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Linda knows that Ashley is watching her and is keeping up the game just like when Ashley gave Linda the gift of a silver amulet earlier on in the cabin. The game that lovers play with the eyes is now being played by Kandarian evil as they have the power to channel into a hosts thoughts and feelings and use them against another.

Ashley drops his shovel as it clangs to the ground, A middle toned synthesizer key plays as Ashley looks over Linda's body. Ashley has finished digging the burial hole and is ready to place Linda inside.

Ashley slowly walks over to the silently sleeping body.

Ashley slowly bends down and picks up the heavy weight of the deadite. A low synthesizer sound can be heard as Ashley spirals the arms around his back for an easier lift.

Ashley breathes heavily with the effort as he slowly carries the body over to the deep hole. Ashley lays the body down face up into the hole.

Ashley sits for a while still trying to get his breath back, as he gains strength he contemplates the situation before he fills the hole with earth.

Ashley reaches for the shovel and uses it's upward support to stand back to his feet. Ashley has chosen to bury Linda adjacent to Shelly's body.  Still breathing heavily Ashley starts to dig the ground.

The earth creates a crunching sound as he tips it into the hole one shovel at a time.

Time passes and the job is done, Ashley finishes the job by patting the top of the burial heap with the shovel for a smooth finish.

A light howling wind is heard as Ashley finishes off, He sets the shovel down on top of the burial heap and turns to leave the site.

Ashley stops momentarily and turns around, He spots Linda's silver amulet in the moonlight lying on the floor nestled among some leaves and grass.

Ashley slowly bends down and reaches for the treasured piece of jewelry.

Suddenly without warning a rotten hand shoots out from the loose earth and grabs Ashleys left hand just before he touches the amulet. A crashing of cymbals is heard.

Resembling a zombie movie, Linda has turned into a rotten and filthy deadite in true form, The stench and putrid flesh raises from the dead. A high pitched screeching echoes and pierces the air as the corpse slowly raises up.

Ashley fights with the evil and rotten hand as it squeezes hard onto his left arm.  

Linda's deadite form is determined to torment and eventually kill Ashley.

Ashley screams out loudly in fear and complete terror.

The deadite grabs Ashley's left ankle as it tries to upright itself.

The screeching deadite scratches Ashley's left side from the chest downwards with its sharp and spiny nails.

With both hands the evil and heartless deadite digs and scratches deep into Ashley's left side leg, Ripping the thick cords its sharp nails penetrate deep into Ashley's flesh creating a torrent of blood and flailing flesh.

Ashley gives out an almighty scream and groan mixed together, The tremendous pain has agitated the nerves and has shot right up his leg, he is suffering immense trauma at this moment.

A terrible scratching and rubbing sound is heard as the deadite scratches heavilly into Ashleys flesh.

Ashley can take no more as he struggles to pull away from the evil deadite. Suddenly the grip is lost and Ashley falls a few feet away, clear for now but not for long.

The evil deadite loses it's grip momentarilly.

Ashley falls away from the force of the struggle, He lands on his stomach as he screams out in agony. A wooden clud is heard as he lands on the soft ground.

Ashley struggles with both hands as he scrambles a few short feet to a large wooden beam that was secretly nestled under the soft foliage. The deadite continues to screech and groan it's irritating sound of hate and domination.

With all his might Ashley lets out a loud scream as he lifts the large wooden beam into the air, He quickly swings the heavy object in a circular motion hitting the deadite full force onto it's possessed and rotten head.

The deadite laughs with evil as the wooden beam smashes into it's head, Ashley swings again this time to the left side of the demon.

Ashley swings the wood for a third time hitting the unaware demom squarely on the head. A simple middle toned but pulsating synthesizer key is playing at intervals of 3 notes per second.

The demon screams with enjoyment as Ashley hits the deadite for the fourth time on the left side. 

Ashley is getting into the rhythm and strikes the deadite for the fifth time directly on to it's head. The deadite rejoices with laughter and pleasure from the pain it is receiving.

The deadite is enjoying the moment with open arms.

Ashley has not finished the onslaught and goes for the kill with a sixth frenzied swing of the heavy wooden beam. Ashley is extremely upset and angry at this moment in time. 

The sixth strike definitely causes some structural damage as the deadite splutters and splurts a fountain of the white milky substance out of its mouth. It squirts in every perceivable direction covering the deadites face from view.

The deadite still begs for more pain and justice and Ashley holds the beam like a jousting competition. He rams the heavy beam for the seventh time into the face of the rotten corpse. 3 notes per second play out as Ashlea takes aim.

The different approach to the demon has produced a result, The deadite falls backwards with arms flailing but still laughing maybe impressed at Ashleys jousting skills.

The deadite falls to the ground clearly enjoying every moment of the attack. 

Ashley has the deadite where he wants it as he strikes down for the eighth time onto the deadites right side.

The deadite feels nothing as Ashley rains blow after blow down onto the rotten and filthy stench.

The demon rolls around from side to side as the heavy beam strikes down onto it for the ninth, tenth and eleventh time. Crashes of cymbals are heard as the onslaught slows.

On the twelve strike the deadite manages to grab the heavy beam with both hands. It continues to giggle and laugh loudly as Ashley struggles to find breath and mental stability.

The strength of the deadite is foreboding as Ashley struggles and jostles to pull the wooden beam away from its spiny fingers. 

More silvery mist floats by as the demon finally releases it's hold on the handy little tool. 

Ashley falls away with force and lands on top of Shelly's grave location. Ashleys right hand knocks the makeshift cross to a sideways position as he tries to gain composure. A violin plays an excited and fast paced rhythm accompanied by another violin that is playing slower deeper strokes.

The demon stands to an upright position almost instantly and hastily makes it's way over to the injured Ashley. 

Ashley lays on the ground with very little time to react, The approaching deadite wobbles slightly with a rigidity as it say's in a high pitched and childish tone of voice, "Come to me"

The deadite is seconds away from Ashley, Ashley frantically looks behind to see if there is anything useful he could use. Luckily the shovel he had used previously is just feet away and he reaches out to grab the long and thick metal tubing.

Suddenly the deadite jumps high into the air and with full force flies towards Ashley at high speed.

With an almighty scream the deadite projects itself towards Ashley.

The moonlight illuminates Shelly's burial plot with intensity.

As soon as the deadite jumps over to attack, Ashley holds the shovel high up in the air firmly for protection.

Cymbals crash as the deadites rotten and decomposed head becomes decapitated from the force of hitting the exposed shovel end.

Ashley watches as the rotten head (goes South) very quickly and lands upright just a few metres away.

Ashley screams with terror as the decapitated corpse lands directly on top of him. A thud sound is heard as the head lands neatly just a few metres away.

The decapitated corpse still has life in it as it holds on tightly to Ashley's face and shoulders. 

Ash screams with fear and shock as the decapitated corpse of Linda starts to spurt large amounts of blood from the severed neck. 

Ash is incapacitated at this moment as the weight of the corpse bears down on him. 

Ash is suffering greatly as he splutters and screams with fear.

Linda's decapitated head has a life of it's own as it screams and wails on the floor with pleasure.

A somber violin score plays as Ash tussles with the headless torso..

Ash lets out another long and tormented scream as the corpse continues to squirt large amounts of blood onto his face.

Ash screams for everything he has experienced at this point.

The decapitated torso has a mind of it's own as it straddles Ash like a fair ground ride.

The torso continues to try and hurt Ash even though it has no brain or thoughts.

The decapitated head growls and groans with subliminal pleasure as Ash suffers.

Ash manages to free himself of the decapitated torso, he stands and limps away leaving the dead remains unburied this time.

Ash makes it back to the cabin entrance.

All is quiet as Ashley stands momentarily at the door. He is breathing heavily and exhausted from the ordeal.

Ash suddenly turns his head left and notices something immediately wrong with the rooms appearance. 

The basement hatch that has been locked and keeping Cheryl's deadite form imprisoned is now open wide. 

Ashley slowly walks on over to the gaping wide hole that is now visible. A rapid succession of Synthesizer keys play expressing investigation and suspense. Violins play as Ashley slams the hatch shut, A loud crashing sound is heard as the heavy hatch falls into place.

All is quiet except for a sudden creaking sound.

The door to the lighted hallway has slowly creaked ajar beckoning Ash to investigate.

Ashley is cautious and quiet, Only a light tapping of his feet can be heard as he walks a few steps to examine the lighted hallway in front of him. 

A light wind is heard but all is silent except for Ashley's tapping feet. Ashley slowly walks into the hallway taking caution at all times.

The slow tapping of wood sends Ash slowly to a window to investigate.

Ashley is taking no chances as he brandishes a shotgun, The creamy brown curtains move slightly with the light breeze from outside. A low level wooden tapping is heard.

Ashley stands with shotgun ready sensing something is not quite right.

Suddenly a crash of cymbals and a slasheresque violin chord plays as the basement deadite appears at the window.

The basement deadite grabs Ashley's shotgun with both hands as the demon and Ash jostle for control. The deadite groans with evil as it girates and pulls on the shotgun barrel.

Suddenly the deadite releases it's grip on the shotgun allowing Ashley time to aim at the rotten corpse.

Ashley aims directly at the deadites head and without hesitation pulls the trigger. A loud explosive bang is heard as the shell penetrates the deadites rotten flesh. For a short moment the deadite stops its growls and drops to the floor. The high powered blast has certainly put a dent into the demons evil desires.

Ashley examines the aftermath as he momentarilly looks out of the open window space.

Suddenly the demon jumps back to its feet as blood spurts out of its left side neck wound. Cymbals crash and a melodic synthesizer chord plays. The demon shakes its head and shrugs off the shotgun damage as it growls and grunts.

Blood spurts from the demons neck as it continues its attack.

Ashley watches as the demon rises from the floor, He immediately realizes that the cabin door has been left open and runs over to secure it. He say's to himself "The Door".

Violins play as Ashley runs as fast as he can to the cabin entrance. Ashley grunts as he uses all his might to push closed the now stiff and stubborn wooden door.

Ashley struggles and groans as he tries to close the cabin door before the basement demon gets there.

Cheryl's deadite host growls and grunts as it slowly makes its way to the cabin entrance. Thunder and lightening can be heard as cymbals crash and violins play.

The door is being very awkward and only slides a few inches at a time as Ash pushes with all his strength.

The demon is on course to infiltrate the cabin if Ash is not quick enough, Branches and foliage fall away as the demon pushes forward.

Ashley uses his full body including his feet to try and close the stiff wooden door.

The deadite is just feet away from the cabin entrance, It growls with determination.

Finally with a great effort Ashley succeeds in closing the door just in the nick of time. As Ash pushes for the last few inches the deadite arrives and puts one of its rotten hands in through the gap in the door.

The deadite growls with excitement and evil as Ashley struggles behind the wooden door. Without thinking Ashley smashes the butt of the shotgun as hard as he can onto the protruding fingers of the demon. He strikes the fingers two times as blood and flesh spray off from the rotten bones. The deadite curses and growls with pain as the solid wooden butt smashes down on the isolated numpties. The fingers twitch and dance as they retreat back outside. Ashley turns and pushes the door fully shut with his back. The demon is grunting with pain and disappointment from behind the door. Ashley instantly thinks about the back door as that may not be secure either. Ash say's to himself "The Back Door"

A deep and heavy bass synthesizer is heard at a high pace as Ashley runs at high speed to the back of the cabin.

It only takes a few seconds for Ashley to arrive at the wide open back door, This time however the door shuts quickly without a hitch. Ash slams the door shut without a moments hesitation.

Ashley breathes heavily from all the exertion as he rests with his back to the door. All is quiet again at this moment in time.

A few seconds later Ashley has a light bulb moment, He starts to think about the box of shotgun shells that are downstairs in the basement.
Ashley say's to himself in a breathless state, Shells, Where did I get that Box of Shells?

All is quiet except for a low level crackling from the fire place and a light breeze.

Ashley leaves the back door and heads on over to the closed basement hatch. A loud clank is heard as the hatch lifts up, a sound of water dripping is also audible.

Ashley stands at the top of the basement hatch as the light floods down lighting the way.

Ashley slowly makes his way down the old wooden stairwell.

Drips of water and Ashley's footsteps are the only audible sounds.

Suddenly Ashley slips on one of the wooden stair beams as he accidentally steps on an old tin can. Ashley grunts and groans as he falls several stairs onto his right side. The tin can creates a loud metallic banging noise as it tumbles down to rest on the basement floor.

Ashley momentarily rests where he lays as the dripping sound of water continues it's rhythmic pattern of atmospheric suspense.

Ashley slowly rises up from the stairwell and makes his way down to the ground floor, Ashley has found the source of the dripping and looks up to inspect a broken pipe that has been patched up with a white cotton material.

A continuous synthesizer high key is heard accompanied by a creepy creaking sound. Blood is dripping out from the makeshift patchwork at a relatively fast volume.

Ashley is intrigued by the strange pipe and stares up to try and work out what it is exactly.

The strange creaking is getting much louder now and the this odd repair work has Ashley confused.

Suddenly a loud high pitched screeching is heard, the pipe suddenly loses its strength and drops several inches splitting the thick tubing in half. 

Ashley is in the wrong place at the wrong time as now a a waterfall of thick red blood gushes out of the broken pipe and covers Ashley from head to toe.

Ashley screams loudly as the blood soaks him to the skin, A sea of blood that sounds like a river drowns Ashley out as he desperately tries to protect his face from the evil liquid.

The filthy stench of deadite blood fills the air and soaks everything in its path. Ashley frantically uses his hands to protect his face from the sticky and disgusting substance.

The pipe was just waiting for Ashley, Kandarian trickery works in many foul ways.

The basement floor explodes into a sunken and sloppy mush of dirt mixed with blood.

Kandarian evil dishes out it's wicked deeds onto any good souls that care to be brave.

The basement has become a deadite lair as Cheryl's deadite host has been busy while being locked down in the cellar. Ashley must be extra careful or he could become a Kandarian host and worse, be sent to the depths of hell for eternity.

Blood ejects out from the power sockets and drips and slides down the plastic casing.  

Blood is on the agenda this day as it spirals out of every conceivable nook and cranny.

A torrent of blood ejects from the cracks and spaces in the walls, A loud sound of flowing water is heard as the blood entombs and floods the basement floor.

The liquid flows like water from every conceivable space.

The red liquid finds it's way into a light bulb. The glass housing fills slowly like a broken egg timer producing a sound similar to filling a cup with water.

Ashley is breathless and extremely scared at this moment. Ashley steps a few feet and discovers a new area of the basement.

Suddenly a creaking is heard as an old phonograph player leaps to life. The old wooden lid lifts up all by itself producing a creaking sound. The phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison, While other inventors had produced devices that could record sounds, Edison's phonograph was the first to be able to reproduce the recorded sound.

The Tone Arm drops down from a resting position as it's needle falls onto the grooves of the old 78 rpm record.
By 1925, the speed of the record was becoming standardized at a nominal value of 78 rpm. However, the standard differed between places with alternating current electricity supply at 60 hertz (cycles per second, Hz) and those at 50 Hz. Where the mains supply was 60 Hz, the actual speed was 78.26 rpm: that of a 60 Hz stroboscope  illuminating 92-bar calibration markings. Where it was 50 Hz, it was 77.92 rpm: that of a 50 Hz stroboscope illuminating 77-bar calibration markings.

The phonographs crank winds forward automatically from the evil forces present and the old brass instrument sound begins to emanate from the phonographs built in speaker.
Joe LoDuca created the original soundtrack for "The Evil Dead"

Ashley has inadvertently landed himself in the entertainment part of the basement. A phonograph and an old two reel movie projector have sat undisturbed until now. Ashley finds himself subjected to the bright lights of the movie projector as he stands in front of the projection screen. Ashley coughs and tries to protect his eyes from the blindingly bright white light.

The movie projector has a will of its own as it clicks and brightens up the dark basement.

Ashley holds his left arm high to try and block the light, Ashley is covered in blood and is coughing and spluttering from the thick liquid.

Blood starts to drip down from the ceiling onto the lens of the movie projector.

Ashley seems transfixed by the sound and the bright light, He desperately wants to find a solution to the madness. The blood that has dripped onto the lens now projects out onto the projection screens surface. Long thick lines of blood slowly drip and slide down the white background producing an abstract effect.

More blood drips onto the lens virtually obscuring the light from behind.

The bloodied and dirty lens now emits a dark red light that reduces ambient levels considerably, Ashley decides it is time to get away from the kandarian torture. Ashley whimpers loudly from the mayhem of lights sound and choking blood.

The projection screen only amplifies the horror and torture kandarian evil subjects to its victims.

Ashley runs off at high speed as he desperately attempts to find the box of shotgun shells. Kandarian evil can read ones mind and it does not want Ashley to find the shells or even to survive the night. Slowly and surely the evil will torture and bring you down to its desires.

As Ashley makes haste the voice of Linda is heard. She is softly singing a rhyme "We're gonna get you! We're gonna get you!

Ashley replies, "Shut up Linda", Ashley may be cracking up or he really is hearing the voice of Linda. More kandarian trickery to displace a healthy mind.

Ashley locates the table where the shotgun shells were last seen.

Ashley then hears Scotts voice, Scott say's "We're all gonna die! Ashley replies, "Shut Up!" as he wipes his face with a white cotton cloth.

Scott say's in a terrified tone of voice "All of Us!" Ashley shouts loudly "Shut Up!"

The sound of the 78 rpm record can be heard from a distance, Ashley spots the box of shells sitting  all alone on the table work surface.

Ashley hastily tips its contents upside down. 

Shelly's voice is heard as Ashley puts a couple of shells in his top right pocket, "Hey Ash, How sweet of you..." Ashley hears his own words in the madness. "God! forgive me, Linda" Ashley hears. Professor Knowby is then heard, "Is through the act of... bodily dismemberment".

Scotts voice is heard again, He say's "Hit Her! Linda's voice is in the background and she say's "I really love it!"  "I will never take it off"
Scott say's "Hit it!, A loud metallic bang is heard.

Ashley hesitates and takes a few deep breaths as he tries to compose himself.

Ashley has loaded his shotgun and he is ready to rumble.

Dripping water and the old brass instrument sound can be heard as Ashley makes his way back to the entertainment room.

The phonograph is still in motion.

The two reel movie projector is still in motion.

Ashley makes his way over to the blood red projection screen.

The dirty and old projection screen could seriously do with a clean.

Ashley stands motionless, mesmerized by the images in front of him. 

The projection lens is virtually saturated with the oozing and dripping blood, The screen displays blood trickling and oozing down the lens turning the screen into a minimalist art piece.

Suddenly the two reel projector starts to fizz and spark a fountain of bright white electrical static and light.

The intense electrical ambiance lights up the basement space and Ashley's face to his surprise.

A loud electrical explosion booms out from the sensitive equipment sending plumes of white smoke and electrical sparks in all directions. 

The light bulb that filled with blood earlier on also explodes sending shards of glass flying into every corner of the room..

The light bulb explodes sending sparks of light and glass in every direction.

Ashley stares with amazement at the mentally insane kandarian trickery that is trying its best to drive Ashley to insanity.

The large quantities of kandarian blood has caused complete havoc with the sensitive electrical equipment and electrical fittings. The motor which drives the rotating turn table has also died. The generator which powers all the electrical appliances has either run out of petrol or has simply broken down from the intense electrical requirements.The 78 rpm slows to a stop and all is quiet again.

A dripping sound is heard as the red blood drips from the broken pipe that split earlier on. The sound of the drips is almost playing a simple tune like bottles filled with water and a drop of water falls on to each one.

Ashley makes a splashing sound as he steps through the now deep pool of blood that has accumulated.

Ashley cautiously and intensively moves forward, Only the drips from the pipe are heard. 

Ashley's light footsteps are heard along with the drip drip sound, Ashley slowly edges towards the stairwell.

Ashley takes the stairs one at a time with shotgun ready.

As Ashley ascends the stairwell a loud ticking sound is heard.

Ashley reaches the top of the old wooden stairwell as the ticking sound increases in volume.

Ashley slowly steps out of the basement hatch as multiple Clock chimes ding and sound out loudly. The continuous clicking sound can also be heard. Ashley is subdued and also a little confused by the mayhem.

Ashley slowly turns to face the old miniature grandfather clock that has just started chiming. Kandarian powers are at work again this time they try to control time.

The hands of the face of the clock are spinning around in a backwards motion at a very fast rate. A grinding sound is heard as the hands race back in time. Ashley stares at the phenomena, Kandarian evil is trying to displace time so that Ashley loses all focus and location.

Ashley watches as the clocks pendulum swings from side to side, Each time the pendulum reaches the left or the right side a loud smashing sound of broken glass is heard. Ashley stares with a face of bewilderment.

Ashley uses his left leg to close the basement hatch, It crashes down creating a crunching wooden glass sound.

The pendulum clock has stopped at the exact time that it was stuck at before 5.50 and all is quiet.

Ashley suddenly hears a loud thud sound similar to that of  throwing a pebble into a large pile of stones. He instantly turns around after hearing this sound. A beating heart can also be heard as Ashley slowly and cautiously walks on over to the fire place that is still burning.

The camera pans from behind and from up high as it slowly comes forward and reverses to face Ashley in the correct position. A loud synthesizer sound is heard similar to a jet aeroplane flying low overhead.

All is quiet as the sensitive Ashley takes a gulp of air in anticipation of something he is sensing.

The environment from outside is windy, very misty, and quite noisy.

Ashley stands alert as he suddenly turns around, A door from across the way starts to creak. 

The camera pans in a circular motion as Ashley rapidly turns around. Notice the deer head mounted above the fire place

Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal's body via mounting (over an armature) or stuffing, for the purpose of display or study. Animals are often, but not always, portrayed in a lifelike state. The word taxidermy refers to the process of preserving the animal, but the word is also used to describe the end product, which are often called "mounts".
Taxidermy is practiced primarily on vertebrates (Mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles, and less commonly on amphibians) but can also be done to larger insects and arachnids under some circumstances.Taxidermy takes on a number of forms and purposes including, but not limited to, hunting, trophies, and natural history museum displays.Museums use taxidermy as a method to record species, including those that are extinct and threatened, in the form of study skins and life-size mounts.Taxidermy is sometimes also used as a means to memorialize pets.

Ashley sensed the door was about to creak and is now using his sixth sense for survival.

Ashley cautiously opens the wooden door and steps through allowing some light to illuminate his way forward.

Suddenly an evil presence comes at speed from the other end of the hallway. A loud echoing wind is heard that gets increasing louder as it approaches Ashley. Ashley screams with fright at the sight and he runs back behind the door he came from and slams it tightly closed.

A long strike of tubular bells brightens the sound score as the camera zooms in on the worried face of Ashley. 

The cabins wooden window shutters suddenly start clanging all by themselves, They move in and out creating a wooden thudding sound.  

A low level tubular bell sound is heard as the camera pans to the other window. The wooden shutters are also clanging in and out.

From outside thick mist blows past as the shutters can be seen banging in and out from the window panels. It is also quite windy outside.

The window shutters are quite clearly being controlled by Kandarian forces and it is "the evil game" which is trying with all its might to send Ashley insane.

Ashley watches from the window as the wooden shutters bang and bang from inside to outside, The noise is causing Ashley to lose his mind and he starts to scream with fear, frustration, and mental instability.

Ashley stares at the wooden shutters and screams loudly again, he desperately wants to find a solution to this nightmare or he will succumb to the Kandarian evil.

Ashley is breathing heavily as he slowly walks on over to the circular mirror. A strange whizzing synthesizer sound is heard every 3 seconds that seems to be generated from the ceiling accompanied by long strokes of a tubular bell. A fast beating heart is also heard which has to belong to Ashley.

Ashley stands at the mirror and looks at his reflection, He is unsure at this point if he even exists, He touches his face with his right hand just to make sure that he does still exist.

The beating heart is heard along with random high notes of a piano, Ashley examines himself in the reflection as he puts his right hand to his right side forehead.

The beating heart has increased in rhythm as Ashley wipes his hand down the side of his face, He is still unsure if he exists or not so reaches out with his right arm to touch the reflective mirrors surface.

Ashley opens his hand wide and is just a few centimeters from touching the shiny surface.

Ashley is shocked to discover that his hand goes straight into the reflective surface like a pool of water. A splash is heard as Ashley's hand disappears inside the mirror.

Ashley's hand stays inside the enchanted mirror momentarily before Ash pulls it back out. The mirror has a long memory and has remembered every reflection that has ever stood next to it. Linda's image is embedded inside the mirror forever more.

All is silent as Ashley pulls his hand back out from the mirrors surface, He can take no more and this experience will almost certainly have a deep mental effect on the brave Ashley.

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