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Holloway continues, But I'm not giving up! Holloway becomes angry as she say's loudly, I am pissed off.


Holloway is shouting loudly as she turns to look at Quentin and say's, They came into our homes! - Holloway turns to face Worth and say's, They stripped us bare. 


Holloway looks down at her hands as she folds her right hand over her left Pinky and Ring finger to emphasize her frustrations and anger, She say's loudly as she rapidly shakes her hands, They took my rings, 


The rumbling sound has returned infused with the rickety sound of rusted cogs and wheels, Holloway say's They took... her sentence is cut short as she holds her right hand out in front of her, Holloway closes her eyes and looks up at the ceiling with great disappointment as she murmurs loudly and then slaps her chest, (Thud is heard)


Holloway say's with regret and great loss, Oh... my Amethyst as she slowly bends down to the floor in great distress, She holds her hands tightly to her chest as she grimaces from the loss of her happy life and her possessions she once had.


The loud sound of moving cogs and mechanical machines is heard before a loud crashing thud. The loud sound causes Holloway to look up at the ceiling before she say's, I wanna know who's responsible.


Quentin has bent down next to Leaven and has suddenly spotted her glasses that are lying on the floor, When Rennes was burnt and in the ensuring scuffle to help Rennes out of the room Leaven had accidentally discarded her glasses onto the floor. Quentin say's, Leaven, Your glasses? Quentin looks at Leaven in silence as he holds the glasses in his right hand, Quentin then say's, You don't need them? Leaven nods her head negatively as she say's, There for reading. 


(Leaven brushes her right side face and hair with her left hand) Quentin turns his head left and looks forward before turning to look at Holloway and Worth, Quentin say's as he points his left index finger,  Well they took off our jewelry,


Quentin turns his head more to his right as he looks at Leavens glasses and say's, But they must of... Quentin hesitates as he holds the glasses up further in thought before saying, "Put these on you".


Quentin hesitates before saying, If nothings random, Quentin turns to look at Leaven and say's, Why are they here?, Leaven and Quentin stare at the glasses in silence, 


Suddenly Quentin turns his head left and stares across the room at one of the trap doors, Quentin has just had a brain wave and idea that might just help him and the rest of the group in escaping the Cube.

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A loud click and then a rusty scratching metallic sound is heard as a trap door is opened from the outside, The trap door pushes out a few inches and then slides rapidly down, Quentin is behind the door and there is something playing on his mind that he has an urge to investigate.


Quentin breathes out loudly as he rests his left hand inside the square gap with Leavens glasses still in hand. Quentin is interested in the silver metal strips that are attached to every room from there retrospective sides, Quentin bends down further as he examines the long strip of numbers for the room he is standing in. 


As Quentin observes the number strip he say's to Leaven, "Leaven! 


Quentin quickly looks up to the next strip which is facing in the opposite direction that displays the numbers for the other room, This room was the one Rennes went into and as we know it has a death trap machine inside. Quentin continues, What do you do in school? 


Quentin is silent as he ponders his mind, Quentin then say's "Math" as he looks over at the furthest strip of digits. 


Quentin turns his head around to face Leaven as he bends his arm backwards while turning his hand to offer Leaven her glasses back. 


Leaven quickly walks over to Quentin and climbs up several metal rungs to reach him, (Metal tapping is heard) Holloway stands up and say's over to Quentin, "What can they mean?" in regards to the metal strips of numbers. Quentin quickly turns to face Holloway and shushes her to be quiet. Leaven retrieves the glasses from Quentin with her right hand.


Leaven opens the hinges with the same right hand as she holds them vertically down and lets gravity do the work, (A light sound of metal and glass is heard) - Leaven carefully places her glasses to her eyes


Quentin returns his left arm back to the surface of the gap as he turns his head back around and lowers it slightly as he continues to observe the digit strips. Leaven rests her right hand down onto the surface before bending over so that she can get a good focal image of the small numbers.


It is very quiet in the room and only a low level sound of distant machines is heard, Leaven breathes in and out as she lowers herself down closer to the digit strips. Leaven reads the first strip before saying with intrigue, "149" 


Leaven seems confused as she shakes her head negatively as she tries to work out what 149 actually refers to. 


Leaven continues to ponder her mind mathematically before her faces changes slightly from another idea that has just came to her, Leaven quickly leaves Quentin and climbs back down the metal rungs back into the room.


Leaven makes her way over to Holloway and immediately climbs up another set of rungs that lead to another trap door room, (Light metallic thuds are heard) (Grinding of metal is heard) Leaven carefully slides the silver lever anti clockwise with her left hand as she attempts to open the door.


A loud click is heard before the door opens outwards, A rumbling sound is heard from the sliding trap door as it slides downwards.  


The door slides down as Leaven stands behind eager to look at that doors sets of numbers, 


Leaven quickly rests her left hand inside the door as she looks down at the new numbers strips, Leaven bends down even lower as she raises her left hand and holds her glasses with it. Worth is pacing around to his right as Quentin comes forward.


A low level synthesizer key chord begins to play to add suspense, The sound is very similar to a clocks chimes, Leaven scrutinizes the first set of three digits "645" before moving along to the next set.


The next set of three numbers are "372" - Leaven is trying to find a link or pattern with the numbers as her mind works in overload.


Suddenly Leaven raises her self back up and looks at Holloway before saying, "Prime numbers" Leaven looks back at the number strips before raising her left hand up and saying, I can't believe (Lowers hand) (Holloway looks at strip then back at Leaven) I didn't see it (Raises hand again) before. Quentin say's from behind, "See What?"


Leaven turns her head around to face Quentin and Worth before she say's, It seems like, If any of these numbers are prime then the room is trapped. (Leaven shakes her left hand as she expresses her words) 


Leaven breathes heavily as the pressures of the mathmatics take hold, Leaven quickly supports her broken glasses with her left hand as she looks down at the strips again before saying, Okay.


Leaven bends further down as she say's "Umm" Leaven clicks her mouth as she studies the values, Leaven looks up as she say's 645, Leaven begins to roll the number in her head as she softly repeats the numbers 645 645 645 over and over as she tries to connect the set with a prime value. After a few seconds Leaven quickly looks at Holloway and away again as she say's, That's not prime. Leaven returns to the numbers as she say's, 372... 


Leaven ponders her intellect onto the set of three digits "372" before saying "No"


Leaven scans across to the next set of numbers "649" Leaven ponders her mind some more before saying, 6, 4, 9, Leaven becomes silent.


Leaven nods her head slightly in a negative movement as she say's, Right, Eleven times fifty nine, Leaven lifts herself up and away from the surface of the interjoining room as she say's, "It's not prime either",


Leaven quickly looks at Holloway before stepping back down into the room.


Leaven breathes out heavily as she removes her glasses with her right hand,  


Leaven raises her right hand up and then slaps her right leg with it (Thud is heard) Leaven then say's with confidence, "So that room is safe" as she looks at the room she has just left, She then looks at Quentin and Worth for there opinion.


Worth quickly turns around to face Leaven as does Quentin, Quentin is a little dubious about Leavens calculations and begins to test her mathematical assumptions, Quentin say's in fast succession as he scrunches his face in disbelief, Wait wait wait wait, (Worth looks back at Quentin) How can you make that assumption based on one prime number trap?


Leaven shakes her head negatively as she looks at Quentin then say's I'm not, The incinerator thing was prime...  (Leaven turns to look at Worth and say's) 083.


Worth looks away from Leaven, Leaven continues, The molecular chemical thingy had 137. (Worth looks back at Leaven) The acid room had 149. Holloway shouts out loudly from the trap door and say's, You remember all that in your head?, Worth turns to look at Holloway from her sudden outburst.


Leaven shakes her head as she close her eyes before opening them and saying, I have a facility for it. Leaven looks back at Quentin as he begins to come closer to her.

Quentin has suddenly become convinced that Leaven is telling the true and there must be some truth in her estimations. He say's with a proud sense of happiness and achievement, Leaven, (Dark shadows form over Leaven from Quentins body presence) Leaven looks into Quentins eyes as he places both of his hands around her cheeks and holds her tightly, Quentin shakes Leavens head softly as he say's, "You beautiful brain." (Short echoing synthesizer effect of two notes in quick succession)


Quentin suddenly turns away from Leaven and say's to Holloway who is stood at the trap door entrance, "Boot it" 


(An echoing pulsating synthesizer effect is heard for a few short seconds) Leaven turns and looks over at Holloway as Quentin removes his hand from her left shoulder.


As the rest of the group look on Holloway quickly throws a boot into the trap door room with her right hand. Holloway gasps loudly as she grimaces from the effort, A loud thud is heard as the boot lands into the next room that is attached to a long lace.


Holloway gasps again as she quickly pulls the boot back with the lace, Another thud is heard as the boot lands back inside the square gap.


Holloway quickly turns her head with delight to indicate that the room is relatively safe and that the boot did not activate any hidden death machines or traps.


Quentin say's with eagerness, "Okay, out of the way" to indicate to Holloway that he is going to take the risk and go through into the next room.


Before Quentin has even moved from his position Leaven suddenly runs off towards Holloway as she say's with an air of sarcasm,  "Brains before beauty." Quentin stands motionless and silent as he looks back at Holloway as he allows Leaven to go first.

1488611058_giphy (2).gif

Leaven is eager to take her chance inside the new room which is color coded white this time, (A synthesizer effect now consists of a distant train that is going over some rickety tracks with echo that is increasing in volume.) Leaven quickly pushes herself off from the ledge of the interlinking gap with both hands, As she falls her hands bend out, A loud thud is heard as Leaven hits the floor) Leaven bends down rapidly then back up again in rhythm to the natural buoyancy of her body.


Leaven stands motionless as she looks up at the ceiling and patiently awaits her fate, 


The camera zooms in quickly as Leaven opens her mouth and looks to her right as she anticipates if her theory on prime numbers is right or not. Suddenly Leaven lets out a large breath of air in relieve and mental satisfaction that the prime number theory might just be correct. 


Leaven becomes emotional and excited as more time passes and she now knows for sure that her theories are correct. Leaven looks up at the ceiling as she say's with elation "Safe" (Takes deep breath) "Safe"


Leaven closes her eyes tightly as she scrunches her face and begins to chuckle wildly from the release of pressure the cube was maintaining, Leaven flaps her arms out and shouts with elation, Prime numbers"


Leaven flaps her arms out again "Prime numbers!"


Leaven flaps her arms out some more as she turns around to face the trap door she had just came from. Leaven lets out a loud scream of joy and excitement as she jumps up and down.


A prime number is a whole number greater than 1 whose only factors are 1 and itself. A factor is a whole number that can be divided evenly into another number. The first few prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29. Numbers that have more than two factors are called composite numbers.


A mellow and soft synthesizer chord begins to play mixed with the train going over rickety tracks, Leavens voice echoes as she continues to say, "Prime numbers Prime numbers" Leaven is now committed to solving the cube puzzle by examining each strip on every trap door so that the group can safely navigate the maze of rooms. Leaven focuses her mind on the number 656.


Leaven looks to the next set of three numbers, 778


462 is the next set, Leaven has fallen into deep concentration as she takes on the difficult task of factoring the strips of numbers to either a safe room or a death trap room. (Whispering sounds are heard) The rooms spin around and around in Leavens mind as she continues the huge task of deciphering the numbers, 


The minutes blur into hours as Leaven tries her best to factor the numbers, The numbers blur into rooms that blur and merge into more number crunching and deciphering.


(A wind sound is heard) Leaven shakes her head negatively as she tries to factor more numbers, 


An echoing sound is attached to Leavens inner voice as she thinks to herself, (Sighs with disappointment Oh,) How long have we been in here?, The group are slowly travelling from room to room as they rely on Leaven to work out the numbers which is now taking a toll on her brain and mental processes.


Another door rapidly slides upwards as it closes behind the group, (Hissing echo sound is heard)


This room slowly evolves and moves slowly as the shapes the colors and the numbers blend into one giant kaleidoscope of mathematical equations and number crunching. (Quentin is heard saying - Nine or ten hours)


(More whispering voices are heard) Leaven is working overtime as she holds her temple with both hands, Suddenly leaven rubs her right eye with her right index finger as the tiredness and mental fatigue begin to get the better of her. Leaven say's - How do you know? - Leavens and Quentins words are somewhere in time and are not associated with the present activities.


Quentin say's, Five o'clock shadow,


The numbers flow through Leavens mind travelling left as she continues to decipher and factor.


Quentin continues, Last thing I remember was shaving.


Another trap room door opens and rapidly lowers, The camera view is from the ceiling which reverses the perceived direction of the door.


A dark red flashing strobe of color begins to blend with this room as the complicated maze of rooms blur into each other as Leaven ponders the numbers and the direction the group are travelling in, Just because the rooms are composite numbers and safe does not guarantee that the group will find a safe exit as they may have to traverse a primed death trap room to continue there progress.


(More whispers are heard) The strong red color smothers the room and becomes the only prominent feature,  Leaven say's, I guess I missed breakfast


or lunch...Leaven rubs her brow with her left hand as she continues to study the continuous and eternal strips of digits.


The number five begins to take over Leavens mind as the shape and it's contours slowly edge up from the bottom to the top. 


Leaven continues - Or whatever!


Quentin say's, No don't worry,


The number Five blends out to reveal an Orange color coded room.


Another room spins slowly around in a circular motion travelling anti clockwise. (Screeching sound is heard to accompany the sound score including train over tracks sound) (Stuttering whispering effect is heard) 

giphy (12).gif
giphy (15).gif

Leaven say's, If we get out I'll make you dinner. The trap door lever is moving slowly around in an anti clockwise movement from the hand movements of one of the prisoners from the other side.


The numbers 897 slowly evolve around in a clockwise motion.


Quentin say's, You got a date!. The evolving numbers suddenly brighten revealing the true silvery color of the metal strip.


(Heavy breathing is heard) Leavens eyes shift from side to side as she continues to ponder and decipher number after number.


(Screeching sound) This room evolves around in a anti clockwise movement. (Three simple high piched synthesizer keys are heard in quick succession)


The numbers 778 slowly spin around in a clockwise motion.


A bright and intense light lightens the surface of the silver strip to produce a silvery effect. Dreamy synthesizer comes to and end with a single low key that slowly fades away. (Wind up clock effect is heard)


A loud click and then a sound of grating metal is heard as Quentin opens up yet another trap door. Quentins breathes out heavily as Leaven climbs up a few metal rungs to her right. (No sound score)


Quentin turns his head to look at Leaven as he sucks on a button, Quentin say's, "Doing Good".


Leaven is also sucking on a button to keep the saliva going, She slowly turns to look at Quentin before giving him a cheeky smile. Leaven turns back to face the new trap door as she looks across and up at the ceiling, Leaven huffs and swings her head to her right momentarily as she looks down, Suddenly a loud and prominent sound of rumbling machines and pressurized air emanates and saturates the environment. 


Quentin stares at Leaven as the rumbling sound increases in volume, Quentin shifts his eyes forward then he looks left and vertically up before turning his head left also, The rumbling sound has broken into the moving and gyrating cogs and mechanisms of movement once again, 


A sudden loud creaking and trembling is heard including a loud thud sound which causes Holloway to look up at the ceiling, The sound melts away quickly leaving a low ambient sound of air pressure. Holloway looks forward then up at the ceiling as she shouts loudly, I need to smoke. Her words are strangely speaking to the walls and Cube itself as she becomes angry and frustrated with her time inside the maze of horrors.


Quentin sidelines Holloway with his staring eyes before looking to his left. Holloway say's, I'd smoke a butt of the sidewalk. Quentin turns back to his right as he say's Holloway, Just reel yourself in a bit, Quentin nods his head to emphasize his words and say's "Come on." We're moving along, things are looking up.


Holloway is out of breath as she huffs and breathes heavily, Holloway say's as she looks up at the ceiling, Okay Okay, Your right, Holloway looks back at Quentin as she shakes her head negatively and say's, I quit smoking years ago.


Holloway is feeling stressed as she turns her head left and to an angle before breathing out loudly once again, Holloway is proactive and serious as she shakes her head positively while looking back at Quentin, She say's I just need to be occupied, Holloway breathe in deeply before swallowing and sticking her tongue out slightly between her teeth momentarily. Quentin say's, Talk then, Have a conversation.


Quentin slaps his thigh - Thud is heard - Quentin turns his head rapidly as he looks over at Holloway before saying, What kind of a doctor are you anyway?


Ah oh you know, (Holloway nods her head left) the free kind, (shakes her head positively as she closes her eyes momentarily


Holloway is stalling and is finding it difficult to make conversation, She begins to speak gibberish which makes no sense (chit chat chu cha) Holloways umms - 


Holloway is lost for words and loudly Umms again as she looks up at the ceiling and to her right. Holloway looks at Quentin and say's with a sincere mental block, Come on, Help me ahh, Tell me about your rug rats. Holloway lowers her head slightly as she waits patiently for Quentin to reply.


Quentin is looking away from Holloway as he say's with a soft voice, Okay, Quentin continues to look down and say's, We have three boys, 9, (Quentin quickly looks back at Holloway) 7, and 5.


Holloway has her arms folded and is shocked by Quentins reply She say's, Oh Good God, (Holloway brushes her right shoulder with her left hand) Poor woman, There's no way I'd survive that.


Quentin is looking down as he tuts his lips, Quentin agrees with Holloways words as he shakes his head negatively and mumbles some incomprehensible words, Quentin then say's She didn't either.


All is silent except for a low whistling breeze sound. Leaven turns her head from the trap door and looks at Quentin with a serious face from the words about his wife.


Holloway is silent as she looks on at Quentin, 


Quentin replies back to Holloway from the strange silence, No, She's not dead, (Shakes head) we're just separated.


Holloways mouth is open wide as she closes her eyes briefly while turning her head to her right, (Holloway sighs) (Holloway shakes her head negatively and raises her right hand momentarily) I'm sorry,  (Holloway slaps her thigh with her right hand producing a light thud sound)


(Holloway shakes her head negatively again) I can't just shoot the breeze. (Holloways mouth is open wide as she shakes her head from the misunderstanding and fact that she can't have a normal conversation)


Quentin is silent as he closes his eyes momentarily while shaking his head down in recognition of Holloways inability to have a conversation. 


Quentin looks to his right over at Leaven as she say's, These numbers aren't prime. Leaven continues to suck on a button as she waits for a response from the group, 


Quentin say's "Okay Clear" as he turns back to Holloway, Quentin signals with his left hand as he points it towards the trap door for Holloway to take her turn to be the first to go inside.


A light thud sound is heard as holloway steps up to the ladders and begins to climb, Quentin assists Holloway from behind as he supports her back with both hands.


Leaven loudly umms as Holloways body intrudes on Leavens space, Leaven lowers herself backwards a few feet to allow Holloway to pass through, Holloway say's, Excuse me, Sorry.


Leaven waits a couple of seconds before pulling herself up and stepping into the square gap with her left leg first.


More metallic thuds are heard as the two women make there way inside the interconnected gap, Quentin suddenly looks up at Worth who has also made his way to the trap door, Quentin say's, You err - (Quentin nods positively slightly)  Could try and help me out here, buddy.


Worth is pessimistic and keeping his wits about him, Worth is sucking on his button as he replies to Quentin, No I couldn't. (Takes deep breath)


Worth turns away from Quentin and begins to climb the metal rungs to allow him access inside the gap, His black boots are also attached to his waist by there laces as they swing around, Light metallic thud is heard as a boot swings into the ladder causing it to spin around.


Quentin is silent as he watches Worth climb into the gap before looking down, (Shadows form over Quentins face from Worths movements) (The deep rumbling sound has returned) (Quentin looks away from Worth and forward as he raises his right hand to his mouth) Quentin slants his eyes furthest right as he turns his head towards the trap door, A loud sound of a button between teeth is heard as Quentin puts his button back inside his mouth. Quentin turns his body to face the trap door as he begins his short climb up the ladders.


The prisoners have all safely dropped down into a new room which is a non prime numbered room - or composite room, This room is color coded Green but nevertheless is the same as all the others except for not having a hidden death trap. Leaven has taken the time to check one of the two metal strips that are attached to the trap door that is central to the room, This trap door is harder than the others to climb into as you have to go down and there is a great drop if you slip and fall. Worth Holloway and Leaven are peering over the entrance and looking down into the room below, Leaven say's, "This one's trapped too" as she holds her glasses steady with her left hand. (Echoing wind sound is heard)


Leaven steps away from the trap door entrance as Quentin watches her, 


Quentin instantly raises his right arm and begins to close the trap door, (Sliding sound is heard then a loud hissing before a thud) 


The trap door is firmly shut and can not be dropped down into as Leavens calculations have resulted in the number strip providing a prime number result. 


The entire group are knelt down by the middle trap door as they contemplate there next move, Holloway turns to Worth as she say's, We have to back track?. Leaven is supporting her glasses with her right hand but suddenly takes them off, - Leaven has calculated each strip around the sides of the room and also the central trap door but every door is proving to be a prime number result.


Worth and Holloway are looking at Quentin as he slowly turns his head and looks up at the ceiling, Quentin stands up and say's, "Not yet" as he continues to stare at the ceiling trap door.  Holloway also looks up at the ceiling from Quentins sudden interest.


Holloway say's Oh No as she looks up at the trap door in the ceiling.


Quentin and Holloway continue to stare up as Worth looks at Holloway with his hands rested on his shoulders, Worth then looks up as Quentin turns his head around to look at Leaven.


Leaven has raised her right hand to her mouth and is sucking on her button, (Wet high pitched sound is heard as Leaven pulls the button from her mouth)


Leaven has not checked the number strip on the ceiling and now knows why Quentin is looking at her, Leaven say's "Read them to me" in her bid for Quentin to climb up and find out the number set.


Quentin turns back around and begins to remove his prisoner issued grey shirt with both of his hands. (A sound of fabric is heard) Quentin slides out of his right sleeve and then pulls his left arm out of the other sleeve as he holds onto the shirt with his right hand. Quentin holds the shirt in front of him as he turns his head back around to look at Leaven, 


Leaven smiles as Quentin passes over the shirt with his right hand, Quentins turns back around and begins to walk across the room to the back wall between Worth and Holloway.


All is silent from the group as Quentin stands by a set of metal rungs that will take him to the top of the cube shaped room, 


Quentin begins his careful ascent by raising his left hand onto the first rung and then pushing up with his right leg. Holloway say's to Leaven in a sarcastic tone of voice, What are you... his coat rack?  -Leaven replies, Oh Please.


Quentin grunts as he takes each step one at a time to ensure he reaches the top, 

As Quentin quickly reaches the top he stretches his right hand out and swings his body as he grabs onto another rung that goes across the ceiling, (Quentin grunts) (Metallic thuds are heard) Now Quentin is holding on with both hands as he dangles in the air, This is why Leaven never attempted to read the ceiling trap door because of it's difficult location.


Leaven Worth and Holloway continue to stare up at Quentin as he swings across the metal rungs to the center of the room. 


Quentin swings his right hand out as he grabs onto another metal rung, (Thud and grunt is heard) Quentin is now suspended below the trap door and it requires a lot of upper body strength to support the rest of his body. (Trap door has opened out several inches)


Leaven steps forward slightly as she watches Quentin with interest and intrigue, (More metal thud sounds are heard as Quentin attempts to open the trap door) 


More loud metal sounds are heard as Quentin attempts to push the silver lever to release the door, Quentins body retorts as he uses his back to try and open the jammed door, Quentin breathes out loudly as he looks down and say's, It's stuck. (Quentin sniffs in loudly)


Leaven is directly under the trap door as she continues to look up with interest, 


Suddenly a loud rumbling of sliding metal and opening mechanisms is heard as the door instantly opens from Quentins strong and forceful pushing on the lever. Quentin slides forward as he holds on for dear life as the door slides open at speed, 


In a sheer moment of utter chaos another prisoner appears from the top of the trap door opening, He was standing on top of the door preventing it from sliding opening, The prisoner instantly falls feet first through the open gap as he screams loudly. (A high pitched distressed screaming sound is now heard from the new arrival)


For a split second Leaven is unaware of the falling man as she stares up at the open trap door without any reaction.


Leaven suddenly gasps with fear as she see's the prisoner falling towards her, Her face changes to one of fear and shock as her mind goes into overdrive, Leaven shouts out loudly - "Look out" as she steps backwards in a futile effort to avoid being crushed.


Quentin can do nothing as he clings to the railings and can only let gravity take it's course. The prisoner shoots through the gap at high speed destined to crash land on the surface below. (High pitched whining sound continues)


Leaven trips over herself as she quickly steps backwards and lands just a few feet away onto her side, Leaven grunts loudly as she collapses to the floor with only her arms to support her, 


As Leaven hits the ground so does the new arrival, He lands on his back creating another loud thud sound, The new prisoner has his eyes tightly shut and is grimacing from the heavy impact. (Prisoner whines some more) The trap door automatically closes with out a hitch this time creating a loud sliding and grinding high pitched sound of air before another thud.


Quentin quickly makes his way back down the metal rungs to find out who has fallen through from the ceiling trap door gap. Worth Holloway and Quentin stare down at the new arrival in silence as they try to gather more information.


(Light tapping is heard) Suddenly the new arrival lifts himself up and stares ahead in some kind of confusion, He looks to his right before rolling his eyes left to right, The new addition to Cube then say's with a slightly distorted tone of voice and disappointment, "This room is Green" (Tapping sounds) The new arrival then instantly stands up without showing any signs of injury or pain.


The prisoner then walks over to a far wall with his back turned to the others, He is silent and just stares blankly ahead as he begins to bang his head against the wall at a fast pace of hits, (Thud Thud sounds are heard) 


Worth is a little befuddled by the prisoners topsy turvy actions and just stares at him unable to find a solution to the strange behavior, Holloway is also looking over at the new arrival as she tries to understand the man's bizarre behavior, Quentin is more relaxed as he say's to Holloway, "Holloway?" in an attempt for the doctor to go over and provide a prognosis, Holloway looks slightly towards Quentin before shaking her head slightly at Quentins demands.


The new arrival continues to bang his head against the wall over and over again without a care in the world for the other prisoners, Holloway slowly makes her way over to the man and just stares at him with a strange curiosity and peculiarity. The man completely ignores Holloway and is in a world of his own.


As the man continues his rhetoric assault on the wall Holloway tries to break the silence by saying hello, Holloway lowers her head slightly as she say's softly "Hi There" in an attempt to break his actions. The soft voice of Holloway does not interfere with the mans head banging mentality so Holloway raises her right hand up and carefully rests it against the mans head so that he does not injure himself. The man stops banging his head and becomes motionless and completely silent, The man then repeats his words once again with the same distorted and backward capacity, "This room is Green" The man indicates that he dislikes the Green room he fell into and this has caused him to bang his head against the wall in his mentally retarded state of mind.


Holloway say's softly, "Yes it is" as Worth and Quentin look on. (Two heavy drum beats provide the sound score)


The new arrival suddenly turns around and say's to Holloway, "I want to go back to the Blue room" The man is mentally retarded and has an inbuilt disposition to flick and gyrate his right hand fingers in a continuous and rapid motion of rhythmic movement. His left hand is firmly closed but does not move as he looks around himself without making eye contact with Holloway. (Two heavy drum beats)


Quentin say's, What is it, Shock or what as he tries to fathom the man's unusual behavior,  (Two heavy drum beats and pipe effect)


The new prisoner continues to flutter his right hand fingers at a very fast rate, Holloway say's, "I think he's mentally handicapped", (Sitar note) This causes the prisoner to turn and look towards Holloway before turning away and facing forward, He say's, I like the Blue room.


Worth turns around as he looks over at the far wall, Quentin is not amused now that he knows the new arrival is mentally Handicapped, Quentin puts his hands to his hips as he looks to his right in disbelief and sudden nausea, Quentin say's, Jesus Christ!,


Leaven appears from the right and say's to Quentin before looking forward at the handicapped man, "He almost broke my neck",  (Pipe Sound)


The retarded man continues to rapidly flutter his right hand fingers as he looks forward at a slight angle still unable to provide any eye contact, Holloway has now become sympathetic and understanding of the man's mental problems and being a doctor this is a natural characteristic of her abilities, Holloway say's softly, Hey there, are you all alone?, Holloway raises her right hand out towards the retarded mans fluttering hand as she say's, You want to hold my hand, honey?


(Low level synthesizer chord is heard similar to a door bell) The retarded man turns away from Holloway slightly as he continues to flutter his fingers, The retarded man begins to walk away from Holloway as he say's, Butter first, then Honey, Kazan. Butter first, then Honey. The man's tone of voice is slightly distressed and he has misinterpreted Holloways soft words when she described him as Honey as rather an offering of the sweet bee's syrup called Honey.


Holloway watches as Kazan walks away unable to break through to his more sensible mind set.


Leaven is astounded by Kazan's ability to survive iside Cube considering his metal capacity, She say's with fascination, How'd he survive? - Kazan is heard saying from a distance, I want to go back to the Blue room. Quentin is silent as he watches Kazan meander around the room unable to change the situation.


Holloway now understands fully that Kazan is mentally retarded and is trying another tactic to try and calm his mind and to settle his anxious disposition, Holloway slowly takes a few steps forward towards Kazan as she say's, There's lot's of Blue rooms, We'll find you another real soon. - Leaven say's, This is just way to bizarre.


Kazan continues to flutter his fingers furiously as Holloway turns to face Leaven and say's with a tone of annoyance, We'll you just worry about your numbers then, 


Worth and Quentin are silent as Leaven sticks her tongue out between her mouth for a fleeting moment before turning to face Quentin. (Low level synthesizer organ sound is now heard) 


Holloway looks towards Leaven and the others as she say's with a tone of responsibility,  "Go on, I'll look after him. Holloway then turns back to Kazan who is still fluttering his fingers in a trance like state of mind.


Leaven turns away from Quentin and takes a single step forward as she looks at Holloway then back to Kazan, Leaven points her left index finger directly up at the ceiling trap door and in a sarcastic tone of voice say's, "Safe" as she looks up while shaking her finger. Leaven continues as she looks back to Holloway with a tensed look, Obviously, since he almost fell on my head. (Electronic sounds of rigid and stubborn bearings that resist movement are heard)

Quentin looks up at the ceiling trap door as he turns around from Leavens words then slowly walks towards the facing wall, Leaven stares back at Holloway with slight anger as Holloway say's to Kazan, Should we go for a walk, 


Holloway stares down at Kazan's prisoner issued grey shirt as she tries to read the name that is inscribed onto his right side, A few seconds pass before Holloway say's Kazan?, She verbally describes his name as somewhat difficult or unusual. Holloway leans closer and say's with a tone of persuasion and kindness, You wanna go for a walk? 


Holloway is motionless and silent as she waits patiently for Kazan to respond, Kazan continues to flutter his fingers rapidly as he looks up at the ceiling, Suddenly Kazan becomes much more mentally unstable and distressed as he begins to watch Quentin climb back up the metal rungs to the ceiling trap door, Kazan starts to produce a high pitched intermittent whining as he watches Quentin,  


Quentin is slowly climbing back up the metal rungs as Kazan continues to whine loudly with distress, The sound from Kazan is slowly getting louder and much more in conjunction with extreme anxiety, 


Kazan is beginning to become uncontrollable and extremely distressed, He looks up at the ceiling as he changes his fluttering finger movements to very fast slaps to the side of his head, (Loud slapping sounds are heard)


Kazan is freaking out considerably as he turns his body around in a clockwise motion while looking up at the ceiling, Holloway turns away from Kazan and focuses on Quentin before looking back at Kazan. Kazan is frenzied and mentally warped as he is unable to control his rapid slapping movements, The loud whining just adds to his suffering and mental anguish.


Holloway is feeling a little unsure on what to do and hasn't the skills to deal with this kind of situation, Holloway say's over to Quentin as he nears the top of the rungs, Ah umm, Quentin?  - Quentin stops and is silent as he looks towards the wall, (Whining and slapping sounds continue) Quentin slowly turns around while holding onto a rung with his left hand, 


The whining has now reached a crescendo (Or siren) as Kazan screeches out the most annoying sound you could possibly tolerate, Kazan whines at a continues level without a break, He stares at Quentin with a face of complete and utter panic and worry as he slaps the right side of his head at supersonic speed while holding out his left hand with an indication that he would like something placing into his palm. (Kazan rocks from side to side)  - Holloway in her prognosis thinks Kazan is freaking out because he thinks he has to climb up the ladders, Holloway is smiling and is finding the situation with Kazan a little liberating but also humorous, She say's to Quentin, Let's not make him do the climbing thing  (Holloway shakes her head negatively) right away. Quentin stares down in silence and is the complete opposite of Kazan in mental aptitude.


Quentin is finding Kazan rather annoying and is unhappy about the new prisoners character and mental capabilities, Quentin say's with a sarcastic tone, Holloway... as he tries to accept Kazan into the group. (Quentins mind, You deal with it it's your problem)


(Slapping sound is heard) As Kazan continues to slap the side of his face he suddenly say's Hol-lo-way in a slightly delayed pronunciation after just picking up the name and sound from Quentin, Kazan is a slow learner but if you give him a little time he begins to adapt and learn new things. 


Some time has passed and the group have moved on a few more rooms with the help of Leaven, The group have managed to help Kazan to climb the metal rungs as he and the rest make there way into the blue room in the ceiling. The Blue ceiling room has proven to be a composite safe room which has allowed the group to navigate deeper inside the Cube. Now the group are inside an Orange color coded room as they wait for Leaven to decode and decipher the strips of digits, Kazan is now silent and has regained some of his mental stability as he approaches a trap door, Kazan raises his arms as he begins to twist the silver lever to the door, Kazan pulls down with his left hand before releasing while finishing the turn with his right, He then places his left hand back to the lever as he pulls at the trap door. Holloway is talking to Quentin in the background and say's, Could they have taken us all the way to New Mexico? Quentin replies, What are you talking about, Holloway? 


(A metal grinding sound and then a loud click is heard) (Pressurized air is heard as the door opens out a few inches,) A loud squeaking of metal is heard as the door slides down)


Holloway replies, I'm talking about where do you hide something this big.


Kazan slowly turns around to face the rest of the group.


Leaven suddenly walks on over to Kazan as she say's to the rest of the group, As least he's good for something.


Quentin stares forward at Leaven and Kazan as he sucks on his button in silence,  


Metal tapping is heard as Leaven ascends the metal rungs to evaluate and calculate the strips to the red room door Kazan has just opened. Holloway has just jumped down from the adjoining room and makes her way over to Quentin, Holloway stands next to Quentin as he turns quickly to look at her and then back away again while chewing on his button,


Quentins mouth moves around and around as he sucks on the button for slight comfort and mental entertainment. Holloway folds her arms before saying, Mam, I'm sorry to shake your foundations, Quentin, Quentin looks back at Holloway, but you have no idea (Holloway shakes her head as she looks at Quentin from a slight angle without making eye contact.) where your tax dollars go. Quentin looks away slightly then back at Holloway as he say's with a muffled voice from his button, Free clinic doctors? (Button produces a low level rattling sound) Quentin looks forward towards Leaven and Kazan.


Leaven puts her glasses on with her right hand as she looks down at the metal strips of numbers, Kazan is walking past to the left while Worth looks on, Holloway continues speaking to Quentin, Only the military industrial complex could afford to build something this size. Worth turns to face Holloway and Quentin.


Quentin say's Holloway, before turning and looking at her, Holloway turns and looks back at Quentin as she closes her mouth, Quentin say's with curiosity,  what is the Military industrial complex? (Quentin nods forward slightly) Have you ever been there? (Holloway stares at Quentin with her mouth slightly open) (Quentin shakes his head negatively) I'm telling you it's not that complex. 


The military –industrial complex (MIC) is an informal alliance between a nation's military and the defense industry  that supplies it, seen together as a vested interest which influences public policy. A driving factor behind this relationship between the government and defense-minded corporations is that both sides benefit—one side from obtaining war weapons, and the other from being paid to supply them. The term is most often used in reference to the system behind the military of the United States, where it is most prevalent and gained popularity after its use in the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower on January 17, 1961. In 2011, the United States spent more (in absolute numbers) on its military than the next 13 nations combined. 

JFK Warning2.png
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In the context of the United States, the appellation given to it sometimes is extended to military–industrial–congressional complex (MICC), adding the U.S. Congress to form a three sided relationship termed an iron triangle. Theses relationships include political contributions, political approval for military spending, lobbying to support bureaucracies, and oversight of the industry; or more broadly to include the entire network of contracts and flows of money and resources among individuals as well as corporations and institutions of the defense contractors, private military contractors, The pentagon, the congress and the executive branch.

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President of the United States (and five star general during World War II) Dwight D. Eisenhower used the term in his Farewell Address to the Nation on January 17, 1961. 

A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction...

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together. 

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Holloway turns her head away from Quentin as she opens her mouth wide from her strong thoughts on the subject, Holloway say's, How would you know from where you are? - Holloway looks back at Quentin for a sensible reply.


Quentin pushes his button from his mouth with his tongue as he raises his left hand and removes it, (Squeak sound is heard) Quentin turns to look at Holloway as he now want's a more serious discussion without the button in his mouth,


Quentin is arguing with Holloway and say's as he looks back at her, Who do you think the establishment is? (Holloway sighs loudly from Quentins confident and serious discussion) (Quentin hisses loudly as he quickly shakes his head and raises his left hand up briefly) Quentin continues, It's just guys like me. (Quentin looks away from Holloway and then back rapidly) Their desks are bigger (Holloway looks away not wanting to hear Quentins explanation) but their jobs aren't. (Quentin looks away then back quickly) They don't conspire (Quentin raises his left hand) they buy boats, Holloway looks up at the ceiling slightly as she sighs loudly. Holloway tightens her folded arms as she looks back at Quentin.


Quentin continues, No, this place is... (Quentin hesitates) (Quentin changes his tone of voice and is more easy) remember Scaramanga? Leaven turns around as she listens to Quentins conversation as she chews on her button, Her face shows a complex frown of confusion as she listens to Quentin talk about Scaramanga when there lives are in deep trouble, (Worth turns around) 


Holloway listen tentatively as Quentin continues, The bad guy in "The Man With The Golden Gun" Holloway instantly scrunches her face and becomes confused as she ahhs and frowns while moving her eyes from side to side as she ponders Quentins words. 


Quentin nods positively as he looks at Holloway as he believes Holloway is going along with his theory and explanation, Holloway is now very confused and is finding it hard to believe what Quentin is now saying, She slowly turns her head towards Quentin in disbelief as Quentin say's, It's some rich psycho's entertainment. As Quentin speaks he slowly turns his head forward and looks towards Leaven and Worth while his eyes slant to the right, Quentin is adamant his theory is correct as his face emphasizes scrutiny and the impossible. Holloway is gobsmacked by Quentins words and her mouth opens wide in complete and utter incredulity at what she just heard.

giphy (20).gif

Holloway has heard enough and can't keep her inner conscious thoughts in any longer, Holloway suddenly becomes extremely tickled by Quentins assumption on the Cube and splutters her mouth and lips with outrageous vivacity, (Loud sound of pulsating air is heard) 


Quentin quickly turns his head back around to face Holloway from the rapid air sounds - Holloway laughs with a rapturous and impulsive urge as she tries to take in what Quentin has said,  


Holloway breathes in deeply and then say's with an air of inconceivable imagination, Is that what you (Holloway moves her head closer to Quentin) think? Quentin and Holloway stare at each other in silence.


Herve Villchaize stars as Nick Nack, Scaramanga's dwarf manservant and accomplice. Villechaize was later known to television audiences as Tattoo in the series Fantasy Island.

The Man with the Golden Gun is a 1974 British spy film, the ninth in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions. The movie is the second film to star Roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. A loose adaption of Ian Fleming's novel of the same name. The film has Bond sent after the Solex Agitator, a device that can harness the power of the sun, while facing the assassin Francisco Scaramanga, the "Man with the Golden Gun". The action culminates in a duel between them that settles the fate of the Solex. Christopher Lee plays the part of Francisco Scaramanga, he is the main villain and assassin who is identified by his use of a golden gun; he also has a 'superfluous papilla', or supernumerary nipple. Scaramanga plans to misuse solar energy for destructive purposes. Lee was Ian Fleming's step-cousin and regular golf partner. Scaramanga has been called "the best-characterised Bond villain yet." 


The film was set in the face of the 1973 energy crisis a dominant theme in the script. Britain had still not yet fully overcome the crisis when the film was released in December 1974. The Man with the Golden Gun was premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on 19 December 1974,[58] with general release in the United Kingdom the same day. The film was made with an estimated budget of $7 million; despite initial good returns from the box office, The Man with the Golden Gun grossed a total of $97.6 million at the worldwide box office, with $21 million earned in the USA, making it the fourth lowest-grossing Bond film in the series.


Worth looks on towards Quentin and Holloway as Leaven stands at a red color coded trap door, Leaven is not in the best of moods and is not appreciating Holloway and Quentins behaviour, Leaven shouts over loudly "Clear" with an irritated verbal expression.


Holloway and Quentin automatically turn there heads towards the sound of Leaven as Holloway continues to be super impressed by Quentins straight forward assumption, Holloway splutters some more from Quentins words before laughing out loudly and moving away from Quentin, Quentin looks down and is none to impressed with Holloways mentality.


Holloway continues to chuckle as Quentin stands motionless and completely quiet, Leaven has moved away from the trap door and is positioning her glasses with her right hand.


Holloway continues to be tickled by Quentin as she climbs a few metal rungs to enter inside the red rooms access hole, A light tapping is heard as Holloway positions her body ready for the plunge inside.


Suddenly Holloway raises her left hand up and begins to shake her head in compliance with Quentins theory, Holloway shouts out "OK" Your a cop as her mind becomes more absolute on Quentins words or maybe she is starting to lose her mind even more from the pressures placed on her from inside the Cube.


Holloway turns to face the group as she say's with a tone of excitement, Single bullet theory, Holloway then places her button into her mouth as she prepares to take her chance inside the new room.