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Leaven has been listening to the conversation the whole time and now has the urge to participate, (Worth turns to Leaven) Leaven say's sarcastically, Well Duhh, Have you been on glue all your lives?


(Leaven shakes her head negatively with dismay) 
Leaven lets out a blast of air as she expresses her words, I've felt guilty for ruining the world since I was like 7.


(Leaven breathes out deeply) God,


Leaven continues loudly, If you need someone to blame, throw a rock.


Leaven turns around and walks back to the far wall in anger and frustration, Leaven turns back around and closes her eyes for a fleeting moment as she tries to gather her thoughts.


Leaven quickly snatches her glasses from her eyes with her right hand as she begins to rub her right eye, The broken lens from her glasses has caused Leaven eye fatigue from the many hours focusing on numbers.


Worth looks up from the floor and takes a loud sigh of relief at the same time he taps his hips with his hands, Worth turns to face Holloway and say's, Well, I feel better.


Holloway replies, That's why you stayed with us. (Holloway hesitates) To confess. (Low ambient humming is heard)


Worth is silent and does not respond (High pitched synthesizer key is heard infused with a more prominent rumbling and grinding of cogs and large moving machines)


Leaven is silent as she watches Worth from a distance - (Rumbling continues)


Quentin is still resting against a side wall of the room and is in deep contemplation as he tries to find a solution to his dilemma. (Quentins eyes rapidly shift from side to side)(Quentins cheek muscles twitch and spasm from the strong stresses he is facing.)


Worth is watching Quentin from a distance and has still not made up with him, Worth say's, You still looking for someone to bust, Quentin? 


Quentin is trying his best to control the situation and the group but Worth is having none of it, Worth thinks for himself and Quentin doesn't like it. Suddenly Quentin responds to Worths casual words and slowly lifts his head up from his resting position. 


(A deep synthesizer chord begins to build up in volume) Quentin slowly begins to turn around to face Worth.


Suddenly without warning Quentin becomes extremely aggressive and attempts to hurt Worth with all his might,


Quentin grimaces and grunts loudly as he punches Worth full force into his stomach area, (Loud thud is heard) Worth has been taken by surprise and groans loudly from the forces of Quentin's fist.


(Loud sound of ripping material under pressure is heard) Leaven quickly escapes from her position as Quentin pushes Worth across the floor to the wall behind, 


Quentin uses both of his hands Loud thud is heard as Worth slams hard against the side wall, 


Quentin has now released his dark side and has not finished dishing out his anger and frustrations onto the sarcastic Worth, Quentin continues his onslaught and punches Worth again with his left hand driving his fist hard into his stomach once again. Now that Worth is in a confined space Quentin can really work his stuff, Quentin uses a double combo technique smashing Worth into his stomach with his right and then his left at a continuous amount of blows. 


Kazan watches in silence as Worth takes a beating from Quentin. (More thuds are heard from Quentins fist) Kazan is bouncing his head slightly in an up and down motion as he responds to the rhythm of the punches, Suddenly Leaven shouts at the top of her voice, Quentin! Stop it! Stop It!


Quentin is a split second away from causing great damage to Worth as he raises his left fist to drive it home again, Suddenly a loud slap sound is heard as Leaven instantaneously grabs Quentin's wrist with her right hand. (Kazan has begun to whine at a low level)


(Ambient synthesizer chord is heard) Leaven has surprised the rest of the group by intervening and is cool calm and collective, Leaven say's with a controlled and persuasive tone of voice, We need him.


Quentin continues to allow Leaven to control his left hand as he say's, What for? (Quentin sniffs and breathes loudly from his assertions)


Holloway responds and say's from behind Quentin, Have you gone absolutely mad? Quentin turns his head slightly to hear Holloway out, Holloway continues, He's the only one who knows anything about this place.


(Quentin looks at Worth with anger and evil intent.) Quentin and Worth are frozen in time as the police officer decides the fate of Worth,


(A grunt and then a loud thud is heard)  - Quentin has decided he will give Worth a little more time inside Cube as he himself is none the wiser and maybe Worth can help in trying to get the prisoners out of the maze. Worth falls to the floor hurt and in pain, Quentin will certainly not been in Worth's good books after this stunt.


Quentin looks down at Worth for a few seconds more before turning and walking away, Holloway is silent as she watches Quentin leave the bruised and helpless Worth.


Leaven is definitely on Worth's side as she comes on over to him, Leaven leans down over him on her knees with her arms folded, Leaven lowers her head to almost touching distance as she say's softly, Worth, Worth is breathless and has a humorous hint under his breath, Worth say's Hi!, Leaven continues, So there's this outer shell, Worth swallows then say's Yeah! - Leaven continues, And it's a Cube right? Like This? (Leaven lifts her eyes and looks into the room to indicate the shell is similar in shape to the rooms. Worth's chest expands as he takes a deep breath, Worth say's softly, I assume so? Leaven continues, Are there any doors?  - Worth replies, There's one door. Leaven say's Where? - Worth replies, Wherever the door guy put it. (Low ambient humming is heard)


Worth continues as Quentin turns around having become interested in Worth's knowledge of Cube. Six guesses and it's sealed from the outside. 


Leaven is doing her best to extract as much information from Worth as she possibly can, Leaven say's "And" in a persuasive way, What are the dimensions of the outer shell? Worth begins to splutter his breath momentarily before taking in a large breath of air causing his chest to expand, 434 feet square.


Leaven has finished her interrogation of Worth and stands to her feet, Leaven makes her way over to Holloway before turning around, 


Leaven stands motionless as she places her button back into her mouth with her right hand,


Holloway watches Leaven as she instantly walks on over to Kazan, (A light scrunching of feet is heard from Leaven.) Leaven makes calculated steps as she begins to work out in her head the dimensions of cube from the information Worth told her.


Kazan is silent as he rocks up and down at a rhythmic pace, Leaven stops in her tracks and can not continue in a straight line because Kazan is blocking the way forward.


Leaven speaks with an annoyed and sarcastic tone as she looks up and say's "May I" Kazan is blocking the way and she wishes for him to sit somewhere else.


Holloway instantly responds and quickly comes on over to Kazan, Holloway say's "Come on Honey, slide over" as she assists in moving Kazan out of the way.


Worth is badly bruised and is feeling pain from Quentin's sudden attack, He pushes himself back against the wall with his legs as he groans and breathes out heavily.


Leaven turns around to her right so she is facing the center of the room, Leaven breathes out loudly as she ponders her mathematical equations. Leaven say's in quick succession, 14 by 14 by 14.


Worth responds to Leaven and say's, The inner cube can't be flush with the shell wall I know that, there's a space.


Leaven's button makes a popping sound as she sucks on it, Leaven say's One Cube?


Worth replies, Oh I don't know, it makes sense.


(Pop sound from Button) Leaven say's Ok, Well, (Leaven closes her eyes) The biggest (Leaven opens her eyes)  the cube can be then is...(Closes eyes) 26 rooms high, (Opens Eyes) 26 rooms across, so 


Holloway is intrigued by Leavens calculations.


(Leaven closes eyes) Leaven say's 17.576 rooms (Leaven opens eyes)


Holloway is surprised and quite shocked with Leavens revelations, Holloway responds by saying with amazement, Seventeen thousand, five hundred and seventy-six rooms? (Deep and loud rumbling returns)


Holloway instantly becomes weak and disorientated as the shock of the scale of the maze sinks in.


Holloway slumps to the back wall and is feeling defeated and mentally drained.


Holloway say's, That makes me queasy as she slowly drops down to the floor in a dissolute frame of mind. (Rumbling of machines is heard)


Leaven chews on her button as her mouth moves in an up and down motion, The camera slowly pans into Leavens perplexed face as she ponders a new system of mathematics that may be the key to solving Cube. Suddenly Leaven has a light bulb moment and whispers softly to herself the word "Descartes!, Leavens eyes widen and she now has a new plan and method to decipher the numbers.

Rene Descartes.jpg

René Descartes has been dubbed the "Father of Modern Philosophy", but he was also one of the key figures in the Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century, and is sometimes considered the first of the modern school of mathematics. As a young man, he found employment for a time as a soldier (essentially as a mercenary in the pay of various forces, both Catholic and Protestant). But, after a series of dreams or visions, and after meeting the Dutch philosopher and scientist Isaac Beeckman, who sparked his interest in mathematics and the New Physics, he concluded that his real path in life was the pursuit of true wisdom and science. Back in France, the young Descartes soon came to the conclusion that the key to philosophy, with all its uncertainties and ambiguity, was to build it on the indisputable facts of mathematics. To pursue his rather heretical ideas further, though, he moved from the restrictions of Catholic France to the more liberal environment of the Netherlands, where he spent most of his adult life, and where he worked on his dream of merging algebra and geometry.


The inside of a trap door is now visible and is now of some interest to Leaven.

In 1637, he published his ground-breaking philosophical and mathematical treatise "Discours de la méthode" (the “Discourse on Method”), and one of its appendices in particular, "La Géométrie", is now considered a landmark in the history of mathematics. Following on from early movements towards the use of symbolic expressions in mathematics by Diophantus Al Khwarizmi and François Viète, "La Géométrie" introduced what has become known as the standard algebraic notation, using lowercase a, b and c for known quantities and x, y and z for unknown quantities. It was perhaps the first book to look like a modern mathematics textbook, full of a's and b's, x2's, etc.


A high pitched electronic sound is heard infused with the sound of metal and several squeaks as Leaven opens the trap door from the outside.

It was in "La Géométrie" that Descartes first proposed that each point in two dimensions can be described by two numbers on a plane, one giving the point’s horizontal location and the other the vertical location, which have come to be known as Cartesian coordinates. He used perpendicular lines (or axes), crossing at a point called the origin, to measure the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) locations, both positive and negative, thus effectively dividing the plane up into four quadrants. Any equation can be represented on the plane by plotting on it the solution set of the equation. For example, the simple equation y = x yields a straight line linking together the points (0,0), (1,1), (2,2), (3,3), etc. The equation y = 2x yields a straight line linking together the points (0,0), (1,2), (2,4), (3,6), etc. More complex equations involving x2, x3, etc, plot various types of curves on the plane.


Leaven is pleased with herself as she eagerly makes her way to the strips of numbers that are located at the bottom of each trap door, Leaven say's with excitement "Leaven, you are a genius, Quentin is intrigued by Leavens sudden rush of enthusiasm and say's with curiosity, What? What?

As a point moves along a curve, then, its coordinates change, but an equation can be written to describe the change in the value of the coordinates at any point in the figure. Using this novel approach, it soon became clear that an equation like x2 + y2 = 4, for example, describes a circle; y2 - 16x a curve called a parabola; x2⁄a2 + y2⁄b2 = 1 an ellipse; x2⁄a2 - y2⁄b2 = 1 a hyperbola; etc. Descartes’ ground-breaking work, usually referred to as analytic geometry or Cartesian geometry, had the effect of allowing the conversion of geometry into algebra (and vice versa). Thus, a pair of simultaneous equations could now be solved either algebraically or graphically (at the intersection of two lines). It allowed the development of Newton's and Leibniz's  subsequent discoveries of calculus. It also unlocked the possibility of navigating geometries of higher dimensions, impossible to physically visualize - a concept which was to become central to modern technology and physics - thus transforming mathematics forever.


Leaven chews on her button as she eagerly examines the numbers with a completely new mind set and strategy.


Leaven say's with excitement "Cartesian coordinates, 


Leaven raises her Right hand as she expresses her words "Of Course" (Raises Right hand again) Coded Cartesian coordinates. (A simple chime sound plays out to provide the sound score.)


Leaven turns to speak with Quentin and say's, They're used in geometry (Looks back at grid) to plot points on a 3-dimensional graph. (Looks back at Quentin) Leaven bubbles with happiness as she explains her theory to Quentin. (Looks back at grid) Quentin say's "In English, slower" as he is finding Leavens explanation a little hard to understand.


Leaven looks back at Quentin and say's Bonjour? as she waves her right hand down, Leaven faces the grid once more as she waves her right hand towards them, Leaven say's These numbers are markers, Leaven looks back at Quentin and say's, and grid reference,


(Looks back at grid) (Looks back at Quentin) like like latitude and longitude on a map. Looks back at grid (Swipes right hand towards grid)- The numbers tell us where we are inside the cube. Leaven's body moves towards the grid as she uses her hand again to express her words.


Leaven removes her button with her right hand, Quentin say's, Well, where are we? Leaven begins to scratch coordinates and numbers onto a piece of metal on the floor of the trap door hatch.

Although analytic geometry was far and away Descartes’ most important contribution to mathematics, he also: developed a “rule of signs” technique for determining the number of positive or negative real roots of a polynomial; "invented" (or at least popularized) the superscript notation for showing powers or exponents (e.g. 24 to show 2 x 2 x 2 x 2); and re-discovered Thabit ibn Qurra's general formula for amicable numbers, as well as the amicable pair 9,363,584 and 9,437,056 (which had also been discovered by another Islamic mathematician, Yazdi, almost a century earlier). For all his importance in the development of modern mathematics, though, Descartes is perhaps best known today as a philosopher who espoused rationalism and dualism. His philosophy consisted of a method of doubting everything, then rebuilding knowledge from the ground, and he is particularly known for the often-quoted statement “Cogito ergo sum”(“I think, therefore I am”).


Worth slowly lifts his head as he shows a small amount of interest in Leavens fine work, He does not seem to happy with the situation and is considering how dangerous Quentin is.
(Scratching sound is heard from Leaven)


Leaven beams with excitement as she finally solves a small piece of the puzzle, Leaven say's It works! as she shakes her head positively. Leaven say's Okay umm, All I have to do is add the numbers together. The X coordinate is 19...Leaven looks at the number set then back at her metal scratch pad each time she calculates a number.


Leaven moves her button down the metal sheet as she tries her best to fathom the difficult mathematical cartesian coorordinates.

Leaven scratches in all the numbers she needs to work out the scientific pattern of events.


Leaven say's Y is 26 rooms...


Leaven uses her thumb as a guide as she evaluates the numbers, Leaven say's so that places us...


A scratching sound is heard as Leaven runs the button down the left side of the metal sheet, the numbers 856 are now visible and will have some significance in calculating the prisoners exact theoretical position within cube.


Leavens mouth gyrates around as she ponders her calculations, Leaven turns around to face Quentin and say's, Seven rooms from the edge.


Quentin say's All right, Quentin turns to face Worth and say's "Let's go" as he nods his head towards the white room trap door opening.

 René Descartes also had an influential rôle in the development of modern physics, a rôle which has been, until quite recently, generally under-appreciated and under-investigated. He provided the first distinctly modern formulation of laws of nature and a conservation principle of motion, made numerous advances in optics and the study of the reflection and refraction of light, and constructed what would become the most popular theory of planetary motion of the late 17th Century. His commitment to the scientific method was met with strident opposition by the church officials of the day. His revolutionary ideas made him a centre of controversy in his day, and he died in 1650 far from home in Stockholm, Sweden. 13 years later, his works were placed on the Catholic Church's "Index of Prohibited Books".


Worth signals with his left hand to express his words and say's, Just out of curiosity, I mean don't hit me again, or anything...


Worth continues, But what are you gonna do when you get there?


Quentin leans forward towards Worth with slight anger and frustration as he say', Maybe we can get the door open. Ambient middle keyed synthesizer chord begins to provide the sound score.


Worth moves his head slightly from side to side as he stares at Quentin and murmurs with discontent, Worth then looks away from his agressor not to happy with the situation.


Holloway quickly walks over to Quentin and say's, What we need to do is figure out how to get around the traps. Holloway nods her head forward to emphasize her words.


Quentin raises his voice slightly and pushes his head closer to Holloway before saying, I'm dealing with that Holloway, Quentin looks down as he slams both hands down to emphasize his words, I'm looking for practical solutions here.


Holloway raises her voice and say's, Well, you haven't found any yet. 


(Deep rumbling is heard) Quentin looks away from Holloway and up at the ceiling, Quentin holds his hands by his hips as he sniffs in deeply before looking back at Holloway.


 Quentin say's at a softer tone, We cut the risk with the numbers and the boot, Worth will go in first. (Quentin nods over at Worth)


(Deep ambient synthesizer key is heard similar to echoing pipes) Worth looks at Quentin and huffs with dissatisfaction, he then raises his hand to signal his obedience to his master in a sarcastic way. 


Holloway is totally on Worth's side and is sticking up for him, Holloway say's with a sense of authority, No he won't Quentin! Holloway shouts loudly "We take turns!"


(Cogs and rumbling machines are heard) Quentin smirks before looking down at Holloway and softly saying "Relax"


A light tapping sound is heard as Leaven clicks her button with her fingers to try and reduce the pressure she is under.


Leaven takes a deep breath before popping the button back into her mouth, (Light tap sound is heard as button goes between teeth)


Some time has passed and Leaven is investigating a new trap door from within the white room. Now that Leaven has discovered that the sets of numbers are based on the Cartesian system she is not looking for prime numbers anymore. This new method will hopefully navigate the prisoners to the outer shell of Cube where they may have a chance of escape. Quentin is just behind Leaven and say's "Room for two in there?" as he crawls on hands and knees to meet up with her. (Metal tapping is heard from Quentin.) (Quentin grunts as he reaches Leavens position)


Quentin looks at Leaven and say's with a inquiring tone of voice - "What's the matter?" 

Leaven looks at Quentin then back at the number grid and say's, These coordinates, 14, 27, 14. (A loud sound of rumbling and vibrating machines and cogs is heard) 

Quentin replies, What about 'em?

Leaven replies, Well they don't make sense. Assuming the Cube is 26 rooms across, There can't be a coordinate larger than 26. (Machines and cogs slowly fade away) If this were right, then we would be outside of the cube. Leaven nods her head at Quentin as she explains her theory before looking up. Leaven hesitates then say's No, as she questions herself, not outside of the Cube.


Leaven hesitates then say's No, as she questions herself, not outside of the Cube.
Leaven begins to crawl forward into the new room as Quentin say's with a dry sense of humor,  Oh, I guess that means we're not having dinner.


The group have now reached the 5th room and are only two rooms away from reaching the edge if Leavens calculations are correct, Kazan has stopped his whining but is now humming the words "Trap Trap Trap Trap" over and over in a continuous pattern. Kazan rubs his hands together with frustration and excitement as he looks down into a new room. Quentin say's, Let's hope this ones safe as the group look down with high expectations. Worth strains as he opens the floor trap door, (Loud squeaking and metallic friction is heard from the trap door)


All is quiet as the entire group bend there heads down and over the square gap to see what they can see.


All five prisoners stare down into the dark blue color coded room as the try and evaluate if it is safe or not to enter. Suddenly Kazan shouts out loudly Trap! which causes the sound to ehco and bounce around the new room, 


Instantly a loud metallic noise is heard from within the room that indicates that the room is activated by sound pressure. A split second later long and very sharp titanium spikes begin to shoot out from every direction.


Kazan is enjoying every moment as he beams with happiness and extreme excitement, The others watch as the room becomes a mass of tightly spaced spikes that have every intention of killing any and everything that would be foolish enough to be there. A loud rumbling sound infused with a high pitched scratching effect is heard as the spikes come out of the walls at high speed.


The spikes protrude out to a full extension and then instantly stop for a fleeting moment to make sure the prey has been killed.


Kazan moves his mouth around a few times as he continues to enjoy the show, Moments later the sharp spikes begin to rapidly retreat back into the walls. A fast echoing pipe effect is heard as the spikes gracefully fade away.


The spikes quickly retreat back inside the walls in two movements.


The prisoners are mesmerized by the room as they continue to stare in at the death trap room, Kazan is enjoying every moment and thinks it is a game to play, Kazan shouts again loudly into the room, Trap!


Once again the spikes shoot out from the walls at speed producing a loud rumbling and metallic scratching sound.


The many spikes produce a Criss cross type of pattern as they interconnect and span across the room, 


A high pitched metal sound is heard as the last of the spikes eject out from the walls and stop dead once again.


More echoing pipe sounds are heard as the spikes retract back into the walls, 


Quentin whispers softly, "Sound activated" as he continues to look down.


Quentin leans slowly forward as he tries to get a better view and understanding of the new room. (Ambient wind sound is heard from the room the prisoners are located)

All five prisoners stare in at the room below as they ponder there situation.


Suddenly Quentin shouts out "Boo" as he wants a second opinion on the noise activated room.


Spikes suddenly explode out from the walls either side of the trap door which causes Quentin to quickly move his head away from the gap from shock and fright. (Metallic metal sounds are produced)


Spikes rapidly expand and spread out across the room without mercy.


More echoing pan effects are heard almost like a voice synthesizer as the spikes quickly retreat back at speed.


Kazan is super impressed with the room and does not understand the extreme danger in front of him.


The sharp spikes quickly retreat from hence they came.


If Leavens calculations are correct this is the next room that will lead them to the outer shell but it seems that she may of got her mathematical prognosis wrong this time.

The spikes rapidly vanish back inside the walls in unison and exact speed.


Another metal sound is heard as the spikes return to inside the circular patterns which make up the subliminal art features.


To the weary traveler jumping down inside this room will result in death.


Quentin slowly stands to his feet as the sound of the trap door closing is heard (Sliding squeaking sound with an air blast is heard) 


Quentin puts his hands to his hips as he say's Lovely. (Deep Thud sound is heard as trap door closes) Leaven stares down at the floor in contemplation. 


Kazan and the others have also now stood up, Kazan flutters his fingers once again as Holloway looks up at the ceiling in thought.


Leaven say's, How come the sound of the door opening didn't set it off?


Quentin say's as he looks over at Leaven, Must be rigged to ignore it.


Quentin looks back and over at Holloway as she say's, So that's it, The edge is surrounded by traps.


Leaven replies, Well, I guess we have to backtrack (Leaven hunches) and try somewhere else.


Leaven looks over at Quentin and Holloway with confusion and disappointment on her face. Worth looks to Quentin as Quentin say's, Who knows how many detours we'll have to take.


Quentin looks down as he say's with confidence, I say we cross the bitch.


Holloway responds to Quentin's idea as she splutters her breath and say's Right! in a sarcastic way, Holloway can't believe Quentin could suggest such a crazy thing. (Kazan rapidly flutters fingers)


Quentin looks at Holloway as he tries to explain his more sensible approach to the situation, How many boots do we have left, Holloway? 


Quentin looks down at the feet of the prisoners and so does Holloway, Every prisoner had a pair of boots each at the very beginning, but now after all the testing of rooms only Kazan has a boot left. (Camera pans up) 


Holloway slowly looks back at Quentin before Quentin say's, Get it off him, Referring to Kazan's boot.


Quentin looks over at Leaven and Worth and say's, We know how it works, We just have to be quiet.


Worth understands the sensitivity of the room and say's with sarcasm, That's pretty fucking quiet. Leaven looks at Worth with a face of worry.


Kazan glitches his right cheeks several times as he flutters his fingers, Quentin say's to Worth, I'm glad you're on side Worth, 'cause... 


Quentin slaps Worth's right shoulder with his right hand (Loud slap sound is heard) Quentin say's, you're up,


A high pitched and excited sound emanates from Kazan which causes Quentin to look over at him, Quentin snaps back at Kazan with arrogance and distaste for the retarded man, Quentin say's And he's not coming.


Holloway responds and say's, Of course he is.


Quentin becomes slightly angry and instantly steps forward between Leaven and Worth towards Holloway, Quentin say's, No way. 


Quentin is adamant that Kazan can only slow the group down and create more problems than solve them.


Holloway comes closer to Quentin and say's with a serious tone of voice,  Your not leaving him behind.


Quentin replies loudly, He's unpredictable. Quentin looks to his right momentarily as he emphasizes the edge of the Cube maze, Quentin say's, When we get to the edge we can come back for him.


Quentin raises his voice in anger as he shakes his fists down at the floor and say's, But he'll get somebody killed here.


Quentin turns to face Worth and Leaven before saying, Am I right? Quentin wants a second opinion.


Worth stares at Quentin in silence while Leaven stares ahead with her mouth wide open from the shock and horrible intentions of Quentin.


Holloway say's in a soft voice, Shame on you, which causes Quentin to quickly turn his head towards Holloway.


Holloway is trying to make Quentin see sense as she say's, Will you look at yourselves? 


Holloway shakes her head negatively as she say's, What have you turned into? (Kazan flutters fingers)


Quentin listens intensively as Holloway tries to soften Quentin with her meaningful words of wisdom, They may have taken our lives away, but we are still human beings. Holloway has an edge of sadness as she speaks to the group.


Holloway nods her head negatively again and say's That's all we've got left.


Leaven responds and say's, We'll come back for him.


Holloway say's as she fleetingly twists her head right and back, That's a lie and you know it. Holloway nods forward to express her words.


Worth is silent as he scrunches his eyes and looks down not wanting to provide his thoughts on Kazan. (Loud rumbling is heard)


Quentin's eyes veer up at the ceiling from the loud rumbling of machines before he turns with his hands to either side of his head,


Quentin takes a deep breath of air and is contemplating if he should keep Kazan in the group or leave him alone. (Vibrating and loud squeaking of machines and moving cogs is heard)


Quentin looks away from the group in silence as the loud rumbling and intermittent vibration continues.


Kazan rocks forward slightly as he softly hums to himself, Kazan's eyes shift from left to right -  Worth slowly walks behind Kazan then faces forward, Worth sighs out loudly before saying, He'll be quiet, Worth has put his authority on Kazan and will now have to keep him on his toes or Quentin will become very angry.

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