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A sound of compressed air is heard mingled with a metal ambiance as the large trap door is opened by Leaven, Quentin comes over to Leaven and Worth as he sucks on his button, Leaven turns her head and say's It's like cramming without coffee as she quickly begins to look at a new set of numbers. 


Worth turns his head and say's to Quentin, She needs a break, Quentin puts his left hand to his hip as he looks away before saying with an air of confidence, She can do it.


Holloway has decided to climb back into the other room to go and check on Kazan, She feels that Kazan needs some kind of support and he is not taking it too well at the moment.


Kazan continues to slap the right side of his face at a rapid rate as he whines with worry, Holloway breathes out loudly as she attempts to ease Kazans mind, Being a doctor she understands Kazan a little better than the rest and feels it is now her responsibility to keep an eye on him, Holloway looks down as she slaps her hands gently together (Low level slap sound is heard) Holloway smirks and smiles as she  begins to rub the back of her head with her right hand, If she can somehow mimic Kazan in some way hopefully Kazan will become more relaxed.


Worth sighs loudly as he looks down at the numbers, He say's, They don't look prime to me, Quentin is sucking and moving his lips around rapidly as he sucks on his button, Quentin is becoming sarcastic as he say's, Is that your two bits Worth, Quentin shifts his head right and say's Worth as he waits for a response.


Worth slowly turns his head and say's, For what it's worth.


Holloway continues to flutter her fingers to the back of her head as she tries to settle Kazan down, (Kazan has reduced his whining and distress)


Quentin sighs and grunts as he approaches Leaven as she studies the number grids, Quentin removes his button with his left hand as he looks at Leaven and say's, Well? Leaven lifts her head up slightly and says to Quentin, Well, He's right,


Leaven moves off and away from the trap door as she say's back to Quentin, Not prime.


Quentin sniffs as he begins to climb up into the trap door compartment, Leaven has completed her number crunching and has come to the conclusion that the set of numbers is not prime, Quentin now feels safe and is keen to make his way inside the new room.


A loud thud is heard as Quentin lands squarely inside the new room, Quentin immediately begins to walk forward at speed as he investigates the new area.


Worth and Leaven watch Quentin with intrigue and slight concern from the trap door entrance.


Suddenly the camera zooms in rapidly onto Leavens concerned face - (A loud sound of wind is heard) Leaven shouts out loudly to Quentin "Stop!"


The loud words from Leaven causes Quentin to jump slightly with fear and anticipation as he stands motionless,


Quentin veers his eyes left as he tries to fathom the situation and Leavens serious concern. 


Leaven can see something that Quentin cannot, She shouts out with worry "In front of you!" Worth just looks on also concerned for Quentin.


Quentin squints his right eye as he tries to focus on something in the room that Leaven can see,


A high pitched sound of fast moving razor sharp metal is heard as Quentin focuses on something just a few feet away from him, The camera blurs as a series of thin and sharp razor wires becomes visible. (High pitched synthesizer key is heard.)


Leaven is very concerned for Quentin now and may be considering she made a mathematical mistake when she evaluated the room as a non prime value.


Quentin continues to evaluate his position and the sharp wires in front of him, 


A whooshing sound of metal is heard from behind Quentin which causes him to turn around at speed, Quentin stares at the long metal wires as he tries to find a solution to his dilemma


Worth is silent and just stares at Quentin as he slowly sucks on his button, 


More sliding of metal is heard as Quentin instantly looks up at theceiling, A series of long silvery wires have circled around Quentin in quick succession trapping Quentin inside, Quentin now knows he has inadvertently stumbled into a death trap room in his anticipation and eagerness to enter. Mechanical bearings that hold the wires in place are heard twisting around. 


The long wires begin to shake and revolve around Quentin as they rapidly close in on the police officer.


Quentin looks up then back down again as he frantically tries to find a solution, If he does not think on his feet he will be sliced into small sushi pieces from the sharp wires, (Metallic scraping sounds are heard)


Quentin quickly decides that he will leap through a gap in one of the wires before he is ultimately killed,


Quentin flies through the gap head first as he goes head over heels in his eagerness to escape the death trap mechanism, 


Quentins feet are very close to the sharp wires as he explodes out of the wire frame.


As Quentin adverts certain death the wires twist down at a rapid speed twisting and revolving around until they entrap and kill there prey, Quentin just made it out in time before the wires entrapped him.


Quentin screams out in pain as he jumps head first through the sharp wires, 


The long silvery wires wobble as they attempt to kill Quentin.


Quentin screams and grunts with pain from the deep cut to his left leg, 


Quentin quickly holds his wound with his left hand while holding his leg with his right hand also, Quentin winces with agonizing pain as he tries to recover from his injury and shock treatment.


Quentin suffers as he tries to stop the blood flow and pain, 


Quentin looks up at the ceiling and releases his left hand from his leg wound as he now considers the room a death trap and he must get out as quickly as he can. More metallic sounds are heard which indicates another wire mechanism will entrap Quentin anytime soon from above him.


Holloway and Kazan are still in the orange color coded room and can hear the loud commotion from the other rooms, Holloway quickly opens the trap door to her side as she shouts out loudly with concern "What is it?


Kazan is starting to get emotional and hysterical again from all the noise, Kazan flutters his fingers over his right ear as he begins to pull on Holloways hair. (Kazan whines)Kazan pulls hard on Holloways hair in his distress completely oblivious to the pain he is causing, Holloway screams out OWW as Kazan pulls her backwards.


Kazan whines loudly as he flutters his fingers with his right hand, 


Holloway screams some more from the discomfort of having her hair pulled, 


Back in the Red room Quentin has managed to escape the blue color coded death trap room,


Leaven helps Quentin by supporting his back as he rapidly descends inside to the safety of the red room.


Quentins clambering down the metal rungs is short lived as he takes a tumble and drops the few feet required to the floor below. 


A loud thud is heard as Quentin falls into the room onto his left side first.


Quentin grunts and winces with pain from his leg injury.


Quentin has learnt a lesson and can't totally rely on other peoples problem solving or even the prime number theory from this point on. It was his turn to enter a new room but it nearly cost him his life.


Holloway quickly climbs through a trap door back into the red room to find out what all the noise is about.


Holloway rests her left hand onto the floor of the trap door as she peers in at Quentin and the others, (Kazan continues to whine)


Holloway looks up at the top tier of metal rungs as she prepares to ascend down into the room,


Quentin continues to rest on the floor as his body feels with pain and an unnatural dread of the situation.


Quentin is having a hard time as he can take no more of the noise from Kazan, Quentin shouts out loudly with anger and frustration, Shut Up! he bellows from the top of his voice.


Quentin rests momentarily as he continues to suffer, 


The Cube has no mercy and will eventually get it's claws into your flesh if you let your guard down.


An electronic whirring is heard as the trap door to the orange room closes leaving Kazan all alone to whine as much as he needs to.


A thud is heard as the trap door closes to a full position.


Leaven is traumatic as she say's to Quentin, I don't know what happened, It wasn't prime, Leaven is convinced her calculations were correct but the room proved to be prime.


Quentin slowly stands to his feet as Kazan continues a high pitched siren of distress, Quentin groans as he quickly lifts his head back and looks up at the ceiling, Holloway appears from Quentins left and begins to assist in patching up Quentins leg wound as best she can.


Worth stands and faces the rest of the group but is in no mood to help Quentin or give Kazan any mental support, 


Quentin flips his head back once again as he tries to conquer his pain, Holloway shouts out loudly with frustration, (Quentin Hold still) as she tries to patch his leg wound up.


Worth seems to be in a world of his own as he continues to watch the scenario unfold in front of him, (Kazan Whines)


Quentin is not in the best of moods as he suddenly becomes more agitated from the face of Worth who is not doing anything to ease the situation, Quentin becomes angry and say's Somebody stop that racket referring to Kazan, 


Leaven has left Quentin and has begun to climb the side of the wall to investigate the sets of numbers to the Blue room to see if she has made a mistake,  Worth does not respond and is being uncooperative, Holloway raises her head and shouts loudly, Worth! to try and get his attention as she nods her head towards Kazan's direction.


Worth stands silent for a fleeting moment then turns away from Quentin and Holloway to go and check on Kazan.


A crunching scratching sound is generated as Worth walks slowly across the floor towards the Orange room, 


Quentin speaks out loudly to Worth and say's, Leave the boots.


Worth is complacent but is now cooperating with the rest of the group for the time being.


Worth removes his boots from around his neck and throws them to the floor as he looks back at Quentin, (Thud is heard)


Worth begins his ascent into the next room, 


Quentin looks back down as Holloway continues to fix Quentins leg wound the best she can, A pressurized sound of air and a rattling of metal is heard as Worth opens the trap door that leads to Kazan. Quentin looks back up as he hears the sound from the door.


Worth quickly raises his left leg as he steps into the trap door space.


Worth raises his right leg and steps inside the cube shaped tunnel as he carefully navigates his body.


Worth slides into the hatch as he holds onto a length of metal rungs directly above him.


Worth quickly looks back at Quentin with piercing eyes as he continues to obey his commands.


Quentin has developed a terrible temper and is feeling rather angry and agitated, He is not treating the other prisoners with much respect and his authoritarian characteristics are now at the forefront of his mind, Quentins shouts out loudly across to Worth, "And shut the fucking door!" Holloway quickly looks up at Quentin from his cursing then back down again.


The trap door quickly slides up producing a sliding rumbling sound, Kazan continues to whine at a continuous rate and rhythm, A jet stream sound is now heard as the door closes inwards.


The metal door wobbles slightly as it raises up almost like it is supported on rollers and a pulley system.


The door instantly locks inside the hatch producing a perfect finish of symmetry and smoothness.


Leaven has just stepped down from the Blue room hatch after returning to the number grids for a second time, Leaven has removed her glasses from her face and holds them with both hands as she looks down with a face of distress and unknowing. Something is brewing inside Quentins mind and he is starting to dislike Worth's attitude and his lack lustered cooperation, Quentin speaks out his thoughts on Worth and say's I had a feeling about that fucking guy, Quentin stares ahead as he say's, "He knew about that trap" referring to the blue room, Holloway is silent as she fleetingly looks up then back down again,


Leaven stares at Quentin before suddenly raising her left hand up to express her thoughts, Leaven say's with concern, But these numbers aren't prime, as she defends Worth from Quentins accusations. Quentin looks at slightly away from Leaven as he say's, Then your number system failed, Quentin looks forward rapidly, but he knew... (Low level wind sound is heard) 


Holloway is also on Worth's side and speaks with a whispering tone so that the conversation is inaudible to Worth who might take offence, Holloway say's, Knew what? How would he know?


Quentins snaps back at Holloway and say's, Your the paranoid one, think about it. Leaven raises her glasses up a few inches as she examines the broken lens, Quentin continues, His only function so far has been to kick us when we're down.


Quentin looks away as he stares ahead with a slightly evil expression of doubt and dissolution. Holloway replies in a whispering tone, So he has a bad attitude, You think that makes him a spy? (Leaven brushes her hair down quickly with her left hand. (Low ambient synthesizer sound is heard)


Quentin continues, Trust me on this, Quentins turns and looks at Holloway as he raises his voice with a strong conviction, It's my job to read people like an X-Ray. Holloway looks at Quentin in a perplexed way as she hints to him to keep his voice down so that Worth does not hear. Suddenly a loud sound of air and mechanical bearings is heard as the trap door Worth went into opens once again. Quentin and Leaven instantly look up and over at the trap door but Holloway is uninterested and continues to service Quentins leg wound.


Worth quickly steps down and hangs his weight on to the bottom rungs as he assists Kazan through the square opening, Kazan has settled down somewhat and is now only producing a rapid grunting sound, Worth pulls on Kazans left leg before quickly raising his right hand to the left side of Kazans head, Worth speaks over to the rest of the group and say's, He doesn't like red rooms, (Kazan was whining because he wants to go back to the Blue room which he fell from earlier on and it is his favourite color.


Holloway smirks as she quickly raises her head up and closes her eyes briefly from the knowledge she has just gained from Kazan's inability to correctly react and understand people in a manner which is considered normal. 


A loud high pitched electronic whirring sound is heard as the door automatically closes back producing a jet stream of air and a thud sound, Kazan covers his eyes with both hands as he attempts to block out the strong red radiance of the room, (Kazan continues to whine at a low level)


Worth carefully steps away from Kazan as he rocks forwards and then backwards at a slow and gentle pace.


Worth walks on over to the rest of the group before letting out a loud sigh, He then say's so what happened? as he folds his arms, 


Quentin hisses and huffs with disappointment as he stares up at Worth, Quentin say's You saw what happened. Holloway quickly looks up at Quentin and say's from under her breath "Quentin" as she tries to keep the peace between Worth and Quentin.


Holloway nods forward slightly as she stares at Quentin with a serious look on her face. She doesn't want the conversation to escalate out of control or continue on as Worth will start to ask questions.


Leaven opens her hands out slightly before raising her right hand up as she say's, I guess the numbers are more complicated than I thought.


Worth is sucking on his button as he continues to stand with his arms folded, Worth replies to Leaven and say's, Maybe they mean nothing at all, Leaven replies, No, it means they are more involved.


Leaven has become slightly agitated as she holds both of her hands out to express her words, They've worked for us up 'till now, haven't they? I just need some more time with them.


(Quentin grimaces with pain momentarily from his leg wound) Holloway looks up at Quentin and say's softly, Well, we need to rest anyway, 


Leaven raises her left hand to her mouth as she looks away in deep thought, Quentin closes his eyes for a few seconds as he tries to shut out his pain and frustrations, 


Quentin replies to Holloway and says, Well, that's handy, Cause there's not a fuck of a lot else we can do. Quentin looks up at Worth and just stares blankly. (Low ambient synthesizer sound is heard)


(Kazan continues to whine at a low level) Worth slowly sucks his button in silence and has nothing more to say, Worth sighs with ambiguous intentions as he turns his head right.


Some time has passed and the group are still inside the red room one of the many millions that make up Cube, Leaven is perplexed and is determined to understand the different rooms alphanumerical strips of numbers, A light tapping is heard as Leaven scratches a number seven into one of the many metal squares that align the walls with her button.  (A deep and ambient synthesizer sound is heard)


Holloway has her back to the wall next to Leaven as she waits patiently for some kind of an answer from Leaven, Holloway turns her head towards Leaven and say's with an anxious irritability as she looks at the metal grid then back at Leaven, Are they telling you anything?


Leaven is somewhat annoyed with Holloway for her unreasonable demands, Leaven replies They're not tarot cards, Leaven taps the metal grid as her mind suddenly wants to explain a few things to Holloway, (Light thud sound is heard) Leaven breathes out loudly with her frustrations and then say's, (Leaven continues to scratch numerics into the metal grid) Do you have any idea how many variables I have to consider (Leaven becomes slightly angry as her voice raises) before I can decipher numbers this size? Leaven turns to look at Holloway as she waits for an answer, Leaven turns back to the metal grid and say's, They don't reveal themselves right away.


A loud and deep rumbling sound begins to feel the air as the machines and moving cogs of cube begin to move, Quentin has recovered slightly from his injuries and has stood up, He is also more placid and subdued and his anger has subsided for the time being, Quentin looks away from Leaven as he looks forward in some kind of thought, Quentin say's They're like people. (Taps from Leaven can be heard)


Quentin begins to slowly walk across the room as he looks down at Worth who is resting on the floor. A high pitched sound of friction is heard - The rumbling sound continues along with a clanking and clicking of moving cogs and machines.


Worth stares at Quentin as he breathes out loudly, Leaven suddenly shouts out, Oh Gross, Worth blinks rapidly from the situation but is completely silent.


Quentin turns his head around to find out why Leaven has shouted out with dissatisfaction.


Kazan has stood up and is looking down at the floor, His arms are shuffling slightly and is indicating that he is having a private moment with the rest of the group. Kazan is now murmuring at a low level and his mental state is showing improvement, He is much more relaxed and stable than he was some time previously.


Leaven does not find the antics of Kazan amusing and considers his actions rather revolting. Holloway has also noticed Kazan urinating onto the floor and immediately walks on over to him, Holloway say's with a soft and concerning voice, Oh, not here Honey, Over in the corner, Leaven flinches with slight shock and disgust as she watches Kazan attempt to pee.


A light tapping is heard as Holloway gently guides Kazan over to a far corner of the room so that he can continue his business. A ruffling of material is heard as Kazan begins the procedure in a more dignifed spot, Holloway stands behind Kazan before turning her head towards the rest of the group and sighing loudly. (A loud splashing sound is heard) 


Leaven Quentin and Worth are silent and motionless as they endure the sound and the awkwardness of the situation, Holloway is in disbelief at the rest of the group as she finds there facial expressions nauseating. Holloway say's loudly to try and break the stigma, Well he's just peeing! (Splashing sound is heard)


Quentin finds Kazan and the situation unbearable to watch, He raises his eyebrows up as he closes his eyes and sniffs his nose with dissatisfaction, Quentin say's, Jesus Christ! before turning his head away from the sight and smell.


Holloway sways her head to her left as she stands patiently waiting for Kazan to finish up, Leaven stands by the Blue room trap door and is also disheveled and annoyed with Kazan, Leaven shouts out -That's excellent, Leaven raises her voice and say's, Now it totally reeks in here! Leavens arms move out slightly as she expresses her thoughts.


Worth is finding the situation rather amusing as he watches Kazan from a distance, Worth is smiling with a sick sense of entertainment as he looks up at Quentin.


Quentin is looking over Worth and is definitely not finding the situation funny or entertaining, He dislikes Worth and thinks he has been submitted to Cube because he has a purpose or a function and is not revealing his real intentions - Quentin maybe suffering from a paranoid episode but is slowly on the attack, Quentin say's with a calm voice, You find this all pretty funny, Don't you? (Low sound of wind is heard)


A light tapping is heard as Quentin slowly makes his move and bends down over Worth, Quentin rests his left hand onto the stomach of Worth as he rests his other hand to the left side of Worths head, Worth stares at Quentin in silence as both men eye each other out, Quentin is angry but speaks at a normal level of loudness, What's your fucking problem, Worth? - Worth continues to hide his thoughts in silence.


Quentin breaks the stare and turns his head as he looks over at Holloway, Quentin say's, Even Holloway's holding up better than you.


Holloway turns her head around and looks over at Quentin as she hears his words, Quentin is a police officer and does not like anti social people, He wants to control the situation at every step and won't be ordered around by any of the group. Quentin say's with annoyance, Get over there and help her with him,


Quentin continues his authoritarian thoughts, That's your job, Babysitter. 


A ruffling of materials is heard as Quentin stands up and slowly walks away, Worth is considering the notion that Quentin is an all and out control freak and has to obey his every command and word, In a sarcastic tone of accent Worth says, Jawohl, Kommandant (Yes, Commander in German) Worth then raises his left hand and salutes Quentin as if he is a German soldier just been given his orders. 


Worth blows some air out of his mouth as he sarcastically responds to Quentins demands before waving his hand much higher.


Quentin stops in his tracks and turns slowly around from the disrespectful words of Worth, Quentin sniffs in deeply before saying to Worth, Somebody has to take responsibility around here.


Worth breathes in deeply as he continues his laid back stance on the situation, Worth is beginning to dislike Quentin much more and does not appreciate his attitude, Worth say's with slight disrespect, And that somebody has to be you.


Quentin replies, Not all of us have the luxury of playing nihilist. (rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.) 


Worth begins to pull himself up from the floor as he removes his right hand from behind his head, Worth say's as he lifts himself up awkwardly from the floor, Not all of us are conceited enough to play hero.


Worth pushes himself to a sitting position with both of his hands as he slides backwards before looking back at Quentin, Worth's eyes squint and close slightly from the red ambiance that illuminates the room.


Quentin is feeling a sense of conviction through the madness as he say's, This is a will to live. Quentin shakes his head for a split second as he say's, Everybody's got it, Worth, even you. Quentin becomes more angry as he say's, Especially you, hiding behind that cynical front.


Worth turns his head slightly as he say's, A will to live. Worth waves his left hand out in front of him as he expresses his words and say's, That's the warm, cosy feeling deep inside. (Worth squints his eyes) Worth nods his head up and down as he say's with a sarcastic tone, Thanks Quentin, I'm a new man.


Now Quentin is expressing sarcasm and also a hint of plastic sympathy, Quentin say's, Oh... poor Worth, Nobody loves me.


Quentin rapidly tilts his head to one side as he say's, If that's the chip on your shoulder, why did you lug it all this way?


Quentin continues, Why didn't you just lie down and die? Quentin stares at Worth with evil and ambitious eyes as he expresses his thoughts.


All is silent in the red room and not a single prisoner is making any noise including Kazan, Worth just stares at Quentin as he absorbs the strong verbal words from his aggressor who definitely has a chip on his shoulder and is taking it out on Worth. (Low level breeze is heard)


A few moments have passed and Quentin has made his way over to another trap door, A loud mechanical and rapid clicking sound is heard similar to a safe lock mechanism, A loud rattling of metal including a loud squeak is then heard as the door slides down,


Another loud click is then heard as Quentin turns the silver lever at speed. A sound of air escaping is heard as Quentin pulls down on the lever to lower the door,


A thud is heard as the heavy metal door hits the bottom of its tracks.


Quentin stares in at the new room as he ponders his thoughts and his imagination on the outcome of someone actually climbing down into it.


A few seconds pass before Quentin slowly turns his head around to face Worth, (All is strangely silent in the red room) Worth stares back at Quentin with his hands crossed, His blank expression indicates that he could explode at any time if Quentin so wishes it.


Quentin nods his head towards the new room that is white color coded and softly say's Do it as he indicates to Worth that he should climb down into the new room. Quentin continues, Show us you have some backbone and jump in the sushi machine...


Quentin's eyes and mouth widen as he glares at Worth and say's with a passion "Be a man." 


Leaven is silent and motionless as she watches Quentin, suddenly she turns her gaze over to Worth with a face of shock and anticipation.


Holloway also turns her head away from Kazan as she can also feel a dangerous presence building up in the room. Holloway watches Worth who is completely silent and now not in the best of moods.


A middle toned and continous synthesizer chord is heard to add suspense - Worth is pondering his thoughts and can only stare at Quentin with a blank expression not to give anything away.


Quentin slowly turns back around after Worth declined his insane offer to climb into the white room, Quentin stares into the room for a few seconds more as he say's "Thought so", Quentin contemplates if that room will be the right way to go if he has any chance of surviving.


Quentin has seen enough and quickly slides the trap door back up to a closed position with both hands, A sound of compressed air and metal vibration is heard as Quentin pushes the door to a fully closed position.


Quentins attitude and strong words and actions have now infuriated Worth and he can no longer be silent, Worth instantly becomes aggressive as he shouts over to Quentin, Fuck You, Quentin!


Worth slowly stands to his feet as he keeps his eyes locked on Quentin, Worth is now more angry than ever as he begins to walk forward towards Quentin, Worth say's, I don't wanna die. I'm just being realistic. (Ambient synthesizer chord is heard)


Quentin slowly turns around to hear Worth out, Worth is full of beans as he trangresses his thoughts to Quentin,


Worth say's, Do you think they'd go to all the trouble to build this thing if we could just walk out?


Quentin continues, Do you think they would have left us clues and let us beat it so far if there wasn't a way out?


Worth replies, You think we matter! We Don't.


Quentin replies, Put us out of your misery so we can (Quentin becomes much louder and more angry) get on with getting out of here.


Worth continues as he shakes his head negatively,  Oh your not getting out of here!


Quentin raises his eyebrows and quickly tilts his head left then right as he say's with confidence, Yes we are!


Worth is getting much more irritated and angry as he walks towards Quentin and shouts out with conviction, No your not!


Quentin is also now very angry and infuriated with Worth's conclusion on his fate, Quentin begins to  move forward towards Worth at speed as he shouts out at the top of his voice, Yes, We are!


Worth is at boiling point as he instantly shakes his left hand in front of himself to express his strong words, Worth screams at the top of his voice with anger -

There is no way out of here! Sweat pours from Worth's face as he attempts to persuade Quentin that they are all doomed to die inside the monster maze of rooms.


Worth is pissed and shakes with anger as he vents his frustrations at Quentin. Worth becomes silent as he stares at Quentin while the other prisoners look on.


Quentin tilts his head slightly right as he also stares at Worth in silence,


The deep rumbling sound of machines and cogs suddenly returns, Kazan turns around to watch Quentin and Worth, Holloway stands motionless and quiet as she also watches the two men argue and bicker


Leaven rapidly blinks one time as she stands motionless and silent, 


Sweat pours down the left cheek of Worth as he continues his death stare, (Rumbling of machines is still heard)


Both men stare at each other in a locked type of symmetry neither prisoner is going to back down as each have there own strong beliefs and ideas about Cube.


Quentin begins to slowly walk around Worth in his bid to intimidate and confuse him before saying in a loud whisper, "Gotcha!


(A deep rumbling of cogs and machines is heard) Holloway begins to walk slowly over to Worth as she and the others now have a hunch that Worth knows more than he is letting on about Cube. Quentin continues to slowly walk around Worth as he tries his best to find out some answers from him.


Leaven comes forward as Holloway's mouth opens wide with a strong curiosity, Holloway breathes out loudly as she say's at a slow and prolonged pace, How (Pause 2 secs) do you know that? referring to the fact Worth shouted out that there was no escape from the maze.


Quentin continues to slowly circle around Worth before stopping in his tracks, Quentin looks at Worth from behind and say's with a soft and normal voice, Answer the question Worth?


Holloway is in some kind of trance state as she slowly say's, Oh, God! 


Quentin slowly walks around Holloway as all the prisoners keep there eyes firmly on Worth, Quentin then stops again and say's over to Worth, Who are you?


Something has changed inside the mind of Worth as he stares ahead.


Worth is still silent as he slowly turns his head away from the rest of the group, 


A light thud sound is generated as Worth continues to turn away from the group in a 360 degree of motion, 


Worth is contemplating on what he should say to the group as they want answers but he can't face them anymore in his current state of mind.


Worth say's at a soft level, I'm the poison. Worth pauses for a few seconds before continuing his revelations, I designed the outer shell. (Low level ambient humming is heard)


Holloway is flabbergasted by Worth's admittance to being involved with the outer shell of Cube, Holloway say's with bewilderment and shock, What? Worth continues to explain his involvement and say's,  The shell, The Sarcophagus.


Leaven is also surprised at Worth's knowledge and say's with shock, You built this thing?


Worth continues, Not this part, The exterior, I,I don't know anything about the numbers or anything else in here. I was contracted to draw plans for a hollow shell. Worth pauses then say's, A Cube.


Leaven replies, A Cube? Why didn't you tell us? - Holloway looks up at the ceiling with a confused state of mind, 


Holloway is becoming emotional and distressed as she say's, For God's sake, Worth, You knew what it was.


Worth blinks as he shakes his head slightly at his deceitful denial, Holloway is gobsmacked at Worth's honesty as she stands with her mouth wide open, Worth then say's "No" Quentin turns his head slightly to his right as he say's, Worth, (Quentin hesitates for 3 seconds) (Quentin raises his eyebrows and shakes his head negatively) You're lying.


Worth is silent as he slowly looks up and forward, Worth say's softly, Was not at first. Holloway say's Who's behind it? Worth blinks 2 times before turning around to face the group.


Worth looks at Holloway before saying, "I don't know" as he nods his head slightly in a negative way.


Quentin say's Who hired you?


Worth instantly looks up and over towards Quentin before saying, I didn't ask. Worth huffs as he looks away then back at Quentin in an agitated state before saying, I never even left my office, Worth looks down at the floor as he continues, I talked on the phone to some people, other guys like me.


Leaven carefully listens to Worth as he say's, Specialists, working on on small details.


Worth continues as Holloway listens with intense interest, Nobody knew what it was. 


Worth begins to walk away from his static position as he takes a couple of steps before stopping again, Worth say's, Nobody cared.


Quentin snaps at Worth and say's, Bullshit, You knew from square one.


Quentin turns rapidly towards Holloway and say's, Look at him, Quentin looks back at Worth and say's, He's up to his eyeballs in this thing.


Holloway replies with a sad tone of voice, No Quentin (Worth looks at Holloway) 


Holloway is subdued as she continues her evaluation of Cube and her impossible contradictions, That's how they stay hidden, Holloway begins to walk away from her position as she continues, You keep everyone separated so the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.


Holloway turns in a complete 360 degree motion before raising both of her hands to the side of her head, Holloway say's as she looks at Quentin, The brain never comes out in the open. Holloway shakes her middle and index fingers from left to right as she expresses her prognosis.


Quentin is looking down in deep thought before looking back at Holloway and saying with a sense of confusion, Whose brain?


Holloway instantly looks at Quentin with razor sharp precision, Holloway can't believe that Quentin does not grasp her theory on Cube, Holloway shakes her fingers as she say's with conviction, It's all the same machine, right!


Holloway turns and looks at Worth as she say's, The Pentagon, (Looks back at Quentin) multinational corporations, (Holloway shakes her right hand at Quentin) (Raises voice) the police.


Holloway shakes both of her hands at Quentin as she say's, If you do one little job, you build a widget in Saskatoon, (Holloway shouts loudly) and the next thing you know it's two miles under the desert,


Holloway continues, The essential component of a death machine. (Deep Rumbling is heard) Holloway is convinced now that she knows why she and the rest of the prisoners are inside Cube, Holloway is becoming erratic and is losing the plot as she shouts, I was right, All along, my whole life, (Holloway turns to Worth) I knew it,


Holloway shouts at the top of her voice as she shakes her right hand at Quentin,  "I told you, Quentin, Nobody's ever gonna call me paranoid again.


Holloway is experiencing multiple emotions and deep psychotic turmoil as she shouts loudly while looking between Quentin and Worth, We gotta get out of here and blow the lid of this thing! - Holloway becomes silent as she waits for some kind of sensible response and reasoning from the rest of the group but no one is going to side with Holloway's theory as they think she is becoming mentally unstable.


Holloway is feeling the pressure from inside Cube and has become extremely emotional.


Holloway expects an answer from Quentin Leaven and Worth.


All is silent as Worth and Quentin stare at Holloway in disbelief.


Holloway is breathless as she stands motionless still waiting for a miracle solution from the rest of the group.


Worth looks at Holloway with a subdued state of mind, Worth speaks at a normal level and say's, Holloway, (Worth shakes his head negatively) you don't get it.


Holloway tries her best to understand Worth but now feels there is no one to trust inside the Cube anymore, Holloway is almost in tears as she say's, Then help me, please, I need to know.


 Worth looks away slightly as he tries to explain his theory and thoughts on Cube, (Worth looks back at Holloway) This may be hard for you to understand, (Worth shakes his head negatively) But there's no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge, It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan.


Can you grasp that? - Big brother is not watching you.


Holloway is silent and delusional as she tries her best to understand Worth but now feels there is no one to trust inside the Cube anymore, 


Quentin turns to Worth and say's What kind of fuckin' explanation is that?


Worth replies, It's the best you are gonna get. (Worth shakes his left hand to emphasize his words) I looked, and the only conclusion I could come to is that... 


Worth points his left index finger up to the ceiling and shakes it once before saying, There is nobody up there.


Quentin is slightly agitated as he say's, Somebody had to say yes to this thing.


Worth replies What thing? Only we know what it is.


Quentin continues, We have no idea what it is, 


Worth begins to pace the room as he continues his explanation of Cube, We know more than anybody else, (Looks back at Quentin, Looks down Back to Quentin) I mean, somebody might have known sometime before they got (Looks down back to Quentin) got fired, or voted out, or sold it,


but if this place ever had a purpose and it got miscommunicated, (Looks to his right - Back to Quentin) or or lost in a shuffle, (Looks Down Back up) I mean, this is and accident...


Holloway listens carefully as Worth continues, A a forgotten perpetual public works project.


Quentin reacts with confusion as he squints his eyes from Worths explanation.


Worth continues with zeal or maybe he is trying to cover his involvement with Cube, Do you think anybody wants to ask questions? (Worth looks down) All they want is a a(Worth looks back up) clear conscience, and a fat paycheck. (Worth paces to his left) I mean I leaned on my shovel for months on this one.


Worth widens his arms out wide as he say's, This was a great job! (Worth puts his arms back to his waist (light thud sound is heard)


(Low humming sound is heard) Quentin is silent for a few seconds then replies in a whispering tone -  Why put people in it?


Worth replies in a whisper, Because it's here, (Leaven looks at Quentin back to Worth) You have to use it (Worth raises then lowers his left hand) or you admit it's pointless. 


Quentin turns away in disagreement then back at Worth as he say's with an angry tone of voice, But it is pointless, 


Worth looks away then say's, Quentin, (Worth looks back at Quentin) That's my point. (Loud rumbling is heard)


Holloway say's with a soft voice, What have we come to? Holloway hesitates for a few seconds then say's, It's so much worse than I thought.


Worth replies, Not really, Just more pathetic.


Quentin replies, You make me sick, Worth.


Worth replies, I make me sick too, Worth moves on his feet but stays in the same position, Worth say's, We're both part of the system, I drew a box, 


Worth continues as Quentin listens, You walk a beat, (Worth raises his voice)


It's like you said Quentin.. Is keep your head down, keep it simple, Just look at what's in front of you. I mean, nobody wants to see the big picture.


Worth continues, Life's too complicated. (Worth looks away) I mean (Worth looks back at Quentin) let's face it, the reason we're here is that it's out of control, 


Quentin is silent as he ponders his thoughts,


Quentin turns away from Worth suffering from deep mental issues.


Quentin slowly makes his way across the floor and rests his arms just below the white room trap door, Holloway slowly and silently steps over to Worth, Holloway say's This is how we ruin the world? 


Worth just stares at Holloway and has nothing to say.

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