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Back at Guido's Tony the restaurant owner his having his hair cut by his personal and trusted hairdresser, A low level sound of scissors snipping away at Tony's hair can be head but there is no sound score. Tony is playing with his thumbs as he whiles the time.


Motor vehicles can be heard from outside as several cars and a light blue ice cream van go by.


Leon has made his way to Guido's as he has something on his mind that he needs to discuss with Tony his right hand man. Leon peers through the glass as he watches Tony from a distance.


Leon is in no rush as he stands from outside, Tony notices Leon standing there and is now considering what the time is.


Tony picks up his watch from the table top and looks at the clock face to find out.


Tony puts his watch back down as a low tap is heard, Tony say's to his barber, Mario, go back to the barber shop, we'll finish later.


Mario immediately stops what he is doing and walks around to the front of Tony to finish up, laying his cutting tools down on to the table.


Leon makes his way in to the restaurant as a squeak is heard as the door opens up. Leon looks behind as he walks in.


Another squeak is heard as the door closes too, Leon walks in slowly as he looks across at Tony.


Leon is looking down at the display cabinet but briefly looks at Mario and is in no rush to speak with Tony, Mario the barber breezes past Leon as he makes his way out of the restaurant. Tony shouts over, Hey Leon, what's up?, A sound of hot steam is heard from the restaurant kitchen.


Tony continues, All done already?.


Leon say's, No No.


Leon becomes intrigued by a collection of pig ornaments that align the top of the display cabinet, Leon starts to squeeze one of the pigs noses with his right thumb and index finger.


Leon say's to himself, Nicer than people eh? as he turns his hand around to play with the pigs nose again.


Tony hears Leon's words and laughs briefly before saying, I told you that. Leon continues to observe the pig ornaments for a short few seconds.


Tony say's, You got a problem, Leon responds, "No" as he turns around to face him.


Leon is feeling a little twitchy as he stands by the pig ornaments, Tony say's, Get the chair, sit down, It is very quiet in the restaurant and there are no customers, Light traffic can be occasionally heard from outside.


Tony say's, Sit as Leon picks up a chair from a few feet away.


A creaking and thud is heard as Leon sits down across from Tony, Leon say's, I... I was err.


Leon say's, "Thinking", Leon is sincere and is taking his time with his words as he looks down then back up again,  Leon continues, If so...something happens to me some day. 


Tony replies breaking Leon's explanation, Tony say's, Hey...Leon, A light tapping is heard,  Tony slaps Leon playfully in the side and say's, Nothing's gonna happen to you, Tony is trying to make Leon feel better about himself and not down and depressed.


Tony continues with zeal and praise, "You're indestructible, bullets slide off you, Tony signals with his hand, "you play with them".


Leon replies as he looks down at the table, Tony I ... Leon sighs and then say's as he looks back at Tony,  "I thought about my money".


Tony looks down at the table and is momentarily silent at the words of Leon, 


Leon continues, You remember the...Leon is hesitant as he say's,  "girl who came here the other day?"


Tony nods positively and say's, Yeah.


Leon sighs softly then replies, Her name is...Leon pauses silently for a few brief seconds, Leon say's,  "Mathilda".


Leon continues, If anything happens to me...I.. Leon sighs softly again. I'd like you...


to give her...Leon looks down and is very sincere,


Leon looks back at Tony and say's, My Money.


Tony looks at Leon silently then looks down at the table before agreeing to Leon's request, Tony looks to his right and say's, You can count on me, Leon.


Tony wipes his mouth with a white cloth with his right hand, Leon say's, Thank You Tony, 


Tony say's Yeah as he nods positively at Leon that he will honor Leon's wishes.


Leon is back at the hotel and is placing his hat on to his head in front of Mary mother of Jesus. Leon say's to Mathilda, I won't be long. Leon ensures his hat is nice and snug as he pats it down with both hands. (No sound score)


Mathilda is watching Leon from a distance and say's, Did I do something wrong?


Leon say's "No" as he gently rests his hands on top of his weapons suitcase, Leon is not his usual self he is quiet and has a lot on his plate, Leon turns to look at Mathilda and say's, This one is... Leon pauses momentarily then say's, too big.


Mathilda replies, Yeah, and I only get the leftovers, is that it?


Leon walks a few slow steps and say's with sincerity as he looks up to face her,  Mathilda, since I met you, everything's been different. So I ... just need some time alone. Leon looks at Matilda for a few seconds in silence then say's, And you need some time to grow up a little.


Mathilda replies, I've finished growing up Leon, I just get older.


Leon replies, And for me, it's the opposite um, Leon looks down,  "I'm old enough"....Leon looks back at Mathilda, "I need time to grow up".


Light drums and occasional pipe notes are heard to provide the sound score. Mathilda stares at Leon in silence.


Leon slowly starts to back away from the living room while keeping his eyes transfixed to Mathilda.


Leon continues to look at Mathilda for a few more seconds then turns to head for the exit. Violins now play to accompany the rhythmic drums and pan notes.


Mathilda continues to watch Leon in silence and slight sadness. A click is heard as Leon opens the front door to the apartment.


As Leon leaves to fulfill another another job for Tony Mathilda turns her head right and looks out of the window. Another thudding click is heard as Leon closes the door behind him. Mathilda moves her head forward slightly as she say's "Shit" in disappointment.


Mathilda contemplates her situation and what she will do while Leon is away, As the saying goes "When the cat's away the mice will play" and Mathilda likes to do her own thing. Mathilda has not forgotten Norman Stansfield and is still very much focused on getting revenge on the drugs gang that killed her family members.


Mathilda suddenly realizes something and looks over at the corridor Leon left from just a few moments ago. Mathilda then looks down at her right arm imitating that she is wearing a watch and is checking the time. Mathilda knows how long Leon usually is away and can use the time alone in a productive way if she can find out what to do or what is important.


Leon makes his way down the corridor with a rhythmic and fast paced stride.


Leon is a professional and likes to get things done, He has a lot on his mind and knows that his relationship with Mathilda is getting more serious with each day that goes past, He feels that he can not stay with Mathilda forever and that he has a concern that his life is getting more risky with each second, But that is Leon and he likes to push the boat out a bit otherwise he wouldn't be a hitman (Have to take chances every now and then).


Leon turns in the corridor and makes his way outside, 


There is a lot of hustle and bustle outside as Leon looks to his right briefly, A group of men can be seen talking just a few feet away.


Leon turns to his left and makes his way down the busy street as the man wearing a white tee shirt slaps hands with one of his homies.


A lot of streets in New York consist of family run businesses including stalls and start up projects, Some businesses started as a small idea or emerged from the internet. Here is a list of some excellent places to visit integrated with excellent entrepreneurial values vision and commitment. New York City is the country's top city for small business for the second year in a row, according to Biz2Credit's annual study of the Top Small Business Cities in America, which analyzed the financial performance of 27,000 small businesses and their local market economic conditions. Much of New York's success is due to the real estate market that continues to lift Manhattan and the outer boroughs and spill over into neighboring suburbs. Construction firms have plenty of work, and the contractors that service them -- roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc. -- are thriving.



In New York City, members of the construction industry are petitioning the city to loosen safety regulations they claim have halted hundreds of jobs. Currently, construction sites are required to pass a safety inspection that ensures that the safety equipment they use is up to standards. However, shortages of trained safety inspectors are reportedly causing jobs to put on hold for months as they wait for a requisite inspection. According to the Department of Buildings, there are only about 500 active inspectors working in the city. This is especially problematic as construction in the city has entered a boom cycle, putting a number of multi-million dollar projects on hold as inspectors work through several months worth of examinations. This has had a number of consequences for the construction industry: recently, two construction firms were hit with criminal charges after hiring hairdressers and cooks to pose as licensed inspectors. As a result, the New York City Special Riggers Association is writing a memo with the Department of Buildings to undo code changes made in 2008 that require inspections at all construction sites, including restoration projects. Prior to the 2008 changes, inspectors were only needed to supervise new projects. This may not help the problem and could increase risk and serious injury at work sites that have had an inspection already. All sites should be periodically inspected as things change over time. However, a number of people are concerned about the effect this could have on the workers at these sites. Jeffrey Shapiro, an attorney who represents injured construction workers, has stated that it is people like his clients who pay the price when job sites are not held to proper safety standards.

A Department of Buildings spokesman reported that the department is aware of the shortage of safety site inspectors. For now, however, any changes to the city’s construction safety procedures will have to be approved by the city council.

Mathilda is in deep though as she smokes a cigarette, New York City is known around the world for its diversity in food, culture, shopping, and recreation. But what truly makes it a standout city are the small businesses that bring its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to life.
Here is a small list of some of those, 


1 - Archestratus - Location, 160 Huron St, Greenpoint,Brooklyn. 
What's it about?: A combination cafe and bookstore that only sells books about food.

What makes it great? : Inspired by her Sicilian grandparents, Paige Lipari, a former rare-books seller, wanted to open a shop that combined her love of books and food. In fall 2013, she opened Archestratus.

The book selection at Archestratus — named after an ancient Sicilian poet — includes cookbooks as well as fiction and nonfiction books inspired by food. Its cafe offers Sicilian-inspired pastries and dishes like rice balls. Archestratus also holds a number of workshops, cooking classes, and other weekly events.


2 - CoolMess - Location, 137 E. 62nd St, Upper East Side, Manhattan.
What's it about?: A make-your-own ice cream shop.
What makes it great? : Marguerite Loucas came up with the concept of CoolMess after struggling to find something fun to do with her three kids. She wanted something interactive so that they wouldn't get bored of. Already in the restaurant business — her family owns the 70-year-old burger mini-chain Burger Heaven — Loucas opened CoolMess in January 2016.

At the ice cream machine on their table, a customer chooses a liquid ice cream base, then adds toppings — anything from cookie dough to cherries to pound cake — and mixes it all in the machine for eight minutes to produce their concoction. If you're feeling lazy, you can choose from the shop's predesigned "Messipes."


Dank Banana Bread - Location, Based in Brooklyn New York
What's it about?: Preservative-free, vegan banana bread.
What makes it great? : Caitlin Makary started Dank Banana Bread as an accident. As an avid rock climber, Makary would make her own banana bread to bring on climbing trips. Her friends loved the bread, so she decided to start a business.

Dank Banana Bread is made out of a kitchen in Bushwick but is available at a number of coffee shops around the city. To eliminate waste, the company uses bikes to make deliveries, and the banana bread is stored in reusable bakery boxes. It comes in two flavors, original and chocolate, and is made without preservatives — the ingredients are all listed on the company's site.


French Cheese Board, Location - 41 Spring St, SoHo, Manhattan
What's it about?: A cheese concept shop.
What makes it great? : A cheese-lover's paradise, French Cheese Board doesn't only sell cheese — everything in the store is inspired by cheese, from the art to the cookware to the books. The space was engineered by two French designers, Ich&Kar, and is both a boutique and event space.

Customers can stop by to pick up a piece of its rotating selection of French cheeses like Brie or raclette for $8 to $10. It also hosts a number of events, like wine and cheese pairings and Sunday brunches.


Heatonist - Location, 121 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What's it about?: A hot sauce shop with a tasting room. (I like it HOT).
What makes it great? : Heatonist founder Noah Chaimberg loves hot sauce so much, he wanted to open a place where people could try it before they buy it. Heatonist was founded in 2013, when Chaimberg would have tastings at local events. He created a web presence, and in April, Heatonist opened its first storefront.

Heatonist offers hot sauces from more than 20 makers in four intensities, ranging from mild to hottest. Those looking for something a little more exotic can find hot sauces in flavors such as pineapple, carrot, and blueberry.


Momofuku Nishi - Location, 232 8th Ave, Chelsea, Manhattan
What's it about?: David Chang's first restaurant on Manhattan's West Side.
What makes it great? : Momofuku Nishi opened in January, serving up adventurous dishes that take inspiration from both Asian and Italian cuisines. But its buzziest offering is the Impossible Burger, a faux-meat hamburger made of plants that's distributed by a company called Impossible Foods and available exclusively at Nishi.

Chang also recently launched a Momofuku food delivery app called Ando, named after the man who invented instant ramen noodles.


Rialto Jean Project - Location, 206 Front St, Lower Manhattan
What's it about?: A charitable denim brand.
What makes it great? : Rialto Jean Project's "Denim Doing Good" platform creates stylish, vintage jeans. The best part? A portion of the sales from the South Street Seaport concept shop — which relocated to New York after it was founded in Los Angeles in 2013 — and other high-end retailers around the city go to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and New York Presbyterian Child Life Services.


Saint Seneca - Location, Saint Seneca 799 Cypress Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385 (Cypress between Madison and Putnam) Queens. 
What's it about?: A gift shop featuring items curated from local designers and craftmakers.
What makes it great? : Jewelry and clothing designer Yuka Anziano opened Saint Seneca because she wanted to shine a light on the talent the Ridgewood area has to offer. The store opened in fall 2015 and derives its name from the two avenues it's located between.

At Saint Seneca, you can find a gift for just about anyone — babies, parents, friends, or significant others. The boutique has handmade products from over 40 artists that include leather-bound books, pillows, toys, jewelry, and even pet products.


Upper West Side, Manhattan

Spacious - Location, Multiple locations withing the Manhattan borough.
What's it about?: A startup that partners with "beautifully designed" restaurants to rent their unused space to independent workers.
What makes it great? : Users can get daytime access to coworking spaces — restaurants that don't open until the dinner hour — for $95/month or $29 for a one-day pass. Each setup includes Wi-Fi, gourmet coffee, tea, refreshments, and charging stations. Soon those restaurants will offer small eats and a lunch menu.
Ultimately, the startup aims to improve food culture by helping restaurants with high rents and by allowing chefs to innovate and experiment, while also offering freelancers a reprieve from the city's crowded coffee shops.


Syndicated - Location, 40 Bogart St, Bushwick, Brooklyn
What's it about?: A laid-back bar, restaurant, and movie theater.
What makes it great? : Tickets are just $3 for a movie showing at Syndicated, which screens new and old indie hits and cult favorites three times a day.

The space also serves elevated pub fare made with local and seasonal ingredients. Guests can order finger food in the theater or eat in the dining area or bar, which also has two large projectors.


Tasting Collective - Location, Multiple locations around the Manhattan Borough
What's it about?: A private membership community for attending chef-led dinners around the city.
What makes it great? : For $199 per year, plus discounted meals, members have access to bimonthly, closed-restaurant dinners with a multicourse menu curated and presented by each restaurant's chef. Members also get benefits and discounts at partner restaurants and select food-related brands.


The Last Word - Location, 31 - 30 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, Queens.
What's it about?: A speakeasy hidden behind a hardware store.
What makes it great? : Don't be fooled by the entrance to The Last Word. If you can get past the hammers and rakes, you'll find a 1920s-inspired speakeasy. The bar is filled with antique leather couches and huge red velvet curtains. Though there's no sign of the bar's name anywhere on the outside, it's slyly etched into ice cubes and branded on orange peels.

The Last Word's drinks menu is split into four sections — House Words, Easy Drinking, Feeling Adventurous, and Know Your Spirits — and offers a bevy of drink options made with gin, bourbon, whiskey, and rum.


BucketFeet - Location - 266 Elizabeth St, New York, New York
What's it about?: A shoe company that sells unique art for your feet.
What makes it great? : With headquarters in Chicago and a pop-up shop in New York's SoHo neighborhood since 2013, BucketFeet garnered enough buzz to set up a brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan.

The footwear company has an open submission network of painters, illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers from 100 countries. Artists submit their work, and then BucketFeet selects designs, manufacturers, and distributes the shoes worldwide. Artists are paid upfront and receive royalties for every item sold.

The camera is slowly zooming in on Mathilda while she ponders her life. Mathilda's hair blows lightly in the breeze.


A low level click is heard as Mathilda opens the refrigerator door. Mathilda has been out to the local convenience store for Leon's favorite drink being milk, also she has purchased some Tuna. Because Mathilda has a sweet tooth she has also purchased some Jumbo Potato Sticks, Cheery Coke in Cans, Charms Candy Sour Balls, Popcorn, Lemonade, and other assorted sweets including a large jar of Peanut Butter


Mathilda starts to put away the first of two red carton milk drinks.


Mathilda grabs the second carton and puts that in the refrigerator also.


A clanking is heard as Mathilda swings the refrigerator door shut.


Mathilda examines a large round carton of Jumbo potato sticks by tilting one side with her right hand.


Mathilda turns the green potted plant around slightly as she examines and cleans the leaves with the spray gun Leon used earlier to spray Mathilda with.


Mathilda rubs the leaf after spraying with a yellow sponge to ensure all dust and residue has been removed, Mathilda cleans the lower portion of the plant with the spray gun also.


Mathilda decides to switch on the television and is changing channel with the remote control.


Mathilda is whiling her time as she waits for Leon's return. 


The television does not seem to have anything interesting to watch so Mathilda has decided to go outside for some fresh air and a cigarette, Mathilda is feeling under stress and her cigarette consumption is increasing plus the fact Leon is not around to tell her to stop.


Mathilda stares at her cigarette and is almost playing with it when she decides to throw it away, Maybe she has realized smoking is bad for you. Some teenage boys voices can be heard in the distance.


Suddenly four teenage boys come running from an alley just behind Mathilda, They have a large orange baseball and are playing a ball game. The boys shout, Hey, and Move it out move it out as they chase and bounce the ball among themselves.


The metal railings rattle and hum as the last two boys use there hands to support themselves as they run at speed towards a basketball net.


Mathilda is in thought and is being disturbed by the noise of the boys.


Another boy shouts out loudly, Oh come on come on!. Another boy appears from the alley and starts to walk down slowly towards his basketball playing friends.


Another boy who is second closest to the ball looking up shouts "Ohh" in disappointment as the baseball misses the net.


The boy in control of the ball attempts a second shot and this time the ball goes in to the net.


The boy who was the last to come from the alley wearing a light brown sweatshirt chequered green shorts and a black cap is the leader of this teenage group, The boy claps his hands together momentarily and signals to his group to follow him, He say's Come on.


The leader of the group has become interested in the lonely Mathilda and has decided to break game and walk over to her. The other three boys stop playing ball as they follow there friend.


No sound score exists except a light ambient breeze, Mathilda can feel the boys presence as they get closer but does not turn around.


The leader of the group seems like a bully and has decided to interupt Mathilda's thoughts,


He say's, You're new, aren't you?


Mathilda turns her head around to look at the teenage boy, The group leader continues, Fifth floor, right?. Mathilda nods positively in agreement at the boys words.


The boy continues with a sarcastic tone of voice,  "Well, you can't sit here like that."


Mathilda is not taking the situation too seriously and replies, Really? Why not? 


The boy leader continues his sarcastic bullying and say's, Nothing's free, Like a parking meter,


The boy leader continues, When you stop you pay, The boy signals with his hand and say's, "It's the law


Mathilda turns her head back around and "uhhs" softly at the boys request and is still not taking the teenage boys bullying seriously. Mathilda replies, Only on TV, The boy leader snaps back and say's, What did you say? as he lowers his head down closer to Mathilda.


Mathilda turns her head around again and say's, Forget it, How much is your meter?. Mathilda is starting to get a bit bored of the boys attempts to get some cash from Mathilda. (If you can't beat them join them as the saying goes).


The boy leader cheekily replies, Ten dollars...the boy hesitates then replies, a month.


A rummaging of paper is heard as Mathilda reaches into her right back pocket for some cash. A loud sound of sirens can be heard in the not too far distance.


Mathilda quickly produces a small bundle of dollars and begins to shuffle through. Mathilda turns around and hands the boy leader a $100 dollar bill.


The boy leader and his group stare at the bill with slight shock and surprise at there sudden lucky windfall. Mathilda say's, Got change?


The boy leader turns his head left and looks at one of his friends to signal his good fortune.


Mathilda is watching the boys reaction and say's, Don't worry about it, we'll do ten for twelve.


Mathilda continues, I'll pay now for the rest of the year, Okay? The boy leader looks to his right briefly as he tries to get some feed back from his other friend. Both friends from either side of the boy leader begin to nod enthusiastically at the boy leader to silently hint that he should accept the deal on offer. 


The boy leader signals with his right hand and replies, Okay, a year. (Police sirens can be heard).


Mathilda replies, Does paying rent here mean I have to put up with you guys?.


The boy leader smirks as he holds his right hand out and say's innocently, No!.


The boys stand motionless and silent for a few seconds as Mathilda replies, So go play somewhere else.


Mathilda turns back around completely ignoring the boy group. Mathilda say's, "I need to think" as the boys stand behind her. 


Suddenly the boy leader signals to his friend wearing a stripy black tee shirt that it is time to clear out and the pack turn and run off back towards the alley they came from.


A light tapping of feet is heard as the boys run off considerably richer at this point, Mathilda returns to her thoughts as police sirens scream in the distance.


A synthesizer chord provides the sound score, The key is continuous but raises the scale then lowers the scale with occasional deep base thuds from a timpani. Mathilda has returned to her apartment that she shares with Leon and is looking into a mirror as she places a pair of sunglasses on. She is imitating Leon as she feels she is becoming more like Leon with each day that passes.


Mathilda looks at her reflection for a few seconds as she contemplates what she has in mind.


Mathilda is stood next to a fresh fruit and vegetable stall, She is juggling a single large orange from one hand to the other as she whiles the time away.


Mathilda looks from left to right as she juggles with the fruit. A low level patting sound is heard as the fruit passes from one hand to the other.


Mathilda has been thinking about Norman stansfield and the drugs gang and has made her way to the DEA office where Stansfield resides. A squeaking sound is heard as a black motor vehicle pulls up very close to Mathilda's position.


Suddenly Stansfield emerges from the passenger side door as Mathilda plays a low key surveillance.


Stansfield looks over at Mathilda as she looks directly at him but he does not recognize the girl, Willi the blood can be seen emerging from the back passenger door, Willi was the gang member that killed Mathild's younger brother.


A Tambourine, fast paced military drums and twangs of a metal drum are infused together to provide the sound score. Mathilda watches as the two men make there way into the DEA building.


Willi the Blood follows swiftly behind.


Mathilda makes her move as she quickly leaves the fruit and veg stall with a large brown bag in her hands. Suddenly Stansfield returns from the front of the building and has probably forgotten something he has to do. Mathilda is surprised when Stansfield suddenly reappears and shakes with shock.


Mathilda quickly turns around praying that Stansfield has not noticed her standing there as it will blow her secret mission. The brown paper bag has a logo of ANGUS BEEF embossed on the front and this indicates that the parcel could be a food order of some kind.


Mathilda returns to the fruit and veg stall as Stansfield bends down to speak with the driver of his vehicle, (Most probably Benny)


A few seconds later and Stansfield begins his short journey back to the building, Stansfield glances once again over at Mathilda but still does not click on that it is the girl from Stan's apartment.


Stansfield walks at pace almost in a rush as he wipes his mouth with his left hand as he approaches a series of steps that lead to the rotating door.


As soon as Stansfield is out of view Mathilda decides to make her approach to the building.


Mathilda walks at pace towards the DEA entrance.


Pan notes and a Tamborine provide the sound score, Stansfield and Willi are now in the foyer making there way to an elevator that will take them up to the top floor,


Two DEA Officials in black suits and ties are talking to each other as they make there way out of the building. The entrance to the DEA office is heavily protected by security officers and every person that enters will be questioned and checked for identification if required. Stansfield presses the lift button two times to initiate the pulley system.


Stansfield loiters around as he waits for the lift to openThe sound score has become much more noisy similar to standing next to a busy motorway as the instruments continue to play. 


Mathilda has entered through the revolving doors and is cautious and slow as she edges forward towards the security guards. Another pair of DEA officials in black suits and ties are just leaving the building. A loud squeaking sound is heard.


The two security guards are chatting to each other as Mathilda makes her way further into the building. The security guard to the left with a mustache say's to his buddy, Who do you support, It's the best thing. Mathilda looks to her right slightly as she looks at the wall that has various information regarding the institutes scattered apartments and projects. 


Stansfield suddenly places his hands onto one of the security guards who is slouched at his desk as a loud slap is heard, Stansfield say's with authority, Stand up,


Stansfield signals with his right hand in an arrogant and narcissistic way and say's, "Don't you like your job?." The other two DEA officials are slowly walking towards the entrance.


Stansfield turns away from the security guard as the lift suddenly opens. A DEA official steps out of the elevator car followed by another man wearing glasses who turns to look at another bolding man wearing glasses from behind him. The DEA official that appears smiles and waves to the security guard that was told by Stansfield to pull his socks up. 


Mathilda stands motionless as she bides her time waiting for Stansfield and Willi to enter the Lift. A security guard say's "It's so unusual."


Mathilda has found her moment and turns as she starts to make her way down towards the security team. Mathilda passes the placard of information that relates to the building and its offices. DEPUTY, VICTOR Executive Assistant, Administrative Officer, Board of Estimate, Records Project, Dept of Transportation, Provision of Franchises and Revocable Consents, CITY CLERK & CLERK OF THE COUNCIL.
Marriage Licenses, Use South Building, Elevators. CITY RECORD D G S 
Sales Office (2223) DEA, First Deputy, Second Deputy, Third Deputy, DEPT OF THE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION. 


A sign to the right of Mathilda states that - ALL PACKAGES AND/OR BRIEFCASES SUBJECT TO INSPECTION. By Order Of Admission Dept Of Federal Services. Mathilda places her parcel down onto a security table as another security guard looks over from a distance. Mathilda slides the package forward as the security guard comes over to inspect it.


Mathilda steps past a wooden barrier as the security guard looks down and say's "Food." Another security guard is also looking at Mathilda and the package but does not suspect anything suspicious. Mathilda is cool and silent as she lets fate make the decisions. The all clear has materialized as Mathilda continues along the security check towards the next security check.


Mathilda places the package down for the second time as she goes through another security check carried out by the other security guard just a few feet away.


Mathilda hunches forward with arms crossed and say's, Special delivery, Room 4602.


The security guard instantly signals to Mathilda to "Sign Here" as he shows her a booklet.


Stansfield and Willi have still not left the ground floor and Mathilda is playing a very cool game so that she won't be found out. Stansfield and Willi are jostling with each other as Stansfield holds Willi's right hand with both of his in a playful mood. Stansfield say's "come here come here" to Willi as he pulls at his hand.


A loud slap is heard as Stansfield wacks Willi's right hand with his left hand then points his right index finger at Willi and say's "It's Magical". Two women are walking passed as Stansfield and Willi make light banter..Stansfield say's Come on!.


Mathilda is biding her time as she fills out the visitors book, The security guard who initially dealt with Mathilda is now walking freely along the floor, He say's to the two women as they make there way passed, "Ahh, Have a nice weekend, girls" then waves at them in a friendly way.


The women smile and say loudly, "Okay" as they chat to each other. The security guard that asked Matilda to sign in smiles brightly and is enjoying the female presence immensely.


Stansfield has finished his banter with Willi and say's "I'm gonna go down here" as he points his index finger towards the far right corner of the large hall, Stansfield has changed his mind about taking the lift and has walked off in a completely different direction to the one he was going to take being the lift. An echoing sound is generated from all the noises and voices from withing the densely constructed old building.


Both security guards are now oblivious to Mathilda's intentions and have allowed her to pass into the building, Mathilda picks up her package and makes her way slowly towards another security guard who is speaking to someone on a telephone system.


Another man walks across Mathilda's path as she slowly makes her way down to the bottom of the hall, Stansfield can be seen in the far right making his way some where and Willi is visible to the far left as he stands in front of the elevator system.


Another three men in black suits appear from the elevator as Willi enters to take him up to his illicit office hangout high above the skyline. The third security guard raises his right hand and waves at the first man to come out of the lift as the man returns his friendly acknowledgement. Tambourines provide the sound score along with pan notes.


The last two men that came out of the elevator stand and talk with each other as Mathilda follows Stansfield into the far right corner of the building.


An echoing deep rumbling sound is heard to provide the sound score as Mathilda gently pushes the door to the bathroom open, The door squeaks and croaks as it fully opens.


Mathilda is trying to find a suitable place to hide the package as the elusive contents may not contain food after all. Mathilda's feet are lightly heard as she takes the first step into the silent and oblique bathroom, Mathilda looks to her left as she surveys her environment.


Mathilda then looks to her right (Two prominent pan notes are heard)


A scrimmaging of paper is heard as Mathilda takes off her sun glasses.


Mathilda places her glasses into her right side jacket pocket as she slowly begins to walk forward with the heavy parcel. A white pizza box is underneath the brown bag as she uses this as a support base.


A low level creaking is heard as Mathilda precariously and cautiously edges forward as she observes her right side.


Mathilda moves slowly each step at a time, The bathroom is located on the ground floor of the building and Mathilda has entered this room because of a unique and strange draw and urge, She does not know why she has chosen a bathroom for her mission but has a gut feeling this is the way forward.


Mathilda continues along the deathly quiet bathroom as echoing sounds of wind and a constant tambourine provide the sound score. Mathilda looks to her right again as a crackle of paper is heard from the brown parcel. Mathilda then looks down at the floor as thoughts of her family flash through her mind.


Mathilda is getting closer to the far end of the long bathroom, The end cubicle is closed but no one seems to be using it.


The room produces a golden yellow glow from the ambient light that penetrates through the window, Yellow bricks amplify the color as the stillness becomes paramount.


More creaking is heard as Mathilda follows her intuition, Mathilda looks to her right as she can sense something tantalizingly different in the air.


Mathilda is just feet away from the window and is not paying any attention to what may lurk behind her.


Mathilda takes her last steps as she reaches the back wall, Mathilda turns around and looks down at the urinals briefly.


Mathilda looks at the warm and welcoming yellow ambiance that illuminates from the hexagonal shapes that are embedded between the glass. The dirty windows certainly need a clean but Mathilda is completely out of her depth as she stares at the placid and rhetoric pattern scheme.


Suddenly a prominent pan note is heard as the bathroom door slowly opens, The sound score now consists only of a light breeze.


Behind the door stands Stansfield who expresses a face of pure evil and silent demons. His jacket blends with the brickwork and color scheme beautifully as he stands motionless and preoccupied with this surprise visitor.


The bathroom door creaks as it quickly shuts behind producing a very loud banging sound. The loud noise startles Mathilda as she instantly turns around at the noise. Mathilda's mouth is now wide and open and can now see Stansfield at the bottom of the bathroom and is feeling very stressed and worried at this point.


Stansfield starts to walk slowly one step at a time at a controlled pace towards Mathilda, His feet produce a crackling echoing sound as his hard heeled shoes impact off the floor. Stansfield is creepy and void of emotion as his alternative split personality reflects from the bathroom mirror.


Stansfield is pretending in his sick mind that he is just your ordinary customer that uses a bathroom but likes to hide behind doors at the same time.


Stansfield admires himself from one of the large paneled mirrors as he continues to taunt and scare Mathilda.


A loud tapping sound is heard as Stansfield mumbles to himself Uh Uh, Stansfield is looking directly into the mirror and does not want to face Mathilda, Stansfield is using his sixth sense that is why he never used the elevator system and veered off right, He is letting Mathilda play the game as he believes that his tactics and methods will work best if he wants to escape any charges from Stan's apartment. The girl holds the key to his either demise and long prison sentence or his continuation of illicit affairs and drug deals.


Stansfield breaks the silence as he fumbles with his jacket and say's, Special delivery huh? "Ah as Mathilda stands motionless from a distance.


Stansfield continues, "Let me guess!" Stansfield produces a small box of pills from his right side jacket pocket as he admires himself in the mirror.


Stansfield lifts the box high with his right hand and shakes the contents next to his right ear. A jingling metallic sound emanates from the box.


Another high pitched metallic sound is heard as Stansfield pops the lid to the container of strong mind altering drugs, Stansfield is still denying Mathilda the pleasure of his distilled face as he say's "Chinese?" 


More clicking is heard as Stansfield's slender fingers feel around the edges of the drugs, Stansfield decides to show his face as he turns and say's with a hint of sarcasm, Thai, maybe?


Stansfield hesitates momentarily as a loud click is heard from the container of drugs as it snaps shut.


Stansfield raises his right arm as he holds a yellow capsule in his hand, Stansfield signals with his hand after experiencing a eureka moment and say's, I've got it. 


Stansfield continues just before he consumes the pill and say's,  "Italian food"


Stansfield watches himself in the mirror as he bites down on the yellow pill.


The powerful drug has it's effect almost immediately as Stansfield turns his head away from Mathilda at a freakish and retorted angle. Stansfield's head drops back as a biting crunching sound is heard from Stansfield's teeth as they push together with tremendous forces from the powerful drug. Stansfield gyrates slightly as he feels the effects of the powerful stimulant.


Mathilda watches with bewilderment as Stansfield suffers, A loud high pitched scream emits from Stansfields mouth as he has little control over his actions when the drug enters the blood stream and brain.


Stansfield breathes out loudly almost wheezing and whimpering, Stansfield then slowly returns his head back to an upright position as he lets out another loud breath of air similar to someone who is breathless.


Stansfield turns around slowly not wanting to show Mathilda his distorted and demonized facial expressions while the drug took effect, (Stansfield does have a tiny amount of decency left in him.)


Stansfield's lucid look effects his focus as he slowly regains his vision, Stansfield is looking into the void as it takes a few seconds for his eyes to lock onto the silent and frightened Mathilda. Stansfield's character has now changed because of the powerful drug, He is taking a new perspective on his lucky find. Stansfield say's as he smiles broadly, What's your name, angel?.


Mathilda is silent and is frozen to the floor, Mathilda hesitates then say's softly, Mathilda.


Stansfield confers with himself and say's with a whisper, "Mathilda", 


Stansfield is quite pleased with himself after extracting the girls name, Now he knows for sure it is the same girl he and his drug gang have been looking for. Stansfield turns back around and looks down as he sniffs then turns his head quickly in recognition of his understanding.


Stansfield continues his bathroom activities as he turns a cold tap on with his right hand. A loud sound of running water is heard as Stansfield bends over the sink to splash and cool his face.


Stansfield rubs his face vigorously with the ice cold water to try and sober up a little from the strong drugs effect. Stansfield coughs loudly as he returns to an upright position, 


Stansfield sniffs loudly as he twists his head violently while looking at his appearance.


Stansfield gasps loudly as he turns from the sink, as he makes his way over to a tissue dispenser he sniffs and rubs his mouth and cheeks with his right hand.


Stansfield coughs loudly as he reaches for the crank, A loud metallic rumbling sound is heard as Stansfield winds the handle to the tissue paper dispenser vigorously.


A large single piece  of white tissue paper slides from the dispenser as Stansfield snatches the sheet with his right hand at speed, A loud ripping sound is heard as the paper breaks from the roll.


Stansfield turns around as he wipes his hands dry with the white sheet, His eyes are focused to the right of the bathroom as he shows an oblivious reaction to Mathilda's presence. A loud scrunching sound is heard as Stansfield squeezes the tissue with both hands tightly. Stansfield then returns his attention to Mathilda as he raises the white sheet to wipe his face dry.


 Stansfield presses the white sheet close to his face with both hands as he coughs loudly two times.


Stansfield looks down as he scrunches the white sheet after finishing drying his face. Stansfield say's "Mathilda" in a serious tone of voice as he looks back up to face her.


Stansfield hesitates as he continues to squeeze the white sheet of tissue, Stansfield wants to build a suspense with Mathilda and has no intentions of letting up on his slow and precise mental torture.


Stansfield points his right index finger at Mathilda with an authoritative expression, Stansfield say's with a serious tone of voice, I want you to put the sack on the floor.


Stansfield discards the white scrunched up sheet of tissue on to the floor with his right hand.


Stansfield stands looking at Mathilda as he waits impatiently for her to carry out his wishes.


Mathilda instantly obeys Stansfields orders as she slowly bends down with the heavy parcel in hand.


Mathilda keeps her eyes fixed to Stansfield as she quietly carries out his instructions. A scrunching of paper is heard as the parcel hits the floor.


Mathilda slowly stands back upright with her feet closely touching each other.


Stansfield looks to his right as he say's "Good" Stansfield then reaches into his right inside jacket pocket.


Stansfield grimaces and a loud clicking noise is heard as Stansfield pulls out a large and bulky silver revolver. Stansfield feels the top of his jacket as he feels the material all the way to the bottom in a continuous action. 


Stansfield starts to walk forward towards Mathilda at a fairly fast pace as he say's, "And now I want you to tell me everything you know about Italian food."


Stansfield feet can be heard tapping as he approaches Mathilda, Stansfield continues, And don't forget the name of the chef who fixed it for me.


Mathilda replies softly, Nobody sent me, I do business for myself.


Stansfield hesitates at Mathilda's words as he sniffs and breathes in rapidly, Stansfield looks down as he raises his right hand to express his words, He say's, So..Stansfield stutters on his sentence as he say's, ddd, This is something, Stansfield swallows loudly as he say's, Personal, is it?.  Stansfield whispers "Is it" again at a very low level.


Mathilda is starting to become emotional and is swelling with tears as she looks down and scrunches her eyes tightly for a brief moment.


A single tear falls from Mathilda's right eye as it slowly drapes down her cheek, Mathilda looks back at Stansfield in tears and sadness.


What filthy piece of.. Stansfield hesitates as he sucks back on the air in his mouth and say's,  shit... did I do now?. Stansfield sniffs then looks at Mathilda with a face of silent evil.


Mathilda stares Stansfield directly in the eye and replies softly, You killed my brother.


Stansfield has no heart as he shows no emotion or response from mathilda's words, Stansfield whispers Oh as he raises his right hand and covers his mouth, Stansfield sniffs some more as he rubs his face and nose with his hand, Stansfield then breathes in deeply as he rubs his face and nose again.


Stansfield instantly removes his hand as he say's in a loud whisper, "I'm sorry" while keeping his eyes away from Mathilda.Stansfield then looks back at Mathilda as he plays with his tongue and mouth.


Stansfield sniffs yet again as he lowers his face close to Mathilda.


Mathilda is feeling extremely emotional and scared but is putting on a very brave face in front of Stansfield, Mathilda and Stansfield stare each other directly in the eyes as Stansfield say's, And you wanna join him?. Mathilda grimaces slightly at the evil Stansfield as she nods negatively and say's softly, "No".


Mathilda grimaces slightly at the evil Stansfield as she nods negatively and say's softly, "No".


Stansfield replies, It's always the same thing 


Stansfield raises his right hand slowly towards Mathilda as he softly paws at her hair, Stansfield say's in a serious tone of voice,  It's when you start to become really afraid of death, That you learn to appreciate life.


Stansfield is really mincing his words to scare and upset Mathilda, Stansfield say's, Do you like life, sweetheart?.

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