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You taught him how to get out of places like that cave, But he's not gonna get out of this place Teastle say's as he walks into the next room.

Trautman replies, Teastle, you and all your men couldn't handle him before and what makes you think you can handle him now? Because God knows what damage he's prepared to do.

Rambo's shadow appears as a silouette of the night  with gun held high he slowly searches out the territory.

Rambo slowly comes around the corner in war mode, He looks  side to side and is very alert. The sound score has returned it is playing a low piano key.

Trautman puts it very bluntly, "Youre gonna die Teastle he say's,

Everybody dies Teastle responds back as he slaps an ammunitions pack into his rifle, Trautman say's There's only one man in this room that has half a chance, Teastle looks at Trautman, Trautman continues, That's not because I am better than he is, But it's because he trusts me, See I'm the closest thing to family that he has left, And that may be all the edge I need,

Teastle responds after hearing Trautmans serious attempts for Teastle to call off his revenge. Jesus Christ Teastle say's Where do you people come from? he say's  in a serious manner. Teastle slams the ammunition cupboard door closed and say's, This is my job Trautman, this is my town! And I'm not giving it up to you or to Rambo or anybody else!.

Now you just stay the hell outta my way! Teastle say's in a serious tone of voice.

Teastle walks off leaving Trautman alone.

The scene changes and Rambo has moved on and is getting closer to the heart of Hope town. He has not been spotted as of yet.

The fire brigade are on the scene of a blaze, Men can be heard shouting "Get a little closer" I cant it's still  too goddamned hot another firemen screams back.

The fire is making a raging sound and radio voices can be heard.

Lester is on the scene and contacts Teastle by his police vehicle radio, Lester say's Will it's Lester do you copy over? As soon as he say's this a huge explosion can be heard and Lester and the fire crew close to the building all duck down for some kind of protection.

Lester ducks from the explosion. He pops back up as an almighty roar is heard, He shouts, Come on lets go! to the firecrew as he signals with his hand, Will this is Lester, do you copy, over?.

Lester's voice can be heard over the police station radio system, Lester say's Listen Will, we've got some serious problems, The highway has been cut off, The trucks out here but we couldn't find the body, I repeat No body it's totally burnt out!.Lester then shouts at Preston who is on the scene at the burning building, Lester say's Preston get those people outta here!

A firemen is heard shouting "Hey" Lester responds by shouting " Move them back to the south side!,Firemen can be heard shouting Move back Move back, Lester continues, We don't know how many gas tanks there are under those gas pumps, Voices are heard" and Lester say's Push them back, we gotta report this" another firemen say's. Lester say's  Push them back I don't care who he is, Move it back there.

As Lester is talking on the radio Teastle suddenly loses interest and looks up at the ceiling.

Lester is still talking as Teastle goes to the back of the room and pulls down some wooden stairs that lead to the roof of the station.

Teastle climbs the stairs and pushes open the wooden hatch that lead to the roof, He has a rifle in his left hand and a handgun in his right hand,

Lesters radio voice can still be heard as Teastle steps out onto the roof, Sirens and explosions are echoing around the area,  Teastle cautiously tiptoes over to the triangle glass skyhouse, He bends down and looks directly down into the room below.

Teastle then steps over to the perimeter wall to survey the damage and maybe a sighting of Rambo.He has legs wide in a shooting stance.

Because of the low wall on top of the police station Teasles head is protruding out as he cautiuosly scopes for Rambo. The music score has returned, It plays a hide and seek type of sound.

Rambo emerges from a dark alley and shoots at an electrical pole with his M60 machine gun.

The electricity transformers explode like a firework as multiple bullets hit and penetrate the delicate electronic components.

The noise of the machine gun and exploding transformers has startled Teastle, He quickly goes to the other side of the roof to see what he can see.

Teastle becomes extra alert after hearing the noise from the transformers. Power goes out and all is dark.

Rambo shoots another electrical transformer, There is no power and everything blacks out.

The transformer explodes

Rambo shoots out the windows of the Mountain State Savings building.

Alarm bells are ringing as Rambo shoots a third transformer.

The power transformer explodes on impact.

By shooting the power transformers it has cut power to buildings within the vicinity.

Hope Style Shop goes dark as the Transformers fizz.

The transformers burn and fizz bringing darkness to Hope town.

Dogs can be heard in the background Rambo is on a mission.

The sound score starts again, It is an exploring theme, Rambo comes across an ammunitions shop called, The Outpost, He runs towards the building.

Teastle is still on the roof of the police station, He is a sitting duck at this time, He has witnessed all power in his vicinity going out and is getting nervous.

Rambo shoots out the locks to the Outpost, He has a plan to cause some fireworks.

Rambo bursts in to the ammunitions store with machine gun in hand.

Rambo takes his gun and sets it down on a table,

Rambo quickly walks over to an ammunitions rack that is located behind the counter,  He leans up and starts to pull packets from the shelf.

Rambo pulls four packets from the shelf and then decides to pull the entire shelf down.

The ammunitions shelf goes flying as Rambo pulls it from the wall.

The shelf makes an almighty noise as it crashes to the floor, Rambo then moves furthur into the store to examine it's contents.

Rambo moves over to a shelf that is filled with liquid gasoline, He starts to take the canisters off one at a time in rapid succession.

Rambo uses an axe to hack the locks from the bottom segment of the display panel.

Rambo starts to pull out tubs of explosive powder from the bottom of the shelf, He throws three tins in succession over his shoulder as they are not what he is looking for, He then finds two large tins of explosive powder perfect for the job.

Rambo then starts to spread the powdery contents all over the floor of the ammunitions shop.

Rambo throws the empty can and kneels down to open another with his trusty knive.

Rambo spreads a long line of powder from the perforated tin which leads to a big pile of ammunitions, If lit this is gonna rock.

Rambo runs to the entrance and fires his weapon, The spark ignites the powder causing a long trail of heat and light.

A massive explosion is ignited and the trail of fire ignites the ammunitions that was tipped over earlier.

Rambo runs off into the darkness as the impeding explosion amplifies.

The fire has reached all the explosives in the shop, Bullets ricochet and an explosion is inevitable.

Teastle can hear the noise and moves to the front of the roof to find out what is happening, It is dark and he looks upon the Outpost a lighted shop front. Teastle say's "Goddammit Goddammit" in frustration.

Rambo is alert and surveys his surroundings, He can see the police station. This image brings back bad memories for Rambo as he was persecuted at this place.

Rambo looks at the roof of the station.

Rambo can see a lit building but no one is visible.

Rambo can see a satellite dish from the street below.

Teastle is suffering he is still on the roof of the police station and it's unlikely he will move from this position.He is helpless now and has to witness the devastation Rambo is causing.

The fire at the ammunitions store called the Outpost has finally took hold, A raging inferno blows the doors off the building,

The building explodes sending wood and other materials hundreds of feet into the air and beyond.

Gunpowder and other explosives blow the building to bits, A massive sound can be heard for many miles as the store disintegrates.

The boom sound has startled Teasle, He pops his head up over the roof top wall to see what has happened.

Rambo has located Teastle when he popped his head up, Teastle is still in the same position and is very worried but has no where to go at this point.

Rambo has not finished, He shoots out the windows of the police station, Now that Rambo knows where Teastle is he is going to put some pressure on.

Rambo shoots out the windows of the police station sending glass flying in and out of the building, A huge torrent of noise is created as Rambo shoots the glass.

Teastle is feeling the squeeze he knows that the showdown is close. He can only pray that he makes it out alive.

The powerful bullet spray destroys the inside of the station, Rambo unloads a full round of bullets into the station, It dissolves in to bits as Rambo continues to fire his M60.

This is payback time, Rambo unleashes another round of bullets through the windows of the station, This destroys everything inside and the station is obliterated.

The police station is obliterated, Paper work glass and other materials fly in all directions as Rambo unloads his magazine.

Teastle can only listen to the onslaught he is suffering and is contemplating his next move.

Rambo is trigger happy at this point and is determined to destroy everything that is attached to Teastle.

Rambo shoots out the windows of the entrance to the police station, Rambo want's to destroy and humiliate Teastle he wont stop until he gets his revenge.

The powerful machine gun obliterates the sheriff sign hanging above the police station entrance smashing it in to a thousand shards of glass. The noise is incredible as the rim of the sign flies off.

Rambo also shoots out the glass panels in the double doors at the front of the building.

The power goes out as the station disintegrates, Teastle is in the darkand still stuck on the roof in the same position, He can do nothing until Rambo has finished his assault, Teastle wants to kill Rambo as soon as he has an opportunity, This is war.

All goes quiet and not a sound can be heard, Teastle moves from his position and moves over to the glass skyhouse,

Teastle runs over and ducks down to survey and gain some information on Rambo's location, Teastle knows Rambo is close and he wants him in his sights.

All is deathly silent as Rambo creeps into the police station building, Not even a mouse is stirring it is abundently quiet.

Rambo progresses a step at a time with machine gun high, He knows he is close as he saw Teastle earlier on the roof so knows that he is waiting, The tension is building at this point.Rambo edges along the back wall in anticipation.

Teastle has his sights locked, He is looking directly down from the glass skyhouse, He knows that Rambo is just seconds away from appearing, He is locked and loaded and ready to fire his weapon.

Rambo surveys his location with a quiet subliminal entity, He wants to hurt Teastle and is in maximum scope mode.

Rambo looks at his surroundings, He is not as familiar with the station as Teastle is. He can see a dimly lit front window that has a picture on the window ledge, A blind is down and the window portrays a subtle golden appearance.

Rambo thens looks up at the ceiling there is something not quite right.

Rambo then surveys the room he is in, It has been severly damaged from the earlier onslaught, It is still deathly quiet and there is no music score just a low level sea air sound like wind.

The room is dead not a sound can be heard.Furniture and other items are dimly lit from the small amount of light that enters from the broken windows.

If you look carefully you can see Rambo's shadow as he slowly makes his way across the void.

Only the occasional creek and pop can be heard Rambo is very very quiet and the situation is extremely tense. Rambo suddenly ducks down and dissapears from view,

Teastle is right on Rambo and is moments away from firing his weapon. It is dark quiet and tantalizing.

Rambo suddenly moves from his position a kind of urgency overcomes him, He has pinpointed Teastle and moves off at high speed to avoid Teastles bullets.

Teastle spots Rambo in the darkness and immediately fires his weapon through the glass panels, Teastle knows this is the end.

Rambo is still alive as he moved position just in time, He knows where Teastle is located and fires his M60 upwards into the ceiling knowing that the high powered bullets will penetrate and hurt Teaste.

The panels of the ceiling are perforated as the bullets shoot through the soft material.

A massive sound is generated as both men fire there weapons, The bullets from Rambo's machine gun penetrate the ceiling and fire up into Teastle legs,They ping and ching as the metal hits its targets, This causes extreme pain and Teastlle fires his rifle upwards in an uncontrolled way, His fingers and his muscles twitch as the bullets enter his body, Teastle is hurt and he shouts out with pain.

The powerful ammunitions are too much for Teastle, He loses balance and smashes down through the glass panels backwards, Glass shards fly in all directions the sound is loud and devastating.

Teastle lands heavy on his back and is winded and in extreme pain, He is gulping for breath and wincing.

Sirens can be heard as Rambo slowly walks the few feet to Teastles world, Teastle say's Go ahead Go ahead in a winded way, Rambo is pissed and wants to finish Teastle off. Teasle continues, Go ahead, you crazy son of a bitch!, Finish me Teastle shouts with all his might.

Suddenly From know where Colonel Trautman appears and shouts "Rambo!"Rambo don't do it Trautman say's as Rambo looks down on Teastle.

Listen to me, Rambo Trautman say's, Sirens are screaming from outside, You have no chance Trautman say's, Drop your weapon, Rambo turns to look at the police vehicles and flashing lights from outside,

Teastle is badly hurt and needs medical assistance.

Trautman say's in an authorative tone, We're gonna order a chopper in and fly you back to Bragg!.


Rambo is highly alert and still in war mode. He tries to listen to Trautmans words.

Suddenly snipers who are positioned above and under a Have a Cola sign fire there weapons and a loud sound is heard.

Trautman responds by running to the front window of the police station and shouting "Hold Your Fire in anger.Trautman shouts to Dave Kern who has a megaphone siren to "hold your fire" Dave Kern speaks through the mega phone he say's "Hold your fire" Hold your fire he repeats. Sirens are blazing it is very noisy outside,

Rambo moves off and runs towards the gun cabinet, He violently swings the doors open and grabs a machine gun. Colonel Trautman say's, Think about what you're doing?, The buildings perimeters are covered, No Exits.

Trautman continues to talk sternly to Rambo as he moves closer. He continues, There's nearly 200 men out there and a lot of M16's!.

You did everything to make this private war happen.

You've done enough damage Trautman shouts as he grabs the gun to make Rambo take notice of what he is trying to say.This mission is over Rambo Trautman say's in an authorative voice, Do you understand me?. This mission is over Trautman shouts as he slams Rambo's gun onto a table, Rambo starts to take notice as he stares Trautman right in the face.

Trautman walks over to the window to try and make Rambo realise his situation. A female radio operator can be heard in the background, There is a lot of flashing lights, Trautman say's Look at them out there, Trautman shouts loudly and knod's his head to signify the danger Rambo is in, Look at them Trautman shouts loudly as his shoulder rubs against the broken blinds making a rattling sound.

Rambo stares blankly at the outside world.

Police and soldiers are running into action the scene is tense. Trautman say's If you won't end this now they are gonna kill you.Is that what you want Trautman say's with a passion. Police can be heard outside saying "Watch yourself as radios are still audibly heard."

Snipers are visible from the police station window ready to shoot.

It's over Johnny. It's over Trautman say's, Its over Trautman shouts loudly.Rambo turns around as he walks away from Colonel Trautman and shouts in an angry voice, Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off! Sirens can be heard and Rambo continues, It wasn't my war, You asked me, I didn't ask you!. Rambo walks slowly around the room and say's And I did what I had to do to win, But someone wouldn't let us win. And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the airport; Protesting' me, spittin, Callin me baby killer and all kinds of vile crap!, Who are they to protest me, huh? Who are they?, Unless they've been me and been there, and know what the hell they're yellin' about?  

Trautman replies, It was a bad time for everyone Rambo, It's all in the past now.

Rambo replies as he points his finger at Colonel Trautman in an angry tone of voice, Rambo say's For you! For me, civilian life is nothing. In the field we had a code of honor, You watch my back I watch yours, Back here, there's nothing!

Colonel Trautman listens intentively then slowly walks over to Rambo, Trautman say's You're the last of an elite group... Don't end it like this. 

Rambo replies, Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million dollar equipment!, Back here, I can't even hold a job parking cars! Rambo shouts in anger as he throws his machine gun in anger, It smashes into a glass door making an almighty sound. 

Colonel Trautman looks over at Rambo with a serious facial expression, Trautman hopes that Rambo will heeds his words and give himself up. Trautman has a special relationship with Rambo and would hate for him to be killed in this situation.

Rambo starts to cry as he sits down on the floor of the police station, Rambo covers his face with his left hand as he say's Oh jeez oh God Rambo say's Where is every Body? Gosh Rambo is traumatic, Trautman comes a little closer and Rambo say's I had a friend who was in the Air Force, There was all these guy's man, Back there were all these fuckin guys! 

Rambo continues, Who were my friends!, Because back here theres nothing! Remember Dan Forest?, Trautman knods in agreement, 

Trautman listens intentively.

Wore this black headband, and I took one of his magic markers, and It said "If found, you mail this to Las Vegas", because we were always talkin about Vegas, and this fuckin' car, This red '58 Chevy convertible! He was talkin about his car, He said were gonna cruise until the tires fall off! 

Rambo pauses for a moment and then continues, Rambo is talking more softly at this point, He say's we were in this bar in Saigon, and this kid comes up, This kid's carrying a shoe shine box, And he say's shine please, shine!" I said no and he kept askin yeah, and Joe would say yeah, And I went to get a couple of beers, and the box was wired He opened up the box, Fucking blew his body all over the place, He's laying there and he's fucking screaming, There's pieces of him all over me!

Rambo in anger pulls his ammunition belt off as say's like this as he continues his story, And i'm trying to pull him off and all, you know my friend! it's all over me, he shouts, I got blood and everything and... I'm tryin to hold him together, I put him together and his fucking entrails keep coming out, 

And nobody would help!, no one would help me, He's sayin "I want to go home" I want to go home,  just callin my name, I wanna go home Johnny I wanna drive my Chevy!, I said why I cant find your fuckin legs", I cant find your legs Rambo emphasises to Trautman in distress and fear.

Rambo put's his hand to his face as he say's I can't get it out of my head, It was seven years, Every day it hurts, Sometimes I wake up and don't know where I am, I don't talk to anybody, Sometimes a day, sometimes a week, I can't put it outta my mind Rambo say's quietly still in tears, It is very quiet at this point as Trautman stands there listening to everything Rambo has to say.

You could hear a pin drop at this point, Trautman edges even closer to Rambo as Rambo cries with both hands covering his face, Rambo reaches out his right hand for some kind of solidation and comfort from Trautman.Rambo sobs please and is snivelling with sadness, Rambo hugs Trautman and pushes his head into Trautmans chest as he sobs loudly, Trautman slowly places his left hand onto Rambo's left shoulder to try and consolidate Rambo's feelings at this time, Rambo pushes his head into Trautmans right arm for some kind of resolution.

The slow sound of trumpets is playing as a distant female radio voice can be heard, The scene changes to the front of the police station. Trautman comes out first with Rambo slightly behind accompanied by Dave Kern and another police officer. None are showing any facial expressions just an expression of blankness, Colonel Trautman walks to the bottom of the stairs and then turns to look at Rambo. Rambo slowly walks down the steps as the two other officers follow, Several firemen go up the stairs as Rambo leaves, 

Rambo and Trautman look down to there left hand side to see William Teastle being stretchered onto an awaiting ambulance, He has a drip and two paramedics are helping him aboard the vehicle. A paramedic adjusts his drip as they take him aboard the ambulance.

Rambo and Trautman walk into a mass of police vehicles photographers firemen and state police, The music track called "It's a long road" starts to play out as the men walk furthur into the darkness and flashing lights. A large crowd of people have gathered on both sides of the road as Rambo continues his journey, They are a mixture of locals including police firemen and national guard members Some are brandishing machine guns, Rambo has a solemn expression as he looks to his right and the movie pauses on his face, The end.

Song lyrics, 

It's a long road when you're on your own.
And it hurts when they tear your dreams apart.
In every new town just seems to bring you down
Tryin to find a peace of mind can break your heart.

It's a real war right outside your front door I tell yah, 
Out where there kill yah you could use a friend.
Where the road ends that's the place for me, 
Where I need my own space, Where I'm free that's the place I wanna be.

 cos The road is long and each step is only the beginning, 
No breaks just heartaches oh man is anybody winning, 

It's a long road, and it's hard as hell
Tell me what do you do to survive, 
When they draw first blood that's just the start of it, 
Day and night you gotta fight to keep alive.
It's a real war right outside your front door I tell ya,
Out where there kill ya, You could use a friend.

cos the road is long and each step is only the beginning, 
No breaks just heartaches oh man is anybody winning,
The road is long and each step is only the beginning, 
No breaks just heartaches oh man is anybody winning, 

It's a long road It's a long road, 


Rambo heads on down to find Delmare Barry.

Rambo spots two women putting washing out.

Rambo approaches Delmare Barry's wife and daughter.

Delmare Barry's wife explains to Rambo why Delmare had passed away.

Sheriff William Teastle is just starting his shift.

Rambo is walking towards Hope town.

Rambo decides to walk back to Hope against Teastles wishes.

Rambo uses the metal bars of the police station cell to his advantage to kick Teastle in the face as he comes down to investigate.

Rambo escapes from his captors by high jacking a motorbike, In this scene he is shouting at the pedestrians to move out of the way.

Rambo is making a fast exit through Hope's gas station

Rambo does a wheelie as Teastle loses control momentarily on the wet and slippery road.

Rambo hits a gradient and takes off over the train tracks.

Teastle is at high speed and does an incredible jump in his vehicle.

Rambo is determined to outsmart Teastle and get away.

Teastle is in hot pursuit and his front left wheel rim flies off as he hits a bumpy part of the muddy road.

Teastle follows Rambo over a muddy hill into a farmers field.

Teastle is running into difficult terrain as he smashes through a wooden fence.

Rambo hits another gradient as his front wheels lift off the ground.

Teastle can go no furthur and slides down a rocky embankment landing upside down with the horns honking.

Rambo looks back at Teastles upside down police vehicle momentarily.

Teastle is upside down and is not in the best of moods. He manages to slide out of drivers side window.

Teastle scrambles up the rocky terrain still having not given up the chase.

Rambo comes off his bike as the terrain is too steep to go any furthur. He scrambles up the rocky surface as the bike slides and stutters to a stop.

Rambo looks behind him to make sure Teastle is as far away as possible.

Rambo finds an old sheet which he constructs into an overcoat.

Thanks for reading, This concludes Rambo First Blood. Please stay tuned for my article on Vietnam.

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