall back, Come on Behind you! Fall Back!
Gorman say's in a panicked way, I told them to fall back, Hicks over the headsets say's Fall back, goddamn it, now!

Vasquez is heard over the microphone system, Can I move my gun out, 
Ripley is angry and say's to Gorman They're cut off! Hick say's to Hudson over the headset system, Hudson, move your ass! Ripley grabs Gorman by the collar and shouts in anger, Do something! Hicks is heard shouting, Let's go marine!. Gorman just sits in his chair limp as Ripley shouts Fuck.

Drake is heard saying, Come on keep moving, Baby, as Ripley runs over to where Newt is sat, Ripley say's Hold on Newt as she pulls down the metal safety rails to secure Newt into her seat.

Ripley then leaps into the drivers position seat and starts the engines, She pushes the engine start lever forward as the A.PC. kicks into gear.

Gorman has just realized Ripley is going against his wishes, He shouts out in anger, Ripley, What the hell are you doing?

Ripley pushes the transmissions lever forward and the A.P.C. is ready to rumble.

The wheels of the A.P.C. squeal into action sending a plume of smoke into the air, 

Snares Trumpets and drums are playing the sound score, Ripley is transfixed on the drivers view as Gorman comes over to her, He tries to stop Ripley from driving and grabs and tassles with her arms. He shouts loudly "Turn around!"

This causes Ripley to smash into the right side wall of the tunnel as she sharply turns round a bend. Sparks fly out as the two metals react with each other.

Gorman is still attempting to stop Ripley, He shouts That's an order but Ripley is ignoring his commands.

The A.P.C. skids and hits the left side of the long tunnel this also creates a torrent of sparks that bounce and spray off the metal pipes that align the route.

The A.P.C. bangs a metal support beam a little furthur up hitting its back end and bouncing back off,

Newt finds a way to release herself from her seating position, She climbs out and sits down on the floor of the A.P.C., 

Ripley shouts, Get off me goddamn it! Gorman shouts Goddamn it that's an order! 

Burke comes to the rescue and say's to Gorman, You had your chance, Gorman, Gorman gives up trying to stop Ripley and moves out of the way.

Ripley hits the brakes sharply and the A.P.C. skids around another bend.

Hicks is helping Hudson to escape, He say's Come on!

Vasquez shouts, Come on Drake, As they both continue to fire there weapons.

Suddenly from out of the smoky air the A.P.C. has come to the end of the road, Ripley braces for impact as she see's a dead end coming up fast.

The A.P.C. smashes through the wall sending material flying in all direction, Pipes buckle and bend as the heavy vehicle smashes through.

A very loud noise is generated as the A.P.C. crashes through and then skids to a stop.

Drake shouts Yeahh, As Vasquez continues to fire her weapon.

Hicks shouts, Come on, Let's move it! 

Vasquez and Drake shoot a xenomorph in unison, The alien organism screeches and explodes on impact like a volcanic eruption. Pieces of flesh and gargantuan amounts of yellow acid spray out in all directions as the bullets penetrate the tough leathery skin.

Vasquez shouts to Drake, Come on! Let's go! Let's go! 

Hudson say's to Hicks, It's blocked, man, We gotta go round! As they come to the front of the A.P.C.

Ripley shouts, Open the door! to Burke, Ripley grabs the headset and shouts Hicks!

Hicks shouts at the top of his voice, Drake! we are leaving!

Both Vasquez and Drake are really going for it and are continously firing there weapons, Drake shouts out, Get them man!.

Drake shouts out "Run for it" as he blasts another xenomorph to pieces.

Drake shouts out Shit! in anger, as his high powered weapon runs out of bullets, He quickly releases his metal protective combat gear and drops his heavy gun to the floor, He backs furthur backwards with only a flamethrower unit left to defend himself against.

Hudson shouts Go! Go!, Drake is furthur away than Vasquez and Vasquez shouts out to Drake, Come on, man! Come on!

Vasquez shouts out to Drake again, Drake come on! she shouts as Drake expels the flame unit.

Drake "come on" Vasquez shouts back to Drake.

Suddenly a xenomorph appears from nowhere and Vasquez fires her weapon, The alien screeches as it explodes into thousands of pieces. 

The alien releases a fountain of yellow burning acid that sprays all over Drakes face, Vasquez fired her weapon to protect herself but unfortunately Drake was too close, 

Drake screams out loudly as the burning acid devours the left side of his face, He is terribly burnt and has also lost an eye.The acid has also splashed down his neck and most of his left side. 

Vasquez screams out Nooo! after witnessing Drake getting burnt.

Drake falls to the floor in a sliding motion, He does not release the trigger of the incinerator and the hot flame directs itself towards the A.P.C.

Hudson scream out, Fire in the hole! Hicks shouts out, He's gone, 

Burke grabs a fire extinguisher from the wall and starts to put out the flames that have entered the A.P.C. Hudson shouts, Put it out! Put it out!, Go Go.

Hudson shouts out, Come on, Put it out! 

Vasquex is in turmoil, She shouts out, Drake's coming, man! Drake, Hicks has hold of Vasquez and shouts out, No he's not! He's gone!

Hicks pushes Vasquez to the side of the A.P.C. and shouts at her, He say's Forget him! He's gone!

Hicks tries to shut the hatch to the A.P.C.

Ripley starts the engines back up of the A.P.C.

Suddenly as Hicks has nearly shut the hatch an aliens claws appear and stop Hicks from closing the door.

Hicks shouts out "Get the goddamn door" as the large xenomorph pops its head inside the door hatch.

Hicks grabs his shotgun from the floor of the A.P.C.

He shouts, "Eat this" as he sticks the barrel end into the jaws of the xenomorph.

Hudson screams in pain as acid blood splatters onto his left arm.

Hicks and Vasquez manage to close the hatch as Hudson screams in pain.

Hicks shouts loudly, Ripley Go! Go! Go!, Ripley unlocks the breaking system and puts it into reverse.

Ripley reverses the A.P.C. from the wreckage, Large pipes fall off the vehicle as it scrapes and claws its way out.

As Ripley gets back into the tunnel she slams the breaks on sending Hicks to the floor,

The A.P.C. skids and burns rubber as Ripley puts it forward into motion.

Everyone is hanging on by there teeth as Ripley makes a fast exit, Some storage boxes that are placed high up come down hitting Gorman over the head. Gorman collapses onto the floor concussed and out.

Ripley takes a sharp right.

Suddenly Ripley heres a strange chirping kind of sound, She looks up at the glass panel high above the A.P.C.

A big bug eyed alien is staring directly down at her, In moments the alien smashes through the glass and tries to hurt Ripley with its big long and sharp claws. A whipping sound is heard as the aliens claws narrowly miss Ripleys face.

Ripley slams the breaks on hard and the alien falls off the roof into the tunnel facing the A.P.C.

Ripley accelerates by slamming on the accelerator and approaches the alien.

Ripley slams into the xenomorph and as she does so the alien goes under the wheels of the A.P.C. squashing it flat,

Ripley bursts through the metal gates of Access Ramp 3, Smashing it to pieces as metal and other debris flies in all directions, A sound of iron bars clanging together is heard.

Ripley flies over the rocky terrain at high speed making a slight jump as the A.P.C. hits a gradient. 

Hicks comes to the front of the A.P.C. and say's to Ripley, It's all right! We're clear! A metal clattering is heard as if something is broken on the vehicle. 

Hicks say's Ripley, You've blown the transaxle! Your just grinding metal!
Come on, ease down. Ease down. 

Hicks tries to reassure Ripley that everything is ok and that they are safe for now. He say's Ease down, Ease down, Ease down, 

The vehicle hisses to a stop. 

Everything is quiet as Ripley breathes heavily, Newt can be heard coughing, 

Ripley suddenly leaves the driving position to go check on Newt.

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