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An emergency operations base has been set up to deal with the situation, There are a lot of army personnel medical staff and reporters, A helicopter comes into view and lands near a flowing river.

The injured officers can be spotted being stretchered to awaiting ambulances.

Dave Kern steps out of a police vehicle he is the captain of the Washington state police. He tells people to move back move back so he can check out the injured deputies, A medical paramedic shouts move back you guys!.

He looks down at the injured officer then walks over to the other ambulance.

The captain is bugged by the news reporter who say's, How bad is the situation Captain, We need some kind of detail,

We need to come out of this mess, the captain say's as he walks into the tent that Teastle is sat in, Thats the only good thing about this is the business your doing in town. Reporters are drinking the place dry the captain say's.You look like your ready to keel over Will!

Why don't you go home it's my problem now, Say's the captain.Teastle replies, Your problem listen dave, Don't give me any of your horseshit about jurisdiction in this one you understand, The man fixing Teasle say's Should I step outside? Just finish up what your doing say's the captain.









Somewhere in this rugged mountain countryside, possibly above the snow line shrouded in mist the fugitive John Rambo, is hiding say's the reporter, Units of the state police along with local members of the national guard are now being mobilized, What still remains unexplained by local authorities is just how and where the former Green Beret came into possession of the weapons which he allegedly killed one deputy sheriff and tried to kill 6 others, Only there skilled training in police enforcement techniques saved there lives, And word now is the fugitive will be in custody in a matter of hours!,

Lester walks into the operations tent, He say's Maps Will and hand's them to Will, Lester say's Will there's something I think you outta know, I will talk to you later ok Lester say's as all goes quiet, Then Will replies, What is it Lester?, What is it for Christ sake, Spit it out! Lester replies Well I was just talking to Mitch and he was sayin that Galt and a couple of deputies were... A little hard on the guy.

The captain replies - Assholes referring to the officers who are being blamed,Teastle replies, It doesn't make one goddamned bit of difference  Dave and you know it, If one of my deputies gets outta line with a prisoner then the prisoner comes to me with it, And if I find out it's like he say's I kick the deputies Ass, Me the law that's the way it's gotta be! People start fuckin around with the law and all hell breaks loose, Teastle turns his back and say's Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo?, God didn't make Rambo I made him Colenel Trautman say's as he stands at the opening of the tent.

Who the hell are you Teastle say's as he turns back round, Sam Trautman, Colonel Samuel Trautman he say's as he walks into the tent, Teastle replies were a little busy this morning colonel, What can I do for ya?,

I've come to get my boy! Trautman say's, The captain say's Your Boy? in a sarcastic way, Trautman say's, I recruited him, I trained him I commanded him in Vietnam for 3 years, I'd say that makes him mine,

Teastle replies, I wonder why the Pentagon would send a full bird colonel to handle this? Trautman replies, The army thought I might be able to help, Teastle tuts and say's I don't know in what way, Rambo's a civilian now he's my problem,

I don't think you understand, I didn't come here to rescue Rambo from you, I came here to rescue you from him Trautman say's in a serious tone,

Well we all appreciate your concern Colonel say's Teastle, We'll try to be extra careful!, I'm just amazed he allowed any of your posse to live, Is that right say's Teastle, Strictly speaking he slipped up, You're lucky to be breathing!

That's just great! Teasle say's getting upset, With a raised voice Teastle say's Colonel you came out here to find out why one of your machines blew a gasket! Trautman replies, You don't seem to want to accept the fact that you're dealing with an expert  in Guerilla warfare, With a man who's the best, With guns with knives with his bare hands, A man who's been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, Trautman nods and walks slowly away from Teastle as he say's To live off the land, To eat things that would make a Billy goat puke! In Vietnam his job was to dispose of enemy personnel, To kill,,, Period he say's in an authorative tone,  Win by attrition, Well Rambo was the best,

Rambo is hungry and has made a spear which he uses to kill a bore, The sound of grunting can be heard as Rambo jumps down onto the animal.

A loud shrieking sound is heard as Rambo spear's the animal and in the next scene Rambo has a large leg of bore on his shoulders.

Rambo walks back to his base which is an old disused mine entrance, There is no sound but the chirping of bird's, it is very quiet, Rambo balances an old rusted barrel with a piece of wood, he then puts some branches over it, He then goes back inside his base.



Ok colonel now you've got us all scared to death, Say's Teastle, What do you and the special forces think I oughta do about your psycho out there?,

Let him go Trautman say's, Do what? Teastle say's in shock, For now Defuse the whole situation defuse him Trautman say's, Provide a little gap and let him slip through it, Then put out a nationwide APB, In a couple of weeks you're pick him up in Seattle or some place working in a car wash, There'll be no fight and nobody else will get hurt Trautman say's. Teastle replies. I do my own work I don't figure the best way to do that is to close my eyes and hope he get's picked up in Seattle!, Trautman replies, If you send your people in there after him, They'll get killed!, You know, Were just a small hick town Sheriff's department, Colonel, But were expected to do our duty, Just like our heroes in the special forces, Trautman replies, In special forces, we teach our people to stay alive in the line of duty, Teastele replies, No shit, I never thought of that!, You want a war you can't win Trautman replies, Are you tellin me that 200 men against your boy is a no win situation for us?, Trautman replies, You send that many don't forget one thing, What Teastle snaps back, Trautman replies, A good supply of body bags, Trautman walks off but Teastle shouts back to him, Trautman Teastle shouts, I don't know which side your on Trautman I still think you came out here to cover your ass, But if your serious about taking Rambo out clean, Follow me, The next scene shows Rambo roasting the a leg of pig laid down in his cave, He slices a piece with his knive and tastes the cooked flesh, The music score echoes and sounds like wind is blowing quietly,  Rambo has a radio which he had taken from one of the officers earlier on, The radio starts to receive, State police calling John Rambo, Acknowledge, State police calling John Rambo come in please, Acknowledge the radio repeats,

If your listening Rambo here's your situation, You are surrounded, Every possible exit has been blocked, Every highway every road every fire break, You have our word that your services to your country will be taken into consideration, And you're receive fair treatment,

Just respond we can work everything out over, Teastle speaks to the radio operator and say's Anything, The operator nods negatively, He took a radio off one of my deputies, say's Teastle, The captain replies by saying, Then he has to be listening, If I was in his position I'd try to pick up some information, Maybe catch some cross talk, Of course he's listening Trautman replies, He's not gonna break radio silence. No not for us Teastel say's but he might do it for you , Colonel. He's your boy isn't he?. Maybe you can talk him into sparing all our lives by giving himself up. I can try replies Trautman, At least we'd get a radio fix on his position if you don't mind setting him up for us, Teastle say's, Trautman say's Setting him up for you? It's like bringing the pigeons to the cat!.











Teastle walks into the radio operations tent, Hey Don Thanks for bringing your people out Teastle say's to a an army personnel, Any time Will the Army personnel replies, Come on Bobby put the magazine away will ya, Teastle sternly tells the radio operator, Pay attention I mean we may only get one crack at this,

The sound score returns and Rambo is asleep, The sound of howling wind can be heard, The radio suddenly comes alive, Company leader calling Raven, Come on Raven, The radio fuzzes and stops, Company leader calling Raven the sound is heard again and then fizzes to a stop. Rambo wakes up after this voice and turns his head when another message is heard, Company leader to Raven, Talk to me Johnny, 













Company leader to identify Baker team Trautman say's over the radio mike, Rambo, Messner, Ortega, Coletta, Jorgensen, Danforth, Berry, Krakauer, Confirm, Trautman say's, This is Colonel Trautman.

Rambo hesitates to respond, Talk to me Johnny,

A moment in time passes where there is no response and then suddenly Rambo responds to Trautman, There all gone sir Rambo say;'s, That's him get on it say's Teastel to his radio operators as soon as he heard Rambo's voice, Rambo are you alright? Over say's Trautman,

Baker team there all dead sir, Not Delmare Barry he made it!  Trautman replies, Berry's gone too sir Rambo replies, How Trautman Replies, Got himself killed in Nam Didn't even know it, Cancer ate him down to the bone say's Rambo, I'm sorry I didn't know replies Trautman, Rambo say's I'm the last one sir, Trautman replies, It's good to hear your voice Johnny, It's been a long time, Look John you've done some damage here, But they don't want any more trouble, The radio frequency locator starts to bleep, Teastel say's He's North West,

That's why I've come Trautman continues, I'm gonna come in and fly you the hell out, Just you and me, We'll work this out together, Is that fair enough?,

Where'd you come from sir?, Rambo say's, "Bragg" Trautman Replies, I tried to get in touch with you but the guys at Bragg never knew where to find you, We'll I havan't been spending much time there lately replies Trautman, They've got me down in DC, I'm shining a seat with my ass, I wish I was back in Bragg now Rambo replies, We'll talk about that when you come in Trautman replies,

I can't do that sir, Rambo say's, We'll look John we can't have you running around out there wasting friendly civilians says Trautman, Rambo replies, There are no friendly civilians, Trautman say's I'm your friend Johnny,  I was there with you Knee deep in blood and guts, I covered your ass more than once!, Seems like bailing you out of trouble is becoming a lifetime job for me, Rambo replies, There wouldn't be no trouble except for that King Shit Cop! Rambo's voice is slightly raised, All I wanted was something to eat but the man kept pushin' , sir, Trautman replies, We'll you did some pushing of your own John, Rambo replies, They drew first blood not me,

Look Johnny, Let me come in and get you the hell outta there, Trautman say's. They drew first blood Rambo say's again in a softer voice. Rambo puts the radio down and Trautman can still be heard, Rambo are you still reading me? Company leader to Raven!

Rambo acknowledge, Teastle say's He's all finished colonel, We've got a real good fix on him though,





Come first light I am gonna put every man I got upon that ridge, Then we'll get him my way!

Trautman contemplates the outcome while noises of the operation can be heard in the background. Trautman say's to himself, Goddamit! in a worried way. Goddamit he say's again.

The scene changes to the national guard who have been ordered to capture Rambo, The music has changed to an uptempo drum and marching beat, Soldiers line both sides of the fast slowing river and all have guns,

The camera slowly moves to the right to show the slow procession of soldiers.

Soldiers are on both sides and some are going up hill to try and locate Rambo,

Suddenly as the soldiers pass a hand appears above the rocky landscape, It is Rambo he has been hiding underneath the freezing cold waterline,

Rambo appears keeping track of the soldiers and working out his next move.

The next scene Rambo is in the forest and stumbles upon a boy who is hiding behind a tree,

The boy is startled and tries to run away,

Rambo raises his blade to protect himself from the boy who has a weapon,

Rambo chases the boy and pins him to the ground, With his left hand he looks at the boy as if he is about to stab him,

The boy is completly scared out of his wits at the sight of Rambo.

Rambo throws the boy's shotgun  away into the undergrowth stands up and walks away leaving the boy.

The boy watches Rambo disappear then goes running to his Pa, The boy shouts Pa Pa as he runs back to them, The boy say's There's the guy the cop's are shooting at!, The men reply I see him over there, I'll get him I'll get him, Rambo runs as fast as he can and one of the men fires his Shotgun into the air as the other say's Don't shoot cool down in a loud voice.

Rambo runs from the hillbillies as they shoot there shotguns,

The national guard are alerted by the noise and shout This way let's go!

Rambo is now in trouble and is running as fast as he can to escape the national guard, He looks back as someone say's There he is" Come on,

The national guard are just behind Rambo and start to fire there weapons at him.The sound of machine gun fire ricochets around the forest, Rambo is running for his life,

The national guard are really enjoying the shooting spree, Some go wooh as they spray bullets at Rambo,

Rambo makes it to an abandoned mine entrance and quickly run's in to it for protection, Smoke bellows off the wooden beams as the bullets come thick and fast, Now we got him say's a national guard,

Teastle is on the radio and  say's, Yes I know exactly where it is, Now listen to me very carefully, Surround the area with every man you've got, but don't move in, I repeat Don't move in, In fact don't do anything until I get there,! And no shooting, I don't want him dead I want him alive!.

An insane shooting battle has commenced, The national guard have formed a shooting line and are giving Rambo everything they have.

Rambo is firing back as he also has a machine gun,This is the view from Rambo's Mine entrance,

The onslaught continues

The national guard are determined to capture or kill Rambo,

Rambo retaliates with his weapon sending a spew of bullets along the national guard line, This causes the men to stop firing and duck as the bullets come thick and fast,

Suddenly the shooting stops and all goes quiet, Clinton the national guard leader say's to his men, "Keep Firing"as Rambo listens, But none respond to his request,

Come on guy's shoot Clinton say's in an eager way, Come on he say's, Clinton touches his helmet slightly and say's You guy's are great!, He calls to another guard, Clinton say's All right Steve Yo! Say's Steve, I want you and Bruce head around these trees go to the front of that mine, Screw that Clinton Steve replies, I ain't goin up there!,  Another guard say's No Way in complete fear,

He turns to Brandon and say's Brandon What? say's Brandon, Clinton say's I want you to go in to that mine, No Not me say's Brandon in a scared way, What do you mean not me say's Clinton, Look I do this part time, I didnt come here to get killed say's Brandon, He's probably just waitin for us! What's wrong with you Clinton Brandon say's as he ducks back down putting his hand over his helmet. More silence is heard as a crow echoes over the group of men,

Right Rambo, This is lieutenant Clinton Morgan, National Guard Leader, Now I'm giving you just three zero seconds to come on out!,

Rambo listens very quietly to Lieutenant Morgans request,

Rambo looks out of the mine entrance again,

Who's got the rocket launcher Clinton say's, "I do" a soldier say's, Rambo listens carefully to the words of the men, Come here Earl Clinton say's, Right, Clinton shouts out again, Rambo! This is your last chance to come out!,

Earl say's to Clinton "Maybe we should wait" in a worried expression, Clinton replies, Earl, this creep is a killer!Besides, I'm in charge and I say we blow it up!, Now fire that thing! Just let me get outta the way first, Clinton moves off and Earl aims his sights at the mine entrance,

It's lock and load and Earl is ready to fire an RPG rocket at the abandoned mine entrance,

The abandoned mine entrance just before Earl fires his rocket.

All goes quiet and Rambo hesitates then in an instant decides to run for his life before the rocket is fired,

We have lift off, The RPG is fired from Earls launcher and is moments away from killing Rambo and destroying the mine entrance,

Rambo run's for his life into the mine itself, He has no where else to go so will take a risk inside the deep mine shaft.

Moments later the rocket hits home and the mine entrance lights up like a floodlight at a football match,

The RPG explodes the mine to pieces blowing a huge amount of debris high into the air,

Seconds later a huge fireball engulfs the mine and the surrounding area,

Everyone has taken cover during the explosion.

Wooh Yeah hehe says Clinton in complete jubilation and victory, Bullseye says Earl, Clinton say's "Give that man a cigar",

Bullseye say's Earl after witnessing the huge explosion.

The sound of a Yellow coloured helicopter can be heard in the distance,

The helicopter comes in closer as the camera zooms in over the beautiful scenery.

The helicopter slows and lands to the side of the forest, Flames and smoke can be seen as a marker for the helicopter pilot.

The craft lands on to a snowy ledge and Trautman Teastle and Captain Kern step out. Teastle say's, Where the hell are they? Up the hill about 500 yards say's the national guard,

As Teastle and the Captain pass the soldier  salutes Colonel Trautman and Trautman salutes back.

Teastle arrives at the abandoned mine and runs over to the guards, a guard can be heard saying, Move in a little closer just like Iwo Jima, Laughter can be heard from the guards, Teastle freezes as he sets eyes on the group of soldiers, Teastle say's I don't believe it, Idiots!.

Steady got it the guards say, All right one more for soldier of fortune Morgan say's to the photographer. All the guards are standing in a group smiling for a camera shoot.Earl say's Soldier of Fortune? in a surprised manner.

Teastle come onto the scene, He say's in an angry tone, Dammit, What the hell do you think this is, Some kind of a Circus? Get the hell outta here Teastle shouts in anger at the men, Crows can be heard in the forest terrain.

The guards disperse very quietly leaving only Clinton to explain his actions.

Clinton Jesus christ Teastle say's in disbelief and amazement, Didn't you get the word Clinton ? I told you people to wait until I got up here! We'll he was shooting at us Will Clinton replies,

C'mon I wasn't taking any chances say's Clinton in an authorative tone, What a mess Teastle say's as he walks a few steps, We have to dig his body out of there right away Will say's, Clinton put's his hands up in a what can I do about it attitude, You can't get a dozer up here Clinton replies, You're gonna have to find somebody to dig him out Clinton say's. Teastle replies, It's your mess Clinton you clean it up!, Will come on I gotta be back at the drug store tomorrow Clinton shouts in anger, You'd better get started right away, Clinton Teastle say's in a loud and angry tone,

Teastle walks off in disappointment as Clinton say's Shit! and slams his helmet down onto the ground in anger, A crow can be heard at this point.

Echoes of sound can be heard as the scene changes to Rambo inside the mine system, Drips of water are occasionally heard and Rambo has lit a match, It burns silently in the pitch blackness of the cave,Rambo rips some material from his sheet and the strip is wrapped around a piece of wood . He lights the fabric to make a larger flame that will guide him through the maze of tunnels.

The scene goes back to the forest and there are a lot of guards in the background,  Teastle say's Buried in a hole by a bunch of Goddamned weekend warriors!, I thought you said he was the best you had ever trained Teastle quips to Colonel Trautman, Trautman replies, However he may have ended up there was a time when he was very special, Teastle replies, Special my ass!, He was just another drifter that broke the law!,

Trautman say's Vagrancy wasn't it? That's gonna look real good on his gravestone in Arlington: "Here lies John Rambo Winner of the congressional medal of honour,

Teastle listens to Trautmans words, "Survivor of countless incursions behind enemy lines", Killed for vagrancy in jerkwater USA,

Don't give me any of that crap, Trautman Teastle replies, You think Rambo was the only guy who had a tough time in Vietnam?, He killed a police officer for Christs Sakes!, Trautman replies, You're goddamned lucky he didn't kill all of you...

The scene changes back to Rambo who has created a burning wick, He has sharpened the end of it so he can use it as a weapon if necessary, Rambo pushes the wick into the wooden timber to free his hands up, He examines a lantern and shakes it but there is no fuel inside, He tries another but nothing he throws them to the floor and they smash, Rambo opens the lid to a rusty can but there is nothing in there either, He tries another larger can,

The scene changes back to the forest again, Teastle is still talking about Rambo, He say's This character he comes waltzing in here, Full of all kinds of good advice, And wished we'd let that goddamned maniac go on the loose, So we could save our own asses!

We'll we saved our asses, Colonel! And we didn't let him go on the loose, The best man lost and he doesn't like it Teastle shouts out pointing to Colonel Trautman, Teastle then walks off leaving Trautman and Dave kern alone,

The scene changes back to Rambo in the mine, Rambo has found some fuel in a bucket and smells it with his hands, he also dips some fabric into the bucket and rips some more fabric to wrap around the wick,

He shreds his makeshift overcoat to use as burning material, The cave is very dark and Rambo needs light to see where he is.

The scene changes back to Colonel Trautman who is stood all alone this time, He looks at he mine which has caved in on itself

He then looks up and over at the forest terrain.

Soldiers are in the background, They can be heard talking about digging Rambo out of the mine, Trautman stands alone and is contemplating something, He has a hunch that Rambo may still be alive and a tiny smile can be seen on his face, A soldier is heard saying Let's get out of here, As the music score returns,

The scene changes back to Rambo, Rambo is on the move and has a large flame to guide him, Water is dripping from the ceiling, It is very damp and cold in the mine,

The sound of the water dripping is very loud, The sound score has returned to a exploring type of sound, Broken beams are littered either side of the tunnel system.

Rambo explores furthur as the flame makes a whipping sound.

Rambo arrives at a downward gradient, Metal fencing is visible to support the ceiling of the cave, He looks down with flame in hand,

Rambo climbs down an old wooden staircase as water continues to drip.He judges the ladders to fast and falls as several ladders give way under the weight of Rambo.

Rambo falls quite heavy into a pool of water, He holds his arm in pain as he stands back up, The big splash luckily did not put out Rambo's flame as Rambo managed to grab some of the ladder as he fell and flipped round and landed on his feet, .Rambo is breathing heavily and vapour can be seen coming from his mouth, He continues to hold his injured arm,

The fall produced a lot of water and splashes up and around the mine tunnel, Rambo shouts out in pain as he fell.

Rambo hold his arm in pain but will gain his composure.

The scene changes to Teastle who is coming in to the police station from the forest.How you doin" Will, Preston say's. Hold my calls Teastle say's.

Will has a solemn expression on his face a face of worry also, He walks to his office and slams the door shut as he sits down to contemplate the day he has had.

Rambo continues on undeterred as he goes deeper into the unexplored mine, He is stood in a pool of water and is using his flame to locate an exit, The flame makes a whipping sound when air gets to it something for Rambo to gage.

The icey cold water is about knee deep and it splashes as Rambo continues on, The mine is now just a muddy wall of stones and earth. The flame burns bright and lights Rambo's way.

Rambo continues as a piano sound score is playing, He looks all around and touches the walls and ceiling to help guide him along.

The tunnel system starts to thin out and Rambo has to duck down to progress any furthur, He suddenly becomes surrounded by large mine rats that have set up a colony deep into the cave system.

The large rodents are in abundance and are lining Rambo's route from either side of the damp walls. A large rat suddenly jumps onto Rambo's right shoulder he tries to pull it off with his left hand, The rats are making a loud squeaking sound and Rambo is shouting in pain and fear.

Rambo in a panic manages to pull the large rat from his shoulder, He looks at it momentarily before throwing it into the knee deep water, Other rats then start to attack!.

Rats are everywhere and squealing, Rats start to climb up Rambo's legs they are in the water and in every direction.

Rambo frantically pulls the rats off when they land and scrambles through the water to try and find a safe passage away from the rodents, He  shouts in fear and creates huge torrents of water as his body swivels around with flame in hand,

Rambo splahes and shouts to ward off the rats, He swings his flame in a circular motion to try and defend himself.

Suddenly Rambo manages to find a ledge and quickly clambers on to it to escape the hordes of rats, He sits down and pulls another strip of material from his back, He wraps it around his wick to continue the flame.

Rambo continues along a dark tunnel and stops at the end as it bends left, He looks back along the dark passage as his flame burns brightly.

The scene changes to a drinking bar, Trautman is already sat down and Teastle walks in and comes over to where Trautman is sat, He say's Colonel?

Chitchat can be heard in the background of the busy bar as Trautman say's ahh Have a seat to Teastle who is standing up at this point.Trautman shouts over to the barmaid who is carrying a drinks plate and an empty glass,He say's Oh miss can you do this again please? He holds his empty glass up to signal the barmaid to refill it for him. The barmaid comes over and in a happy voice she say's Hi Sheriff, And for my friend Trautman say's as he points his finger at Teastle, A shooter of wild Turkey Teastle replies to the barmaid, Teastle coughs slightly then say's If I was out of line before, I just want to apologise, Trautman replies, None of that makes much difference now, does it?, No I guess not say's Teastle, I suppose Teastle sys then hesitates, Ahh I dont know I just feel... Teastle hesitates, Trautman replies to fill in his words, Like you were cheated outta your chance?, Teastle looks at Trautman with a serious facial expression and say's I wanted to kill that kid, I wanted to kill him so bad I could taste it Teaste say's with  a deep expression of wanting, Teastle looks down and Trautman replies, Doesn't sit well with that badge, It can get confusing sometimes, In Vietnam you can bet that Rambo and I got pretty confused, But we had orders, When in doubt...Kill, Trautman continues, But What the hell, your a civilian You can go home to your wife, and your house and your little flower garden, You're under no pressure to figure all this out. Teastle snaps back, And what about you colonel?, What did you figure out from all of this huh?, I mean what would you have done with him if he came in?, Would you wrap your arms around him to give a big sloppy kiss?, Or would you of blown his brains out? Teastle looks to the right in anger.

Both men hesitate and then Trautman say's, I couldn't answer that until I met him face to face, Teastle quietens slightly and say's to Trautman, Well there it is, It's just as well we never got a chance to find out.

The sound score returns and Rambo has been making some progress in the mine, He comes to a slight gradient which he steps up, His flame is still burning well.

Rambo steps over a large wooden beam and the cave seems to be getting smaller,

Rambo suddenly comes to some ladders and as he looks up he can see the light from outside,

Rambo drops his burning flame in relief that he had finally found an exit, He carefully climbs the wooden stairs which will lead to the forest terrain.

He rests his head on a wooden rung and puts his hands over his head in relief of finding a way out, He say's ahh shit as the sound score is playing a high tone, He slowly looks up at the light and then climbs one hand at a time.

Rambo edges his way through the undergrowth carefully keeping out of sight.

He shimmies up to a large fallen tree trunk that is covered in a thick green moss, He observes his environment and see's soldiers on there way back down the mountain, He also spots army and ambulance trucks in the distance,

Rambo moves away from his position and comes out on to a grassy verge, He observes.

Rambo can see several army trucks and a army jeep that are in a convoy, He bides his time ready to strike.

He poises ready to jump from the grassy verge

Rambo waits until the last army truck is just below him,

Rambo times it just right and leaps on to the canvas roofing of the truck,

He lands soundly and makes his way to the front of the vehicle.He shimmies over to the right hand side to allow him to enter.

The driver of the vehicle is completely unaware that Rambo has just entered from the right hand side, The soldier has just lit up a cigarette with his oil lighter.

The driver spits his cigarette out like a dummy in shock of Rambo, Rambo holds the driver by the collar and is brandishing his hunting knive.

The sound score is like a military march with snare drum trumpet and melody, The soldier is in complete fear of his life at this point, Rambo orders the soldier to "Drive" The soldier looks momentarily at Rambo and Rambo say's "Don't look at me look at the road, That's how accidents happen!" Rambo is holding his knive  toward the soldiers throat, Rambo say's to the driver, What's your name, Cathcart, Robert A the soldier replies  in a stuttering way, Rambo replies, All right, What you got in the back, Robert A?, M60 Cathcart replies, Rambo opens the driver sides door and say's OK, Robert A, "get out of the truck" The soldier starts to get flustered and say's Oh Please"I got no beef with you"Rambo shouts Go on move go home and pushes the soldier out of the door, The soldier lands awkwardly flying head over hills.

The next scene shows the army truck driving off into the distance, Rambo pulls the drivers side door shut as he takes over the vehicle.

Cathcart is ok just a little bruised, He crawls along the ground in a confused state then stands up and runs off back the way he drove to try and find help.

A police vehicle drives up from behind Cathcart and beeps its horn,

Cathcart turns around and put's his left hand up in the air to signal the police vehicle to stop!. and says wooh!

Cathcart runs over to the passenger side to tell the officer what has just happened.

The radio is receiving at the police station,A phone is ringing and the receptionist say's Teastles office we are still taking calls!  A male voice can be heard saying, "SP Carl 1 Charlie 5 to central, Are we still on that three way hookup," The officer say's Do you wanna turn that up as he urgently goes over to the radio system, Roger still working, another mans voice replies, Whats your story Steamboat!, Steamboat replies back, Looks like somebody pulled the plug too soon, That Rambo guy? He's on the loose again!Roger Steamboat the man replies, Roger Steamboat this is Trambert a man replies, Were setting up road blocks on highway 26,

The officer listens carefully to the radio transmission. Preston is snoring in his seat and is fast asleep,

As soon as the officer hears the words that Rambo is on the loose again he say's Shit and puts his coffee down, He then runs over to Teastles office to tell him the news, The officer say's Hey Will!, Its Rambo He's still around!, Teastle slowly stands up but is as quiet as a mouse,

The scene changes to Rambo who is driving the stolen army truck at high speed, You can hear the chassis and the metal carcass rattle as it goes along the muddy road.

Suddenly a police vehicle is heard with sirens blazing and is coming up fast behind the army truck. This police car would be the one Cathcart stopped earlier.

The police car has its sirens blazing and is going at full speed towards the stolen army truck. The vehicle slides to one side as it continues it's journey,

The police car has nearly caught up with Rambo.

The police vehicle is nearly at the side of the truck, Two police officers lean out of the left side windows with handguns.

The wheels of the police vehicle squeal as the officers fire there guns, A bullet hits the drivers side window and makes a large whole in the glass.

Rambo tries to head them off by turning the truck into the police vehicle.

The armed officers fire another shot that makes a popping sound but this does not stop Rambo. Rambo rams the vehicle again from the side.

The police vehicle passes the truck and then moves in front of it to try and stop Rambo, Some metal falls off the car as it drives in front.

Rambo increases speed and shunts the boot of the police car, This causes the boot to buckle and lifts up slightly. The cars wheels squeal again as Rambo shunts the back for a second time. This causes the car to go across to the other side of the road.

The police vehicle at this time is swerving from side to side trying to keep control as the officers try to shoot the army truck. The cars back end scratches along the metal girders that are fixed to the roadside.

Rambo spots a parked police vehicle up ahead on the left hand side.

Rambo bides his time and as soon as the police vehicle is riding alongside he turns the steering wheel out into the police vehicles side causing it to lose control.

The police vehicle hits the parked car head on sending it into an uncontrolled explosion. The police car mounts onto two wheels and skids along the road. Then the vehicle turns completely over landing back on its four wheels.

There was two gunmen and a driver in this vehicle, It is very unlikely any of them survived this high octane crash and consequential explosion, The heat would of been extremely hot. Rambo looks back through his left front mirror at the carnage as he continues his journey.

Rambo is approaching a large steel bridge that goes over a river, He is in the distance coming forward at high speed.

Rambo has nearly reached the bridge.

A large roadblock has been setup on highway 54, The armed police have used there vehicles to block the road and bridge, As Rambo approaches the armed officers open fire on Rambo and the army truck.Bullets hit the front windscreen of the truck as Rambo ducks and accelerates towards the large crowd.

As the truck approaches the police start to run as they know the truck does not intend to stop. They shout to each other "Get out of the way" and lights out,

Rambo smashes into  the blockade at full speed, The truck hits a police vehicle and smashes right over it with it's big wheels of the army truck. The truck wobbles from side to side after the impact but manages to stay upright. The music score is one of victory as Rambo progresses on.

The police return and start to fire there weapons at the escaping truck to no avail.

Rambo has been travelling for some time as it is night time, The windscreen is wet as it is raining and Rambo is on a mission.

Rambo reaches the small town of Hope, It is pitch black now but perfect for Rambo as he won't be seen.

Rambo is very angry at this point and wants to cause mayhem, He drives the army truck directly into a Gas station destroying the pumps, He then stops the vehicle as it slides on the wet surface.

The army truck grinds to a halt!.

Rambo exits from the left hand side and goes to inspect the back of the truck, He unclips both sides of the metal gate which reveals a stash of artillery and ammunition supplies, He grabs an M60 machine gun which he puts over his shoulders, He then grabs two metal boxes of ammunition and runs a short distance from the truck.

Rambo has acquired the oil lighter from Cathcart and lights it off his right leg.He then throws the lighter at the spilled oil from the crash, This ignites rapidly and the trail leads to the army truck.

The fire is increasing rapidly and the spilt fuel is igniting everywhere.

Gas has ignited at the pumps and is coming out an a gargantuan rate.

The stationary army truck catches fire and explodes into a giant fireball of exploding ammunition and explosives.

Because the army truck exploded with such force the fire has spread to the petrol station.

Kaboom the petrol station explodes into a ginourmous fireball,

The explosion was so powerful the petrol station actually explodes outwards as pieces of material come flying in all directions.

The explosions make a huge noise as glass as other materials are disintegrated.

Teastle Lester and Preston come running to the window after hearing the almighty explosions.Preston say's, Holy fuck!, Teastle replies, Get out there right away in a quiet tone of voice, Then Teastle shouts  Move!

The explosions are a continuous noise as Preston and Lester grab

there jackets from the coat racks.

The night lights up with flashing police lights and sirens blaze from every corner.

Suddenly Rambo appears as a dark shadow that blends into the night, He is running towards a quieter part of town, He has a M60 machine gun strapped to his waist.

More explosions go up as the heat penetrates the metal ammunition stocks of the army truck.

Two police vehicles turn up at the scene and several firemen get out, One firemen shouts "What the hell is going on?" They look at the scene before saying "Watch yourselves" They're all gonna blow!.

Some parked cars have also caught ablaze and start to explode as the firemen arrive.

The firemen hear another large explosion as the cars ignite and they all run for there lives unable to put the flames out. One firemen say's "there all gonna blow come on"

Teastle is at the police station and decides to announce some important information on the tannoy system.He say's "Attention all civilians" For your own safety, Please evacuate the streets immediately,

Remain indoors until you receive furthur instructions. I repeat: This is a police emergency.Please evacuate the streets immediately

A short time later the streets are deserted.

Teastle walks to his office to get his handgun, He checks the barrels and then walks to the rifle cupboard, He opens the door as Colonel Trautman walks in on him. It is very quiet at this point.

Teastle looks round and say's to Trautman, They found Rambo's body, As a matter of fact he stole an army truck and blew up a gas station on the other side of town.

Trautman replies, The kid is resilient, Why don't you forget what your thinking and clear out while you can?

Teastle replies in an angry tone of voice, Get the fuck outta here, Trautman!, And you take your advice with you,

Teastle continues,When I talked to you earlier this afternoon, You knew he was still alive, didn't you?. Trautman replies, I suspected, Teastle say's Yeah sure sure thats why you stuck around, You trained him

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