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Flyboy continues to try and steal the gun from Pvt Torrez as he holds the barrel end with both hands, Flyboy gyrates left and right as Torrez maintains a firm grip on his weapon. Torrez suddenly releases the pressure as the gun falls from his hands. As the gun falls to the floor Flyboy rams his shoulders into the silent soldier as he continues to gain control. Pvt Torrez dog tag violently spins around as he tussles with Flyboy, As Torrez looks behind fleetingly his dog tag falls behind his right shoulder momentarily before falling back to his neck position.


The gun creates a loud crashing sound as it falls heavily to the ground below, Torrez turns his head as he observes his trusty weapon on the ground as Flyboy suddenly gives up the fight. Torrez looks back to Flyboy as the helicopter pilot stands motionless looking back to Rhodes and his other goons. John now knows he has lost and is outnumbered.


Pvt Steel, Captain Rhodes and Pvt Rickles stand silent and motionless as they maintain a strong focus on the irate survivor, Rhodes suddenly speaks and say's with a normal tone of voice, "We need his ass". Rhodes still values Flyboy for his ability to fly the whirlybird but that is all.


Torrez suddenly pulls out his handgun as he looks on over at his soldier comrades before looking back to Flyboy, Flyboy stands motionless and extremely tense as he contemplates his next move. Flyboy is out of breath and feeling very angry and frustrated with the terrible betrayal of the soldiers who were meant to protect him and his friends.


Rhodes has an evil look on his face as he stares at Flyboy, his mouth is contorted and he has only hatred for the survivor now. Suddenly Rhodes speaks and say's "Steel, kick him around a little bit."


Pvt Steel has an enormous grin on his face and is enjoying the control and games with the scientists and others, Steel looks to Captain Rhodes fleetingly as he listens to his orders.


Pvt Steel suddenly lifts his gun up slightly as a loud clicking sound is heard, Steel has released the trigger as he now has been instructed to physically assault Flyboy to teach him a lesson. Steels mouth opens wide and contorted as he maintains his cigar in the corner of his mouth.


Flyboy can feel the tension as he moves slightly to his right and then his left in expectation of a fight with the powerfully built Steel. Torrez continues to aim his weapon at Flyboy, 


Rhodes speaks again and say's with distaste and racial hatred "Might knock some sense into that jungle-bunny head." Rhodes is trying his best to rouse and stir up Flyboy for his entertainment and that of his comrades.


Steel stares at Flyboy as he suddenly removes his sodden cigar from his mouth with his right hand, As he takes out his cigar a small piece remains in his mouth which causes a slight distaste. Steel is in no rush to assault Flyboy as he wants to create a disturbing time period of fear and tension. Steel is vulgar in his actions as he suddenly spits out a long and disgusting amount of saliva and cigar bile,


Steels tongue sticks out momentarily (Spat sound is heard) 


Steel instantly returns his cigar to his mouth after spitting out the small broken off piece, Steel stares at Flyboy with evil intentions and is certainly contemplating giving Flyboy a good beating for his stupid actions.


Zombie growls are heard from inside the corral cave network - Steel reaches down with his right hand and pulls up on his safety helmets power cable, As he lifts the black cable up and over his head he also removes his helmet with one full movement of his hand. 


Steel opens his mouth as his tongue protrudes slightly as he pushes his cigar to the left corner of his mouth. 


More zombie growls are heard as the large pack closes in on Sarah and McDermott, Bill now knows that Captain Rhodes is deadly serious and he has no chance of escaping the Corral cave system. Bill has a birds eye view of the situation on the other side of the trap door and must act fast if he wants to see another 60 seconds of life. Bill spots a large plank of wood that is used to seal the trap door shut after the locks are applied. Captain Rhodes has unfortunately forgot about this important stroke of luck as bill can now use it as some sort of make shift weapon. (Also called a melee weapon)


Bill slowly and cautiously reaches out with his right hand as he retrieves the solid piece of wood. Bill is using stealth as he tries not to disturb Rhodes and his goons, Bill grabs hold of the thick end of the dirtied beam with fingers and thumb.


A sliding sound of wood is heard as Bill slowly pulls the beam towards him with a single hand. 


The wooden beam is at an awkward angle as Bill attempts to retrieve it, A loud sound of wood is heard as the beam suddenly falls from it's support, as the beam falls at speed McDermott manages to grab hold of it with his right hand also. Bill rapidly pulls the plank of wood over the trap door as he lifts it high in the air. Pvt Rickles is stood very close to the trap door but is too slow too stop Bill from extracting the wood from it's resting position. Rickles quickly turns his head as he attempts to stop Bill but all is in vain.


McDermott and Sarah are now in panic mode as they defer from Captain Rhodes and take there chances inside the corral cave network, Rhodes means every word and won't rate there slim chance to survive. Pvt Rickles shouts out loudly "Captain" as he attempts to notify him of Bill's lucky find but it is too late. Sarah rapidly exits the trap door as she skims around the left side of the beams looking to her left also. Bill turns around clockwise with the large beam in hand as he also makes a run for it. McDermott holds the wood beam in front of him with both hands before rapidly releasing his right hand and lifting the wood up high. Sarah stands motionless as she watches Bill exit the trap door. Several zombies have now made there way to the trap door area as a female ghoul holds it's arms out in typical zombie style. Rickles watches the survivors from the safety of the compound.


Zombies growl loudly - Bill returns his right hand as he focuses his attention on a male zombie to his left wearing a dirtied and soiled white jacket and trousers. 


Bill swings the heavy and solid beam with all his might smashing it into the rotten stomach of the dead and stinking carcass. A loud thud sound is heard as the ghoul propels at speed to the left of the cave. Zombie lets out a loud pitched growl of undead air as it falls to the ground defeated just for the moment.


Bill continues to push forward with his melee weapon as Sarah follows behind, A very grotesque female zombie attempts to bite Sarah as it growls loudly and outstretches its right dead arm in Sarah's direction.


Sarah instantly jumps high in the air as she narrowly avoids the evil undead attack. This female ghoul has white eyes which indicates it is blind and works on smell and senses only. The female zombie turns rapidly in a clockwise motion in it's attempt to hurt Sarah. 


Sarah and Bill continue to run as fast as there legs can carry them as they venture further into the deep and dangerous cave system. Zombie growls with disappointment - 


Captain Rhodes has been alerted by Pvt Rickles as he comes over to watch the show from the trap door, Rhodes wants to give Sarah and McDermott a super friendly send off as he shouts out with slight sarcasm and incomprehensible mental attitude, "Thats it" (Rhodes has spotted the pair escape the first wave of the undead) "Run' You Fucking Lunatics" Rickles stands just behind Rhodes with a solemn expression as he chews on some gum. (Growling sounds are intense and continuous)


Another female zombie wearing a dark purple dress suddenly appears as she instinctively follows back down the cave towards the fresh meat of the survivors. The female zombie to the right wearing a soiled white jacket and trousers also continues to follow down the dark and dank cave network towards the petrified survivors. It gyrates rapidly from left to right as it awkwardly wobbles forward, Bill and Sarah suddenly run to there right as they attempt to  avoid an oncoming horde of the undead, The way forward is extremely populated with approaching zombies and the way is now blocked. Multiple side entrances exist set out at several feet apart with white arrows painted onto the walls. The corral cave is a massive 14 mile tombstone of mazes and long passageways that if you are not familiar with the layout you can find yourself lost very quickly.


As Sarah and Bill side step so do the zombie hordes as they are programmed to maintain there attack and hunting instincts until a kill is established. Many zombies will feast from a captured victim and death is inevitable. Dark and haunting shadows flow and move around the walls and floor from the many undead ghouls. Zombies flail there arms as they stumble and gyrate with evil. (Loud groaning is heard)  


Flyboy continues to stand motionless with fear as he awaits his fate, Suddenly a loud wooden thud sound is heard as a box that was loosely stacked within the junk pile falls to the ground, This causes Pvt Torrez to become distracted as he turns around at the sound. Flyboy utilizes his chances as he instantly strikes Torrez left side back with his right hand,


Torrez stumbles as he lowers his legs while looking at a very angry survivor.


A loud whack is heard as Flyboy punches Pvt Torrez directly in the face at full force and ferocity. Torrez produces a loud grunting "Oh!" sound as he is knocked to the floor at speed.


Pvt Walter Steel quickly comes over to Flyboy who is now in need of a good fight and beating, Steel grimaces as he strikes Flyboy violently and at speed into his stomach region. Flyboy grunts with sudden pain from the force of Steels machine gun as he rapidly twists the gun around and uses the heavy butt end to hurt Flyboy. Steel still has his cigar in his mouth as he grimaces with effort.


Steel looks down at Flyboy as he falls to the floor in severe pain. Rickles steps forward slightly as he watches Pvt Steel beat up Flyboy while chewing on some gum, Rhodes is silent and motionless as he also watches the show. Rickles smiles as Steel gets his way with the weaker Flyboy.


Steel pulls up the gun strap with his left hand as he places his weapon back over his left shoulder. (Chinking of metal is heard)


Steel bends down towards Flyboy as he pulls him back to his feet with his right hand. Steel moves his left hand up and down the gun strap as he deals with Flyboy who quite clearly needs some more punishment.


Pvt Steel lifts up the bruised and injured helicopter pilot as he continues his wrath, Flyboy is feeling tired as his eyes struggle to stay open, Steel has Flyboy exactly where he wants him as he lines up for another attack. Flyboy is weak and incapable of defending himself as Steel holds him by his shirt. Flyboy awaits his sentence for turning against Rhodes soldiers and siding with the survivors as he stands almost punch drunk and silent. Steel holds Flyboy out by his shirt with his left hand as he prepares to hurt Flyboy once again. 


Suddenly Steel punches Flyboy in the face with his right hand at full force (Whack sound is heard)


Flyboys head and body propel violently and with rapid speed to the right as he is held up by Steel. Steel grimaces as he controls Flyboy,


Flyboy falls back a simple foot allowing Steel to strike him once again. Another loud whack and grunting sound is heard as Steel punches Flyboy for the second time. Steel grimaces as he watches Flyboy suffer.


Flyboy falls back to his right as his left arm outstretches momentarily. As Flyboy comes back up Steel goes in for another attack as he clenches his fist tightly. 


Flyboy is badly hurt as his lips bleed profusely, Steel wants Flyboy to pay for his betrayal as he punches him for a third brutal time as hard as he possibly can. 


Another tremendous whack of human flesh and bone is heard as Pvt Steel explodes his anger onto Flyboy, Flyboy is finished if Steel keeps up this insane onslaught. The force of Steels blow sends Flyboy hurtling across the floor and to the ground.


A loud sound of crashing metal wood and clutter is heard as Flyboy stumbles into a large collection of junk and rusted storage boxes. Flyboy tries to cushion the fall as he lands on his right hand as his left hand flies over the top of him. Flyboy lands heavily onto his back as his legs flail out from loss of stability. Flyboy grimaces from the pain as he begins to slide down the junk only managing to stay in a bended and very awkward position.


Pvt Steel is satisfied for the moment that he has caused some significant damage to Flyboy who has no chance of gaining his strength and composure while Steel is on the attack. 


Steel suddenly pulls out his green army issued hat from his left side jacket pocket with his left hand. Steel continues to chew on his cigar in his mouth which has now become somewhat of a skill.


Pvt Steel looks down at his hat as he holds it with both hands before quickly turning it upside down so that he can place it to his head. Steel continues to maintain focus on Flyboy as he slowly raises his hands and and neatly rests it on top of his head. Steel means business as he lowers his strong arms ready for a second round of action. Dr Fosters body can be seen laying motionless on the floor behind Steel. 


Flyboy is hurt as he stumbles on his feet in an extreme effort to stand up, (Sounds of empty steel canisters can be heard moving)


Steel bends down slightly and grabs Flyboys shirt collar as a gentlemanly gesture to provide support. More rattling of wood and metal is heard as Steel easily lifts up Flyboy so that he can administer some more pain. Flyboy is weak and has lost all his energy as he rests his head down and flails his arms,


Steel grabs Flyboy with his other hand and turns him around slightly so that he can evaluate his facial injuries. Flyboy has a large cut to his left side cheek and his face is swollen from Steels violent attack, Steel clenches his right fist again as he holds Flyboy out with his left hand, Flyboy gasps for air as his head falls towards Steels clench fist, Flyboy is all over the place and very drunk, 


Captain Rhodes has a solemn facial expression as he begins to slowly walk on over to Steel and Flyboy, Rhodes takes a single step left then a single and slowly controlled step to his right before stopping and then say's with a normal tone of voice "They're gone, Flyboy. Rhodes is trying to make Flyboy see some sense and give up the fight as he is required to pilot the whirlybird, Flyboy must realize he is massively outnumbered and that Sarah and Bill are dead or will be soon.


Rickles begins to walk behind Rhodes as he chews furiously on some gum, Rhodes moves his hand up the barrel of his weapon rapidly with his right hand which creates a light creaking sound,  Rhodes say's "Let's go". Rickles stops by the left side of Rhodes as he looks on over at Steel and the injured helicopter pilot.


Pvt Steel continues to clench his fist as he shakes it slowly in an up and down motion to signal his threat of another beating if Flyboy does not comply with Rhodes wishes. Flyboy looks on over at Rhodes with a negative and non negotiation mindset as he breathes in and out deeply. Flyboys cheek muscles expand and inflate from the terrible bruising he has received. Flyboy moves his shoulders slightly as Steel continues to hold him firmly with his left hand. Suddenly Flyboy say's with an out of breath and almost defeated tone of voice "Not a chance". (Flyboy won't give up on his friends) Steel chews down on his cigar as he brings back his fist and punches it out slightly one time to emphasize and teach Flyboy that if he does not comply he will get another beating from him. Steel fully raises his fist back as he uses force on Flyboy to comply.


Suddenly a loud and continuous siren is heard which causes Steel to look up at the ceiling. The siren sound also catches Flyboys attention as he looks up at the ceiling also. A loud sound of heavy metal echoing and crashing is then heard. 


Rhodes slowly and curiously veers his eyes up to the ceiling from the unexpected sound, Rickles produces a smile towards Flyboy as he chews on his gum having not realized the loud sound has any importance. Suddenly Rickles turns his head right and up as his face changes to a more concerned look. Rhodes slowly looks further to his right as he attempts to resolve the slight technical problem.  


As Pvt Steel looks up at the ceiling he say's with a tone of serious concern "Jesus Christ (Steel looks up to his left) - Steel looks to Rhodes and say's "That's the elevator". Flyboy is breathing heavily and is very exhausted as he also looks up to the ceiling and slightly turns his head to investigate the sound. (Flyboys chest expands and deflates violently)


Rhodes shouts loudly as he continues to look up at the ceiling, "Check it out" (Rhodes eyes veer from right to left) Rickles instantly looks at Rhodes from his loud command before making his way behind Rhodes to his right on a mission to identify the cause of the moving elevator system. (Siren continues to sound)


Pvt Steel instantly turns his head back to Flyboy as he continues to threaten him with his clenched fist. Flyboy is extremely curious by the sound as he continues to look up at the emanating sound. Suddenly Pvt Steel snaps to attention and instantly loses all interest in the bleeding helicopter pilot as he pushes him over towards the pile of storage junk at speed. Steel rapidly sprints off across the floor to his right as he goes to investigate, A loud sound of crashing metal and wooden storage boxes is heard as Flyboy falls back onto them. Flyboys left arm stretches out high above him as his other hand rests on an old gas canister. Flyboys legs kick out uncontrollably as he knocks a metal storage box with his left foot. Flyboy flails his arms as he suffers the abuse from Pvt Steel.


Captain Rhodes returns his attention to Flyboy who lays severely injured on the pile of junk materials, Rhodes suddenly stances as he aims his machine gun towards Flyboy, Rhodes is now responsible for Flyboy and won't let him out of his sight considering his strong relationship with the survivors.


Flyboy slowly and with great effort attempts to lift himself up and out of the collection of old artifacts and metal containers. As Flyboy rests his right hand on an old gas canister he slowly raises his back up at an awkward angle while still looking down at the floor. Suddenly Flyboys left arm falls rapidly to the floor having lost all his strength. Flyboy uses the time to try and catch his breath back as he breathes rapidly.


The actions and circumstances of another survivor is having a snow ball effect on the decisions others make, Flyboy was forced to leave his cabin in his search for Sarah and McDermott as he promised he would go looking for them if they did not return after a certain amount of time. Miguel has suddenly made a miraculous recovery though somewhat sick and severely injured. Miguel has found the strength to sneak out of Bill and Flyboys makeshift steel abode and go on a little mission himself. Miguel is suffering a complete and utter mental breakdown as he travels up the powerful and bulky elevator system having lost his mind. The lift whirls loudly as it slowly raises up to the bright and welcoming light of the outside world. Miguel grimaces with pain as he holds the elevators control box in his right hand. 


Miguel continues to grimace as he discards the control box with his right hand, A loud sound of plastic and metal echoing is heard as the device hits the metal riveted floor. Miguels chains and dog tags swing rapidly in an outwards then inwards motion as they produce a light tinkling of metal. Miguel suddenly grabs hold of his left shoulder with his right hand as he attempts to reduce the tremendous pain he is feeling. (Miguel takes two staggered steps forward and then stops.) As Sarah and Bill were side stepped into Logans laboratory they never managed to get back to Miguel with the morphine and other supplies. Miguel looks up at the sky which is now the only soothing aspect to his accident prone life. Miguel wishes life was back the way it was when he was with Sarah and deep down he still cares for her. Miguel may have a strong connection to her and has now completely lost his marbles. 


As the elevator continues it's journey up to the skyline Miguel momentarily looks up as he contemplates his thoughts. Miguel grimaces some more as he begins to stagger forward once again - (Light tapping of feet is heard)


The camera pans down as Miguel steps out of view. The old elevator system is rusted and has a natural shine of oxidation.


The loud whirring continues as the powerful rotating motors and machinery lift the heavy platform to the top of the Seminole Storage Facility.


Black shadows produce slow moving lines that darken the white painted concrete support pillars as the heavy machine lifts up to the outside world. The camera continues to pan down to reveal the inner workings of the elevator system. The control room is where the sensitive electronic panels and high powered generators reside. Cables from underneath the elevator shake from the tremendous pressure the lift exerts.


A huge circular steel rod supports the heavy elevator platform as it pushes vertically up at a controlled rate of speed.


Frankensteins 4 lamps laboratory that houses Bub the pure science specimen has been completely ignored and left to it's own devises. Captain Rhodes and his men are far to wrapped up in there scheme to escape the facility that they have no reason to return. Multiple charts, graphs and scientific information are laid out neatly across the workbench just below the black lamps. Each day Dr Logan would observe Bub indiscreetly and write down everything important in relation to the creatures thoughts, actions, growls and temperament. (A sucking wet sound is heard from inside the captive room similar to someone sucking on a sweet.)


A microphone has been installed just above Bub to record the sounds it makes, As Bub is learning to be more human like his sounds change pitch and length loudness and speed. Dr Logan with his intelligence can piece together a form of zombie language similar to Klingon or another obscure form of communication. (The loud sound of sucking and squelching is still heard including a low sighing sound of unhappiness)


Bub is all alone in the darkness as he sucks on his steel chain that is attached to the wall. As Bub is a zombie he does not sit down and stands continuously as it has no human instinct to rest. A groundbreaking sleep experiment from the University of Chicago proved that after 30 days of total sleep deprivation, a seemingly healthy rat will drop dead. (Feel sorry for the rat) Frankenstein was very close to a profound breakthrough but his hard work was destroyed by the selfish and misunderstanding Captain. Dr Logan would of progressed his work to teach Bub to sit on a chair, Switch a light on and off when the undead carcass wanted, and a plethora of other human related thoughts and emotions. So in essence a zombie does in some way rest but it's internal organs have slowed down to almost a hibernation sequence. 


Bub is totally engrossed in his chain as it's mind has progressed and it now has feelings of boredom and even isolation. Bub quickly takes the chain away from it's stench filled mouth as it ponders over it. For some reason the chain has a strange and enchanting power and Bub has found a new toy to play with. When Rhodes discovered Dr Logan was feeding Bub his dead soldiers bodily remains he and the other soldiers did not return to remove the silver bucket Bub was given as a reward. Bub is now thinking about metal and it's power to provide a service or even it's feel and coldness of touch. 


Bub produces a loud squelching sound as it's mouth opens wide, Bub places it's left hand to the top of the steel chain as it focuses on the last ring that is attached to the wall bracket. Bub has it's thumb and index finger around a steel rivet that has loosely come out of its circular fitting.  Bub opens his mouth wide again as he squelches and sucks on his tongue and lips. Suddenly the rivet comes completely out of it's steel ring as Bub stares down at it.


A loud sound of jangling metal is heard as the thick chain rapidly falls to the dirty floor below. Bub has inadvertently released itself from it's tight bonds by chance or maybe neglect. Frankenstein would of returned and would certainly of fixed the chain, but maybe he knew about it and left it to chance himself as he felt his life was in danger from Rhodes and his goons. Dr Logan was teaching Bub how to use a cassette player which uses small parts, all these things have an effect on the learning mind of the undead specimen. The chain instantly stops dead in motion as it hits part of a grate and the floor. The grate is used to wash away any bloodied debris Bub produces including green and yellow vomit, human remains and even Bub's own rotten limbs that could easily severe from the decomposition. Bub still holds the piece of chain that is attached to his neck collar as it sways and droops in a left and right motion. (More light rattling of metal is heard)


Bub looks down at the sound of the falling chain as it tries to fathom what has just happened. Zombies are robustly violent and Bub continuously pulled on his neck collar which may support why the rivet came out. Bub moves it's head slightly as it opens it's mouth and lightly groans at the new toy it has just discovered.


More jingling of metal is heard as Bub lifts the severed chain up with it's left hand as it struggles to fathom the difference between a chain that is connected to the wall and the same chain which is now loose and on the floor - (This mental challenge is very difficult for Bub to understand)


Bub looks back down at the chain that is laying on the floor as he lifts the chain that is in his left hand to it's ear. Bub slurps as it turns it's head to the wall connector. Bub places the piece of chain that he first grabbed hold of to the wall bracket as it ponders on why it came off. Bub knows that the chain should be connected and something has happened. Bub growls softly as it turns it's head into the wall in another attempt to work out the puzzle. Bub turns his head away as it lowers the chain towards it's neck.


A rattling of metal is heard again as Bub looks down at the severed chain which he holds in both hands,  Bub looks to his right and then the chain to it's left still perplexed. 


A spooky but simple synthesizer melody is playing to provide the sound score - Sarah and McDermott are running for there lives as they navigate with virtually zero knowledge and guidance the way they should travel if they stand any chance of escaping the corral cave network. From a distance two bright and white lights penetrate the cool blue darkness, The lights bob up and down at speed as they rapidly increase in size. A light tapping of feet is heard from the survivors as they desperately find a way out of the hellish cave. 


Suddenly Bill and Sarah stop in there tracks as they evaluate there position and which way to turn, Both survivors turn there heads right as they peer into the eerie darkness, A light sound of scrunching earth is heard as they both skid to a stop.


Sarah places both hands to her safety helmet as Bill looks to his right. A light tapping of feet is heard as Sarah quickly runs off to her left. Bill continues to look left momentarily. It is very quiet inside the corral cave and there are lots of jagged rocks and pit holes to stay clear off.


Sarah is rather hasty as she runs ahead and has not accounted for a large pile of loose rubble and stones that lay in her path. Sarah rapidly stops as she navigates her feet up and around the tricky boulders. A loud sound of moving rubble is heard as Sarah disturbs the jagged and lightly raised ground. Sarah quickly looks to her left before continuing on forward, Sarah awkwardly steps over some tricky rocks before moving further ahead. (A loud sound of a zombie groaning is heard) Sarah has inadvertently disturbed one of the undead.


McDermott turns his head further to his right from the sudden groaning sound, McDermott turns his head almost behind him as he attempts to locate the zombie presence.


McDermott quickly turns his head back to face forward as he say's with slight disappointment and sarcasm "Aw, Jesus". Bill rapidly snaps his head to his right before turning back around at Sarah's words. 


Sarah is standing motionless as she say's "Rock slide" Sarah breaths in deeply as she turns to face Bill and say's with concern, "We can't get through". (Sarah's hair sways gently) 


Bill turns away from Sarah as he ponders his thoughts on another direction, McDermott suddenly raises his right arm slightly as he points in the direction he thinks he and Sarah should take, Bill say's "What about this way" Bill breathes rapidly with a growing fear - Bill looks to Sarah as he say's "We can try and get around".


Sarah turns away from McDermott as she stares blankly at the obstructive rock slide in a moment of thought. 


Suddenly a loud sound similar to a stone hitting glass is heard - This causes Sarah to look down at her feet at something she has disturbed.


Sarah slowly bends down as she instantly spots an old and rusted shovel that has been laying on the pitted floor for quite some time. Before the zombie outbreak someone was attempting to remove the rock slide piece by piece but gave up when the zombie apocalypse started. Sarah grabs hold of the shovel as it can be used as a melee weapon just in case she is attacked.


Suddenly a piercing synthesizer sound is heard infused with an explosion of moving earth and rubble is heard as an undead zombie hand explodes out of the ground at rapid speed. Earth and debris propel in all directions from the velocity of the attack. A loud growling sound is also heard as the rotten hand slowly opens it's fingers to an almost full extension.


Maybe this zombie was the man who was shoveling rocks before he perished under a rock slide. He turned into one of the undead after being bitten by one of Logan's specimens. (Such is life) (Zombies have tremendous sense of smell) Sarah instantly drops the shovel back to the ground from the sudden shock and fright.


Sarah jumps back as her arms flail out and her body quivers with intense shock. Sarah almost forgets to scream as her voice pierces the cave walls and inner chambers. Sarah's mouth is wide open as she continues to focus on the frightfully grotesque hand unaware that another zombie is just behind her.


The noise of Sarah disturbing the rock slide and her loud screams has brought the undead out for a lunch call. The undead carcass rapidly grabs Sarah from behind as it's scaly hands wrap around her soft and warm flesh and clothing. (Zombie growls loudly with delight)


The male zombie staggers behind her as it veers it's body to Sarah's right side, Sarah tussles with the undead ghoul as her hands try and pull the cold and stinking flesh from her shoulders, Sarah suddenly falls to her left from the sheer weight of the attacking ghoul. 


McDermott shudders as he steps to his right while watching Sarah being attacked from a distance, Bill is thunderstruck for a fleeting moment as his brain goes into overdrive.


Suddenly another zombie appears from out of the darkness at great speed and right behind McDermott. Bill is still watching Sarah and is completely unaware.


The female ghoul hisses and growls as it rapidly throws it's rotten arms over McDermotts shoulders. 


McDermott tussles with the zombie momentarily before swinging his body around in an anti clockwise motion and whacking the zombie hard on the head - A loud thud is heard) Zombie is propelled a few feet before another thud is heard as the female ghoul lands on it's back against a back wall from the powerful forces of the trap door plank. (Zombie growls some more)


Sarah is still stuck in a tricky situation with the male zombie who still has her in his evil clutches. The ghouls hands are wrapped around Sarah's arms and Sarah desperately needs Bills help - Sarah tussles with the zombie as it growls with undead excitement, Suddenly Sarah's red safety helmet becomes dislodged from her head as it rapidly shoots off and down to the floor - (A loud snapping sound is heard) The male ghoul growls loudly as it pulls Sarah to her right as the red safety helmet dangles from it's black power cord.


The veraciously evil male zombie is proving to much to handle for the scientist as it suddenly pulls her to the ground, A loud thud sound is heard as the Dr lands heavily onto her back.


Sarah grimaces as she gyrates and struggles to push the zombie from off of her. 


Sarah's body rolls towards the zombie as it pulls at her clothing, Sarah screams loudly as she rolls back the other way as the evil ghoul grips her tightly.


The female zombie that attacked McDermott suddenly comes back to it's rotten senses as it rapidly leaves the back wall with it's mouth wide open and it's arms outstretched. Female zombie growls loudly with evil intentions - 


McDermott is quick on the ball as he readies for the zombie attack, Bill patiently waits for the approaching zombie as he readies his wooden plank with both hands. Bill steps forward slightly as he swings out with all his might towards the zombies rotten head, A loud thud followed by a loud high pitched groaning sound is heard as Bill smashes the heavy melee weapon directly into the ghouls brain. 


The female zombie instantly falls to the floor as Bill stands over her with eyes of terror. Sarah continues to scuffle and roll with the male zombie as she tries her best to free herself, Zombie growls with an evil pleasure - Male zombie rolls on top of Sarah as she struggles for her life - 


Suddenly McDermott snaps to attention as he rapidly turns his head and focuses his mind on the dangerous predicament of Sarah, If Bill does not help her she will undoubtedly be bitten very soon, McDermotts eyes widen as he rapidly sprints over to the helpless Sarah.


Sarah rolls over the top of the zombie as her red safety helmet slams to the floor creating a loud thud sound of hard plastic. The male zombie growls some more with a sense of pleasure as it lays on its back with the survivor,


Sarah gasps for air as she struggles on top of the dead carcass, Male zombie growls some more, As Sarah tries to escape from across it's stomach the zombie grabs hold of Sarah with both hands as it becomes much more ferocious and nasty. Zombie growls very loudly with intense evil, Zombie tussles from right to left as it attempts to keep a tight hold on the scientist. Zombie raises it's rotten head as it attempts to bite Sarah.


Suddenly from no where a loud sound of spilling peas is hard as McDermott comes to the rescue. Bill is not messing about this fine day as he instantly strikes the zombie down with the shovel that Sarah discovered. Sarah's hands rapidly disappear from the zombies chest as the ghoul gets severely stomped. The ghoul has just received a major injury as the shovel almost decapitates it with one foul blow. Zombie becomes motionless from the brutal strike by McDermott.


Sarah screams loudly with fright as she falls back on her arms and legs, Sarah rapidly scuttles her hands backwards and pushes on her legs in an attempt to get as far away as possible as quickly as possible. Sarah looks back at the gruesome sight as she contemplates how lucky she was not to have been infected.


McDermott hasn't finished with this evil ghoul yet as he stands over it with the shovel in hand. Bill looks down with a sense of satisfaction that he is now the one in control, Bill maintains a firm pressure on the shovel as he shakes and gyrates his hands.


The evil ghoul is in big trouble as McDermott pushes down with all his might in an attempt to severe its head. The zombie groans similar to a loud choking sound as it shakes its head rapidly from side to side from the pressure Bill is providing. A thick red blood continously spurts out from it's cheeks in all directions as the shovel cuts in deeper and deeper. (Zombie keeps its eyes closed) (Zombie flails its arms out)


Sarah has never been so close to a zombie in her life as she palpitates with pure terror, Sarah looks behind herself for a split second in time before looking back over. This is short lived as she instantly lifts herself from the floor as she rests on her knees and hands, Sarah looks back once again as McDermott performs his fatality special move. Sarah begins to stand to her feet as the zombie growls loudly with demonic pleasure and pain. (Light wooden sounds from McDermotts trap door wooden beam are heard as Sarah quickly discovers it laying close to her and picks it up.)


McDermott is determined to kill the dangerous ghoul with the shovel as he continues to push down with all his strength on the handle and shaft. Suddenly McDermott grimaces as his hands rapidly drop down from the forces of the cutting edge. 


A loud snapping sound is heard similar to a tree branch being twisted as the shovel end decapitates the hellish ghoul, A moment in time exists where the shovel maintains a gruesome and motionless pause as the ghoul becomes icy silent and void of movement. 


Suddenly a whoosh of glassy noise and then a loud high pitched sound similar to someone banging a metal rod against a thick metal beam is heard as McDermott forcefully pushes away the ghouls severed head from the rest of it's body. A red and thick blood instantly explodes from the top of the zombies head as it propels at high speed outwards and across the rocky ground. Large amounts of blood are visible from either side of the ghoul from the severe shovel attack.


Bill has done an excellent job of decapitating the zombie with the shovel as now only a severed head wound is visible.


Bill might of been a good cricket player before the zombie apocalypse as the head is catapulted across the floor. A sound of a ball bouncing is heard as the severed head spins and catapults in the air.


The bloodied head bounces seven times in rapid succession before landing several feet away close to a far wall.


Sarah has stood to her feet as she stances and holds the heavy wooden beam with both hands while watching her evil zombie's head perform it's very last movements. Sarah is relieved to have survived this attack but this is early days and there are plenty of zombies lurking in the corral cave. All is quiet and only a light breeze can be heard - Sarah slowly straightens her legs more before stepping backwards slightly while maintaining focus on the severed head.


Suddenly without warning another zombie appears from behind Sarah, The evil zombie grabs Sarah's left shoulder as Sarah shudders and screams loudly once again. A high pitched repeating key tone is heard similar to the movie Psycho when Norman Bates attacks a woman in a shower. Psycho is a 1960 American psychological horror-thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, and written by Joseph Stefano. It starred Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, Vera Miles, and Martin Balsam, and was based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. The attacking zombie is the ghoul who raised his hand from the ground and may just want his shovel back. 


Sarah turns her head sharply towards the ghoul as she grimaces, Sarah's blood is turning cold from the evil that lurks in every corner of the corral maze, Sarah looks down at her left shoulder as the zombie attempts to take a huge bite from her flesh,


Sarah struggles momentarily before finding the strength to utilize her melee weapon, Sarah grimaces and breaths out rapidly as she swings the heavy wooden plank backwards with both hands striking the zombie in it's chest region. Sarah shrieks with effort as a loud thud sound is heard - The zombie falls back on it's feet as it flails it's arms out wildly, 


Sarah quickly turns with the wood beam in her hands as the zombie stumbles backwards, The zombie continues to outstretch it's arms as it hits the back wall of the cave, 


Sarah is learning quickly how to deal with a zombie as she rapidly utilizes the time to strike the zombie again, Sarah swings her weapon out backwards to gain momentum raising it high above her before striking down on the cumbersome and slow brain of the undead. 


A loud thud sound is heard as the heavy wooden plank smashes down onto the head of the zombie, The zombie instantly closes it's eyes as it's head shudders and shakes. Ghoulish blood instantly spurts out of it's rotten head as it continues to stand on it's legs.


This third zombie has a black dog collar attached to it's neck which indicates that when captured the collars are placed and left on. This zombie was caught in the rock slide and was buried but decided to stay under the ground. The shovel has always been there.


Sarah fleetingly looks at the injured zombie before McDermott suddenly appears. McDermott screams out loudly a high pitched "raahh" as he attempts to scare Sarah. Sarah shudders and spasms as she quickly turns around completely flabbergasted that Bill would do something so cruel and frightening. Bill is trying to keep morale as he scares Sarah witless and create a somewhat lighter atmosphere. Sarah sighs deeply as she say' with a tone of relief "Oh Jesus" -


Bill quickly points the shovel handle out in front of him as he say's "This way". Sarah turns her head in the direction Bill recommends as they both quickly make there way out of the blocked off area.


The severed zombie head rests upside down as it continues to move it's eyes, First the eyes open rapidly in unison before veering right left right at high speed, The eyes continue to stay looking furthest right before looking center then back right again. 


Black shadows pass over the severed head as Sarah and Bill run past, There shadows steak pass the far right wall as a light tapping of feet is heard. - Sarah holds the beam with both hands as she isn't taking any chances now she knows how quickly a zombie can strike. Bill holds the shovel in his right hand at a downwards angle. Suddenly a loud screeching and flapping of wings is heard as a large bat follows the escaping pair from behind. The creature also produces a black shape of movement and shape as it quickly flies out of the cave. 


Both Sarah and Bill can be seen running off into the distance as they attempt to find a safer route in there search for an old silo or other area with an outside escape method.


The head continues to flit it's eyes left and right from the dead nerves and evil forces.

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