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These programmes he performed stunts, Crimewatch UK, London's Burning, Soldier Soldier, Labyrinth, 999, The Big Breakfast, Thief Takers, Dalziel & Pascoe, River City, The Royal, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Played, 

He also coordinated stunts later in his career, The impressionable Jon Culshaw 2004, Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Video Game 2005, Joy Division 2006, London To Brighton 2006, Grange Hill 2007, Casualty 2009, Hollyoaks 43 Episodes 2004 2010, Benidorm 2010 2011, He also performed stunts in Saving Private Ryan, Tomorrow Never Dies, Entrapment, and The World Is Not Enough but these were uncredited. In total Truglia has performed stunts or coordinated stunts and is credited for 73 shows and films quite an achievement.

Not only was he a stuntman he also holds records, He is the official UK No limits freediving champion with a breath hold of over 6 minutes, Set in 2002 at a depth of 250 ft.

He was also awarded a Guiness world record in 2004 for the fastest Abseil over 100m, the time was 8.9 secs at London's Centre Point Tower. 

In 2009 Steve set a record for becoming the first person to drive a car around a 40ft high loop the loop, The stunt was for a Fifth Gear stunt special which Steve presented.

Steve also set himself on fire 70 times covering his entire body and has a burn time of 2 mins 5 secs.

Steve Truglia - Born in 1962 Died 17 November 2016. Truglia was a professional stuntman who coordinated his own stunts and was also an action unit director in the UK. He worked on many action movies including Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 2015, The Wolfman 2010, and Irina Palm 2007. He also worked on many TV series throughout his career. In Brookside he was a stunt driver. 

Steve was also a member of the SAS, He spent a total of 20 years in the 21 SAS regiment in the territorial army, He also served in the 289 commando and SBS reserves. 

Sporting achievements include 2400+ parachute jumps, Several marathons, five years studying Kendo, Scuba diving BSAC dive leader, three years of boxing and motorsport successes.

Steve even had plans to jump from the edge of space in a pressurised spacesuit, At an altitude of 103.000ft more than three times the altitude of a passenger jet steve would jump out of a helium balloon braking the speed limit as he fell back to earth at 700mph and a wind chill of - 70c it was the ultimate challenge.

Felix Baumgartner Space Jump World Record 2012.

Felix Baumgartner born 20th April 1969 is an Australian skydiver daredevil and BASE jumper, He successfully jumped from a helium filled balloon from a altitude of 128.100ft 24 miles above New Mexico, 

  • Exit altitude: 128,100ft; 39,045m

  • Total jump duration: 9'03"

  • Freefall time: 4'20"

  • Freefall distance 119,846ft; 36,529m

  • Max velocity: 833.9mph; 1,342.8km/h; Mach 1.24

This acheivement was later beaten by Alan Eustace who jumped from an altitude of 135,889.108 feet (41.419000 km; 25.7365735 mi, His descent lasted 15 minutes with speeds reaching 821.45 mph.

The Card Shark Show starring Steve Truglia demonstrates to the audience classic card tricks, Sleight of hand, cheats and scams.  From the middle ages to the wild west and the gangsta era Steve showed off his magic and skills as an entertainer. Steve wrote and produced the show and was available to go and see at the Court house Theatre West end of London.

Steve was participating in an abseil race in Chongqing Southwest China when he fell 300ft from a helicopter as he attempted to drop down. Another stuntman was also attempting the stunt at the same time but Steve had concerns the combined weight of the two men and the  small aircraft might cause problems.The stunt had been delayed due to bad weather conditions and the ropes used were wet, This may have caused Steve to slip and fall to his death. He was attempting the stunt high above Wulong national park but had been put off until the Thursday due to mist and foggy conditions. His death was revealed to his girlfriend in a garbled text from a Chinese woman, The Chinese authorities and company he was working for  refused to release any substantial details to his death and might be covering up for something. As Steve was a very experienced abseil stuntman it seems hard to believe he died but stunts are very dangerous and life can be very unpredictable. His last message on Facebook said Lets Do This! He was 54 years old.

Victims of the Shoreham Plane Disaster.

The Shoreham air show is an annual event that is organised by the Royal Air Forces Association and is held in West Sussex. On 22 August 2015 an ex military jet aircraft failed to carry out a loop manoeuvre and crashed onto a motorway the A27 trunk road killing 11 people in a huge fireball. The pilot managed to eject from the aircraft but sustained severe injuries and was put into a medically induced coma. The aircraft a Hawker Hunter T7 had been making civilian displays since 1998 as a warbird which is a vintage aircraft operated by civilians not military personnel. The aircraft first did a low pass along the runway from South to North turning for a second pass in the opposite direction. As it neared the airport it turned up into an inside loop but unfortunately the pilot Andy Hill 51 misjudged the height as he was only at 200 feet or 60 m high and the manoeuvre should of commenced at 500 feet 150 m for safety. He had no room for misjudgement at 200 feet but the aircraft crashed. The fireball killed 11 people and injured 16 others, 8 vehicles were destroyed including a Daimler DS420 limousine which was on route to collect a bride for a wedding, The driver was one of the victims. The A27 was closed in both directions and people could only leave by foot, Laws changed after this disaster and now vintage aircraft can only perform fly by operations and aircraft must carry out enhanced maintenance and inspection checks before a permit is granted.