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Cheryl screams and groans as she slithers and writhes on the floor, She is still trapped with no one around to help her.

An off key sounds as Cheryl struggles to free herself. 

The bee sounds have stopped there buzzing and the forest is very foggy with varying light levels that are controlled by the mist that continuously blocks out the moons glow.

A crunching sound is heard as Cheryl pulls with all her might, A thick twine snaps in two as Cheryl tries to break free.

Cheryl pulls her wrists as hard as she can and a crunching sound is heard. It seems the Kandarian evil has subsided and has given Cheryl a chance to break free.

Suddenly Cheryl breaks from her bonds and manages to get to her feet. The evil presence has returned, More crunching of trees and leaves is heard as it rapidly heads towards Cheryl. A wind sound is also heard. 

Scary voices mix with the other sounds as Cheryl brushes the last of the twines from her body. Cheryl can strongly sense the danger and decides the best course of action will be to run for it as fast as she can. She turns and heads off screaming and breathing heavily.

The evil presence follows brushing past trees and foliage as its loud sound is carried through the forest.

Cheryl has run into an area that is quiet, There is only a chirping of crickets, Suddenly Cheryl trips on some branches and falls to the ground.

Cheryl's breathing is heard as a sudden noise causes Cheryl to scream out in fear. Cheryl gives out a longer scream as the trees start to make a crunching sound, She gains composure and continues to run. A synthesizer sound of high to low keys in succession is heard.

Cheryl loses her balance again but manages to get back on her feet.

A wind sound accompanied by a low snare drum and bongo drums is also heard. The scary voice is also heard. A ting ting sound is also heard. Cheryl makes some loud groans and low level screams as she runs through the terrain.

Deep and fast paced jungle sounds are heard, The sound score would fit in to any good Tarzan movie, Bongo drums and a light snare drum play.

The Kandarian evil is hot on the tale of Cheryl and will not stop. A loud noise is heard and synthesizer distorted highs. 

Cheryl continues to scream as she looks back at the approaching evil presence. Her undergarments are badly torn.

Cheryl is getting tired and is crawling along on her hands and knees as quickly as she can.

Suddenly Cheryl makes it back to the vicinity of the cabin, It's light is a very attractive offer for Cheryl.

Cheryl falls over again as the bongo drums continue to play.

Cheryl manages to get back on her feet and runs over to the Oldsmobile vehicle, She momentarily rests her hand on the boot of the car to try and regain some of her strength. A wood block in fast succession is heard as Cheryl screams for help as she closes in on the wooden door.

Cheryl reaches the wooden door and frantically tries to open it. She bangs and shouts loudly, Ashley!, But there is no answer.

Cheryl momentarily looks around as she can sense the evil presence coming towards her from the woods.

The same sounds can be heard in the distance, A crunching of falling trees, Deep base notes and a scary voice are closing in.

Cheryl quickly tries the door handle but it won't budge, She frantically tries to get the others attention by banging her palms on the old wooden door.

Cheryl screams again as she pushes and bangs the door, The camera angle has moved to above the door and a set of keys can be seen glistening in the moonlight.

Suddenly Cheryl reaches for the ledge and blindly feels her way along for the keys, A slasher type of violin sound is playing out.

After a few moments Cheryl's hand locates the key ring that holds the keys in place. 

Cheryl pulls frantically at the key ring but it is stuck between the door ledge and the cabin wall behind.

Cheryl pulls with all her might but the keys will still not budge.

A low level wind and a sound of voices in pain is heard as the evil presence moves at speed towards Cheryl. 

Suddenly the key ring releases it's hold with all the pulling and Cheryl takes them down.

Cheryl looks back momentarily as she inserts a key into the rusty old lock.

Cheryl tries to open the door.

The evil presence has nearly caught up on Cheryl.

Cheryl is still struggling to open the door. A fast beating heart can be heard along with middle toned off key violin chords.

Cheryl looks around again, Her only thought at this moment is to get inside the cabin as quickly as possible, She can sense the evil presence almost upon her.

Cheryl shouts loudly at the door, Help!

The sound of evil is closing in.

The silver keys rattle and chinks as they rub against each other, The beating heart is heard along side a stabbing sound. 

Cheryl face say's it all, She is frightened anxious delusional and extremely tired at this point.

The stabbing sound continues as the evil presence moves to just a few meters of Cheryl.

Cheryl continues to twist the key frantically, She lets out a whimper in frustration and disappointment.

The stabbing sound has reached a very fast rhythm it is the cresendo as the evil presence is just moments from reaching the desperate and dishevelled Cheryl.

Suddenly Cheryl drops the keys on to the dusty wooden floor, Her bare feet are cut and bloodied from her running through thick and sharp branches and terrain.

As Cheryl reaches down to pick the keys up a hand suddenly appears and grabs Cheryl's wrist. A cymbal crash is heard and Cheryl screams as the hand grabs her.

Ash has come to the door at the very moment Cheryl had dropped the keys,

Cheryl looks around again before she pushes her way in to the safety of the cabin. Cheryl whimpers with fear as she enters the door, Ash has a concerned look on his face.

The door slams shut as the evil presence reaches the cabin entrance,

A spooky echoing sound of disappointment is heard as the evil presence retreats back into the forest. More thunder is heard.

A middle toned violin plays off key. Cheryl is distraught and out of breath, She breathes heavily and is not in the best of way's, Ash say's What the hell happened to you? Cheryl! What's the matter with you? Did something in the woods do this to you?

Cheryl replies, No! It was the woods themselves! Cheryl starts to whimper, They're alive Ashley! The trees! They're alive!, Cheryl grabs Ash by the shoulders.

A concerned Linda replies, Ash, Why don't I take her in the back room so she can lie down.... Cheryl shouts in anger at Linda words, Cheryl say's, I'm not lying down!

A mish mash of high violin chords can be heard. Cheryl turns to Ash and say's with a serious tone of voice, "I want to get out of here". I want to leave this place right now. Right now, Ashley!

Scott butts in and say's Wait a minute, I sure as hell am not leaving any place tonight. Linda and Shelly are concerned but think Cheryl is being a little over reactive. Linda say's "Cheryl", Shelly say's "Cheryl" to try and reason with her and the situation.

Ash tries to reason with the distraught Cheryl, He waves his hands to signal outside and say's in a reassuring way, Cheryl, there's nothing out there. Trees do not attack people. Cheryl shakes Ash for him to take notice, Cheryl say's Ashley! Will you drive me into town or not?, 

Ash replies, What? Right now!?, Look, sure, sure, I'll take you into town, Ash tries to make Cheryl see sense and say's, but just listen to what your saying. Cheryl replies to Ash, I don't care how it sounds. Cheryl say's in a sad and I've had enough of it way, I wanna get out of this place right now! Ash finally agrees to take Cheryl back to town, He say's to Cheryl as he walks over to put his jacket on, Okay you can stay somewhere in town tonight.

Cheryl and Ash exit the cabin, A sound of grass hoppers can be heard as the pair step out into the moist air.

Ash guides the injured Cheryl towards the Oldsmobile vehicle, It is very quiet at this point. Scott Linda and Shelly look on at the cabin entrance with concerned faces. Ash opens the passenger side door to allow Cheryl to climb in. Shelly places her hand onto Scott's arm as they watch Ash and Cheryl enter the vehicle. 

Ash climbs into the drivers side as Cheryl  looks on silently. Ash slams the drivers door shut and a rattling of keys is heard as Ash inserts the key to the ignition. Ash revs the engine for 5 seconds but the engine fails to start. More clicking is heard as Ash tries again to start the engine. Ash revs the engine for a little longer this time but still the engine fails to ignite.

A low synthesizer tone is heard. Ash is a little frustrated at the car's performance as the keys clink again, Ash tries for the third time to start the engine but still the car refuses to start. A synthesizer key playing at a high tone is heard, Ash tries for the fourth and fifth time but still the car refuses to start. Scott is still looking from the cabin entrance and notice something is wrong with the car. His body moves in a way that he might come on over to help.

Cheryl turns to Ash with a concerned facial expression, She say's I know it's not gonna start, It's not gonna let us leave.

Suddenly on the sixth attempt the engine comes alive,

The front headlights switch on lighting up the darkness.

Ash looks at Cheryl with a straight but unhappy expression, Ash looks behind and starts to slowly reverse the Oldsmobile vehicle. A continuous synthesizer high tone plays.

Scott Shelly and Linda watch as the car drives away and then enter back into the cabin.

Only a light sound of the cars engine can be heard as Ash drives towards town.

A crunching sound from the moist ground is heard as Ash slowly slows then stops the vehicle.

A creaking sound is heard as Cheryl turns to Ash and say's, Why are you stopping? The car door clicks as Ash steps out of the drivers side. Ash say's to Cheryl, Wait here a minute.

An electronic high sound is heard almost like a cat whining, Low static wavering is also heard as Ash investigates. Cheryl has climbed over to the drivers side and pops her head out of the door and shouts over to Ash nervously, "Do you see something?" Cheryl shouts.

Cheryl is frightened, She shouts out to Ash who has vanished into the blackness and fog, "Where you going?" More electronic cat whining is heard, Cheryl shouts, "Ashley" in a where are you kind of way.

Cheryl decides to follow Ash into the night, She climbs out of the vehicle and slams the door shut. As soon as she slams the door shut a frantic rapid succession of deep piano notes is heard. The electronic static wavering is still heard. 

More rapid low piano notes play as Cheryl again calls for Ashley! Cheryl slowly walks furthur into the eerie night, Ashley at this point is no where to be seen just like Scott from the basement he has just vanished into the night air.

The electronic wavering is the dominant sound along with a creaking sound like an old door. Suddenly from no where a leafy branch snaps and twangs into the face of Cheryl, Cheryl screams with fright as a ding of a triangle is heard simultaneously.

More creaking cat whining and wavering is heard as Cheryl steps under the agitated branch. A deeper more vibrant synthesizer sound is heard that changes key every 5 seconds, The sound is dropping key for 3 notes. The 3rd note lasts for 10 seconds. The key sound then changes to a slightly higher note with 3 second intervals for 8 notes, Light Bongo drums can also be heard. 

Cheryl waves the heavy mist with her right hand as she investigates her surroundings, Cheryl looks on over at the twisted symmetry of old rusted steel and broken old beams.Wire mesh drapes from the steel like a spiders web. The lightly illuminated mist from the moon gives the broken old bridge a subtle but unforgiving atmosphere.

Something terrible has happened to the bridge and has collapsed into a pile of twisted debris, The bridge is the only safe way to leave the cabin as a deep river runs underneath.Cheryl contemplates her dilemma.

Cheryl decides to run back to the car, She has still not found Ash but now knows she can't leave. She backs away from the bridge scared and upset.

As Cheryl nears the Oldsmobile Ash suddenly appears and grabs Cheryl by the waist. Cheryl screams loudly from the unexpected return of Ash. Cheryl and Ash tussle momentarily until Cheryl realizes who it is. Cheryl screams out with fear Ahh It's not going to let us go! Cheryl pulls at Ash more violently and shouts out " It's not going to let us go! I told you! I told you! It's not going to let us go! Why won't you listen to me? Violin highs play mixed with light drums, Cheryl cries out loudly as she tussles with Ash in anger and frustration,Cheryl puts her hands up in despair as she goes down on her knees, She bangs her hands on the ground in anger shouting No No, She screams the last No long and hard in disappointment. The head lights light up the ground like a stage show as the car waits patiently in the background.

The sight and sound of an axe chopping logs is heard, It is very quiet with only the sound of insects chirping, Scott is chopping some wood for the fire place.

Linda Shelly Ash and Cheryl can be seen from the window, Cheryl is looking out and is watching Scott chop the wood, She looks deep in thought and may be contemplating her situation at this time.

Ash has returned to the recorder and is wearing a pair of in ear headphones, He does not want to upset his girlfriend Linda nor Cheryl or Shelly  with the tape so is sensibly keeping the sound to himself, Ash is intrigued at this moment because of what Cheryl has said and done  and her injuries and all the other strange occurrence's, The book is also of interest to Ash. Ash wants to know more!

Ash turns the silver knob to start the tape, Professor Knowby's voice returns and say's, I know now that my wife has become host to a candarian demon. I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of... bodily dismemberment. I believe now to avoid this horror, but for myself,

I... I  have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods and I have no doubt that whatever I have resurrected through this book is sure to come calling...for me.

Linda and Shelly are playing cards to pass the time and to try and improve the atmosphere, Linda say's, Okay,ah,let me think. Ummmm... Linda and Shelly are playing a guess the card kind of game, Linda puts her hands up and closes her eyes momentarily as she taps into her psychic powers.

Linda say's confidently to Shelly with a hint of luck, It's a seven! Shelly replies, What suit?. Linda replies, Umm.. Diamonds, Linda changes her mind as she tries even harder to guess the card, She say's, No No No wait! Ummm! Hearts!, Shelly replies excitedly, Oh my God! It's seven of hearts! Your Right!, In this scene the card Shelly is holding is actually a nine of diamonds. Shelly maybe letting Linda win just for the reaction.

Linda turns to Ash and shouts over with excitement and elation, Hey Ash! I guessed the card right!, Ash is still listening to the recorder and is virtually oblivious to the card game. He say's, Truly amazing Linda in an unimpressed way as he switches the recorder back on.

Linda is feeling impressed with herself and say's to everyone in the room as she looks around, I don't know I don't know, But I think it's really some sort of extra sense or something... You know, like ESP.

Extrasensory perception or ESP also known as sixth sense or second light, Is the ability to receive information that is not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.

Shelly pulls out another card and say's Ok try this one, (The card is an 8 of Hearts.) Linda say's confidently Ok ah, She puts her hands to her head to channel her ESP and then say's It's a seven.

Shelly throws her arms back in elation and her face lights up with happiness as Linda guesses correctly again. Shelly maybe possessed by kandarian sorcery and is now deceiving Linda or maybe not!. Shelly say's, I don't believe it! 

Suddenly Cheryl starts to join in with the card game from across the room where she has been sitting, Cheryl is still looking through the window into the night. Cheryl's voice say's, Of spades,

Cheryl continues, Queen of spades, Cheryl has guessed correctly the card Shelly is holding.

Shelly and Linda both look at each other quite mesmerized at Cheryl's response. Linda also looks at the card Shelly is holding and also knows that Cheryl has guessed correctly.

Shelly holds up another card the 4 of Hearts, Cheryl say's, Four of hearts.

Shelly holds up another card, this time it is the 8 of Spades, Cheryl say's Eight of Spades!

A violin high chord plays at a continuous level as Shelly and Linda look over at Cheryl with a worried expression on there faces.

Cheryl's voice has suddenly turned to one of evil similar to a black and haggard old witch, Cheryl continues to guess the cards even though Shelly has stopped selecting them, Cheryl say's, Two of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Clubs!, Suddenly Cheryl violently turns her head to face the room, She has changed into a Deadite and has become possessed, Her face has changed into incomprehensible horror. An echoing bell sound is heard as Cheryl turns her head.

Linda and Shelly gasp and retort at the shock of Cheryl's Deadite form, The playing cards fly out of Shelly's hand and scatter across the floor, They fall back on both hands as Ash nearly drops the recorder onto the floor. Ash looks at Cheryl with an astounding astonishment.    

Cheryl is a deadite and that ultimately means she also inherits the evil powers that deadites possess. A kandarian demon has now possesed Cheryl's soul and body, They can be described as demonic Zombie hybrids, Cheryl is completely controlled by the kandarian demons main consciousness, The deadite form has access to all of Cheryl memories and behaviours, Deadites are demons from hell.

Deadites can create illusions to deceive a non possessed human. If trapped or blocked a deadite can immerse themselves in an apparent sleep condition and awake at inconvenient times. Deadites can not starve or dehydrate but may eat to delude a human, They have no human feelings only hate and evil thoughts and actions. They can kill a human quite easily in the most sickening ways possible.

Deadites have an awful appearance, they will display white eyes that look blind, reverberated voice abnormal facial features,sharpened teeth, altered hands, skin tone change, (Yellow white grey or rosey) Deadites have super human strength and stamina, levitation, invulnerability to knife cuts and minor gun shot wounds that are not directed at the brain, They also have enhanced agility and speed. Over time they can morph there own body structure and even grow extra limbs from inside of there bodies. An advanced form of a deadite is that of a bat winged brownish creature that looks nothing like the original person. They can outrun a human, and can run along walls and ceilings like an insect would. The worst trait is the ability to switch there appearance from one to the other, They can appear as completely human again with all the memories and characteristics of that person, A deadite can possess a human by hitting the victim or violently touching them, If a deadite bites a human that part of the body will become possessed and act against the host becoming hostile. For instance your hand might try and stab you. Souls of the possessed are taken down into hell and tortured. Severed limbs from a deadite have a limited amount of Kandarian demon's essence but can possess a humans body parts.

A violin plays high chords off tone, The deadite levitates above the window and say's, Why have you disturbed our sleep? Awakened us from our ancient slumber? The deadite shouts loudly, "You will die!" Like the others before you. One by one we will take you. The deadite rolls its head and growls as it drops to the floor.

A thud is heard as the deadite drops to the floor, Linda Shelly and Ash shudder with fright at the sight.

Cheryl lies on the floor motionless and all is quiet.

Scott walks over to Ash Linda and Shelly with an axe in his hand. He also looks at Cheryl with a face of shock.All is quiet except for the chirping of insects from outside, Scott say's in a concerned tone of voice, What happened to her?. Linda slowly edges over to Cheryl as Shelly places her hand on Linda's left arm for reassurance, The fire has started to crackle and spit. 

Linda bends down then looks up at Ash, Shelly say's, Did you see her eyes?, Ash bends down and is also looking at the motionless Cheryl. Linda continues, Oh Ash, I'm scared. What's wrong with her?

Ash looks down at the motionless Cheryl.

Ash slowly and cautiously moves his hand closer to Cheryl, He is trying to find out if she is okay or not.

The deadite is deceiving Ash Shelly Linda and Scott, Some pencils fell out of Cheryl's top pocket when she fell to the ground and now lie scattered on the floor. The deadite slowly takes a pencil in hand without letting on to the others. Random harp sounds play and a middle toned violin chord

Ash is nearly at touching distance with Cheryl.

Suddenly the deadite springs to life and lifts it's body to a standing position. (Deadites have super human strength). A loud clash of a cymbal is heard as the deadite attacks.

The deadite is moments away from attacking Linda. A deep and low rumbling sound is heard similar to a rough sea. The deadite has a rigidity to its torso not like a humans looseness.

The deadite makes a horrible screaming groan as it stabs Linda in the left ankle with the pencil. A rumbling sound is heard.

Linda screams and groans loudly as the pencil enters her flesh and bone.

Linda screams even louder as the deadite twists the pencil around inside her ankle for maximum pain and suffering.Thick red Blood oozes from her wound and elopes around the pencils tip.

Suddenly the deadite pulls the pencil away from Linda's ankle, Ash immediately grabs the deadites hand that is holding the pencil. A slap sound is heard as Ash grabs the deadites arm firmly.

Suddenly the deadite slaps Linda with full force in the face with it's other hand as it is being controlled and will use any means possible to hurt a human. A loud slapping sound is heard as Linda continues to scream in agony and fear.

Linda goes flying at full force into a table that has a lamp on top. She hits the wall next to the cabin entrance hard hurting her back and sending her to the floor. The table and lamp also go flying with the force.

The deadite turns and grabs Ash's face with it's dead and grotesque hand. The deadite is making some horrible groaning noises.

Using it's super human strength the deadite picks Ash from the floor and throws him full force several meters into a book shelve. 

Ash hit's the bookshelf with his back as ornaments and other items fall down, Ash is still on his feet but the book shelve collapses completely on top of Ash and he is flattened by the weight. Clanking and sounds of metal can be heard.  

The deadite flicks its head as it growls and groans loudly, It slowly edges it's way across the floor to the injured Ash. 

Ash is desperately trying to pull himself free from the broken book shelve, The deadite edges closer holding the pencil that it had stabbed Linda with just a few moments ago.

Scott tries to stop the deadite from attacking Ash, He gets in front of the deadite and holds both of it's shoulders. Scott say's Cheryl! Stop it!

The deadite pushes Scott away and he hits a door before falling to the ground. A light rumbling is heard. A sound of violins tuning before a concerto is also heard.

The deadite is very close to Ash now as she growls and groans with evil pleasure. Ash is still trying to crawl out of the broken book shelve.

Scott manages to recover from his fall and stands up using the axe for support.

Suddenly Scott wacks the deadite full force in the face with the heavy wooden end of the axe. The deadite makes a croaking growling sound as it falls to the floor.

A wind sound and low demonic voices are heard as the deadite lays over the basement hatch.

The deadite lifts it's torso up and as it does so Scott kicks the deadite as hard as he can directly in the face with his right foot. 

The force of the attack sends the deadite flying down into the basement, The deadite makes a growling sound as it falls down on to the stairs below.

Scott tries to close the basement hatch but the deadite pushes up with its hands. Scott immediately wacks the deadite in the head with the wooden end of the axe.

Scott continue's to wack the deadite with the axe, The deadite has changed appearance and looks more rotten and demonic.

The deadite grabs hold of Scott's left leg as he say's, Oh Shit! The deadite shouts with an evil tone of voice, Join Us! Join Us!

Scott manages to break free and slams the hatch down as fast as he can. The deadite has it's right hand sticking out of the hatch and the heavy wooden panel slams down hard onto the deadites fingers.

The deadites rotten fingers can be seen protruding from the hatch.

Scott in desperation starts to whack the deadites fingers with the heavy metal end of the axe. Scott hits the protruding fingers three times before they disappear. An echoing falling sound is heard as the deadite falls to the bottom of the stairs.

Scott places his weight onto the hatch as he tries to latch it shut with the chains that weave around the wooden panel. The deadite can be heard behind the hatch making those strange noises again.

Scott weaves the heavy chain around the hooks that are set firmly into the old wood.

Douglas fir is one of the strongest softwoods available making it an ideal wood choice for timber frames and traditional log homes. Douglas fir has a signature red and blond color to the timber. Some other log types for home building include yellow cedar, pine and spruce.

The wood is clearly suffering from a bad case of woodworm as Scott rings the chain around. A sound of grinding metal is heard as the chain works it way around.

Scott struggles to lock the chain around as the deadite is pushing from behind.

The wooden hatch gyrates up and down as Scott tries to thread the chain around and lock it into place.

Scott is relieved to have locked the hatch down, He gains his breath and composure as the hatch slowly reduces it's vibrations.

Scott is in shock and a little confused at the situation. He stays on top of the hatch for a little longer. The deadite has stopped making noise but the hatch continues to bounce up and down.

Only the sound of insects is heard as a mist creeps slowly over the moon obscuring it's light.

Ash goes to check on the injured Linda, She is asleep in one of the cabin bedrooms. It is dark inside the room with only minimal light. Linda's right side face glows from the moonlight. Ash tiptoes over so as not to disturb the sleeping Linda, He checks to see that she is okay before adjusting the bedding to ensure that she is snug and warm.

Ash bends over and gives Linda a kiss on her right cheek.

Ash then stands up and quietly leaves the room.

Cheryl's deadite form is making some horrible burping grunting sounds as it pears through the gap in the wooden hatch. Scott and Shelly are sat by the fire and are watching it from a distance. The deadite runs its scaly fingers along the ledge of the hatch.

Suddenly a loud clicking sound is heard as Ash enters the room. The camera pans from the hatch view to see Ash enter from the left. Scott 's speaks to Ash from the fire place and say's,  Ash, I think we oughta get out of here. The deadite is still making horrible sounds, Ash looks over at the hatch between some large wooden beams and say's Yeah!...We still have a few more hours before morning.

Shelly replies, I don't think I can wait that long?, Scott replies to Shelly, You have to, Scott then speaks to the room and say's, We all have to! ,Scott continues, And then in the morning we'll get in the car.. And we'll take the bridge. And.... Scott stops talking like he has run out of ideas.

Shelly stands up and is extremely irritated by the sounds of the deadite, Shelly shouts, Why does she keep making those horrible noises?. Ash shouts out angrily and also irritated, I don't know! 

Shelly continues, And what about her eyes! What about her eyes?. Shelly shouts loudly, For god's sake, What happened to her eyes?. Shelly puts her hands to her head in fear shock and complete confusion. The deadite continues to make horrible grunting and groaning sounds. The deadite is hollow and has no feelings of any kind.

The camera drops down under the basement as the deadite gives out a loud and long lasting evil laugh. The evil deadite has clearly enjoyed torturing Ash Linda Shelly and Scott.

A deep bass sounds out as spooky voices travel through the forest. The kandarian spirits are in abundance tonight.

Scott is reassuring Shelly and say's Everything's going to be all right. Scott rubs Shelly's left arm for comfort.

More deep bass is heard mingled with scary evil voices as the evil presence gets dangerously close to the cabin. 

Scott is attending to the open fire as Shelly paces around the room. Shelly goes to the window and is looking out as the evil presence approaches. 

Shelly say's to Scott, "Scotty, I think there's something out there!" Scott put's the hot poker down and goes over to the window.

The evil presence and sound is just outside the window, The wooden bench can be seen rotating from left to right.

Scott comforts Shelly and say's, Go to bed, and get some sleep Okay?

The evil and deep sounding presence is watching Scott and Shelly's every move as Shelly leaves the room to get some rest.

The evil presence follows Shelly as she makes her way to the next room.

Shelly can feel the evil presence and walks to the bedroom window. She slowly parts the white nets and pears out into the darkness.

Suddenly the evil noises become much louder as there excitement has reached fever pitch from the sight of Shelly. The evil presence heads with rapid speed directly to the window as Shelly screams with fear and shock.

Suddenly the window glass and the wooden frame disintegrate into pieces as the evil forces push in to the cabins space. A loud noise of broken glass is heard as Shelly screams loudly. 

Scott is sat by the fire place examining the Kandarian dagger when he hears Shelly's screams. Scott puts down the blade and goes to investigate. Ash is also startled by the loud screams.

Ash is sat down quiet and motionless as Scott walks on over to the grey door leading to Shelly's bedroom. A low wind is heard including Scott's footsteps as he makes his way to the next room.

Scott is in no rush to get to Shelly's bedroom, He is slow and cautious and all is deathly quiet.

Scott pears in through the door.

Scott enters the bedroom but Shelly is no where to be seen.  Some of Shelly's clothes lay on her bed. A heavy white mist can be seen floating across the broken and hollow window space. No sounds are heard except a light wind.

Scott walks on over to the window and sticks his head out into the darkness to investigate.

Animal sounds can be lightly heard including chirping insects and a low breeze. 

Scott ponders on the situation and what may of happened to Shelly.

Scott spots a broken piece of wood from the window frame, He picks up the T shaped piece of wood to try and piece together what has happened.

Scott suddenly hears a loud wooden noise, Scott notices a closed curtain to his right.

A cymbal sound starts to play at a low level but slowly increases to  very loud levels as Scott slowly reaches for a curtain to his right.

Scott pulls the curtains open at speed!

Scott hesitates and stands motionless for a moment as he looks inside, He shows a face of disappointment as the small space is used for storing clothing shoes and other items.

Scott turns his head and notices that a door is slightly ajar,

Scott say's, Shelly! 

A middle toned violin chord is heard at a frantic rhythm as Scott walks slowly over to the door, Scott's feet cause the wooden floors to creak with every step.

Scott reaches the white painted door.

The door creaks as it slowly opens. Suddenly the violin stops and there is just a light wind heard.

Scott enters into a bathroom, There is a toilet, sink, and a bath, Yellow plastic sheeting hangs from a rail to separate it from other areas of the cabin's space.

A light wind and Scott's feet tapping is all that can be heard.

Scott slowly and cautiously walks on over to the white shower curtain.

He slowly raises his hand to pull the plastic sheet to one side.

Scott's hand reflection is seen from the other side of the curtain.

Scott pulls the plastic sheeting back with force.

Only an empty and dirty bath is visible as Scott looks behind.

Suddenly a cymbal crash is heard as an ugly and rotten hand grabs Scott by the throat as he turns back round.

The sound of Scott's cries startles Ash as he sits on the sofa.

A ripping sound is heard almost like fabric tearing as the evil Deadite digs its sharp nails into Scott's face. Scott retorts with shock and pain.

The deadite digs deep and scratches Scott's right side of his face in a downwards motion, Blood pours from his wounds as Scott screams loudly.

The deadite has Scott in it's evil clutches as it squeezes and pushes Scott into the other room where Ash is sat. The deadite gives out an evil shreak as it tries to hurt Scott.

Scott and the Deadite tussle around and around as Scott tries to free himself of the evil.

Cheryl's deadite form is enjoying the show from under the basement hatch. It pushes the hatch up and down in excitement of seeing Scott suffer. 

The Deadite and Scott tussle and spin around, High pitched violins are heard as Scott finally gets it off with an almighty spin. The deadite falls to the floor as Scott steps away from the evil.

Scott retorts in horror as he watches the Deadite writhe on the floor.

Scott's spin has sent the deadite flying into the fire place. The deadite burns with pleasure and pain as it gives out a loud shrieking and evil screams.

Scott and Ash look on in shock and confusion as the Deadite burns in the fire.

The fire is burning the deadite's rotten face and the deadite gives out  painful shrieks and evil screams

Scott is affected by witnessing the deadite burn in the fire place, He quickly decides to pull the deadite by the legs out of the hot flames.

The deadites smouldering clothes produce a white smoke as it lays face up on the floor. The deadite responds to Scotts kind gesture, "Thank you, I don't know what I would of done if I had remained on those hot coals. The deadite has a deep and evil sound when it speaks.

The deadite continues, "Burning my pretty flesh.You have pretty skin!

Give it to us!, The temptation is just too great and the deadite jumps up and grabs Scott by the throat.

The deadite tries with all its might to strangle Scott with both hands, Violins are playing.

The deadite is starting to decompose and the flesh is now decomposing and burnt.

The deadite in the basement hatch is enjoying Scott's suffering as it continues to push the wooden hatch up and down. It gives out evil grunts and groans.

Ash runs over to try and help Scott.

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