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Anything is possible with a creative imagination and a few thousand spare lego bricks, Imgur user RedTec spent three and a half years building a toy gun out of Lego. From the looks of the gun it was time well spent.



YouTuber ZaziNombies creates weapons from video games regularly and his most recent project is a working Purifier Flamethrower from Black Ops III. The Lego mastermind created the Lego Purifier with around 1200 bricks, measuring upon completion at three feet long. The Purifier is used by the specialist class Firebreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It shoots fire in the game, so the YouTuber made his Lego version of the flamethrower do so as well. The creator wishes he could say no Legos were hurt in the making of the Lego-fied gun, but some of the bricks closer to the muzzle are "a little bit toasty" and have melted.


An elderly man from Madris has constructed an incredible Spanish Cathedral entirely from local junk and donated and unwanted materials. This extraordinary cathedral made from salvaged materials has steadily risen over the past 50 years in a quiet Madrid neighborhood. Justo Martinez (who goes by Don Justo) has been working on the massive undertaking nearly single-handedly ever since he had to leave an order of monks due to illness. After recovering, he dedicated his life to building a church using his own money, on his own land. The massive undertaking is built almost entirely from local materials that he is able to salvage, and now topped out at 131 feet the cathedral just needs a few finishing touches -- like a roof, some windows and permits. While the cathedral’s design is loosely based on St. Peter’s Cathedral, Don Justo has created no formal drawings or engineering plans. His background in farming did not stop him from taking on such a challenging project, which incorporates motifs found in castles, churches, and even the White House. Most of the bricks are salvaged from nearby brick factories, and cathedral’s walls are certainly unorthodox.


Image Above - 93 year old  Justo Gallego Martínez. After leaving life as a farmer to become a Benedictine Monk, Don Justo came down with tuberculosis which forced him out of the monastery in a greatly weakened state. He promised himself that if he survived he would erect a church dedicated to the Lady of The Pillar who he prayed to during that turbulent time. So far the cathedral totals an astonishing 8,000 square meters. The many concrete support columns use old oil drums as forms. The roof is adorned with countless tons of salvages bricks and locally-salvaged tiles, and paint buckets sprout from the towers. Donated materials make up the bulk of the rest of the construction. He gets some help with the labor from his nephews and an assistant. While the building has neither plans nor permits, the City of Madrid has tolerated its existence. Martinez is in the process of consulting with an architect to formally apply for a permit so that when the building is closer to completion it may be used as a house of worship. Don Justo’s dedication will surly inspire others through this bold and committed endeavor.

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Sculpture is fascinating and if you have that creative streak it is possible that you can build your own work of art right in your garden or even front lawn. One man's junk is sometimes another man's treasure and a man called Andy White has certainly come up with an excellent idea to use the junk for his incredible sculptures that he spends many hours constructing. Andy has always enjoyed making things with his hands and his imagination provides him with lots of ideas that he can use to construct his metal figures and shapes. 45 year old Andy lives in Columbia South Carolina and has created several works of art. Andy explains, “There’s something about working in the medium of metal and taking things that are pieces of old stuff that are either discarded or may have my own memory attached to them and turning them into something new to keep around for my kids to enjoy. I like the process of creating something new from stuff that’s old and giving a new life and a new meaning.”


So far Andy has created a 9 foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex, a friendly rabbit, a moderately-sized dragonfly, a snail and a triceratops. “The triceratops has pieces of my daughter’s first bicycle in it,” he explained. “I like having things around that remind me of different parts of my life. This is a way that I found I could get rid of most of that, but leave little things that I know what it is, like listening to a song or looking at an old photo. I will keep them around or chop it up, or I’ll pick up other people’s crap off the road.” Andy likes to see his life and that of others break out from his piece as he has changed the bicycle into a dinosaur so the bike is has metamorphosed into the bike and could almost be described as Transformers.


A typical professor by day, Andy White enjoys welding the large animals in his downtime to unwind, but isn’t interested in taking special orders for others. “It’s nice when people like my things, but other than that I really don’t care,” he said of his personal hobby. “As long as my family likes them, it’s all that matters. They’re for me. People ask me to make a sculpture of their dog but I don’t care about that. I’m going to enjoy the process and enjoy the product. It’s not my job. It’s something that I love doing.” He doesn’t keep track of how long the animals take him to complete, but said the T. Rex was the most complex at about 40 to 50 hours. “I’ve never really kept track,” said White. “A few hours on a weekend, or I’ll take a day off work when I just need some mental space. I’ve never tallied up the numbers. It’s just fun and it doesn’t take effort.” As for how long he’ll continue turning his lawn into a playful junkyard zoo? “My yard is only so big,” he joked.


Bipedal and recognizably shaped like humanoids, the Gorn are nevertheless very far from anything resembling humans; instead they look like crocodiles that walk on two legs. These slithering, vicious, reptilian beings are represented by the commander of a ship that has destroyed a Federation outpost and then engages in battle with the Enterprise, until a superior race called the Metrons beam the Gorn captain and Kirk to an asteroid where they will settle their differences in person. One of the best-remembered and popular aliens from The Original Series, the Gorn later showed up in episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series and Star Trek: Enterprise (in the mirror universe), but none of the series have ever fully explored the nature of the species or their government, known as the Gorn Hegemony (they've made small appearances in some scattered Star Trek novels).


Image Above - Steve ‘nighteagle’ Doman, from Colorado, USA - If you haven’t watched Star Trek, you’ve at least heard about it. The sci-fi television series created by Gene Roddenberry has earned millions of fans over the years. Roddenberry was allegedly inspired by Gulliver’s Travels and a TV series called Wagon Train to create Star Trek. Each episode of the series is built as an incredible adventure, but also as a morality tale, considering that the episodes depict cultural realities and conflicts like war and peace, sexism, human rights, religion, economics, loyalty, racism and technology. Due to this approach, Star Trek is not only about space adventure and exploration. The franchise is also recognized for being one of the first TV series with a multiracial cast and applauded for its attitude toward civil rights.


Steve ‘nighteagle’ Doman, from Colorado, USA is a great fan of the Star Trek series that to other people and family members would consider him to have an obsession. Steve say's, My friends and family think there’s something wrong with me! People are quite amused, it’s very different. “They don’t understand where all this creativity has come from, but I’m always dreaming.” Because Steve is a super fan he came about the idea to transform his modest house situated in Colorado in the rocky mountains into a true star trek themed house from top to bottom. Steve has pulled out all the works to transform his abode into a fully resembling spaceship that includes all of the original layout from the USS Enterprise craft seen in the series.



Steve's phazers were at full capacity when he envisaged how his humble home would be completely changed into the interior of the USS Enterprise. Steve said,  he tends to stock up on food and hibernate during the long, cold winters – and when he started getting bored he took up his Star Trek renovation as a hobby. One room at a time, he has now completely transformed his home. Steve bought the house in 1986, and started the trekkie transformation nearly 14 years ago – and $30,000 later it is finally almost complete. He said: “I have six rooms downstairs that are Star Trek themed rooms. “Right now my favorite room is the Federation room – and I sleep in the Klingon Ambassador quarters. “I still have a couple more rooms to finish off when everything downstairs is to my liking, so I figure I have enough work to last me until I’m 73 years old – if I ever get that far! “This is my version of playing in the future, so my house and everything I have created is used daily just like a normal house.”


Image Above - The Front Room. Steve has made a hobby out of redecorating his house for the past 29 years prior to its Star Trek transformation, it had a South Western theme and an antique homestead theme. Steve, who is a member of Denver’s Klingon club and an honorary member of the international federation of trekkies, said: “I grew up with a learning disability – I excelled in sports, but socially I struggled. “Since then I’ve been fighting to be someone, to show people I’m a normal human being. “My Star Trek hobby is the first time I’ve done something just for myself, the first time I’ve put myself first. “I feel like I’m a survivor, and I’ve proved anyone with mental disabilities can become anything they want in life. “People can’t believe I’ve changed my house three times in 29 years now this is a dream house for a person that loves Star Trek. “I was always interested in the future, right from the first Star Trek.


Image Above - Outside view of Steve's Star Trek inspirational house. I would always get home as fast as possible to watch it – I’d never seen anything like it before. “I never liked being in the now my life was always agonizing because I struggled socially. “The future gave me a way to get out of that, and Star Trek became a bridge for me, like a crutch. “I like to live in the future, it feels safer for me. “Some people think I’m crazy for destroying my house like this, but generally people are just darn surprised. “But I won’t stop – otherwise life gets boring, doing this makes me happy. “Being a fan of Star Trek has given me a life.” Maybe one day Steve can install a large fusion reactor inside his home and morph his house into the USS Enterprise, he can then take off at warp speed and protect earth from Klingon attack. A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away. — Dr. Boyce - Perhaps man wasn’t meant for paradise. Maybe he was meant to claw, to scratch all the way. — Captain Kirk - In critical moments, men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see. — Spock - Compassion: that’s the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps men ahead of them. — Dr. McCoy


Steve Doman wearing his Star Trek uniform and treating himself to a tipple of Saurian Brandy. Quotes by star fleet crew members, Curious, how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. — Spock - One man cannot summon the future. But one man can change the present! — Spock - To all mankind — may we never find space so vast, planets so cold, heart and mind so empty that we cannot fill them with love and warmth. — Garth - You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, and irrational fear of the unknown. There is no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood. — Captain Kirk - Now, I don’t pretend to tell you how to find happiness and love, when every day is a struggle to survive. But I do insist that you do survive, because the days and the years ahead are worth living for! — Edith Keeler.


The Zetarians (from "The Lights of Zetar") in one scene, this disembodied group of survivors from the planet Zetar enter a woman's body at the Memory Alpha space library and turn her all kinds of sickly colors while weird gurgling noises emerge from her throat. The Zetarians -- the last one hundred of them from their devastated planet -- are looking for a host whose body they can call home, but they're pretty arrogant and invasive in the way they go about it so it's into the decompression chamber with them. By the time this episode ran late in Season 3, fans had already seen plenty of twinkling energy beings, but it's what happens when when the Zetarians possess someone that makes them still memorable.

Beta_XII-A_entity (1).jpg

Image Right - The Beta XII-A entity (from "Day of the Dove") This being comprised of pure energy also has one hell of a diet: unlike the vampire of "Obsession" which feeds off human blood, this thing (which resembled a cluster of rotating lights that turn red when fully "charged") subsists on violent emotions like hate and anger. So naturally, throwing a bunch of Klingons onto the Enterprise, arming both sides with medieval weapons and stoking the fires of suspicion and hostility would end up becoming a never-ending buffet for this creature. That's what happens in this popular third season episode, although Kirk and the Klingon commander Kang (Michael Ansara) eventually find a way to laugh the whole incident off and send the weakened entity dejectedly out into space, where it winks out of existence. This fellow could also be kissing cousins with the fear-hungry "Red Jack" entity from Season 2's "Wolf in the Fold."


Image Above right - The Melkot (from "Spectre of the Gun")Interestingly, the third season of Star Trek had perhaps the highest number of non-humanoid aliens, and the first show filmed that year set the tone with this xenophobic race. When the Enterprise is rebuffed in its attempts to make contact with the Melkotians, Kirk and a landing party beam down to their planet anyway, where their punishment is Death by Western B-Movie. The Melkot that presides over this appears out of the planet's misty atmosphere looking like a big, round, floating boulder with large glowing eyes and no other distinguishable features. As usual, Kirk teaches the Melkot a lesson or two before the show is over and diplomatic relations are opened, although sadly we never ran into the Melkotians again.


The Horta (from "The Devil in the Dark")

While Yarnek from "The Savage Curtain" was sort of like living rock, the Horta from the planet Janus VI comes even closer -- an utterly alien form of life made of silicon and a kind of fibrous asbestos. Creature creator Janos Prohaska reportedly crawled into producer Gene Coon's office one day wearing a Horta costume, prompting Coon to say he'd write a script around it; the result was one of Star Trek's all-time classics, as the monstrous-looking and quite deadly Horta turns out to be a mom just protecting her vast trove of eggs from destruction by human miners. It's a quintessential example of what makes Star Trek so enduring: one of the show's most bizarre and gruesome-looking aliens turns out to be one of the most humane, peaceful and empathetic characters ever introduced on the show.


Yarnek (from "The Savage Curtain")

Yarnek was a member of a race called the Excalbians, who were interested in studying the differences between the concepts of "good" and "evil" by pitting representatives of both against each other. That's the basis of this late Season 3 segment, which lines up Kirk, Spock, Abraham Lincoln and Vulcan philosopher Surak against a quartet of real baddies from galactic history. Yarnek itself was played by famous monster maker Janos Prohaska, who shoved inside a number of suits for Trek and other shows like The Outer Limits; as envisioned in this episode, the Excalbians come from a planet made of molten lava and their body temperature is appropriately unpleasant, as Kirk finds out the hard way. "Like living rock with heavy fore-claws" is how Yarnek and his race are described, and his promise to stage more such events in the future hints at a rock-like stubbornness as well.


The Providers (from "The Gamesters of Triskelion")

Kirk, Chekov and Uhura are transported to a planet called Triskelion where they must compete in a series of gladiatorial games in order to survive; the games are operated and wagered on by unseen masters called the Providers. When Kirk eventually confronts them, they turn out to be three disembodied brains that control a vast underground complex and spend all their time betting on the games and collecting more slaves ("Thralls") for their amusement. Like the Organians of "Errand of Mercy," the Providers (the real name of their species is never disclosed) have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies, although they have not progressed like the former race into the realm of pure energy. And also unlike the Organians, the Providers are arrogant, haughty and quite interested in themselves and their own needs. For a trio of brains, they are no brainiacs.


Image Left - Balok (from "The Corbomite Maneuver")

This commander from the "First Federation" is the closest to a traditional human form on this list, but we had to include him because the revelation of his true form has always struck us as so surreal and outright bizarre. When the Enterprise first encounters Balok's intimidating vessel, the massive Fesarius, they pick up an image of Balok that resembles a leering goblin. But that turns out to be a fright-mask meant to deceive the crew; Balok turns out to be a small, bald, child-like humanoid with a deep voice and a penchant for a drink called tranya. Played by seven-year-old Clint Howard in a bald cap and heavy eyebrows (with his voice dubbed), Balok comes across as even more eccentric that other humanoid guest aliens like the Andorians and the Tellarites. Fun fact: one actor considered for the part was Michael Dunn, who later played Alexander in "Plato's Stepchildren."

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The Companion (from "Metamorphosis")

Kirk, Spock and McCoy discover that the inventor of the warp drive, Zefram Cochrane, is alive and well and has been living for the past 150 years on an otherwise empty planet with a mysterious alien entity that keeps him immortal and permanently 37 years old. They eventually learn that the Companion is female, is in love with Cochrane, and yearns to have a real relationship with him. The Companion was one of several entities on Star Trek that were composed of pure energy or some other non-physical material, usually necessitating an optical effect instead of a costume or oversized prop. But the Companion is probably the most unusual one in that it has a distinct personality, emotions and ability to communicate -- and all it wants is domestic bliss.

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 Sylvia and Korob (from "Catspaw")

These two alien wizards appear in human form for most of this Halloween-themed episode, which finds Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Bones and Sulu trapped in a macabre maze of witches, castles, black cats and spells by these two visitors from another galaxy. In the end, once their source of power (the "transmuter") is destroyed, Sylvia and Korob are revealed in their true form: small, ornithoid lifeforms that were made of pipe cleaners, some blue fluff, crab pincers and other materials. Sadly the strings that held the puppets up are clearly seen in the original episode (although erased in the remastered version), rendering them kind of silly. More intriguing is their allusion to serving the "Old Ones," a reference also made by the android Ruk in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Both episodes were penned by horror writer and Lovecraft acolyte Robert Bloch.


Commander Loskene (from "The Tholian Web")

The Tholians are known for their punctuality, their xenophobia and their territorial nature, as we learn in the third season TOS episode that first introduced their eerie race of strange crystalline beings. They're quite adept at space flight and have some very unconventional weapons, including the energy field of the title. They don't resemble anything humanoid, with their angled bodies, glowing eyes and apparently extremely high temperatures, and outside of their first appearance on The Original Series, the Federation has skirmished with them in episodes of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. The Tholians always seemed like a menace that was waiting to really wreak havoc with Starfleet...perhaps on Star Trek: Discovery?


Image Above - Klingon Ambassador quarters.


The salt vampire (from "The Man Trap")

Right in the very first episode ever broadcast (although it was the fifth filmed in regular production), Star Trek introduced one of its more provocative creatures. The last surviving member of an extinct species on Planet M-113, the creature stands more or less like a human, with two arms and two legs, but the hands at the ends of those arms have just three fingers each, all covered with suckers that the creature uses to extract salt from its victims -- salt being the one thing it needs to survive. And how, with its stringy white hair, brownish skin, sagging features and funnel-like snout, does it even get close enough to attack? Easy: it can hypnotize its victims and/or look like anyone they happen to be thinking about. 


Neural parasites (from "Operation: Annihilate!")

The Enterprise investigates a pattern of mass insanity that seems to be traveling from planet to planet and comes upon the source on the planet Deneva: single-cell organisms that infiltrate human bodies through their spinal cords and take control of their minds. The organisms are part of a single hive mind, as Spock deduces once he himself is infected by a parasite. Creature maker Wah Chang made the things from bags of fake vomit. They're gross and gooey-looking, although in some of the scenes where they fly it's obvious they're being pulled along on wires. Nevertheless, they're still probably the most viscerally disgusting creatures the original series ever showcased, and the idea of them all being part of one large brain is an eerie one.


Kollos (from "Is There In Truth No Beauty?")

Kollos is an ambassador from a race known as the Medusans, who are capable of brilliant and sublime thoughts but whose form can drive humans insane with its ugliness. He travels in a special container that only can be opened in the presence of certain people who wear a special visor; even then it's dangerous to glance directly upon him. The Medusans are enlightened, peaceful and compassionate beings; that their appearance is so destructive to those who see them only reinforces the story's themes that such appearances can be deceiving. Facing the difficult task of showing even brief glimpses of a being so hideous-looking, the show's special effects team settled for intense flashes of light and color. They didn't drive viewers insane, but may have given them a headache.


Steve Barley and his son love wild life and enjoy watching squirrels eating fruit and nuts from there garden trees. Steve had a brainwave and a desire to build a squirrel racing track course in his garden for the wild life especially squirrels could use to get to the nuts and fruit. But the pair never imagined their squirrel obstacle course would turn into such a delightful hobby, The first course was pretty basic but as time went by the courses became more technical and a lot more fun. After a period of 10 years the racing track course had developed into quite a spectacle and is truly awe inspiring for other nature lovers to construct for themselves.


Barley was totally pleased when he constructed a Formula One Squirrel Grand Prix track in his back garden, Steve and his family enjoy watching the squirrels running around there garden and are always thinking about constructing much larger and more technically challenging courses for the squirrels to try. Every squirrel that takes on the course is timed and there is a race chart similar to "Top Gear" that marks down the fastest to the slowest squirrel driver by the fraction of the second. After nearly a decade, the squirrels in Barley’s backyard have become experts at navigating even his trickiest obstacle courses, and this racetrack was no exception. The courses are a fun way for the cute rodents to leap across the yard, and they’re no doubt looking forward to Barley’s next course!

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Charles ‘Lala’ Evans - It is very sad when a partner dies either from old age or maybe an illness or even an accident. The person that is left behind will be in a lot of pain and mourning and not all people get over such a tragic event. The person that died will have left all of there possessions behind as they can't take them to heaven with them unfortunately. The remaining partner has many options on what to do with the possessions, some will most definitely be kept but other stuff could be given away to charity or even sold. Some people may be extremely devastated by the death of there partner and would not in a million years part with any of the clothes jewellery etc.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

Charles ‘Lala’ Evans is a living testament that true love knows no ending. Not even death could stop the overflowing love he has for his deceased wife, Louise Evans. So just like how King Nebuchadnezzar built one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife, Amytis, Charles built a museum dedicated to his wife to remember the love they had shared. Seven years after his wife’s death, Charles can still perfectly remember the magical moment he felt when he first saw Louise. “That must’ve been love at first sight,” Charles recalled with fondness in his voice. Since the day he first laid his eyes on Louise, he did not let a day pass by without his wife knowing how much he loves her.


When Louise Evans, wife of Charles for 59 years passed away, Charles’ world  turned upside-down. To say that he was devastated is an understatement of the pain his heart had gone through. Fortunately for the old man, he was able to find a therapeutic project that could turn the pain he’s feeling into something beautiful. “We had talked about it before she passed that one day we want to build a museum to put these pictures in. We didn’t get a chance to do that but the idea never left my mind…” Charles thought of finally turning the plans he and Louise made together before Louise’s untimely death. “And so I said ‘I’m gonna do it anyway.”


Charles created the ‘Lala and Louise Land,’ (Lala being his nickname) a museum filled with pictures and mementos of him and Louise on his backyard. Pictures of Charles and Louise dancing with each other surrounded the walls of the museum, along with the music records they grooved with. Charles and Louise have numerous beautiful photos that the walls of the museum seemed to run out of space to feature it. Charles shared that aside from dancing, he and Louise both love taking photos everywhere they went as a souvenir to the colorful life they have led. “[Louise] never passed up an opportunity to take a picture, you know, and I don’t think I ever took a bad picture of her.” The romantic old man added.


A prankster in Canada fooled police after he sculpted a car out of snow in an illegal parking space. Made to look like a Delorean from Back to the Future, Montreal-born Simon Laprise even added a real windshield wiper to the vehicle. Simon shared the 'car’ on his Facebook page and it quickly went viral. Speaking to Vice, Simon said: "I decided to do something out of the mountain of snow, to do a little joke to the snow guys, and have fun sculpting a car. It's not my first one, just the first I do in the street on snow removal day. "To me snow is a great free material to sculpt anything out of."After pulling up to the car and inspecting it, police placed a ticket on the 'windscreen', writing: "You have made our evening." Simon said the prank wasn't actually meant for the police, but instead, it was for the snow removal crews and their ploughs.Either way, we're sure he made somebody's day more bearable.


Image Above - Josh the master builder, Note shower outside to the left to save space. Some people build there own homes from vans, buses even aircraft, but a man called Josh decided he would build his own house on wheels for under 10k incredible. Josh lives and travels in his house on wheels and his story shows that with a little common sense and planning anyone can have there own home for less than 10k. The house is 66 square feet but Josh has maximized on every inch of the space to make it a comfortable and spacious house. (1).jpg

Talented Chinese artist Dai Yun has built an insane Mercedes replica using only red bricks. Dai, a sculptor who works at the Shenzhen Public Art Center, made sure his replica is exactly the same dimensions as the car he was modelling it off. Well, this is one car you don’t want to be involved in a crash with. Fortunately, it’s not road worthy and was only made to be a spectacle.


Aliens are big news these days and there are many people out there who believe aliens exist, A man has built an alien UFO landing pad in an Argentinian desert and claims extraterrestrials telepathically told him to construct it. The man had recently witnessed a close experience with a UFO sighting near his home, But because he was so close the alien occupants sent him a powerful telepathic mind bending signal to his brain that told him that they require a landing pad so that they could visit earth more safely and more low profile.


The man instantly got to work in constructing the alien landing pad near the town of Cachi, Argentina. Werner Jaisli constructed the pad. The Swiss man traveled to the South American country after receiving orders from an extraterrestrial source.The area is barren and the inhabitants of the land are surrounded by natural beauty in every direction. Mr. Jaisli built his UFO landing pad using a massive collection of white and brown rocks. An ‘ovniport‘ is at the center of the pad. This is a shape that resembles a star and many believe it to have an extraterrestrial connection. The Swiss man traveled to this exotic location after hearing voices in his head, which he believes are not from this world. Apparently, this would be the ideal place for an alien UFO to land should they have traveled through the vastness of space. Mr. Jaisli spent much of his time from 2008-2012 building the UFO pad.


Not only did he build the main landing pad for an alien craft, but he has also put together smaller monuments, which are clearly visible from the sky. The bigger white UFO landing pad consists of a circular shape with 36 protruding points. In the center is a smaller brown star-shape with 12 points. But why would you build a landing point like this in an area such as this one? A simple answer – “they told me to do it. It all begun on a November night in 2008 when he witnessed a UFO sighting at a party. He explains that the electricity to the property was suddenly cut off during the party at a friends house, "Not to dissimilar to the movie "Close encounters of the Third Kind"  “They were at the height of my eyes, from my position. They were solid, circular and looked like burnished metal. I do not know why, but mentally I asked them to come closer. And they did!“ After this initial first UFO sighting, he explained how he received a telepathic order from the extraterrestrials on the craft to build a UFO landing pad.

giphy (2).gif
giphy (1).gif

It took a long time, but he eventually completed his orders. All with the hope that soon the extraterrestrial race aboard the UFO would land. He completed the pad four years ago. Since then, no contact with aliens has occurred. What Happened Next?
After spending four years of his life building this amazing landing pad for UFO’s, Werner has since disappeared! The locals of Cachi have not seen him in the streets as they did during the construction. Now the consensus is that Werner has been abducted by the aliens and he will never be found again if the aliens took him aboard there spaceship, he could be millions of light years away. Others however believe the alien enthusiast simply returned to his life back in Switzerland after getting tired of waiting for the extraterrestrials to appear. Since his mysterious disappearance, the UFO landing area is owned by the Municipality of Cachi. They promote the area as a tourist destination. Nowadays the site attracts hundreds of UFO enthusiasts a year.


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