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Ashley screams with shock and fear as he stares at his hand that he has just pulled from inside the mirror. A strange bright light streaks past the windows creating a loud rumbling sound.

The bright light and rumbling sound causes Ashley to turn his head to investigate.

Ashley without hesitation points his shot gun at the window pane. Ashley is spooked at this point.

Ashley fires the powerful shotgun through the window pane even though there is nothing to be seen. Ashley's body repels from the forces of the shotgun as the wooden window pane breaks into several pieces from the blast.

The sound of broken glass is heard as Ashley moves to the window. A loud breezy sound is now heard from the darkness of outside.

Ashley steps away from the window slowly and extremely on edge. He steps backwards not wanting to be taken by surprise and stops as his back faces the wooden cabin entrance.

Only a light breeze is heard mingled with Ashley's light and rapid breathing. Ashley stares to his left and then turns to his right as a low level creaking sound is heard. Ashley looks down at his weapon and reacts with a kind of forgetfulness. Ashley is so scared he has forgot to reload his shotgun and the chambers are now empty. Ashley opens the shotgun to examine the empty shotgun compartments.

A loud click is heard as an empty shotgun cartridge ejects from the shotgun chamber. Ashley reaches up into his top right side pocket to find a replacement shell. Ashley fiddles momentarily with fear and urgency as his fingers rummage through. Ashley finds a shell and places it into the shotgun. His face is almost talking back to him as he struggles with his emotions.

Ashley closes the shotgun chamber and stands motionless as he contemplates his actions, He is trembling and sweating profusely.

A low wind is all that can be heard, Ashley closes his eyes as he starts to whisper to himself, Ashley whispers, "Oh, Come on, Come On. Why are you torturing me like this?

Ashley opens his eyes as he suddenly hears footsteps, a low level whipping and tapping sound is emanating from above his head. 

Ashley looks up at the sounds as his face contorts and shudders at his predicament.

Ashley's mind is so messed up now that he smiles slightly with disappointment and bitterness at his strangely bizarre circumstances.

The strange tapping can still be heard as Ashley breaks from his mental thoughts to look right again.

Ashley's face is emotionless and quite still, A moving and soft violin composition starts to play as Ashley reaches down into his right side trouser pocket.

A few short moments later Ashley slowly pulls out the silver amulet necklace that was a gift for Linda. Ashley looks down at the jewelry examining its detail as he lightly rubs his fingers over the chain and circular glass edges.. 

Ashley slowly lifts his head in contemplation, He softly says, "Linda" as the amulet is bringing back all kinds of memories and thoughts. The sound score has stopped playing and all is deathly quiet at this moment.

Ashley is motionless and slightly moves his head, Suddenly a loud crashing of cymbals is heard as a pair of rotten deadite hands appear through the wooden cabin door. With no time to react Ashley screams with fear as the hands break through the wooden door and grab Ashley around the neck.

One rotten hand covers Ashleys face while the other grips tight around Ashleys chest and throat. Ashley groans loudly as the deadite squeezes and chokes Ashley. The deadite shouts loudly with evil, "Join Us!" it growls loudly, "Join Us!" 

A low key synthesizer sound is heard accompanied by an occasional loud steaming and hissing sound. Ashley struggles to free himself from the evil deadites clutches.

Suddenly Ashley succeeds in pulling away from the evil deadite and falls to the floor landing on his back. Ash grunts as his body hits the deck, A few strokes of a harpsichord are heard as Ashley watches the deadites rotten hands twitch and then retreat back out of the holes it had just created.

Ashley tries to gather some composure as he lays on the cabin floor.

Suddenly Ashley shouts with Anger and fear as he swivels the shotgun in a clockwise circular movement. The evil deadite is determined to get to Ashley and has moved a few feet to another door. It stares in at Ashley groaning and wheezing with evil.

Without hesitation Ashley fires the shotgun directly at the deadites face that is staring in at him. A loud explosive sound is heard as the shell hits the deadite on the left side of its rotten facial features. The force of the shotgun shell disintegrates the deadites left side cheeks creating an explosion of filthy and flying flesh, blood, bone, and skin in all directions.

The deadite retorts and groans with pain as blood spurts out from its deep wound. Ashley leap's to his feet and quickly peers through the hole that he has just fired into.

The evil deadite is still behind the door but the shotgun has caused some damage as the deadite falls away to the floor groaning with an evil pleasure.

A High pitched violin plays accompanied by a deeper violin chord, Ashley immediately runs over to a wooden chest of draws and pushes off a blue box which falls to the floor, The table quite conveniently has wheels for easy movement. 

Ashley rapidly slides the piece of furniture across the floor as the old wheels squeak with motion.

Ashley pushes the furniture up against the cabin door in an attempt to keep Cheryl's evil deadite host from attempting to break through.

Suddenly a loud chainsaw sound is heard as Scott's evil deadite host returns from the dead. A stench of blood drips from the deadites mouth as it instantly sits up with evil and powerful kandarian forces. A cymbal crash and violins play as Scott's deadite form grabs Ashley from behind.

Ashley and the deadite jostle and struggle as the deadite growls with evil. Ashley is very tired as he fights with the evil deadite. Suddenly the deadite succeeds in taking the shotgun away from Ashley, The deadite tosses the gun to the floor in anger as it tries to hurt Ashley.

Cheryl's deadite form has recovered from the shotgun blast and is now banging with both of its arms at the cabin door in an attempt to break it down.

Ashley fights with Scott's deadite host, He lifts a small wooden table high in the air to use as protection. The Kandarian book of the dead rests on top of the piece of furniture.

Ashley swings the furniture towards the evil deadite as it growls with pleasure.

A sliding sound is heard as the "Book Of The Dead" slips from the table and falls just a few short feet from the hot and flaming fire place.

Ashley picks up a table lamp with his right hand.

A loud smashing sound is heard as Ashley swings the wooden lamps support stand down onto the deadites head as hard as he possibly can. Pieces of broken debris fly out as the heavy blunt wood hits its target directly over its head.

The deadite is determined to hurt Ashley.

The deadite from behind the door continues to pound its fists onto the weakening door as it tries to break through. The force of its fists has caused the wooden chest of draws to gyrate shake and fall to pieces.

A middle chorus of fast paced violins play as Scott's deadite host grabs Ashley around the neck. The deadite squeezes hard as Ashley grimaces and chokes on the pressure.

The powerful kandarian forces use Scott's rotten corpse to lift Ashley high up above the ground. Ashley closes his eyes with fear as the deadite growls with controlling pleasure as it tightens its grip around Ashley's neck.

Ashley hangs in the balance as he struggles to defend himself. Slowly Asley reaches out with fingers spread as he tries with all his might to stop the evil deadite from taking his soul. Ashley in desperation pushes his thumbs into the dead and blind eyes of the kandarian evil. The deadite screams and groans loudly as Ashleys thumbs push forever deeper into its rotten and filthy eye sockets. Thick and long plumes of deep red blood squirt out and trickle down the deadites cheeks as it gives out a loud groaning pleasure.

The deadite groans wildly with pain and evil pleasure.

Ashleys attack releases its hold on Ashley as he stands a few feet away. The deadite holds its hands high as it screams loudly. Its face is smothered in a thick and sticky bile of puss and foul bodily fluids as it realizes its rotten eyes have been squashed into the back of there sockets. The deadite groans long and continuously in pleasure and pain. 

A large and slimy branch protrudes from the deadites side, Ashley pulls the branch out of the deadites body which causes a fountain of blood to eject out. A loud sound similar to a water jet is heard as the stench of rotten blood explodes out of the rotten corpse.

Blood pours from the deadite like a tap has been turned on to a maximum position.

A synthesizer sounds out similar to an old school computer game when you lose a life. The deadite holds its hands over the gaping wound as it tries to fathom the situation.

Cheryl's deadite form is making progress as it continues to pound on the cabin door from the other side.

Suddenly the pounding has caused the cabin doors wood to break slightly from the forces. It is only a matter of time before the deadite breaks through.

Scott's deadite host holds it's bloodied right hand high as it slowly succumbs to the cabin floor. The deadite tries to continue the attack as its hand slides down the chest of Ashley, The deadite has lost all of its strength and power as it falls to the floor into a pile of blood and slimy stench. Ashley looks down solemnly as the deadite gives up the fight.

A strange low level growling is heard as the deadite gyrates on the cabin floor, Smoke has started to bellow from it's side as it suffers with defeat.

Ashley looks up and stares across at "The Book Of The Dead" that lays silently on the floor very close to the hot flames of the fire place.

Suddenly a crashing of cymbals is heard as Cheryl's deadite form from behind the cabin door finally succeeds in breaking through. The old wooden chest topples from the forces and breaks into several large pieces as the deadite pushes from behind.

Cymbals crash as the cabin door springs open violently from the pressure, The basement deadite growls loudly with pleasure and success as it pushes furthur into the cabin space. A sombre middle toned violin chord plays out.

Ashley is very distressed as the basement demon leaps at him, It grabs Ashley with both hands as it growls and groans. Suddenly with an almighty upwards motion the deadite strikes Ashley with its right hand. A loud wack sound is heard as Ashley goes flying across the room.  

Ashley lands heavily onto the hard wooden floor, He grimaces with pain as his body hits the deck hard. 

The deadite growls as it makes its way slowly over to the injured and winded Ashley.

Ashley lays on the floor as he looks on over at the silver amulet that is just a few feet away. He then continues his sight of view looking further up until he spots "The Book Of The Dead" just a few feet from the burning fire place. High paced and excited violins play as an extraordinary idea suddenly pops into Ashleys mind.

Ashley instantly starts to crawl slowly and awkwardly towards the "Book Of The Dead" on his knees.

Suddenly from behind a hand appears and grabs Ashley's right ankle. It is the hand of Scott's deadite host and it has suddenly come back from the dead with a boost of Kandarian power,

An electronic twanging sound reberates as Scotts deadite hand grabs onto Ashleys injured and bloodied ankle. The deadite pulls with tremendous force as Ashley's leg snaps down flat against the floor. 

The deadite growls as cymbals crash, Ashley retorts and grimaces with pain as the deadite pulls on his leg. Ashley's body flops to the floor with the forces from behind and a loud thud sound is heard.

Ashley looks back as the deadite pins him to the floor.

The deadite growls and emits plumes of silvery hot smoke as it holds onto Ashley's leg with both hands.

As the deadite tussles with Ashleys legs Ashley suddenly looks away and forward, He starts to stare at "The Book Of The DEAD!" completely oblivious to the pain he is feeling at that moment and acting like the deadite is not even there an inpervious reaction to an impossible struggle and situation.

Ashley's bloodied left hand slowly edges with fingers wide towards the back of the ugly human skinned book. The fire can be heard loudly rumbling as the deadite growls from behind.

Cheryl's deadite host has suddenly found an interest in one of the long and pointy poker sticks situated next to the fire, It lifts one up and out of its holder clearly with murder on its mind. Synthesizer middle toned keys play as the growls echo from every corner of the cabins walls.

Scotts deadite form growls loudly as it tussles with both bloodied hands onto the injured legs of Ashley. The synthesizer continues to play the middle toned keys of anguish.

Low synthesizer keys play as Scott's deadite host starts to pull Ashley away from his attempt to grab the Book Of The Dead from the dirty surface. Ashley gives out a loud groan as his body is forcibly pulled along the floor. 

A loud scratching sound is heard as Ashley's finger nails dig deep into the cabin floors wooden beams as he is pulled from behind. His hand is just inches away from the silver amulet that lays undisturbed on the floor.

The amulet has fallen down into a shape outlining Scotts demonic deadite form, It expresses the eyes of the blind deadite and is trying to help Ashley to get out of this tight spot. The amulet certainly has enchanting powers and excited the circular mirror from earlier on.

Ashley succeeds in picking up the fine jewelry as his hand passes by.

Cheryl's deadite form is not in the best of moods as it slowly edges towards Ashley with poker in hand and drooling with evil. Thick silvery smoke bellows from the deadites head and hot poker as it growls and foams at the mouth. 

Ashley is stuck fast as he lays on his stomach on the floor, He has Scotts deadite form attacking from behind and Cheryl's deadite form on its way over to stab Ashley with a red hot poker. Ashley desperately wants to get his hands on "The Book Of The Dead" this may be his only chance to survive the situation and time is running out fast.

Ashley uses the long chain of the amulet as he attempts to throw the circular glass locket over the book and try and catch it at the edges so that he can pull the book towards him. The first attempt is a failure as the amulet fails to catch any part of the rigid and tough outer casing.

The second attempt is also a miss as the demonic Cheryl closes in on the helpless Ashley.

Cheryls demonic host wobbles and gyrates with rigid and putrid rigor mortis as it reaches the desperate Ashley. With a slow and upward motion the demon raises the poker high in the air in preparation of striking Ashley in the back.

The demon strikes down hard onto Ashley's back, Ashley screams loudly with pain as the metal poker slams down with tremendous force onto his unprotected spine, Ashley is still desperately trying to retrieve "The Book Of The Dead", 

The demon strikes for the second time in a continuous frenzy of evil, Ashley shreeks with pain as it shoots up and down his spine and shoulders. High chords of violin play out in rhythm to the loud screams of Ashley. 

The demon strikes for the third time as drum beats are heard, The demon strikes down hard in the same exact spot every time. The Book Of The Dead has caught fire and is emitting a small and orange flame that is burning slowly from one corner of the human skinned book. Ashley tries again to catch the book with the amulet but misses on this attempt also.

Ashley screams out loudly "Oh God" as Scott's deadite form starts to bite Ashleys bloodied and injured leg muscles. A thud is heard as Ashley automatically responds to the pain by kicking out with his feet. 

Ashley gyrates on the floor as the demon bites deeply into his calf muscles and flesh. Ashley screams out loudly with tremendous pain and suffering as the two deadites simultaneously attack with monstrous evil. Ashley tries with all his mental focus to try and get the book. It is his only chance to survive now he must get the book or pay the price.

Cheryl's deadite form strikes down for the fourth time causing great pain to the brave Ashley. He once again shreeks with pain as the metal smashes down on to his spine.

Ashley's bloodied and tired hand makes another attempt at retrieving the book. Fast paced middle toned violins play as the mayhem continues.

After many attempts this throw also fails to catch on to the elusive book. The amulet locket slides over the front of the book slightly lifting the thick skinned cover a few inches but comes away empty handed.

Scott's deadite form is still chewing and pulling on Ashley's legs, The demon begins to pull Ashley with greater force as Ashley looks down in complete fear. Violins play out a sound of desperation.

Ashley gulps and chokes with pain and desperation as he slowly slides along the floor of the cabin.

Luckily for Ashley his final attempt at catching on to the book with the silver amulet has paid off. As Ashley slowly slides along he keeps tight hold of the chain of the amulet as the Book Of The Dead slowly follows his hand. 

Violins sound out as Ashley quickly pulls the burning book towards him. 

Scott's deadite host smolders with a silvery smoke as it continues it's evil attack.

Cymbals crash as Ashley stares up with complete fear at the evil and pain causing deadite. The deadites want Ashley to suffer a slow and horrible death before they take his soul.

Cheryl's deadite form lifts its hands high to prepare for another blow of the metal poker. Ashley can take no more and if he does not do something quick he will fall foul to the evil kandarian powers.

Ashley looks down at the burning book, Without a moments hesitation he immediately throws the book over towards the burning fire place. He yells loudly with the tremendous effort required to throw the book.

Crashes of cymbals are heard including a loud screaming and wailing sound as the "Book Of The Dead" lands neatly and directly in to the hot burning fire.

Ashley looks up at Cheryls deadite form standing over him, As soon as Ashley had thrown the book into the fire an instant change in the deadites personalities is noticed. Cheryl stands motionless almost frozen in time as the book burns in the fire.

The deadite loses it's strength and the metal poker slips and falls to the ground from the deadites hands. The poker pierces the wooden floor and just misses Ashley by a few inches.

Ashley stares at the poker thanking his lucky stars as all goes quiet. Only a light wind can be heard as Ashley looks up at the demonic demon. A loud clinking is heard as the poker falls to the ground.

Ashley cringes as he watches the deadites strange behavior. Suddenly a loud crunching sound is heard as the demons head and neck jolt violently from unknown evil forces. The demons head jolts for a second time as the body and rotten flesh start to decay.

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