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A morbid and powerful orchestral soundtrack is playing as the biker gang stand together in silence.

Trash signals with his head for the pyre to be lit.

Anne say's, Maybe they'd still be alive...  

She turns to look at Trash and say's, If I hadn't come here in the first place.

Trash replies, Stop blaming yourself... The Bronx is No Mans Land.

Trash continues solemnly, Where the worst things happen by themselves.

Blade bends down and scoops up a handful of ash after the pyre has burnt down, He places it into a leather pouch.

The bikers set off after the funeral is over.

The bikers take over the road from left to right as they travel to pay there respects again.

The biker gang head back to the waste ground that is situated along the East river. They line there bikes up in a line and each biker one after the other takes turns to throw some of the ashes into the river.

The Vice President is on the phone, He say's, Hello? Yes? Pass it on the intercom... 

The vice president say's to Fisher, Hammer on the phone. The vice president presses a switch to allow speaker mode, Samuel Fisher say's Yes? 

Hammer is on the other end, Hammer say's Fisher? Fisher replies, Now listen to me you Bastard! We didn't invest a million dollars in you.. 

Fisher continues, just to give you the pleasure of wearing a uniform.

Hammer replies, I have to do it my way... That's why I take such great pleasure in my work. However if your not satisfied you could always have me terminated.

Hammers voice comes over the speaker "Thats right terminated"

Fisher replies, Your record is really bad. Enough of this loosing time!, Fisher abruptly switches the telecoms machine off.

Hammer is a little amused when Fisher disconnects the conversation, He holds the phone up momentarily thinking who is this fool. A police officer can be heard in the background talking to a woman about a lost bag, He say's, Lady I cant send out every cop in this station house to look for your bag, You don't even know what bar you left it in, Do you know how many bags get lost or ripped off in this city every day?

Fisher say's, Damn fool!

The Vice president replies, I still say we'd be better off sending in a special squad.

Fisher replies, We don't want any negative publicity. Let it be Hammer he's the only guy who can handle it. He was born in the Bronx... he is one of them.

The Vice president replies, That's the point... He has his own Axe to grind. And he's a killer at heart!.

Fisher replies, No... He's just an asshole who thinks he's God!.

The Vice president replies, I hope your right..

He sits down and continues, My only concern is that he brings the girl back safe and sound.

Anne has decided to break away from Trash and the Riders for a short while, She needs a break from all the pandemonium and is alone.

A synthesizer sound is heard that is reminiscent from a  70's horror film,
Trash is examining the tiger ring, He say's to his gang, This ring was found very close to Sandy and Speedy's bodies. 

Trash shows the ring to Ice, Ice say's The Tigers.

Ice walks off having solved a clue, He say's I knew it! I knew it goddamn it!  First Chris and now Sandy and Speedy.

Ice starts to shout with anger, He say's Those pricks are rubbing us out one by one!

Paul shouts out, What the Fuck is this waiting, Let's go to war! 

Another gang member shouts as he pulls out a blade, Paul is right let's go to war war war!!

Another member shouts out angrily, Kill those motherfuckers!! I say we go.

Ice shouts, The Tigers want war then there gonna get it.

Another biker say's angrily, Yeah! Yeah! I'll take those bastards! we'll kill the motherfuckers and we cut there ass!!

All the bikers are shouting out angrily, Kill those psycho bastards kill those sons of bitches yeah yeah!

While the shouting is going on Blade is emotionless and has not said a word, He is thinking that this might be a mistake and a bad decision to go to war with the Tigers.

Paul shouts out, We all agreed, Then what the fuck are we waiting for? War War the gang members shout.

Trash is indecisive and say's to Ice, I don't know, 

Ice responds thinking Trash is not thinking straight, Ice say's to another gang member, Did you hear what I heard? 

Ice continues, That guys off his rocker...  The other gang member say's I'm sure I've never met this guy before in a sarcastic way,

Ice puts his index finger to his head and say's Trash what you sayin'?

Everyone is quiet at this point, Ice walks over to Trash and say's, You don't know Trash? What do you mean you don't know.

Trash replies, I'm not convinced.  Ice replies, You got the proof in your hand!

Trash replies, Maybe it's a trap? Ice replies, Sure it's a trap.

Ice continues, A Tigers trap. Trash replies loudly, What about the guy, The killer that took out Speedy and Sandy he fled through the tunnel Ice!.

Ice replies, That means he knows the Bronx

and very well.

Blade speaks and say's, I agree with Trash it could just as easily be a trick.

Ice responds to Blades comments, He shouts out with conviction, Bullshit! Bullshit!

They're trying to rub us out one by one! And we sit here shooting the breeze...

A gang member starts to get excited again, He shouts out, Yeah let's wipe em out!!

Another biker smashes a glass bottle as he shouts in anger, Kill the Bastards!!

Another gang member shouts out with arms flailing, This is our territory! You gotta fight to live!

The gang member that smashed the glass bottle replies, Kill the sons of bitches! I say attack!

Trash replies to Ice, Look you Fuck! It could be a pile of shit Outta somebodies asshole!.

Ice replies, Your talking about the Gizmo right? The Tracker? Ice continues, Well let me tell you that's Ogre's way of trying to kill us. Trash replies trying to make some sense of it all, He say's Look will you please listen it was Anne! Trash stops talking and starts to look around, Anne is missing,

Trash say's Where is she? as he looks around, Blade replies, She said she wanted to think.

Anne has made it to the beach and is strolling along in contemplation.

A sound of crashing waves is heard but nothing else.

Formerly known as "The Riviera of New York City," Orchard Beach, is the Bronx's only beach,

Trash is making his way over to the beach as he has a hunch that she might be there.

The Zombies are getting very irritated with the Rider gang coming through there territory.

A Zombie gang member whistles to some more of his cronies to come over to him.

Together the three Zombie members lift up and place some large pieces of wood into the middle of the road to block any more tresspassers from coming through. They all cheer and celebrate shouting, Yeah Alright One Two birdies,Kill em yeah heh, As the proverbial saying goes "kill two birds with one stone". The Zombies plan to capture Trash and Anne when they return back through the tunnel.

Hotdog is at City island harbour and also has some things on his mind.

Suddenly two beeps of a horn are heard as Hotdog turns his head to see, A black car is making it's way up the wharf.

The car has a powerful sports engine and rumbles as it approaches Hotdog. Hammer steps out and slams the door shut, He shouts over and say's Hotdog

Hammer claps his hands together as he say's How you doing Hotdog?. Hotdog replies, Uh great! great! The stupid motorcycle pricks are trying to cut me open that's all!

Hammer replies, What's a matter with you? You worried about something?

Hotdog replies, Hey look... I owed you a favour, I just wanna know what your getting me into?

Hammer replies, This girl... She's very important...very important!.

Hammer continues, She's gonna be the future President of the Manhattan Corporation.

Hammer continues, She's somewhere in the Bronx but I don't know where?

Hammer continues, I gotta find her and get her across the river,

That's where you come in.

Hotdog replies, How much you gonna pay me?

Hammer replies, Don't talk to me that way,

Hammer has a serious tone of voice, Don't talk to me that way ever!.

Hammer say's, One more thing.. Hotdog replies, What;s that?

Hammer replies, Arrange a meeting between me and Ice. Hotdog replies, Between you and Ice? Hammer replies, Yeah.

Hotdog say's Ice huh,

You know Ice is ambitious he wants to be head of the Riders Gang, Hammer replies, Exactly.

Hotdog replies, Your playing with fire...

Hammer replies with passion,  I know, And I love it!.... I love it!

Trash has found Anne on Orchard beach and comes on over to talk. Only the sound of crashing waves can be heard it is very quiet otherwise, Trash say's Anne, you wanted to leave me?

Anne replies, Yes!

Trash replies, Why?... Why Anne?

A soft and chilled out melody plays, Anne replies, Because now I'm sure, I'm the cause of all these killings.

Anne continues, And If I stay there will be a lot more.

Trash replies, Nonsense.

Trash continues, We were born dead... Life means nothing'

We live with death every single day, Death walks with us... Death rides and sleeps with us

We carry it's smell under our skins. So don't go blaming yourself.

What's the real reason you wanna leave?

Anne replies, There are millions and millions of reasons, You see Trash soon I'll be 18, And of age to inherit the Manhattan Corporation.

Anne continues, Which controls over 60% of the worlds arms production.

Anne continues, Which means... I'd be a mere puppet on a string.

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