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The powerful wave quickly comes back down again from the forces of gravity and motion, The wave continues as it rides up the rocks to the very back of the steep cliff producing another much smaller cascade of splashes and water splatter.


Silvery clouds slowly travel to the right as the sun continues to set. A loud deep and slightly tinny drum beat can now be heard in the distance, It produces a balanced and even drum beat each second at a continuous rhythm and pace.


Sergeant Howie has been released from the heathen crowd and is now being controlled by Oak, The sergeants hands are tightly bounded with a thick white cord from around his wrists as Oak leads the petrified sergeant up a steep embankment, Howie grimaces and retorts from the severe mental and physical pressures that are being placed onto his tired and exhausted body. 


Howie struggles as he follows Oak from behind, Howie is unsure where Oak is taking him but time will surely tell. The sun is setting in the horizon and this final stage of the celebrations and dreadful sacrifice links and coincides with sundown to honor Nuada the god of the Sun.


Lord Summerisle follows closely behind with The Librarian, Miss Rose and Willow behind him, The Lord is docile and solemn and walks at a slow and even pace as he contemplates Howies fate.


A light scuffling of feet to grass is heard as the islanders follow Oak and Howie to the final sacrificial and sacred grounds. (Drum beat continues)


Lord Summerisle's head stands high above the hill as a large group of islanders follow from behind, 


A light breeze is heard that is infused with the drum roll, Oak ensures that Howie is capable of travelling the few hundred yards to his final destination as he looks down at the sergeants bonds. 


Howie slowly brings his head over the steep bank and now all is revealed to the sergeant, 


The sergeants eyes have become possessed with fear and loathing, As more time passes the image in front of him becomes much more powerful and frightening.


Howie stops in his tracks and has an inability to go any further, Whatever it is in the distance is causing Howie to lose all of his stability and mind control, Howie instantly becomes fearful and isolated he can do nothing except scream and shout loudly for his own mental consciousness and estoric reasoning, Howie shouts Oh No, Oh God,


Howie shouts with all his heart and questionable abilities, Oh Jesus Christ.


Howie is gobsmacked at something in the not to far distance, His life has suddenly changed for the worse.


(A cow is heard mooing loudly) Four islanders stand next to The Wicker Man effigy and are carrying burning torches, A wooden constructed man that is made from branches twigs wooden beams and anything else to aid its construction. A set of wooden ladders lead up into the belly of the effigy while a large bonfire has been created underneath. The wicker man also has small compartments built in that house farm animals including cows, ducks, pigs, and sheep. (Each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, a towering figure made of wicker known as “The Man” is ceremoniously set ablaze at the culmination of Burning Man, the iconoclastic festival of community and art. The Wicker Man, however, dates back to the ancient Celtic world, when the Druids burned these giant figures in effigy, purportedly sometimes containing human sacrifices.) 


As the sergeant is led closer by Oak more details of the Wicker man effigy come clearly into view, The sergeant shouts out again in fear, Oh My God! 


Two islanders on one side of the wicker man stand motionless and silent as they watch the sergeant and Oak make there way closer. They are just waiting for the sergeants presence and can do nothing until the sacrificial life has been placed inside the belly of the effigy.


Howie has become overcome with fear as he screams out loudly - Christ!, He tussles and pulls at his bonds as he stares ahead at the monstrous and evil effigy that begs for human consumption and attention.


Lord Summerisle walks solemnly behind without fear compassion or pity for the sergeant, The sergeant grimaces with severe fear and now knows that the islanders are deadly serious with there despicable intentions to burn the sergeant until no trace is left.


Howies feet produce a loud scuffling as he shakes and shivers with severe shock and fright, Howie continues to shout loudly, No! No!


Howie raise his tightly bonded hands towards Oak as he looks up at him for a fleeting moment in desperation that he should have pity for him, Howie continues, Dear God!


Howie looks behind, No Christ!


Lord Summerisle continues his rhetoric pace towards the wicker man with no feelings of any kind for the sergeant.


Howie struggles hard against his will as Oak drags him further towards The Wicker man effigy, (A mans voice is heard in the distance)


The Lord is satisfied that his plan to trick and capture the sergeant has worked, Sergeant Howie has proved his own self worth by being in the wrong place at the wrong time each and every step of the way.


The sunset is prominent and there is very little time and light left but Nuada has provided a suitable and sufficient time scale for the sacrifice to be successfully executed. 


Howie takes a few short steps more before falling to his knees, Oak turns slightly as the sergeant falls but does not stop,


Howie struggles and is unable to stand back on his feet as he is dragged along the ground by Oak, Howie resorts to walking on his knees as he tries to find stability, Finally a scurry of feet and Howie finds the strength to stand back upright again.


Lord Summerisle and the three women follow behind, 


(Drum beat continues infused with the sound of a cool breeze) The Wicker Man effigy stands high above the ground as it waits patiently for the sergeant.


Howies soiled white robe blusters in the breeze along with the cord that is tightly eloped around his waist, Oak leads the sergeant off to his left while the musicians swordsmen and the rest of the heathen group divert to there right along the cliff top, 


The islanders walk at a rhythmic pace each in synchronization with each other.


The sound of quacking geese is heard from inside the effigy, A large cow is visible in one of the compartments at the very top of the wicker man just below the head. Each arm also has small compartments that contain farm animals that will be used as a sacrificial offering to coincide with the more important human offering.


The camera veers left and zooms in on the effigies right arm, A goose is visible in the third and most highest compartment, A flapping of wings and feathers is seen for a fleeting second as the camera moves further down, The second compartment from the bottom also houses a goose,  The last compartment down also has a goose inside, The goose moves it's head from side to side as it looks out at the islanders and surrounding area.


The heathen group continue to march forward in rhythm with the drum beat,


Eight musicians take the lead while Six swordsmen hold there swords up high in there right hands from behind,  More islanders walk behind them including one man who carries a John Barleycorn bread. 


Sergeant Howie grunts and groans loudly as he is forcefully lead towards the effigy, Four flame bearing heathens stand patiently ready as they watch the sergeants sad dilemma playout.


A loud sound of quacking geese is heard, At the very top of the effigy another much larger apartment houses several geese and pigs., A compartment underneath that houses a fully grown goat that looks out of the bound and woven network of wicker showing no distress at it's inevitable fate.


The sacrifice will enrich the lives of the islanders in many ways including a bountiful and abundant harvest, (Drum beat continues)


Howie is transfixed on to the large and foreboding effigy and cannot get it out of his mind that he is destined to become one with the frightening structure of wicker and twine.


The sergeant suddenly turns to face Oak as he raises his tightly bonded hands high in the air, Oak has decided that the sergeant need not walk anymore and rapidly turns him around as he raises his left hand, Oak holds the sergeant at the waist with his right hand while holding his hands with his left hand.


Oak bends down as he throws the exhausted sergeant over his back, The sergeant groans a high pitched winded sound as the air is rapidly squeezed from his lungs,  


Oak pushes up with his legs so that the sergeant is securely supported on his back, This causes the sergeants body to rapidly lift up from Oaks back for a fleeting moment.


Oak continues forward towards the Wicker Man as the sergeant clings to the strong mans shoulders and neck.


A light scuffling from Oaks feet is heard as he climbs up a short gradient.


A cow is heard mooing including chickens clucking and gooses quacking.


Oak has been instructed by Lord Summerisle to place the police officer inside the belly of the effigy and he is moments away from reaching the wooden ladders that he will have to climb.


Another sound of a goose is heard which causes the sergeant to lift his head up, 


Two flame bearing heathens stand motionless as they watch Oak and the incapacitated sergeant make there way up the steep ladders, There flames flicker and ebb with the direction of the cool breeze.


A tapping of wood is heard as Oak takes each step one at a time, The sergeants white robe blusters in the breeze as he watches each and every step to the top.


Farm animals continue to make there natural animalistic sounds as they wait for the police officer to join them.


Pigs grunt loudly as they look out between the thin hexagon shaped wire fencing, 


The swordsmen and others somberly make there way across the beautifully pale and water colored horizon,  


Each person has there own thoughts and conceptions on Nuada and Avellanua as they contemplate there lives and that of there ancestors.


Two ducks inquisitively look out from the wire fencing as they move there heads from left to right.


The islanders look forward at the wicker man and know that the time is near, They feel at one with there surroundings and there deities.


More duck and chicken sounds are heard - A baby foal has also been included for the sacrifice as it stands next to the large white haired goat for companionship.


Another cow mooing sound is heard as the foal turns to face forward. It seems to have been injured as a small amount of blood is visible over it's nose and mouth.


Oak continues to carry the police officer up the steep wooden steps as the heathen group watch with intrigue and deep thoughts of meditation. (Tap Tap from Oaks feet is heard)


Oak lifts his right foot and then his left as he slowly but surely lifts the grown man to the top of the steps.


A goat bleats loudly along with the quacking of ducks, Howie stares in at the dark and husky scented space that will be his tomb and final resting place, Goats bleat, which often sounds like a crying human child or can sound like a screaming human. Goats most commonly bleat to communicate between mother and kids, but they also bleat when distressed, when communicating with other goats, when hungry and for many other reasons.


The snake of heathen members has circled around the cliff and there slow procession has now reached an end. A man at the very end of the long line suddenly stops his slow pace and becomes fixated with the wicker man effigy, Each man and woman will now continue to stop and turn there attentions to the large wooden structure.


The islanders are feeling a strange power and fulfillment as they anticipate the final stages of the sacrificial gathering.


Mooing is heard - Oak is moments away from reaching the top of the ladders, The sergeant has his arms draped over Lord Summerisles henchman as he contemplates his fate and that of his life which will so sadly be extinguished. 


Oak has reached a suitable height and slowly lowers the sacrificial offering down onto the wooden gangway , The sergeants arms slip away from Oaks shoulders and neck as he is carefully positioned inside the effigy, (Cow mooing is heard) Howie slips to the floor in a daze of emotions and thoughts as he sighs and breathes out heavily with a strange defeat and uncontrollable fear, 


Oak quickly shuts the wooden gate with his right hand as he raises his left with a long piece of white rope, (A wooden and rickety thud is heard). Oak places pressure on the door as he ties the rope around the wooden twine so that it becomes securely locked. Sergeant Howie is breathing fast and heavy as he slowly gains stability, At this moment he pushes out with his bruised shoulder that causes the wooden door to open slightly before shuttering back creating another wooden sound.


Loud animal sounds and the sound of wind is heard.


Howie has managed to stand to his feet as he looks out through the thick wicker and twine of his tomb, Howie rests his hands onto a wooden branch as his mouth drapes open wide from exhaustion and sheer terror, Oak continues to fasten the door tightly shut with both hands as he pushes a bolt down on an old silver lock, 


The Sergeant can clearly see what Oak is doing and reacts with fear and complete and utter terror, He shouts out loudly, "No! No! as he extends and lowers his right arm in a futile effort to stop Oak from locking him inside the effigy, Oak is completely dedicated to his work as he fastens the silver lock securely with a small key and shows no signs or reaction to the sergeants desperate cries for forgiveness and pity. Long thick ropes are attached to a pulley and are now tight as they provide a securely locked door.


Oak has finishes securing the old wooden twine constructed door as he turns to his left to exit the steep ladders, He carries a small piece of white rope in his left hand which was removed from the sergeants wrists as he begins his descent.


Oak carefully looks back down as he begins his descent back to his heathen family members, The sergeant continues to hold his right hand out of the gap in the wooden door as he tries in vain for Oak to release him from his suffering.


Goats bleat and geese Honk - A light tapping of wood is heard as Oak descends the steps,


The long snake of islanders have all reached there static positions as they watch the sergeants suffering from a distance. All is silent except for the animal noises and a strong breeze, (Drum roll has ceased)


The sergeant pushes the door with his right hand to no avail then suddenly notices the heathen group from a distance, He looks out at them with shock and terror as the door wobbles but it is firmly locked, The sergeants face expresses a person who is extremely scared and fearful for his life as he looks out from a small square gap, (Wooden timber creaks) The sergeant pushes his body closer to the timber door in reaction to his dilemma, 


The islanders stand motionless and silent with there hands by there sides as they wait for Lord Summerisle to initiate the next stage of the ceremonial sacrifice. 


Lord Summerisle stands in front of the giant effigy as he holds his hands up high as a symbol of his love and dedication to his Sun god deities, The Lord begins to shout out loudly, "Mighty God of the Sun,


The Lord continues, Bountiful goddess of our orchards, The sun is close to sundown as the precious time ticks away.


The Lord continues, Accept our sacrifice... Howie is stunned and shocked as he looks out at the madness,


Howie pushes his hands out further as he tries to come to terms with his bizarre situation.


Lord Summerisle continues as his hair blusters in the cool breeze - and make our blossoms fruit. (Howies white robe sways in the cool air) Suddenly the heathen crowd begin to copy the Lords words as they chant and shout out loudly some dedicated words of wisdom and devotion, "Mighty God of the Sun" 


(Chant continues) Bountiful goddess of our orchards... The sergeant is becoming restless as he flails his arms outside of the wooden door, 


Howie raises his right hand and points his index finger out towards the heathen group as he shouts loudly and clearly, Hear ye the words of the Lord! (Chant continues - Accept our sacrifice!


Chant Continues - And make our blossoms fruit - Howie opens his right hand to a full extension as he continues, Awake, ye heathens, Howie shakes his head rapidly as he blinks wildly "and hold!"


(Geese honk) Howie hesitates for a few seconds then continues as he holds both hands out in front of him,  with a strong Christian conviction Howie shouts, "It is the Lord (Howie thrusts his hands out) who hath laid waste your orchards! - Howie is in serious turmoil and is almost in tears as he expresses his words.


The heartless Lord suddenly speaks and say's, Reverence the sacrifice, Howie continues to shout out from the effigy, "It is he who hath made them bare! - Lord Summerisle slowly walks off as he orders his heathen flame bearers to start the bonfire.


Geese honk - Howie raises and shakes his right hand at the heavens as he shouts out again, Because the truth is withered away (Howie lengthens the word "away" as he hesitates,  (Howie closes his eyes as he shakes his head, Howie expresses his sorrow and suffering) from the son's of men!


Lord Summerisle is turning around to face the effigy as he reaches his heathen family, The Librarian stands with her hands at her hips, Oak stands with his hands down, Willow is brushing her long blonde hair with her right hand, Miss Rose also turns as she watches Howie suffer and transgress his Christian beliefs, 


Suddenly Lord Summerisle gives the signal to initiate the lighting of the timber that has been stacked into a large bonfire at the bottom of the Wicker mans feet, He raises his right hand high in the air and rapidly swipes it across to his right.


Four heathen members assist in detaching then lowering the wooden ladders down and away from the structure, A man wearing a brown jumper and brown trousers from the left pulls on a long white rope that he uses to safely lower the heavy wooden ladders to the floor with, Another man also wearing a brown top pulls and releases from the other side for a safe and even placing to the floor. The Lord looks on satisfied that proceedings are going to plan and are still on schedule for that most important sundown moment. Howie shouts out at the top of his voice, "Desire shall fail!


The ladders are lowered to the ground and the four men leave the area in pairs going in different directions.


Howie sticks his right hand out vertically while shaking and pointing his index finger at the crowd, He shouts, "And ye shall all die...


Howie hesitates before shouting and shaking his hand again,


Accursed!... (Chickens and geese Honk and Cluck. Howie becomes silent as he stares out at the silent crowd.


Geese Honk - The heathen group stand motionless and silent as they stare up at the sergeant.


Howie closes his eyes as he slowly lowers his right hand defeated and tired.


A Seagull squawks - Howie suddenly opens his eyes as he looks up at the sky, The seagull has caught his imagination and he is considering the notion of the birds freedom and his captivity.


All is silent except a cool breeze sound, The seagull continues to squawk as it flies across the horizon, The sun is setting fast and it is almost time for the Wicker man to be lit.


The lord has his hand raised once again as he signals to the torch bearing islanders to start the fire, 


As the Lord quickly lowers his hand the torch bearing heathens suddenly move and look towards the large bonfire that sits below the feet of the effigy. 


A man to the right wearing a green jumper and light brown trousers is the first to start the fire, He quickly lowers his torch and sticks the hot end into the mash of wicker and twine. Another man to the right is second to add his flame to the bonfire as he carefully ignites the twine from a lower point.


The musicians suddenly begin to play there musical instruments to provide an upbeat and excited melody for the burning stage of the ceremony, A puffing sound is heard as the flaming torch penetrates the wicker materials, A loud rumbling crackling sound is now heard as the wicker quickly ignites with orange and red flames that dazzle brightly.


Another man to the right moves around the bonfire with his flaming torch to ensure that it is lit sufficiently and evenly, 


The camera starts to pan left as it slowly zooms out to reveal the blazing inferno, (Loud crackling is heard) (Trumpets play) A small amount of green shrubbery has also been placed onto the bonfire in honour of Avellanau goddess of the orchards)


The flames are grabbing hold very quickly as a large ejection of fire emits from a gap in the tangled twines, Birds begin to shriek and are feeling distressed


The hot flames are quickly spreading and begin to lick up the right leg of the wicker man, (The sounds of Animals in distress is heard) Large pockets and jets of fire emit out through the gaps in the wooden pile.


The fire is well under way and is now impossible to extinguish, Howie is silent as he awaits his fate, (Trumpets continue)


Trumpet produces a continous high note) (Flute produces a Chorale effect) (Crackling is heard) 


Suddenly a musician begins to bang his large drum at a pace of one beat per second,  The trumpet and other instruments stop play


Suddenly Lord Summerisle begins to sway his arms from side to side as he begins to sing, He is happy and energetic as he swings from side to side at a fast and even pace. Willlow is still playing with her hair with her left hand, 


The musical instruments begin to play once again, Now everyone is swinging there arms from side to side in unison and synchronicity as they sing a song dedicated to Nuada, Lord Summerisle swings his arms to his left.

♫ Summer


Lord Summerisle swings his arms to his right!

♫ is


Lord Summerisle swings his arms to his left once again!

♫ icumen


Lord Summerisle swings his arms to his right once again as he praises his deities.

♫ in


♫ Loudly sing Cuckoo - Sergeant Howie continues to hold his right hand out through the wicker as he looks on at the bizarre proceedings, He is speechless and lost for any more words as he awaits his demise.


Howie looks to his right as the dancing and singing continues, 


The entire congregation of islanders dance and sing in perfect synchronicity from side to side as the watch the flames consume the Wicker Man, The islanders all swing there arms right in tune and harmony with the musicians, ♫ Grows the.. The swordsmen are not following the routine but instead rock from side to side with there arms down by there side.


The islanders swing there arms out to there left. ♫ and blows 


The islanders swing there arms out to there right once again, ♫ the mead


The Harbour Master and an old fishermen sing and dance with zest and energy, Mrs Morrison and Rowan have also found the time to attend the ceremony as they sway from side to side while singing the words to the song.


The islanders are having a joyous and most wonderful time as they sing and dance while the sergeant burns slowly and surely in the large effigy.


The large bonfire has taken hold nicely as it burns at a steady and controlled rate, 


♫ And springs


♫ the wood anew.


Miss Rose rocks from side to side as she smiles wildly with intense feelings of jubilation and libations.


Miss Rose sways to her left as she praises her god deities.


Sundown is almost upon the islanders and it will be very dark once the sun disappears below the horizon, Islanders rock gently from side to side as they watch the giant effigy burn, Large amounts of thick black smoke bellows from the effigies right side as the flames lick up its surface. ♫ Sing Cuckoo!


A loud rumbling and crackling sound is heard as the large bonfire increases with voracity, 


♫ Ewe bleats harshly after lamb - Howie is silent and motionless as he looks out at the islanders who are celebrating his death, He has gained a small amount of composure and is remarkably calm considering his fate, 


The heathen tribe swing there arms to there left as they continue to sing the song, ♫ Cows after calves


The heathen tribe swing there arms to there right ♫ make moo..


The heathen tribe swing there arms back to there left once again.


The hot ravaging flames are beginning to climb up the large wooden structure with harsh and unforgiving balance, Pigs are heard squealing for there lives as other animals cry out from the intense heat and smoke, 


The camera slowly pans up to reveal sergeant Howies white robe, Howie stands at the wooden door as he continues to look out at his murderers the cheaters and the lying parasites that align the cliff top.


The intense heat and flames will not keep Howie from safe passage but will consume him until only small fragments remain.


Squealing of Pigs continues, The camera continues to pan up to reveal a portion of the wicker man that has not yet caught ablaze. ♫ Bullock stamps


Howie is very much at heavens gate as he tries his best to stay awake and alert from the intense heat and smoke. ♫ and deer champs


Howie holds on to a wooden branch with his right hand as he rests his left on the wicker woven braids, Howie is finding it difficult to breath as his mouth opens wide to allow more oxygen in, 


♫ Now shrilly sing Cuckoo ...Howies mind is in overdrive as he tries his best to come to terms with the situation, Howie stares out at the islanders as the time ticks on.


Howie tightly holds on to a central beam with his right hand as he closes his eyes in an attempt to shut out the nightmare scenario inside and outside of his sensible consciousness.


Islanders chant... Cuckoo ... Cuckoo. Sergeant Howie continues to keep his eyes tightly shut as he begins to sing a Christian hymn as a way to comfort his soul and ease the stresses from the heat flames and smoke. The Lord is my (Howie screams the word out with all his might) "shepherd"


The islanders swing there hands and bodies out to there left as they continue to sing, ♫ Wild bird - Howie continues to sing with a surprisingly powerful but fearful voice, ♫ I'll not


The islanders swing there hands and bodies out to there right, ♫ are you!


Howie continues - ♫Want - Howie sings with all his heart and Christian beliefs as thick black smoke and flames pass up and over the trap door entrance, ♫ He makes me down, Howie shakes his head with fear as he sings the hymn - The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want - Islanders chant Be never still Cuckoo!  ♫    


- Howie sings as he holds his hands outstretched and vertical towards the sky, ♫ to lie


The flames and heat are now becoming too hot for the sergeant to stay at the wooden trap door and he slowly retreats further back inside the effigy. The flames are really building and burning ferociously on the right side of the effigy as they continue to rise up. (Animals are heard screeching)


Howie slowly begins to lay down low to the floor in an attempt to prolong his life and breathe easier, ♫ Summer is icumen in


Howie tries to continue the hymn and sings "In Pastures", Howie goes silent as the tremendous heat and flames have now become much more threatening and dangerous, More flames lick up the side of the effigy as the sergeant say's with a soft and forgiving tone, Oh God!, Howie knows his time is up and it is just a matter of minutes before the flames and heat take his life away in the most tragic and bizarre of circumstances. 


♫ Loudly sing Cuckoo


The fire is raging as it produces a loud rumbling and crackling sound of timber and wicker.


The islanders swing there bodies and hands to there right.


♫Grows the seed  - - The islanders swing there bodies and hands to there left.


♫ and blows the mead - The islanders swing there bodies and hands to there right.


The islanders swing there bodies and hands to there left.


The islanders continue to watch as the giant effigy burns and wont be satisfied until it has been brought down to the ground into a pile of ash and cinders. ♫ And springs


♫ the wood -  Lord Summerisle and his heaven cult members swing there arms and bodies to the right in union and celebration as they watch the effigy burn through, 


♫ anew. Miss Rose swings her arms and body to the left as she continues to celebrate Nuada.


Miss Rose swings her arms and body to the right as she continues to celebrate Avellanau.


Sergeant Howie rests his back onto a large tree trunk that was used in the construction of the Wicker Man, Large amounts of hot and belching smoke drifts past the sergeants face as he struggles to breathe.


Howie opens his eyes briefly but closes them again as the hot smoke burns and suffocates him.


The flames are penetrating the inside of the effigy as more animals screech with fright and suffering.


A loud and piercing scream from one of the goats turns the atmosphere from inside the effigy to one only your worst nightmare could produce as the hot flames spread with greater intensity.


The screams continues as Howie say's with fear and isolation, "Oh God!


Howie is destroyed from inside and knows that these last moments are the only thing between him and the greater glory of heaven.


Howie stares ahead knowing his time on this earth is now up, 


Howie is feeling very sorry for himself and feels he has failed himself and his loved ones, Howie say's with a broken heart, I humbly entreat you for the soul


Howie closes his eyes momentarily as he continues, of this, thy servant, Neil Howie...


(Pigs screech with fright) Howie reopens his eyes as he hesitates then say's with a sad and sorry tone of voice, Who will today depart from this world.


Howie closes his eyes once again as he say's, Do not deliver me into the enemy's hands...


Howie reopens his eyes as he say's, or (Howie hesitates) (Howie struggles to say the next word as his lips move up and down in rapid succession, put me out of mind forever... A loud sound of crackling wood is heard as it begins to collapse and lose its stability.


The heaven crowd are in full voice as they continue to sing and sway there bodies from side to side, (Heathens swing right)


(Heathens swing right)


Sergeant Neil Howie rests his left hand on his right shoulder as the hot flames encase him from all directions, Howie say's loudly with fear, "Let me not undergo the real pains of hell,


Howie closes his eyes as he connects deeply with God and his strong Christian values, Dear God


Howie reopens his eyes as he continues, because I die unshriven. (It would be like dying, not only unshriven , but in the act of guilt.) H.M.Tomlinson


Willow sways from side to side as she contributes to the sacrificial celebrations.


Establish me.. 


Howie closes his eyes as he say's, In that bliss...


Howies starts to move his mouth but no sound is coming out, Suddenly Howie say's, Which knows no ending.


Be never still Cuckoo!  ♫    


Howie is shivering and all alone as he say's his last prayers, Even though he is boiling hot his body is playing tricks on him, Howie say's, Oh Christ!


Howie say's Help from under his breath as he struggles to get his words out, Howie then say's, Our Lord...Thick smoke and flame is engulfing the sergeant and time is now critical. (Rumbling and crackling of fire is heard)


♫Grows the seed


♫ and blows the mead


Howie is suffering greatly as he rests his back against the tree trunk,


Suddenly Howie can take no more of his suffering and turmoil as he reaches up with his right hand,


Howie slowly pulls himself up and stands to his feet as the heat and smoke becomes unbearable.


Almost immediately a large and blazing flame penetrates the effigies belly and engulfs everything that is in there, Howie screams for his life and for his tremendous pain and suffering as he shouts at the top of his voice, JESUS!


Howie screams a much longer JESUS as he burns to death! Pigs squeal loudly and there is just no way the sergeant could of survived such a devastating fireball, 


The fire ravages the belly of the effigy as it continues to creep up unabated and merciless.


Nothing could survive the tremendously intense heat and flame as it devours the wicker and everything inside it.


The islanders rock from side to side as they enjoy the hot flames from the wicker man effigy, Howie continues to scream at the top of his voice - JESUS! Pigs can be heard squealing loudly.


The hot flames have almost reached the large wicker head as they continue to devour and consume it, The islanders continue to sing over the top of the screaming police officers final moments without a care in the world for his life or his suffering.


The Grave digger, Broome, and the School Master move there bodies and arms with energy and passion as they sway to there left.


And then to there right, 


The islanders thump there fists with a powerful rhythm as they dig deep with there words, ♫ Sing Cuckoo...


The islanders have joined hands in reunion rejoice and praise as there gently sway from side to side, The Wicker Man effigy is burning at a gigantic rate as it produces a loud rumbling sound of smoke and flame, 


♫ Ewe bleats harshly


♫ after lamb


♫ Cows after calves


♫ make moo - Ash Buchanan sings with happy and delightful body movements as the rest of the long line celebrate.


Rowan, Mrs Morrison, An old fisherman, The Harbour Master, T.H.Lennox and others stand together as one big happy family as they sing the song.


A thick black and acrid smoke belches and billows from the effigies left side, The left side arm has almost burnt through and sadly the geese perished, Sergeant Neil Howie has died and it is a wicked and evil act but the islanders are so brainwashed by Lord Summerisle there thoughts and feelings have gone the other way, To them it is a beautiful sight to behold and the sergeant has been selected to stand with the saints elect a true honour. ♫ Bullock stamps and deer champs


The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the devastation and large scale damage the flames have caused to the effigy, The inferno will burn for many hours until no more wicker or twine is left, 


♫ Now shrilly sing Cuckoo ... The camera changes it's perspective angle to see the islanders celebrate from another view point, They swing there arms from side to side as they continue to sing the song, The fire will not stop until the effigy has turned to a black dust of cinders and ash.


♫ ... Cuckoo ... Cuckoo. Wild bird are you! - The heathens swing there arms with zeal love and fervour as the inferno sweetens the air with woody tones and earthy notes of renewal and rebirth.


The head of the Wicker Man has now erupted into huge and aggressive flames from its right side, Everything inside the effigy has now perished and only the wicker itself carries any life, (A loud rumbling continues)


Be never still Cuckoo!  ♫    The intensive heat has become too much for the head to withstand, Slowly it bends to one side as the heat consumes it's very construction and bindings.


Slowly but surely the head leans over more and more as the fires ravage it's very heart and soul.


A loud bending of timber is heard not to dissimilar to a sinking ship that has been penetrated from the depths of its hull, The flames are so intense they blot out the skyline as they belch and rage with toxic anger and control.


The head collapses down onto the ground to add extra burning fuel to the raging bonfire underneath.


A tremendous fire continues to rage as the camera slowly zooms into the sun which is almost touching the equatorial line that will take it away for another day.


The burning of the effigy has been timed perfectly to synchronize with sun down, Nuada and Avellanu will be pleased that they were bestowed a human life in return for an abundance of fruit and vegetables in the coming months and years.


A somber and middle toned trumpet begins to play to produce the outro sound score for the end credits. It plays a slow paced theme of loss longing and devotion. A low level wind can also be heard.


The sun is now pushing down onto the distant ocean floor as it spreads and oozes it's circular shape out from the large reflection and luminescence it provides.


Some actors and actresses listed on the credits do not actually exist in this version of the movie, There are three versions 
Theatrical Cut (88 min.)
Director’s Cut (100 min.)
The Final Cut (93 min.) 
This version is the Final cut version at 1 hour and 33 minutes 8 seconds.


Burning Man is an annual event in the western United States at Black Rock City, The location is a temporary city that is erected in the Black Rock Desert of Northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles (160 km) north-northeast of Reno. The late summer event is described as an experiment in community and art, influenced by ten main principles: radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy and leave no trace. The event takes its name from its culmination, the symbolic ritual burning of a large wooden effigy ("The Man") that traditionally occurs on the Saturday evening of the event.


Image Above - Burning Man Nevada (Site Location)

First held 32 years ago in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco as a small function organized by Larry Harvey and Jerry James who built the first "Man" it has since been held annually, spanning from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September (Labor Day). The 2019 event will run from August 25 to September 2.


Black Rock City is located in Nevada Black Rock City Black Rock City
Location in Nevada
At Burning Man, the community explores various forms of artistic self-expression, which are created to be enjoyed by all participants. "Burning Man is about 'why not' overwhelming 'why'," one "Burner" said. Participation is a key precept for the community – selfless giving of one's unique talents for the enjoyment of all is encouraged and actively reinforced. Some of these generous outpourings of creativity include experimental and interactive sculptures, buildings, performances and art cars, among other media. These contributions are inspired by the yearly theme, which is chosen by the organizers.

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