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This video will teach you not to do handstands in your house as it has been proven to be a very dangerous activity. 

This prank video is rather nasty as it depicts a man getting kicks out of his girlfriends agony and severe irritation, The Carolina Reaper is officially the hottest pepper on earth with a scolville scale rating of 2,200,000 SHU, Followed by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion with a SHU of 2,009,231. Another pepper claims to be even hotter than the Carolina Reaper but does not have a SHU rating at the moment, It is called the Chocolate Bhutiah and was originally created by Chad Soleski. This pepper was made by accident via an unintentional cross pollination. It is called the Chocolate Bhutiah because of it's chocolate colored pods and is consider hotter than the Reaper by pepper enthusiasts.

This video is very hard to watch, The driver shows extreme precision as he slowly turns the lorry around but there is a small problem, Not to worry it's only a 1000 foot drop.

Some of us enjoy dressing up for parties festivals and other get together's, It is fun and there are many costumes to choose from. These party people are doing it in style check them out!

Has there ever been a moment when you are making an important phone call but there is too much noise in the background and you struggle to hear the words. It has right? Well in this video you will see that a business man maybe a "drug dealer" is starting to get rather annoyed with some one, Check this out.

Are you a regular party animal do you enjoy drinking out with friends. This guy explains how a small drink turns into a very expensive night indeed and I think I will stay in tonight after all!. Warning may cause offence.

This incredible video shows the moment a passenger becomes irate with the bus driver. The passenger seems to of dropped some oysters and the bus driver is not too happy. Racism and anger go to a new level when the passenger becomes extremely violent and abusive. Warning may cause offence.

A pinata is a container often made of papier-mache, pottery or cloth, It is decorated and filled with small toys or candy or both and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. Pinatas are commonly associated with Mexico. In this video things don't go to plan.

If you are a shop owner and are promoting your business you are going to have to look and act smart, This man is doing just that.

This rap star is having some difficulty pronouncing Island records. Island records is a British Jamaican record label that operates as a division of Universal Music Group. It was founded by Chris Blackwell, Graeme Goodall and Leslie Kong in Jamaica in 1959. Blackwell sold the label to Polygram in 1989. Island Records merged with Def Jam Recordings and creates The Island Def Jam Music Group, Three Island labels exist in the world: Island US, Island UK, and Island Australia with the main label operating out of London. Notable artists include Hozier, Demi Lovato, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Leona Lewis, U2, Mumford & Sons, Amy Winehouse, Ben Howard, Florence + The Machine, Sigrid, John Newman, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Disclosure, Big Shaq, Aluna George, Keane, Ammie Lennox, JP Cooper, PJ Harvey, John Martyn, Nick Jonas, Robyn, Shawn Mendes and Jessie. Island records was founded in Jamaica on 4th July 1959. This rap star is having some pronounciation problems with the Island word, Check it out.

Nepeta Cataria or more commonly known as Catnip catswort and Catmint is a species of the genus Lamiaceau and native to southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East,central Asia and parts of China, It is widely naturalized in northern Europe, New Zealand, and North America. Catnip has an intense attraction to cats. About two thirds of cats enjoy effects of pawing licking chewing and rolling on the ground with the plant, After consumption cats will drool become sleepy, have anxiety, leap about with intense purring, Some growl meow scratch or bite at the hand holding it. After about 15 minutes olfactory fatigue sets in , This is a cats inability to detect odours. About one third of cats show no effects from catnip it has no effect, This is an hereditary trait.  

This guy just loves slingshots and is demonstrating one that he has built himself. To make things even more interesting he has set up a slow motion camera and computer to record the destruction a metal ball does when it pentrates a glass bottle or plastic bottle filled with water. Let Hanshake show you through the basics of slingshot technology. 

This redneck will demonstrate how to open up a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew, Ingenious.

We all love christmas time well some of us do anyway. It is great fun to put out your festive lights around the garden, windows and walls of the house. This man has gone just a bit too far with his festive lights and the police have been called. I repeat the police have been called.

A garage can be a hazardous area if your not careful. This young man has decided to take a break.

We all know that some of the things Chinese people do is considered sick animal cruelty, For instance live animal key rings and necklaces that contain trapped turtles, fish, salamanders, frogs and many more species. These animals suffer a painful death as they slowly suffocate and poison themselves from ammonia. This guy places live wrigglers into a bottle of beer while smoking a cigarette he calmly lights a shot of hooch (Baiju) and pours that in too, Finally he drinks the full bottle as the wrigglers desperately try to get out. This video combines self abuse, animal cruelty, dubious intoxicants and incredible and implausible biological feats. Warning may upset animal lovers.

Whatever you do don't try this trick on your mum as she might not appreciate it somehow.

Watch as a man demonstrates how to blow a car up safely using dynamite, He has done this many times before so nothing should go wrong right.

Times have changed and now there are many house breakings all over Great Britain at every minute of the day, Infact a break in occurs every 40 seconds in the UK, Most burglars around 75% use a door to gain entry, Over 1 million burglaries are reported every year, 1 in 4 victims have been burgled more than once, 56% happen during the night, Disturbing 56% of burglaries happen while the owners are there maybe in the shower in bed or watching TV, Less that 1 in 10 burglaries are actually solved, Single parents are the largest targets, Most burglaries are commited by males, Many are drug addicts that steal to feed there habit.What do thieves want, Money, Jewellery, Electronics, Power tools, Alcohol, prescription drugs the list is endless, basically anything that can be sold easily and generates cash.No one is safe and a thief will go to extreme lengths to steal your belongings and personal items. Watch as this thief tries to break into a house. Monitored alarms are the only systems where the police actually respond, Police won't even call out to a victim of crime anymore as they don't have the man hours. Ensure you have high security locks on your doors and windows, Remember to lock all windows and doors when you leave the house, Double lock doors at night, Get CCTV AND A COUPLE OF LARGE Alsatians Rottweilers or Other strong working dogs. Most burglaries are not planned but are opportunistic so be on your guard at all times.

We all have to go into hospital at some time in our lives, The UK has the NHS which is a free service for the citizens of the UK. When your in hospital you probably won't know anyone and you might think your safe while resting up in bed, After watching this video you may change your mind!

Some dogs are just so cool, This dog is watching TV in his crib and loves the doggy action style.

Are you a skiing fanatic do you love snow and cold conditions. This incredible footage shows the moment a ski lift breaks down with amazing results.

The world cup is under way in Russia and we all rely on good quality reporting to capture the game and it's outcome. This news reporter seems to have reading difficulties and you won't believe how bad this guy is, enjoy or try too.

You probably have tried flaming sambuca or other high alcohol spirits at an Indian Chinese or Italian restaurant, It is fun to watch the blue flame ignite on top of the shot glass. There is also a dangerous down side to igniting spirits because they can explode. After watching this video you may never drink another flaming Sambuca again.

This college student is having difficulties winding up a lead, The space age technology has really got him stuck, 

The lunatic driver in the white car has suddenly stopped in the middle of a busy duel carriageway. It is just a matter of seconds before a terrible accident occurs, Stupid.

This funny video clip shows how dogs can get in on the action with the ladies the same as the men, The dog hides behind a tree before offering the suntanning women a back rub. The appreciation is just not there though.

This video clip demonstrates how stupid people can be when there is a clear way forward. The man lifts a heavy box over a fence but did he need to?

Many of us have gardens and it is always a chore to have to go mow the lawn, Even though now robotic lawn mowers are starting to come into force this lady does not seem to understand the basics of a lawn mower in operation.

This man shows us how to appreciate good deep rhythms in the form of Drum and Bass. How can man live without his sound system?

Busking is a great way to earn a few quid, There are many different acts and styles that grace our towns and cities. This man has invented a new dance rhythm and demonstrates his skills to a live audience wearing Golden pants of course.

This insane individual has found a new way to cross over a busy motorway, He uses neither bridge nor crossing and does not even stop the vehicles. This crazy and dangerous activity should never be attempted by anyone.

This video is really cute but also a little distressing as the hedgehog has been died a blue color and it is called quill dying. Sonic the Hedgehog is a computer video game that was released by SEGA on June 23rd 1991 for the Megadrive Genesis system and 16 bit era. It sold 15 million cartridges for the megadrive alone. This game produced a franchise and many more games were produced with Sonic as the protagonist.

Bed knobs and Broomsticks will take on a whole new meaning after you have watched this video clip.

Nitrous oxide (sometimes called "laughing gas") can create a feeling of euphoria, which may make you laugh easier, but its primary effect is to relax you and leave you calm and less aware of any fear or anxiety you may feel during dental procedures.

Watch as this guy shows off his mystical powers of levitation, incredible.

Snow and ice causes accidents so it is best to stay in if possible or if you need to travel go by train or walk.

Do you hate cold callers do they get on your nerves. Can you believe what they say are they just trying to persuade you into something you have no interest in. Jehovah Witness, Mormons and many other organisations knock your door, there must be a solution to end the long conversation once you open your front door.

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D.B.Weiss. It is an adaption of "A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin's series of fantasy novels. The series will conclude with it's eighth season in 2019. This guy must be a huge fan of the series and has decided to order some supplies from a builders merchant. 

Do you consider yourself a hustler in the game of pool, Can you do a seven baller regularly at your local joint. This dog fancies a wager if your up for it.

Pink Floyd were an English rock band that formed in London in 1965, They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, extended compositions, and elaborate live shows, they are one of the most commercially successful bands and influential groups in popular music history. This guy must be a huge fan of Pink Floyd and can go no where without his drum kit.  On the other hand I think he is a big fan of Michael Jackson and the track Beat It.

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