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The Swordsmen are silent and in synchronicity with each other as they prepare to join swords once again.


With a slow and meticulous approach the swordsmen lift there hands up high above there heads with swords in hand as they look at one another.


The Lord looks on in silence and complete solitude as he watches the swordsmen carry out there duties, Now the swordsmen are going to create a star formation with there swords, As the swords are raised they point them down at a slight angle as they carefully insert the sharp pointed end into a gap into each of the swords metal handles.


The Swordsmen now bring the swords down evenly as they have now formed a large star formation, 


A metallic grating sound is heard as the swords are pushed closer and tighter together to form a Star of David type of shape. Great effort and dexterity is required to achieve a perfect and strong star, Each sword is woven in and out of the other swords it touches so that a tight and very strong star shape is formed. Each swordsmen has to deal with two swords one is his own and the other is the sharp pointed end from one of his team. 12 hands now control the star shape which adds to its strength.


The Star of David is a symbol commonly associated with Judaism and the Jewish People. In Hebrew, it is called Magen David (“Shield of David”). A six-pointed star, the Star of David is composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down. The Hebrew name for the symbol – a hexagram formed by two overlapping triangles, one pointed upward and the other downward – comes from its supposed resemblance to King David’s shield. However, use of the Star of David as a Jewish symbol only became widespread in 17th-century Europe, when it was used displayed on synagogues to identify them as Jewish places of worship.. In antiquity, the most commonly used symbol of Judaism was the menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum that stood in the Temple in Jerusalem before it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E. Albeit no longer as popular a symbol as it once was, the menorah is still used as the official emblem of Israel and its various government entities, and it appears on the back of the 10-agorot coin (which is worth about 3 cents). (A design competition is being held at present, however, in order to come up with a new symbol for the Knesset.)


In 1897, the Zionist movement adopted the Star of David as its emblem. In 1948, it was incorporated into the design of the flag of the new State of Israel, and it is used today to symbolize everything from Israel Air Force planes to the local version of the Red Cross, the Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) emergency paramedic service.

One of the earliest uses of the Star of David as a symbol of Jewish identity was in 1354, when Charles IV King of Bohemia granted the Jews of Prague the right to bear a red flag depicting the Star of David and Solomon’s Seal (a Star of David within a circle). After Jews were emancipated following the French Revolution, many of their communities selected the Star of David as their emblem. The hexagram associated with the Star of David has throughout history been used by other religions as well. In Hinduism, it is referred to as the shatkona, with the upward triangle in the star shape representing Shiva (the masculine side of God) and the downward-pointing triangle representing Shakti (the feminine side of the divinity). The symbol thus generally represents the merging of the male and the female, and, the elements of fire and water, respectively. The Star of David also appears in the architecture of Mormon places of worship, where it symbolizes the union of heaven and earth, with God reaching down to man and man reaching up to God.

King David's "Shield" from the film in which Richard Gere portayed King David. "Thou O Lord Art a Shield for me"


Image Above - The Anniversary of the King of Bohemia, Charles IV.

By the early 20th century, the symbol was used in the realm of international sporting events by Jewish competitors as a proud expression of their identity. One of the early popularizers of the Star of David was Hakoah Vienna, an all-Jewish club founded in 1909 (and disbanded in 1938 by the Nazis) that fielded athletes competing in fencing, soccer, swimming, field hockey, track and field, wrestling and other sports. The symbol was the club’s official emblem and it appeared on all uniforms.


Jewish boxers in the U.S. have been known since the early 20th century for having a Star of David stitched onto their trunks. Most famously, Jewish world heavyweight champion Max Baer, sported a Star of David on his trunks when he knocked out German boxing champion Max Schmeling in 1933 to claim the title of heavyweight champion of the world. More recently, Orthodox Jewish American boxer Dmitry Salita, 32, took “Star of David” as his fighting name. Perhaps, more unusually, the hexagram is also a symbol in U.S. gang culture of the Black Disciple Nation (which later merged to become Black Gangster Disciple Nation), which originated in Chicago. The use of the symbol is associated with the group’s founder, David Barksdale, who is known by his fellow criminals as King David.

Image Right  - Charles IV, King of Bohemia; Holy Roman Emperor | by Will S.


Suddenly Lord Summerisle shouts loudly Chop! As soon as the Lord ignites the start of the next stage of the ceremony the rest of the islanders begin to shout out loudly, Chop! Chop! Chop!, It is continuous and repetitive and there tone of voice indicates that they are welcoming and exciting the word, Punch looks over at the large congregation of islanders as he waits for his turn.


A musician begins to play his Scottish bagpipes as the swordsmen raise up the Star of David high in the air, Lord Summerisle begins to run at a controlled pace towards the sacred stone as everyone watches with baited breath and excitement.


The Lord has nearly made his way to the star formation as he lowers his head, (Chop Chop Chop) is heard from the islanders.


The Lord is the first person to go underneath the sharp swords to initiate the next stage of the celebrations. 


The Lord has now lowered himself under the sharp swords and instantly stands up so that his head is inside the star, This activity was noted by Sergeant Howie when he visited the local library a few days earlier, 


The Swordsmen quickly lower the star shape down onto the shoulders of Lord Summerisle as the islanders continue to shout out Chop! Chop! Chop!, This part of the celebration is a game of chance as each islander will take turns to run into the star and allow the swordsmen to lower the sharp blades around there neck, At any time the swordsmen can push the swords closely together and decapitate the person as a sacrifice for Nuada and Avellanau.


Lord Summerisle is motionless for a few fleeting seconds as he allows himself to be at the mercy of the sharp swords before bending down and quickly leaving the sacred stones to allow the next participant to try there luck.


The swordsmen quickly raise there swords again for the next adventurous soul, A man wearing a batman type of mask is next in line to take on the sword challenge. (Chop! Chop! Chop!) Bagpipes continue to play

The brave man runs forward as not to displease his master or his friends, He holds a stick with ribbons in his right hand and shows a face of worry but also deep thought for his deities. A man from the crowd suddenly shouts out Chop! very loudly breaking the unison of the rest of the crowd. His excitement has got the better of him as he anticipates his turn and that of the batman wearing islander.


Other islanders run behind the batman mask wearing man in anticipation of there turn as they wait in long singular lines, The swords men quickly lower the sharp swords over the head of the man until they rest on his shoulders, A few seconds pass as the man looks down awaiting his fate, At any time the swordsmen can close the swords killing the islander and this man feels free and internally elated that he was chosen for this game. The swords are raised and the man leaves the sacred stones having survived the game of chance, Chop! Chop! Chop! continues from the islanders.


The Librarian and the dog faced islander suddenly move from there position as they enthusiastically chant the words Chop! Chop! Chop!, The Librarian is in line also and will have to go under the swords, No one can cheat or escape there fate and each islander must go under the swords or they will be considered a coward and a traitor.


Another mask wearing islander quickly makes his way inside the star as not to slow down the long line of eager participants. The Lord walks off towards the large stones having taken his turn, Punch watches with intrigue as he stands motionless, The swords are lowered for a few seconds and the man is released having survived the challenge. Chop! Chop! Chop! is continuously chanted.


The Lord takes a few short steps before turning back around to watch his heathen brothers and sisters take there chance inside the star, 


The swords are lowered over the mans head and rest on his shoulders for a few seconds before he also ducks and escapes with his life.


T.H.Lennox has placed his trusty vintage camera in a suitable location to capture the moment when the swords are closed up, He is very set in his ways and is fiercely independent as a school of thought and considers the old camera much better than the more modern equivalents.


Suddenly the chemist and part time photographer reaches up and removes his mask with both hands, he does not want to miss the show and wants to ensure that he has a good scope of vision for that critical moment in time, 

T.H.Lennox quickly drops the mask to the floor with his right hand.


(Chop! Chop! Chop!) T.H.Lennox is in deep concentration as he watches from a distance, He quickly puts his hands underneath a black cloth that is used to keep light away from the lens as he prepares to take that important photograph.


The Butcher is still swaying from left to right with his stick in rhythm with the chanting as John Young the fishmonger follows behind wearing his treasured Salmon of Knowledge costume and mask.

Life On Mars - Dexter Wansel

The Fish monger is also keen to go under the swords as the Scottish bagpipes continue to play.


Miss Rose suddenly appears from behind one of the large rocks as her hair blows wildly in the cool breeze, She watches with interest and happiness as the islanders one by one go under the star formation.


Punch is still the odd one out as he stands all alone looking from right to left at the bizarre proceedings, Chop! Chop! Chop!


T.H.Lennox has lowered himself under the black cloth as he focuses his vintage camera onto the daring islanders, The Butcher stands next to Ash Buchanan who is wearing a foxes mask and a tartan colored kilt with sporran. They both move there heads slightly from side to side as they anticipate the proceedings.


Punch turns his head to his left as he watches the islanders go into the star formation, 


The sharp swords quickly raise back up for the next lucky contestant. Chop Chop Chop - Bag pipes


The Star of David wobbles up and down slightly as the swordsmen carefully hold it up high, 


Now it is the Librarians turn to go under the swords, She quickly makes her way forward as she takes her chance on life. Chop! Chop! Chop!


The Librarian is slightly hesitant and fearful as she looks up at the sharp and silvery swords that could snap closed at any second, 


The swordsmen are also chanting Chop! Chop! Chop! as they lower the swords down onto the shoulders of the Librarian, For a few fleeting seconds the woman is motionless and deep in thoughts for her life and that of her deities, She stares ahead hoping that Nuada will give her an unworthy second chance as she gives her life to her heathen members.


Suddenly the moment has passed and the sword formation raises up allowing the Librarian to pass, Her face lights up immediately with elation and thankful praise to Nuada for allowing her to live for another year.


The islanders are passing through the star formation quick and fast as another brave warrior steps forward wearing a frog mask, 


Chop! Chop! Chop!, An elderly fisherman who Howie met when he first arrived onto the shores of Summerisle quickly walks past Oak who snaps the mouth of his dragon creating a loud Yak sound of wood.


The swords are quickly lowered down onto the frog mask wearing heathen as he takes his chance in life, The islanders continue to excite the swordsmen with there chop chop chop persuasion and enthusiasm.

giphy (1).gif

The dark orangey clouds are still slowly floating to the left as the sunset becomes much more prominent, More time has passed and each stage of the ceremonial process is based on a tight time scale as the small sacrifice must coincide before darkness falls. (Time, the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole).


Punch is still stood on his own and must feel a little left out from the fun and games, He continues to watch the islanders pass under and away from the star of David as the time ticks on.


Suddenly a hand appears from the left of Punch without him noticing,


The hand continues to come closer to Punches face when suddenly without warning it grabs Punch by the nose.

Punch retorts with shock and pain as he groans OOH, The hand is squeezing tightly onto Punches nose and will not let go. Suddenly the Lord speaks and say's, Everyone must go through, MacGreagor. Punch raises his right hand to his mask so that it does not fall off from the pulling and squeezing hand of Lord Summerisle.


As Lord Summerisle continues to pull at Punches nose and lead him over to the swords he say's, It's a game of chance, remember. Chop! Chop! Chop!


Miss Rose is still peeping out from the side of the large rock as she watches Lord Summerisle lead Punch by his nose to the game of chance, She is feeling excited and is anticipating an outcome to the madness.


The Lord smiles wildly as he Twizzles Punch around with both hands so that he is facing forward towards the swords, The Lord has decided to push Punch into the queue a few participants back so that he does not have to wait in a long line from the very back of the maddening pack.


Another islander takes her chance as the swords are quickly lowered into place. Chop! Chop! Chop!

Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band

The Queen of the May who was transported by horse and cart is now in line to go under the swords, She wears a large Rabbit costume and has a wreath of flowers around her large bunny ears, Miss Rose has left the side of the large rock and is accompanying the Queen as she holds her right hand with both of hers, The Queen of the May takes a few short steps closer to the swords as she waits behind Punch the simpleton of the village and King for the day. Chop! Chop! Chop!


A female islander wearing a light blue and white patterned dress who dons a birds mask is next to step under the sharp swords, Miss Rose has moved to the other side of the Queen of May as she provides support for her, A rabbit wearing heathen is behind Miss Rose and the Queen wearing a bright yellow dress, and behind the rabbit is Willow who will also have to go under the swords.


The bird wearing islander is seconds away from her fate as Punch stands just two paces away. More islanders are appearing from the very back and the line is very long, (This could take some time but Nuada will make the decision to stop the game) Scottish bagpipes continues to play - Chop! Chop! Chop!, An islander stood to the other side of the Queen suddenly turns her head to face her


Another brace participant takes her chance with the swords of chance, 


A few seconds pass and the swords are raised to let the woman pass, Punch is just behind and is moments away from taking his chance also.


Punch steps under the Star of David as he looks up at the bright blue sky, He can only pray that it is not he that is decapitated considering he is a fool and cattle grinder this very day.


Suddenly the blades come down over the head of Punch until they hover between the center of his neck line, The blades sway up and down slightly as Punch takes his chance. Chop! Chop! Chop! -


Oak snaps the mouth of his snap dragon one time while Punch is under pressure from the sharp blades,


A wooden Yak sound is heard yet again as the Scottish bagpipes continue to ring out into the arena. The day is beginning to lose light as sunset approaches, 


A few seconds pass and the blades do not snap closed but instead raise up to allow Punch to live another day to his utter relief.


Punch looks to his right at one of the swordsmen as he quickly walks away from the sword formation that is held high by the six swordsmen.


It is now time for the Queen of the May to step under the swords, She bends down as low as she can as Miss Rose places light pressure on her back with both hands, Chop! Chop! Chop!


It is now time for the Queen of the May (Or Bunny) to step under the swords, She bends down as low as she can as Miss Rose places light pressure on her back with both hands, The swordsmen to the left suddenly raises his left arm and outstretches it so that he is holding on to the next swordsmen s sword just below the handel.

The islander with bunny suit is now under the star as it begins to slowly raise down onto her shoulders. - Scottish bagpipes continue - Chop! Chop! Chop!


As the blades lower to the Queens shoulders the Scottish bagpipes and the Chop! Chop! Chop! sound from the islanders suddenly stops, Now all is very quiet as the blades vibrate in a slight up and down motion, The Queen bunny moves her head from side to side but all is still.


A singular key note twang from a guitar is heard to provide the sound score as the camera blurs and distorts the sun from being seen at a normal focal range.


As the guitar sound slowly fades the camera refocuses to reveal a sharp and more detailed horizon, Birds can be heard tweeting but no other noises are evident.


Suddenly without warning a loud snapping grinding sound of metal is heard as the swords are rapidly pulled away from the shoulders of the Bunny,


The Bunny head bends and loses it's stability as it flops over to the right as the blades cut into the neck, The swordsmen quickly look away to protect there faces as the blades cut deep into the fabric of the head costume.


The large Bunny head has become completely decapitated as it shoots off to the left at high speed.


The large Bunny head has become completely decapitated as it shoots off to the left at high speed. Everyone gasps loudly as Punch shouts out with shock and fear "NO" as the head falls to the floor. Punch stands back with the surprise outcome and now thinks that someone has suffered fatal injuries.


All is strangely silent again as the islanders look down at the head and body of the Bunny with fear and shock on there faces, The librarian is also shocked to the core as her mouth opens wide then back again from the injustice.


Punch quickly makes his way around the islanders as he goes to investigate further, 


Punch and four other islanders look on down at the severed Bunnies head with a sense of shock and worry, A scuffling of feet is heard as everyone in the vicinity moves at the same time a few steps forward as they try to fathom the situation,  Miss Rose is stood to the right and is looking down at the body of the deceased while the swordsmen and other festival participants are also looking on down at the motionless body of the Queen May. Even Oak the snap dragon controller is concerned as he looks on from the very far back.


A swordsmen stood near the motionless body lowers his sword towards the body while Miss Rose bends down to check to see if the islander is dead or maybe not. An islander to the far right wearing a yellow black and yellow stripey skirt points her right index finger at the severed head as she brings the horrible sight to the attention of others, The Librarian is tightly holding onto one of the swordsmen with both hands as she waits with baited breath.


Another twang of an echoing guitar string is heard as the scenery changes from focused to blurred once again, 


The camera continues to zoom in as it blurs the image further, All is quiet and no sounds can be heard.


More scuffling of feet and birds are heard as Miss Rose checks on the motionless body to see if there is any life and movement.


Miss Rose quickly bends down onto her knees as she places both of her hands to the ground for support, Miss Rose then sits down as she looks over the motionless body with a serious concern. 

Can You Feel It - The Jackson 5

Suddenly a right arm raises from the motionless body and pulls away a large piece of Rabbit fur material that is obscuring the persons face. All is revealed as a beaming and smiling girl hides behind the costume, Miss Rose suddenly changes from shock and worry to one of elation and pure happiness as she realizes that the person is alive and very much in good health.


As the young girls face becomes visible an islander shouts out with happiness, "It's Holly", The girl lifts her head up and starts to laugh with a rapturous giggle of delight and mayhem, Miss Rose also begins to laugh with incredible delight at the surprise of the event and the girl.


The Librarians face also changes to one of sheer happiness and relief as she sets eyes on Holly who was secretly designated and chosen to be the Queen of the May for today's festivities, The islander shouts out again with a sense of pride and impressed thoughts, "Well Done!" 


Willow beams with happiness as she realizes it is Holly and that she is okay.


Willow puts her hands to her face as she tries to contain her excitement and happiness for Holly who has miraculously come back from the dead, The crowd has suddenly changed from silent and worried to happy and loud, They chatter and laugh amongst themselves with sheer delight from the major surprise Nuada has implemented.


As the islanders laugh loudly a man is heard saying loudly, It's wee Holly, The woman to the far right wearing a large dog mask is also very happy and relieved that everything is okay, She cusps her hands together to emphasize her delight, Everyone is smiling wildly and the celebrations have suddenly turned into one very noisy party.


The islanders are having the best times of there lives as they beam and laugh with elation.


Suddenly Lord Summerisle appears from the left to greet and meet Holly the star of the celebrations, He lowers his left hand as an offering to help Holly to her feet.
The Librarian turns to her right as she looks at a swordsmen wearing a black jumper, The swordsmen smile brightly as they laugh with happiness also, Punch just stands in one spot and does not seem as happy as the others, Miss Rose begins to stand up as the noise from the crowds becomes the prominent sound. Another male islander also shouts out, "It's wee Holly" to the delight of the congregation.


A fisherman wearing a black suit jacket and light brown trousers turns to face another man who is carrying an eagle mask in his hands, He quickly attempts to grab the mask but the other man pulls it away , Punch turns to his left as he watches other islanders laugh and chatter among themselves, Miss Rose bends her body slightly as she looks over to her right at the man wearing a black suit and light brown trousers, A woman wearing a yellow black and white stripey dress holds her face mask up with her left hand to her hair before lowering the mask down, Her right hand is stroking the side of her right side face as she turns at an angle towards Punch.


Lord Summerisle pulls Holly up from the floor while holding a posy of green herbs in his right hand, Two men confer next to the Librarian while the woman wearing a yellow black and white stripey dress continues to caress her hair.


Lord Summerisle turns around to his right to face some swordsmen as he say's loudly, Now my friends, The Lord hesitates then say's as he turns back slightly to his left,  "To the beach." 


As soon as the Lord's instructions are heard everyone begins to chant "To the Beach over and over again with sheer elation and delight. The Lord turns more to his left as he begins to walk off towards the beach while holding Hollies right hand with his left hand. Miss Rose has picked up the loose rabbit material that Holly had thrown off of herself as she puts her right arm around Punch. Several islanders raise there hands with excitement knowing that they are off to the beach there happiness is tenfold.


The Lord keeps Holly close by him as he walks along a wooded path towards the beach, The Librarian is also with the Lord as she walks quickly forward, Holly hops and skips with delight from the day's activities,


The swordsmen and the rest of the islanders follow behind as they laugh and chatter loudly amongst themselves. A man is heard saying loudly, Come on Man!  A woman in front wearing a patterned red black and white dress turns to her left as she looks at one of the swordsmen who is extremely happy, She carries a tambourine in her right hand.


Oak has been left behind at the sacred stone circle and is in the middle of escaping from his snap dragon suit, Oak raises the costume vertically so that the back end is raised up and the front end including dragon head is flopped over, He scuffles and pulls his arms and legs to release himself from the well over due costume, The materials flow in and out from the forces of Oak and the cool breeze.


Suddenly a loud jingling of bells is heard as Oak escapes out of the back of the costume, The costume collapses down at rapid speed at the front first falling just behind the dragon head into a large pile of sheets, This is followed by the rest of the costume in a continuous motion of cascading materials.


Oak quickly runs off to his left as he tries to catch up with the rest of the islanders.


The islanders are walking at speed as they make there way down the garden path that will lead them onto the beach,


Tambourines can be heard jingling as well as loud noises from the crowd. Men and woman laugh and giggle chatter and chant as they follow each other in a snake like formation.

I Found Lovin' - The Fatback band

Oak has caught up with Lord Summerisle as he walks out in front of the pack with the Lord, and Holly. Willow can be seen walking next to the grave digger and John MacGreagor the baker. The butcher is also just behind and several local fishermen are also recognizable, Punch has his head turned towards the sea as he walks along at a fair pace as his arms lift up and down with his body movements. (Loud jingles are heard from the tambourines)


All the islanders are cheerful and chatter amongst themselves as they walk along the beach, A large wave rolls in producing a loud crashing sound of water, The Harbour master is walking next to the Butcher and next to him is T.H.Lennox the chemist who wears a fox mask and is carrying his vintage camera in his left hand.


The grave digger holds the right arm of Willow as they confer with each other, It is quite breezy on the beach and also quite noisy from the waves and wind. The Lord carries a sickle and a posy of herbs in his right hand.


A horse and cart is now visible as the islanders get closer, The cart is loaded with four large wooden kegs of Summerisle homemade beer and each keg has a wreath of flowers attached to the rim on either side. Two coachmen and beer handlers are waiting patiently for the large group to arrive, Lord Summerisle has requested the cart and beer because he always makes a small sacrifice to Nuada and Avellanau and the God of the sea to bring forth a plentiful and abundant harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables. 


A large axe has been placed on top of one of the kegs for the Lords convenience,  As soon as the Lord reaches the cart he immediately climbs up on top of it as the crowd watch and chatter loudly from behind.


The Lord stands upright as he reaches the elevated wooden platform before picking up the axe with his right hand and then his left. He looks out to sea as his black wig blows in the cool breeze.


The Lord stands upright as he faces the sea with the Axe firmly held with both hands. The green plants and flowers fluster wildly from the strong sea air, The Lord begins to speak to his deities with a loud and powerful voice of seriousness, He say's, O God of the sea,


The sea creates a torrent of sound as the waves crash into shore, The Lord continues, I offer you this ale as a libation - (a drink poured out as an offering to a deity) 


The beer handlers hold a large keg of ale steady from either side as they look up at the Lord as he makes his important speech to the God of the sea. The beer handler to the right wearing a green jumper then looks away again, The keg rocks slightly from side to side from the heavy pressures it produces.


The Lord continues, That you may bestow upon us in the year to come the rich and diverse fruits... The Lords dress flows and lifts up and down from the sea breeze.


The Lord stretches his arms out further with axe in hand as he says with passion and zeal, Of your kingdom...


Without further hesitation Lord Summerisle raises the heavy axe high in the air as he prepares to strike down onto the prepared beer keg with all his might.


Lord Summerisle extends his hands high as he swings the axe behind his head for maximum power.


Lord Summerisle pause momentarily with axe held high as he prepares to swing down the heavy blade into the thick wooden staves.


A barrel, cask, or tun is a hollow cylindrical container, traditionally made of wooden staves bound by wooden or metal hoops. ... Modern barrels and casks can also be made of aluminum, stainless steel, and different types of plastic, such as HDPE.


Suddenly a loud wooden thud is heard then a loud squeaking as the axe penetrates the wood of the keg, The force of the blade pushes a large splinter of wood out from the right as the beer handler to the right turns away to protect his eyes from any flying debris.


More squeaking is heard as the Lord twists and pulls with the axe handle to try and release the heavy blade from the wood.


The Lord slides his right hand down the axes wooden handle before pulling up with his hand, This action releases the blade revealing a large hole that is now visible in the large beer keg. Small splinters and wooden chips expel from the large gap as the axe is raised.


As soon as the axe is raised the islander who have congregated behind the horse and cart begin to chant loudly, "Hail" An islander to the left wearing a blue shirt raises his right hand to his hair and brushes across the top of his head before lowering his arm again.


The islanders continue to chant, God of the seas!, A wooden rumbling sound is heard as the two beer handlers suddenly roll the large keg down the specially prepared ramp towards the sea.


The keg of ale is full to the brim with alcohol and as it rolls down the ramp, the beer explodes out from the large gap Lord Summerisle created just moments ago creating a spray effect each time the barrels perforated side reaches the top.


The beer handler to the right gives the barrel a good push to ensure that it rolls into the water as the beer is an offering to the god of the sea and must be consumed by the salted ocean.


A dark and pale stout squirts and bellows out of the old wooden keg as the barrel twists at high speed towards the water.


The islanders are watching the barrel roll into the sea as they continue to chant loudly, Accept our offering!


Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is one of the twelve Olympian gods and also Zeus’s brother. He is also known for causing earthquakes, calming horses, and for causing storms in general. His primary domain, however, is the sea. He is primarily depicted as an older man with long, curled hair and holding a trident.

Poseidon’s Birth Story
Poseidon was the son of Cronus and Rhea, both Titans. Cronus lived in fear after a prophecy told him that one of his children would overthrow him. The prophecy, however, never told him which child that would be. Poseidon was born full-grown and after his birth, Cronus swallowed him. In total, Cronus swallowed five of his children. Later on, it was Zeus who avoided getting swallowed, and who got the rest of his siblings out by giving his father something to make him vomit.


How Poseidon Got His Trident
After Cronus was forced to vomit his five children, Cronus was not happy. The siblings banded together and eventually overthrew him. As part of this fight, Cyclops gave the brothers Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon gifts designed to protect them from their father. To Zeus he gave the thunderbolt, Hades had an invisibility cloak, and Poseidon’s gift was the Trident. With the trident he was able to create water sources, earthquakes, and storms.

Portrayal of Poseidon
Poseidon wasn’t always portrayed favorably in mythology. On the one hand, he was seen as an honorable character that always kept his word. Conversely, he was often shown to be both violent and lustful. In addition to creating violent storms, he also raped many women. Not all of the women he slept with, however, were raped. He also had several children including Theseus, Triton, and Atlas. He also had a few male lovers.


Worshiping Poseidon
It seems that Poseidon was worshiped in some form since the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece. He was also worshiped in several cities including Athens, Corinth, and many other cities in Ancient Greece. In Athens, however, he wasn’t the primary god that was worshiped. In a competition, Athena won the honor of being the main deity worshiped there. Poseidon, however, was still important. Poseidon also cared for the Oracle of Delphi before the role fell solely to Apollo.

Poseidon in Ancient Paintings and Sculptures
The Ancient Greeks depicted Poseidon fairly often in both sculpture and art. He was often portrayed as an older, well-muscled man with curly white hair. He wore a loose garment that only covered his bottom half and was rarely without his trident.



He was always portrayed as living in a palace that was on the sea directly on the ocean floor. His main form of transportation was by chariot, which was always pulled by horses that could ride on the surface of the ocean. He is portrayed in this way in both sculpture and paintings and frescoes.

Poseidon is one of the more powerful Olympian gods and is often in competition with Zeus. Because of this, his relationship with his siblings is often strained. Overall, he is one of the most well known of the Greek gods.

Image Above by Anita-Chaudhary-Myt-athena-light-06


Punch is watching the show along with the rest of the islanders, His punch outfit blows in the wind as do the islanders hair and masks from the strong breeze.


A wave has almost reached the shore and is moments away from turning over, The sea produces a loud rumbling sound of water as the waves roll in to shore.


The wave dissipates as it turns over producing large torrents of spray and water splatter as it travels towards the wooden keg.


A loud bubbling and popping sound is heard as the salted water reaches the barrel of ale, A white foam is starting to form on the surface of the water and the beach stones and sand as the keg continues to expel its contents.


More sounds of water popping is heard as the wave saturates the wooden keg, This keg will be left to rot as an offering to the Gods of the sea that they will come forth and produce plentiful fish and shell fish for the communities of Summerisle.


Beer foam wobbles and moves around as the water comes in from underneath it.


A loud crackling sound is heard as the foam reacts with the salted water, This offering will please the gods no end and bring forth plentiful amounts of food.


The Lord slowly turns back around to face the crowd with a serious expression on his face.


The Lords hair blows softly in the breeze as he say's, And now... for our more dreadful sacrifice. For those who command the fruit of the Earth.


Suddenly a loud goats horn is heard from a distance, The horn plays two notes with the first note played quickly but the second note is prolonged continously, 


A scuffling is heard as the islanders turn there heads, From a distance a man can be seen blowing the large horn next to a girl who is wearing a long white dress. Other islanders are standing motionless while holding hot flaming torches. Punch has a good view and can quite clearly see in front of him, A series of steps leads up into a large cave.


Punch looks up ahead as he watches the man blow his goats horn as loud as he possibly can.

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Three islanders are clearly visible holding large flaming torches and this sound is to signal the start of the more dreadful sacrifice as Lord Summersile described it himself.


The camera zooms in at high speed onto the isolated girl, She has her hands behind her back and is wearing a large wreath of flowers around her neck, Punch is looking very carefully at the girl in the distance as he tries to recognize her.


Punch suddenly becomes excited and surprised when he recognizes the girl, Punch say's with concern, It's Rowan, A jingling is heard from Punches costume as he instantly leaves the group he is with and begins to run along the pebbled ground and along the rocks towards the girl. (Horn continues to sound out)


Punch runs at a fast pace along the rocks as an incredible urge has taken over his mind, The islanders with flaming torches continue to stand motionless, 


Punch continues to run as he makes his way up the steep embankment towards the girl. The islanders watch with interest as Punch dashes for the top of the cliff.


Punch is determined to reach the top of the cliff as he runs at speed. Punch disappears behind a large rock as he navigates his way to the top of the cliff. Sergeant Howie is now totally convinced Rowan is to be used for the dreadful sacrifice and he must do what ever he can to stop any harm that may come to the young girl.


As Punch climbs the cliff the three men bearing flaming torches turn around to watch Punch as he runs at speed, Suddenly a large amount of foam from the split keg blows in from the left from a strong and gusty sea air, It almost mimics snow fall as the white substance wisps and floats around in the atmosphere, Broome the steward for Lord Summerisle has the pleasure and privilege of blowing the goats horn, He holds it high in the air with his left hand as he tilts his head up to maximize the loudness and voracity of the sound.


Rowan still has her hands behind her back and from her facial expressions she indicates that she may be tied up from behind, She sways slightly from side to side with her mouth tightly closed as she watches Punch get forever closer.


As Punch reaches a series of three short steps Broome stops playing the goats horn and lowers his right hand as he say's with concern, What's the matter, Mr MacGreagor?. 


Punch is on a mission and is showing no signs of stopping as he reaches Broome, Rowan looks at Punch with a face of worry and anticipation as he reaches her.


Broome is subdued and in a happy mood as he waits for a response from Mr MacGreagor, Suddenly without warning the highly energized Punch throws a well aimed fist at Broome with his right hand. This violent action indicates that Punch is not Mr MacGreagor but could actually be Sergeant Howie, 


Broome shouts loudly for a fleeting second from the powerful thump but the force of the punch knocks Broome out cold and he falls to the floor a crumpled mess of limbs and bones.


Rowan looks down at the unconscious Broome as Punch quickly steps behind her, Punch say's, Now, don't be frightened, (Jingles are heard)


Howie continues as he bends down,  I'm a police officer.


Sergeant Howie begins to untie Rowan from her binds as he say's, I've got to try and get you away, (An electric guitar begins to play)


Rowan speaks with concern and a high pitched tone of voice as she looks down at the islanders with flaming torches and say's, Hurry Mr Police! Sergeant Howie is also looking down at the islanders as he free's Rowan as quickly as he can.


Rowan continues with signs of extreme worry and suffering, I don't like it here, They're coming.


A tapping of feet is heard as the three islanders carrying flaming torches begin to make there way up the cliff to try and catch Sergeant Howie from escaping with Rowan,


Rowan continues, You know what they're going to do?


Sergeant Howie is still in the motion of removing Rowans tight bonds as he watches the flame bearers come closer, Howie say's with an anxious tone of voice, Alright I know what I'm going to do?  Howies voice is slightly muffled from the mask that he wears.


Howie manages to free Rowan as he supports her back with both hands, Howie say's with speed, Come on Come on, Hurry! Hurry!, 


Rowan turns away from the sergeant and begins to run towards the mouth of the dark cave, Howie shouts "wait" as he watches the flame bearers coming straight for him,  Rowans white dress flows and blusters in all directions as she runs off at speed, 


Sergeant Howie and Rowan run as fast as there legs will go as they make there way towards the dark entrance of the cave, Several islanders with flaming torches are not to far behind and are in hot pursuit of the escaping pair.


Rowan and Sergeant Howie have no choice but to enter the cave as they can't go back down the cliff as they will be caught for certainty.


A funky electric guitar begins to play to provide the sound score, Rowan turns to look at the sergeant for a few short seconds as they run into the cave system. 


Rowan takes the lead as sergeant Howie follows, The flame bearing heathens are not too far behind and the sergeant had better think fast before it's too late.


Rowan shouts out as she runs ahead, We can escape through the cave, (An echo sound is produced when someone speaks)


Rowan has lost the wreath that was around her head as she quickly runs for her life.

Rowan turns to face the sergeant for a fleeting moment as she signals with her right hand to follow her, Rowan say's with excitement, I know the way!. 


A fast drum beat and a funky electronic guitar chord provide the sound score, Sergeant Howie follows Rowan from behind as they run as fast as they can into the dark cave network.


As the pair run forward a large and protruding rock is hanging low from there left that obscures there faces, A small amount of light penetrates the cave but is it dark moisty and quite perilous.


As the pair run forward Rowan is the first to duck her head under the large rock as they continue their escape.


Rowan clears the large rock and continues to run to her right, Rowans white dress flows from behind as she runs at speed.


Sergeant Howie follows behind as he also ducks his head under the large hanging piece of rock, Rowan turns her head to her right for a fleeting moment as she looks back to see if the sergeant has kept up with her, She shouts out "Quickly" before turning and continuing forward.


As Rowan disappears from view Sergeant Howie stops in his tracks for a short few seconds as he has an idea to confuse the hot pursuers and send them off course.


The sergeant raises his right hand with Rowans head wreath that he picked up from the floor a few moments earlier, With a quick swing of his arm the sergeant throws the wreath into the darkness. (Jingles are heard)


The wreath of flowers flies through the air like a Frisbee as it glides through the darkness.

A loud splash of water is heard as the wreath of flowers lands directly into a shallow pool of icy cold water. (A ripple effect flows over the water line) Water spray ejects out from the circular wreath as it bobs and floats on the waters surface.


Sergeant Howie is banking on the wreath to mislead the hot pursuers to give them a little more time to navigate and escape.


Sergeant Howie quickly continues to follow Rowan who is adamant she knows a safe way out of the cave.


As the sergeant disappears from view islanders can be seen entering the cave from a distance, They light there way with there flaming torches and are committed to capturing the Sergeant and Rowan.


The islanders are also running at speed in there pursuit of the pair, There reflections illuminate from the surface of the shallow pool as they make there way further in.


The islanders hold there flaming torches high to light there way and to use as a weapon if required.


The islanders are wearing batman style masks and do not look friendly but hostile and annoyed.


A loud tapping of feet is heard as the islanders chase there prey, 


The pursuing islanders keep there heads low as they pass the hanging rock and there is an impression they know the cave layout quite well. 


The last of the three islanders follows his heathen friends as he makes hast.


Rowan has led the sergeant onto a tricky part of the cave, She teeters on a high ledge as she slowly and carefully steps across the jagged and unpredictable rock surface, Howie is just behind and will also have to step across as carefully as he can.


Rowan precariously steps across while using her hands as support, Sergeant Howie puts his faith into the young girl as he also follow suit using his hands to also support himself.


Rowan looks forward and can see a bright blue neon light that illuminates the ceiling of the cave, Rowan say's with a loud whisper, That's the way out, 


Rowan looks up at the ceiling as she say's, Up there!


The three chasing islanders suddenly stop in there tracks and have been outsmarted for the time being, The islander wearing a blue shirt almost slips on his feet as he suddenly stops not knowing which direction to take, The islander wearing a white top in the middle of the group holds his flame out with his right hand as he looks down at the floor,


The third and final islander from the far right is just behind and holds his flame high but is also none the wiser.


The islander to the left quickly turns and looks at his friend before running off to his left,  The other two men continue to look forward and down into the darkness. (Twang of electric guitar)


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The three islanders have noticed Rowan's wreath floating in the shallow pool and this has now caused confusion among the men, The wreath slowly turns in a clockwise motion undisturbed and placid.


Rowan has managed to climb a large set of rocks as the sergeant follows just behind, Howie raise his left arm as he lifts up his left leg over the tight and difficult rock terrain, 


Jingles are heard - Howie stands on his feet as he finds stability over the dangerous rocks, He scrambles further towards the light that will hopefully take him and Rowan to relative safety if the madness allows it.


Rowan say's with a hint of sadness and anxious fear, Come on, It's through a big tunnel. All is completely pitch black as Rowan leads the sergeant through the tunnel that will hopefully lead out to the bright light of day.


Image Above - A Wicker Man 1973 location, Local tradition has it that St. Ninian used this quiet and secluded spot as a place of solitude and retreat. From the early Middle Ages onwards, the cave became a place of pilgrimage.

During an excavation of the site, many Christian symbols including carved headstones and crosses from the 10th and 11th centuries were found beneath the collapsed roof. These are now displayed in the Priory Museum at Whithorn. In addition, many more symbols, especially crosses can be found in and outside the cave, carved into the rock.

Today the cave is still the destination of an annual pilgrimage for Christians.


The sacred centre of our Galloway pilgrimage explorations, St Ninian's Cave, Whithorn. @MethodistWomen @Kathlee57497703

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