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Bishop say's, He's gonna be all right, He's just out.

Bishop continues, I had to give him another shot for the pain.

Ripley lifts up the top of the supporting metal framed chair but Bishop puts his hand in the way to stop Ripley, He say's We need a stretcher to carry him up to medical.

Okay Ripley softly say's.

Bishop Newt and Ripley are exiting the drop ship's stairwell, Bishop say's to Ripley, I'm sorry if I scared you, That platform was just becoming too unstable. I had to circle and hope that things didn't get too rough to take you off.

Ripley replies, Bishop... You did okay. Bishop replies I did? in a surprised way. Oh Yeah Ripley say's in a satisfied way.

Suddenly a sizzling sound is heard as Bishop looks down to see what it is

Suddenly Bishop gasps as a loud thud sound is heard. Bishop is looking upwards and is in a lot of pain.

Almost instantly a white liquid starts to belch from Bishops mouth as he gulps and groans in turmoil.

Ripley pushes Newt back onto the floor as a large aliens tail has protruded through Bishop's chest region. Ripley tussles with Bishop but is unable to help.

A loud gurgling noise is heard as the milky substance fountains out in all directions. Ripley gasps and contorts as Bishop suffers.

Suddenly the Alien Queen lifts up Bishop by her tail as he gurgles and splutters high into the air.

With a tremendous power the Queen alien pulls Bishop apart, His body flies off in to two parts having been severed from the waist down,

A wet splashing sound is heard as Bishops body splatters on to the floor. Though severed Bishop is still functioning.

Ripley looks up as she sees the Queen alien exiting from the drop ship, It is hissing and not in the best of moods.

Ripley indicates to Newt with her hand to get away, She say's Go! Move! in a loud whisper.

The Queen alien looks at Newt as Ripley shouts, No! Here! Here! to signal it's attention.

The Queen alien hisses as Ripley shouts out, Run to Newt.

Suddenly Newt stands up and runs into an open ventilation shaft.

Here! Ripley shouts as the Queen alien hisses.

Suddenly Ripley runs as fast as she can into an open service maintenance room, She presses the close button as quickly as she can as the Queen approaches at speed.

The Queen alien rams the solid metal service door with its head in an attempt to get to Ripley, Luckily the door closes just low enough for it to close fully without letting the alien get inside from its powerful head slam.

The Queen alien continues to head butt the door as Ripley shields herself from inside the service area.

Ripley contemplates what to do as Bishop flails his arms on the floor unable to do anything, Newt is hiding under the grills and the Queen has decided to go find her.

Metal clanging and hissing is heard as the Queen alien tries to locate Newt, Newt peers through the gaps in the floor and is as quiet as she possibly can.

Suddenly the Queen alien stops and pulls a metal plate up from the floor, A whipping is heard as the Queen tries to get Newt with its long and spiny tail. Newt grunts as she misses the tail and crawls to another area.

The Queen lifts up another grill as the frantic Newt keeps on crawling along the underground vent.

Newt nearly crawls into the Queens clutches as another grill is lifted and it's spiny hand comes thrusting in.

The Queen alien is making some horribly frustrated sounds as it tries to catch Newt.

Another grill is lifted as the closed in Newt screams as loudly as she can in terror.

Suddenly a door rattling is heard as the service door opens. The Queen alien loses interest in Newt and turns around to find out what the noise is.

The door whirls open to reveal Ripley who has harnessed herself into a loading machine.

The machine whirls and thuds as it makes its steps closer to the Queen alien.

Ripley suddenly stops and shouts out loudly in anger, "Get away from her, you bitch!"

The Queen hisses with terror as it extends its large jaw.

Ripley moves forward as she twirls the grippers and thuds on the floor with the loaders heavy metal feet.

The Queen alien screeches as it comes forward, Ripley raises her left arm and as soon as the Queen strikes she hits it hard over the right side of its head. The Queen screeches with pain as the solid metal arm smashes the alien to the floor.

The Queen gets to its feet and strikes again, Ripley lets out an almighty roar as she smashes it's left side, this time sending the alien flying over a stack of containers. It screeches as it goes flying.

The Queen alien hisses some more as Ripley shouts in anger, Come on! Come On!

The alien attacks again, This time Ripley manages to grasp it's head with the left side gripper of the loader.

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