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Hudson say's in a worried tone, Oh, my God, Oh Sh...

Hicks shouts, Give me the light, Ripley hands to him her light.

Hicks climbs a metal cabinet so that he can check above the ceiling panels.

All is quiet except the beeping of a motion tracker. Hicks slowly pushes the ceiling panel up using his weapon as a support lever..

Hicks slowly pops his head up above the ceiling panel and slowly turns his head with light in hand.

As soon as the light from the torch hits the darkened area all is revealed. Scores of xenomorphs are making there way a long the ceiling panels towards Hicks.

Hicks is completely shocked surprised and scared witless by the scene before him. He loses his balance on the metal cabinet as he instinctively fires his weapon. 

Hicks shouts ahhh as he loses balance and crashes to the floor. His weapon has weakened the ceiling panels and the xenomorphs are falling through into the room.

Hudson shouts as the aliens fall through the ceiling, There they go! Over there! Get them!

Vasquez starts to fire her weapon.

Vasquez shoots through some glass side panels as the Aliens jump over electrical equipment and iron railings.

Hudson shouts, Come on! Come on! Hicks shouts, Get 'em. Aliens shriek and screech as the high powered machine guns echo all around the room.

Burke shouts to Gorman, Do something, Gorman! Gorman starts to fire his handgun at the xenomorphs.

The ceiling collapses some more as another pod of aliens come crashing down, Hudson shouts, Get them! Look Out! There's more of them! There's more of them!

Ripley shouts, Medical!, Get to medical!, She moves off with Newt in hand and shouts, Do it now!. 

Hicks shouts, Hudson, Look out! Look out!

Ripley stops at a metal cabinet as a xenomorph tries to attack, Ripley fumbles with her weapon for a short moment and then releases a couple of rounds just in time before the alien attacked.

Ripley shouts Now! as soon as she has blasted the alien  she then runs down the corridor.

Ripley and Newt run down the corridor to get to medical, Burke is at the end of the corridor behind the door, Ripley shouts, Burke.

Burke slams the door shut just as Ripley and NEWT GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE CORRIDOR, Ripley shouts in fear, Open this door.

Burke has sealed the door shut and won't open it, He backs away from the door as Ripley shouts, Burke! open it!

Ahh, go lets go, Come on lets go! Hicks shouts, Fall back as he blast another xenomorth.

Hicks shouts Go!, Hudson is in war mode, Die motherfuckers! Die motherfuckers! he screams as he fires his weapon at the continous wave of aliens.

Ripley and Gorman are at the door where Burke has locked himself in, Gorman and Ripley shout, Burke.

Hicks screams for Hudson, He shouts, Hudson! Hudson! at the top of his voice. Hudson is in the heat of battle and is shooting as many xenomorphs as he possibly can.

Hudson shouts out, Motherfucker! come on! Come on!, Come and get it, baby! Come on! I don't got all day, come on! come on! come on, you bastard!.

Come on! You too! Oh, you want some of this? Shrieking is continous as the xenomorphs obliterate.

Fuck you Hudson shouts in extreme anger, Suddenly a xenomorph comes out from underneath the floor panels and grabs Hudsons feet and legs.

Hudson starts to scream in pain, He shouts out, Fuck you! 

Hudson starts to scream in pain, He shouts out, Fuck you! Hudson shouts out Hicks! Hicks! as he gets dragged down into the floor vent by the xenomorph.

Hicks tries with all his might to try and pull Hudson out of the whole but it is to no avail.

Hudson screams in complete pain and fear as he is pulled down by the xenomorphs claws, They wrap around his face as he disappears into the hole.

Suddenly a xenomorph jumps over onto Hicks, Hicks retaliates by firing his weapon.

Hicks stands up and blasts another xenomorth,

Vasquez shouts to Hicks, She say's, Come on, Let's go!

Hicks runs down the corridor, Ripley shouts, It's locked.

Hicks starts to burn through the lock mechanism with his welder.

Vasquez is stood by the metal cabinets, she is firing her weapon intensively, She is giving the survivors a little time to get through the locked door, 

Vasquez changes her attack to grenades, She fires off a grenade which sends aliens flying in all directions.

She fires off another grenade as the aliens screech and explode in all directions.

She fires off another grenade as the aliens screech and explode in all directions. She decides to leave the area and runs down to join the group.

Hicks finishes his welding operation, He shouts, Got it! Let's go! Lets go! Gorman shouts Go! Go!

Ripley tries to go through another door which is sealed tight.

Vasquez shouts, Move Gorman, Hicks shouts, Seal it.

Vasquez starts to weld the door shut.

Ripley is banging on the closed door frantically, She shouts, Goddamn you! Open this door!

Burke's true nature has come out, He has no interest in opening the door to help the survivors he is only thinking about himself and his own selfish survival, It is very quiet in the sealed room but Burke is edgy and extremely nervous.

He walks backwards in fear but does not look where he is going, 

Another door slowly opens as Burke slowly turns round, He has made a huge mistake as a xenomorph was hiding inside the door well, Burke's face turns to one of complete fear and shock.

Burke knows its the end and he freezes in fear and shock as the alien hisses with intent.

The xenomorph attacks Burke as he gasps in fear,  Burke is dead or maybe he will be taken down to the Queens lair to be a host.

Vasquez is still welding the door shut, Aliens are banging from the other side trying to break through, 

Vasquez shouts, Hurry up! Hicks shouts, Gorman, get out of the way.

Suddenly Newt grabs Ripleys hand and shouts, Ripley, this way! Ripley say's What... as Newt drags her to an air vent shaft opening.

Newt tries to go into the vent, Ripley pulls her back and say's, Wait get behind me.

Vasquez say's, Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast!

Ripley shouts for Hicks as she enters the vent,  Hicks shouts Go! Gorman shouts, come on, Let's go.

Ripley enters the vent and shines her torch to find her direction.

Gorman shots, Move as he pushes Hicks from behind.

Aliens are breaking the door down and it is buckling outwards from the pressure.

Vasquez backs away slightly with weapon ready.

Ripley comes to a junction, She ask's Newt, Which way is it to the learning field from here? This way Newt say's pointing right.

The door is being severely rammed and it is just a matter of time before the aliens get through.

Vasquez opens fire and a loud screeching noise is heard.

Newt and Ripley reach another junction, Newt shouts "Go Right"

The sound score has changed to an upbeat drum role with a middle chorus of highs. Newt shouts "This way, This way as they both reach another twist in the airduct system.

Ripley shouts to Newt, Which way?, Newt replies straight ahead and left.


Hicks shouts over his headset, Bishop, do you read me? Come in over.

Bishop replies, The ship is on it's way. E.T.A., 16 Minutes.

Hicks replies, Good, Stand by there, We're on our way.

Ripley say's to Newt, Which way now?, Newt replies, That way, No wait this way Newt say's as she gets momentarily confused. Ripley replies, You sure?

Gorman shouts, Vasquez move! as she fires her weapon at the approaching aliens, Screeching is heard as the aliens are shot at.

Newt shouts to Ripley, Right up here, It's just up here. Ripley shouts Hicks.

Newt carries on in eagerness and say's We're almost there.

Ripley shouts, Newt wait!, Newt!

Vasquez fires her last bullets and throws her weapon to the floor, Aliens can be heard shrieking like an elephant.

Suddenly an alien comes flying down a high shaft above Vasquez, Vasquez manages to fire her hand gun at the approaching xenomorph.

Vasquez shouts out ahh in fright, She fires her hand gun rapidly as the alien whips it's tail and shrieks. Vasquez has managed to pin the head of the beast to the ground and is shooting it many times in the head.

Acid blood has splattered out onto Vasquez's leg as she fires her gun and she cries out in pain as the acid starts to burn into her flesh.

Hicks shouts out, Vasquez as loud as he can, Vasquez is in pain and is writhing on the floor.

Gorman slaps Hicks on his shoulder and say's Go! to signify that he should continue up the tunnel. Gorman goes back to assist the injured Vasquez.

The acid fizzes as it burns Vasquez, Vasquez screams out in pain Oh No! as she writhes on the floor unable to move.

Gorman reaches Vasquez and pulls her backwards along the tunnel, A loud metal thumping is heard as an alien breaks through a grill in the shaft.

Gorman fires his hand gun multiple times at the approching xenomorph.

Ripley shouts, Newt. Newt points to a pair of steel ladders and say's, Up there, There's a shortcut across the roof.

Ripley climbs over the air duct fan system and shouts Hicks.

Gorman fires his last two bullets and say's under his breath, Fuck as he now has no more ammunition. Aliens can be heard hissing as they close in on Gorman and Vasquez.

Gorman pulls out a highly explosive pop grnade, Vasquez say's in pain, You alway's were an asshole, Gorman.

Aliens approach from both angles and hiss as Gorman pops the top of the explosive.

Suddenly Gorman presses down the button to explode the device, Vasquez and Gorman tightly hold there hands together as a way to concede.

An alien strikes with jaws of acid and death as the angrenade explodes creating a massive sound and fireball that erupts along the tunnel system carried by air flow and its own destructive forces.

The metal frame of the tunnels creak and crackle as the tremendous heat scorches past.

The pressure of the heat comes shooting out to the airspace where Newt Ripley and Hicks are, Ripley shouts ahh as the sudden forces surprise them, Newt screams out as she loses her balance on the air fan beams.

Ripley shouts out, Newt! God as she frantically tries to grab Newt from falling into the air fan system. Newt screams out for Ripley.

Ripley shouts Newt in fear as Newt screams as she goes furthur down the rotating fan.

Newt continues to scream as Ripley shouts to Hicks, Hicks! Hicks!, get her! Hurry Ripley shouts.

Hicks rams his weapon into the rotating fans as he tries to stop it from turning.

Ripley gasps as she instantly drops down onto her stomach to try and reach Newt. She say's to Newt, Hold on, Newt!,

I'm slipping Newt cries out, Don't let go, Ripley say's.

Newt screams out "Ripley" in a long scream of fear.

Hold on, Gotcha Ripley say's as she grabs hold of one of Newts sleeves. Help! Newt screams

Ripley say's I gotcha as Newt hangs by a thread.

Suddenly Newts jacket slides off as she slips away screaming down the steep shoot of the air fan system.

Ripley shouts out Newt! as Newt can be heard screaming and disappearing fast down the slide.

No Ripley shouts as Newt slips away, She gasps as she gets up from her flat position.

Hicks say's, Come on, We can find her with this, Hicks pulls out a tracking sensor which starts to beep, Ripley gave Newt a tracking watch earlier so they can find her.

Ripley shouts back down the shoot, Stay where you are, Newt, Newt screams back up in a distant voice,  Ripley she screams which echoes around the metal shaft.

We're coming Ripley shouts back.

Hicks kicks through a side grill and climbs through with Ripley behind him. The panel shoots out and clangs to the floor.

Hicks and Ripley exit down some stairs.

Newt has landed down into a water system, It is very quiet and only an odd drip of water can be heard, Newt slowly makes her way through the waist high water as she shouts out for Ripley.

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