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Pvt Steel struggles some more from the powerful forces of the undead, This very primitive procedure to catch zombies requires that each person in the chain of events carries out there part sufficiently. Steel gyrates and sways his arms from left to right and vice a versa as he attempts to transfer the ghoulish load over to Miguel. Steel bends down as he turns to face Miguel who is stood at ground level. Steel shouts out loudly with impatience and frustration "Come On, Come On "Grab It" Come On" in quick succession.


Miguel is a thousand miles away as he stares at the female ghoul while in some kind of trance state. Miguel is sick and is also very fearful of the zombies, He does not want to let his comrades down and for them to think of him as some kind of sissy or coward. Earlier on Miguel ran off and left Sarah while investigating Fort Myers which shows that he has a serious psychological problem when dealing with the undead. Suddenly Miguel snaps to attention from the loud shouting from Steel, He rapidly looks up at Steel with complete terror and fear and does not really want to take hold of the pole. Steel shouts "Come on" as Miguel grabs the pole with his right hand and then his left. Miguel shakes violently from the strain as Steel say's "You got it"? (A wooden ripping sound of pressure is heard) Miguel is silent as he stares at his captive ghoul as terrible emotions and feelings enter his mind.


Steel want's reassurance that Miguel has a solid hold of the pole as he does not want a repeat of last time when he dropped the damn thing. Steel reassures Miguel as he say's "Hey".


Steels words cause the terrified soldier to instantly look up at Steel with complete fear in his eyes,


Steel wants reassurance as it's his life that's also on the line if things mess up, Steel say's again with serious concern, "You Got It?" Steel lowers his head rapidly as he emphasizes his words -


Miguel nods his head one time in acceptance and agreement that he has a strong hold on the pole. Miguel nods up and forward for a second time as Steel waits patiently for a response. (Female zombie growls some more) Miguel's black curly hair sways and bounces too and fro from the tension he is under. Steel is ready to let go of the pole if he gets a green light.


Steel slowly and cautiously pushes himself up and away from his bent down position as he continues to maintain focus on the sick Miguel. Steel removes his hand from the pole as the female zombie continues to snarl and growl at a high pitch.


Miguel watches for a fleeting second longer as Steel disappears along the top of the wooden platform before turning his attentions to the irate female ghoul that is still trapped inside the capture zone. Ghoul continues to croak and growl loudly - Miguel holds the pole with both hands and is now waiting for the ghoul to be released from the trap door.


Pvt Miller is hesitant and fearful as he begins his approach to the trap door system, It is his job to slide the rusted metal lock across to release the demon bitch. Sarah is still in harms way as she stands next to the wooden fencing next to the notepad but has completed these dangerous missions several times before.


A loud sound of moving metal and vibrating wood is heard as Pvt Miller slides the silver lock across to his right and then down in one quick movement. The female ghouls is dangerously leaning over the wooden trap door as she tries to grab hold of Pvt Miller with her scaly fingers and dirtied and torn off nails. Pvt Miller quickly retreats as he lets the pressure of the zombie push open the door. Miguel has a firm hold of the wooden pole with both hands and will soon be in full control of the demonic filth. Steel stands at the top of the wooden gangway as he watches the madness unfold.


The wooden trap door produces a loud creak of worn and aged wood as it opens allowing the demon to escape, Demon hisses and scorns loudly - Pvt Miller retreats some more as he tussles from one area to another in his bid not to be bitten. Pvt Johnson still has control of the male zombie specimen.


The female zombie flails it's arms out erratically as it comes out of it's hole, This zombie has seen better days and has decayed considerably from the day this person became infected. A large bite mark on the zombies right arm could of been the infection point but now it's days are numbered once Frankenstein gets hold of it. A rotten hand protrudes up onto the wire mesh as another zombie stands from the other side of the trap door space. Pvt Steel takes a few steps to the other side of the platform as he attempts to capture another zombie that is pushing against the outside door.


The female ghoul immediately attempts to attack and eat Pvt Miller as it escapes it's prison cell. It raises it's arms out as it growls loudly. Dark shadows are forming all around the capture zone and there is a lot of movement.


Pvt Johnson watches as the zombie passes him on it's way to Miller, Miller shouts out loudly in distress "NO!" Pvt Johnson seems more subdued as he tussles with his male demon. Pvt Miller immediately closes back the trap door.


Miguel is absolutely crapping his pants as he tussles with his female demon, His eyes are brightly lit with fear and intense anxiety. Miguel holds onto the pole with one hand as he attempts to get a grip with his left hand. Miguel swipes at the pole as he attempts to grip it but the female zombie flails her hands out in an attempt to eat the young soldier. Finally Miguel gets a good grip again as he uses both of his hands. Female Zombie produces loud groaning high pitched sounds of evil. Miguel grimaces and gyrates with evil forces as he wishes he was back at headquarters or his dormitory.


The female demon is proving to be extremely difficult as she fights for freedom and a tasty bite of human flesh. The demon begins to step backwards as Miguel pulls hard on his pole in an attempt to get the foul stench clear of the uninfected personnel. Demon screams with evil intentions -


The zombie suddenly spins around anti clockwise as it groans and screeches with displeasure, The zombies arms are raised high and gyrate in every direction.


Miguel has brought his left hand down closer to his right as he holds onto the pole closer to the bottom. Miguel acts like a postman who is posting mail when a vicious dog lurks behind. Miguel grimaces as he shouts out loudly "Uhh" from his fear of being bitten. Miguel raises his left hand high from off the pole seriously endangering the rest of the group. Miguel pulsates and bounces up and down as he tussles with the determined entity.


The female demon is extremely hostile and is pulling hard on her neck collar as she turns back around to face Pvt Miller and the others. Both male and female zombies growl and flail there arms wildly as they reject there tight bonds. The female zombie is proving to be too much for Miguel and he really does need some help as she pulls forward into the busy crowd of soldiers and a cautious Sarah. 


As the female zombie pulls forward she stops momentarily as a great strain and pressure is applied to the dog collar around her neck.


Suddenly without warning the black leather dog collar severs completely from the neck of the female Zombie, A loud ripping shredding sound is heard as the collar snaps off from the demons bloodied neck. This is not good for Miguel or the others as the dirt is now going to hit the fan.


The female ghoul growls and screeches loudly as she lunges forward after being set free from the weakened and flimsy collar. The pole rapidly sweeps away from the undead leaving Miguel with a bloodied and broken neck collar and pole but nothing else.


The unthinkable has happened so quickly a moment passes by why Miguel continues to struggle.


Miguel stares in complete horror at the now broken off pole as his mind races at the severe consequences. Pvt Miller suddenly shouts out with incredible fear and fright from the attacking female ghoul. He shouts loudly "No No" as he attempts to escape his unpleasant destiny. Miguel turns his head to the terrible sound as he stares ahead with complete and utter panic and terror.


Complete mayhem is assured as the female zombie runs riot among the uninfected, A long pipe emits from the back of the female ghouls hair net and this indicates that at the time of infection she was having her hair dried at the local hairdressers somewhere in the everglades area. After infection she simply pulled away from her chair having lost most of her memories as a human being. She certainly is having a bad hair day this fine morning and Pvt Miller is going to be on the receiving end this time round. The female ghoul pushes Miller with both of her rotten hands which causes the Pvt to lose his balance as he falls backwards. Sarah is lucky to not have been attacked herself as she looks down at her weapons pouch and immediately begins to withdraw her handgun. Pvt Johnson can do nothing as he already has a male zombie to deal with, Pvt Steel watches from the top of the wooden platform and will want to stay there if possible. Pvt Johnson shouts out "Watch out" to Miller.


Female Zombie Ghoul before infection.


Sarah stares in fear as the female ghoul passes her at speed towards Miller, Zombie raises it's right hand outstretched knocking off Millers helmet and light at great velocity. Pvt Johnson begins to shout out to Miller loudly "Miller" Miller" Johnson screams out Millers name long and hard in a futile effort to help him.


Miller is in deep trouble now as the ghoul approaches him at speed disallowing him time to use his machine gun, Ghoul grabs Millers hair with it's right hand as it goes in for the kill.


A loud thud sound is heard as Miller's back hits a portion of the defense wall from the forces of the undead demon. Pvt Miller has been taken by surprise as his comrade Pvt Johnson shouts out again "Miller!". A noisy scuffling sound is produced from the floor as the soldier and zombie fight. The female zombie only has one thing on it's mind as it closes in on Pvt Miller's throat.


Pvt Johnson stands with his mouth wide open as he watches his comrade get eaten by a devilish ghoul unable to do anything to help.


Miller screams with intense pain as the female zombie takes a huge rotten bite of flesh from the neck of Miller. A ripping sound of flesh is heard as the zombie pulls the fresh meat away from the neck. Miller bleeds profusely as the tendons and muscles stretch and snap from the zombies strong grip.


Miller closes his eyes as a way to somehow shut out the terrible pain and suffering he is feeling at this moment. The female zombie is very hungry and has been stuck in the corral cave system for quite sometime.


Miller reopens his eyes as the pain becomes to great, More and more blood soaked flesh rips and stretches off from the Private's soft neck revealing more and more damaged tissue. Miller in all circumstances will perish from this very nasty injury. (Miller screams loudly)


Miller will wish he was dead after experiencing first hand a savage zombie attack. If the injury does not kill him the infection will. Some zombies will consume a fresh kill until little remains.


The female ghoul suddenly breaks away from Millers neck as the soft and stretchy skin snaps unable to stretch no further. The ghoul now has a large piece of flesh inside it's mouth as it maintains it's evil grip on the destroyed soldier. Millers neck has been devoured and now a large gaping wound is present. The sudden shock and attack has now caused Miller to fire his weapon uncontrollably which he should of done a few moments earlier. A loud an explosive sound of bullets is heard as Miller unloads his weapon at a rapid rate of rounds. The cave system flashes a bright white as the bullets explode out from the muzzle in all directions.


An incredible noise echoes and reverberates around the cave system as dangerous shrapnel blasts out in all directions, A major situation has now developed and if the zombies are not contained soon there simply wont be any soldiers or scientists left to maintain stability and control. Blood pours from Millers neck wound.


As Miller fires his weapon uncontrollably the bullets start to spray over towards Pvt Johnson. Pvt Johnson's male zombie is the first to feel the wrath as several hundred bullets penetrate his rotten carcass. The male ghoul flails it' arms out and gyrates violently almost dancing on the spot as the bullets enter into it's stinking guts. Smoke shrapnel and bright flashes of light penetrate the thick atmosphere.


The force of the bullets breaks the pole that is attached to the male zombies neck clean off which sends Pvt Johnson flying off to his right. Unfortunately as Pvt Johnson falls back towards the wall he comes into contact with the trajectory of the bullets hitting him also. Smoke bellows from Johnson's torso as the bullets penetrate his body.


Johnson loses consciousness as his pole leaps from his right hand and falls to the floor below. Johnsons pole has snapped in half from the blaze of flying bullets. Johnson's body quickly fills with bloodied holes as the bullets pepper his body.


Pvt Johnson lands heavily onto an empty assignment of empty green metal storage cases that can store military grade weapons and ammunition's. It say's on the side in large white printed letters - REUSABLE CONTAINER FSX 1220-. As Johnson impacts the containers he hits his head on the top box releasing his helmet from his head and creating a loud thud sound. Johnson without realizing carries his safety helmet down with his right hand before releasing it, This creates another metallic bang as the hat slides down the thick empty metal boxes to the ground below.


Large splatters of blood are visible on the box and Johnson is bleeding profusely even though he has died and wont be fighting any more battles for Captain Rhodes anytime soon.  Johnson slides down the containers resting at the bottom with eyes closed and in complete silence.


Sarah has now managed to withdraw her gun as she aims at the female ghoul at point blank range. Sarah grimaces as she closes her eyes ready to shoot the zombie directly in the head.


A loud explosive sound echoes all around as Sarah pulls the trigger and kills the dangerously out of control demon, A bright flash of light emits from the muzzle as the bullet passes through at supersonic speed. The bad hair day ghoul instantly flops to the floor into a pile of dead meat from the powerful blast.


Sarah instantly turns to look at the severely injured Pvt Miller as her face turns to one of despair, Miguel has now been revealed standing over the yonder motionless silent and in extreme fear and anxiety. He now feels like a proper loser after losing Sarah and now two zombies in a row. Miller is miraculously still alive but is in severe pain and unable to help himself. Millers head moves slightly as he struggles to breath and stay alive. Sarah steps back slightly as she focus on the near dead soldier as she tries to find a solution to her dilemma. A thick grey smoke pours from Sarah's muzzle as she stands in silence.


Suddenly Miguel becomes incredibly unstable and has lost the plot, He begins to mumble "I can't do it", Miguel is feeling sorry for himself and he now thinks he is a complete waste of space and a big letdown to everyone else. Sarah turns from the sounds Miguel is generating as she looks on over with fright and self isolation.


Miguel begins to shout at the top of his voice with extreme anger and rage, "I can't do it." Miguel bends up and down as he emphasizes his angry words and is now extremely pissed.


Miguel holds his pole high in the air with both hands as he signals his war call, Miguel screams out loudly with vexation as he becomes aggressive and out of control.


The grotesque male zombie has heard Miguels war cry as it grunts with insane pleasure from it's freedom. Pvt Johnson was responsible for this zombie but as we know has been killed accidentally by Miller. The zombie ghoul has a completely different temperment to the female ghoul and was standing motionless in a subdued state. The male zombie begins to turn around slowly from the loud words of Miguel as it holds it's hands out in front of it. The ghouls hands are flat in an upwards position before turning them around to face down as the fingers twitch. Male zombie is now facing an agressive Miguel.


The male zombie stares blindly over towards Miguel who is producing a lot of noise and commotion.


Miguel screams a loud "Raahhh" as he suddenly runs at the male zombie at rapid speed with his pole held high with both hands. Miguel has had enough of being the loser and it is now pay back time for his mental state and physical condition.


Scene from the movie - Shaun of the Dead starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.


The male zombie is definitely up for a fight as it lunges forward towards Miguel with both hands raised high in the air. The Zombies fingers twitch and spasm at a fast rate as it grimaces and displays a face of evil intentions. (Free food is coming to me)


The male ghoul is just seconds away from a face to face battle with an out of control Miguel - Zombies mouth opens wide to show it's rotten teeth as it makes haste.


Miguel intends to bash the ghoul with his capture pole as he runs at speed towards it.Another zombie is inside the trap door space and is flailing it's arms up and over the worn wooden beams. Pvt Steel has captured another zombie and it has entered the capture zone. Steel can hear the commotion but is oblivious to the danger from the other side because of all the noise the captive zombies are making. The operation to capture zombies is poorly executed as it would be much safer to capture one zombie at a time. But Rhodes is pushing for time and is not considering the safety of his men. Dr Logan on the other hand will be thrilled if he received three new specimens for his pure science programme.


Miguel runs at the ghoul at top speed striking it hard with his wooden capture pole, A loud thud is heard as the ghoul receives a heavy blow to it's head. The male zombie instantly collapses to the ground from the impact as Miguel stands over it. Miguel screams out again with anger "I can't do it" as he fights with the demonic carcass.


Miguel holds the pole firmly as he looks down at the ghoul which has landed on it's back. Miguel strikes out again as he hits the zombie in the head for the second time. As Miguel tussles with the undead the zombie uses it's feet to push Miguel down onto the dirty floor. The ghouls pushes out with it's feet multiple times as it growls loudly.


Miguel has now lost his balance as he tumbles to the floor landing on the zombies left hand side. As Miguel tries his best to stand back to his feet his flailing left elbow rests on the zombies right side chest area. The evil zombie now takes advantage of this mistake by Miguel and grabs his left hand elbow with it's left hand. Sarah watches from a distance but is unable to shoot the zombie while the two bodies brawl and scuffle.


As Miguel gets back to his feet the grotesque and groaning zombie has a firm grip on Miguel's arm with both of it's. The zombie uses Miguel's energy and it's own as it raises it's head up and towards Miguel's deliciously tantalizing flesh. Most zombies eat the brains of living humans. In zombies, the heart, lungs, and a small part of their brain can still work.


The zombie growls some more as it rapidly reaches Miguel's unprotected left arm and goes in for the bite.


A loud crunching wet sound is heard as the male zombie takes a huge chunk of Miguel's skin and flesh into it's mouth. Miguel is doomed and will never be able to escape the evil demon's clutches. The zombie chows down while holding Miguel's arm firmly with it's rotten and scaly fingers. Zombie will be delighted that Miguel was so stupid to attack it with a pole.


Another wet and ripping sound is heard as the hungry zombie pulls up violently ripping out a huge chunk of flesh from the psychotic Miguel. Muscles and fat stretch up like stringy spaghetti as a pool of thick red blood accumulates in the deep pot hole sized wound.


Blood spurts out in all directions as the wound reveals bone and bodily tissues.


Miguel's arm has been savagely bitten and he will become one of the undead within hours. A large pool of blood appears from Miguel's wound almost mimicking a cup as it fills up, The blood fountains out and down his arm.


Miguel screams loudly as he stares at his large wound while feeling intense pain and suffering.


Suddenly fron no where Pvt Walter Steel jumps into action as he takes a huge leap from the top of the wooden platform. Steel's arms are stretched out and almost vertical as he comes to the rescue of Miguel. Miguel continues to scream loudly.


A scuffling of feet is heard as the rapidly approaching Steel comes at Miguel and the male zombie at speed.


Pvt Steel means business as he holds his gun in his right hand and opens his mouth wide as he goes in to protect and help Miguel. With incredible speed and power the large and heavy Steel lifts his right leg and kicks the male ghoul as hard as he can directly into it's head. A loud thud is heard as Steels army grade boot smashes into the zombies head with incredible energy. The male zombie instantly becomes a punch bag as it falls back to the floor from the attack.


Miguel continues to scream - Pvt Steel has not finished yet as he intends to kill the evil demon with a terrible inbuilt anger and vengeance. Steel raises his weapon and points the powerful handgun directly towards the ghouls head and brain. A massive explosive sound is heard as Steel pulls the trigger and fires his weapon at the ghoul. Smoke emits from his muzzle.


The bullet hits the ghoul in the left side of it's temple penetrating rapidly inside it's rotten brain.


The zombies head explodes as a large amount of stinking zombie blood violently detonates out of the ghouls right side creating a splatter effect on the floor. Blood seeps under it's head and spreads out to the zombies left side, Blood spurts from the zombies bullet wound as it's head shakes and gyrates rapidly from the intense energy. A few seconds pass and the ghoul lay's motionless having being terminated by Steel.


Miguel looks down at his arm injury with severe and acute fear and shock, Miguel screams at the top of his voice as he tries to comprehend the nasty bite and his own dismal situation. If the bite does not kill him Steel sure as Jello will finish him off.


Suddenly Sarah runs over to try and comfort Miguel and also to check out his injury. As Sarah is a scientist she will know some first aid skills as the wound will definitely need attending to. Sarah puts her left arm around Miguel's back as she places her right arm onto Miguel's healthy arm. Sarah is dedicated and will try and help Miguel as his screaming can only rile up the zombies and make a bad situation even worse.


Miguel responds badly to Sarah's touch and input as he immediately stands and runs off screaming to his left. Miguel want's nothing to do with Sarah and has serious mental and physical problems. Sarah tries to hold on to Miguels shirt from behind but all is futile as Miguels rapidly runs off into the darkness of the seminole storage facility screaming his head off.


Sarah touches the top of her red safety hat with her left hand fleetingly as she throws it off and discards it too the bloodied floor below. Sarah grimaces as she begins to chase Miguel through the network of dank caves as he is now a huge risk to uninfected personnel and will have to be dealt with before Rhodes and his cronies catch up with him.


Miguel flails his arms as he rapidly runs through the cave system screaming at the top of his voice. Miguel is seriously messed up and it is going to take a miracle to fix this major problem.


Miguel's screams echo and reverberate around and along the long tunnels of winding darkness and rock formations metal containers and aluminum drums. A moment passes and Sarah appears from around a corner, She is now hot on the tail of Miguel and it is essential that she catches up with him. As Sarah passes around the darkened space she knocks a small metal box to the floor which lands upright before stopping dead. A light scuffling is heard as Sarah's feet make haste along the floor as her arms swing and dash to the rhythm of the chase. Zombies are growling loudly as a pair of rotten hands shakes and flails it's arms over a wooden beam from the corral system as Sarah runs through the tunnel.


Pvt Miller has been bitten badly and is bleeding profusely as he rests his back against a wooden beam and metal fencing. Blood is pouring out of his large neck wound at a fast rate as he slowly raises his left hand up and towards the nasty bite in a futile effort to stem the blood flow. Miller knows he is in big trouble and is guaranteed to become one of the undead just like the unstable Miguel will.


Miller hunches forward slightly as he wheezes uncontrollably unable to digest the oxygen that he needs to function. The sound of Sarah's tapping feet can be heard as the sound slowly fades away. Millers army jacket is saturated with human blood and only the zombie virus is enabling him to function at this moment. Miller closes his eyes as he tries to shut out the pain and suffering he is experiencing.


Pvt Steel is looking forward in the direction that Miguel and Sarah have gone and is contemplating the moment he gets his hands on the yellow spick. The soft sounds of Millers dying life-force causes Pvt Steel to turn his head and shoulders and look over towards the severely injured soldier. Pvt Steel is composed and silent as he sadly contemplates Milers life too. Pvt Steel floods with emotion as he suddenly steps forward towards the dying man.


Miller moves his head slightly as he holds his neck wound with his left hand, Miller can sense Pvt Steels presence as he finds the strength to speak and say's "Don't let this happen." Miller cries out with pain and complete fear as he say's the words.


Miller hesitates momentarily as he takes a deep breath of air, Miller moves slightly as he say's "Don't let this happen to me." Miller suddenly looks up and stares Pvt Steel in the eyes as a large amount of blood spurts out of his neck wound and over his outstretched hand and jacket. A loud sound of gushing blood is heard -

Sarah is now utilizing the fire stick as a form of self protection as she rapidly swings the torch from her right side to her left, (Loud whooshing sound is heard) Sarah is exhausted angry and frightened all rolled into one as she sweats profusely from her efforts. Sarah speaks loudly with defiance, "No", (Sarah hesitates) "I amputated the infected area, (Takes a deep breath) Sarah opens her eyes wider as she emphazies her words) I think I caught it in time."



Pvt Steel is silent and solemn as he looks down at his dying soldier friend who he has known for a very long time. Pvt Steel knows in his heart that Miller cannot be saved and can only watch as his friend breathes his last breaths of life. Miller speaks out again with sincerity "I don't wanna be one of them." Miller is almost crying as he splutters his words out. Steel stands motionless as a cold steamy air emits from his mouth.


Pvt Miller looks up to the solemn Steel as he mutters "Take Me, Please" Take Me" Miller is begging Steel for him to shoot him dead as he can take no more of the pain he is feeling and the fear and dread he is facing if he turned into one of the undead. Miller knows first hand how evil the zombies are and death is a much better prospect than having to walk the earth as a dead carcass of evil. Miller softly squeezes his neck wound with a pulsating caressing movement as a continues flow of thick blood seeps out and over Millers hand and jacket. Miller winces and gasps for air as he looks up at Steel. Even though Millers soul would go to heaven his human form would reanimate and walk the earth a hollow shell of a man in search of blood and brains not a nice prospect. He wouldn't want to hurt his friends so he is better of dead.


Steel is silent and motionless except for his right hand as he slowly raises it with his pistol in hand. Steel is feeling emotional as he grimaces at the thought of shooting his comrade dead. Steels cheeks squeeze in as his facial muscles tighten from the despair and agony he is facing. Steel is going to oblige and carry out Millers wishes not a very nice task but one he must do. Steels mouth spasms and changes shape from the physical and mental exertions placed onto him. Steel is almost weeping as he prepares to shoot Miller point blank into his head.


Miller continues to look up at Steel for the very last seconds of his life as he waits for the inevitable. Miller is still caressing his neck as he winces softly.


Suddenly a very loud bang sound is heard as Pvt Steel pulls the trigger on his friend and comrade, A large splat of blood instantly appears on the wooden beam just to the right of Millers head as another spurt explodes out from Millers right side temple. More blood emits from Millers neck as his body reacts to the powerful kinetic forces. Miller has been shot as he closes his eyes and falls back to the wooden beam defenses behind him. The sound of the bullet echos and reverberates around the cave system as it travels creating a repeating sound over and over that gradually reduces in loudness.


Millers head bends right around the upright beam before he shakes and spasms uncontrollably,


More blood spurts from his left shoulder as he continues to hold his left hand to his neck. Miller begins to slide forward which produces a sandpaper type of sound.


Miller rests with his head downwards as he stands motionless for a fleeting moment. Blood pours from Millers left side temple.


Miller is bleeding out profusely and Steel has shot him with precision. Suddenly a sliding wooden sound is heard as Miller slips and slithers down the wooden beam so that he now rests on the floor. Another loud thud sound is then heard as Miller falls over onto his side dead and finished.


Pvt Steel slowly lowers his weapon as he pays his last respects to the dead soldier who's life has so tragically been ripped away from him, (Miguel had better have some answers) All is now strangely silent from a few minutes ago, No zombies growl and must off retreated back to deep within the corrall cave system. When a soldier or scientist becomes deceased for whatever reason they are always buried up top in the makeshift grave spot, Steel, Captain Rhodes and the remaining soldiers are sure to provide a quick service and prayer for there fallen comrade, it's the least they can do.


Steel is feeling rather sad and emotionally affected as he almost sheds a tear for Miller, A low level howling wind is heard that provides a dark atmosphere, This sound is the only soothing element to Steels day and mental emotions.


Meanwhile somewhere in the underground Seminole storage facility Miguel is still on a septic mission to oblivion, Miguel has lost the plot mentally and physically as he continues to run into the night unsure where he is going. Miguel runs at speed as his arms flail at his side in the darkness and shadow of the large cave network. Another large bat flies at speed across the cave from left to right as it pings several high frequency notes. Miguel has stumbled upon John Flyboy  and William "Bill" Mcdermott's makeshift cabin and may consider this area a good hiding place. The large cave houses several rusted and old tankers that were used for oil and water and other liquids in the past, Old boats and vintage vans also rest here away from the horrors that lurk above.


Suddenly Miguel stumbles as he trips over something on the floor, Miguel falls headfirst down onto the ground as he lands on his hands and knees. Miguel moans loudly as he instantly pushes himself back to his feet. Sarah is not far behind as she enters the area lit up by the dim lightbulbs that hang from the ceiling.


McDermott and Flyboy have come to the door well to investigate having heard the screams of Miguel and possibly the machine gun fire from the soldiers just a short time earlier. Both men seem very concerned for the groaning man who is quickly making his way forward to them. Flyboy leans out of the door slowly as he tries to work out who the hell is coming his way groaning like a madman. Both men may recognize Sarah but why is she chasing this man down.


Sarah leaps into action as she propels herself over the wooden boards that could potentially trip her over too in the dark, Sarah's arms raise almost vertically as she jumps a good two feet over and towards the wailing Miguel.


Miguel wails again as he quickly gets to his feet just seconds before Sarah arrives escaping for the time being. Miguel runs off to his right veering sharply as he zigzags along the tunnel in a vain bid to stop Sarah from catching him.


Miguel's arms intermittently raise horizontally like a bird as he evades capture, A loud sound of shuffling feet in the dirt is heard - Miguel is possessed and is a soldier clearly out of control, Miguel's arms raise up as his legs contort in his efforts to escape the determined Sarah.


Flyboy and McDermott can now clearly see who is approaching and that there is some kind of disturbance that will require there assistance. Flyboy is much more concerned now as he suddenly steps out and down to ground level. Miguel cries out with pain and a torturous rebellion as he nears the worried pair of men. Flyboy carries a large machete in a leather pouch that is attached to his left leg, Miguel had better not mess with him or there will be trouble.


A loud thud sound is heard as Flyboy releases his left hand from the ledge of the door and jumps the steps below as he instantly runs forward towards the advancing soldier. Flyboys arms outstretch as he jumps the gap quickly coming to the aid of Sarah.


As the out of control Miguel comes up to Flyboy he has no intentions of stopping of any kind, Flyboy has decided the best thing to do is to put Miguel down onto the floor and stop him going any further. He can see Sarah in the distance and knows her well enough so automatically knows that this soldier is bad news. A loud grunting is heard as Flyboy pile drives Miguel by lowering his shoulders and driving his body violently into the side of the soldier. Miguel is displaying some kind of superhuman strength as he easily takes on Flyboy's body weight and force as he grabs Flyboy around his right leg and neck without going down. Zombies are frequently depicted as shambling and rotting, although in some instances their bodies may be preserved, especially when magic is involved, and they may sometimes display superhuman characteristics, such as increased strength and speed.


Sarah is just behind Miguel as she suddenly stops and bends down to pick up a large grey rock that is nestled with some smaller stones with both hands. (Miguel wails loudly) Sarah rapidly takes the stone in both hands as she continues her journey towards Miguel and Flyboy.


Sarah is completely focused as she reaches the two fighting men, Miguel has his arms wrapped around Flyboy while Flyboy holds Miguel around the waist. This is no friendly reunion as Miguel is infected and Sarah must act fast if she wants to save her ex boyfriend from the zombie plague. Sarah grimaces as she swings the large and heavy rock with all her might towards Miguel's head.


A dull and loud clunk sound is heard which causes Miguel to emit a loud "ugh" sort of sound as the heavy rock smashes into his skull. Miguel's head snaps back violently after receiving the violent thump to his delicate skull and brain. Sarah has no choice but to knock Miguel out cold if she has any chance of saving his life. (Miguel can thank her later for this)


Miguel felt the incredible force of the rock as he loses his strength and balance, Miguel clings to Flyboy with all his might as Flyboy ensures that he is securely held, Sarah knows that Miguel is still conscious and it's going to require another heavy blow to the back of his head if she wants him out. (Miguel is seeing more stars than Russell Grant)


Flyboy supports Miguel as he steps back slightly and turns the weakened soldier more to the left so that his head becomes exposed once again. Sarah screams a high pitched and exhausting wail as she swings the rock at full pelt, Another loud clonk is heard as Miguel gets whacked for a second time. (Grey dust explodes out from Miguel's head) This time however Miguel has become unconscious and can now be properly cared for. 


Flyboy supports Miguel as he carefully sets him down onto the floor below. Sarah's hair softly raises and sways as she moves around at speed.


Flyboy slowly lowers Miguel down to the floor as he supports him with both of his hands underneath his back.


As Flyboy lowers Miguel down onto the floor Sarah begins to remove Flyboy's machete from his pouch attached to his left leg.


Flyboy slowly begins to stand upright as Sarah rapidly removes the machete from Johns holder. A loud metallic high pitched scraping sound is heard as Sarah produces the sharp weapon at speed with her right hand. Sarah looks down at the unconscious Miguel as she holds the machete high in the air. Suddenly Sarah makes her move as she steps on over to the badly concussed and injured man who will be a demonic ghoul within the hour or so. Sarah jumps over Miguel as she bends down over his injured arm. A tongue-in-cheek mathematical model reveals that zombies, if left unchecked, could wipe out humanity within 100 days. The zombie apocalypse won't take long. A new article in a peer-reviewed student journal finds that the zombie hordes would take Earth's population down to a mere 273 survivors in 100 days.


Miguel is comatosed but his eyes remain open, Sarah was careful not to kill Miguel as that would defeat the objective.


Sarah rests the machete down onto Miguel's chest as she attends to Miguel's injured arm. Sarah rolls up Miguel's sleeve with both hands so she can evaluate the wound he has received.


Sarah places both hands firmly over Miguel's arm as she applies pressure.


Sarah grabs the machete from Miguel's chest with her right hand. Another sound of sliding steel is heard as she instantly raises the weapon high into the air.


Sarah is poised to chop Miguel's arm clean off with the sharp blade in her attempt to stop the zombie infection from spreading to the rest of Miguel's body, brain, bones and internal organs.


A loud whack sound infused with metal scraping is heard as the sharp blade slices into Miguel's arm cutting through about half way as it hits bone and muscle tissue. Blood instantly spurts out from the savage cut.


John looks down at Miguel's arm with a feeling of dread and slight shock as he grimaces at the macabre sight in front of him.


Sarah pushes down on the blade with both hands as she bends the weapon slightly in an up and down motion. Large amounts of blood has seeped onto the dusty floor as Sarah pushes down with all her strength. Sarah's hair flails around as she bends the blade in a circular motion as well. Blood oozes over the end of the machete producing thick trailing lines. Machetes are differentiated primarily by the type of material with which the blade is made. The most common blade materials are stainless steel and carbon steel . High carbon stainless steel combines the advantages of both stainless and carbon steel.


John has seen enough as he suddenly steps away from Sarah and makes his way over to the far corner of the cave.


McDermott is watching the scene unfold from the relative safety of his cabin but suddenly turns his head right as he watches Flyboy make a rapid sprint towards some junk and supplies.


Flyboy has reached an old wooden table that has a green waterproof sheet covering it, The table is stacked high with empty ammunition boxes, Army helmets, old and rusted metal drums, old petrol cans, a coil of black tubing, wooden boxes and even a large and muddy tire. John quickly lifts up and old green plastic blanket with his right hand as he searches for something.


A few seconds pass and John discards the old plastic junk as he pulls out a long piece of old rag that was hiding inside.


John holds the light blue rag with both hands as he pulls from both ends, Flyboy begins to twist one end of the rag with his right hand as he holds the other end steady with his left. Flyboy turns to face Sarah and Miguel as he continues to twist the rag and quickly makes his way back over to them at a slow running pace. Light tapping of feet is heard from John.


Sarah is still pushing down on Miguel's arm with the sharp blade as she attempts to completely sever the limb from the elbow down. Miguel's right hand is smothered and covered with blood as he attempted to stop blood flow from his deep bite wound while his other arm is close to detaching. Miguel has lost a large amount of blood and time is a critical component now to the soldiers life.


Suddenly Miguel's arm severs as Sarah pushes it away with the machete blade, A loud sound of scratching metal is heard as the blade skates across the floor.


Miguel is flat out right beside the stairs to the steel cabin, McDermott has taken two steps down the wooden steps as he continues to stand observing the gruesome scene. Sarah quickly discards the machete along with Miguel's severed limb in one complete backwards motion. Small rocks and dust join the sweeping flow of the sharp blade. Miguel's body though motionless gyrates slightly in an up and down motion, his head also spasms subtly as his arm is removed.


A loud tap sound is heard as Flyboy jumps into view beside Miguel, Flyboy continues to twirl the rag as he twists frantically with his right hand. Flyboy is making a makeshift tourniquet so that he can stem the flow of blood from Miguel's severed limb. Sarah looks away from Flyboy as she places both of her hands onto the buttons on her light brown and white shirt as she say's with concern "I need fire". Sarah feels and caresses her shirt as she ponders her mind.


Suddenly Sarah looks down at her shirt as she takes a deep breath before ripping open the buttons attached to the cotton fabric. Sarah rapidly stands as she grimaces from the effort while pulling off her shirt at speed. Flyboy quickly lowers his hands down to Miguels severed arm as he begins to tie the tournequet around. Flyboy fidgets with both hands as he produces a bow that he holds firmly with his right hand. Flyboy gently lifts Miguels arm as he begins the prodedure. Sarah has run across to the table of junk that Flyboy investigated just a few moments previous. Miguel's severed limb is pouring with blood at a very fast rate as a large pool accumulates.


McDermott instantly looks up from Miguel as he see's Sarah darting across the cave to a pile of old wooden junk. McDermott has a face of concern and is motionless and silent.


McDermott has now twigged what Sarah is trying to do as he suddenly looks to his right at something in the distance. McDermott instantly acknowledges something of interest, McDermott instantly steps down jumping the last wooden step as he quickly makes his way over to the far corner of his metal corrugated trailer home.


A few short steps is all it takes for McDermott to reach a large can of gas that has been conveniently left outside. The World War Two radio enthusiast quickly picks up the canister with his right hand, (Loud echoing metal sound is heard) - McDermott turns his head around as he supports the gas canister with his left hand also.


Sarah quickly bends down and picks up a long wooden pole from a large discarded collection. Many tonnes of wooden scrap and metal waste has accumulated inside the storage facility. Items include old wooden pallets, rusty and worn tires, corroded metal piping, and other various items.


Sarah quickly places the wooden pole underneath her right shoulder as she holds her removed shirt with her left hand, Sarah glances over in Miguel's direction as she begins to prepare the shirt for a homemade fire stick.


Sarah looks forward as she takes hold of her shirt with both hands, Sarah begins to twizzle the shirt around with her right hand. Sarah needs to make a rope so she can wrap it around the end of the pole.


Sarah looks down fleetingly as she creates a flurry of wavering materials that floats and spins in the air, Almost like a matador Sarah weaves her shirt around and around the wooden pole.


Sarah continues to weave the cotton around the wooden pole with her left hand.


Sarah looks back over to Miguel and the others with a serious facial expression, Sarah finishes off the continuous spinning and weaving as the last of the shirt lashes around the pole.


Flyboy is finishing of the tourniquet as carefully and gently as he possibly can, A ginormous amount of blood is seeping from Miguel's wound as a large pool accumulates. Flyboy pulls tightly with both hands as he secures the rag around Miguel's arm.


Sarah is just putting the finishing touches to her fire stick as she ties a knot in the end of the shirt. Sarah looks on over to McDermott who is holding the canister of gas in his hands fleeting before running over to him.


This is where the fun begins as Sarah holds the pole out for McDermott, Sarah intends to burn Miguel's wound closed to kill any infection and seal it from any furthur bleeding.


Sarah holds the fire stick steady as McDermott pours the gasoline over the shirt twisted end. Sarah twizzles the pole in a clockwise motion as the gasoline saturates into the cotton material. A large fountain of plashes and trickles of gasoline drip and splatter off the pole as it twists around at a rapid speed. The sound of splashing water is heard as the gasoline hits the dirty floor below. McDermott tips the canister three times in quick succession as he smothers the shirt with the highly flammable liquid.


McDermott lowers the gas canister down with his left hand as he retrieves a single  match from his left side shirt pocket with his right hand. Sarah turns slightly as she faces forward with the fire stick just in front of McDermott.


A loud snapping sound infused with friction is heard as McDermott reaches around the right side of his trousers and swipes in a downwards motion along the side of his black weapons pouch. Grey smoke and then a bright white and yellow flame is seen as the match ignites,


More grey smoke billows away from the fire stick as McDermott shakes his hand rapidly underneath to increase heat and burning. The fire stick is now producing a relaxing bright blue flame that will be used to seal Miguel's wound.


The match has done the trick as the flames engulf the cotton gasoline soaked garment, Sarah carefully holds the fire stick in front of her for a few moments more before quickly making her way back to Miguel.


A loud tinny clunking sound is heard as McDermott places the gasoline canister to the ground with his left hand. Sarah immediately makes her way back to the seriously injured soldier while holding the fire stick with both hands.


Sarah bends slightly as she aims the fire stick towards Miguel's bloodied stump. John continues to kneel beside Miguel as he holds his arm firmly to the ground.


Miguel has bled out badly and will be angry with himself when he comes too for going crazy and attacking a zombie with only a flimsy wooden pole, how stupid can one be while under the influence of psychoactive medication. The hot flames are almost at touching distance with Miguel's stump as the beautiful flame produces yellow, Purple, Pink and Blue shades of luminescence.


A loud crackling sound similar to frying bacon is heard as the hot flames get to work on Miguel's bloodied stump, John carefully raises Miguel's severed arm so that the flames can thoroughly penetrate the flesh and bone.


The highly charged flames sweep and waver as they lap over each other, A foul smell of burning flesh fills the air as Miguel cooks. Miguel's discarded blood begins to congeal as a white icing appears on top as small specks of ice. Miguel's infected blood glistens under the bright light as the infection succumbs to the floor.


Sarah is completely engrossed as she seals Miguel's bloodied stump with the fire stick. Light blue and purple flames flirt just above Sarah's face and hair as she continues her barbaric but essential maintenance. Sarah's hair shakes slightly from the stresses and forces she is under.


A loud sound of straw being thrown onto a hot bonfire is heard as Miguel suddenly reawakens from his concussed state. The intense heat has brought the mentally unstable soldier back to life as he screams out loudly with intense fear and suffering. Flyboy is behind Miguel as he places his hands onto his shoulders so that Sarah can properly carry out her duties. Miguel raises his head as he looks down at his severe injury shocked to the core that he has lost his hand and most of his arm. Flyboy struggles and places greater pressure on Miguel's shoulders as the injured soldier gyrates from the severe torment and agony he is under. Miguel turns his head and looks away unable to look any more at his injury before crying out again at the top of his voice. Miguel's mouth opens wide as his eyes stare up into the void, his skin is hot and sweaty and he is delusional.


Flyboy struggles to keep Miguel down as he cries out a much longer and more sustained cry for reprieve, John maintains focus and continues to look down at the dying soldier as a way to consolidate the situation. Sarah is still applying heat and it is this heat that has awoken the soldier from his nightmare. Blue flames mingle and spread upwards just in front of John.


You can only feel sorry for Miguel now, he has been through hell and there is so much more life left for him, Miguel looks up in total terror as John maintains a tight hold of Miguel's green army issued jacket. Miguel lifts his head up slowly as he stares into the void before whimpering loudly two times in quick succession. Miguel lowers his head back down after realizing there is nothing he can do but wait for Sarah to finish the job. Miguel veers his eyes right fleetingly before closing them and releasing a long and torturous cry that can be heard for several hundred yards.


Sarah fleetingly veers her eyes to John before focusing back on the terrible task she has to complete. (Miguel continues to cry loudly) A light drum beat provides the sound score - All sorts of emotions are flowing through Sarah as she seals Miguel's wound , it is certainly going to have a profound effect on her in the days and weeks to come.


Sarah continues to maintain the heat against Miguel's wound as a grey smoke flutters up into the atmosphere.


Sarah is almost finished as she applies a little extra flame to the wound just in case the contagious infection lingers and multiplies. A deep and thick smoke licks of the burnt and blackened stump as it now resembles a piece of black pudding more than someone's arm.


Suddenly Sarah pulls the flame away from the roasted stump after concluding that the job is done, Miguel is only one of Sarah's problems as in a matter of minutes Captain Rhodes and the remains of his goon regiment will with no doubt in anyone's mind turn up to find out why Miguel messed up yet again, but most importantly who is to blame for the death's of Pvt Miller and Pvt Johnson.


Miguel will be disabled for the rest of his life and it is important that Sarah, Flyboy, and McDermott protect him from the wrath of Captain Rhodes. A loud sizzling is heard as thick grey smokes bellows from the burnt flesh and bone.


Miguel's stump wobbles from the tremendous heat it has endured, Suddenly Sarah returns the flame for a second round.


Sarah maintains her focus as she applies heat for a second time, Suddenly from a distance Captain Rhodes voice can be heard saying loudly with a distinct echo, God damn Rickle's, Rickles shouts out "Captain" Captain Rhodes continues "Everyone get there ass down here," (Someone is about to die.) Rickle's shouts out loudly again "Captain"


The sound of human voices in the distance has now got the attention of Flyboy, Flyboy lifts his head up from the loud voice of Rickles as he looks ahead in a vain bid to see who has come to visit him. Flyboy is hesitant and nervous and knows fine well from the tone of voices it will most certainly be a hostile encounter. Flyboy is totally on Sarah's side and will protect her to the last including McDermott, Flyboy knows how nasty and narcissistic Rhodes can be and will be taking no chances. Flyboy stands up from the injured Miguel as he makes his way over to his good friend McDermott.


Flyboy is silent and cautious as he slowly reaches the few steps required to McDermott, Flyboy places his left hand onto the middle section of McDermott's chest as he brings his head to almost touching distance of his friend. McDermott stares ahead into the darkness as he waits patiently for the moving shadows to appear. Flyboy is signalling to McDermott in a non verbal way that trouble is on it's way. Pvt Rickles is heard shouting out loudly "Here" as he directs Captain Rhodes through the labyrinth of tunnels.


Flyboy veers his eyes down to the bottom of the long tunnel as McDermott looks at Flyboy. Johns facial expression and actions expresses that we both should protect ourselves from these goons. McDermott say's with disbelief, disappointment and impatience "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!."


A light wooden tapping is heard as McDermott quickly makes his way back inside the metal corrugated home he and John quietly survive in. Suddenly Flyboy produces a handgun from his holder with his right hand, Flyboy rapidly raises the weapon as the sounds of Captain Rhodes and his soldiers come forever closer.
Pvt Walter Steel is heard shouting with anger "Bitch" as he insults Sarah with his angry frustrations.


From a distance there is an eerie emptiness of light and static shadow. Pvt Steel is then heard shouting loudly "It's the fucking spick" referring to Miguel. Nothing is visible at this moment but something bad is on it's way. The calm before the storm shall we say.



Even assuming that a quick amputation can prevent the zombie infection, there are a plethora of problems that come from even regular amputation; blood infections, mobility issues and anemia to name a few. And that's under modern circumstances, where these problems have real solutions and are unlikely to even appear. In the end times, the chances of these problems occurring increases and their solutions become much more difficult to deal with. Additionally, new problems arise such as bleeding out or being unable to do post-apocalypse related tasks. For example, someone missing a hand would be unable to open cans or climb ladders quickly, while someone missing a leg would be unable to run. Considering these problems that exist even with a guarantee of removing infection, would an amputation in the apocalypse be feasible?

We are to assume the bite victim is a young man (21-30) and belongs to a small group. They will have some first aid supplies such as hydrogen peroxide and gauze, but lack things like bone-saws or heavy duty antibiotics. The amputation is, of course, rushed and done with an ax. To avoid being overly broad, let's assume that the amputation is indeed a success and the zombie virus is of little concern. In short your chances of surviving a post apocalyptic amputation are slim. I would put the mortality figure somewhere around 75-85% for a lower limb. Probably 90-95% closer to the body. Keep in mind that there is a world of difference between slapping on a tourniquet, hacking off a limb, and getting the person to a hospital vs. a field amputation and hoping for the best...

In a field amputation you anesthetize the poor guy, tie off the limb with a tourniquet, cut the skin being sure to leave a flap, slice through the surrounding muscle and tissue as quickly and cleanly as possible, tie off the spurting arteries with a piece of thread, scrape the bone smooth to remove sharp edges, suture the stump using the remaining flap of skin being sure to leave a port for the wound to "seep", and finally wrap the remaining limb in a cast of sorts, and further medicate with powerful painkillers (heroin) for several days while the poor guy writhes in agony. Do you really think a layman can do that... Before the guy bleeds out... With a struggling, screaming patient...Without anesthesia... ?

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Danger - Ensure that your patient and surrounding people are safe from any immediate danger before you do anything else
Response - Is your patient able to respond to instruction
In terms of a zombie attack, you're hampered by the first of these procedures. you're not likely to be able to have your casualty moved to a place of safety before they either bleed out and die from shock or the infection travels too far though their body.

It takes roughly 1 minute for infected blood to travel around the body
Robert Lister (fastest knife in the West End) could amputate a leg in two and a half minutes
Basically, if one of your party gets severely chomped upon, just leave him for the safety of the larger collective - he'd do the same for you.

First consider two factors seen in many zombie fiction. Some movies have a much faster rate of infection, but let's look at the gold standard. A zombie bite leads to an infection, fever, then death as a result of the illness, and reanimation as a result of the death. Anyone who dies regardless of the cause, might already be infected and therefore if they die, reanimation results.
So what does this tell us about a zombie bite? It tells us that the goal is to quicken the pace of death in order to create a new zombie more quickly than regular death. What this might mean, depending on how your world works, is that a zombie bite might feature two things--a gangrene-type necrosis/infection which causes death because of the body's dramatic immune response to it, and a viral load which ensures that reanimation results, regardless of whether the subject was previously infected.

In this case, cutting off a hand bitten by a zombie might be enough to stop the immune response if caught in time, but the victim may still die of anything from blood loss to a regular infection as a result of cutting off their hand in less than sterile conditions. Regardless of why they die, after they are bitten, and die, they will reanimate. Now, given the available tech and level of expertise, I would say that in this situation, your young man is going to die anyway. Because a real amputation involves tourniquets, knowing where to find the major blood vessels and tying them off to prevent them bleeding out. In the Civil War, the death rate was something like 24-30% for any given amputation, but despite the low level of tech, they would have a bone saw, and the many, many amputations turned some of the doctors into experts on how to do it. Death mainly resulted because of infection, since the conditions were not great. A good amputation job means that you actually dissect a bit, and you cut extra skin in order to cover the stump.

Just chopping something off with an axe--that's going to actually result in a quick death. For a non-expert without any real tools, immediate cauterization is really your only hope, and that's only if folks have figured out the tourniquet bit. As to after-care, that will be a little more complex, and post-amputation, most people are not up to running about. For survivability afterwards in post-apocalyptia if the amputation is a success, this would depend on the limb, handedness and a host of other factors--and seems to be enough for a whole other question.

You have only two options:

Amputation of the limb
No amputation and killing the infected
If you want to preserve as much as possible the men count in your settlement, amputation is viable, as long as you make clear priority definition (e.g. will you risk a man to save an amputee on an emergency?)

To speed up the amputation you can use cauterization on the wound.

First, the survival rate is going to be low anyway.


But that's not the problem. The zombies are the problem. By definition, your group is in a zombie infested area, and sufficiently vulnerable that members of your group can get bitten. So even if the amputation is a success, your group will be immobile for a while whilst you tidy up the amputation, your amputee will almost certainty be making a lot of noise, and is going to be a liability for some time afterwards. If it's a leg amputation, you will be slowed to a crawl; but even arm amputations will leave the amputee in a very poor state for a while.

So.. you are in a vulnerable position, you'd just made enough noise to attract every zombie for miles around, and you can't move your group at any kind of speed. I think the zombies will be eating well tonight.. I don't like a zombie infection to be a viral thing. I have come up with a zombie outbreak unrelated to a virus and very specific in terms of effectivness, but I wouldn't share it. However, the mechanics of it can be applied to a zombie virus. The virus is effective in great concentrations. It's a failed synthesized virus, originally meant to regenerate tissue. Hence, it focuses around the bite first, attempting to fix it, but fails, and proceeds to spread elsewhere. Removing the location of the bite stops the infection from spreading.


After Thoughts

Any personnel that are bitten by a zombie and have a limb amputated should be quarantined for at least 1 week just to be sure that they have not become infected. After this period and they have been given the ALL CLEAR they can allocated simpler tasks and duties. They will have to work harder to earn there food and water but will still be part of the team. They could be given missions to go up top to find resources such as food and water gas and ammunition supplies. If they can walk they  should wear a rucksack for collection of items. If they have lost a leg they can still use an artificial peg or one could be made to fit them. They could be used for administration and any job that you can do sat down or even stood up, for instance food preparation, cleaning, lookout, repairs to electrical equipment and so on.

Being locked up in a confined space day in and day out is not good for ones mental stability and survivors should find a safe rooftop for observation and fresh air. It is not easy surviving a zombie apocalypse but one should keep cheerful and hopeful of a better future in time to come.

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An important aspect of surviving a zombie apocalypse is to ensure you have enough food and water as humans need it on a daily basis. If survivors have access to sunshine and clean rain use it. Buckets plastic containers and anything else that can hold soil will be very useful as one can grow there own fruits and vegetables. It is best to stay with more simpler fruits and vegetables than ones that require high temperatures and lots of water but this will depend on the geographical area in which you survive. (Having a safe greenhouse would be advantageous) Tomatoes are easy to grow and only require sunshine and water, if you can get hold of some nutrients that would be great but not essential as you can use good quality compost or old fruit and vegetables as a feed.  Food only has a limited shelve life, Tins of food usually are good for 2 years or more but some items like Tuna fish can last for 5 years or more. Honey has an infinite shelf life which is ideal for the sweet tooth survivor.  Honey does not go bad. In fact, it's recognized as the only food that doesn't spoil. It will, however, crystallize (becoming thick and cloudy) over time. If this happens, just remove the lid from the jar, place it in a pan of water, and warm it over low heat until the honey returns to its original consistency.

Clean drinking water is essential and if you so happen to survive near a lake, sea or reservoir your chances of survival have increased. Solar water purification systems would be great alongside reverse osmosis units to take out any harmful compounds and impurities.  



Solar Water Pumping Diagram

Taking water from a well is not always guaranteed to be free from toxins, Ensure the well can be safely closed up as if a zombie falls into the water it will become infected.

Foods that last 2 - 5 Years:

Canned tuna, meats, fruits & vegetables
Peanut Butter
Cup Noodles, Ramen Noodles
Tea & Coffee
Powdered milk
Coconut oil, Olive oil
Dried herbs & spices
Instant Potatoes
Unsweetened chocolate
Most fruit juices

Foods that last 5 -10 Years:

White Rice
Dehydrated Fruit (5 years)
Rolled Oats
MREs (ready to eat meals)
Beans: Garbanzo Beans, Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, Mung Beans, Pinto Beans

Foods that last forever:

Hard liquor
Soy sauce
White Vinegar
Maple Syrup

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