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Mathilda lets out a high pitched whimper as she continues to defy Leon's wishes to escape, Mathilda sobs wildly as Leon suddenly holds his left hand to Mathilda's left side cheeks as Mathilda say's, "I don't wanna lose you," 


Mathilda falls into the arms of Leon as Leon softly embraces the girl in his arms, Mathilda continues... Leon,  As Leon holds Mathilda close he say's, You're not going to lose me Mathilda, 


Leon breathes in heavily and is feeling the pressure as he say's, You've given me a taste for life. Leon breathes out heavily again as he say's, I want to be happy, sleep in a bed, have roots. Your never be alone again Mathilda.


A low level sliding sound of metal is heard as the right side of a vent from one of the heavy duty police shields that occupy a space in the corridor suddenly opens. An RPG rocket sits motionless behind the vent and is aiming directly at the entrance to apartment 4f.


The left side vent also slides open from the other side, As soon as the RPG rocket becomes completely visible so does a Cat commando who is bending down from behind the shield, He has his hands on the rocket launcher and is preparing to fire the device.


A clicking is heard as the commando slides the rocket launcher closer to the vent so that the RPG rocket sticks out of the rectangle gap.


Leon's eyes are closed as he continues to comfort reassure and persuade Mathilda to escape down the hole, Leon say's, Please, go now, baby, go! Leon softly pushes Mathilda away from him as he tries to break the strong bond she has with him.


Mathilda whimpers loudly as she clings to Leon, still not wanting to leave.


Leon caresses Mathilda's face with both hands as he rubs her hair softly with his bloodied and soiled hands outstretched.


Leon's words are starting to have an effect on Mathilda as Leon gently holds Mathilda's neck with both hands, Leon say's with a reassuring tone, Calm down, go down, Go. Leon pushes gently onto Mathilda's shoulders as she looks at him with sadness and defeat, Her head slowly lowers into the darkness.


Leon wipes Mathilda's right side cheeks with his left hand then repeats by wiping her left side cheeks with the same hand in the same continuous motion.


Mathilda blinks rapidly for a brief moment as she stares at Leon for the very last time, Leon say's "Go" one more time as Leon wipes Mathilda's right side cheeks again.


Leon continues to persuade Mathilda as he looks on down at her, Leon say's with a breathless expression, See you at Tony's, I'm gonna clean them all, Tony's in an hour.


The interrogations commando is stood in the recycling storage facility along with a new team of Cat commandos who all wear gas masks except for one. The cat commandos are silent and motionless as they await there orders, 


Suddenly the interrogations commando turns his head to face forward to express his thoughts and to anticipate his next move in neutralizing Leon.


Suddenly a commandos hand wearing a black leather glove slowly moves forward towards his weapon, His index finger wraps around the trigger and he is just waiting for the order from the interrogations commando before he presses down and fires off the RPG rocket.


Leon say's with a sincere heart, I Love you Mathilda, 


Leon is caressing Mathilda's left side cheek with his thumb as Mathilda say's with a sad tone of voice, I Love you too, Leon. Mathilda looks at Leon with deep emotions as she knows she may never see him again.


Mathilda slowly lowers her head as she goes down into the deep and dark tunnel.


Leon watches carefully as Mathilda slowly drops down lower and lower, Leon also knows this could be the last time he ever see's her if he doesn't get out of the hotel safely.


Leon suddenly places his left hand over Mathilda's right hand with fingers outstretched, 


Leon squeezes Mathilda's hand gently as she slowly disappears.


Suddenly Leon's hand goes forward as Mathilda vanishes into the dark abyss, This is the very last moment and touch Leon has with Mathilda until he can find away out of the mess he is in.


Leon shakes as he watches Mathilda make her way down the deep shaft, A sweat spot hangs from the bottom of his nose as he contemplates Mathilda getting to safety and also for himself. Leon is also sad but relieved and can now focus on getting himself to safety without having to worry about Mathila anymore.


Suddenly the interrogations commando gives a thumbs up to the commando who is in charge of firing the RPG rocket explosive. The interrogations commando looks mean and confident that this tactic will do the trick, After all he has been trying to capture or kill Leon with everything he had and still failed.


Leon is using his gut instincts and knows that the the commandos in the corridor are going to extreme levels to kill him, Suddenly Leon snaps from his thoughts as he stands and steps away from the hole Mathilda has just gone down, He turns to face the kitchen door entrance and is now full of beans.

Leon turns and stands in the center of the kitchen area, Leon is feeling very agitated and becoming increasingly angry, The commandos just don't give up and neither is Leon.


Leon looks up at the ceiling as his entire character has changed into that of a wild and desperate beast, His eyes begin to bulge with the blood as his mouth opens wide from the terrible tension and frustration he is experiencing.


Leon begins to groan and scream loudly, He is a man possessed at this point and is very very angry.


Leon's head shakes from the strain and tension of his war cry, Leon is infuriated by his enemy and the way that they have treated Mathilda, He is going to find a way to get out of this dangerous situation so that he can be with Mathilda once more. Mathilda has changed his life and if he survives this ordeal a lot will change for the better. He has enough money to move and settle somewhere nice without having to kill people for a living anymore.


Suddenly the RPG Rocket controller presses down on the trigger that will release the RPG grenade.


In an almost instantaneous movement the RPG Rocket controller releases the trigger, There is no option to override at this point as the rocket is a split second from exploding out of it's socket.


The RPG Rocket sits motionless but is a fraction of a second away from firing.


A red explosive light suddenly emits from the end of the rocket launchers nossle as the RPG explosive ignites and releases form it's socket.


The RPG Rocket has been released as it explodes out of the rectangle vent from the police shield to the left, A bright red light illuminates from the vent as the rocket exits and begins its rapid horizontal journey to apartment 4F.


Dead commandos sprawl out along the corridor as the RPG rocket travels along the corridor.


The rocket produces a fizzing sound as it travels the short distance to apartment 4F.


The rocket has reached the outside door of apartment 4F, The door and walls are pitted with bullets holes but this rocket is going to make a much bigger one. The RPG rocket explodes through the center of the door producing a gaping hole but does not explode as it continues it's journey inside apartment 4F.


The rocket is visible as it travels at supersonic speed towards the back wall of the living room space in apartment 4F.


The rocket is just inches from impacting against the thick concrete wall, It can be seen inbetween a portrait of a vase and flowers and an upturned armchair.


The rocket impacts against the back wall in the living room and explodes into a ball of bright and intense white light that produces deep shades of orange and yellow, 


The rocket releases an intense bright light and scorching heat.


A bright orange fire ball engulfs the room destroying everything within it's radius.


Debris explodes out from every direction,


The tremendous forces create another explosion of white light and intense heat and smoke.


The two piece sofa instantly lifts up from the floor from the powerful explosive forces, Debris hurtles in all directions.


The two piece sofa completely lifts off the floor as it topples over onto its back portion.


The sofa burns along with everything else in the room, No one could survive such an intense and hot explosion.


The explosion is just to great as its destructive power worms its way into the kitchen space, Leon has thought ahead and has thrown down two pieces of furniture from earlier on, This furniture will help to absorb the powerful explosive energy that is coming Leon's way, Leon faces away from the hot dust and debris as he braces himself for the inevitable.


The powerful heat and explosive power propels Leon several meters across the kitchen space, A loud sound of broken glass is heard as the kitchen disintegrates from every direction, Leon flies through the air like superman for a brief moment as he desperately tries to shield himself from the devastating heat and debris pool,


Leon grimaces and focuses his mind as he prepares for the worst.


The camera takes another angle of Leon's incredible stuntman antics, Leon grimaces and is prepared for the worst as his body propels itself away from the intense heat, Leon is using the explosion to his advantage as the forces push him away from the blast giving him every chance to survive.


Leon propels himself into the air as he outstretches his arms and legs allowing him some room to travel, Leon travels the long side of the kitchen ensuring he does not hit a wall as that would be fatal.


Leon hits the floor face down using his hands and feet to cushion the blow, as the explosion erupts from every offerice of the apartment complex. Debris flies in all directions as Leon tightly closes his eyes for protection.


The RPG rockets powerful explosive power has not finished it's job as it wants to completely destroy the apartment and everything within, The rocket is proving to be overkill as its destructive forces force there way out of the door to apartment 4F, There is no more space for the intense heat to go so pushes back outside into the corridor.

The complex military mission allows no time for anyone to collect the dead commandos that lay undisturbed along the corridor, The intense heat blows the door to pieces as it ventures out into the corridor space burning everything in it's path including the dead commandos.

A loud rumbling noise is heard mixed with broken glass, Debris blasts out in every direction at supersonic speed.


The door to apartment 4F is completely obliterated into thousands of pieces.


Nothing on earth could have survived such a devastating explosion.

The hotel manager will not be happy once the flames and heat have subdued, The interrogations commando will be satisfied that a job well done has been completed and that the enemy has been neutralized. The interrogations commando still thinks that Mathilda is still with Leon so it is blood on his hands as he gave the order with a thumbs up.


The heat and smoke starts to change into a dark red and orange spectrum of color, This indicates that the explosion is now reducing it's heat and explosive forces as fire begins to belch from the walls and everything else that can burn.


The axe storage door hangs of its hinges as the loud rumbling subsides, Specks of hot embers rain down producing a patter sound, The explosion has exhausted itself but a fire remains.

The explosion is reducing even more as a crackling and burning sound is heard, Sparks of fire and flame scatter and float down at high speed similar to a bonfire as the heat resides,


Leon can be heard breathing fast and intermittently, His hands twitch on the floor as he shows signs of life. His left shoulder wound which he received earlier from a distant sniper on the corridor is bleeding profusely and a large amount of blood has accumulated, As Leon hit the floor his exposed shoulder wound rubbed against broken glass concrete and other materials causing it to worsen, Even with his terrible wound Leon is still alive but badly shaken.


Leon is in tremendous pain as he begins to push himself off the debris ridden floor, A small piece of material smolders and burns to the right of him as he grimaces and retorts from his ordeal.


Leon looks up as he breathes heavily, Leon needs to think and act fast if he wants to escape from the apartment with his life, The Cat commandos will be investigating the apartment anytime soon so Leon must think of something.


Stansfield is still very much active and is overseeing the operations, Stansfield stands in a lower portion of the complex in another corridor, He has his radio receiver held high to his mouth with his left hand and is communicating with the interrogations commando, Stansfield shouts out "Hey!, Hey hey hey hey as he turns in a circular motion so that his face becomes visible, Stansfield's voice echoes from within the corridor space, Stansfield continues, What the fuck is going on up there?, I just said take the guy out, not the whole fucking building. Loud sounds of commotion from the commandos a few floors above can be heard as Stansfield communicates on his radio,


A loud sound of broken glass and a low level rumbling is heard as several Cat commandos enter apartment 4F,


Four commandos enter at speed as they investigate the burning wreckage of what was once Leon and Mathilda's home, All three commandos carry automatic weapons, bright lights, and are wearing gas masks, Flames ebb and snake from a large accumulated pile of broken chairs a sofa and other flammable materials from the left window. Smoke billows out of the debris pile making investigations much more difficult. 


The first commando into the apartment heads forward towards the kitchen door well, The second commando kneels down in front of the fire place as he shines his torch ahead, The third commando stops briefly in front of the fire place as he shines his torch down then across the room at an angle,


The commando stood shining a torch then follows the first commando towards the kitchen door well, The fourth commando follows the third as they both make there way over to the far wall of the living room space, a chinking of metal is heard as the commandos make there move.


The first commando to reach the far corner of the living room peers around the wall as he observes a dimly lit and pale orange colored kitchen entrance, The smoke is quite thick and visibilty is very poor inside the kitchen area. 


The commando quickly turns away from the corner of the wall as he turns around to face one of his comrades, A wooden table is just inches away from the commando pushed against the wall, The commando places his torch down onto the table with his right hand as a loud bang is heard, 


The commando stood by the corner of the wall holds his weapon high with his right hand, A chinking of metal is heard as another commando quickly takes the automatic weapon from his right hand with his left hand as the commando stood by the wall looks down at his waist belt. 


The comanndo stood at the corner of the wall looks down as he produces a large tear gas cannister with both hands, (Tear gas, formally known as a lachrymator agent or lachrymator (from the Latin lacrima, meaning "tear"), sometimes colloquially known as mace, is a chemical weapon that causes severe eye and respiratory pain, skin irritation, bleeding, and even blindness.) The commando places his fingers over a pull pin with his right hand.


Suddenly a loud fizzing is heard as the tear gas canisters explodes into a fountain of intensely bright sparks similar to a firework.


Plumes of orange and yellow sparks explode out in all directions as the tear gas canister takes hold.


The commando holds the hot and volatile tear gas canister for a few seconds until it has ignited sufficiently for him to discard.


The tear gas commandos comrades look on silently and motionless as they anticipate Leon running out of the kitchen area choking and bleeding, No one knows for sure if Leon is alive or dead but the commandos have to be prepared for any encounter from this hard to kill enemy.


The smoke is really billowing now from the tear gas canister, The commando holding the tear gas can breath easily because of the gas mask he is wearing, Leon will not be able to stay in the kitchen area once the commando rolls the canister in.


Suddenly the tear gas commando turns to face the corridor and the kitchen door well, He bends slightly as he throws the tear gas canister towards the open door with his right hand. A loud fizzing is heard as the thick smoke bellows from the volatile canister.


The bellowing canister is propelled high in the air as it travels the few meters required to enter the kitchen area. The canister snakes over with a circular motion as it travels through the thick smoke and hot air.


A loud bang is heard as the canister hits the floor from inside the kitchen area, The canister bounces a couple of times before it rolls slightly then settles a few feet into the kitchen space, A trail of smoke follows the canister as it is belches out it's thick and acrid smoke.


Two commandos continue to stand silent and motionless as they wait for a response from the smoke canister, The commando by the wall and the commando next to him also wait to see if Leon is still alive or not. If no response is heard or seen then the commandos will presume Leon has succumbed to there attack, But in all cases they will thoroughly investigate and search the apartment for Leon's body or remains.


Suddenly a bloodied and soiled hand rises up from the floor, A loud sound of a breathing apparatus is heard as the bloodied hand slowly rises. 

As the hand fully rises the fingers slowly open to a full extension. A commando standing to the right notices the hand rise up and turns to his comrade to the  right just a few feet away as he shouts out signalling with his left hand, "Hey, we got one breathing here. He instantly looks away then back again at his comrade as he expresses his concerns. 

The commando who threw the tear gas is still standing by the corner of the living room wall, He instantly shines his bright torch down at the injured and bloodied man.


A man lies silent and motionless wearing a gas mask, His forehead is dirty and soiled and he has a large bruise to his right side temple, The man continues to keep his right hand raised so that he can get the medical assistance he so desperately requires.


A commando that is kneeling down suddenly stands and shouts out, Get a medic on the horn, He immediately runs over to the man on the floor


Another commando arrives from the right to assist the injured man,. A sound of broken glass is heard as the commandos step on over,


The two Cat commandos lift the man to his feet as they assist and support him from either side, A sound of crackling and burning is heard as large flames consume the walls, Commandos patrol the corridor in large numbers as they shine there torches in the darkness. Another commando who shines a bright light can be seen passing the three men from the right at speed as he makes his way into apartment 4F.


Another commando to the left stands motionless as he watches his comrades escort the injured man to relative safety. (Violins produce the sound score with occasional deep base hits)


The commando to the right shouts out, Yo! clear the hall, Man through! as they make there way into the corridor, A low level male radio voice can be heard in the background providing up to date information on the situation, The injured man can be heard breathing through his apparatus as the commando's continue to assist the survivor.

The commandos move at speed as they urgently provide assistance through the dark hot and smokey corridor.


The three men travel down the corridor as they approach the heavy duty steel reinforced barriers that were used to fire an RPG Rocket just a few minutes earlier, A commando can be seen at the bottom of the corridor as well as a fixed light that beams it's light along the long passageway. Another commando to the right is making his way up the corridor as he passes the three men, The clunking of the men's feet can be heard.


The assist commando to the right shouts out, "We got a wounded man here" Make way! Another commando in the distance shouts out, "Send him down by the stairs!"


The three men turn left at the bottom of the corridor as they make there way towards the stairs.


The commando at the end of the corridor continues to guard the exit. The commando at the end of the corridor continues to guard the exit as another suddenly appears from the left after traversing the stairs.


Suddenly the assist commandos and the injured man stop dead in there tracks as a large amount of commandos and other personnel have created a congested corridor, The right side assist commando shouts out, Let's Go! Move! as he tries to find space to continue.


The injured man looks very much like Leon and if it is Leon then he has tricked the commandos into thinking he is an injured commando from Alpha team, Earlier on a commando wearing a gas mask entered apartment 4F but was neutralized along with another three of his team as they investigated inside the living room area, Leon killed them from a vantage point when he hid high up in the ceiling, 

The sound of air is heard as the injured man continues to breath though his gas mask apparatus, A bright light shines into the injured man's face for a fleeting second.


Another commando standing a few feet away to the left suddenly begins to wave his torch with his right hand in an up and down motion as he shouts out loudly, Get that Guy off the stairs, referring to the injured man. Water cascades down from a higher level producing a rain effect.


The commando waving a torch continues, Leave him on the landing, Get your team back here.Another commando suddenly shouts out "Coming through as he quickly pushes his way through the congested corridor and past the stairs. 


The assist commandos continue to stay put as the commando to the right becomes concerned for the man's right side shoulder wound, The assist commando gently touches the injured man's right shoulder with his left hand as he quickly evaluates the man's injuries.


The injured man can be heard moaning with pain, The two assist commando's continue to tussle and support the man as they wait for a gap to move.

The moment has passed and the three men have room to move, The commando who signaled with his torch shouts out again from a distance, We got two men coming down the stairs. The assist commando to the left is suddenly relieved of his duties as he turns and walks away from the injured man back in the direction he came from.

A radio chattering can still be heard as the remaining assist commando guides the injured man to the stairs, Several commandos stand on the stairs that lead up to a higher floor, They watch as the two men make there way carefully down the slippery and wet stair case.


The commandos on the stairs shine there torches down at the two men to provide some light.


A commando leans over as he extends his right arm as low as he can with torch in hand. The torch is connected by a curly black wire that is then connected to a battery pack that is attached to the commandos waist.


The injured man turns around briefly as he looks back up at the commando who is shining his torch, (A cymbal crash is heard)


Scores of commandos stand along the back wall of the stairs as they lead down, The injured man uses the metal railings to support himself as he and the assist commando slowly make there way down step by step.


A loud sound of heavy breathing is heard from the injured mans breathing apparatus, The injured man has his right hand around the neck of the assist commando as the assist commando holds the injured man's hand with his right hand. A commando from the distance continues to shine his bright light down at the two men.


Commandos swing by quickly as the two men make there way around the corner of the steep stair well on there journey to the bottom.


The two men walk past a red fire hose that is located at the bottom of the first flight of stairs that lead down.


The commandos are silent and motionless as they watch the two men coming down the stairs.


Commando's just stare and show no signs of emotion as the two men take each step one at a time. (A wolf howling is heard to provide the sound score composition)

Most of the commandos have there torches set to maximum brightness as the intense luminance dazzles the two men as they continue there journey.


The sound of heavy breathing continues from the injured man's apparatus.


Another commando with facial features similar to that of a woman just stares at the injured man.  


More torches dazzle the two men as they get closer to the bottom the second flight of stairs.


The commandos are placid and calm and show zero aggression as the two men reach the bottom of the second flight of stairs.


Suddenly the long line of commandos has been replaced by a long line of armed police personnel that all brandish shotguns and wear protective helmets and face shields. They too show no emotion or empathy as they stare at the two men making there way down.


A police security personnel stands motionless as he just stares in silence.


The police security personnel snake down and around the stairwell in a continuous line. They all look up and just stare.


Another commando can be seen being attended to by a medic, The man has a bloodied face and the medic is attending to a wound to the man's chest as other comrades watch with concern. This commando could have been injured from flying shrapnel when the RPG rocket was detonated from within apartment 4F.


The injured man and the assist commando are closing in on a rest position as they make there final steps down the steep stair case, More commandos align the stairs and it is very congested as the two men journey down to the bottom, Water continues to drip down in large amounts.


The assist commando quickly brings the man into a less congested and quieter corridor so that he can carry out a medical check to evaluate the injured man's condition.


The injured man continues to breath deeply as he holds onto the assist commando for support, 


The assist commando carefully guides the injured man a few steps as he turns to face him, The injured man sits down on a bench to rest and regain his strength and composure.


A loud wooden thud is heard as the injured man sits down, The assist commando shouts loudly with concern, "You Okay?"


The injured man nods positively to indicate that he is Okay. The assist commando suddenly turns away from the injured man and shout loudly, Hey, I need a medic over here!


It is very wet in the corridor as several commandos make there way up the stair case, Several more are making there way down the next stair well, The Cat commando team leader is in charge of operations and is stood at the top of the stairwell, he wears a black hat and brandishes a large automatic machine gun,  


A loud sound of running water is heard, The Cat commander suddenly turns and looks at several of his team that are traversing the stairs, He shouts with infuriating anger, "Move your fucking asses."


The Cat team commander has his radio receiver raised to his mouth with his left hand, The commander immediately begins to talk to one of his squad team members on the situation, The commander turns in a clockwise motion as he say's, Squad number one, The commander continues to move slowly as he faces the stairs that lead down and say's, What's the status on the apartment? 


A member of Squad number one responds and say's, Can't see shit, too much smoke in here, Give us five minutes to clear it out. Another commando from Squad one is stood in the corridor close to apartment 4F by the right side wall and is listening to the conversation between his comrade from squad number one and the Cat commander, He holds his radio to his left ear as he listens,  


The squad one commando stood outside apartment 4F moves his radio to his mouth as a static pop is heard, He say's, "Okay, you got it" as he holds his radio receiver close to his mouth. Several more commandos loiter in the corridor and another can be seen entering apartment 4F.


Stansfield is also listening to the conversation between the Cat commander and squad one, Stansfield is still on ground level and  is infuriated and extremely angry after hearing the conversation between the Cat commander and the squad one commando, Stansfield holds his radio receiver high to his mouth with his left hand as he shouts out, What What What?, Stansfield looks to his left and up high towards the ceiling as he shouts, You're 200 men and you can't find one man and a girl?


Stansfield lowers his head as he say's, Did you find the girl?


Stansfield quickly turns his head right and looks at the floor as he holds his radio receiver close to his left ear, Stansfield waits impatiently for a reply.


A greasy and worn wooden hatch rests inactive and rarely used, The bright sunshine lights up the wooden symmetry and lines of the hatch as it sits undisturbed, A large and rusted iron tank also resides a few feet from the hatch, The hatch and iron tank are concealed along a small and shrouded walkway that would be hard to locate and consider if a thorough investigation of the hotel complex was not carried out.


Suddenly a loud wooden thud and a jingle of metallic metal is heard. A leg and a brown leather boot with a brass buckle instantly appear from the center of the rectangle shaped and dark space.


The greasy and rain worn wooden panel suddenly opens and swings at speed hitting the back wall and creating another loud thud as it makes contact with a black metal pipe.


The impact sends the wooden hatch swinging back.


As the hatch swings back a left leg suddenly appears that slowly begin to step out of the dark space.


No sooner has a leg appeared but a right knee also appears. The left leg lowers down and the brown leather shoe makes contact with the floor.


The right leg lifts up as the hatch makes contact with the persons left side, This causes the hatch to reverse it's direction and swing back towards the black pipe. The person slowly lowers themselves out of the hatch space as the right foot also touches the floor below.


The person supports there body weight by holding onto the top of the inner hatch then gently releases as they finally exit the dark place, All is revealed as the person exposes themselves to the outside world, It is Mathilda and she has succesfully climbed down the deep and dark shaft to the ground level, It has taken some time but she is in one oiece and now has the opportunity to escape the hotel complex and get as far away from there as quickly as possible.


Mathilda looks to her right momentarily as she places her left hand onto the right side of the wall, Mathilda is silent and calm and is also relieved that she has found her way out.


Mathilda then turns to face forward as she evaluates her position and to see if she can found a way out.


Mathilda looks slightly to her left as she contemplates her actions, Mathilda will be worried for Leon and she hopes he makes it out safely,


Mathilda turns around to look back inside the hatch, A low level synthesizer chord plays infused with pan notes and steam ambiance.


Mathilda reaches back inside the hatch with her right hand as she continues to look forward and all around, Mathilda does not want to be seen escaping the hotel as over 200 men are involved in finding her and Leon.


Suddenly Mathilda pulls out a medium sized holdall bag, This bag contains Leon's green potted plant and his black jacket.


Mathilda quickly takes the bag with both hands as she steps away from the hatch, Now Mathilda will search the area and find a safe way out of the alley while keeping a low profile.


A team medic has arrived on the scene and is looking over the injured man, The medic say's, Hi, how're you doing?, Take your mask off, quick. The medic lifts his hands up to signal his desire for the injured man to remove his mask.


The injured man immediately pulls the mask off his face with his right hand as he looks on at the medic, The sound of heavy breathing can still be heard from the breathing apparatus.


All is revealed as the injured man pulls his mask from his face, Leon is still alive and has played a trick on the commando team, In all the confusion Leon has decided that he can not take on 200 men the odds are so unfair, He is impersonating one of the commando team and luckily they took the bait, No one at this moment suspects foul play and Leon might just escape with his life.


The medic raises his hands again in a concerned way as he say's, Let me see you, Leon is silent as he looks at the medic,


The medic notices Leon's right side shoulder wound that Leon has suffered with for quite some time, The medic looks down at the wound and say's, That's deep, The medic looks to Leon's left side and say's, Right, this one here, The Cat commander is also standing to the left of Leon and is waiting to speak with Leon, The Cat commander does not suspect Leon is the man they want but he has an inkling that this man might be an imposter.


The Cat commander suddenly has his chance to speak with Leon, He say's loudly, You from the third precinct? 


Leon looks slightly to his left as he looks at the questioning commander, Leon is hesitant but nods positively and say's with a breathless tone, Yeah.


Leon quickly looks back at the medic, The least said the better Leon thinks as the commander could turn at any moment and kill Leon if he suspects foul play.


Suddenly Stansfield appears from a right side corridor, The sound of falling water is heard from the sprinkler systems which continue to leak water in every corner of the hotel complex, (A violin produces a middle toned melody that expresses loss and danger, Pan notes are heard including occasional deep drum notes from a timpani.) Stansfield looks down the corridor for a fleeting moment then turns his head away briefly. 


Stansfield is sniffing around and is interested in the injured man as he looks from a distance, Stansfield rests his back against the wall as he looks down directly at Leon, A commando is making his way up the corridor towards Stansfield.


The medic in the distance is heard saying to Leon, Umm, Alright lets open up the medical box, More commandos are making there way up the corridor and out of the hotel, Stansfield has been on the ground level for the entire operation and is very unhappy that things have not gone as planned, 


Stansfield wants to blend in and does not want Leon to see him standing at the end of the corridor, 


Stansfield raise his right hand and with a clenched fist begins to cough, 


Stansfield coughs for the second time as he looks down the corridor at Leon being attended to by the medic, 


Stansfield places his right hand over his mouth as he continues to spy on Leon, Stansfield knows that the injured man is the man he wants, Stansfield does not want to confront Leon because in most cases he will not be killed, Stansfield hates Leon and wants him dead, If he plays his cards right maybe Stansfield can finish the job himself. 

Stansfield continues to spy as he hides himself behind a wall, Stansfield wants retribution from the look in his eyes.


Leon is busy being attended to by the medic and has not noticed Stansfield's presence just a few feet away.


The medic is attending to Leon's wounds and say's, "All right fine" as he carefully lowers Leon's right arm, The medic say's, "Put it down Put it down" as he indicates to Leon that he wishes to inspect his left arm and he should rest his right arm down,


The medic say's, "This one" as he places both hands onto Leon's left arm to check for blood pressure and injuries. The Cat commander is still standing just feet from Leon, The commander turns around briefly as he waves his right hand over to several commandos who are traversing down the stairs, Other commandos loiter in the corridor where Leon is sat but are more interested in there comrades than Leon. The Cat commander steps back over to Leon and looks down at him with concern but is not wanting any more answers at this point.


Thunder is loudly heard as Stansfield continues to stare at the injured man, Something is telling Stansfield that this is the man that the whole operation was organised for, Something is boiling in Stansfield's mind, something is festering and Stansfield is compelled to watch.


Stansfield does not even focus on the approaching commando, He is in a world of his own, A world of despair and idleness, Stansfield continues to confront his demons and his hatred for Leon.


As Stansfield watches another commando appears from the right side corridor and is making his way along the narrow passageway to join his comrades, Stansfield continues to stare and question his senses. The more Stansfield watches the more an inner feeling of knowing and realization creeps into Stansfield's brain.


Stansfield is confident he has finally identified his man, Stansfield is destroyed inside and his continued staring only increases his contempt and rapturous desires for revenge.


Stansfield's tongue fleetingly protrudes from his lips momentarily like a serpent that wants to recoil while waiting for it's prey, Stansfield will never get over Leon, the man who has evaded him for so long.


Stansfield has seen enough conviction and turns his head away from Leon as he looks up briefly at the ceiling.


Stansfield turns and takes a few steps but his mind still wants to confront his alter ego, Stansfield turns back around as he looks at Leon for a few moments more.


It is hard "very hard" for Stansfield to break away from his thoughts and feelings, Stansfield continues to watch Leon from a distance before returning towards the right corridor and disappearing from view.


Mathilda is still trying to find her way out of the maze of alley ways and old and discontinued doors, Her face is bloodied and exhausted from her ordeal but she must go on, Mathilda appears from a left side door well and is relived to have found an exit that will take to the busy street above. 


Matilda looks forward as she negotates a safe path to the streets above, Mathilda carries her teddy bear in her right hand, Mathilda has a special bond with the bear because it was her younger brothers toy,