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Sarah is a survivor of a terrible zombie apocalypse that has spread and infested all over the world, Sarah is in deep thought and is contemplating her life and her predicament as she bows her head down between her knees.


It is super quiet from within the breeze block fabricated area and know one else is around.


A deep and pulsating synthesizer sound can be heard as Sarah suddenly raises her head as she stares down at the floor in deep contemplation.


A calendar is visible on the back wall which depicts a life before the zombie outbreak.

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Sarah's eyes shift as she focuses her attention on something in the distance,


A simple high pitched electronic sound can now be heard including the pulsating deep synthesizer sound, In the distance a calendar can be seen hanging from the wall in perfect symmetry with the wall. Sarah has now become transfixed with the calendar which beckons her to explore further, Sarah stands to her feet and slowly makes her way over.


A light tapping from Sarah's feet can be heard, Sarah stands next to the calendar with intrigue on her mind,


The calendar has a strange power and Sarah is totally obsessed with the image and it's odd existence. The calendar displays a graphic image of a pumpkin field with the month of October directly underneath, 31 days of the month have been crossed out with a red ink pen which also indicates that no one has bothered to turn the calendar over to November.


Sarah is calm as she stares at the calendar.


A few people are also visible in the picture who are most probably workers.

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Sarah raises her eyebrows and shows slight happiness as she ponders over the images, Sarah then closes her eyes as she tries her best to imagine the life she had before the zombie outbreak and the all the things she misses. Sarah reopens her eyes as she continues to fantasize and remember the past. Suddenly Sarah raises her left hand up as she begins to caress the image, Sarah slowly slides her hand down as she feels the image with her fingertips.

Suddenly without warning a loud sound of a gun shot is heard that causes Sarah to scream loudly from shock and fright, Sarah twists her body around at high speed as multiple zombie hands explode out from the brickwork in unison and velocity.


Sarah's eyes open having just woke from a nightmare, Sarah was only dreaming and it did not happen even though there is a real zombie outbreak, The sound of a helicopter is heard as Sarah looks out into the void, Suddenly Sarah leans forward and has become very interested at something that has caught her eye. Light Drum beats are heard, Sarah turns to look at Miguel who is a Pvt in the American army, Sarah is having a relationship with him but Miguel is suffering badly from PTSD, he is full of stress and emotions and is taking the zombie outbreak badly.


Miguel holds his hands close to his mouth as he tries to gather some composure and mental strength, Miguel is a catholic and has a pure silver and gold crucifix and chain around his neck, Miguel moves his left hand down slightly which causes the jewellery to produce a jingling sound. Miguel clings to his silver chain in an attempt for his faith and God to provide some help and support.


Sarah looks to her left and out and down at the terrain, Sarah is slightly shocked and worried at the scenario many hundreds of feet below.


The helicopter pilot has been given orders to fly to Fort Myers in Florida in an attempt to find survivors, The scene below shows zero activity and no people, Sarah is a Dr and is part of a scientific team that are studying ways to find a solution to the zombie infestation, A team of US army soldiers have been assigned to protect the science officers as they push the boundaries of physical science. (A silver car can be seen traveling at a medium pace to the far left of the image) This will most certainly be a survivor but has not been spotted by the helicopter crew as of yet.


Sarah continues to observe the ground, William "Bill" McDermott sits at the front of the helicopter and is one of the remnants of the US military who has chosen to become a member of Sarah's team for safety. Mcdermott lowers his headphones as Sarah comes forward from behind, McDermott is attempting to find civilization and has been sending radio signals for some time,  Mcdermott say's with a tone of disappointment, Nothing, Nothing at all, Sarah say's, Send again, McDermott looks behind slightly as he say's, I've been sending it up and down the coast from Sarasota to the everglades, and still getting back the same dead air. There's nothing, Mcdermott looks back slightly again, There's nobody, or at least nobody with a radio. McDermott looks out of his side window as Sarah say's, All right then, Let's set down,


John is the helicopter pilot and is also one of the remnants of the US military who has chosen to be in the team, He is the only one capable of flying a helicopter and is a valued member, John believes the zombie outbreak is a divine punishment with no cure, John looks at Sarah as he removes his glasses and is showing signs of distress, Sarah say's, We'll use the bullhorn, McDermott responds and say's, Set down? Wait a minute, That's not in our contract. Miguel looks out of the window as John looks down in thought.


Sarah continues, It's the biggest city within 150 miles, We're gonna give it every chance. McDermott say's as he looks away from Sarah,  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, McDermott looks back out of his window as he frowns. Sarah looks at John and say's with a controlling tone of voice, Set down, John.


John looks down at the outside world and is silent momentarily, John speaks with an enthusiastic voice as he say's, I'll set us down,


McDermott looks away from John and stares ahead, Sarah continues to look at John, John say's, But I won't leave my seat, and I'll keep the engine running. John turns his head towards Sarah and say's, Now the first sign of trouble, I'm going up. John slowly looks away again as he say's, If you ain't on board when that happens, (John shakes his head at an angle) you're likely to have a lousy afternoon. John looks up at the ceiling of the helicopter as he raises his left hand up towards some control panel switches. A click sound is heard as John flips a switch.


The helicopter flies at speed over Fort Myers as John searches for a suitable landing spot. Idle transformers are seen from below but are useless as all power has been cut to the entire urban district.


A radio antenna stands dormant and the entire area is depleted of human life.


John is taking a risk landing his craft but he and the others must try and find survivors if any exist.


John must be careful as the loud sound of the helicopter could alert nearby Zombie packs that would spell disaster for the rest of the crew if John decided to take off without them.


John continues to search for a suitable landing zone. If the team do not find any survivors maybe they can salvage some food, medical supplies and other essential items.

John carefully begins to lower the craft as he zooms in on a landing spot that is clear of any Zombie hordes.


Finding survivors might pose a problem as some might already have a safe place to live and might pose difficulty if they decide to stay put, the helicopter also has a maximum weight and 7 passengers is the most the craft can safely carry. John would fly his team back to base then return if that situation arose and many survivors were located.

John is moments away from landing the helicopter. Palm trees shake and produce a ruffling sound from the powerful downstream air ripples from the rotor blades, 


Whooshing sounds are produced as dead palm leaves and other loose materials glide across the ground from the rotor blades, Old and dilapidated cars lay in ruin as the owners fled in panic from the many attacking zombies. Sarah begins to ready herself for exiting the craft, Sarah is keen to find survivors as this will help her and her colleagues in understanding the outbreak in more detail.


Sarah pushes open the door of the craft as she looks out and into the distance, Sarah is carrying a sub machine gun for protection as Zombies are extremely hard to kill with just a knife or other item. Sarah looks from side to side as she evaluates her predicament, it certainly is a big risk searching for survivors when zombies could attack at any moment. Miguel has exited the craft from the other side.


Sarah slams the door shut then turns to face forward, Miguel reappears from around the helicopter and immediately opens a storage hatch as he searches for the Bull horn.


Miguel looks at Sarah for a fleeting moment before hastily moving off into the zombie infested area, Sarah also joins him as they both run at speed into the distance.


McDermott is back on his radio in an attempt to find survivors, He say's, Calling anybody on this frequency, This is helicopter 4-0 alpha. If you can hear me please listen carefully, McDermott and John both look out of the right side window as they watch Sarah and Miguel running into the distance.


Sarah and Miguel continue to run ahead as they approach a broken down Yellow Cab and other stationary vehicles. Sarah and Miguel are hot on there toes as they continue to run at pace looking around from left to right incase of a sudden attack by the undead, Sarah and Miguel run past and around the yellow taxi as they turn right.


Sarah and Miguel come out onto another road that is littered with dead leaves and broken down vehicles, A whoosh sound is heard as a piece of newspaper floats by from the breeze. (Palm trees sway slightly in the breeze)


More lose paper glides by as Miguel gets ahead of Sarah, A tapping of feet can be heard as the pair run along the desolate road, Suddenly Miguel stops dead in his tracks as he look on ahead into the distance, Sarah continues to run as she meets up with him,


Fort Myers is deserted and there is not a single person to be seen, Broken down cars line the road as the palm trees gently sway in the breeze.


Sarah looks behind for a fleeting moment before facing forward, Sarah continues to look behind her just in case of a Zombie attack, Miguel begins to shout as loudly as possible through his bull horn at the top of his voice, "Hello?" Miguel's voice echoes down the road as it travels. Miguel waits patiently for a response.


A few seconds pass and Miguel shouts again "Hello?" Is anyone there? - Ruffling of paper is heard.

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Miguel bends his knees slightly as he shouts out again with a tone of fear and anxiety, "Hello?" Sarah looks behind, Miguel hesitates as he waits for a response, Miguel's voice echoes down the road as it bounces of the cars and derelict buildings. Sarah looks to her right, Miguel shouts out once again a slightly longer "Hello?"


Another road also shows a cold emptiness, Litter and leaves wisp in the breeze as another car sits abandoned. Miguel shouts out again, Is anyone there?


Another building stands empty and abandoned.

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The First National Bank is also deserted, Miguel shouts out again on his bull horn, Hello? is anyone there?


The camera pans down to reveal a crocodile that is completely still and half way out of the door, Multiple dollar bills are discarded and scattered around the steps and there is no one collecting the cash as there simply is no one who could collect it.


Theatre Edison is also deserted and abandoned, A door is open but only a very brave person would enter.


An insect buzzing sound is heard - Multiple crabs and creepy crawlies are covering this dead persons rotten corpse, They scuttle around and inside and outside of the decaying victim who has been devoured by the walking dead. Miguel shouts out yet again, "Is anyone there?


A loud whooshing sound is heard as large amounts of lose dollar bills float and glide in the strong breeze, The notes spin around and mingle in the air as they catch the strong air current.
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A sheet of newspaper rolls around along the ground as a shop also indicates it is closed for business.


More paper and other rubbish flaps and floats in the air as another shop stands eerily shut and obsolete of life.

More newspaper flaps in the wind, the same scenario is everywhere, Wrecked cars rubbish on the streets and an eerie silence void of life. Miguel shouts out once more "Hello?" Miguel is determined to find survivors but he might also be biting off more than he can chew as his sound will most likely alert a pack of hungry zombies in his direction.


More scrunching sounds are heard as newspaper floats around in the air, A strange and evil force suddenly blows open a front page of a local newspaper which reads in large letters, THE DEAD WALK - The newspaper gyrates and shakes rapidly at the edges as a scary reminder that the zombie epidemic is completely true and is not a sick joke or made up venture. Spooky synthesizer chord is heard -

Miguel shouts out again - Is anyone there? More paper and debris blows in the strong air currents.    Suddenly a shadow appears from the right hand side and a slow tapping and sluggish rhythm is heard,


All is now revealed as a Zombie comes into view, The Zombie growls and moans with intense evil as it stares down blindly with no real heart or mind, It's face is mangled and bloodied and most of it's tongue is sticking out of it's mouth. Miguel's intense and loud shouting has certainly alerted this zombie from it's hiding place. Miguel shouts out again "Hello?" totally oblivious to the Zombies presence.


The bloodied and mangled Zombie stops in it's tracks as it stands on one spot, Slime and pungent bodily fluids trickle from it's mouth while it's tongue is almost ready to fall off from the rotting corpse, As the Zombie looks up at the sky void of any human emotions it's tongue severs from the mouth and slides down the zombies dirty and ripped jacket, A large percentage of the zombies jaw is missing, The zombie groans loudly once again as it tries to locate the sound and a potential meal. The zombies eyes flick from side to side as the human involvment takes a back seat.


Moving shadows appear as more and more zombies come out of there hiding places in search of the sound Miguel is generating. Miguel shouts out again "Hello?"


Suddenly a bloodied hand appears on top of a real of tickets for the Theatre Edison, The hand pushes down on the dusty and grimy roll of tickets as it uses the table to support it's cold and rotten body weight, The roll of tickets slides slightly from the forces of dead flesh.


Miguel's frantic cries have now got the zombies attention as they slowly reanimate and crawl out from there crypts, Another Zombie slowly stands as it tries to fathom where the call for lunch is coming from. The Zombie starts to moan and groan with excitement having spotted something of interest in the distance, The zombie pushes it's hands onto the glass as it's rotten brain goes into overdrive.


Miguel shouts out again "Hello?" as another zombie turns around from the sound, This local resident has unfortunately been infected and groans loudly with evil.


A female zombie moans and groans with basic thoughts of lunch, This zombie may of been in a carnival marching band but has now lost all thoughts and memories of her past life.


Miguel shouts out "Is anyone there?" Another zombie rests having been dragged through the dirt. A large black spider crawls over the left shoulder of this zombie.


Another zombie walks towards the sound having come out of the Theatre Edison, It is slow and cumbersome as it makes it's way over to Miguel and Sarah. A deceased victim can be seen dead by the boot of a brown color coded vehicle, This victim has had it's head and other body parts devoured and can no longer function as one of the undead.


A hissing sound is heard as the crocodile clambers down the stairs of the First National Bank, Two more zombies groan as they come out of the open door as they begin to descend the stairs in search of fresh meat. "Crocodile snaps tail left"


Miguel shouts out again "Hello?" Another zombie wearing a tattered and torn pink shirt begins to walk towards the sound, More and more zombies begin to appear as they all follow instinctively towards the sound. If Miguel continues to shout he will have inadvertently sent many hundreds of hungry zombies towards him and Sarah. A newspaper floats and glides in the air.


Zombies are in force as they build and build all wanting to meet at the same place in town. The zombie wearing a yellow shirt wobbles on his feet as he walks across the road, Other zombies have a natural instinctive body language and walk with there arms wide almost mimicking someone in a trance state of mind.


A much louder sound of groaning and moaning zombies has created a bustling sidewalk, Zombies are coming from every direction as they pursue the sound of the bull horn.


A noisy crowd of dead corpses has created a much louder environmental sound, Each zombie is totally independent of the other as they greedily and selfishly continue there journey, Zombies clothes wisp and flutter from the cool breeze, One zombie is still using his cane to walk which might be one of the last human traits he may ever have.


Some zombies continue to carry out tasks that they were doing just before they became infected, A female zombie wearing a blue jumper and a white flowery cream dress pulls a wicker basket with some multi colored garments along the dusty floor unable to let go of her last actions. The residents of Fort Myer are now coming out in there droves and a dangerous situation is building up. A female zombie wearing a red dress has stumbled and has not managed to work out the flow and direction of the horde.


Many hundreds of Zombies have now been disturbed by Miguel's continuous shouting and they have no plans to stop until they have devoured every human being on earth. A loud groaning sound could be heard for many miles now that the town has been awoken from there lazy slumber, A zombie wearing a blue shirt and light cream trousers is bent down next to a black vehicle, The zombie may have found some rotten flesh inside the bin and simply cant wait to consume, Zombies will always attack there closest prey as they are programmed to kill on sight.


McDermott is still trying to make contact with any survivors as he say's "We can lift you out to safety, (Hesitates) Please answer my call if you can hear me.


John lifts up his microphone piece to his mouth as he say's with a disillusioned tone of voice, Forget it, Billy boy, It's a dead place. A loud sound of zombie moans and groans can be heard in the not to far distance - John say's with a sense of certainty now that he can hear the Zombies, They got the others you know, John now fears that Sarah and Miguel have been killed or might not be able to escape the hordes of undead corpses. John say's "Listen" as the sound of zombies gets more intense.


McDermott lowers his radio piece before removing his headphones, McDermott looks out of the window as he carefully listens to the loud sounds of the approaching Zombies.


John say's "You can hear it over the engine". McDermott is listening and receiving loud and clear as his fears and disappointment hit him for six, McDermott say's Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a way for him to accept his predicament and that of his friends Sarah and Miguel who is is now worried for. A metal scratching sound is heard as McDermott reaches down with his left hand and retrieves a small silver drinking flask that has been filled with a strong Brandy spirit, McDermott twists the top with his right hand as he continues to look out into the distance. McDermott looks to his right then left as he takes a few swigs of liquor in an attempt to sooth the distressful situation.


Sarah can now quite clearly see the approaching Zombies as she stands in fearful contemplation, Miguel has now realized his constant calling has made a bad situation much worse and he can only accept his disappointment and disillusion that his calls were all in vain. He stares down at the pack of undead corpses and knows that he must get away from this place immediately or face a certain death.


Suddenly Miguel can take no more of the sights and sounds of the evil in front of him, Miguel is traumatized and taking things much worse than a more composed Sarah, He immediately runs off back in the direction he came back towards the safety of the helicopter leaving Sarah to her own thoughts and demise. Sarah watches as Miguel makes a fast exit away from the hordes of the undead unsure herself if she should follow or stay put for a few more minutes. Sarah looks back with sincere worry at the zombie army as she contemplates Miguel's action and that of her own.


Sarah now knows that the zombies have come out especially for her and Miguel, Sarah tries to understand the terrible situation but knows she can't stay in this place any longer. The town has been completely destroyed of human life and Sarah is scared that the impossible conclusion is there are no survivors.


Sarah just watches silently as the zombies approach, She is thinking that the survivors she so desperately wants to locate are actually the reanimated corpses in front of her, Her world has been turned upside down and she can do nothing but retreat back to the helicopter, Hopefully John will wait for her or she will be in serious danger.


The large green forestation whizzes past at high speed as a silhouette of a helicopter appears over the trees. John has taken the very sensible option of taking off and flying back to the safety of the Seminole Storage Facility. This underground compound houses the last remaining survivors who cling to life and treat every day alive as a blessing. A small team of US Army personnel live within the compound and have been given orders by the government to protect a handful of science officers who job it is to understand a zombies mind and try to teach them not to attack humans and see them as a food source.


The helicopter has made it back to the relative safety of the camp that is located in the Everglades. The base is barricaded around the perimeter and the survivors live underground. Sarah, John, Miguel and McDermott have been living in the underground bunker for sometime and were ordered by the soldiers to search for survivors. Pvt Juan Torrez stands with a joint in his mouth as he carefully waters a small crop of marijuana plants that have manged to grow wild in the hot sunshine. Smoking marijuana helps the soldiers to relax and overcome anxiety and stress from the zombie outbreak. Pvt Torrez shakes his watering can over the plants with an up and down motion as he ensures his plants are well watered.


Another soldier called Pvt Johnson sits patiently reading a magazine as he waits for the return of the helicopter, As John flies closer to the base Pvt Johnson looks up at the approaching sound, A few tents that house spare weapons and ammunition's lay on top of the bunker, Sometimes the soldiers come out on top to check conditions above and also for times when the helicopter goes on missions to look for survivors and supplies.


The helicopter buzzes with a rumbling sound from the rotors as it prepares to land, A broken and torn Windsock is also visible that has seen better days.

As the helicopter flies over the windsock it snaps into action spreading out it's torn and ripped fabric, A squeaking sound is heard as the windsocks metal swivel rotates from the strong air currents.


Pvt Torrez is still watering his plants as the helicopter buzzes above and over him, Pvt Torrez places the watering can down to the floor before checking some bud growth from the top of one of the plants. The privates metal army identification tag swings from side to side as he continues his deep involvement with the plants.


Pvt Torrez quickly pulls a bud from the plant before shaking his right hand out, The Pvt then takes another long drag of his joint, The private then turns as he directs his attention towards the landing helicopter, Pvt Torrez begins to walk on over to the craft to meet and find out the situation of the mission. The Pvt's headscarf flaps in the cool breeze.


Pvt Johnson turns a page of his magazine with his right hand as he continues to stay seated, A light scrunching is heard from the magazines pages, Pvt Johnson suddenly stands up as he grabs a thick coiled black electrical cable that has a switch control panel on one end and a electrical socket on the other, This cable is used to lower and raise the lift system that resides inside the bunker,  The Pvt also grabs his rifle with his right hand before walking on over to the helicopter.


A high pitched whirring sound is heard as the rotor blades begin to slow down in momentum, McDermott and Sarah both exit the helicopter in unison as they step out from the crafts swing doors, Sarah slams her door shut as she and McDermott both instantly look on over at a large horde of Zombies that have accumulated around a fenced perimeter.

source (1).gif

A large horde of zombies stand just outside the metal gates groaning loudly from there constant hunger pains, They wave there arms up and down and some push there rotten arms through a gap in the gate. Another zombie has a large stick in his hand while another is clambering up on top of another, There desperation is causing a great strain on the fence and creates great fear and worry among the survivors. A good estimate is there are at least 400,000 zombies to every survivor which is extremely troubling for the people living underground. Even the government which ordered the scientific studies do not respond anymore and the word is this small group of resilient human beings may be all that is left of the now apocalyptic world.


Sarah looks at McDermott fleetingly to show acknowledgement of the worsening situation,


Sarah suddenly turns around and quickly walks on over to the helicopter storage hatch, She has stored a large green rucksack inside that is full of supplies. McDermott goes back inside the cockpit to retrieve his liquor flask and to switch off his radio equipment.


Pvt Johnson and Pvt Torrez slowly walk over to meet the other survivors and Miguel who is one of Captain Henry Rhodes personnel. Captain Rhodes is a major and is now in control of the small group of soldiers since a terrible incident that happened only a day ago. Rusty and old gas tanks lay undisturbed on the ground while a red propane bottle rests against a large red storage box and another smaller box. Pvt Torrez throws his green shirt to the floor with his right hand. Pvt Torrez widens his arms as he casually shouts over, "Hey, You find anything?


John shouts back over with a slightly sarcastic tone of voice, Yeah, A bunch of real estate for sale at closeout prices, Man,


John slams the helicopter door shut with his right hand as he turns and say's, Gas up the machine, She's down to fumes. John has retrieved a large ball of white tie down rope which is used to securely lock the rotor blades into place to reduce the possibility of damage in high winds. John begins to walk to the front of the craft with rope and machine gun in hand.


Pvt Torrez instantly bends down and picks up a large black fuel pipe that will be used to refill the depleted gas tank of the helicopter, Sarah instantly shouts over to the soldiers and say's, No, Wait till it's dark.


Sarah's hair blisters in the cool breeze, Sarah looks on over at the zombies that have accumulated outside the metal gates and say's, There are too many of them out there,


John sets his machine gun down to the floor while he untangles the rope that has a small weight attached to the bottom. John is a specialist and considers his helicopter comes first regardless of the severe situation, John say's Yeah Hey, It's no good to leave the gas tank empty. The helicopters storage hatch suddenly slides open to the maximum amount from the breeze, John continues, Suppose we need to get out of here in a hurry, A loud whipping sound is heard as John swings the weighted end of the rope up and over the main rotor blades in an attempt to secure them. Structural damage can occur from high velocity surface winds. Therefore, if at all possible, helicopters should be evacuated to a safe weather area if tornado, hurricane, or winds above 65-75 MPH are anticipated. If helicopters can be hangared, do so. If not, they should be tied down securely. Helicopters that are tied down properly can usually endure winds up to approximately 65-75 mph. Winds in excess of 75 mph will probably cause damage to helicopters. When high winds are anticipated, and helicopters are to be tied down, they should be secured as follows:

a) Head the helicopter in the direction from which the highest forecasted wind or gusts are anticipated.

b) Spot the helicopter slightly more than rotor-span distance from other aircraft.

c) Set and lock wheel brakes. Place wheel chocks fore and aft of all wheels (if available). Secure the chocks by nailing wood cleats from chock to chock on each side of each wheel. Ropes may be substituted if wood cleats are not available.

d) Position the main rotor blades and tie them down in accordance with the manufacturer's instruct ions.

e) Install a rotor blade cover aver the tip of each main rotor. Secure a tiedown rope to each blade cover and the oth8r end of the rope to the applicable mooring point on the helicopter. Remember not to leave too much slack and to use anti-slip knots when tying the mooring ropes.

f) Fasten the tiedown ropes to the fuselage mooring points and extend them to the ground mooring anchors. Provide sufficient slack and use anti-slip knots, such as square or bowline knots.

g) Place the tail rotor in a vertical position and install a cover over the lower blade tip. Tie the lower blade cover rope to the tail skid to prevent possible damage by flapping tail blades.

h) Close doors, windows, and exterior access panels.

i) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for each make and model helicopter.


Sarah quickly steps away from the helicopter as she faces John more directly, Sarah say's with slight frustration and anger, Then we're shit out of luck. Sarah looks at the zombie horde then say's, They're getting too riled up,


Sarah quickly steps over to the tail of the craft as she faces Pvt Torrez and Pvt Johnson, Sarah continues as she communicates her words with John and the two Army personnel, Sarah shouts over, Do it tonight when they can't see you. Sarah quickly moves back away from the tail after explaining her concerns.


A loud metallic bang is heard as Pvt Torrez drops the fuel supply cable with both of his hands, John continues, They know we're in here even though they can't see us. Pvt Johnson immediately begins to walk on over to the helicopter with Pvt Torrez just behind.


A metal scraping sound is heard as John continues to secure the rotor blades of the craft, John continues with his definite and conclusive thoughts, "What good is it to leave the gas tank emp... Johns words are cut short as Sarah fires back at him, John lowers his hands with string and weight in hand.


Sarah steps away from the helicopter as she tries to get her opinions across to the defiant John, Sarah say's, The activity excites them, There are too many of them,


Sarah frantically steps back over to the helicopters storage hatch, McDermott and Pvt Johnson step away from the craft as Pvt Johnson say's, And more and more of them every day.


As Sarah retrieves more rucksacks full of supplies she say's, If we get a lot more, come out and shoot some of them, Otherwise stay inside the building, stay out of sight.


Pvt Torrez walks around the back of the helicopter as Sarah throws a light brown rucksack over to him, A light thud sound is heard as Pvt Torrez catches the item.


McDermott say's to Pvt Johnson who is stood next to him with a dry humor, Be thankful you live in the suburbs, Johnson. You oughta see how congested the city's gettin' to be. John is still holding onto the safety rope with his right hand as he secures the rotor blades. Pvt Torrez walks on over to John and hands him the rucksack which John takes with his left hand, Pvt Torrez takes hold of the safety rope with his left hand. Sarah retrieves a second rucksack from the storage area.


McDermott begins to walk up towards John with the lift cable in his right hand, Pvt Torrez moves his hands out of the way for McDermott, A light thud sound is heard as John drops his rucksack to the floor, Sarah has finished inspecting the storage hatch and closes it with both hands. John adjusts the strap attached to his machine gun.


Sarah ensures the storage door is securely closed, Pvt Johnson spins the tail rotor with his right hand as it spins around a couple of motions, As Pvt Johnson walks around the tail rotor Pvt Torrez begins to secure the rotor blade with the rope.


Sarah has now realized she has not seen Miguel as of yet, Miguel is still sat inside the helicopter and has not come out to participate with the rest of the group. Sarah quickly steps over to the crafts door and looks in at the silent and emotionally nerve wracked soldier.


A loud but suppressed click sound is heard as the door is opened, Sarah pushes the door wide open as she say's with concern, Miguel, Come on, Let's get below.


Miguel continues his awkward silence which causes Sarah to become slightly empathetic, Sarah looks down away from Miguel as she say's softly, Miguel, what can I do? Sarah raises her right hand to express her thoughts as she sighs and shakes her head as she tries to reason with the emotionally destroyed soldier.


Sarah say's "You" as she attempts to express her thoughts but Miguel has now snapped to attention, "A sound of buzzing insects is heard but all is quiet otherwise" Miguel rapidly turns his head and say's "What?"


Sarah and Miguel look at each other in silence for a few fleeting seconds before Sarah reaches in with her right hand as she attempts to retrieve Miguel's rucksack from the helicopter. Sarah say's Let me help, Miguel is suffering from a mental stress and does not want help, he only wants to be left alone or if possible for this whole nightmare to go away. Miguel reacts by placing his left hand on to his rucksack to stop Sarah from taking it away. Miguel say's No, Shakes head rapidly in a negative way and looks at his rucksack, - I don't need help...I don't need help.


A jingling of metal is heard as Sarah again tries to take the rucksack, Sarah say's, Come on, Give me this. A loud thud sound is heard as Miguel reacts with slight anger, He rapidly grabs his rucksack and places it in his lap to stop Sarah who is beginning to agitate the soldier, Miguel shouts, I'm all right, I'm just tired,


Sarah tries to sympathize with Miguel, She say's, You're not all right, You're collapsing from stress.. Now let me help... Sarah's words are interrupted by the nerve wracked soldier.


Miguel looks at Sarah with a surprised and slightly shocked facial expression, Miguel say's, Collapsing from stress? Miguel shakes his head negatively as he say's, We're all collapsing, Looks down then back to Sarah, Miguel say's, This whole fucking unit is collapsing...Sarah looks down unable to look Miguel in the eye, Miguel say's, Everybody except you. Miguel hesitates, I know your strong, all right? So what? Stronger than me, Stronger than everyone, So what? Shakes head negatively - - So fucking what, Miguel is very upset and is now taking his frustrations out on the people that care for him the most. Sarah looks back up at Miguel.


A loud sound of metal and materials is heard as Miguel instantly makes his way out of the helicopter having been energized by Sarah's caring nature,


Miguel jumps a few feet from the helicopter landing squarely on his feet as he makes his way over to the bunkers lift system.


Miguel has a serious strop on as he quickly makes his way past the helicopter, A loud tapping of feet is heard from Miguel's shoes. A loud thud is heard as Sarah slams the helicopter door shut.


Pvt Johnson and Pvt Torrez are stood by the tail rotor carrying out final touches to the string, The small weight dangles from the main rotor blades and will stop the blades from turning in high winds. Both the Pvt's begin to walk away from the craft as Sarah watches Miguel walk off into the distance. "A sound of buzzing insects can be heard including the zombie cries of hunger."       


Sarah suddenly walks off past John as she also makes her way over to the Seminole bunker lift system that will take her and everyone else deep underground to relative safety. Light thud sounds are heard from Sarah's feet.


John turns around as he watches Sarah make her way over, Pvt Johnson is walking off to his right.


McDermott is fixing the lifts cable to the control panel as Miguel rapidly walks over to join him,


A loud slapping sound is heard as Miguel slams his rucksack down to the ground in anger and frustration - Zombie cries can be heard from the gates -


In the far distance a series of slapstick and quickly prepared graves can be seen, The graves contain survivors and members of the US Army who have succumbed to a zombie attack, They were either shot before the infection took hold or were killed outright by the zombies bite, and that could of been multiple zombies all at once.


John pulls on his cord that is attached to his rucksack as he looks on over at the burial site, Sarah is intrigued by the series of six graves and wants to know some more information, Sarah turns around slightly to her right as she shouts over to Pvt Johnson and Pvt Torrez, "That's a new grave,"


Pvt Johnson stops in his tracks as he shouts back to Sarah, Major Cooper, He died this morning. Pvt Torrez quickly catches up with Pvt Johnson as they disappear behind a structure. Both Pvt's immediately pick up there weapons which have been carefully balanced against the side wall.


Major Cooper was the leader of the US army personnel until this morning having met a grisly end when he became in close combat with a zombie horde. Now the job of ordering the men around is now the pleasure of former Captain Henry Rhodes who permanently lives inside the bunker. The scientific team will soon meet him and he will want answers, He is a difficult soldier to work with and is not to be messed with. 


Sarah crosses her hands by her side as she ponders the grave site and the awful fight the deceased had to face, John steps over and say's to Sarah, "And then there were 12",
Sarah rubs her hands together as she say's, A burial this morning, That's why there are so many of them.


The zombie horde continues to push on the fence as the smell of dead corpses excites there senses and mingles with fresh meat from the survivors on top. The fence gyrates in and out as it produces a jingling metal sound, Loud growls and moans emanate from the outside perimeter as the zombies continue there unwanted hunger strike. John say's with a sensible concern, "What's gonna bring them tomorrow, Sarah?, And the next day and the next day after that?


Sarah begins to walk forward towards the lift system as John continues his thoughts, John say's as he signals and raises his right arm outstretched, There are hundreds of 'em out there, thousands, John becomes louder as he shouts out while raising his right arm high in the air, A million of them!


John points forward with his right hand as he say's, You stick your head in the sun, they're gonna come up behind you and bite off your ass!


John signals with his right hand, John say's with a sense of knowing, This is bullshit what we're doing here, John signals with his right hand again "It's Crazy."


Sarah turns and looks at John as she say's, If you've got an alternative to what we're doing we'd be happy to listen to it. John pushes his glasses onto his face a little closer with his right index finger -


John say's with enthusiasm, I got an alternative, John raises his right hand up -  Yeah Yeah I got an alternative, John points his right hand back to the helicopter as he continues to look at Sarah and say's, Let's get in that old Whirlybird there, find us an island some place, get juiced up,...


Sarah's feet produce a light tapping sound as she steps onto the lift system, John continues, And spend what time we got left "John raises right hand fleetingly" - soakin' up some sunshine.


Miguel picks up his rucksack and swings it over his right shoulder as soon as Sarah gets closer, McDermott is checking the power cable that will open the lift system, Sarah stops in her tracks and turns around to face John, John say's "How's that? as he waits for a serious response from Sarah, Sarah is now on the defense as she say's, You could do that, couldn't you?, McDermott picks up the controlling switch box from off of the rigid metal surface, Sarah responds, With all that's going on, you could do that without a second thought? - Miguel touches his face anxiously with his left hand, Miguel rubs his mouth and chin with his left hand fingers. McDermott looks at John, John sighs as he say's, Shit, I could do that even if all this wasn't going on, John turns away from Sarah as he adjusts his glasses with his right hand. Sarah walks off further to her right as McDermott activates the down switch to the lift.


A loud mechanical thump sound is heard as the large and powerful lift springs into action, A slow and melodic synthesizer melody begins to play infused with light snare and drum beats. A high pitched whirring sound is also heard as the giant mechanisms twist and turn to bring the lift down at a slow and even pace of movement. Miguel walks around a few steps as he adjusts to the underground scenario, John looks up at the sunshine as his mind flashes back to a beautiful November day before the outbreak. This lift is the only way in and out of the Seminole bunker facility but is strong defense against a zombie attack as it can hold multiple tons of dead rotting flesh without even a sweat. The lift systems speakers produces a loud honking bleat at two honks per second.


John takes his glasses off with his right hand as Sarah stares at the yellow painted riveted metalwork of the lift, John puts his sunglasses into his left side inner jacket pocket for safe keeping. Sarah turns and looks the other way as she patiently waits for the slow mechanics of the lift to bring her and the others down to the ground level deep inside the bunker.


Miguel and Sarah turn completely around in a 360 degree motion as they near the bottom of the life, A light tapping of feet is heard as Miguel instantly takes the lead and runs off into the bunker leaving the rest of the group. Sarah is next to step from the lift as McDermott looks down at the floor. None of the group are happy and feel depressed and disillusioned but have taken the decision to return to the bunker as they feel that is still there safe haven for the time being, Sarah is keen to continue her scientific work and only trying is going to produce significant results. A loud metallic thud and echo sound is heard as McDermott throws down the lifts control cable before also making his way inside,


Pvt Miller is another break off soldier with a tendency for aggression and violence, He is with Captain Rhodes and does not appreciate the scientists work or even existence but is following orders so will let things pass. Pvt Miller stands just outside the lift to meet with the group. Pvt Miller say's with low spirits and disappointment, "Another waste of time right?" John replies as he walks past, "Got that right, man.


Sarah and Miguel have gone ahead as John and McDermott follow.


Light keyboard melody is heard - A light whirring of mechanics is heard as the old and rusty outer lift door closes tightly shut blocking the natural light from entering.


Moisture in the main element can seep into the thick metal structure of the doors, A large amount of brown rust is visible as the doors finish there maneuver. This is a very old lift and the bunker has been around for a very long time. Another thud of metal and brakes ensures no zombies can get in from the top level.


Sarah has caught up with Miguel as they come out of a side door and into a large main tunnel that stretches many hundreds of feet into a labyrinth of tunnels. Sarah and Miguel inspect the tunnel to see what they can see, Sarah walks slightly past Miguel as McDermott comes through from the back passageway.


A deep pulsating synthesizer sound is heard - In the distance a cream but dirtied buggy cart can be seen traveling towards the group, Sat inside are another two of Captain Rhodes henchmen, These break off soldiers do not take things too seriously and show little fear or respect for the zombie outbreak or the scientists good intentions. They live down in the bunker with the other men to provide protection and assistance to Captain Rhodes and the scientific team when required. The driver is called Pvt Walter Steel and his sidekick and buddy is called Pvt Robert Rickles. As the bunker is so large it is a lot easier to carry personnel around on the buggy carts for speed and also to carry supplies. A deep sounding pan effect is heard -


Pvt Rickles is chewing on some gum, Pvt Steel turns his head and say's with an inquisitive mind, What'd you find? - McDermott quickly walks over to the soldiers as he say's "Nothing?"