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These programmes he performed stunts, Crimewatch UK, London's Burning, Soldier Soldier, Labyrinth, 999, The Big Breakfast, Thief Takers, Dalziel & Pascoe, River City, The Royal, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Played, 

He also coordinated stunts later in his career, The impressionable Jon Culshaw 2004, Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Video Game 2005, Joy Division 2006, London To Brighton 2006, Grange Hill 2007, Casualty 2009, Hollyoaks 43 Episodes 2004 2010, Benidorm 2010 2011, He also performed stunts in Saving Private Ryan, Tomorrow Never Dies, Entrapment, and The World Is Not Enough but these were uncredited. In total Truglia has performed stunts or coordinated stunts and is credited for 73 shows and films quite an achievement.

Not only was he a stuntman he also holds records, He is the official UK No limits freediving champion with a breath hold of over 6 minutes, Set in 2002 at a depth of 250 ft.

He was also awarded a Guiness world record in 2004 for the fastest Abseil over 100m, the time was 8.9 secs at London's Centre Point Tower. 

In 2009 Steve set a record for becoming the first person to drive a car around a 40ft high loop the loop, The stunt was for a Fifth Gear stunt special which Steve presented.

Steve also set himself on fire 70 times covering his entire body and has a burn time of 2 mins 5 secs.

Steve Truglia - Born in 1962 Died 17 November 2016. Truglia was a professional stuntman who coordinated his own stunts and was also an action unit director in the UK. He worked on many action movies including Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 2015, The Wolfman 2010, and Irina Palm 2007. He also worked on many TV series throughout his career. In Brookside he was a stunt driver. 

Steve was also a member of the SAS, He spent a total of 20 years in the 21 SAS regiment in the territorial army, He also served in the 289 commando and SBS reserves. 

Sporting achievements include 2400+ parachute jumps, Several marathons, five years studying Kendo, Scuba diving BSAC dive leader, three years of boxing and motorsport successes.

Steve even had plans to jump from the edge of space in a pressurised spacesuit, At an altitude of 103.000ft more than three times the altitude of a passenger jet steve would jump out of a helium balloon braking the speed limit as he fell back to earth at 700mph and a wind chill of - 70c it was the ultimate challenge.

Felix Baumgartner Space Jump World Record 2012.

Felix Baumgartner born 20th April 1969 is an Australian skydiver daredevil and BASE jumper, He successfully jumped from a helium filled balloon from a altitude of 128.100ft 24 miles above New Mexico, 

  • Exit altitude: 128,100ft; 39,045m

  • Total jump duration: 9'03"

  • Freefall time: 4'20"

  • Freefall distance 119,846ft; 36,529m

  • Max velocity: 833.9mph; 1,342.8km/h; Mach 1.24

This acheivement was later beaten by Alan Eustace who jumped from an altitude of 135,889.108 feet (41.419000 km; 25.7365735 mi, His descent lasted 15 minutes with speeds reaching 821.45 mph.

The Card Shark Show starring Steve Truglia demonstrates to the audience classic card tricks, Sleight of hand, cheats and scams.  From the middle ages to the wild west and the gangsta era Steve showed off his magic and skills as an entertainer. Steve wrote and produced the show and was available to go and see at the Court house Theatre West end of London.

Steve was participating in an abseil race in Chongqing Southwest China when he fell 300ft from a helicopter as he attempted to drop down. Another stuntman was also attempting the stunt at the same time but Steve had concerns the combined weight of the two men and the  small aircraft might cause problems.The stunt had been delayed due to bad weather conditions and the ropes used were wet, This may have caused Steve to slip and fall to his death. He was attempting the stunt high above Wulong national park but had been put off until the Thursday due to mist and foggy conditions. His death was revealed to his girlfriend in a garbled text from a Chinese woman, The Chinese authorities and company he was working for  refused to release any substantial details to his death and might be covering up for something. As Steve was a very experienced abseil stuntman it seems hard to believe he died but stunts are very dangerous and life can be very unpredictable. His last message on Facebook said Lets Do This! He was 54 years old.

Victims of the Shoreham Plane Disaster.

The Shoreham air show is an annual event that is organised by the Royal Air Forces Association and is held in West Sussex. On 22 August 2015 an ex military jet aircraft failed to carry out a loop manoeuvre and crashed onto a motorway the A27 trunk road killing 11 people in a huge fireball. The pilot managed to eject from the aircraft but sustained severe injuries and was put into a medically induced coma. The aircraft a Hawker Hunter T7 had been making civilian displays since 1998 as a warbird which is a vintage aircraft operated by civilians not military personnel. The aircraft first did a low pass along the runway from South to North turning for a second pass in the opposite direction. As it neared the airport it turned up into an inside loop but unfortunately the pilot Andy Hill 51 misjudged the height as he was only at 200 feet or 60 m high and the manoeuvre should of commenced at 500 feet 150 m for safety. He had no room for misjudgement at 200 feet but the aircraft crashed. The fireball killed 11 people and injured 16 others, 8 vehicles were destroyed including a Daimler DS420 limousine which was on route to collect a bride for a wedding, The driver was one of the victims. The A27 was closed in both directions and people could only leave by foot, Laws changed after this disaster and now vintage aircraft can only perform fly by operations and aircraft must carry out enhanced maintenance and inspection checks before a permit is granted. 

Footage of Shoreham air crash shown to Old Bailey jury

Footage of Shoreham air crash shown to Old Bailey jury

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Footage of Shoreham air crash shown to Old Bailey jury

Pilot Andy Hill, An experienced pilot with over 12000 hours of flight time, He had worked as a captain for British Airways flown harrier jump jets and had worked as an instructor for the RAF. He also flew Van's RV8 AND BAC Jet Provost at airshows.

The West Sussex coroner has announced that criminal charges against the pilot may commence, Prosecutors have been given complete case files to help the families get more clearer information on what exactly did happen to there loved ones. 

The Coroner for West Sussex Ms Penny Schofield  has contacted all the families involved to keep them up to date on the current developments. The full file is with the CPS crown prosecution service and the sussex police are waiting a decision as to whether they can bring criminal charges or not. The next pre inquest review is scheduled for 24th January 2018. The full inquest is scheduled for September 2018 but may be suspended if charges are brought.  

James Healy Pratt 

James Healy Pratt is recognised by Chambers as the leading aviation claimant lawyer in the UK. He deals with international and domestic aviation cases. He is noted for having a unrivalled track record of winning the highest aviation settlements in many countries. He said the CPS are expected to give a definite answer about criminal charges before the January hearing 2018. The families are also waiting for the prime minister Theresa May to discusss the matter of there legal aid funding with the Lord chancellor which was brought up in the house of commons on 1st November 2017. 

Manslaughter may be Voluntary or Involuntary  Voluntary is with an intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm. Two defenses may be raised to allow the court to find the accused guilty of voluntary manslaughter, diminished responsibility and suicide pact as stated in the the Homicide act of 1957. In English law manslaughter is a less serious offence than murder. Section 2 of the homicide act 1957 requires that the defendant must of suffered from an abnormality of mind at the time of the crash, He would have had to of been substantially impaired which would of affected his mental responsibilities for the crash. Under section 2/2 he would have to prove to the court he suffered from such a condition on the balance of probabilities. If the pilot tried to commit an act of suicide this could be a possibility also but he did eject so this lessens that outcome.

Gross negligence explains that the pilot needed a duty of care to people on the ground and he breached that that duty, Because of this the breach caused the crash and fatalities on the ground and his actions negligence were gross and he showed disregard for the life and safety of the spectators and any one else on ground level. This would lead to a guilt and a severe punishment would be expected.Unlike a murder charge Manslaughter does not carry any mandatory sentence it is entirely up to the judges discretion but the judge can impose a life sentence. However the judge can impose a lesser sentence which normally is 2 to 10 years but can be suspended for up to 2 years and the defendant will have to comply to up to 12 requirements set by the court or community service. If a life sentence is granted the defendant will be given a tariff a set amount of time they must be imprisoned before being released on parole.


Matt Jones 24 Personal Trainer died at the airshow.

Morris Abrahams was a Chauffeur for over 20 years who was on his way to collect a bride for a wedding called Rebecca Sheen. The 76 year old former police man was inside his Daimler limousine when he was struck by the exploding jet. He had served in the Grenadier Guards and the Parachute Regiment and served in Cyprus and Bahrain with The UN.He was a lovely man who enjoyed gardening cracking jokes and pouring champagne to his passenger brides.

Mark Trussler 54 from Worthing was a motorcycle enthusiast who was at Shoreham to watch the last flight of the Jet.His funeral was held at Worthing Crematorium. His fiance Giovanna Chirico said he was an amazing dad who had a passion for Rugby and Motorcycles. He had six children and was the best dad ever.

James Graham Mallinson 72, He was a keen photographer and retired engineer from Newick East Sussex, He was the kindest and most generous man who regularly gave his time to help others. Always loyal and reliable he was a private and loving individual who cared deeply for his family and had a great sense of humour.

Mr Mallinson was also a passionate steam railway enthusiast and Bluebell Railway Volunteer. 2009 – Bluebell Railway – Sheffield Park – Rebuilt Battle of Britain class – 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair.

Tony Brightwell 53 was an avid aircraft enthusiast who was the 6th person identified. He had a private pilots license and cycled to the shoreham event. He was a healthcare manager for Sussex partnership NHS and Brighton and Hove council. His fiancee Lara Ashby said he was the love of my life my soulmate. They planned of a life in the sun in a few years time and he always helped others and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. He had a daughter called Gemma a sister called Judy Nephew Adam and parents Barbera and Ernie who all paid there tributes. 

Mark Reeves was a 53 year old grandfather and was a computer aided design technician from Seaford near Eastbourne East Suusex. He had parked his motorbike on the outskirts of the motorway to take some photo's but unfortunately perished in the flames. It was his first visit to the flying aircraft event. He was a big Honda enthusiast and was riding it on the day tragedy struck. Described as a sunworshipper he would frequently be seen relaxing on holiday with a cocktail in hand, He had moved with his family to Seaford 9 years previous and an incredibly loving gentle caring and doting family man. Husband to Wendy Father to Luke and grandad to three beautiful granddaughters, a brother to Denise and loving son of Ann and Kenneth. He will be missed by so many including doctors and staff at the Seaford medical practice where Wendy works as a nurse.

Dylan Archer 42 right and his friend Richard Smith 26 left were both killed after embarking on a cycle ride together to see the shoreham aircraft display.. They were on a cycling trip towards the South Downs Way when disaster struck. Mr Archer was the director of a Brighton IT company who had a genourous nature and dry humour. He leaves behing his partner Alice and his two sons aged 15 and 12.Richard Smith had worked in a cycle shop in Cosham Portsmouth Hampshire two years previous he had moved to Hove where he worked in marketing and web development, His passions in life were his family friends and his beloved bikes he had boundless enthusiasm. His girlfriend Victoria Marie Peck posted to Facebook how she can't put into words her loss and he was everything to her, He was the first thing she saw in the morning and the last person to see on the evening.It is hard to feel the pain of loss and not be able to turn to the one person that did comfort and make me feel better, He was my everything she wrote.

Jacob Schilt right standing with his girlfriend Megan Duffy is another victim of shoreham. A keen football player he was on his way to play an away football match with his Worthing United FC team. Ms Duffy met Jacob Schilt at the university of Portsmouth and was on her way to watch him play with his parents Bob and Caroline Schilt. In a cruel twist of fate Ms Duffy believes Jacob would still have been alive if he had left just 30 seconds earlier. The family had received a phone call telling them that Jacob had not arrived at the sports ground venue. His team mates were trying to get hold of us and they were worried for him. At midnight the police confirmed his car was found at the scene of the crash. He was with his team mate Matt Grimstone who also died. The parents don't want to ponder on what could of been and were upset about the lost future Ms Duffy and there son would of had. Mrs Schilt said his final words were See you at the match as he headed off with his team mate Matt Grimshaw to play against Loxwood FC.

Daniel Polito 23 was in a car with another victim Matt Jones as the plane crashed down. Hundreds attended Polito's funeral which was held at Worthing Crematorium clad in baby Blue his favourite colour. He left behind his 3 year old son Georgio and was a family man with an enthusiasm for life.He was full of love he was funny and at times cheeky.He wore his heart on his sleeve and was a true gentleman who empowered his Italian heritage and wore it with pride. He had the biggest heart and a wonderful soul he had a habit of melting all the girls hearts even as a toddler.You couldnt help but love him with his infectious smile and loving eyes.

Matthew Grimstone 23 was a Worthing FC player and friend and team mate of Jacob Schilt. His family said he was the kindest person you could ever meet, He was a goalkeeper at the non league club and was due to play at 3.00 pm at Worthing uniteds Robert Albon Memorial park, The game was called off following the tragedy. His family were in total shock and Flowers football shirts and other tributes were left at Worthing FC's club.

Matt Jones 24 was another tragic victim, He was a keen traveller and personal trainer from Littlehampton. His life focused on all the passionate things the joy of living. 

Father John McCormack gave a touching tribute to Matt He said. It’s just perfect this moment because he’s surrounded by all the people who love him and remember him. All of you who are here today are here because of him. There are 250 people in here today. If every single one of you makes the same impact on the world that he’s made, could you imagine what sort of world we would be living in? A crazy world, a mad world, and we would all be expected to be in the gym at 6am, but it would be a really wonderful life.


Matt was a keen traveller and his coffin was beach themed with a pair of yellow sunglasses placed on top.

The CPS has been handed a completed investigation file and is now considering whether criminal charges should be brought or not. A definite answer can be expected in January 2018.

A report found that the 1955 vintage aircraft was going too slow during it's manoeuvre and failed to use maximum thrust. The pilot could of abandoned the stunt up to four seconds after reaching the top of the loop, But the pilot did not perceive or realize the danger or that it was necessary to do so.. The pilot had not received any formal training to escape the manoeuvre. He may of suffered confusion thinking he was actually flying a similar aircraft he had flown to the run up to the Shoreham event. He also failed to answer questions in seven separate interviews about his conduct during the flight on doctors orders.

The aircraft itself had not been fully or properly maintained. Rules laid down by the CAA were quite clearly inadequate and rules that were in place were not followed up by air show organisers. An 18 month probe into the disaster was carried out by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch AAIB to determine the cause of the crash and to make safety recommendations to prevent similar accidents. Andy Hill's display authorisation permit allowed him to carry out aerobatics at a minimum of 500ft and the normal technique would require the pilot to enter the loop at an airspeed of at least 350 knots and use maximum engine thrust to achieve a height of at least 3500 ft at the apex. 20000 spectators witness the impeding crash and explosion it was a dreadful sight to behold. Even though Andy hill made some terrible mistakes families have expressed concerns and failures that the CAA and the airshow organisers have made to contribute to this disaster. Families can not believe the pilot was not trained on the manouever if it went wrong they are shocked by this, They want to put the blame directly on the doorstep of the CAA. No one has been charged with any wrong doing at this stage and someone should be punishable for this accident. Tragically this was a disaster just waiting to happen.

Family and friends pay tribute to the Shoreham victims on it's first anniversary.

Crowds gathered at the Shoreham Tollbridge close to the A27 crash site in West Sussex to pat their respects.

Flowers and tributes are tied around a cycles spokes and rim on the Shoreham Tollbridge.

The son of Daniele Polito kisses a white dove before it is released.

Hawker Hunter T7 WV372

Daniele Polito's girlfriend at the time Tania Hewstone was shocked to receive a phonecall from a 16 year old girl saying that she was expecting Daniele's child, Tania had no idea about this girl until she received a phonecall days after Daniele's funeral, Tanya met Daniele when she was 15 years old and had Giorgio two years later, The couples four year relationship ended 10 months before the fatal accident. Three weeks before the accident Daniele phoned Tania to ask for her and the family back but she told him that she did not love him anymore, Daniele continued to see his son Giorgio twice a week and paid maintenance for him. There is a £35000 plus compensation claim that she has entitlement too for Giorgio as he has lost his daddy.

The jet that crashed had expired ejector seat parts and an out of date technical manual a report has said. Confusion has arose whether the pilot ejected from his seat but later reports indicate he was thrown from the wreckage and did not have time to eject. Some explosive cartridges were still live and this delayed their emergency response procedures. The seats  were a significant hazard and the expiry date for the explosive charges had expired with dates of June and July 2014 indicating they were more than a year out of date. The AAIB report also stated that investigators could not determine if the aircraft met the requirements of its permit to fly from December 2014 onwards. The CAA must grant a permit to fly if the aircraft can not get a standard certificate of airworthiness. The jet did have a valid maintenance record at the time of the incident. Work had been carried out on the aircraft in January 2014 and was due for more inspections in January 2016. Andy hill was issued a medical certificate in January 2015 which was valid for 12 months.  He was in a critical condition after the crash and was in a medically induced coma spending a month in hospital. Between May 2011 and August 2015 he had flown the Hawker hunter a total of 40 hours including 10 hours in the 90 days before the crash. He held a European Union Airline Transport Pilots Licence and was authorised to fly the jet by the CAA. Neil McCarthy has flown similar aircraft and has described Andy Hill as a very accomplished pilot and is a very safe pilot.

This incredible image shows the moment of impact and the fireball that engulfed everything on the ground. The Silver BMW  4 x 4 car circled was just in front of the Daimler limousine and it's driver managed to get out and away from the hot flames. The 71 year old unidentified individual was very lucky as he was just feet from death, He describes how the Daimler was just wiped away when the jet crashed down. My rear windows just blew out and I jumped out automatically escaping with my life. The car continued to roll through the flames and miraculously came out of the inferno after rolling for 200 yards. My immediate thoughts were get the hell out of there and he rolled out of his car, after looking back he realized he was the only car to have made it but so many did not God was on his side. He could not believe what just happened and after gaining composure he went back to his car to retrieve his mobile phone and keys. A fireman then warned him not to go back he was in so much shock that he felt no pain even though he had suffered terrible injuries to his arms.

A charity song has been created by teenager Ella Collins Godden in support of the victims of the disaster. The 17 year old released a cover of Coldplay's song Fix You with the proceeds going to the families of the victims. Ella decided to make the single after her father and brothers had planned to go to the show but decided to stay at home at the last minute. The single was launched at the Old Shoreham Tollbridge which became a focal point for flowers and tributes.Proceeds will go to the Sussex Community foundation and the Fire Fighters Charity,

Ella Collins Godden showcasing her charity single with JSPCs James Stoner and friends, Dignitaries and supporters.

The single has no fixed cost but a donation of £2 or more is appreciated. Ella's mum is very proud of her daughter and Ian Selfield of the fire fighters charity said "we absolutely appreciate what Ella has done it is going to be an excellent cause. 

Mum Kellie Atkins was at the shoreham airshow and was just 10 feet away from where the jet came down. She was enjoying the show with her two daughters Ashley and Abbie and Ashley's boyfriend Imran Khan. They were all sat in deck chairs and had just started to eat their packed lunches when the plane came down. A huge fireball eloped around them that engulfed nearby spectators that they had just minutes before been chatting to. They all ran for their lives describing it as a scene from hell. kellie suffered burns to her back and legs and was covered in blood as she frantically tried to get away from the scorching heat and shrapnel. Kellie who is a hairdresser from Lancing West Sussex could only put her escape down to a miracle. The group returned to there seats to a scene of complete carnage and mayhem, The ground was hot and scorched cars were on fire and badly burnt, Plane wreckage was clearly burning with a hot thick smoke belching from every corner. A man standing in the road covered in blood was shaking and saying What happened what shall I do, in shock of what just happened. As she neared the injured man she noticed one side of his face had been badly burnt he was badly burnt but was in so much shock he did not realize the severity of his injuries. She tried to comfort the man but found herself completely overwhelmed not being able to cope with the situation.

Ellie was very close to the crash site and was very lucky to have survived.

Two men dazed and in shock very close to the crash site just a few minutes later.

Her daughter Abbie an A level student has had problems sleeping since the event comparing the accident to a horror movie. Ashley's boyfriend Imran described the moment the plane crashed as a high pitched whistling noise before an almighty roar and a huge fireball accelerating towards the family. Many survivors would of had to endure being surrounded by dead bodies and burning debris, The shock of the situation sent many people into a stumbling type of zombie unable to think clearly and unsure of there whereabouts and situation. Initially worried families and friends had reported over 200 people missing but we know that 11 people died but in the confusion no one really knew what had happened.

Andy Hill was also competing at the Southport Airshow of 2014 flying a Jet Provost T5. During the display on September 20th 2014 it was observed to be inside the lateral separation minima for the event and also below the minimum height stipulated in the article 162 permission issued by the CAA. A stop call was immediately issued by the flying display director FDD on the display radio frequency and the flying display was terminated. The Flying Control Committee FCC had also witnessed the event and agreed with the course of action. An OPs  inspector who did not witness the flight was briefed and informed  of the actions and decisions made by the FDD and FCC for the Sunday event. He also was informed of the Saturday event. DCI Paul Rymarz from Sussex police said " We are aware of an incident at the Southport airshow in 2014 and they are currently investigating a line of enquiry into a wider field of knowledge, The CAA were also aware of the incident at Southport airshow. Survivors and victims famalies are shocked and concerned about these findings.


Jim Morris who is a former RAF pilot has joined Irvin Mitchell at the Birmingham office of law firm. Jim is specializing on the claimant aviation law team within the firm and has a national remit. His experience of air accident cases and aviation disasters is worldwide as well as advising and representing families who have been caught up in such tragic circumstances. Jim is a qualified barrister and has flown aircraft over an 11 year period for the RAF as a military pilot. He has also spent 4 years with the air force's legal directorate having experience specialising his skills as a trial councilor in court martial jury trials.

Jim Morris Aviation Law Specialist

BAC Jet Provost T5

The  BAC Jet Provost T5 is a British jet trainer that was in use with the Royal Air Force from 1955 to 1993. It was originally developed by Hunting Percival from the earlier piston engine powered Percival Provost basic trainer. and later produced by the British Aircraft Corporation BAC. The design engine required an aircraft that could equal the handling characteristics of operational jet fighters of that era and also to possess a modest approach and stall speeds but ultimately to remain simple to handle rather than a craft that went out for maximum performance a kind of middle ground. The aircraft has a uncomplicated structure and the T5 model also has a pressurised cabin specifically for the requirements of the RAF. The aircraft has an all metal stressed skin fuselage built into two sections. The forward section stretching from the rear of the engine bay to the nose comprises a double-frame to absorb the wing and engine loads, while the rear fuselage section uses an orthodox semi-monocoque structure Major loads across the fuselage are supported by a combination of four longerons and a single longitudinal beam across the upper center line.

He switched in 2008 to acting on behalf of claimants and aviation law. Jim Morris said families and survivors were shocked to hear of the Southport airshow display, He further added we dont know yet if there is any similarity between the southport show and shoreham because we dont have a final report as of yet. It would be hugely relavant if we can find a similarity between the two shows. Authorities must look in detail at what happened and find out any corrective measures the pilot had taken.

Percival Jet Provost T3 in flight in 1960 BAE Systems - UK

All fuel tankage is housed within the wings. The ailerons elevators and rudder are all attached to airframe via two insert hinged each. The nose contains a hinged metal assembly housing the radio batteries and other electronic equipment which is easily serviceable by ground crew. The high flying capabilities of the aircraft necessitated the addition of an oxygen system in the cockpit which was unpressurised on early production craft. The T5 had a top speed of 440 mph and had reliable mechanics excellent maneuverability and low operating costs. Used as an aerobatic craft war plane and tactical weapons training and advanced training. The T5 made it's first maiden flight on 28th February 1967.

An experienced display pilot said that the incident involving the Provost T5 Jet was down to a mistake, He made a slight error while flying but a little margin for error should be allowed and when you dont have much height below you any movements or mistakes are greatly amplified, The weather was also hazy and pilots use a visual horizon and he probably misjudged the horizon. Police have deemed the enquiry complex and there was several lines of inquiry to follow through.

Roy Barraclough has worked for the fire service for over 35 years and described the scene as like a bomb had exploded. The 54 year old figher fighter and father of two felt absolutely discusted that spectators families and children had to witness such a terrible accident. The road is usually busy but to see it very quiet and smoke filled on a bright sunny day was quite extraordinary he explains. The last time I saw a seen like that was at the Grand Hotel Bombing in Brighton East Sussex 1994. There was traumatized people who were shocked by what they had witness and other by standers filming on there smart phones which was quite traumatic in itself he explained. Being seen as the biggest peacetime disaster Sussex has ever witnessed it's something he will never forget.

Roy Barraclough Fireman

Pilot Leslie Hatcher 71

Pilot Leslie Hatcher 71 said this accident should never of happened. He said the pilot Andy Hill must of been a complete lunatic to attempt a loop at 100ft and think he can pull it off safely. I think he was showing off on the day with no regard for human life. If a bird had struck the plane or engine he would never have been able to recover except only if he was flying at the correct minimum height of 500 ft.You do not fly over crowds especially below 500 ft. 

Witnesses have said they saw Andy Hill wrestling with the controls before the jet fuel tanks exploded on impact with the road. Burning fuselage went shooting into bystanders and photographs show several people breaking into a sprint as the metal burning carnage spewed forth towards them. Penny Schofield said it will be painstaking work to identify the victims as some would of been burnt into unrecognition. Specialist recovery teams were at the scene trying to piece together the events, the intense heat and scale of damage will make the recovery process long and difficult.Aviation experts warned the investigation is likely to take years to complete 

Many people were burnt at the Shoreham airshow but the people that died would of been badly burnt. There are ways to identify a burnt body simply by comparing teeth or DNA. Fingerprints are definitely not a good option as they would in most cases of the deceased been burnt away. Families of the missing would contact the police and they can find out what dentist the deceased uses from this information the tooth or teeth from the deceased and the information from the dentist will make a match. Other sources for dental x-rays may exist if the deceased had been in the armed forces or even a jail hospital. Other x-rays of other areas of the body can also be used if they exist for example the chest and orthopedic.Dental identification is so much quicker and is the first option. If identification can not be made then you will go to DNA identification, this takes longer and is more costly but required. DNA can be extracted from the center of a tooth or bone like bone marrow and the skull which normally stays intact including the brain. Other internal organs can be used and blood also basically what ever is available to identify the victim.National DNA databases will be searched to find a match, Sometimes samples can be obtained from the deceased toothbrush or hairbrush but the teeth are mainly used for identification purposes.

Jet fuel burns between 800 to 1500F, 

Hawker Hunter T7 being flown by Andy Hill shortly before it crashed.

The Hawker Hunter T7 that crashed had been mothballed three times and had changed ownership 6 times in a period of 18 years. The 60 year old aircraft was rated as being in excellent condition and could of flown for many more years if it had not crashed. One prediction was the plane could of been airworthy until 2082 and possibly longer. A source who has expertise with the Hunter WV372 has expressed his confidence in the aircraft, He said he was confident no faults with maintenance or flying ability would be found but admitted freak mechanical malfunction could not be ruled out. The aircraft was first flown on July 17th 1955 and went into service with 222 Sqn at RAF Leuchars  in Scotland, The aircraft did experience an in flight fire caused by it's jet pipe becoming detached from the engine in 1956. Once repaired it became converted from a single seater to a two seat trainer, but was then placed in storage for a period in the late 1950's. It was placed in storage again in 1987 to 1990 when it was owned by the Royal Navy. It returned to the air but from 1993 to 1996 it was used for ground instruction only and did not fly but was regularly taxied. It was mothballed again in 1996 and sold at auction in 1997. A source with close working knowledge of the craft said because the aircraft has been in storage many times it has kept it in excellent condition. An aircraft engineer can work out how much stress the frame had been under considering how much gforce the craft has taken, Flying an aircraft straight does not put as much strain on the frame as doing stunts like the loop would. The hunters fatigue index was outstanding probably better than the red arrows aeroplanes. Just replace any old parts when needed and you have a craft for a very long time. The hunter hawkers remained in military service until being withdrawn from the Lebanese air force in 2014 who were the last to use them.

Acting F/L Douglas RS "Dougie" Bader of 222 Squadron RAF.

222 Squadron Spitfire RAF

  • STATUS: Under Restoration

  • TYPE: Fighter


  • CREW: 2

  • LENGTH: 48 ft 10 in (14.88 m)

  • WINGSPAN: 33 ft 8 in (10.26 m)

  • HEIGHT: 13 ft 2 in (4.01m)

  • POWER: 7,425 lb

  • EMPTY WEIGHT: 13,360 lb (6,060 kg)

  • MAX. TAKEOFF WEIGHT: 25,000 lbs (11,340kg)

  • ENGINE: 1 Rolls-Royce Avon 122

  • MAXIMUM SPEED: Mach 0.929 (713 mph, 1,148 km/h, 620 knots) at Sea Level. Note: The Hawker Hunter was capable of achieving supersonic flight in a shallow dive.

  • CRUISING SPEED: 796 km/h

  • SERVICE CEILING: 47,000 ft (14,326 m)

  • RANGE: 3,060 km

  • ARMAMENT: Aden 30mm Cannon, AIM-9-Sidewinder Air-to-Air missiles, AGM-65 Maverick Air-to-Ground missiles

Hawker Hunter T7 Statistics

The aftermath of the disaster has left the families of the deceased distraught and heartbroken. One of the victims Mark Trussler had to be buried twice after forensic police identified more of his remains. Giovanna Chirico had to grief twice for her fiance because of the find. A month after the disaster at Mark's first funeral his biker pals led the cortege and his wicker coffin was adorned with flowers spelling the word fiance. The couple had been together for 12 years and had four children Luke 12, Mia 10, Sophia 4, and Alicia 3, He also had 2 children from a previous relationship. The police said we are going to need another coffin, Every week after the first funeral Giovanna was receiving calls from the police, they showed me photo's of Mark's right torso with the tattoo on his arm. I needed to see that to know he was gone. I wrote a poem for the first funeral and on the second my children read it out again in church, That was the final goodbye and I felt there was more of a person there. Giovanna also atteneded a ceremony with victims families where unidentified body parts were cremated. Mark had only decided to go along to the display at the last minute, On that day the day he died we had planned to go out with the kids for a pub lunch but Mark had bought a new battery for his bike and wanted to take it out for a spin. He loved his bike it was his pride and joy, He said look at the weather it's perfect weather, He said he would be quick just to see the last flight of the Vulkan. I watched him ride off and he gave me a little wink I rang him to tell him what time the plane was flying over I told him I love him and he said I love you forever. That was the last time ispoke to him, She replays that day in her head the what if scenario which will only make things worse. Giovanna wash washing up when she heard the news over the radio of the crash, She tried to call Mark but his phone went straight to the answer machine, Fighting back tears at home in Worthing Giovanna explained, As the time went by I thought maybe he's gone to the pub  I'll kill Him she thought but I knew he would of got in touch by now. Two officers arrived at 2 am to break the news I could feel my heart sinking It felt like I had seen our lives flash before my eyes. The officers  said they could confirm Mark's bike was at the crash scene but there was nothing else at this stage. I held on to hope that week feeling numb, Six days later the police confirmed Mark had been identified by his jaw. I went into the garden dropped to the floor and cried like a baby. Mark was my everything now I was on my own. I sat my two youngest kids down and told them that the plane had hit daddy on the head so hard that he couldnt wake up. Instead he had gone into the sky with God because God needed the best window cleaner up there. Giovanna thinks the pilot Andy Hill should be jailed over the accident, In my hearts of hearts I blame him he messed up and was showing off. Giovanna refused to accept flowers from the pilot for Mark's funeral saying he's been completely tasteless and has not shown any remorse. She was also furious when the pilot Andy Hill was featured driving a Porsche. His licence did not allow him to fly that low when he started the loop he was far to low.

Avro Vulkan the star plane at Shoreham airshow

The star of the Shoreham airshow for 2014 is the Avro Vulkan which is taking a bow for it's very last flight. Returning for the 26th consecutive year spectators will see the Swansong of this long serving bomber take to the skies. Unfortunately the cost to keep this plane in the skies far outweighs its cost to keep it running smoothly.

From left to right, Bill Nicholson, Sir Dusty Miller, and Derek Harber.

Airshow organiser Derek Harber we have supported the Vulcan Trust from it's inception and they have included Shoreham to host this final year of display aircraft. We aim to keep the displays varied and the highlight for many will be the Avro Vulkan on it's last swansong. It will lift off and touch down never to fly again. 

Geoffrey Lee       first from left, Assistant press officer.

Geoffrey Lee are assistant press officer had the pleasure of doing an exclusive air to air photographic sortie with this iconic aircraft. It will be one of the highlights this year at Shoreham. Shoreham was one of the first airshows to support the Vulcan trust aid and in turn it has paid us back by flying at our shows ever since the trust was founded. Other iconic planes to feature over the weekend include the Spitfire and the Hurricane as well as the lesser known Blenheim in a battle of britain themed dog fight display to celebrate the action's 75th anniversary. More than 50 aircraft appear on both days in a six hour flying display.

Battle of Britain Veteran Spitfire and Hurricane at Shoreham airshow.

There will also be trade stands, a craft tent, Nostalgic funfair, vintage vehicles and two competitions that allow winners a day with the Red Arrows or a Spitfire fight. Organisers are encouraging spectators to come by train because of traffic congestion at the site. Shuttle buses run from to and from Shoreham station. Mr Harber said we want the traffic to run smoothly and this will make life a lot easier for all attending.


pebble counter 21st August 2015 ‎05‎:‎12‎ ‎PM

I'm amazed at how many people love the Vulcan. If it is just a question of money I'm sure a public appeal would be worthwhile, or is it just structurally unsound now?

mabuhay 21st August 2015 ‎10‎:‎25‎ ‎PM

The Vulcan flew over us at shoreham harbour last Saturday, it was so low too, an amazing sight.

clearlyapenalty 21st August 2015 ‎11‎:‎59‎ ‎AM

Saw it a Eastbourne last weekend - an amazing aircraft. At university my girlfriends father had flown it, and I remember a drunken conversation with him one night about his 'target' which remained unnamed but was apparently 400 km south of Moscow.

Shoreham Airshow Statement – 21st August 2017

As we mark the second anniversary of the RAFA Shoreham Airshow tragedy, our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and loved ones so very much affected by the great sadness caused by the events on that day.

We continue to help with the investigations into the matter and stand ready to help anyone who may need our assistance and support at this time.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our many volunteers who assist us through this very difficult time.

Mr Derek Harber

It was with profound sadness that we announce the passing on 4th March 2016 of Derek Harber, our air show organiser, who died after a brave battle with illness.

He was well-known and dearly loved by all who had any dealings with him in the organisation of the air show. When he was the leader of his team, he was gentle in his approach and understanding in his dealings with volunteers and professionals alike.

Derek had a strong loyalty to the Shoreham Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association and he had many roles including Secretary, and more recently chairman, a position he only vacated in early 2015, and his love of the air show was legendary.

He started his long association in the early 1990s by collecting money on the gates, later organising the “motor show”, dealing with traders and every job required of him, whilst working with his predecessor Don Bean. His ever-present smile and understanding nature enhanced the air show and fostered the family garden party atmosphere with which it became well known. Latterly he used his skills and experience working in the air show office where he was the most popular “boss” and the most respected member of the team.

Derek had great skill and experience and he will be sadly missed by all especially all those involved with the organisation of the air show. Our hearts go out to Lesley, Sarah, Claire, Graham and Neil and the rest of their lovely family who have lost a gentleman in every respect. His passing has left us all feeling sad but appreciative of the time we had together.

Shoreham Toll Bridge 

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