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Classic Films from the past

I guess we all have are favourite movies of all time, Is there a film you particularly like I am sure there is, Does this film somehow crop up again on your monitor or lcd projector you may question why you keep watching those same movies and it will be down to several things. Some films were just made perfect they have a certain flow and feel and you can understand all the characters and what they must be feeling in that particular film. But these great films all have one thing in common and that is people, You guessed it people make the film what it is.

If I could choose from 1000 movies I could easily pull out 40 to 50 films which In my opinion are some of the best made in the movie business and have stood the test of time. Many of these films have a central character that is maybe in trouble or needs help. Some films are made on a shoe string budget but win an Oscar, Actors may be unknown or just breaking out into the movie business, There will almost certainly be a crisis in the film something bad but with each frame and edit of the film it slowly progresses on but only to get more exciting and more envolving. I personally have been a massive movie fan from a young age as my parents had VHS video and we had a large collection of tapes. I dont even have a Freeview box as I prefer to watch my movie collection, 

From these early days of exploration in film I have slowly come to realise the gems that have been made. I know a lot of films are produced and made each year and yes some are good but most will be just average in my opinion. Out of 20 films maybe only 1 is great its just how the cookie crumbles no different to books games and the like. So I have questioned why I have seen this film more than I can remember but its down to a superb cast excellent script and a natural act.

Star Wars Episode IV Autographed Movie Script.

Special effects do not have to be good or even exist in a film to make it a classic film. Fundamentally right special effects are great these days with computers doing a lot of the work, But these fancy effects can cost a whole lot of money to a film maker and it might be best to leave them out if possible,  


Visual Effects are widely used in movie production, Visual effects can be added at any time and are initially not part of a live action sequence but can be added later on. Visual effects can be used to create environments that look realistic. This digital software technique is chosen when it is impracticle dangerous expensive time consuming or not possible, Visual effects create the impossible. Most visual effects are completed at post production which is after shooting has been completed. But this type of effect is best used by carefully planning in the pre-production and production stages.

The music also plays a big part in classic films and I appreciate a good film score like most other film fans. It is the vision and the direction and settings that if got right improve a movie drastically, Getting the right setting for a film could pose a problem to some inexperienced movie makers, Don't over do things like blood and swearing, Don't create unethical things on screen like the harming of animals as I find this upsetting uneasy to watch, A movie that drags out becomes boring any film where you dose off could be a bad film. You may see where the film went wrong and unfortunately it just did not work out at the end of the day but because they are on a budget and a pressurised time scale the film is released,

A sound score could make or break a movie, This image depicts the movie TRON from 1982, Wendy Carlos born November 14th 1939 is an American musician and composer who is best known for her Electronic sounds and film scores, The London Philharmonic Orchestra the UCLA Chorus and the Royal Albert Hall organ were all involved in the music production including of course Carlos's analog and digital synthesizers.Reaching 135 on the Billboard 200 the soundtrack comprised of 21 tracks, Two tracks can be credited to the band Journey which is an American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1973,  The 2nd track called "Only Solutions" and the 11th track called "1990's Theme" were both performed by Journey.

Journey Escape Atari 2600 Complete Game Gameplay - The No Swear Gamer

Journey released a video game in 1982 called Journey Escape, Developed and manufactured by Data Age in San Jose California it was developed for the Atari 2600 home console. Based on their album Escape this text was in the manual, You're on the road with Journey, one of the world's hottest rock groups. A spectacular performance has just ended. Now it's up to you to guide each Journey Band Member past hordes of Love-Crazed Groupies, Sneaky Photographers, and Shifty-Eyed Promoters to the safety of the Journey Escape Vehicle in time to make the next concert. Your mighty manager and loyal roadies are there to help, but the escape is up to you!

And yes some actors actresses do get paid too much money and there should be some kind of control in the movie world so that actors actresses dont make more than they need or deserve and this extra money can be shared with the other people who are involved in the film, As you may know many hundreds or more than 1000 people can be involved in a film so it is important that the film does well so that everyone gets paid,  Even though I consider science fiction and horror some of my favourites I also like comedy films action movies and many others. The movie industry has a rich heritage and has a huge collection of films more than anyone could possibly watch in a life time I think. So why waste your time watching poorly made and produced films, You can check out IMDB for ratings and comments but at the end of the day you should make the decision yourself, I don't agree with every film that is on the IMDB best of database I could think of plenty of others that could go in there place, And of course there are many elements that make a bad film so it ups the ante when a superbly made film is released people start to appreciate the effort put in.

Most movie fans will check out IMDB for reviews comments and to find out what is going on and new in the big world of movies.

In the 80's the video nasty period was when a whole load of films on VHS were found to be too bloody and sick to watch so were banned, A lot of cheaply produced films were being made because of the huge video market, A lot of those films never intended to go to a cinema screen and there was no control or classification relevant to what people could produce, basically anything could be made and some of the films were truly bad. One of these films is actually in my list of the best films ever made a classic which I will devulge later in this article, But times change as we know and now those films which were on a list are now not on that list that's right folks they are no longer deemed insensitive nasty and sick but acceptable to watch, I don't like to watch bloody gore in film or extreme violence but if it is justifiably needed to give the film that vision and direction then it should be used like the zombie movies of that era. This means not to sensationalize those sick elements I don't watch a movie for its sick content,


I dont watch black and white films but appreciate there nostalgic qualities and scope in those bygone days, Some amazing films were made in that era but for me the film journey starts in the 70's onwards mainly I am a colour person, I appreciate Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin and all those other early actors and actresses they were brilliant, Even some documentarys have extroadinary power and some are actually better than motion picture films because of there in your face reality nothing is an act but is all real, That is what an actor actress truly desires to be seen as real and not reading a script take the act away but leave the soul. A technical person might prefer the act but we all have our preferences,

Charlie Chaplin - Born 16th April 1889 - Died 25th December 1977, was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the era of silent film, His career spanned more than 75 years and he worked right up until his death. Considered one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry.Born in South London at East Street Walworth, he was born into poverty and hardship and was sent to a workhouse twice before he had reached the age of 9 years old. Becoming a worldwide icon he played "the tramp"  as one of his most memorable and highly respected acts, Chaplin wrote and directed the silent era movie "the Tramp" in 1915.

When you watch a stage show live or on TV it seems the actors actresses are acting it has that act feel so it fits in somewhere. I also prefer films about 1 h 50mins or longer but no more than 2h 30 minutes and absolutely no less than 1h 30 minutes unless specified as a short film.  Films that end dreadfully but have a good start and middle should go into the average bracket a film should be good from start to finish, And now that most people stream and download films and box sets there is something missing, With DVD and Blu ray you would in most cases get a bonus section that includes special features and a behind the scenes look at how the film was made, You might see the Camerman and you learn a little about production direction etc. Now viewers are just watching the programme there is no behind the scenes anymore that is directly linked to the film or show, I just thought I would mention this,

Behind the scenes photo from 'The Avengers Age of Ultron set. Mark Ruffalo transforming into the Incredible Hulk, Age of Ultron is a 2015 Superhero movie based on the Marvel comics superhero team The Avengers, Produced by Marvel studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, This film is the sequel to the 2012 release called The Avengers. The story line is when Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it's up to Earth's mightiest heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plan. 

It can be strange but after many years of watching a movie you suddenly notice something on screen that you have never noticed before, It is possible not to see everything because of the 24 frames a second principle and we lose information as we watch. Some movies we completely forget about and then years later you might see that film again at a friends house.
I also dislike large companies buying out independent movie business as it will affect the movies being made, Everyone loves a franchise but if they stop making them some people will dislike this especially if they stopped because the company that bought them simply is not interested in that franchise but only to make a profit and to own the rights to films, I was a little frustrated when the third film to 28 Weeks later and 28 Days later was not made, 28 Weeks later had an ending that was simply to be carried on with 28 Months later which a lot of fans would of liked including myself, Danny Boyle is a good director and he should make this film for sure, so yeah it does not always work out in films and you can't please everyone I guess, And sometimes I feel they hired the wrong person for the job he or she just don't fit in somehow,


28 Months Later a fictitious image of a film that many fans of the franchise would of liked.This third installment seems unlikely to be made from the comments from Danny Boyle and Alex Garland executive producers on 28 Weeks Later, This duo also directed and wrote the first film 28 Days Later. But more recently on 14th January 2015 Alex Garland admitted he and Danny Boyle and Andrew Macdonald who is a producer have been having some serious discussions on the possibility of making the third film which will be called 28 Months Later. That leaves the possibility of a fourth film wow that would be 28 Years later and could have elements of advanced technology and maybe a vaccination on the horizon,  Let's hope it doesn't take 28 years we pray.

Alternate Ending 28 Days Later

Daniel Francis Boyle born 20th October 1956 is an English director, producer screenwriter and theatre director. Having been born in Radcliffe Greater Manchester to Irish Catholic parents from county Galway. He was brought up into a working class Catholic family but over time has developed himself into a spiritual atheist. He as an individual does not believe in God but he follows a code of spirituality which has become a break away movement. He does not necessarily believe in the supernatural but can still be considered a spiritual person.

Danny Boyle has been involved with many high quality productions including, Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, The Beach, Sunshine, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, and Steve Jobs.

Netflix has a lot of movies to download and stream but so much these days are massed produced, Too many box sets to watch there just is no time to watch them all without ageing 5 years or so, and Netflix is guilty of making some awful shows,  I do actually disagree with Netflix decision to remove Kevin Spacey from the site, For all the wrong reasons people deserve a chance and he is an excellent actor, Many in the acting profession are now being accused of sexual abuse and blackmail shall Netflix remove everyone who they suspect has done something wrong it is ridicoulous, I dont agree what Kevin Spacey did was right on the contrary I think he shouldnt be judged by a streaming site is everyone who has a DVD of kevin Spacey going to throw them in the trash no that would be ridiculous, Would they stop watching him act, probably not but life is unfair and crazy, Maybe if had had murdered someone it might have gone in his favour and become increasingly popular, Maybe he still is popular but Netflix are playing a card as they want to be seen as the responsible and caring website which might tip the scales and go in there favour as they desire corporate success and financial security. Should Netflix remove all film and work that has had any involvement with Harvey Weinstein another sexual predator case. Just because he hides behind the screen does that justify Netflix leaving them on show. Weinstein has been executive producer for many many films its a complete shame and a shock to find out about this.

Kevin Spacey, Born July 26th 1959 is an American actor producer and singer.  Spacey won an academy award for the neo-noir film "The Usual Suspects" in 1995 for best supporting actor. He also won a further academy award in 1999 this time for best actor on the set of the film American Beauty which was made in the same year and focuses on a midlife crisis themed drama. In October 2017 Spacey was accused of making inappropriate advances towards a 14 year old boy called Anthony Rapp in 1986 who is also an actor.  Spacey was drunk at the time and in a Twitter statement he has said that he does not remember the encounter but wants to sincerely apologize for his drunken behaviour, Subsequently other men have come forward to accuse Spacey of sexual harassment and assault accusations. This has affected Spacey's career and as a result he has been cut from all ties with Netflix and he was removed from the cast of House of Cards. Spacey has been involved in 53 feature films, 17 TV series and 13 theatre productions including 2 video games titled Superman returns and the super successful game franchise "Call of Duty Advanced warfare as Jonathan Irons. Spacey has admitted in October of 2017 that he is Gay and previously had an interest in both men and woman. He was also excised from Ridley Scott's new movie "All the money in the world"  and the actor Christopher Plummer would replace him to replace his acting. So far the movie has grossed a worldwide total of $51 million dollars from against a production budget of $50 million.

Harvey Weinstein born March 19th 1952 is an American film producer, He was the founder of the company Miramax along with his brother Bob Weinstein in 1979 which has produced some successful movies. He like Spacey is accused of many sexual assaults harassment and even rape. While being a bad person he has been active on several activism issues, Issues include poverty Aids, Juvenile diabetes, and multiple sclerosis research,  He serves on the board of the "Robin Hood Foundation" a non profit organisation that targets poverty.  He strongly supports Gun control in America and is critical of the lack there of, He also supports a universal health care service like the UK has with the NHS. He has won Bafta Golden globe and an academy award for best film, best motion picture and best picture including a Satellite award for best film also. Having been producer and executive producer and even a director Weinstein has left a huge amount of films in the 200's.

You have child actors that act in 18 certificate movies like horror and violence they are part of the scene and experience the story and direction, Even though that young child has acted in an 18 certificate movie they by law are unable to watch it, How could it be justifiably right for a young child to watch an 18 cert film if the other children of this world were not if would be so unfair,


Heather Michele O'Rourke born 27th December 1975 - Died  February 1st 1988 was an American child actress, She was discovered by Stephen Spielberg at MGM studios while on a visit, She was cast as Anne Freeling in the 1982 horror movie "Poltergeist" She has also had an occuring role on the show "Happy Days" from 1982 to 1983, Sadly she died aged only 12 years old, She had become ill in early 1987 and was subsequentially misdiagnosed by her doctors at Kaiser Permanente hospital as having Crohn's disease, She was prescribed Prednisone. This drug has many uses and can be used for inflammatory conditions asthma, rheumatic disorders allergic disorders ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease to name a few. Short term side effects can cause high blood glucose levels and fluid retention. There are many side effects but one of them is severe facial swelling. After taking the drugs O'Rourke experienced large puffy cheeks. On January 31st 1988 she suddenly became ill again symtons were vomiting and the unability to keep anything in her stomach, The next morning she collapsed while preparing to leave for the hospital and the paramedics were  called, On route to the hospital she suffered a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated, She was then airlifted to hospital by helicopter to the Rady Childrens hospital but unfortunately she died later on that day. She had died while in surgery for acute bowel obstruction which had been caused by congenital stenosis of the intestine which is an abnormal narrowing of the intestine, This was further amplified by septic shock, On May 25th 1988 Sanford M Gage the O'Rourke's attorney filed a wrongful death suit against Kaiser foundation hospital in San Diego, O'Rourke had been seen by various doctors from birth and the argument was they had failed to diagnose her long standing blocked bowel condition, Because the doctors treated her for Crohn's disease this complicated the problem further, If they had not treated her for Crohn's it would of been better as it would allow a gap in time for her to be treated correctly and she could of gone down to surgery for a major bowel operation. Kaiser Permanente spokeswoman Janice Selb responded, The case has been reviewed extensively and we believe the actions and diagnosis was entirely appropriate, The case went to arbitration which is an alternative dispute resolution and was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money. Having starred in Poltergeist and Poltergeist II and Poltergeist II, Poltergeist III was her last film and was dedicated to O'Rourke in her memory. It did cause major problems as Metro Goldwyn Mayer's marketing had to be reworked as not to be seen as exploiting her death and to not been seen as making money from the tragedy. O'Rourke is buried at Westwood memorial Park in Westwood village she was 12 years old..

Poltergeist - TV Scene They're Here 

A plaque at Westwood memorial Park in Westwood Village marking her grave.

We should all support are local cinema also and it is great to get out and about to watch your favourite movies, all you need is some popcorn and a cola,  Now that technology has advanced it is easy to watch your favourite films and shows without leaving the sofa, Now that we have high defintion and 4k tv we are getting the best images and we are getting closer to what the director wanted us to see, We can afford home projection now it is cheap home cinema is the norm in quite a few households, I can't complain I have had an excellent experience of films and can only thank the people involved who ever you are,

Movies can make you go to another place for sure a fantasy even they offer a vision of the future one which might offer us something special, Who knows what the future holds for the movie business I am sure movies will become more interactive in the future maybe we can install fans for the wind that blow in different directions, Smoke and water for rain and lights that can dim to a scene and moving seats too yes please,  a more virtual kind of viewing, Not unlike Bladerunner 2049 where people come alive digitally but also a little sad as they don't really exist in the flesh but are only light, To have feelings for something that does not exist is painful for sure, So lets delve into my favourite movies and decide for yourself if I am right or not or maybe a little in the middle,

Nagpur Gets Ready To House India's First 7D Theatre In Koradi, Experience exciting 3D animated movies with surround sound, coupled with “active motion” luxury seats and dramatic effects such as rain, fog, lightning, wind, snow, touch, feel and VR technologies.

The joy's of a digital girlfriend, Joi Virtual Girlfriend (Blade Runner 2049)

First Blood is an American action film that was released on October 22nd 1982 and directed by Ted Kotcheff and starring Sylvester Stallone as the protagonist John Rambo, It is based on David Morrell's 1972 novel of the same name. Despite mixed reviews the film turned out to be a box office success grossing $125 million.

This is the very first scene in the movie and it shows John Rambo walking slowly down a steep hill with his rucksack on his journey to find an old conrade from the Vietnam war. While this scene plays out some gentle music is playing that really sets the tone for the entire film.

This next scene just shows where John has landed and gives direction to where he is walking to, A great view from the top and a quiet but beautiful place is what he needs. It seems around midday and John had been travelling for some time to get to his destination.This long shot plays out for a minute or so for the viewer to build up a picture.

The next edit see's John looking down ready to contemplate what he wants to do there, He then runs down the hill and asks some local children if they know where Delmore Barry lives.

Rambo finds a lady putting her washing out, and as he approaches her he ask's if she knows where Delmore Barry is. She tells her daughter to run inside at this time. He stumbles and pulls out a photo that is mixed with other bits of paper. He says that is Delmore's writing and he is so big that he takes up most of the picture, She agrees that it is his writing and Rambo expresses how difficult it was to find this place. He says that's me in the picture that is Danforth and Westmore, Bronson Ortega and theirs Delmare right at the back. We had to put him at the back because he is so big, If we didn't he would take up the whole picture!. Look how big he is Rambo say's. Delmore's gone the lady replies, Rambo hunches "What time will he be back?", "He died" the lady replies. Rambo in shock say's "What" 

Rambo discovers the inesplicable truth Delmore has died. At first he thinks he will be back as the woman say's he's gone. He died last summer all that Orange stuff they were spreading around cut him down to nothing, Died how say's Rambo, Cancer replies the woman, Brought it back from Nam, I couldn't lift him off the sheats, The music score begins again as a sorrow expression of his dissapointment of Delmore's death. I'm very sorry I'm very sorry Rambo say's with a soft voice as he gives the picture of Delmore to his wife.

Rambo walks like a lost soul he is feeling sorrow and loneliness at this point he wants to find solitude in someone, He follows the trail he is getting furthur into civilisation and people.

It is a bright and solem day Rambo has been walking for sometime and has finally made his way to Hope which is a small town in the heart of hills and desolation, Rambo at this point is feeling hungry and is looking for a place to eat.

Will Teasle is the local sherrif for Hope and has just started his day's shift. He is the sort of person that thinks he is always a step higher than anyone else, He has worked at Hope for a long time and he knows the locals very well, In fact he knows them too well and tells one to get a bath. He wants people to know that he's running the show.

Teasle is in a sarcastic mood and probably did not have a good night's sleep, As he drives through town to a turning point he spots Rambo coming down the main road and stops to question him. He asks are you visiting someone around here, Rambo in a bleak mannerism bluntly tells the officer NO, Your looking for trouble around here looking like that replies Teasle.Wearing that flag and that jacket looking the way you do your asking for trouble friend,Heading North or South Rambo replies north, Ah jump in replies Teasle I will make sure you go in the right direction,

Rambo can't believe his bad luck and is not amused at the sarcasm of the officer, He gets into the police vehicle and they travel down the street of Hope, Teasel continues to question Rambo asking him again where you heading North or South, Rambo replies South and the officer questions him by saying I thought you were heading North. Rambo is completely oblivious now to the officers pushy and negative attitude and feels like he's on a fair ground ride, Can you tell me where I can get something to eat Rambo ask's the sheriff. There's a diner about 30 miles up the highway replies Teasle, Is there any law against me getting something to eat here replies Rambo, Yeah me replies Teasle, And this is where Teasle really starts to put some heat on to Rambo it's like he is slowly winding him and is not a very nice person towards Rambo, Could someone be war phobic does he have a problem with Vietnamese war veterans,Why are you pushing me Rambo replies, Teastle replies "What did you say to me in an authorative tone, Why are you pushing me Rambo repeats his words,  I have done nothing to you, First of all you dont answer the questions around here I do replies Teasle,  secondly he pauses with a sye, we don't want guys like you in this town, Drifters first thing you know we will have a whole bunch of guy's like you in this town, Thats why.  And then Teasle changes tactics and starts to butter Rambo up by saying "Besides you wouldnt like it here,  its a quiet little town,fact you might say it's boring! But that's the way we like it  and I get paid to keep it that way", I get paid to keep this town quiet and going in my direction is what he means, Rambo with a solemn and unhappy expression on his face say's "Boring" looking straight ahead, 

Teastle drives Rambo to the outskirts of town and Rambo feels like he is going in circles, Portland straight ahead say's Teasle and Rambo gets out just past the bridge.The film has been playing for only 7 minutes but already so much has happened and the slow build up is unique to this type of movie,

Teasle has not finished and tell's Rambo in a subconscious way that it was really his fault he was picked up and dropped off and denied the basic right to eat. Teasle say's "If you want some friendly advice get your hair cut and take a bath, you wouldn't of been hastled so much, really, At this point Rambo is starting to get a little annoyed to be treated like this and no one seems to care or has intervened he really is on his own and has been all day. I hope this ride helped you out say's Teasle, Sarcastically again as they are in Hope County Oh dear. Have a nice day Teastle say's as he drives off back. This does not make matters better at all and Rambo hesitates as he watches Teastle drive off into the distance, He hesitates then decides to walk back over the bridge back to Hope, Teastle spots Rambo in his front rear mirror and with dissatisfaction he spins his car around to go back to the scene, Music has turned to a more dramatic beat and things are warming up. Rambo carries on walking even after Teastle shouts out where the hell do you think your going? but Rambo ignores him to his anger. Hey I'm talking to you god dam it Teastle shouts from the window, He reverses the car slightly and skids to a stop stopping Rambo in his tracks, He  steps out of the vehicle and shouts "Let me see some ID" "alright your under arrest let me see some ID", At this point a key move was made as the sarcasm has now turned to contact. Rambo resents Teastle and they have a little scuffle as Rambo is unhappy at this point. Teastle tell's Rambo "Your under arrest" You hear me, Teastle orders Rambo to put his hands on the car and spread them, Rambo refuses and Teastle replies, Now you put your hands on the car and you spread em, A lapse of time occurs as Rambo hesitates and Teastle pulls for his gun and says again "you are going to put your hands on that car" how you do it you decide right now he shouts in anger, Teastle uses force to get Rambo to cooperate and Rambo reluctantly does what the sheriff ask's. Get your legs back Teastle say's as Rambo steps closer to the vehicle, Get them back Teastle say's again as he grabs Rambo by the arm, You try to be nice to some people Teastle say's in a lower tone as Rambo cooperates,  Teastle searches Rambo and finds a hunting knive, He say's what do we have here huh? as he pulls out a leather wallet, Teastle pulls the knive from the wallet and holds it up, He say's why would you be carrying a knive like this. He ask's what do you want with a hunting knive and Rambo replies Hunting, Dont be a wise guy Teastle replies. What do you hunt with a knive? Teastle Replies, Rambo say's "Name It" Teastle slams the blade onto the roof of the car.

Rambo gets taken down to Hope sheriff's department and is now in the lair of the police. Hi Will Lester Say's as Will brings Rambo in, Buzz us in will you say's Teastle as another police officer can be heard saying "talk about your sorry looking humanity" Just another smart ass drifter say's Teastle. Teastle walks over to Will who is a very good and close friend of Teastle, Will greets a fellow officer by saying "Good morning Arthur", Morning Will Arthur replies, Galt is sat at his desk and say's "what you got" and Teastle replies I want to book this gentlemen for Vagrancy resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon,  He say's he using it for hunting Will replies, Hunting? What you hunt Elephant Galt replies with a humourous laughter, Lets see if we can clean him up a little he smells like an animal Teastle replies, Will uses the knive to cut some paper as if he has just found a handy new tool and then he ask's Mitch another officer if he could escort this young gentlemen downstairs,Mitch springs into action saying YO! Yes sir Mr Galt,  Rambo in the madness notices a catch of weapons that another officer is attending to maybe now he thinks he is in trouble, His training in Vietnam would have taught Rambo about guns and how to get them use them, By seeing this image he now thinks they are becoming the enemy. Right this way partner Mitch say's as he leads him to the security door, Right Here he calmly takes Rambo to the door, That's it Mitch say's as he presses in the numbers on the security panel.

The door buzzes and Mitch say's Ok here we go as Rambo is escorted down with Galt behind his back. The three men go through the  security locked door and then walk down the stairs with Galt at  his back using a baton that he is pushing into his back as a way to lead him down. It looks like its gonna take old Leroy about 10 years to paint this hall Will say's as Rambo is lead down, Maybe he's hinting that he's going to get 10 years in prison, Sling that paint Leroy Galt laughs as Leroy gets out of the way, Leroy sarcastically replies , Why don't you paint it your damned self?""Come on Leroy sling that paint Boy? Galt replies. This tells me that they don't get many visitors downstairs at the police department and unlucky for Rambo they are gonna take it out on him overdue payback sad, Rambo is lead to a small office where fingerprints and other police matters are carried out,Mitch shouts Mr Ward as the officer comes into view, Would you take this for me please Mitch ask's as he hands Ward a pistol, Ward takes the pistol and puts it into a locker. Mitch then unhandcuffs Rambo as Galt sits down at his desk, Galt asks Rambo for his name as he sits at a typewriter. Galt  keeps asking repeatedly for his name Your Name he shouts,  Name he say's again, Still no response from Rambo, Galt begins to menacingly laugh and say's to Rambo "Hey if your looking for trouble, "You came to the right place Buddy"  The sound score  is playing a razor synthesizer Rambo sees a  room with a small window that starts to cause terrible flashbacks from when he was in Vietnam and being tortured by the Vietcong enemy. I am not sure to this day if the room is inside the downstairs facility but he does look over so it seems it could be,And from further analysis it seems to be the shower room,  But at this point Rambo has not had a drink of water or anything to eat and he is getting paranoid, The contours of the window and his paranoia have caused Rambo to see and experience images of when he was at war and down a hole, The Viet Cong are tipping buckets of sewage down over him a very distressing situation, Because Rambo is not cooperating with Galt things are getting tense, Mitch tries to take Rambo's chain off him and Rambo reacts which causes Galt to get angry and violent, He threatens to break Rambo's teeth in and he has 3 seconds and that if he is looking for trouble he has come to the right place, Mitch say's that Galt means it, Galt replies "Yeah I do! Mitch is the nicer police officer you have the impression he just wants to do a decent days work without causing any problems, It is Galt and Teasle who are causing the problems as they have a strong friendship and they have worked together for many years much longer than Mitch has. Mitch snatches the chain from Rambo's neck and passes it over to Galt for inspection.

Now the eggs have hatched and Art and the other officers downstairs have clocked that he is a soldier. As Art put it what do you know about that Old Harry here is a soldier, He say's in an upbeat way, Galt  pauses then say's  John J?, He uses his baton and say's you're gonna talk to me I promise you are gonna talk to me soldier, I'm starting to dislike you,He lifts Rambo's chin up with the baton more contact and say's "A lot"  Mitch responds by saying I am going to run a make on him put his name in the teletype.

The police officer Ward tries to fingerprint Rambo but he is having none of it and is as awkward as possible,Push it says's Ward but the officer carrying out the fingerprinting say's it will only smear, now roll it across shouts the Ward,  Leave the ink on the hand the police officer say's but a stressful situation is occuring. Galt in frustration and anger slams his baton down on the counter sending a load of hand wipes into the air threatening to break his fingers and calling him a son of a bitch,  At this point Teastle enters from the stairs to find out what the commotion is, What the hell is going on down here Teastle asks, Ward replies nothing I cant handle, Just what is your problem say's Teastle, Now listen hard ass as things stand right now your facing the ass end of a 90 day incarceration and a $250 fine which I don't think you can pay, At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning your going up in front of that judge , And you think were tough, Now we are going to make you a little more presentable for your court room appearance, Until then you can impress the hell out of me by doing exactly what your told. Will rips the ink wipe from Rambo's hand and scrunches it up then throws it onto the floor, Will say's Clean him up to the other officers,  Rambo is taken down to the showers where a handful of officers have congregated, Galt tells Preston to go get the hose ready and Rambo is made to take his clothes off, The police then discover the terrible scars covering his body that he received while at war in Vietnam, Holy shit look at this what the hell's he been in to say's Mitch as he sets eyes on Rambo's back wounds. Who gives a shit replies Galt, Oh god you should tell Teastle Mitch shouts quite taken back by Rambo's injuries,All right put your hands on top of your head and turn around Says Galt to Rambo, Art on the other hand has other plans and is not bothered in the slightest, You just do what I tell ya say's Galt as he pulls his baton and strikes Rambo full bat from behind knocking him down onto the concrete floor, Galt what the fuck was that Mitch replied, Well the man said clean him up Galt say's, Galt then kicks Rambo in the back and shouts you said clean him up now clean him up.

Art is clearly the one enjoying the show while other police officers carry on there job roles not realising but not wanting to get in trouble themselves maybe best go with the flow, Dont forget to get him behind the ears Art shouts in jubilation and joy, Mitch leaves the scene and Art replies whats the matter Mitch don't you like water sports, Now its turned into a joke as well,

After the hosing they decide to shave him, Art is in a hurry now because it's his coffee break and Rambo is still not cooperating with the officers, They are struggling with him as he refuses to sit down and Art grabs Rambo from behind so that the officer who is shaving can do his job, Because of this commotion Rambo starts to have flash backs again from when he was in Vietnam, Art tells the officer with the razor to shave him dry which Rambo clearly retorts, Damn this boy is really hard to get hold off says Art as he strangles him with the Baton from behind, The music score has changed to a scary whine of echoes and Mitch is alert and realizes they have a problem, Cant you see this guy is crazy say's Mitch Galt answers back "can't you see I dont' give a shit", Another flashback enters Rambo's mind as the officer with the  razor Ward gets up and personal with his blade also, This combination of torture abuse humiliation and everything he had experienced up to that point in that day cycle sent him over the top and he lost control and started to fight with the Officers, As soon as Ward say's don't move I don't want you to cut your own throat Rambo goes insane, Maybe he thinks they really would cut his throat and make out it was his fault something broke The final flashback occurs of Rambo being brutally tortured while on a crucifix, ,

A major fight breaks out and he kicks the officer Ward with the razor in the groin which causes severe pain, He then Kicks Mitch from the Right and he goes flying, He slams Galt from behind a couple of times against the shower tiles then Rambo swivels round and slaps Mitch some more, Galt is on his feet and calls Rambo "a son of a bitch" and tries to hit him in the stomach with his baton, Rambo grabs him by the throat and knees him a few times in the groin, He slams him against some metal railing having his hand over Galts face protruding into his eye sockets, Ward tries to get Rambo off Galt but Rambo throws Ward over his shoulder and punches him in the side, Rambo then returns to Galt and slaps him hard around the face, Another officer comes in shouting what the heck but Rambo surprises him with a kick to the stomach in a surprise attack and then throws him through a plate glass window smashing it to pieces, Teastle comes running down the stairs shouting Art Art with a gun in hand, Rambo swings out his legs and sends Teastle flying to the ground,  All the noise has alerted another officer from upstairs who goes to investigate, As soon as he opens the security door Rambo comes flying out in a surprise attack, He elbows the officer at speed and then sends him flying through the upstairs window pain sending glass flying all over the place, Then another officer is alerted but Rambo takes him down into a metal filing cabinet, Rambo has now acquired his hunting knive and jumps over the front desk, He runs into the corridor to confront another officer who is making his way in with a box of paperwork, He takes him down with a low kick as the shocked officer shouts you cant do that, Rambo then elbows the officer in the face. The officer is reeling with pain on the floor. Rambo is free as he runs out of the building and down the stairs to a subliminal population,

He runs and jumps over Will Teasles police vehicle bonnet and spots a motorcyclist, He confronts him head on in the middle of the road and as the motorcyclist passes he pulls him off and takes the advantage to steal the running engine. The cyclist is clearly out on the floor as bystanders look on in surprise and  a dullness of not seen this before such a quiet town too.

Rambo is hyped and eager to escape his captors, He weaves his way through the town causing confusion and chaos through traffic and pedestrians, Rambo shouts get out of the way, To make his passage through.

Balford Teastle and Art are mighty upset at this point in time after recovering from the fight they come flying out the police station and down the stairs. Art at this time is wanting to shoot Rambo as he takes aim with his rifle,He say's I am gonna get that son of a bitch,  Teastle grabs his gun and pushes it up just in time as an erate Art fires off a shot, Teastle say's  dont shoot  God damn it there's people down there, Art is an unprofessional police officer at this moment in time he certainly has it in for Rambo. Teastle then tells Art to go get help while I am going after him. The chase is on and Teastle goes hell for leather with sirens blazing, Rambo travels into and around a petrol station and does some wheelies, Because the roads in the town are not made for high speed chases Teastle does an incredible jump as he hits a gradient fast, The car is not designed for that kind of damage but Teastle does not care he is hell bent on capturing Rambo. Rambo hits a gradient and does a huge jump over the train tracks going furthur into the terrain. The music score at this time is fast and engaging while the sounds of Teasles sirens adds to the effects, The chase continues as Rambo goes hell for leather, Rambo makes a turn and goes deeper into the forest terrain as Teastle follows in hot pursuit, Teastle is still dedicated to capturing Rambo but he shows disapointment. They both pass over a flooded part of the rocky track and a huge torrent of water sprays out as both vehicles go through, Teastle then hits a muddy jump and as his car lands a wheel rim comes flying off from the front left side, Teastle is furthur disapointed with his progress, Rambo is really working Teastle and his driving skills now, Another slight turn for Rambo and he hits a jump that takes him high and over into a large field, Teastle decides to follow even though he knows now he wont be able to catch him in his vehicle.

The terrain starts to get much thicker as the roads are just muddy lanes now, Rambo definitely has the advantage on his motor bike, Wheel stops his vehicle and radio's in for help, He say's "this is Leicester this is Will,I am right on his tail, He is just east of  Smiths Farm heading heading towards Chaplin Creek, The chase continues and the terrain gets much worse,

Teastle crashes through a wooden fence and the ground is very muddy and wet, They are both into the mountain area and things are tricky and slippy, There are also a lot of large boulders and rocks to consider a more dangerous environment has developed, Teastle hits a surprise dead end and slides of a steep embankment, His vehicle slides down with the sirens still going, Trees and foliage and large rocks are lining his fall, The car slides then overturns completely ending the chase,

Teastle stumbles out of the crashed vehicle and makes his way on foot up some rocks, Rambo rides his bike up the rocks and does a wheelie as the bike can go no furthur because of the sheer steepness.He comes off his bike sliding slightly back down as the bike gives up in a metal hunk, Rambo looks back in anticipation and for information on Teastles position, Rambo scrambles up the rocky terrain hopping over rocks as a stream of water trickles down,  Teastle stops so far up knowing the chase is lost but shouts out with anger his disapointment, I know that you can hear me,Your finished,  You have gone as far as your gonna go, You hear me, His voice echoes up and over the mountainous terrain Rambo does not stop to listen but continues his efforts to find safety and security, Rambo reaches a peak where he discovers an old rotten metal and wooden trailer where he finds some string and he also has a hunting knive, The sound score has returned with an up tempo more dramatical presence, He then spots an old rusted red beige bus that has seen better days, He runs towards it and checks the front seats but to his disapointment there is nothing useful to salvage, He runs around the other side and decides to rest for a few seconds by sitting down on a rim out of breath at this point, As he gains composure he spots an old brown sheet which he pulls out from under a large plank of rotted wood, He takes out his knive and starts to cut the sheet into shape something for him to wear, As Rambo is highly trained on survival he is taking no chances, The night will be cold and he is going to need some protection from the cold, Police back at the station have been notified by Teastle on his radio and have shown up at the mountainside peak, Mitch and Leicester pull up in a car each and exit to meet Teastle. Teastle points up into the mountains, He's up there beyond the draw shouts Teastle as the three men meet up. He instructs Mitch to contact Orville on his radio and get the damn dogs but he prefers if Orville brings his dobermans out as it's going to rain and they can hunt on sight, Orville is an oldish man that has three doberman pincers and other breeds, Some have been trained to hunt for people in difficult surroundings like the mountains high above Hope. He instructs Leicester to tell Gaul to get out to the lumber camp and get the helicopter up here, He continues if they give him any shit tell Gaul and them to sight those causing an obstruction right on the spot. The two officers run off to carry out there duties which leaves a small amount of time for Teastle to contemplate the plan ahead and he starts talking to himself, Were get him ... No Problem he say's in a confident tone of voice. The scene changes and the music plays out an urgency, Rambo has completed his handywork and has put the sheet over his torso a perfect fit, He heads up the mountain towards and over a waterfall, The terrain here is very steep, Rambo can be seen to the left of this image. The scene changes to a shot of Orville with his three eager dobermans and a handful of police officers who have accompanied Orville, They are full of banter and treat it somewhat as a day out at the dog races. Orville encourages his dogs , Come on sweethearts Lets go get him Maggie to maybe his favourite dog he happily chants, The police banter a little exercise, we will be done in a couple of hours, Wont be long until he's stuffed and mounted  huh Will, Make him into a bear rug, Didn't we go deer hunting up here last year, Yeah I got a couple of bucks last year, They will shoot anything, Hey Mitch up the hill,

The scene changes to Rambo reaching a much higher point in the mountainside, Birds can be heard chirping on there nests and in the trees, The sound score is obselete, He unscrews his hunting knive to produce a compass that was secretly hidden, He checks his compass to establish which direction he is facing and to try and find a safe route through the mountains, The dogs can be heard barking loudly in the lower distance of the forest, His skilled training and equipment has not left his side, I feel he really was fond of his hunting knive maybe it was his favourite weapon or it has a sentimental value attached to it from the war, It without a doubt has saved his life on occasion and the vietcon tortured him with a similar knive maybe to teach him a fundamental lesson that Rambo totally disagreed with, The dogs and the officers are hot on Rambo's trail the dogs can smell him and are leading the way, It's just a matter of time before they can close in for the kill. Orville is in high spirits this is his moment for sure, Keep moving Orville shouts my dogs can eat and run at the same time, The police from slightly behind are evaluating the scene from the dogs barking just up ahead and know information already, The officer say's He's gone straight to the top, Isn't that supposed to be dangerous one of the officers say's No another replies "He's Just Dumb"  Rambo continues up and the terrain is turning into a deeper forest of trees and soft ground, The ground physically moves as his weight dislodges the earth from underneath, and he say's woow as he catches his breath. Everyone is experiencing the difficult conditions rocks thick branches soft ground and an enticing atmosphere, There is still no sound score only the sounds of birds squawking the banter of men and the heavy breathing of Rambo who has to work extra hard to escape his captors. A police officer falls at the sight of a large tree trunk everyone goes wooh and Orville remarks "Hey your spoiling the scent, Let my babies do their job!"  Mitch and Balford are talking behind the others, Mitch from the start knows something is just not right, From the very beginning when Mitch met Rambo at the station he has had his suspicions that the police his comrades some are just not doing there job right. He has to cooperate he is after all one of the team but you can see a more sensible officer that stands out he has his own ideas and is being dragged into this bizarre fiasco. There were three of us in the cell block down there he went through us like we weren't even there Mitch emphasises. Balford has a different hunch oh come on he say's to Mitch thinking the comment Mitch said was denial. The dramatic exploring sound score returns and Rambo has come to the end of his short escapade. He is stuck on top of the mountain and is looking down hundreds of feet to a large pool and flowing river that is laced with large boulders, His body contorts in frustration  He has realised now he can go no furthur and looks back at the approaching police and dogs, He has to think fast or he is finished, He turns back only to spot the approaching police and the barking dogs.

Rambo heads back only to spot the approaching police and barking dogs coming fast from only about 150 feet away.

The sheer scale of the drop is bewildering, Rambo has no where to go at this point and the police and dogs are closing in fast.

Rambo looks over the mountain cliff edge to survey the scenery, He only see's a few large fur tree's large rocks and a raging river system, From this height he would never survive but he must find a way to get down or he will be captured by the police and they are not in a great mood for sure, Having to be dragged out of their cosies, After sighting the police Rambo makes a rash and risky decision to climb over the side of the mountain and to try and find a way to climb down but it does not seem possible.

Even an experienced mountain climber would have difficulty climbing down this very high and steep mountain side, Rambo who is completely camaflaged is at the very top of the cliff face about center left position, He is carefully climbing down as far as he can go,

To make matters much worse a helicopter has come into view over the tree's, Teastles request for Leicester to contact Gaul from the lumber camp has paid off, He told Leicester to sight them for causing an obstruction if they declined or objected to Teastles request.

The police and dogs are very close now, Orville shouts as he leads his dogs we got him pointed  and Teasle is contacting Art by radio, Art in a twist of fate is actually the 2nd passenger in the helicopter and as we know is hell bent on hurting or killing Rambo, He has a high powered rifle with scope which he no doubt wants to use, Teastle gives him the information, Weve got him go ahead, He's trapped, Art Art this is Teasle he's heading for Chapmans Gorge, He repeats Chapman Gorge Head him off.

Rambo has managed to climb down about a quarter of the mountain side close to where the yellow furry moss  colour is. He really is in trouble now and dislodges some medium sized rocks which fall to the ground as he slips slightly on the difficult rocky surface.  Art will be there very soon and he has a high powered rifle. He goes a little furthur down the cliff then stops, hanging onto a ledge Rambo can hear the helicopter now it is almost upon him, He looks down at the water and he looks the other way what can he do now. Air vapour is coming from his mouth it is very cold also up high in the mountains.

The helicopter pilot shouts, There he is on the cliff,

Rambo holds on for dear life as the helicopter gets dangerously close, Notice is this scene a small rock falls from his left hand side,

The noise is tremendous now and the helicopter is creating a lot of draft, Art is hanging out of the right side door of the helicopter while the pilot controls the height and wind speed, He engages his gun and shouts son of a bitch which is getting to be his favourite catchprase at the moment. Rambo knows he must act fast or face being shot,

Art takes aim and fires his first shot which just misses Rambo's head by a small amount, Ranbo's hands are bleeding and Smoke and dust from the powerful impact covers his hair and right hand Rambo is doomed.

The loud sound generated from the bullet ricocheting  off the rock face is heard by Teastle and three other deputies, Teastle say's "what the hell is going on" in a surprised manner, He did not expect this scenario would play out. The loud shot also startled the dogs and they started barking in confusion.

The pilot of the helicopter turns to Art and say's "What are you doing? We're just supposed to spot him, Art say's Hold It Steady - The pilot replies I can't we are in a thermal draft. Jesus Art he's stuck there He cant go any place.

Art is possessed he is now hellbent on killing Rambo and nothing on earth  is going to stop him, He never liked Rambo from day one and he has turned evil. He turns in to look at the pilot and say's with a devilish voice, If you don't ride this thing right, I swear to God, I'll kill you, The pilot is under a lot of pressure now to keep the aircraft stable and low and steady.

The pilot looks back at Art with a blank expression. He can't fly away as his life has been threatened by Art so he is going to hang in there for a little bit longer. Obviously he will report Art to the authorities for threatening him no doubt if he is a professional pilot as soon as this fiasco is over. He was ordered by Teastle to spot Rambo and that's all, Art had other ideas and will be disciplined for his behaviour.

Teasle is desperately trying to get a response from Art but he is lost in his own little world, You can hear Teasle over the radio "Sheriff to Galt come in Galt" Art aims and fires another shot, This time the bullet misses but Rambo nearly loses his grip on the shallow ledge, He stumbles and another medium sized rock is dislodged which falls to the ground, Rambo regains his composure and gets his other hand back on to the ledge, Art again shouts to the pilot to Hold it steady you son of a bitch. Teasal tries again to get Art's attention, "Galt come in God damn it" Still hovering low Art again shouts Get closer and hold it steady,  The radio is bleating Galt talk to me, Damn it, I want to know whats going on, But he still refuses to speak to Teasle on the radio system, Another shot whistles out and narrowly misses Rambo's left arm, Smoke and dust bellows from the rocky surface, Art is convinced that he has had enough target practice now and say's I got it while signalling with his left hand, Easy now easy, I got him easy now, Ensuring the pilot that it will be over soon, Rambo looks down into the deep cavern below and then looks back at Galt, Galt steadies his aim he is sure this will be the shot,

Rambo knows that this shot will kill him he has run out of luck and he has to make a decision, Rambo looks for the last time at Galt and then he leaps from the cliff edge turning his body round as he does so, 

Rambo has an incredible fall and lands directly on top of a fern tree, He crashes down through the branches breaking many with the sheer force of his body. Incredibly the branches and soft ferns give Rambo a cushion to fall on to, Though badly hurt he manages to land on the ground still alive and able to walk. Rambo is bleeding from his arms and he is in a lot of pain, Galt has ordered the pilot to lower the helicopter so that he can continue the search and shooting, Rambo manages to get behind the trunk of a tree so that it can offer some protection from Galt, Galt spots Rambo and shouts to the pilot, "Over there Dummy". Come on!.

Hey Soldier Boy Galt shouts out as he takes aim and fires another shot as soon as Rambo can be seen carefully looking round the tree trunk at Galt, Galt misses and tells the pilot to fly to the other side of the tree trunk, He fires another shot but misses again telling the pilot to Hold it steady,  and Rambo is still moving and using the trunk for protection.

Art comes back again to the left side there is no end to this onslaught, Art fires for the third time at low level but still he can't find his target, Teastle can be heard over the radio in a frantic voice, "Galt I'm tellin you to get on this radio! What's going on up there.He is a man possesed and fires another in a continous assault of fire power, Rambo see's an opportunity and quickly grabs a small rock from the ground, Still hiding behind the trunk he carefully waits, Art reloads his rifle ready for the kill, Teaste's radio is still frantic with the words I don't want him dead Galt, I want him alive! You hear me?, Art fires again undeterred by the radio sounds,Art come in Teastle shouts through the radio,

As soon as Art has taken his shot Rambo uses the small gap in time for Art to reload, He uses all his might and with a shout of anger he gives a full swing of his arm and throws the rock at the windscreen of the helicopter cracking the glass on the right hand side. Rambo shots "look out" at the same time, This impact and surprise attack causes the pilot to lose control of the helicopter and Art loses his balance from the side of the craft, Art screams in fear and defeat as he falls his body twisting over and over from the skyline, He lands rather awkwardly onto some large rocks and is instantly killed. Rambo ponders for a moment as to the outcome of his attack, The helicopter flies away and Rambo runs over to the rocks where Art has fallen onto, He finds his rifle and picks it up but drops it back down again as he inspects the dead police officer. Art has landed on his stomach with his legs balanced over the large rocks, He has a severe head injury which no doubt he succumb to. Steam is coming from the dead mans body as Rambo lifts him up to check if he is dead or not. The sound score is like a razor and plays like a continuous note, For a moment in time Rambo looks into the eyes of this dead man and it brings back all the fresh memories of what the officer had done to Rambo. Rambo feels content that the hurt Art had for him is over but maybe a little apprehensive that he is dead. Rambo did not want to hurt Art but Art pushed him over the edge. The dogs can be heard barking in the distance and Rambo breaks away from the moment to look behind, Rambo decides to take the officers jacket as it will keep him warm, He quickly pulls it off and then sets Art back down on to the bloody rocks, Rambo heads off with his his bonus items and makes his way along the ravine to find a safe and secure place as he is injured, Orville and the dogs including several police officers and Teastle are on top of the mountain and for now are at a safe distance. The officers are lined up several feet from each other on top of the mountain looking down to see if they can spot Rambo, Teastle is still on the radio completely unaware of what has just happened, He relays on his radio, Art, Galt, Come in! Helicopter, Come in, goddamm it! in frustration, The officers all have high powered rifles and they are very dangerous now to Rambo, The helicopter can be heard in the distance and Orville spots something below the ravine, Christ look Orville shouts, A bloodied and dead corpse can be spotted deep down on the rocks, Teastle then spots the dead man and say's Jesus Christ, Gimme the binoculars!, Oh no no no! Shit Teastle says in a reluctance to accept what he is seeing, The scene from below is one of shear horror, It can be seen that Art has died and has also lost a large amount of blood, Teastle focuses in with the binoculars and can see the complete picture, He puts his binoculars down and say's Jesus Christ in sadness disbelief and betrayal,

The scene changes to Rambo who is bleeding from an arm wound, He unscrews his hunting knive and this time pulls out a needle and cotton, He carefully stitches his arm together to stop the blood flow and to help the healing process, The music score is playing again,

Two police officers stand at the top of the cliff, One say's I can't figure it how did he fall out? The other say's "does it matter",

Now that Art has died Orville has turned more agressive and really wants to capture Rambo, He is unaware of the police brutality Rambo experienced at the police station and is really an innocent party. Orville say's Let's nail this sucker's ass... He can't be far! He thinks Rambo is causing all the problems.

A police officer spots Rambo down in the ravine and say's "Will" pointing with his finger to where Rambo is standing, Looks like he wants to turn himself in say's the officer,

Teastle and the othere officer stand up engaging there weapons ready to fire, Rambo comes into view and shouts up to the two men, There's one man dead, It's not my fault, I don't want anymore hurt, Teastle shouts "Freeze" He continues "Stand right where you are and give yourself up!" Rambo shouts back "Bit I didn't do anything" Teasle shouts back again, I'm warning you boy dont make a move , I'll blow your head off" I didn't do anything Rambo shouts again, The five officers all with weapons suddenly open fire on the defenceless Rambo who winces with apparant pain as he shields his face, He rapidly retreats to a safe distance behind some rocks, Teastle shouts out "Cease Fire Cease Fire" Ward is carried away with the firing and continues to rain bullets down onto the ravine floor, Teastle shouts "Ward goddamn it" , cease fire. Teastle say's I think we hit him, Right let's get down there, Move. Lester the police officer arrives at the mountain passes end and receives a call on his radio from Teastle. "Sheriff to base come in" "Go ahead Will" the officer replies, Lester were down in the gorge, Galts dead alright! Where the hell is that goddamned chopper?, Lester replies, He won't come Will, Say's there's a storm heading your way, Teastle replies, I don't give a goddamned what 's on it's way, I want that chopper back here right now!, I don't want Galt's body out here all night,  Lester replies, I will do all I can, Listen Will, You sure picked one hell of a guy to mess around with, Just came over the Telytype a few minutes ago, John Rambo is a vietnam vet, He's Green beret! Congressional medal of honor! Guy's a war hero!,  

Jesus that freak shouts Balford smoking a cigarette, Mitch replies, I knew there was something about that guy in a surprised but subconscious way, Lester returns on the radio, I double checked it Will, what do you want me to do, Teastle hesitates for a moment contemplating his next move, I want you to do what I told you to do Goddamn it Teastle replies in a authoritative and stern way, "Get that chopper back here now" he confidently requests, "Out", The scene goes back to mitch who say's, Green Beret War Hero, That's great thats just great, Why dont you shut your mouth shouts Balford in anger, Mitch considers the situation out of there hands and thinks state police should take over the mess,Balford is protecting Teastle and Galt he was in on the abuse at the station so is going to cover for them, Hey what the hell's the matter with you guys replies Teastle, He's one man in a confident we can do this attitude, He's wounded he snaps, Balford spits on the floor and replies, Those Green berets there real bad asses,  Why dont you let the state police handle this remarks Mitch trying to make a sensible approach to the difficult situation,

The storm is getting worse and there is lightning and thunder to contend with, Orval is leading the way with his dogs, The group suddenly stop in there tracks as they jump over a fallen tree stump,  Orval shouts, There he is in a excitable tone of voice, Lightning flashes and something in the dark can be seen which resembles a human figure, It is dark so they are not 100% sure if it is Rambo but maybe a hunch.

These remarks sunk deep with Teastle as he was very good friends with Galt, His face changes to an expression of anger as if to say what did I just hear,  He grabs Mitch by the collar and say's "come here boy" and pulls him over to the dead corpse of Galt, He violently forces Mitch to witness Galts dead body sprawled over the rocks, He slaps the hat of the officer off and shouts come here goddam it, He grabs Mitches hair violently and tries to put his face close to the dead Galt, Teasle shouts " Look at him Look at Him,...  That's Art Galt, Boy! as if to express that Art was some amazing person,  He and I were friends when your mama was still wiping your nose!. Now he's dead. He's dead!, Because of that psycho out there!, Now you listen boy and you listen to me good, I'm gonna get that son of a bitch!, And i'm gonna pin that congressional medal of honor to his liver!, And I'm gonna do it with you or without you!

The scene changes  to Rambo sharpening some sticks that he has plans for later on, Rambo's survival skills are subconsciously guiding and keeping him one step from the authorities and alive, The officers along with Orval and the dogs are searching deep into the forest region, A storm is brewing and thunder can be heard,  Orval say's were closing' in the scent is getting stronger. An officer say's All right, keep your eyes open!. come on babies lets go say's Orval as the keen dogs lead the way, It's gonna storm ...It's all we need now say's Mitch, He continues Will c'mon let's get out of here before it gets too dark,  What's the matter you afraid of the boogie man? say's Ward you goddamned pansy! in a sarcastic expression, Mitch turns around and say's to Ward, Ward put your gun down, I'll show you who the pansy is in a stern fighting expression, Both officers have a tussle and fall to the ground, Teasle shouts at the two men, Knock it off! Ward! Ward, move out. Teasle shouts, The fight is out there! He's out there waiting for you, Teasle pull's Mitch from the ground and say's Mitch get on your feet and move! An officer shouts, Let's go find this guy for christs sakes. Officer banter "keep your eyes open",Let's go find this guy for christsakes,  Orvil say's "lets go" to his dogs. Mitch say's I'll see you later Ward! - Another officer say's "Shut up Mitch"

A lightning flash has lit up the forest surroundings for a split second and Orval has caught his eye on something on the left hand side of the forest terrain.

The dogs are getting frustrated and are hungry, They are still confused over there masters actions as to why they have not pleased him as of yet. The situation is tense and the storm is not helping in anyway whatsoever, Teasel shouts turn them loose,  "Let them dogs loose Orval" Two of the dogs are released and shoot off into the night, Orval excites them furthur by shouting "Go get em Sweethearts! Here's your dinner.

Seconds later two shot s of a rifle are heard and the two dogs that ran into the frontline could be heard whining in pain, Rambo most probably shot them with the gun he took from Galt,And then in an instant another shot is fired nearly instantaneously which hits Orval in the right leg, He goes down in severe pain,

As soon as Orval goes down wincing in pain the entire group of officers believe they are under attack so lay down in sniper position flat on there stomachs and start to fire furiously from there rifles in a hail of bullets and flashes, After a brief time Teastle orders his men to "Cease Fire" Cease Fire" There police training and techniques undoubtedly saved there lives.

Orval winces in pain, "I'm hit god damn it I'm hit"

Everything is quiet and Ward is getting nervous. He say's in a low tone of voice,Jesus "He's Got a Gun"

A sudden flash of thunder and lightning lights up the surroundings, Balford say's That's not him it's a god damned scarecrow! Teasle replies, It's no scarecrow that shot Orval He's close! He's real close! Then a loud screaching sound is heard across the night.

Orval still has another dog by his side called Maggie, He releases her and tells her in a deep husky voice  to " Kill Him" Go get him, Go get him Maggie" Maggie runs up and over a pile of loose tree trunks branches and leaves, She jumps over the top as a flash of lightening appears. She disappears until a stabbing sound is heard and a high pitch sound of a dog in pain echoes back to the men,

All goes quiet again and the officers all scramble over to the injured Orval by pulling along the ground staying as low as possible, They circle Orval to find out how injured he is, Teastle say's Mitch Mitch, Ward, come here, Shingleton you cover us.Ward looks over at Orvals leg injury and say's with a worried tone "Look at his leg" Teasle looks at Orval's wounds and tells Mitch to "Get your belt, Make a tourniquet around that, Mitch replies,in a worrying and urgent tone, "We got to get this guy to a doctor Will" Goddamn it get your belt on that fast ! Wheres the first aid kit Replies Teastle, I left in the car replies Ward, Oh Shit say's Teastle, Where did he get that gun? Ward replies, I'ts gotta be Art Galt's gun ...And he's out of ammo replies Teastle. How do you know that? replies Ward, Because whatever killed Orval's last dog was no bullet, Thats how replies Teastle.Hurry up! Orval, listen to me, now listen! Orval starts wincing in pain again and Teastle say's to Orval, You gotta stay awake, all right? You gotta release that tourniquet every 15 minutes, We'll be right back! Were gonna go get him now he's out of ammo,Alright let's go hurry up say's Teastle to his men move, Orval say's Get him! He had no right to shoot my babies, Get the son of a bitch! Orval say's in anger and sadness, Teastle say's Lets Go, Orval say's Go get him!.as he winces even more in agony.

Teastle is convinced he and his men can take down Rambo, His officers are just following orders so will go along with Wills Proposals, The light is starting to break through the trees so Teastle and his men have been going for a long time and are feeling tired and irritated, Teastle say's All right, now listen up! Where right on top of him!, We're gonna form a skirmish line 50 feet apart, And keep moving there's no way outta here except through us. Another police officer say's to Ward "Ok let's do some huntin", Mitch replies We ain't hunting him he's hunting us! The sound score starts again, A low and deep piano sound can be heard with a continuous high synthesizer tone,

The four officers and Teastle slowly and quietly edge there way deeper into the forest, Four of the police officers are wearing there White hats which stand out like a pigeon on a nest, Shingleton is not wearing his as it was misplaced during the earlier fight scene, Teastle quietly tells his men to Spread out! Spread out dammit, I said 50 feet, The officers have not listened properly to Teastles instructions.

The men slowly displace into the unfamiliar surroundings, Occasional lightning flashes illuminate the foliage. Teastle is taking his time and being very cautious.

Shingleton trips on a low lying tree stump and makes a tiny oh damn sound then coughs quite loudly as he steps over to the other side, He then say's quite loudly damn I hate this, Shingleton is not enjoying his time spent in the forest not one bit.Ward has stepped on some broken twigs and plantation and has created a loud crunching sound, The sound of a crow can be heard as he quickly turns looking slightly back from behind some trees. All of the officers are making some kind of crunching sound's which could give there positions away to Rambo.

Ward is alert with gun ready,  He slowly progresses the terrain and creeps down a slight dip and then under a small tree trunk.

Balford is also taking caution and is just as nervous as the others.He looks from left to right in a vain effort to locate Rambo.

Mitch arrives to a Large fallen tree with heavy foliage around, He looks and surveys his surroundings.He  hesitates for a few seconds  before stepping under the fallen trunk.

Mitch cautiously and slowly steps forward, Another bird can be heard on the left hand side and he quickly looks in both directions, Then he slowly bends his head around a large tree to his right, All seems OK so he proceeds forward step at a time.

Rambo is camoflaged on the floor of the forest covered in leaves and foliage, From out of know where Rambo strikes, Rambo comes out of the ground at a rapid speed grabbing Mitch by the waist and pinning him up against the tree trunk he had only a few seconds ago been so cautiously examining, Mitch lets out an almighty ahh god cry as Rambo stabs him in the right buttock, Mitch let's out an almighty roar of pain and goes flying onto the forest floor. His rifle comes out of his hand and lands a few feet away, Mitch winces on the floor holding his injured thigh with his hand, Ahh shit ahh God Mitch continues his torturous screams. Mitch shouts "Will" in agony and despair this is a massive shock for Mitch as he has never experienced this kind of pain before. Ward stops in his tracks and shouts who is it? Will Willlllll Mitch screams as he continues like a man who is extremely hurt.

Shingleton shouts, "Will" it's Mitch, the remaining police officers stunned respond by following the high pitched sounds of Will as the screaming Mitch helps them locate him. The music score is playing a slower more melodic sound and Teastle shouts "Mitch"

Ward stumbles into unknown territory and is unsettled by the commotion.He is completely oblivious to the dark shape high above him,

Suddenly the dark shape comes down over Ward like an eagle swoops for it's pray, Ward and Rambo tussle momentarily until Rambo gets on top of Ward and punches him in the face, Rambo then run's off at high speed,

Balford shouts "What the hell is going on"  Teastle replies "He's got Ward right Spread Out, I'll go this way, Shingleton shouts Mitch as loud as he can as Teastle and Balford head off,

Ward is in a lot of pain and shock as he shouts for Will, He shouts Will ahh ahh Will, Will he shouts again over here,

Balford runs through the terrain as fast as he can following the sound of Ward who is in pain. He here's the words "Will Over here" from Ward as he gets closer and closer. He here's Ward again shout Will It's over here,

Balford stops dead at a tree trunk as a flash of lightning illuminates the ground and everything up ahead, Balford thinks he can see something, Thunder bellows from the sky and in that moment he fires his rifle rapidly at the moving images in front of him. The continous screaming of Ward has caused Balford to fire his weapon.

With all the commotion of Mitch screaming and now Ward, Balford has made a mistake, Instead of shooting what he thought was Rambo he actually shot Ward, Rambo managed to tie Ward to a tree and then deceive Balford into thinking it was really him, Ward screams in agony as he is shot on his right arm.

As Balford let loose with his rifle the noise has caused Teastle to step up a gear, Who's firing? Teasle shouts in anger and frustration, Wards screams continue Who the hell is firing Teasle shouts out again!., Balford moves from his shooting position with a confident and excited tone of voice,He say's  I've got him I've got him, Teasle shouts to Singleton "Follow Me!"

Balford's eagerness and stupidity has triggered a branch that has been pulled back under pressure to spring out that is covered in spiked sticks, This nasty device smashes into Balford's legs causing severe pain and agony.

Balford screams in agony, Somebody Help me! Help me Will! 

As Teastle and Shingleton run over to Balford Shingleton is wacked from behind with a big stick, Shingleton goes down on to the ground. Teastle is unaware that Shingleton has been injured as he was in front.

Teastle locates Balford who is stuck fast onto the sharp wooden spikes, Teastle say's "easy" as he attempts to pull Balford free. After a few seconds he manages to wiggle Balford free as Balford slumps to the floor in severe pain, Jesus say's Teastle as he lays with Balford, Singleton where the hell are you Teastle shouts in anger.

Will hears Balford's cries and shouts out "Balford" in a worried and complexed way. He say's Balford? Where the hell are you?!Teastle follows Balfords cries as Balford is suffering tremendously from the sharp sticks that have penetrated his legs. Teastle shouts "Singleton over here!" as he gets to Balford. 

Teastle shouts "Singleton again" starting to worry about his officer, He moves off to locate him.

Teastle walks a few feet and finds Singleton in severe agony, Rambo has tied him to a tree and there is a thin rope that is strangling him, Blood is visible around his throat and he is struggling to breath, Singleton struggles to call out for Will as the rope digs deeper into his windpipe.

Will settles his eyes on the gruesome sight of Singleton and retorts in shock and Discust. Lightning strikes again as Teastle say's to himself "Jesus Christ" as he walks over to the suffering man. 

Suddenly from know where Rambo strikes pinning Teastle to a tree and holding his hunting knive to his throat, Teastles gun drops to the floor as the isolated unprotected and defeated sheriff begs for his life. Rambo say's I could of killed them all! I could of killed you, In town your the law out here it's me!

The sound score is quiet and simple, Teastle is quiet and in shock, He chokes slightly from the pressure of the knive, He listens to every word Rambo has to say, Don't push it! Don't push it! or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go.... Let it go. Rambo say's in a warning tone of voice. Rambo pulls his blade away from Teastle's throat and leaves the scene, Teasle is left breathing more rapidly but relieved to still be alive.

Teasle slumps to the ground utterly utterly devastated and extremely emotional, He can not believe what has just happened and probably wishes he had never laid eyes on John Rambo, He covers his face with his hands as he weeps deeply for himself.

This concludes Part 1 of First Blood, Please stay tuned for the part 2 final in the coming weeks.

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