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Apone continues to shout some barking orders to keep his men in check, 
Apone growls and say's Absolutely badassess.

Apone reaches for the side door of the APC and shouts, Let's pack em in, Get in there!

All right! Move it! Apone shouts, Move it!, Soldiers are heard saying Let's go, Let's go!  Apone is stood at the door and is keeping a count, One Two Three, Four, Five Six! he shouts as the soldiers enter in quick succession.

Apone quietens slightly and say's, All right, I want combat seating, You know your places.

Get those weapons stowed, Lets go Apone say's.

Get those weapons stowed, Lets go Apone say's.

Come on. Settle down people, Apone say's as everyone gets secured into there seats.

A drum role can be heard, Lock 'em in Hudson Apone shouts. Ripley and Burke pull down the bars of there seats like they are ready to ride a rollercoaster.

A soldier can be heard shouting settle down as Hudson is still stood up, He say's Ready to get it on? Hudson slaps Private Crowes shoulders in excitement as he say's You Know It!.

Gorman is at the computer monitors and is responsible for coordinating his teams. These display monitors give lots of important information such as health and locality of each individual soldier, Gorman has a direct audio link to each and every soldier to give commands and other vital information.Gorman say's Okay, Bishop, Lets Go!

Bishop receives the audio command and say's Roger to confirm.

Bishop reverses the APC into the lower section of the dropship via a ramp.

Hudson is still stood up and is touching the shoulders of some of his team, He say's with enthusiasm, I'm ready man. Ready to get it on! 

His team members agree with Hudsons words as Hudson say's GO! as he slaps his hands together.They say go get some and yeah!.

The APC is docked and is lifted up by heavy hydraulics, They whine and humm as the tank is lifted into position.

Corporal Ferro is on a headset system, She say's Stand by, Cross locking now, Prelaunch autocycle engaged.

The drop ship is hanging right above the airlock doors and its support legs pull in as it prepares to leave the Sulaco.

Ferro say's Primary couplers released. Hit the internals.

A drum role can be heard as a low level engine whine is produced as the drop ship lowers furthur into the airlock space.

The drop ship lowers furthur then cranks to a stop, It is now in a position to be released into outer space.

Hudson can be heard saying "Shit man!" as the drop ship locks into place, Ferro say's Confirm cross lock and drop stations secured.

Gorman replies, Affirmative, All drop stations secured.

The airlock roof closes over the drop ship and slams to a locking position.

Ferro say's Stand by, Ten seconds.

The second airlock doors open revealing a cloudy planets atmosphere, The hydraulics produce a relaxing sound of pans and whispers. Ferro say's Stand by to initiate release sequencer... on my mark.

Ferro continues, Five, four, three, Hudson say's We're on an express elevator to hell, going down.


one, Mark

The drop ship disconnects from its moorings and quickly leaves the Sulaco. A loud rumbling sound is heard as the ship enters space.

Hudson is sat back down and shout's" Woo-hoo! really loud and long as the acceleration is intense.

A rumbling and thundering sound is generated as the drop ship hits the atmosphere from below.

Ferro say's Switch to D.C.S. ranging, Spunkmeyer responds, 240 nominal to profile.

Ferro say's We're in the pipe, five by five.

The drop ship is at high speed and has just broken the cloud formation as it goes lower and lower..

Spunkmeyer say's We're picking up some hull ionization, Ferro replies, Got it, Rough air ahead.

Ferro say's We're in for some chop, The passengers are experiencing a rumbling in there seats at this moment in flight.

Ripley say's to Gorman, How many drops is this for you, Lieutenant?

Gorman replies, Thirty Eight. He hesitates and then say's Simulated.

Vasquez replies, How many combat drops?

Gorman replies, Uh, Two... Including this one.

Drake say's Shit, and Hudson say's Oh Man! as they are not too impressed with Gormans real life experience.

Ripley and Burke look at each other with a solemn expression neither is impressed with Gormans admittance.

Ferro say's Range 014, Turning on final.

Frost say's And i'm tellin you, I got a bad feeling about this drop as Hudson listens on.

Crowe say's You always say that Frost, You always say, "I got a bad feeling about this drop,"

Frost say's softly, Okay Okay, When we get back without you, I'll call your folks, 

Gorman say's All right, Let's see what we can see. Everybody online, Looking good.

Gorman say's Drake,check your camera There seems to be a malfunction.

Drake smashes his camera with his head off the neck support of his seat,

Gorman replies, That's better as the monitor fizzes and returns to normal, Pan it around a bit Gorman say's.

Gorman say's Good! He is happy with Drakes monitor display now.

Hudson is back on his feat and say's I'm ready, man. Check it out!

He continues, I am the ultimate badass, "Yes I" say's a soldier, Yeah That's right.

Hudson say's State of the badass art. Who here's runnin? Frost shouts out, Hudson continues You do not want to fuck with me. 

Hudson say's Check it out, 

Hey Ripley, don't worry, Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you. Hey a soldier can be heard cheering and another say's Thats right.

Check it out, 

Independently targeting particle beam phalanx

Hudson shouts wop to imitate an explosion, Fry halfa city with this puppy. 

We got tactical smart missiles, phase plasma pulse rifles, R.P.G.'s

We got sonic, electronic ball breakers, Vasquez goes wooh as Hudson punches the ceiling.

We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks, 

Knock it off Hudson Apone shouts out, All right, Gear up.

Apone say's Two minutes people, Get Hot!

Somebody wake up Hicks Apone say's.sarcastically.

A loud sound of clicking weapons heavy feet and the wind generated by the drop ship is all that can be heard.

Two turrets open up from either side of the drop ship and make a whirring sound as they do. These flaps are used to help stabalize the craft as it gets closer to the ground level.

Ferro say's Coming around for a 709er, Terminal guidance locked in say's Spunkmeyer, Where's the damn beacon? Ferro say's.

Ferro say's Oh, I see it, 

Ripley say's That's the atmosphere processor? Yep thats it replies Burke,

Burke say's Remarkable piece of machinery, Completely automated. 

You know we manufacture those by the way Burke say's.

The drop ship is low and is flying over and between the complex to try and pick up some information.

Gorman say's Okay Ferro, Take us in low over the main colony complex.

Gorman say's Storm shutters are sealed, There's no visible activity. All right Hold at 40.

Ferro responds on the headset, Roger!, Gorman say's Give me a slow circle of the complex.

Ripley say's Structure seems intact, They still have power, 

Gorman say's Okay Ferro, Set down on the landing grid.

Gorman continues, Immediate dust off on my clear, then stay on station.

Ferro say's Down and clear, 

Apone say's Ten seconds, people Look sharp,

Apone say's All right, I want a nice clean dispersal this time. 

Apone shouts Let's go! Move it out!

Apone shouts, Head em up!

The soldiers run to find a safe location, It is very noisy as the rain is coming down thick and fast.

Apone surveys his location with some high powered telescopic binoculars.

The binoculars produce a high pitched whirring as the lenses focus onto the dark environment.

Gorman say's, First squad up on line, Hicks get yours in accord and watch the rear.

Apone say's Vasquez, take point, Let's move he shouts as it echoes over the terrain.

Apone say's Move up.

Apone say's Hudson, run a bypass.

Gorman say's Second squad, move up, Flanking positions.

Apone say's over headsets to the second squad, Second squad on line.

Hudson manages to open the south lock door and the delicate electronics hiss and click to a green open button.

The doors open whirring as they do, 

Apone say's You set in a whispering voice.

The door to the South lock civilian corridors opens after Apone and Hudson pull from each side of the door, Apone say's go on to urge Vasquez to go inside.

There is some water dripping from some broken debris in the ceiling and a low level wind can be heard but all is deathly silent, not a soul can be seen or heard.

The soldiers edge forward slowly and very alert, You can hear there feet tapping as they take each step forward.

Gorman say's, Second team move inside, Hicks, take the upper level.

Apone say's on his headset, Sir you copying this? Looks like hits from small arms fire.

Apone continues, Uh, we got some explosives damage, 

Apone say's It's probably seismic survey charges.

Apone say's Are you reading this? Keep it tight, people.

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