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Cheryl looks over in fear and confusion at the sight and sound of the moving hatch. A slight creaking is heard as if someone or something is down there,  Suddenly the hatch stops dead and no movement or sound can be detected.

The five teenagers are all around a table having there supper, A mixer is making a loud whirring sound as it mixes up a fruity Red colored beverage. Chinking of cutlery is heard as the group prepare to eat.

Scott is in a fun mood and quietly whispers out in a sarcastic way, He say's "Dead bodies in the Cellar" "Dead bodies in the Cellar", Cheryl replies, Will you stop it!. Scott repeats his words "Dead Bodies in the Cellar" He is trying to annoy Cheryl, Cheryl snaps back and say's "Will you stop it" again but more forceful this time. Cheryl must of told Scott her experience with the clock and Kandarian control in the basement room but I don't think Scott is taking it to seriously.

Crickets are heard from outside, Ash is sitting at the top of the table and has decided to make a toast, Ash say's, I would like very much too make a toast here for all this evening! Cheryl say's Wow, Shelly say's That sounds really nice!, Scott say's Yeah!

Ash stands up and say's, Ah, as a Greek friend of mine once said uh...Ash hesitates and then say's He Said... I... Ash loses his words as the females laugh.

Scott frowns at Linda at the other end of the table from Ash messing up the toast. He is not too impressed with Ash's spontaneous and misinterpreted garble.

Ash responds and say's Ok Ok Ok, Ash has something interesting to say. Ash points his finger at Linda and say's, Nis Nis...

Shelly is finding Ash and the toast rather amusing, She chuckles loudly to show her pleasure at the hard to understand Ash.

Ash continues, Tu Tu Tu...Ash is trying to remember the words, Ash then say's with conviction Tu, Ta, Rim. Everyone laughs as no one is any the wiser on what it means, Linda laughs and say's Which means?

Scott is finding Ash funny and has his own idea of what Tu, Ta, Rim means, He shouts out excitedly. Party Down! Yeah!, Everyone laughs out loudly including Scott.

Shelly is drinking the fruity red beverage from a cup when suddenly the basement hatch in the adjacent room suddenly and without warning flies open fully. A squeak and a bang is generated as the heavy wooden hinges creak open, It's been a long time. Shelly is startled by the hatch door and looks around in an almost instantaneous movement. The sound score returns with the opening of the hatch. This sound reminds me of Ghosts n Goblins which was created by Tokuro Fujiwara, made by Capcom and released in 1985 as a PCB board.

Scott and the rest of the group leap from there seats to investigate this strange phenomena. The music sounds like a dramatic theme with crashing cymbals and synthesizer highs.

The five teenagers make there way over to the open hatch and surround it as they look on down.

A sombre violin plays in the background as a dark entrance produces very little information.

The group of friends are feeling nervous and are a little spooked, Ash say's with a serious and slightly worried tone, What is this? Linda replies also a little spooked, Whatever it is, It's still down there.

Linda is feeling the most scared at the moment, She is having the worst experience up to this point, She say's to the others, I don't like cellars, Let's just close it up. The camera uses an angle that moves from one person to the next in one continuous shot. Cheryl continues, It's probably just some animal.

Scott is surprised and a little tickled by Cheryl's comments, He say's An Animal?...An Animal, Scott bursts out in vigorous laughter. After a long chuckle Scott say's, That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of, He nods his head in disbelief and say's, Jesus Christ.

Insects chirping can be heard from outside but otherwise it is quiet,  Shelly has other ideas and is convinced of something,  She say's as she looks down into the darkness, There's something down there.

Linda is holding Ash's arm for comfort, She say's Maybe it is just some animal, She is trying to make sense of the situation, After all a basement hatch doesn't open up all by itself every day of the week.

Scott has changed to a more serious tone, He say's Yeah your probably right,Probably just some animal. Scott passes a yellow and black torch to Cheryl and say's Here Cheryl, Why don't you go down and check, Make sure?, Cheryl pushes the torch away in discust, She say's Scotty!, I'm not going down there!.  Scott replies, Ok Ok you cowards I'll go! As Scott makes his way to the stairs Shelly say's Be Careful! Insects chirping and Scott's light feet are all that can be heard, Scott say's "Back in a minute" as he enters the basement.

Ash and Linda stand motionless waiting patiently for Scott's return, They say nothing at all but just stare down at the void.

Cheryl and Shelly are also motionless and completely silent, Both have faces of worry.

A few seconds pass but there is no word from Scott, Ash breaks away from Linda and rubs his face with his hand, Ash get's down on to his knees to get a better look. Ash shouts down, Hey Scotty, You Find anything?

A moment passes but there is still no sound from Scotty, Ash shouts down again, Scotty! in a stop playing get back here kind of way.

Linda, Cheryl and Shelly look on as Ash tries to make contact, Ash continues to shout down into the dark basement, Scotty Ash shouts loudly, Scott! Ash shouts again, But there is still only silence from the depths below.  

Cheryl looks at Linda as Shelly looks on, Shelly decides to join Ash and say's, He's just kidding around...  A moment passes but there is still no reply from Scott, Shelly then say's to Ash as she looks at him, Isn't he?,as there's no reply Shelly is now worried for Scott. Ash shouts very loudly again, "Scotty" Ash bellows down to Scott,  

Ash continues to shout "Scott!" as he lowers his head as low as he can into the darkness.

Ash has given up on calling for Scott, Ash decides the next best option will be for him to physically go down there and look for Scott himself. He shouts over to Linda, Linda, get me a flashlight Ash say's. Linda replies, But that's the only one we brought up.    

Ash replies as he points his arm, Then get the lantern!

Linda walks off to retrieve a lantern that is close by.

Linda returns a few seconds later and hands the lantern to Ash.

Ash enters the stairwell leading down into the basement as Linda Cheryl and Shelly look on.

Cheryl's necklace swings like a seesaw as she and the other two females look down. Ash takes a few careful steps down before pausing and looking back at the three woman, A simple middle toned keystroke plays at random intervals of 3 seconds accompanied by the sound of a rattlesnake.

Ash's footsteps can be lightly heard, 

Now a low synthesizer sound can be heard as a wooden block emits a few pop pop pop sounds, Ash is cautious as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, He looks all around and is in no hurry to shout out or run over to anything he can see.

A few creaks and the occasional drip of water including a low level wind is heard but is also very quiet.

The camera slowly pans around in the darkness.

More musical taps, this time it is of a triangle and are heard in rapid succession. This wall looks rather spooky, if you look closely you will see a rather scary face made up of bricks and mortar and gaps in the wall, Maybe production created this purposely for the movie. 

Ash is still looking through the dimly lit darkness, He say's loudly, Scotty!

High random and off key piano notes start to play as Ash slowly looks up towards the ceiling.

There must be a leak somewhere as plumes of water droplets are accumulating and then dripping down onto the ground creating a frequent and simultaneous drip drip sound. The sound score is playing the high and random notes again almost blending in with the sound of the water dripping down.

Ash watches the water dripping from the pipes before an almighty loud noise is heard. Ash suddenly looks forward taken by surprise.

The sound seems to have come from behind a door just a few meters in front of Ash, 

A high pitched synthesizer key is playing at a continuous tone as Ash cautiously steps forward. Ash's footsteps are lightly heard.

A violin is heard as Ash slowly reaches for the door handle.

The door lock clanks loudly as Ash twists the knob, The old wooden door creaks as it slowly opens.

No sound is heard except a dripping of water. Ash cautiously moves forward.

Ash has slowly stepped forward a few meters but there is still no sign of Scott.

Suddenly from out of no where Scott appears and shouts BOO!, Scott then laughs out loudly and quite menacingly like it's some kind of a joke. Ash just stands there trying to accept what has just happened. A forced grin appears on Ash's face but he is not amused. Scott say's, Hey" Come here, I wanna show you something. Ash follows Scott into a corner of the room.

Scott is an explorer at heart and has been spending his time investigating the contents of the basement completely oblivious to his friends calling. Scott say's Look at all this stuff in an excited way.

Scott has found an old reel to reel sound recorder along with a shotgun, shells and other items of interest.

Scott picks up the shotgun and snaps it open to check to see if it is loaded or not, The shotgun clicks as the shotguns hinges release and "Break Action" occurs, If a barrel is hinged similar to a door and rotates perpendicularly to the bore axis to expose the breech to allow loading and unloading of cartridges then the weapon can be considered a Break Action device. A separate operation may be required for the cocking of a hammer to fire the new round, All double barrelled shotguns have a break action feature it is a universal standard. Most single barrel shotguns have a Break Action system, and can be found on pistols flare guns, grenande launchers and air guns too. Incidentally the movie poster that can be seen in the background is for the film "The Hills Have Eyes" This movie was released in 1977 and is an American exploitation horror film that was written, directed, and edited by the famous Wes Craven who was behind the Freddy Kruger franchise. The film is about a surburban family that is targeted by a family of savages after being stranded in the Nevada desert, It has since become a cult classic, Starring Susan Lanier, Michael Berryman and Dee Wallace. There is also a part two which was released in 1984.

Scott is interested in the shotgun, He closes the barrel and say's "I bet this still shoots"

Ash is focused on something and is looking down, Ash replies, Probably does.

Ash is completely engrossed in a book he has found. Could this be "The Book Of The Dead" a Kandarian master piece in every detail and facet. Scott points the barrel of the shotgun to Ash's face, Ash looks up and jumps in fright at the sight of the weapon. Oh God! Ash shouts out with fright.

Scott starts to laugh vigorously in enjoyment of seeing Ash's fright.

Scott continues to laugh as he places the shotgun down onto the table.

Ash has a book in his hand and is exploring it's contents. He turns the book to it's cover but does not like what he's see's. Ash say's Oh God as he sets eyes onto the rough and leathery front cover.

A high pitched synthesizer sound mixed with deeper lower notes is playing out, Ash say's to Scott as he flicks through the pages, Look at this!

Scott looks at the pages of drawings and strange texts as Ash turns the pages. A slasheresque type of sound is playing out similar to a scene from the movie Psycho, An American psychological  horror film that was released in 1960 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 

Ash thinks he has found a great item but Scott has just gone one better he thinks with a Kandarian dagger that has a skull adorned on top as the handle. This dagger has supernatural properties and was found by Professor Knowby along with the Necronomicon which roughly translated means Book Of The Dead, Or book of blood. It was discovered while the professor was exploring Castle Kandar. The handle comprises human bone but has the power to kill deadites a rather special weapon. Henrietta Knowby, Annie Knowby and Ed Getley also assisted the professor in finding the dagger and necronomicon. The blade can also kill The Dark Ones a very powerful but evil race of godlike beings. Castle Kandar sometimes called Ca'n Dar is a castle located in the United Kingdom and was ruled by King Arthur in 1300 AD. He and Henry the Red were at war with each other until they unified to battle against the Army of Darkness. The Army of Darkness were an army of Deadites "mostly skeletons" who laid siege upon King Arthurs castle and his men.

A sound that emanates falling is heard, Scott examines the piece then say's, This kind of looks like your old girlfriend.

Scott laughs at his own wise cracks and this time Ash also finds Scott genuinely funny. Both men laugh together.

Scott say's, Come on, Let's take this stuff upstairs, I'll grab the recorder.

Scott lifts up the bulky machine and say's "And you get everything else now."

Everything is silent and no sound score is playing. Ash is still highly engrossed in the book and continues to look at the pictures and text while Scott carries the recorder up the stairs.

A high pitched keyboard is heard as Ash ponders over the image, The image is a drawing of the book of the dead and Ash is now intrigued.

Lightening flashes are heard and seen outside as a tree explodes into flame and smoke from a high energy electrical blast.

Lightening is extremely hot, a flash can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun. The sun's temperature at the core is roughly around 15 million degrees Celsius,  The photosphere is roughly 10.000 degrees Fahrenheit or 5.500 degrees Celsius. Lightening occurs when there is imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, The lightening depicted in this scene is classified as Bolt Lightening.

A black cloud is slowly blocking the moon light.The group are all back together now and have settled in front of the fire place. Ash is setting up the recorder, Scott say's. This guy was a real turd you know... Now everybody hated him...Shelly replies to Scott, Like Like you, Kind of. Scott replies, Yeah, Just like me.. "I'm gonna break your face" Scott say's to Shelly in a fun and happy way. Shelly say's, No way what do you mean?

Scott continues, He also invented this Western stuff, He makes all these little models, 

Ash starts to Shh everyone as he has finally got the recorder set up and ready to play. Ash say's Listen to this... This is the tape I found downstairs. All is quiet at this point, Thunder can be heard from outside a stormy night is on the cards.

A male voice emanates out of the built in speaker of the recorder. This voice is the voice of Professor Knowby. The recorded message say's, It has been a number of years since I began excavating the ruins of Candar with a group of my colleagues

Now my wife and I have retreated to a small cabin in the solitude of these mountains.

Here I continued my research undisturbed by the Myriad..

Distractions of modern civilization and far from the groves of academe.

I believe I have made a significant find in the Candarian Ruins. A volume of Ancient Sumarian burial practices and funerary incantations.

It is entitled "Naturon Demonto" Roughly translated, "Book of the Dead"

The book is bound in Human Flesh, And inked in Human Blood. Linda holds her hand with Ash's as the words play out, Thunder and lightening strikes from outside making a loud noise,

It deals with demons and demon resurrection and those forces which roam the forest and dark bowers of man's domain.

Thunder and lightening strikes again as the teenagers listen attentively to the professors words. He say's, The first few pages warn that these enduring creatures may lie dormant but are never truly dead. They may be recalled to active life through the incantations presented in this book. It is through recitation of these passages that the demons are given license to possess the living.

A louder and much closer lightening flash with thunder lights up the room, Cheryl is not really enjoying the recording as is starting to feel frightened. She leans over and switches the recorder off.

Scott is the boyfriend of Shelly and clearly enjoying the tape recording,  Scott say's, Hey What did you do that for? It was just getting good!, Cheryl replies, I just don't wanna' hear it anymore, Thats all.

Scotty is in a sarcastic mood and starts to Wooh hoo wooo in a spooky tone of voice, Ash say's, Scott come on leave the girl alone man! Thunder and lightening is still active outside.

Scott replies as he reaches over to switch the recorder back on, Hey, come on... I just wanna hear the rest of it. Scotty starts to fast forward the tape reel with an unresponsible approach, The tape squeels as it rotates forward but Scott has no idea what will come out of the speaker upon hitting the start button again. Scotty say's No big deal!

Suddenly Professor Knowby is talking in an unknown language, He pronounces the words with zeel and depth, The Professor say's these words to the evil incantation, Tatre ah-mis trobeen ha-zar-ta, 

The incantation is causing evil beyond this world to come forth, The professors words are echoing and exciting Kandarian evil from the depths. Smoke starts to come out of a thatch of dead leaves as the words are said. Tantere man-nov mansez onn hazann sobar! 

Sum-unda rop-sa Dar-his hyk-err dans-de-rod-sa

The professor is really expressing his words now, Kanda! The Kandarian evil has been brought forth from hell and a hot red fire has started to burn the leaves. The leaves shake as the forces of evil push up.

Cheryl is not enjoying the spooky incantation and she is starting to feel very stressed. She say's, Shut it off!

The professor repeats his words with a passion, Kanda!, The evil is getting very excited from the words and it is almost like a resurrection has been brought up from the pits of hell!

Cheryl repeats her words but more sternly this time, She say's, Shut it off! The professor say's the words again but even more passionate and deep, Kanda!, A strike of lightening and thunder is heard as the professor say's the word.

Cheryl is really upset now and can take no more of the incantation, She holds her hands to her head and screams out loudly, Shut It Off!

As Cheryl screams a tree branch comes crashing into the window creating an almighty loud crashing sound as glass goes flying in all directions. Linda screams as she is closest to the branch as Ash shouts, Oh My God!

All goes quiet as Scott switches a light on.

Cheryl runs across the room and leaves crying as she does. Shelly is trying to help Cheryl in some way, Shelly say's "Cheryl" in a whats a matter please come back way, Where're you going?, Shelly follows Cheryl to try and help her.

Ash is a little peeved at the events that have just happened, He looks at the broken window and say's, I can't believe this!, 

Ash looks at Scott and say's Scott, You knew not to play that! I mean c'mon, you knew it was upsetting her. You just don't know when you're taking something too far. Scott replies, Hey Don't give me that! You were playing it too. You could've shut it off. I mean... big deal!, Scott signals with his hands at Cheryls direction and say's She's nuts!, I mean it's just a joke, c'mon!. Ash kicks the broken glass with his feet as Scott continues, Scott say's as he walks away across the room, Jesus Christ, She acts like she's three years old or something. Ash pushes the tree branch back out of the window. Ash pulls down the broken shutter as more glass is heard breaking. More thunder and lightening is seen and heard from outside.

Linda and Ash are sat together on the Mauve sofa. Ash say's to Linda as he holds her hand, Listen, Why don't we stay up for a while and listen to the storm. Thunder is heard frequently from outside.

Linda replies, All right, yeah, But let me check on Cheryl first to make sure she's okay! Linda stands up to go check on Cheryl.

A violin starts to sound out in middle tone like an exploring sadness. Ash leaves the sofa and crawls quietly to the door well which Shelly has gone down, Ash pulls out a Blue jewellery box, He takes the lid off to check it's contents. Ash looks down the corridor again he plans to surprise Linda with a gift.

Linda has been and seen Cheryl and is now on her way back to see Ash.

As Linda walks around the door she see's Ash sleeping with a blue box in his hand. She looks at Ash momentarily before rejoining him on the sofa.

Linda looks at the blue box Ash is holding.

Ash suddenly opens his eyes and looks at Linda. Ash quickly closes his eyes when Linda looks at him, Ash is pretending to be asleep.

The sound score is playing out, A violin plays a beautiful melody at a middle pace, perfect for lovers who have just climbed over a mountainside and are presented with a valley of green and yellow.

Ash pretends to be asleep.

Each time Linda looks at Ash with just her eyes Ash quickly closes his each time.

Linda's hand slides over the blue box, She is accepting the gift.

Linda looks again at Ash and then looks away, She is thinking about Ash and the gift she really wants to find out what is inside but is unsure if she should open the box without Ash being awake.

As Linda looks away Ash reopens his eyes again, A game that lovers play but only the eyes are used. 

Linda's hand goes furthur over the box she is a little tempted to take it and have a look inside.

Ash looks at Linda while she contemplates her actions.

Ash quickly closes his eyes yet again as Linda looks up.

Linda is learning the game and decides to look at Ash for a little longer,

Suddenly Ash reopens his eyes thinking Linda would be looking away.  

Linda makes a Ahhh sound as she points her finger at Ash, Ash has been caught and they both laugh at each other as Linda takes the box from Ash's hand.

Playfully Ash takes the box back, Ash say's to Linda, No! Stealing from the blind, eh?, Linda giggles with excitement.

Ash looks at the box then gently hands it back to Linda,

Ash say's softly "it's for you."

The violin has changed pace and melody, The sound now is of the lovers descending the mountain side as they explore the secrets of it's terrain.
A light piano accompanies the violin in complete harmony.

Linda takes the box and removes the lid to reveal a beautiful silver Amulet necklace.

Linda removes the silver amulet from it's box and holds it firmly with one hand as she examines it's detail and shape. The long chain rests over Linda's leg as she say's Ash, how sweet of you. Linda then twists the amulet around with her fingers to furthur enjoy it's craftsmanship.

Linda passes the Amulet to Ash, She say's Would you put it on?, Oh oh sure Ash say's as he takes the Amulet from Linda's hand.

Linda turns around to allow Ash to place the Amulet around her neck. As Ash unlocks the clip to release the chain he say's, I was going to give it to you before we came up here, But things... got so hectic, this is really the first chance we've had to be alone.

Ash lifts Linda's hair slightly to allow the chain to sit undisturbed around her neck as Linda examines her new gift.

Ash signals over to a circular mirror and say's to Linda, Take a look!

Linda stands up and walks a few feet to the mirror, Linda's image reflects as she say's, Oh Ash! It's beautiful! in a very satisfied way. The mirror may have enchanting powers and the Amulet looks many times more stunning from it's radiant reflection.

Linda turns around and say's to Ash, I really Love it, Linda walks a few steps back to Ash who has now stood up, I'll never take it off Linda say's.

Linda and Ash kiss each other!

The kissing turns to a loving hug as the pair embrace and kiss passionately.

A deep and heavy synthesizer sound is heard almost like loud machinery that is rumbling from a distance. A scary male voice is heard saying, Down!, in a low and evil tone of voice, The evil presence has the impression it is staring in as it looks at Ash and Linda from outside the window, Evil is on the hunt. The evil voice sounds have a Didgeridoo tone.

The evil presence travels around the cabin to another window to where Linda and Ash are situated. The deep and evil sound say's "Leave Now" as Ash and Linda break away from there embrace..

Ash and Linda walk over to the fire place and bend down to receive some warmth.

More synthesizer effects are heard as the low rumbling sound continues, The evil presence continues around the cabin to the next window, Shelly can be seen from the window, she has just pulled her top off and stands topless briefly before flicking her hand through her long hair and walking on over to a dressing table. Scott is also in the room and he also is taking his shirt off as the couple prepare for sleep. A louder growling and evil sound is heard as the presence looks in.

Another growling sound is heard as the evil presence moves around to Cheryl's window, Cheryl is combing her hair at a dressing table. Cheryl suddenly stops what she is doing and starts to stare at the image she drew earlier. She then picks up the art pad she was drawing on earlier. The image of the Book of the Dead that Cheryl was forced to draw now has her attention.

The evil voice is more prominent now and say's clearly, Join Us! Cheryl looks to the window as she can feel the Kandarian trickery and temptation filling her mind.

Cheryl stands up and walks to the window she can sense something unusual.

Cheryl stands at the window momentarily before stepping away, Something more urgent has take over her mind. Cheryl looks back at the window as she leaves the room , She is sensing something and is going to go and investigate.

The evil presence moves around the cabin as Cheryl steps outside into the quiet and pitch black night.

Suddenly the deep and evil sounds stop, It is now dearthly quiet, Cheryl looks around from left to right. Chirping of crickets can be heard as Cheryl shouts out, "Is anybody out there?"

A wolf can be heard howling in the distance.

A low level scrunching of grass is heard as Cheryl slowly walks furthur away from the cabin and into the forest, Cheryl tightens up her dressing gown, 

Cheryl rubs her left side with her arm as it is a little cold outside. The thunder and lightening has now stopped and it is dry but the ground is moist.

It is a full moon but a black fog has crept over obcsuring it's natural brightness. Cheryl is slowly edging her way deeper into the foreboding forest, She is somehow being controlled and is being tricked by Kandarian evil to explore its deeper secrets.

Cheryl generates a quiet scrunching as she steps on dead leaves and undergrowth.

Cheryl pushes some branches out of the way as she investigates, The powerful kandarian spells draw her closer to danger.

Cheryl stops for a moment and say's loudly, I know someone's out there!

Cheryl is completely under Kandarian evil, No one in there right mind would go out alone into a dark forest without taking other people with them for protection and company. Piece by piece the evil sorcery begins it's infestation of the mind and body.  Cheryl say's, I heard you. I heard you in the cellar. 

Suddenly a loud echoing and shooting sound rips across the forest terrain. This is followed by a crunching sound of a falling tree.

The sound of a man in pain is then heard

Suddenly a much more powerful evil has been disturbed from it's sleep, Trees crunch and fall to the floor as the evil presence travels at speed directly towards Cheryl. Evil voices mix with the sound.

Cheryl is spooked and screams as she puts her hand to her face in fright. A slasher type of violin starts to play at a high chord.

More trees and foliage are destroyed as the evil presence moves again, A noisy and deep machinery sound is heard and the crunching of trees and leaves.

Cheryl is really frightened at this point, She is breathing more rapidly and puts her hand to her mouth in anticipation of what might happen. 

Another noise is heard as Cheryl turns her head in reaction to it.

A scary and evil voice is emanating through the milky fog and trees saying, "Join Us!"

Suddenly a very loud noise of bees buzzing is heard, It sounds like there are many thousands of them as the noise is very loud. The swarm of bees cannot be seen and can only be heard.

The sound score is playing out random and off key high piano notes with a light middle toned violin chord. Unexpectedly Cheryl's night gown suddenly on it's own accord opens wide to reveal Cheryl legs that glow in the moonlight. A winding and whipping sound is heard as the forest twine binds tightly around Cheryl's legs.

Cheryl screams loudly and wildly she is in complete shock and fright.

Thick and leathery forest twine with a mind and will all of it's own wraps tightly around Cheryl's left arm. Cheryl continues to scream.

Things are not getting any better as the twine wraps itself around Cheryl's neck.

Twine wraps around Cheryl's other arm also.

Cheryl is scared out of her wits and is screaming very loudly.

More bee sounds are heard as Cheryl screams long and hard. Twine is everywhere and is trapping Cheryl down.

Cheryl is trying to break free but it is impossible. 

Kandarian evil taps into Psychokinesis powers that can influence a physical system without physical interaction. Kandarian evil also uses Telepathy to influence one's mind. Cheryl's left hand suddenly comes under the powerful forces and is slowly stretched towards a branch. 

Her hand grasps the branch in denial.

Suddenly a ripping sound is heard as a twine starts to pull at Cheryl's clothing. 

More ripping of clothing is heard as Cheryl screams out loudly in terror.

Another thicker branch begins to rip and tear at Cheryl's dressing gown splitting her clothing straight down the middle.

The ripping and tearing completely destroys the gown and it floats off behind Cheryl leaving her with just her undergarment. High squeaks of a violin chord are heard.

The bee sounds are still prominent as is a whipping of twine and then a slap sound is heard.

Cheryl winces in sheer terror and pain.

Twine rapidly wraps around her ankles.

Suddenly the thick twines pull at Cheryl's legs and she falls down to the ground on her back.

Cheryl is almost crying at the situation, She struggles to free herself but it is in vain.

As the bees buzz more twine inches it's way along the ground towards Cheryl almost like a snake would slither and slide.

A snapping sound is heard as the twines fasten extremely tight around Cheryl's wrists and ankles.

Cheryl's undergarment has also been badly ripped leaving her with almost no coverage. 

Cheryl slowly looks up in terror.

Suddenly Cheryl's legs are slowly pulled apart by the thick twines.

Cheryl can do nothing but watch as the terror unfolds.

Suddenly a thick branch assaults Cheryl.

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