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Ashley is motionless and lays flat to the floor as he witnesses the strange phenomena.

Cheryl's deadite form is rapidly decaying and is making some strange animal like voices including a ripping sound. The rotten flesh is now changing appearance and flesh and hair is starting to fall off in little bits, Ashley looks on in fear and terror.

A creaking sound is heard as a large grey piece of hair falls off the deadite.

Another groaning and creaking sound has distracted Ashley's attention away from Cheryl. He looks down to look at the other deadite form who is still positioned behind his legs.

A growling crunching sound emanates as Scott's deadite form rapidly decays. Its flesh is melting away at an alarming rate.

Ashley looks back at Cheryl's deadite form with shock and bewilderment.

A loud grunting sound similar to what pigs might generate in there sty is heard, Cheryl is fast becoming a pile of dust as the rotten demonic flesh slides girates shakes and opens up in all directions.

Ashley looks on in fear and fright.

A loud bubbling sound is heard along with the grinding of metal as a thick and evil substance explodes out of Scott's eye sockets. 

Ashley looks up again at Cheryl's deadite form.

As Cheryl continues to decay the "Book Of The Dead" is still burning in the fire. When Ashley threw the evil book into the fire he undoubtedly destroyed the Kandarian evil that has been torturing him for so long.

The hot flames have brought out the true appearance of the books cover. The cover is actually an evil demon that has a pink tongue and bulging demonic eyes. Victims do not realize the demon is watching there every move as it lures and tempts you to discover its blood inked pages. The tongue licks its eyes and all around as it slavers and drools from the intense heat.

More strange animal and grunting sounds are heard as Cheryl's deadite form continues to decay. A long and fat tongue protrudes from its mouth as it too licks all around. The book also influences personalities and traits that strongly influence a deadite. The evil spells and incantations presented in the book of the dead stimulate and control deadite forms. As the spells and texts become non existence nor do the deadites, They can only exist if the book does as it is there claim to that world and time.

Ashley continues to stay where he is.

Cheryl's deadite host continues to lick and slobber over its rotten and decaying flesh, This strange bodily reaction is caused when the Kandarian evil has no further claim to the deadite host. The evil can not bring the real person back only to decay it as the host is already dead. 

Ashley watches as the horror plays out.

Suddenly the demonic tongue returns to inside the burning book. The heat is really getting to work on the book as it instantly turns black and almost solid like a block of clay. A groaning sound is heard along with the flames from the fire place as the book loses all demonic life.

Suddenly all goes quiet and only a low level wind can be heard. Ashley is gaining some strength and composure as he continues to stay flat to the floor.

A chirping of insects are heard along with a low crackling of the open fire place. Ashley slowly moves his head to look back down at Scott's demonic host.

Scott's body is not in a great shape at this point, Further decay has stripped all flesh from Scott's skull and it has simply fallen away from the neck. Slight movement of Scott's torso is visibly noticeable as the flesh and guts disintegrate and evaporate into nothingness.

Ashley witnesses a thick and yellow putrid slop similar to the texture of porridge that is slurping and squeezing out of Scott's decaying arms. The flesh from Scott's hands has decayed leaving finger bones and joints visible.

A loud grunting and groaning sound is heard as Cheryl's deadite form is also suffering from the same treatment. The deadite looks at Ashley with its blind and whitened eyes in an uncontrolled but also slightly sad way. I'm sure Ashley does not feel any remorse for this evil host but at the same time it was Cheryl's body that was used for kandarian and evil purposes.

A grunting animal sound is heard as the deadite looks on at Ashley, It expresses a stone cold and dead expression of evil but nothing else.

Ashley suddenly shows a face of worry and alarm as the deadite stands motionless.

Suddenly without warning a loud rushing sound is heard as a rotten hand protrudes at speed bursting from the deadites stomach region.

Ashley whimpers with fear as a large amount of red thick and sticky bloodite hits Ashley directly in the face. Most of his face becomes smothered with the evil substance blocking out any vision he had.

An evil and spiny hand protrudes through the body of Cheryl's host in a circular motion, it spirals around in front of the deadite creating a frightening experience for Ashley. Kandarian evil is still trying to attack even in defeat and decay.

Scott's deadite form lays motionless on the floor of the cabin.

Scott's shirt rips open as the force of rotten flesh and bones spews outwards.

Suddenly Scott's deadite body ruptures and explodes outwards sending large pieces of flesh and bone flying in all directions. A loud groaning sound of evil is heard as bones break and flesh and guts implode outwards.

Evil and demonic hands are at work to ensure nothing is left of the deadite host. The evil hands tear and rip at every part of the body as the flesh turns into a pile of offal.

Ashley has to witness the implosion of two deadite forms not a pretty sight.

The growling sound is much louder as the bloodied demonic hands and arms continue to swirl around inside and outside of the deadites stomach. 

The evil arms and hands move with a rhythmic up and down motion as they protrude from back to front of the deadite. The deadites arms girate and vibrate as the powerful forces carry out there foul deeds.

Ashley groans with fear and terror as he watches the deadites implode. The evil demonic hands are still at work dismantling the filthy stench of decomposed flesh and guts.

Ashley is still laying flat to the ground and feels it is safer to stay low at this dangerous time.

Suddenly a loud shotgun sound is heard as Cheryl's deadite form explodes. The neck and rotten grey flesh instantly explode as large amounts of deadite blood fire outwards.

The deadites neck is showing symptoms of a close range shotgun injury but no gun is in sight. This is happening because Cheryl's deadite host was shot through the door by Ashley earlier on and its evil memories and experiences are being relived as it adores pain and suffering.

Suddenly another shotgun sound reigns out as this time an injury is caused to the deadites right leg. The leg implodes losing all strength as it bends extremely to one side.

Almost instantly a ripping crunching sound is heard as the deadites head breaks away from its torso and falls to the floor. A loud growling sound can be heard as the mayhem continues. All the rotten flesh has fallen away from the deadites face revealing a somewhat different appearance.

Ashley shudders and retorts at the sight of the deadites head falling off and now the deadite is coming towards Ashley in rapid motion. The deadite has revealed an ugly interior as it's facial features are more similar to a skeleton demon than a deadite as most of the filthy flesh fell off. Deadites continously decompose once they take the host.

A loud growling and groaning is heard as the deadite opens its mouth widely and starts to travel towards Ashley.

Ashley watches as the demonic kandarian evil comes at speed towards Ashley. The demon is decaying at a very rapid rate.

Ashley follows the demonic demon with his eyes and instantly locates the position it will collapse down onto.

Suddenly the demonic host stops in its tracks and a loud and sloppy crashing sound is heard as the deadite collapses to the floor into a pile of bones and flesh.

The force of the deadites exploding body sends another bucket of sticky and disgusting deadite blood into the face of Ashley, Ashley groans with disgust and fear, He say's Oh! No! Oh God as he breathes heavily from the trauma he is experiencing.

A thud sound is heard as Scott's skull disintegrates and splits into several pieces. 

A buzzing sound of insects can be heard as a small snake emerges from the pile of putrid slime and guts. Cockroaches can be seen investigating the mangled remains of Cheryl's decayed corpse.

A loud grunting sound is heard not to dissimilar to pigs in a sty, The Book Of The Dead is still burning nicely and this will be its last breath of evil before the fire totally consumes its kandarian powers and evil intentions.

A loud fizzing sound accompanied by a grating creaking is heard as Scott's flesh and body continues it's rapid decay and rotting.

A loud and evil voice is heard "Join Us!" The voice repeats it's words "Join Us!"

All is quiet but the evil demonic voice is heard again for the third time, "Join Us!", Ashley rests his weary head on the floor of the cabin as he tries to regain mental stability and strength.

Ashley is exhausted and but is also relieved that the horrors of the night are finally in a retreating mood. Ashley stays on the floor for a few moments longer he is is no rush at this moment to escape. A light breeze is heard along with a low level creaking of floor boards as Ashley slowly raises up from his flat position.

Ashley turns over onto his stomach and uses his arms to push himself from the dirty and bloodied floor, A somber middle toned violin chord plays as Ashley gains his composure.

The Violin produces a somber and sad tone of sound as Ashley stands looking forward.

The pendulum clock can be heard ticking as Ashley turns his head to look around at the swinging mechanism. The time is 3.10 but this clock always displays a time of ten minutes past three O'clock.

Ashley is feeling somewhat emotional inside as he examines the silver amulet necklace that saved his life. The amulet dangles from his bloodied left hand as he slowly looks down at it in a transfixed way. Ashley clenches the amulet tightly with his hand as he will never lose or let this sentimental piece of jewelry go astray. It means a lot to Ashley as it was a gift for Linda who sadly is not with him anymore.

An exciting and opportunistic violin chord plays accompanied by several cymbal crashes and middle toned piano keys as dawn approaches.

Ashley has decided it is a good time to get the hell out of that cabin. Morning has arrived and hopefully Kandarian evil has subsided enough for him to escape.

Ashley slowly opens the entrance to the cabin and pears out into the bright morning sunshine.

Birds can be heard chirping and singing as a violin plays a sad and beautiful song about the birth of flowers and there petals that slowly open to reveal beautiful colors and shapes.

Ashley stares up at the beautiful skyline that emits a golden yellow color, The scenery is peaceful and welcoming a magical transformation has taken place.

As Ashley steps out into the light he slowly pulls the old cabin door to a close, It creaks slightly and clicks as it slowly slides into a closed position.

Ashley limps as he slowly walks a few steps further from the cabin, He rests his right arm onto a timber support as he surveys the forest and the way forward.

Morning is almost nigh and it is peaceful and surreal

Ashley slowly moves forward limping as he goes, Ashley is extremely relieved that the kandarian nightmare is now over. The sound score is changing, A synthesizer sound can be heard along with light cymbals.

A moment passes and all is quiet as the camera focuses in on a dead tree leave.

Suddenly everything starts to move at speed, The evil kandarian presence has returned and is on the hunt once again. A loud electrical fizzing can be heard along with a deep rumbling sound. Evil voices can be heard mixed in with the sounds. 

The evil presence hums as it travels at speed, A loud shrieking is heard as the evil presence travels around a tree.

A sound of a synthesizer increasing in key is heard as the evil presence makes its way towards the cabin back door entrance.

A loud wooden banging sound is generated as the cabin door automatically flies open with speed and tremendous force. The kandarian power has penetrated the cabin on its way to the front where Ashley is located.

The evil presence travels at high speed through the cabin destroying or knocking anything that gets in its way to one side. The kandarian evil was just waiting to strike and Ashley is in for a big shock no doubt.

The cabin holds no grudges against the evil forces and can only warn Ashley of the impeding danger with its banging doors and furniture.

The evil has reached the front entrance and is moments away from meeting up with the oblivious Ashley.

Ashley stands motionless completely unaware of the approaching evil.

Suddenly Ashley feels the approaching evils presence, He quickly turns around to face the kandarian demons. Ashley screams with fear and with all his might, Nooo, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  

The Kandarian evil has returned for Ashley's soul, It has collected Linda's Cheryl's Shelly's and Scott's but needed Ashley's soul before it could return to the depths of hell. An uncompleted book is just not acceptable it has to complete its evil work.

Thanks for reading "The Evil Dead" stay tuned for more exciting topics in the near future.

The Evil Dead: Treasures from the Cutting Room Floor (2007 documentary) A massive collection of various raw alternate takes and footage from the making of the film.


Robert Tapert


Bruce Campbell


Ellen Sandweiss


Betsy Baker


Hal Delrich


Theresa Tilly played the role of Shelly. The end credits list Sarah York as the actress who played Shelly but the pseudonym ‘Sarah York’ for union reasons on this film was used.


Sam Raimi


Tom Sullivan is known for his makeup work for the "Evil Dead." He also does special effects and is an artist. Tom lives in Marshall, Michigan.


Edna Ruth Paul - Film Editor


Tim Philo - Photography and Lighting


Joseph LoDuca  - Music composer and conductor


Mike Ditz, Still Photographer, The Evil Dead

3D Gallery


A photo of the fire place from the Evil Dead - Taken in 2009. This is all that is left of the cabin after a fire destroyed most of it.

Soon after filming wrapped, the cabin became a magnet for kids. This was still in the years before The Evil Dead was theatrically released in the USA, but the whole of Morristown knew, actually, most of East Tennessee knew! It was a big deal for their little town to see a big director picking a spot in the valley to tell their story, and people were regularly trespassing to visit it. The cabin burned down in the middle of the night in the Spring of 1982, around the end of April. Alcohol bottles were found at the scene, but no arrests were made. 


The Evil Dead - Location Footage 05 - The Cabin Area.

This is the site of the cabin where Sam Raimi shot the original Evil Dead movie. The cabin was largely destroyed in the process of filming. Sam Raimi who directed and wrote the movie was extremely capable and determined to get the movie made. The end scene required maneuvering a dirt bike down a wooded hill and through the back door of the cabin, stopping just short of Bruce Campbell to catch the terrific POV shot that closes the movie. The cabin from The Evil Dead is located in the town of Morristown, Tennessee. Although the bridge was in a separate location some 30 miles away, the lonely trail leading in, and the cabin & workshed area layout existed pretty much as shown on screen. 

The land on which the cabin once stood is part of a large area currently owned by a local man; Thomas. He's managed to keep his full name out of the public domain so far, and is happy to keep it that way. Even at the age of 94, Thomas is still as bright as ever and still works in the local family business; in his family since his father bought it in 1896,Thomas and his son tore down the rest of the house but left the old brick fireplace in hopes of rebuilding it, or using it as an outdoor fireplace that could be used during camping.

The Twin Trees - 2009 - An image of the forset region from outside the cabin as it looked in 2009.

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