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Who could forget the excitement of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles tying the knot at St Pauls Cathedral on July 29th 1981, Over 3500 guests squeezed into St Pauls including republican heads of state and many members of royal families from around the world. It was also broadcast live to 750 million viewers. It was a fairy tale wedding and the entire UK had a national holiday in celebration.

MTV a satellite music channel started broadcasting on August 1st 1981.

In it's early years its main target audience was young adults but today is primarily towards teenagers. The first music video Mtv played was Video Killed The Radio Star By Buggles followed by Pat Benatar's track You Better Run. 

The Logo was designed in 1981 by Manhattan Design a graphic design collective based in New York City.

Stevie and Zoya is an animated series that first appeared on MTV in the late 80's. They consisted of one minute shorts.

The first music video to be played on MTV was Video Killed The Radio Star by Buggles.

The Sony CDP 101 was the first commercially released CD player launched in Japan on October 1st 1982 at a price of $730.

Graceland is a mansion located in Memphis Tennessee that was owned by Elvis Presley.

Graceland currently serves as a museum and was opened to the public on June 7th 1982, It is a national historic landmark with over 650000 people visiting annually.

So many things define the 80's, It was a great decade of achievement invention and craziness, From Madonna hitting the charts to Ronald Reagan becoming President of America the 80's defined an era of excitement tears and laughter. A special decade when lots of people came together in the form of Live aid and technology was advancing at a gigantic rate. The music was great the sports achievements were outstanding and we will always remember how it was back in the 80's.

Coca Cola introduced May 8th 1886 and invented by John Pemberton. Coca Cola reformulated there soft drink and it was introduced in April 1985 calling it NEW! Coke. It was to replace the original soft drink. This was a huge mistake as consumers of America disliked the new drink and even turned hostile towards coca cola's new product. It was a major failure and it was quickly discontinued and the original coca cola was put back on the shelves This is a valuable lesson not to mess with a winning formulae.

Sally Kristen Ride Born May 26th 1952 - Died July 23rd 2012 was an American Physicist and Astronaut that was also the first American woman to go into space in 1983. She is also the youngest American astronaut to go into space at the age of 32. Overall she was the 3rd woman to go into space. She died of pancreatic cancer in 2012.

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi Born 19th November 1917 - Died 31st October 1984 was the 3rd prime minister of India and also the only woman to hold office. She was well known for her political ruthlessness and unprecedented centralisation of power. Gandhi was assassinated by two of her bodyguards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, both were sentenced to death and hanged in Delhi's Tihar jail.

In 1984 the Holy Golden Temple in Amritsar Punjab was attacked and taken over by Sikh extremists wanting to change the laws and forcing it in independence. Ganghi in response sent Indian soldiers to regain the temple by force if necessary. In the heat of battle many Sikh's were killed igniting an uprising. Gandhi was assassinated in retribution for the events at the temple.

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. On it's maiden voyage with 2224 passengers on board it hit an iceberg while travelling to New York from Southampton. The impact ruptured the ships hull plates on her right side buckling in. The ship was designed to be unsinkable as it consisted of 16 watertight compartments but breached 5 on impact. She could only stay afloat at a maximum of 4 so she slowly sank in the early morning of 15th April 1912. 1500 people perished in the icy waters as there was not enough lifeboats to save everyone. Woman and children first was the order, many 3rd class passengers died.

Tonnage:46,328 GRT

Displacement:52,310 tons

Length:882 ft 9 in (269.1 m)

Beam:92 ft 6 in (28.2 m)

Height:175 ft (53.3 m) (keel to top of funnels)

Draught:34 ft 7 in (10.5 m)

Depth:64 ft 6 in (19.7 m)

Decks:9 (A–G)

Installed power:24 double-ended and five single-ended boilers feeding two reciprocating steam engines for the wing propellers, and a low-pressure turbine for the centre propeller;[1] output: 46,000 HP

Propulsion:Two three-blade wing propellers and one four-blade centre propeller

Speed:Cruising: 21 kn (39 km/h; 24 mph). Max: 24 kn (44 km/h; 28 mph)

Capacity:Passengers: 2,435, crew: 892. Total: 3,327 (or 3,547 according to other sources)

Notes:Lifeboats: 20 (sufficient for 1,178 people)

The wreck of the Titanic lies at a depth of 12,500ft or 3800m, about 370 miles south southeast off the coast of Newfoundland. On September 1st 1985 Robert Ballard an oceanographer and former Navy Captain llocated the titanic wreck in conjunction with a French expedition. The first photos ever taken of the wreck could now be taken. Also suv robots were used to bring items from the Titanic back to the service.

Wallace Hartley was a member of the band that played Nearer My God To Thee as the ship slowly sunk.The eight musicians were instructed to play music to calm the distraught passengers. He died but his violin survived as he had put it in his luggage bag which was strapped to his waste. His body was found with his violin, It later sold at auction for £900000 on October 19th 2013.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster occured on 26th April 1986, It was a catastrophic nuclear accident. Engineers were carrying out an experiment on the cooling pump system . They wanted to know if it could still function using power generated from the reactor under low power should the auxiliary electricity supply fail. They accidentally lowered too many cooling rods which regulate the fission process in a nuclear reactor resulting in a complete shutdown. They began to raise rods but later on power levels surged to dangerous levels. The safe minimum amount of rods to leave was 30 and there was only six left. When they started to insert more rods it caused coolant to be displaced and concentrated reactivity in the lower core.With power levels 100 times normal fuel pellets began to explode in the core rupturing the fuel channels. At about 1.24am the dome shaped roof blew off allowing the contents to explode outwards. Air was sucked in to the reactor igniting carbon monoxide gas which caused a fire to burn for 9 days. The reactor was not housed in a reinforced concrete shell which allowed dangerous levels of radiation to escape into the environment.

The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster occurred on January 28th 1986. Nasa made some terrible decisions resulting in the death of all seven crew members that day as the space shuttle broke up after only 73 seconds into it's 10th flight over the Atlantic ocean. The cause was the Orings which expanded because the cold conditions that day. Nasa were frustrated and keen to launch but setbacks and technical problems delayed its schedule. It was a particularly cold morning with temperatures at -1c or 30f but the spacecraft was never certified to operate in temperatures that low. An O-ring is a sealer but the cold temperatures caused it to fail allowing hot burning gas to escape to the outside of the spaceship burning up against the exterior of the external fuel tank resulting in a explosion. None of the crew were found as no one could of survived the explosion or hitting the ground no safety meaures were implemented for this type of event. a 32 month hiatus ensured and a thorough investigation was carried out. Approximately 17% of Americans witnessed the event as Sharon Christa McAuliffe was the first school teacher into space, She was selected from over 11000 applicants fot the Nasa teacher in space project she died aged 37. Such a sad event and day will always be remembered as an iconic event.

Sharon Christa McAuliffe

Francis R. Scobee, Commander.

  • Michael J. Smith, Pilot.

  • Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist.

  • Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist.

  • Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist.

  • Gregory Jarvis, Payload Specialist.

  • Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist, Teacher

Live video of the Challenger disaster.

The Channel tunnel is 31.4 miles long and has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world at 23.5 miles. It cost £4.6 billion to construct and took six years to complete starting in 1988. At the height of construction 13000 were employed and ten people were killed eight British during it's construction. The breakthrough occured on December 1st 1990 and Englishman Graham Fagg and Frenchman Phillippe Cozette carried out the ceremony. The average depth of the tunnel is 50 Meters and it's lowest is 75 meters. Three tunnels exist one is a service tunnel while two more are for trains.11 boring machines were used to dig the tunnel and combined weighed more than 12000 tonnes. Up to 400 trains pass through the tunnel each day, carrying an average of 50,000 passengers, 6,000 cars, 180 coaches and 54,000 tonnes of freight. It takes about 35 minutes to travel the tunnel. The tunnel links Folkestone to northern France

The Channel Tunnel Under Construction.

People celebrate as the Berlin Wall is dismantled.

The Berlin Wall was built to separate the Eastern side of Berlin with the Western side. Construction began on August 13th 1961, Relations between America and the Soviet Union soured considerably during much of the second half of the Twentieth Century. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of this hostility, a physical representation of what was called the Iron Curtain. The west side was covered in graffiti but the East side was not. At least 136 people died trying to cross the border, People escaping from East to West were considered traitors and guards were instructed to shoot at them but not to kill them. Despite there being a wall several checkpoints allowed people to cross the most famous of these was called Checkpoint Charlie.Although November 9th 1989 is recognised as the date of the fall of the Berlin Wall, official demolition of it didn't start until June 13th 1990.

Live Aid was a dual venue benefit concert held on 13th July 1985. It's main aim was to raise money to help the starving in Africa and Ethiopia.

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