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The view perspective is now from behind Leon's mask, His mask is bloodied and soiled as he watches the armed personnel slowly make there way towards the courtyards thin metal framed exit, The way is blocked and Leon is considering which direction he should take, He does not want to be detected and if he joins the men at the front he could be found out, Leon is tired and his mind is not working as well as it should be at this moment in time, He has been through a lot.


Another pan pipe is heard, Leon has made his mind up as he turns from his position at a 360 degree angle.


Leon turns around and is now facing another set of stairs that lead down into a long corridor, Stansfield was shouting an ordering his security personnel to clear out and leave the corridor just minutes before.


Leon looks down at the stairs for a fleeting moment as he ponders his actions. A beautiful and simple piano melody plays out to produce the sound score.


The men at the front of the yard are all facing forward except for one commando who has a red light attached to his jacket, Leon is badly injured and the medic did not perform sufficient medical assistance as he just left him and did not return, Leon is a tough breed and is used to injury but today he has sustained more injuries than normal and is deeply hurt, Leon holds his chest with his left hand as he takes the first steps that will lead him down into the long corridor,


Leon carefully holds the railings with his right hand to provide some support as he makes his way down.


Leon is eager to escape and jumps almost sliding several stairs as his feet hit the first few steps, 


Leon quickly reaches the bottom of the stair case.


Leon reaches out with his right hand as he presses against the wall for some kind of support.


Leon uses his right hand to feel the wall as he quickly turns a corner. Leon touches a black telephone wire that is loose and drapes down from the wall, The wire wobbles slightly as Leon brushes passed.


A dark and foreboding door well now faces Leon, This hopefully will be Leon's escape route.


The piano theme continues to play and no environmental sounds from Mathilda's location can be heard, Mathilda continues her fast paced escape along the side walk, Mathilda walks past another ambulance as she continues to look straight ahead with little emotion.


A police officer walks past Mathilda from the right at a fast pace, as he does another stationary police officer who is standing just a few feet away from Mathilda signals with his left hand to express his authorization that the other officer can go past and to greet him at the same time.


A full chorus of violins infused with a beautiful piano melody provide the sound score, The camera is producing a slightly slower frame rate as Leon enters the dark and dank corridor that will lead him out into the street, Leon pulls off his gas mask with his right hand as he sets his sights on the end of the corridor.


Leon continues to slowly walk forward as he lowers his gas mask with his right hand allowing him to hold it with both hands. Leon is feeling a warm sensation as he takes each step one at a time.


Leon can now clearly see his escape route, His face shows multiple emotions as he stares down at the light.


A police car is parked just outside the exit on the road, A bright red flashing light intermittently lights up the right side wall of the corridor, as the police vehicles lights flash the luminescence creeps inside the building. The floor is wet and reflects the bright sunshine including the entrance and outside environment.


Leon is transfixed on the bright and sunny exit door, He can only hope that he makes it out alive.


The corridor is ghostly silent and no one is around except Leon.


Leon is thinking about his life and Mathilda who he hopes to see again very soon, Leon can only think about his escape as he slowly edges closer to the exit.


Leon knows if he plays it cool he will escape and he is moments away from the exit.


Suddenly the camera sweeps left and Stansfield appears from behind Leon, Leon is completely oblivious to Stansfield's presence as he continues towards the exit.  (A deep rumbling low level sound is heard mixed with intermittent heart beat sounds that echo including a thunder sound.) 


Stansfield has decided to join Leon on his victory lap as he stares at Leon with hate and vengeance.


Stansfield is silent as he slowly follows behind Leon.


More red flashes of light illuminate of the left wall as Leon continues his short journey to freedom. Stansfield is using his sixth sense and has been waiting for Leon to appear,


The more Stansfield watches Leon make his escape the more the anger and venom builds in Stansfield's heart, Stansfield hates Leon for destroying his life and killing his men.


Stansfield came to meet Leon for a reason, Stansfield wants to kill Leon and he is going to do it behind Leon's back because that's Stansfield's style. Suddenly Stansfield raises his silver magnum with his right hand and points it precariously to the back of Leon's head. Stansfield is a man possessed and nothing is going to stop him now.

Leon is so close now that he can feel the heat from the sun and the air from the street, 


Stansfield is also very close as he points his gun at Leon's back just waiting for the moment when his greed lust and immense satisfaction take over and he squeezes the trigger.


Leon has no idea he has a gun pointing at his back, Leon only has one mind set and that is too escape this hell hole, Leon stares at the outside world and can feel a sense of jubilation and victory.


Leon is focused on the light and the relief of his escape, Leon closes his eyes briefly as he contemplates his life and the immense realization that he is free.


Leon opens his eyes wide again as he smells the fresh air from outside and absorbs the bright sunshine.


Stansfield is biding his time because he wants Leon to suffer greatly, The silver magnum wobbles from within Stansfield's slimy hands, Stansfield is enjoying every moment of the occasion. Stansfield is now focused as his face displays a sick determination and anticipation of Leon's final moments.


The camera blurs the view of Stansfield's face as his silver magnum becomes highly focused and into view, The gun shines brightly and is poised to explode, Stansfields moment has arrived.


Suddenly a light cymbal is heard to provide the sound score, Leon's vision has become impaired as a bright white light has now obscured Leon's view.


Leon stands just a few feet from the exit as motor vehicles slowly pass by from the other side of the road.


Leon veers from side to side and is having problems standing upright, A loud sound of heavy wind is heard as the piano score reduces it's speed and tempo to just a handful of notes.


Leon veers to the left and is having some difficulty walking.


All is silent except a slow and light piano which produces notes that go down the scale at a slow tempo, The bright light is becoming more intense as Leon slouches further to the left.


Leon's vision has become blurred as he loses his concentration and strength.


Something is just not right with Leon as his body sloops lower and lower. Leon moves with an up and down motion as he sloops left.


Leon has become motionless and is not moving.


Leon has collapsed onto the floor of the corridor and is losing consciousness as the intense bright white light increases its luminescence and intensity.


A clarinet produces a dreamy lead as a symphony of violins provide the backing sound, Mathilda suddenly appears from the side walk and is still walking at a controlled pace, Mathilda has been walking for a long time and has not stopped for even a second, Mathilda is clear of the police and the mayhem and has entered onto a fairly quiet and desolate street, A woman sits outside her house on some steps from the right and there is a car and a white van visible on the roadside.


Mathilda looks to her right briefly as she makes her way along the side walk, 


Mathilda now knows that she has made it safely away from the hotel and has not been caught, Suddenly Mathilda begins to run at speed along the side walk as she is not under any kind of surveilance now so her mind and body have been given a reprieve.


Mathilda runs at speed as she carries Leon's plant, teddy bear and holdall bag.


Mathilda is all alone now that Leon is not with her, She has no money as the £20,000 dollars she had has been destroyed in the explosion in apartment 4F. 


Mathilda is going to stop by Tony's at Guido's restaurant as Leon said that he would meet her there in an hour.


Mathilda runs off into the distance eager to meet with Leon.


Leon's dangerous criminal career has finally caught up with him in the most bizarre and unlucky of ways, Leon has been shot in the back by Stansfield in cold blood, Leon lay's on the floor as he holds his chest with his left hand, Leons other hand stretches out along the floor as he lay's motionless and silent, Stansfield stands above him looking down at Leon with a sense of satisfaction that he has finally killed the man who has eluded him for so long, Stansfield takes two short single steps forward with his left leg as he experiences complete control over Leon.


Stansfield lowers his right hand and prods Leon's bloodied left arm to find out if Leon is dead or maybe still alive. A large pool of blood has accumulated around Leon's head and has created a large patch of blood, When Leon collapsed to the ground he hit his head hard and is bleeding profusely.


Stansfield pushes Leon over with the barrel of his silver magnum, Leon flops over as his head rocks from side to side quite clearly critically wounded, The full extent of Leon's head injury is now apparent as a large gash and thick blood congeale to Leon's right side temple.


Stansfield steps over Leon with his left leg first as he looks down at the seriously injured man, Stansfield has no heart and his mind is still interfering with the normal guilt and emotions that someone should be feeling after killing someone, Stansfield still wants more information on Leon's condition as he wouldn't hesitate to put another bullet into the man if needed.


Stansfields arms flail slightly in an up and down motion as he takes a deep breath out, Stansfield stares down at Leon feeling the sensation only his yellow capsules could compete with. Stansfield's tongue elopes around his mouth and pushes out from his lips as he hunches his mouth and upper lip.


Stansfield slowly bends down as he reaches out with his left hand, Something has caught the attention of Stansfield and being a DEA officer his inquiring irritability has got the better of him.


Stansfield lowers his left hand then tucks his two middle fingers in to the clenched and bloodied fist of Leon, Something is spurring Stansfield's inquirable mind to investigate furthur.


As Stansfield squirms his fingers into Leon's clenched fist to prize the fingers open Leon suddenly comes back to life, The sensation and pressure of Stansfield's hand has caused Leon to react and regain a little of his consciousness.


Leon winces and gasps for air as he tries to breath, Leon's right hand suddenly lifts from the floor in a slow and controlled movement as his body responds to Stansfield's energy.


Stansfield turns his head slightly as he watches Leon's right hand raise from the floor, Stansfield has no pity or remorse only a feeling of accomplishment. The flashing intermittent red light lights up Stansfield's face for a split second as he contemplates Leon's sad life.


Leon winces and gasps for air some more as Stansfield follows Leon's bloodied right arm with his eyes until it rests on top of Leon's chest.


Leon stares at the man who has taken his life for a fleeting moment, Leon suddenly finds enough strength to speak to Stansfield and say something important, Leon is motionless as his mouth begins to create the syllables that produce the words, With a tremendous effort Leon say's softly, Stansfield?


Stansfield is looking directly over Leon and is rather pleased almost delighted that Leon has spoken to him, Stansfield say's with a sarcastic scope of expression, At your service.


Leon suddenly has a strong urge to touch and caress the hand of the man that has shot him at point blank range, Leon holds the right hand of Stansfield with his right hand thumb and has wrapped his bloodied fingers around Stansfield's forehand, Leon is holding Stansfield's hand with the hand that lifted from the floor just moments ago. Leon's left hand slowly raises up towards Stansfield's right thumb. Blood has now transferred over to Stansfield and as the saying goes, (He has blood on his hands now.)


Stansfield is more than willing to allow Leon to caress and hold his right hand as this is Leon's final moments on earth.


Leon pushes his left hand thumb softly into the palm of Stansfield as his right hand slowly covers Stansfield's right palm with his bloodied fingers. Leon is bleeding profusely and is certain to die from his injuries,


Leon winces and gasps again for air as his fingers extend and push out at the center of Stansfield's right palm, Leon's fingers gyrate and are caressing Stansfield's palm in a delicate way. Stansfield closes his fingers slightly as he enjoys the sensation of victory.

Leon breathes out again loudly as he cups Stansfield's hand with his right and left, Leon squeezes softly with all of his bloodied fingers as Stansfield clenches his fist with a medium pressure, Stansfield never usually takes the time to watch and become involved in a dying mans final movements but he thinks that Leon has earn't a few minutes of his valuable time. A low level chinking is heard almost similar to stepping on some pebbles.


Leon wants to say some more words for Stansfield's consideration, Leon grimly and with great difficulty and exasaperation say's, This is... Leon hesitates briefly as he looks up at Stansfield.


Leon continues and speaks with great meaning and deliverance, Leon say's "From"... Leon hesitates for a few moments more.


Leon swallows on his words as his cheeks inflate slightly inwards then back out again, Leon's mouth and throat are full of blood and it is very difficult for Leon to get the words out that he simply cannot ignore. Leon continues to look at Stansfield with his mouth tightly shut. 


Leon retorts as his mouth shakes from the extreme effort now required to speak, Leon's mouth and cheeks muscles begin to form the word that he is trying to say, Suddenly Leon say's,




Stansfield looks on down at Leon with a sense of confusion and a hint of understanding, Stansfield still needs to find the girl and if this dying man can help Stansfield locate her it would be the same as finding two peas in a pod. Stansfield is transfixed to Leon as he dies on the floor, Stansfield hears Brahms and Beethoven as Leon's words prove to be a big hit with Stansfield's ears.


Suddenly Leon releases his delicate pressure from around Stansfield's clenched fist, 


Leon's bloodied hands and fingers fall away from Stansfield's hand as Leon leaves Stansfield to his own demises and thoughts.


Stansfield is now left with a clenched right hand as he looks on down at the dead man, Leon has given Stansfield a gift, a gift that he will never forget.


Leon has lost a massive amount of blood from Stansfield's attack, Leon's head is gushing with blood from his heavy fall mixed with multiple other wounds that he has received, Stansfield could of killed Leon instantly with a head shot but chose to shoot Leon in the back for maximim pain and suffering, Stansfield wanted Leon's last moments for his own sick and twisted satisfaction, Leon has passed away as he looks up but slightly away from Stansfield, Stansfield stands above Leon still with his right hand clenched.


The moment has been a great joy and pleasure for Stansfield as he continues to clench his fist, The excitement of finding out what Leon has given him can wait a few moments longer. Leon's eyes continue to stare directly up as he passes away on the wet and bloodied tiled floor.    


The excitement and anticipation has now prooved to great for Stansfield as he slowly opens his hand to a full extension, A sound of chinking metal is heard as all is revealed, Leon has placed a pull ring from a grenade carefully into Stansfield's palm, Stansfield stares at the circular metal pin for a few moments as his brain works overtime trying to resolve the very serious situation Stansfield is now in. When Stansfield opened up Leon's left hand he did not feel inside Leon's hand enough, Leon has tricked Stansfield into thinking he was just caressing his hands for comfort but how stupid can one be. Stansfield may of found the pin and gained some precious time but was inadvertently side stepped when Leon raised his left hand causing Stansfield to lose his concentration.


Stansfield shows an expression of shock and confusion as he looks down at the metal pull pin, Stansfield slowly bends down so that he is within touching distance of Leon's military suit.


Stansfield places both of his hands either side of Leon's military suit as he prepares to open it to see what is underneath. Stansfield still holds his silver magnum in his left hand with his index finger still on the trigger,


Stansfield pulls open Leon's military suit with both hands at speed, Leon has left his suit unzipped for Stansfield's pleasure, A metal rattling is heard as the forces of Stansfields hands disturb the delicate explosives that lay neatly attached to Leon's chest.


Stansfield looks down at the grenades and is silent for a brief moment as he tries to come to terms with the scenario and images in front of him, Stansfield knows his time is up and he can do nothing but freeze on the spot.


Stansfield only has one word to express his disappointment and shock after discovering Leon is wired to blow, Stansfield say's "Shit" as he looks down at the explosives knowing his life is also coming to an abrupt end.


From outside of the long corridor a much different scenario has developed, From inside the corridor an unnatural tranquility deludes the eyes. The street outside depicts a scene of chaos as many military police line the side walks and street corners, Commandos still frequent the area and are still wearing there gas masks it is very busy. A military police personnel is crouched down to the right next to a tree and is talking on his radio while other armed personnel brandish guns. Two police guards are keeping a watchful eye on anyone that exits the ground floor corridor and none are aware of Leon's death or Stansfield's predicament.


Suddenly an almighty explosion of hot orange and yellow flame suddenly bursts out of the ground floor corridor, Thick plumes of silver smoke also accompany the explosion, A loud scream from a female pedestrian echoes around the street as the explosion takes hold. 


Leon's chosen grenade has suddenly detonated triggering a chain reaction with the rest of Leon's explosives, Leon and Stansfield have been blown to pieces from the incredible forces of gunpowder and flying shrapnel, The hot explosive flames engulf the corridor and channel out of the exit onto the street.


The military police and everyone else in close vicinity to the explosion have been taken by surprise and have little or no time to react.


The explosion engulfs the street obscuring everything behind.


The large explosive ball expands at a gigantic rate as a police guard to the left instantly holds his left hand to his face to protect himself the best he can from the scorching hot heat, His buddy standing to the right turns to look at his comrade as he also reacts from the heat and smoke.


A loud sound of smashing glass is also heard as windows from cars and buildings are instantly blown out.


The explosion is shown from another angle of approach as the camera drags left at a relatively fast pace, A police officer cowers on his knees at the side of his vehicle to the left while another armed personnel rests his hands on the police bonnet as he faces away from the explosion, The two police guards standing closet to the corridor exit have been taken completely by surprise and will feel the heat the most. A large fireball elopes up out and around the building as the grenades explode..


A Man is heard shouting loudly "Shit" as others scream out "Go Go Go! as they try and warn other personnel to clear the area as fast as possible. The explosion is very loud and intense producing a loud rumbling as the flames explode out,


Other explosions intertwine with the first to produce an extra explosion that spreads out at a rapid rate of movement.


A police officer to the far left has his right hand held high as he reacts to the explosion, The two guards that stand near the corridor exit can thank there lucky stars they are wearing protective helmets and visors.


Another police officer has become visible cowering low at the end of the blue police vehicle, She is wearing black sunglasses and has her left hand raise above her head as she reacts to the explosion, The two guards are receiving the blunt of the explosion because of there close vicinity, They both begin to move away from the hot flames as quickly as they can.


The two guards begin to run as fast as they can as the flames burn and chase them up the street. The other two police officers kneeling down can do nothing as they protect themselves the best that they can, 


A huge fireball has now taken hold and it is just blind luck that more security personnel were not standing outside of the corridor exit, Stansfield did some military and security personnel a clique favor by ordering them out of the corridor, This was Stansfield's last good thing for humanity before his demise. But if the men lingered outside of the corridor there would be more fatalities but Stansfield wanted them clear of the area so that no one could here his gun.


Another armed police unit has suddenly appeared at the back of the police vehicles bonnet to the far left, He has a gun in his right hand which he rests on to the bonnet as he watches the flames expand and take hold. The two police officers kneeling at the side of the police vehicle have instantly lowered themselves flat to the floor in an effort to survive the inferno.


The two armed police guards that were standing next to the corridor exit have now fallen on top of each other as they tried to run away, Another police vehicle is stationary and sits undisturbed on the side walk to the right, As the men approach the bonnet of the vehicle at speed they instantly fall to the floor as they have no time to pass by. The bonnet wobbles slightly as the guard who has his back to the floor makes contact with his right foot.


The men roll on the floor as they try to deflect the intense heat and flames, The guard to the left lifts his right leg high in the air as he rolls while the other lays flat to the floor facing away from the flames while shielding his face with his right hand,


The two guards have little time to react as they tumble and roll on the floor.


The police guard to the left raises his left leg for a second time as he reacts with the fire and flames. The other guard stays low to the floor and prays for his life. A shop that is located next door to the hotel is feeling the heat, The shop front consists of a solid steel metal shutter and the shop is called RAMBIAMOS CHEQUES, This shop deals with Giro's and cheque cashing amongst other finacial matters, The intense heat has penetrated the steel and caused it to buckle and bend creating a loud metallic sound as the shutters fall outwards by a few feet,


The flames and heat have now reached the police vehicle that is parked on the side walk to the right, Huge plumes of fire and brown and dusty smoke hit the vehicle with force.


Thick plumes of smoke engulf the vehicle as smoke and fire explode inside the vehicle and come out the other side, The smoke carries debris and pieces of shrapnel along with it that can only make matters worse.


A loud rumbling and the sound of shattering glass echoes all around as the almighty explosion consumes the police vehicle.


Hopefully no one is sat in the police vehicle or they would be killed.


The police car stands it's ground and luckily has not exploded from the heat.


The police vehicle is nearly entirely consumed by the heat and flames.


Only a small portion of the bonnet is now visible as the flames and heat consume everything in it's path.


The flames and heat now obscure the police vehicle entirely.


The flames and heat refuse to reduce and only seem to be getting worse.


Hot embers and debris rain down on to the vehicle as the flames begin to subside.


Police sirens can be heard from a distance as the intense explosion begins to lose it's heat.


White silvery smoke trails and streaks across the side walk as hot flames blaze up from the floor.


A loud metallic bang is heard as a large sign from the shop located to the right of the hotel corridor called LA CIGUENA GROCERY suddenly falls from it's fixing, The sign swings up and down as it hangs from a single bolt, Thick white smoke bellows from the hotel corridor and has reduced the street to a thick smog that has severely reduced visibility. The steel shutters that buckled out a few feet a few moments ago from RAMBIAMOS CHEQUES have now fallen flat to the floor, In the distance two paramedics can be seen pushing an injured man on a stretcher towards a waiting ambulance, A man looks up towards the destruction as other security personnel and commandos begin to move away from there location, A large amount of security personnel surround a police vehicle that is parked on the corner of the road, (A single Clarinet produces the sound score) Some security and military personnel are knelt down next to the police vehicle.


Several armed police run across the side walk and place there backs against the back of LA CIGUENA GROCERY as they slowly make there way up, Security now presumes they are under attack so are preparing for another search and attack mission. Suddenly a police security unit appears from the right carrying a large human shield, He briefly looks behind him as another police officer brandishing a fire arm in his right hand also runs into view from the right, Another police officer appears at the far left.


The police officer carrying a protective shield turns around again as he raises his right hand high in the air and waves it around twice in a circular motion, He shouts out loudly "Get out of here". Another riot police officer appears from the right, he is wearing a full protective helmet and visor and carries a gun in his right hand,  he has just came out of the smoking hot corridor. A Police car lights flash red and yellow from the far left car number 3949. Armed military personnel look on from the corner of the street on the right hand side in a combat stance.


Mathilda has made it back to Tony's at Guido's restaurant, She is sat down at a table enjoying a glass of milk which Tony has ordered for her, Mathilda is not so thirsty but Tony insisted anyway. Mathilda's hands are soiled and dirty from her experience at apartment 4F and escape. Mathilda holds the glass with both hands as she begins to tap the glass with her fingers producing a loud pinging sound of glass. Mathilda flicks her left "ring" finger with her "middle" finger on her right hand,


Mathilda then flick's her left "Ring" finger with her right "ring" finger.


Mathilda is very sad and tears swell in her eyes, Tony has told Mathilda the bad news about Leon's passing and she has become very emotional, Mathilda has been crying for Leon but has gained a little composure as she sits at the restaurant table with Tony. Mathilda looks up from her glass as Tony suddenly speaks to Mathilda as she sniffs gently, Tony say's, Leon asked me to help you out if ahh... 


Tony signals with his right hand as he say's "If something happened." Tony hesitates then nods positively as he raises his right hand slightly again to express his thoughts on Leon, Tony say's, And I think something happened, right?


Mathilda looks down away from Tony as she sniffs some more with tears swelling in her eyes, Mathilda looks back at Tony as he say's, He put aside a little cash for you. (Tony's face is bruised and has light lacerations after Stansfield's men beat him up when they paid a little visit to Guido's only the day before.)


Tony is also looking down and away from Mathilda as he continues, So, what I'm suggesting is that ahh. Tony looks back at Mathilda and say's as he nods positively slightly, "seeing as how you're still so young" Tony breathes in deeply as he say's, I should hold the money for you, you know, till you're older. Leon nods some more to express his thoughts and say's, Like a bank, you know, Tony looks away slightly, except ahh...


It's better than a bank,


Mathilda looks down in sadness as Tony continues, cos, you know, banks always get knocked off, Mathilda lowers are head as she becomes more emotional, Mathilda has been through a lot and is feeling very lonely, Tony is her only link left with Leon and she desperately needs support and understanding.


Mathilda whimpers softly as she raises her head back up again, Tony continues, No one knocks off old Tony. Mathilda turns and looks directly at Tony again with tears and strong emotions.


Tony looks away from Mathilda as he say's, But's it's it's your money..and (Mathilda sniffles) Tony turns his head and looks in the opposite direction as he say's, and in the meantime, Tony turns his head again still avoiding eye contact with Mathilda, Tony say's, All you gotta do is come here.. Tony breathes in deeply, Tony continues, every once in a while, Tony turns his head from left to right as he explains his plan to Mathilda, Tony continues, and I'll dish it out so that you can have a little fun, Okay?


Mathilda closes her eyes with sadness and deep contemplation as she thinks about Leon and her life, Mathilda never came to Guido's for any money all she wants with all her heart is for Leon to be back with her, Tony is a nice man but he sometimes holds onto the wrong end of the stick and talks about a subject which is slightly off the main focus. Mathilda reopens her eyes as a sound of crinkling money is heard, 


Tony pulls out a handful of american dollar bills as he looks down at the table, Tony begins to sort through the bills as he say's, Here, 


Tony sorts through a bundle of $20 dollar bills with his right hand as he suddenly pushes out a $100 dollar note from the small stack with his thumb, Tony say's, Here's a hundred bucks to start with. Tony picks up the remaining bills and puts them back in his pocket.


Tony leaves the $100 dollar bill face up and just a few inches form Mathilda's hands.


Mathilda looks at Tony with slight disappointment as she looks up and down with her eyes, Mathilda say's softly, Can't I get a job instead?


Tony is slightly taken back and a little surprised that Mathilda has asked him for a job, Tony looks carefully into Mathilda's eyes and nods down as he say's "A job?." 


Tony continues to look at Mathilda for a few seconds while completely silent, Tony then turns his head away slightly as he say's, What the hell can you do?. 


Mathilda instantly replies with a sense of confidence, Mathilda say's, I can clean.


Tony suddenly becomes silent as he looks at Mathilda, his mind ponders on Mathilda's request to clean and is speechless, Tony instantly replies to Mathilda with slight anger and authority, He say's loudly, I ain't got no work for a 12 year old kid. So get it outta


(Tony shouts loudly with anger,) your goddamn head!


Tony shouts loudly with anger, It's over, the game's over!. Mathilda is becoming very emotional and upset as Tony shouts at her with anger, Mathilda looks at Tony with slight contempt but also understands that what Tony is expressing does have meaning,  Mathilda's nostrils move in and out as her face retorts slightly from Tony's shouting, Mathilda is still locked in the past and is deeply hurt and destroyed from inside.


Tony raises his right hand rapidly to signal his feelings as he shouts loudly, Leon's dead!, Mathilda begins to cry and whimper loudly from the loud and angry words of Tony, Tony is starting to make Mathilda see sense and she knows deep down that Tony is right.

Mathilda sobs deeply as she hears the words of Leon's passing.


Mathilda raises her left hand to her face as she continues to weep with a deep sadness and emotional roller coaster. Mathilda looks back at Tony as she cries out loudly almost breaking from her tears in shock at the words from Tony, The words have only hit home and hearing that Leon is dead is proving to be too much for Mathilda to absorb in such a short space of time.

Mathilda looks back down at the table unable to look at Tony's angry face.


Tony shouts loudly again, You hear me!.


Tony has finished what he wanted to say and turns his head away from Mathilda in silence, A singular acoustic guitar begins to play a mellow and slow composition that expresses renewal and hope.


Tony raises his left hand to his brow as he tries to regain his composure and to come to terms with the situation with Mathilda and Leon's passing, Tony is also very sad and hurt from the experience and will need some time to recover.


Mathilda continues to weep and sniffle as she raises her left hand to her brow. A tear falls from Mathilda's right eye as she tries her hardest to come to terms with the situation. Mathilda pushes her hand into her right eye as she rubs the side of her face and touches her hair.


Tony is looking down at the table and is feeling awful for shouting at Mathilda, Tony is uptight and everything that has happened has caused Tony to become angry, He wouldnt normally be like this but under difficult and unexpected circumstances peoples characters change. Tony say's softly,referring to Mathilda's weeping,  Come on....Come On, You think I ain't hurting too?


Mathilda sniffles some more as she looks at Tony as a large tear falls from her left eye and rolls slowly down her cheek, Mathilda is silent and still as she considers Tony's emotions and tribulations.


Tony quickly looks away as he expresses and considers his thoughts, He looks to his left as he ponders the situation, Tony then turns back around as he looks down and slightly away from Mathilda, Tony suddenly looks at Mathilda and breathes out deeply as he say's with a serious tone of voice, "But he's dead."


(A snapping sound is heard), Tony continues, And you're gonna forget all this craziness and get your little ass back to school,


Tony continues, Capiche?. Mathilda flutters her eye lashes as she looks at Tony with a sad and defeated facial expression, Mathilda has stopped crying and is feeling a little better,  Tony continues, Now take this money and get the hell outta here.


Tony raises his right index finger at Mathilda as he say's, And don't let me see your face till next month. Cos something tells me I'm about to lose my famous kind streak.


Mathilda continues to stare at Tony as he turns his head away looking down at the table, Tony has got what he wanted to say off his chest and now Mathilda knows where she stands with Tony and can focus on getting her life back together. If she becomes short of money or needs to talk Tony will always be there for her.


The guitar continues to provide the sound score, A simple piano chord begins to play mixed with dreamy synthesizer chords. Mathilda has left Tony and Guido's restaurant and night time has fallen, Mathilda walks slowly through the busy city with Leon's plant in her left hand and her teddy bear in her right hand, She also has her holdall bag around her left shoulder, Mathilda has her head down and is feeling sad and lonely as she explores the dark cities streets.


New York is a very busy city and is known as the city that never sleeps as it is bustling with people and vehicles 24 hours a day. The cities lights produce a beautiful abstract effect of multiple neon colors as Mathilda continues her slow walk into the cool night.


Mathilda contemplates her life and her situation as she continues her long journey, She does not know what she is going to do now that she has no home to go back to, But God is on her side and she will think of something.


The camera stands motionless as Mathilda walks by revealing a closer connection to the bright and colorful shapes that cascade and sculpt the cities perspective.


Mathilda can use the night time stroll to find a solution to her dilemma


Mathilda has been walking all night and now the morning has broken, The road is very busy with multiple yellow taxis travelling down the long highway. A tram can be seen travelling at a fairly fast pace to the left as it makes it's way over to Roosevelt Island. A large green sign below has displays markings for, Queensboro Dr, with an arrow pointing left.


Roosevelt Island is a narrow island in New York City's East River, It lies between Manhattan Island to its West and the borough of Queens, on Long Island to it's East. 
Total Population    11,551
Male Population    5,644
Female Population    5,907

Though technically part of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island has long felt lost, under the shadow of the Erector-Set Queensboro Bridge in New York's East River. It was once Blackwell Island, then Welfare Island, and has been home to insane asylums and prisons, then hospital outpatients and UN workers.

What exciting attractions are on Roosevelt Island,

four freedoms park.jpg

Four Freedoms Park

The park — a memorial to Franklin Delano Roosevelt — was conceived four decades ago. The visionary architect who designed it died in 1974. The site, a landfill along one of the more dramatic stretches of waterfront in New York City, remained a rubble heap while the project was left for dead.
Louis Kahn is the architect. He completed drawings for the park just before he died suddenly, in Pennsylvania Station, at 73. It gives New York nothing less than a new spiritual heart. That’s to say it creates an exalted, austere public space, at once like the prow of a ship and a retreat for meditation. It’s a memorial, perhaps naïvely optimistic but uplifting and confident, unlike the one at ground zero.


small pox.jpg

Smallpox Hospital

Just before you reach Four Freedoms Park, you’ll walk past the ruins of the weed-covered Smallpox Hospital, which, when it opened in 1856, was the first hospital in the country dedicated to the treatment of the infectious disease. Though you aren’t allowed to wander through the ruins (in the interest of safety), you can still get a good glimpse of the ageing structure from behind the fence.

north point light house.jpg

North Point Lighthouse
It's worth hitting both points of the island. From the south to north point, it's the equivalent of 35 city blocks north, perhaps a 20-minute pleasant walk from the tram (or a five-minute walk from the terminus of the island bus system, which you can ride for free). Once there you'll reach a lonely Gothic-revival lighthouse, built in 1872 by the city to help light a nearby insane asylum. The asylum's gone, but there are some shaded lawns and sitting spots by the lighthouse that look north towards Randall's Island.

61 New York City Roosevelt Island The Oc


A block south of the lighthouse, this mid 19th-century remnant was built as an island retreat, The Octagon was built in 1834 and is a historic octagonal building and attached apartment block complex located at 888 main Street on Roosevelt Island. It originally served as the main entrance to the New York City Lunatic Asylum, which opened in 1841. Designed by Alexander Jackson Davis, the five-story rotunda was made of blue-gray stone that was quarried on the island. The Octagon is the last remnant of the hospital, and after many years of decay and two fires, was close to ruin. After restoration, it has now been incorporated into the adjacent buildings to create a large apartment complex. Mistreatment of patients at the asylum was the center of the exposé by Nellie Bly in her 1887 book Ten Days in a Mad-House.

The octagon was made part of the Metropolitan Hospital in 1894, The Octagon, as a Metropolitan Hospital building, closed in 1955, leaving the building abandoned. On March 16, 1972, despite its condition, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

nellie bly.jpg

Blackwell House
The sixth oldest house in New York City, this clapboard farmhouse built in 1796 dates back to when the island was a private residence (then known as Blackwell island, after its owners). There are currently plans to renovate the house’s interior so that it can be used as a community center. Blackwell House, a gray wooden farmhouse built in 1796 by the Blackwell family when they owned the island. In the 1970s, when the island was developed, architect Giorgio Cavaglieri completely restored the building. Unfortunately, the people who ran the island in the 1990s leased Blackwell House to tenants who did not take care of it. Now, we are in the final steps of obtaining the long promised state funds to do repairs and hope to reopen the house as a community building and preserve this building for the future.

Walk In New York - Roosevelt Island - Th

Roosevelt Island - The Blackwell House


Chapel of the Good Shepherd, an 1889 brick and brownstone chapel designed by Frederick Clarke Withers, who also designed Jefferson Market Courthouse. Originally, the chapel served the residents of the city home or almshouse, which at one time, was home to between 2,000 and 3,000 poor and homeless people. Restored, also by Cavaglieri, in 1975, the church is used by both the Episcopal Church and the Catholic Church. It is also our largest community meeting space.


Blackwell Island Lighthouse, which is also known as Welfare Island Lighthouse and Roosevelt Island Lighthouse is a stone lighthouse built by New York City in 1872. It is at the northeast tip of Roosevelt Island in the East River in Lighthouse park, This 50-foot-tall, gray gneiss, Gothic-style lighthouse was built in 1872. It is not an official Coast Guard lighthouse, but it was commissioned by the city. The lighthouse’s purpose was to “effectually light” the nearby New York City Insane Asylum for boats navigating the treacherous Hell Gate waters. It was designed by architect James Renwick, Jr., whose other works include Smallpox Hospital and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Inmate labor was probably used in the city-run project, but to elaborate much on its construction is to explore legend. The lighthouse was designated a New Yorc City Landmark on March 23, 1976.


The tram continues to travel to the left as it slowly raises up higher and higher into the New York skyline, (The Roosevelt tram system reaches a maximum height of 250 meters)


The tram is just moments away from disappearing behind a large sky rise building.


Mathilda is taking a ride to Roosevelt island as she has decided that she needs time to think and to decide what she should do with her life.  Mathilda looks out of the window to the right as she travels along the horizon.


Mathilda is motionless as she watches the busy streets and roads below.


Mathilda is in deep thought as she contemplates how she can make her life better, 


Mathilda changes her perspective as she looks up at the tall skyscrapers and the symetrical design of the Queensboro Bridge that spans the East River.

The Roosevelt Island Tramway is an aerial tramway, The tramway is the first commuter aerial tramway in North America having opened in 1976, Since then, over 26 million passengers have ridden the tram. The tram consists of two capsules that run back and forth on two parallel tracks. It is one of the few forms of mass transit in New York City not run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, but uses that system's MetroCard and has free transfers to that system.


Mathilda has now returned from Roosevelt Island and has traveled by public transport to Wildwood New Jersey. Several weeks ago Mathilda took a call from her parents bedroom and she spoke with Margaret McAllister, Headmistress at the Spencer School in New Jersey. Mathilda's parents paid a tuition fee for Mathilda to attend but she left without permission. If Mathilda does not return the tuition fee will be forfeited. Mathilda has decided that she will return to the school as she now feels guilty and admits to herself that she should of tried harder. Mathilda wants to honor her dead parents is some way by pulling her socks up and learning for the future. By attending school she can focus on her work as she is deeply affected by all the terrible things that have happened to her. This is Mathilda's way out but she will need to persuade the headmistress to accept her back. 


Birds are heard chirping as Mathilda slowly makes her way towards the Spencer school for Girls. A piano produces the sound score  infused with acoustic guitar and dreamy synthesizer chords.


Mathilda carries her teddy bear and holdall bag in her right hand and Leon's treasured green plant in the left hand.


A light tapping of Mathilda's feet can be heard as she makes her way towards the entrance to the school, It is very quiet and there is no one around, the trees gently sway in the cool breeze.


Mathilda has reached the entrance to the school. A wreath adorns the thick white painted door and there is a brass door knocker that sits in between two door panels and the door has an old brass door handle.


Mathilda approaches the door with an enthusiasm and confidence, She walks at speed in anticipation of the outcome.


Two large and brown ceramic plant pots rest between the stairs and it is all very symmetrical and in order like a good school should be. A brass placard to the left displays the words, HOXIE HOUSE, 1922. 


Mathilda quickly ascends the short few steps required to reach the door. Mathilda is composed and and has a plan on what to say to the headmistress when she finally get's to meet her. Mathilda's feet are heard scuffling as she climbs the stairs.


Mathilda reaches up with her right hand and presses a door bell that is affixed to the left side wall column to alert her presence. (The bell produces a typical old ding dong sound.) Mathilda quickly takes her hand away as she prepares herself.


Mathilda starts to brush her hair with her right hand as she looks away from the door, Mathilda brushes her hair to the right quickly three times down with her hand, She pushes her hand into her thick hair to try and make herself as presentable as possible,

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