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Samantha Sepulveda is a Long Island Police officer at the Freeport Police Department and also a very attractive one, If you were not familiar with her name you might not know that she is also an internet glamour model sensation. Samanatha Sepulveda who may of had inspiration from page three girls including Samantha Fox, Linda Lusardi and Katie Price too name a few was born in the Dominican Republic, moving to the United States with her mother and older sister when she was aged five. In 2003, during her senior year of high school, she earned a sports scholarship to attend the University of Massachusetts and New York state's Schloss Award for girls' lacrosse.



She earned a bachelor's degree in Management from the Isendberg School of Business while playing on the school's lacrosse team, She was the seventh-highest goal scorer in the team's history. Sepulveda told the New York Post that, after earning her MBA, she decided to work in law enforcement, not finance, because she thought she would be better able to help people in law enforcement. In mid-2013, a friend invited her to model in a runway fashion show for their lingerie company. Sepulveda accepted, and began modeling lingerie and swimwear in her time off. In 2013, Sepulveda appeared in a video intended to introduce, and secure funding, for a reality TV show called America's Next Great Trainer. In 2014, Muscle and Fitness magazine chose Sepulveda as one of the women in a photo profile entitled "America's hot girls of the gym". The magazine Inside Fitness profiled her in October 2015. By August 2019, Sepulveda has 431,000 followers on Instagram.


On January 22, 2017, the New York Post  published an article identifying her as being a full-time model. Sepulveda later said that she had been working as a model for three years, and that her police colleagues were aware of, and supportive of her modeling. Amid the media generated by the article, Sepulveda has had multiple interviews, but has refused to name her police department to avoid any negative association that might be made between her two careers. The publicity led her Instagram followers to double, an interview on the Fox News New York affiliate, and a pictorial feature in Maxim. As of 2017, Sepulveda continues to serve as a police officer on Long Island.


In 2019 Sepulveda played a role in a "Dream Prom Boutique", which provided free beautiful outfits for students at the high school from which she graduated. The Long Island Herald's  reporting showed Sepulveda helping students pick out outfits. Sepulveda also volunteers for a local program that helps provide meals for lonely senior citizens. Sepulveda has volunteered her financial management skills to a sustainable energy project in Thailand, and she also gives talks to high school students in her attempt to encourage them to go on to further education such as college or university.


Being a police officer was extremely difficult, especially for a small woman in a historically male-dominated field. Still, Samantha managed to overcome every hurdle her chosen career path brought her way. What Samantha lacked in physical size she more than made up for with her amazing interpersonal skills. By all accounts, she was a consummate professional and great police officer. Still, in order to avoid being undermined as a female police officer, Samantha began resorting to a few tactics—like wearing less makeup and a larger uniform than needed in order to hide her figure. Sure enough, with her grit and determination, Samantha became one of the most well-regarded members on the force. She’d reached her goal! That’s what made it all the more surprising when it was discovered that she was leading a double life as a glamour model.


Unfortunately, many mocked her—and they did it relentlessly. Although she’d remained a dedicated officer, there was something about Samantha’s modeling career that caused some of her fellow officers to ridicule her. Samantha couldn’t help but feel the perception of her modeling career by her colleagues was a huge double standard. She noted that no one else on the force with a second job was ever mocked for whatever else they were doing to pay the bills. Samantha was also sure to clear things up, stating that her career choice was about celebrating women’s bodies. “If people find it offensive, they can close their eyes!” she explained in one interview. Nowadays, some time after her big reveal, Samantha remains extremely proud to be successfully leading two separate career paths. She gets a great deal of joy out of protecting the people of New York, as she does the same with being a professional model.

Due to finding success as both a police officer and a professional model, Samantha has even decided to write a book called American Beauty, in which she plans to detail the struggles of her work as a female police officer. Hopefully young women everywhere will be able to find inspiration in what Samantha has managed to do with her life. At the end of the day, that’s all she’s hoping to do with her career choices. Let's hope people are not being arrested just to be close or seen with this beautiful police officer and then having the audacious cheek to ask for an autograph.


The Matthew Kaye Story!


Matthew Kaye used to work as a high school social studies teacher at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Queens, New York and was loved by his students who performed well while he taught them, Unknown to them there teacher was hiding a huge secret and lived an outrageous double life, Kaye would frequently submit sick days as he was caring for an ill sister and she needed his support, he also submitted doctors notes so that he could get time off, in all he took over 11 days sick but all was not as it seems. To the astonishment of the New York City School District's Commissioner of Investigation Kaye was actually a professional World Wrestling entertainer and was actually competing in a ring on the sick days he requested.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Instead of caring for his sick sister who was in fact not sick at all Kaye was dishing out clothes lines body slams and his trade mark moves called "Lungblower and "Over Drive" to the frenzy of a packed audience. Kaye requested the sick days in December and February but because he was frequently off and not teaching the school board became suspicious, Subsequently Kaye's website which was dedicated to World professional wrestling provided all the information on the days he was fighting and also ticket prices and additional facilities.


When Kaye returned back to school after the winter break he informed the assistant principal that he had been in California caring for his sick sister, But the website told a different story and his secret double life had now been exposed. The website also explained in large letters how Kaye felt about his wrestling career, "I recently realized that dream on December 16th when I touched down in Tokyo to start my inaugural tour for the Zero One Company. I cannot express in words what this tour has meant to me as a person and as a professional wrestler,"


Again in February, Kaye used a doctor's note as an excuse for a no-show at school, but his Web site entries for those dates showed photos of his appearance at a Pro Wrestling World Smackdown in Philadelphia. Kaye's site says he has also performed under names including Matt Martel and Hydro, part of a tag team called Los Lunatics. "He is known for his charisma, his ability to adjust and his innovative manuvers like: The Over Drive [a modified swinging neckbreaker] as well as the Lungblower and other unusual submission and impact moves," the site says.


Kaye, who taught social studies at Benjamin Cardozo High School, stepped down in April after investigators tried to interview him about his second career.
Schools special investigator Richard Condon recommended that Kaye not be rehired. Kaye said he was willing to repay the money and hoped to get his job back. In a statement on his site, Kaye said he didn't realize sick days and personal days "were two entirely different things." He said he had good relationships with his students and many of them did well on their examinations "because I taught them!" "I would have been better off beating a kid, because those teachers always seem to keep their jobs," he told the Daily News. Kaye would of been more than delighted to of kept his job as a teacher but the school district commissioner saw otherwise and he was terminated.


Matthew Kaye uses the ring name Matt Striker who is a villainous teacher, In 2008, Striker began working as a color commentator for WWE's ECW brand and then Smackdown brand, After leaving the WWE in 2013, he worked on the independent circuit before joining Lucha Underground as a commentator. After resigning from his teaching position, he continued to wrestle around New York and on April 30, 2005, won the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC)'s Heavyweight Championship by defeating Mike Mondo. A few weeks later, on May 21, while still the Heavyweight Champion, he defeated Joey Braggiol to win the NYWC Interstate Championship, but only held the championship for two weeks, before losing it back to Braggiol on June 4. He made a few appearances for Ring of Honor in mid-2005, before returning to NYWC to lose the Heavyweight Championship to Jerry Lynn on July 30th after holding it for four months, He continued to wrestle for independent promotions throughout mid-2005, until he signed a contract with WWE.


Striker developed a heel (villainous) teacher persona and beginning on December 12, hosted a segment called Matt Striker's Classroom on Raw. During the segments, he ridiculed the audience and treated the crowd as intellectual inferiors. On April 24, he participated in a six man tag team match, in which he, Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin were defeated by Carlito, Rob Van Dam, and Charlie Haas. During the Backlash pay per view, striker hosted an edition of his Classroom segment, which ended when Eugene, who in storyline was mentally impaired, attacked Striker. Striker, in retaliation, attacked Eugene with a dictionary the following night on Raw. The feud between the two ended when Eugene gained a mentor in "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and defeated Striker.  Striker appeared only rarely on Raw throughout June and July, and his final match for the brand was on July 31st, when he was quickly defeated by John Cena.


On June 12th 2006, Striker was defeated by The Boogeyman in a singles  match, and two weeks later, The Boogeyman attacked him during an edition of Piper's Pit.  On July 10th, Striker invited Boogeyman to the ring, allowing the debuting Big Daddy V to attack him, Striker then formed an alliance with Big Daddy V that lasted until March 2008, acting as Big Daddy V's manager and regularly accompanying him to the ring. In November, Striker and Big Daddy V started a feud with Kane, after Kane attacked Striker. Striker and Big Daddy V wrestled Kane in a handicap match, and the pair also aligned briefly with Mark Henry, Henry helped Big Daddy V win a match against Kane on the November 27 episode of ECW, and in return, Striker refereed a match between Henry and The Undertaker, refusing to count a pinfall against Henry.


Image Above - Boogeyman - Striker, along with Vampiro served as one half of the English language commentators for AAA's Lucha Libre World Cup nternet pay-per-view on May 24, 2015. On August 9, 2015, Striker returned to AAA English language commentary alongside Hugo Savinovich for AAA's Triplemania XXIII pay per view. KAYE earned a Bachelor's degree in History and went on to obtain a Master's degree in educational psychology.


Image Above - Big Daddy V - Birth name - Nelson Frazier Jr, Born February 14th 1971 Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States. Died February 18th 2014 (aged 43), Memphis Tennessee, United States. Cause of Death - Heart Attack, Parents - Nelson Frazier Sr, Donetta Frazier, Billed height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m) Billed weight 487 lb (221 kg) Billed from Harlem. New York, Trained by Gene Anderson - Mo - Debut 1993 - Retired 2013.

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The Story of Richard Hoagland.


Image Above - Richard Hoagland and Linda Iseler. Richard Hoagland and his wife Linda Iseler were a happily married couple who lived in Indianapolis with their two young sons Douglas (6) and Matthew (9). The family was living in a five-bedroom home on several acres in Fishers with a speed boat docked in Geist Reservoir. Douglas and his brother had full bellies and everything they could want. Linda was Richard's second wife and there were no signs of marital strife and it was a happy family except for a pile of unpaid bills. But one day everything changed when suddenly Mr Hoagland vanished from the family home without a trace. It was February 1993 and Hoagland was working as an insurance salesmen, but was facing theft charges, He told his wife over the phone that he was feeling unwell and was taking himself to the hospital.


Linda said, why don't you just wait for me and we can go together, Richard replied, No, I can't wait I am pushed for time, Iseler said Douglas was in day care on February 10th, 1993, when Richard called her at work about 4:45 p.m. and said he would be gone by the time she got home. She picked up Douglas and raced to the Fishers house. Matthew, a third-grader at the time, got home from school and was alone in the house. Richard called again at 5:40 p.m. to say goodbye, Iseler wrote in a journal she kept. "I can't live this way anymore," he told her. "I feel you would be better off without me."


Richard called again that night. "I don't want to go to jail," he told her in that phone call. "I'm never coming back." Police found his van at the airport a few days later. Police told Iseler that Richard's name was not listed on any departing flights. Richard telephoned several more times that February, Iseler said. He always called collect. The phone bill showed his calls originated in Aruba and Venezuela. Detectives trying to find Richard had there suspicions on Linda one investigator accused her of planning to take the boys to leave and meet up with Hoagland. "They kept implying that I was guilty, that I was involved in his disappearance," Iseler said.


giphy (1).gif

Image Above - Port St. Lucie is a city in St. Lucie County, Florida, United States,  It is the most populous municipality in the county with a population of 164,603 at the 2010 census  due to its rapid growth during the 2000s. It is located 125 miles southeast of Orlando, and 114 miles northwest of Miami. In 2017, the United States Census Bureau estimated the city's population at 189,344. The Port St. Lucie Metropolitan Area includes the counties of St. Lucie County &Martin County and as of 2016 had an estimated population of 465,208. Port St. Lucie is also contained within the Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Port St. Lucie Combined Statistical Area with an estimated population of 6,832,588.


Hoagland had skipped town not long before law enforcement started investigating him in a theft case. He left behind more than unanswered questions and worried loved ones. He left his family in financial ruin, and his wife under the intense scrutiny of law enforcement. And what had happened to Hoagland was a mystery that went unsolved for more than two decades.
Hoagland had in fact moved to Florida leaving his family behind for another life, Hoagland scoured the Florida area for some where to live and finally found an apartment who he rented from Edward Symansky in Port St, Lucie.


Image Left - Terry Symansky - In 1991, Symansky had lost his son Terry to a terrible freak fishing accident, This gave Hoagland a crazy idea that he would steal this dead man's identity and become him. Hoagland began to ask more and more questions about Terry in his bid for more information. Symansky was more than happy to oblige as he felt better sharing facts about his dead son as he was heartbroken. Little did he realize he was simply helping Hoagland create an even more authentic back story for his new persona and new name: Terry Jude Symansky.


'My dad was grieving and pouring his heart out,' Terry's sister, Cynthia Bujnak, told People magazine. 'This was a perfect candidate for [Hoagland] to use for identity theft,' Bujnak says, alleging, 'He stole my brother's death certificate.' The Symansky's only realized what had been going on when Terry's nephew had been compiling research on his family on and noticed someone had been using his dead uncle's name. A simple internet search by Bujnak's nephew threw up a number of results that used Terry Symansky's name including a marriage record that stated his uncle had married in 1995, four years after his death. Police found Hoagland had applied for birth certificates and drivers licenses in different states and used his new adopted name when he married his third wife, Mary Hickman, in 1995. The pair had a son together and settled in Zephyrhills where he worked as a landlord and had obtained a pilot's licence and owned an aeroplane. 


Cynthia Bujnak called a friend at her local police department with the tip. 'My dad was the victim,' Bujnak told People, 'Even after 23 years, the truth will always come out.' Hoagland's third wife Mary Hickman, discovered a briefcase in their home which contained his real identity after police informed her of his arrest, She also found the deed to a property he had bought in Louisiana in 2015 and a key to a storage unit. The marriage between Hickamn and Hoagland of 20 years was now shattered and everyone is feeling hurt angry and sad. On the day Richard Hoagland left, Linda Iseler had been working at a medical office in Greenfield.  


giphy (2).gif

In May 1993, Hoagland sent a card and $50 to Matthew for his 10th birthday. In July, Hoagland sent another card and $50 to Douglas, who turned seven. That was the last they heard from him, Iseler said. Meanwhile, Iseler said that Hoagland had rung up their credit cards and forged her signature to take out a bank loan before he skipped town. In the couple's December 1993 divorce decree, a judge ordered Hoagland to pay 26 different credit cards, loans and debts, along with unpaid taxes and attorney's fees. Their mortgage and car payments were overdue, Iseler said. She said she could not pay either. For at least the next six months, Iseler said somebody was watching her family. She noticed people following her in public; suspicious cars were parked near her house. Her mail showed signs of being opened and sealed back up, she said. She'd come home from work to find items out of place, like somebody had been inside.

giphy (3).gif

On Feb. 15, 1993, she said her father found a recording device attached to the bedroom telephone line, Iseler was terrified. "When you're in that situation you become very paranoid," Iseler said. "My thoughts were he hooked up with the wrong people and he did something wrong and he had to leave." Iseler declared bankruptcy. Creditors repossessed the family's van. The bank foreclosed on the house. In October 1993, Iseler went into hiding in McCordsville. The house, phone and utilities were in her parents' names. The school bus picked up and dropped off the boys at the home of a church friend.
They hid for about six months, Iseler said. The family remained wary and lived in fear for a couple years.


Linda (above with her second husband) remarried after Richard Hoagland vanished, She was informed her first husband was alive and had been arrested in Florida in July of 2016. Linda told police that Hoagland had three businesses related to insurance. She told investigators that Hoagland told her in the early 1990s that he was wanted by the FBI for embezzling millions of dollars and had no choice but to leave town, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Twenty-three years after Linda Iseler’s husband, Richard Hoagland, disappeared on February 10th, 1993, and was later declared dead, she received a call from Florida police saying her ex-husband had been arrested on a charge of fraudulent use of personal identification. Symansky was arrested in July 2016 after the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office discovered he was actually Hoagland, who was declared dead in 2003. Hoagland, 63, is accused of stealing the real identity of Symansky, who drowned in 1991 at the age of 33. Linda was married to Hoagland for 11 years until he disappeared without a trace, [His toothbrush was] still there. He didn’t pack any clothes. It was cold. It was in February,” she said. “He didn’t take a coat.”


Douglas Hoagland


Ten years passed and Hoagland was declared dead. Iseler later re-married, but her world was shaken once more when she received a voicemail from detective Anthony Cardillo of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department. “He asked me if I knew who Richard Hoagland was, and I said, ‘Yes, that’s my ex-husband,’ ” Iseler said. “He said, ‘We have him in custody.’ “ Hoagland’s only explanation for disappearing was “family issues with his wife and children.” Hoagland is in jail awaiting trial on charges of identity fraud. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Eventually the resurrected Richard Hoagland pleaded guilty to identity theft and served nearly two years in federal prison. He moved back to Indiana in April. A month later came the awkward reunion with the wife and sons he had left decades earlier. They hadn't laid eyes on each other in 25 years. Words between them were sparse.


Iseler was trying to collect two decades of unpaid child support. Douglas was 6 and Matthew was 9 when their father ran out.  On May 10, the day of the hearing, Matthew Hoagland turned 35. Richard approached and wished him a happy birthday. Richard's disappearance, Iseler said, left her and her boys confused, abandoned and financially ruined. The bank foreclosed on the upscale Fishers home with the boat on Geist. Lenders repossessed the family's van, too. Iseler said she sold valuables, including designer suits that Richard had left behind, to pay the bills. The boys wore hand-me-down sneakers and only got new winter coats, she said, thanks to giveaways for needy school kids. In court, Richard's own clothes stood out. He wore sneakers and pants and a polo shirt that looked like they came from a thrift store, Matthew said. Matthew believed the shabby attire was part of an act to portray himself as broke.

The judge, Magistrate William P. Greenaway, wasn't buying it either. "It was clear that Richard was not living in poverty," Greenaway wrote in an 11-page ruling issued. "(He) had obtained a comfortable lifestyle, had remarried and had children, obtained a pilot’s license and owned at least one airplane that was acquired for personal use." Greenaway ordered Richard to pay Iseler $1.86 million in back child support. The judge arrived at the amount by using the maximum allowable interest accrued at 18 percent a year. "I was glad that we finally had made it to that point where he would be held accountable for his behavior," Iseler told IndyStar. "There's some closure with that." Richard Hoagland, contacted through his attorney and other family members, declined an interview request. He is due back in court on July 19, when Iseler's lawyer, Tom Markle, will ask the judge to tack on an additional $40,000 in attorney fees.

Matthew Hoagland, 33, and mother Linda Iseler pose for a portrait in Fort Wayne, Ind., Thursday, July 28, 2016.

Matthew (left) and Douglas Hoagland
Provided by Matthew Hoagland

Matthew Hoagland and his family.


Image Above - Linda Iseler-and Richard-Hoagland before he disappeared.


Matthew and Doug Hoagland

Hoagland settled in Zephyrhills, Florida, with his third wife, Mary. They had a child and lived in this house


Matthew Hoagland

If Iseler ever sees a penny from her ex-husband is an open question. Richard Hoagland's assets. Markle said, are now the subject of divorce proceedings involving the woman he married in Florida. Douglas, who has spent much of his adult life in prison, said he has no interest in reconnecting with his father. "I'm doing pretty good right now," he said. "I don't think I need to stir up old demons." In the courtroom, Douglas said, he hoped to see something on his father's face, a pained look or smile at the moment when the fleeing father saw his sons again. "If you think you had two kids and you wanted to see them so bad, you think you'd be a little bit emotional," Douglas said. "But this guy, nothing. "There was nothing there." Linda was Hoagland's second wife and he also had two children from his first marriage. Hoagland stole the identity of another person before the age of digital records, This also made it easier for Hoagland to maintain his deceit.

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With over 27% of committed relationships starting via the internet, online dating is no longer a taboo. It is estimated that there are over 20 million matches on dating apps and websites worldwide, that comes down to approximately 40 million users. India is the 9th largest market for online dating users. With the fast-food economy and increased internet penetration, these numbers are going to increase multi-fold.

This true story is of deceit and cheating from the very heart, This could be your typical modern day love story with a shock, Belinda met Eddie on a dating app and quickly fell in love and were married within a year. Belinda felt she had met the man of her dreams and he was perfect in every way what more could she have asked for, Belinda had complete trust in Eddie and would never consider that he would deceive her in any way, Belinda was intelligent and smart and relied on her internal judgement and gut feelings, Eddie worked in the oil and gas markets and had a FIFO job (Fly In Fly Out) that required him to be away from home for eight days at a time and then six days back with Belinda.


Belinda found this arrangement perfect as she likes her own company at times and the break releaves pressure and helps the relationship continue at a smooth pace, Belinda had time to catch up with girlfriends and concentrate on work while Eddie was away, and then she would prioritize time together when he was home. Belinda say's it was almost like a holiday romance with my own husband and we were always so happy to see each other again, we didn't sweat the small stuff, We hardly ever argued because we were just so happy to be together.


Eddie and Belinda eventually had children twin girls and this is when life became much harder for Belinda, She was managing the kids on her own for most of the time but Eddie was a wonderful dad when he was home and would always help out and play his part, If they cried Eddie would comfort them during the night and he would take them out for walks in the mornings so that Belinda could get some extra rest. Belinda appreciated eddies efforts and burst out into tears one day as he was due to leave for work. Belinda hated the fact that she was to be left alone once again for another eight day period.


Illustration purposes only.

Eddie was understanding and reassuring, he said "I'll give notice and find a job local I don't want to leave you like this, Belinda said with a sniffle, you can't do that, you won't be able to make this kind of money anywhere else, It's all part of our plan. I'll be all right, I just need some sleep."Eddie agreed but told me all I needed to do was say the word, and he'd hand in his resignation. 'Nothing is as important as you and the girls,' he said. Life continued on for another two years the same as normal with Eddie coming and going every eight days or so, The girls were steadily growing into robust and noisy toddlers, Belinda found her rock and got back into her stride enjoying life much better than before.

Belinda managed to get herself back into work and had learnt to mum juggle the kids and it was a bonus when Eddie was around. Both Belinda and Eddie were still very much in love and were discussing the possibility of another child. One night while Eddie was away Belinda began to think about something she could read, this is when she made a staggering discovery. She had searched through the book shelves but had found nothing of interest so she decided to look inside Eddie's bedside table. It was there that she found something tucked into the pages of a novel in the drawer: a fathers day card.

giphy (6).gif

The card had a blue written text but was scrawled by a child, it said "To Daddy, happy Father's Day, love from Nate". At first Belinda thought the card belonged to someone else, maybe one of Eddie's mates from work had lent him the book not realizing the card had been left inside. But Belinda had a gut feeling something was not right, she needed to investigate and ultimately find out the cards meaning. Belinda went through all of Eddie's drawers to see if she could find anymore cards or letters anything really that could provide some clarity on the matter but nothing was found.


giphy (5).gif

Belinda decided that she would wait for Eddie's return which was a long an agonizing four days, then she could confront him about the card face to face. There was no way Belinda could discuss this on the phone she needed his physical intervention and his reaction. When Eddie returned Belinda was biding her time and waiting for the right moment to question him, After dinner the girls were put to bed and Belinda sat down at the kitchen table opposite Eddie, she simply asked "Who's Nate?. At that moment Belinda felt her life was about to be turned upside down, Eddies face crumbled as he confessed to the whole sorry mess, and it was even worse than she thought.

giphy (7).gif
giphy (8).gif

The most horrible idea Belinda could come up with is that Eddie was having a secret affair and was hiding a love child from her. But it become much much worse than that, it turned out that Eddie was actually having an affair with Belinda. Eddie explained that he had been with his partner Natasha for more that a decade and when he was away he was actually living with her, Natasha thought the same as Belinda that Eddie was at work and now Belinda knows that Eddie has been living a secret double life. Belinda could not fathom how Eddie could manage to juggle two wife's from two different cities and his job while deceiving both women for many many years, it was hard for her to understand.


Belinda thought Eddie would confess to some horrible deed and they would work things out, but Eddie sat there at the kitchen table we'd bought together and told me he'd gotten himself in so deep and he hadn't known how to get out of it. He told me he needed to make a go of things with Natasha and that he'd ensure the girls and I were looked after, but that he had to go. Belinda was devastated and ashamed to say now that she begged him to stay that night, but he insisted he had to get back to Natasha, Belinda sobbed all night and barely got a wink of sleep, the next morning she showered and gave her daughters their breakfast and got herself together, She looked at herself in the mirror and vowed she would make the best out of a bad situation and that's exactly what she did.

original (1).gif

Eddie pays regular child support and he comes down to see the girls occasionally. Belinda keeps things civil and businesslike and that's the limit of there relationship. Belinda leaned heavily on her two daughters in the weeks and months after the deceiving and cheating Eddie left there lives, they have been pillars of strength say's Belinda, When things got tough and I needed him in a moment of weakness the girls were there, Belinda threw herself into work to try and cushion and forget the terrible ordeal which she is proud of.


Belinda did find Natasha on Facebook and she sent her a picture of her and the girls just so she understood exactly what sort of a man she was living with, This electronic communication certainly had an effect as she left Eddie and now Eddie is alone and has lost both women, Belinda hopes Eddie will take the time and the years ahead to contemplate where things went wrong and also the lives he has messed up. Eddie was trapped and it was very difficult for him to break out of his routine but if he was honest and came clean maybe he wouldn't of lost Belinda and the girls time.

1520860933071-devvo-4 (1).jpg

It seems teachers are getting a hard time when it comes down to there secret double lives, Many people have two professions but if that job is considered obscene or unacceptable the risk of job termination is high. In the case of Christian Webb a brilliant and successful primary school teacher the truth would not wash with his school board of Councillors. Webb had an alter ego and did not come clean when he went for his interview, After a period of four years he was found out to be a Youtube sensation called MC Devvo, This obscene and anti social rapper has produced a ton of material on Youtube and is well known for his obtrusive and foul language that he incorporates into his musical numbers.



Simple melodies and beats accompany his rhythmic rhyming which is always rude and obtrusive but somehow quite funny because of the content, Devvo's lyrics are hard line as he rhymes about topics including, Crystal Meth, Inappropriate sexual encounters, fighting, racist and homophobic slurs, swearing, stealing, taking drugs, and a host of other anti social and criminal activities.


(Glass sound) (Fast reversing record effect) (Light slow paced drum beat continuously plays out) - I'm only Wayne mething, I'm only messing, Trespassing, Crystal mething, I'll break your fucking face and I 'll nick your resin, and I'll kick your head in, your head in, Then I'll kick your head in your head in,( Deep base synthesizer sound including slow beat is heard) Then i'll start grebbing,


Image Above - MC Devvo and DJ Shady Piez (2007) - Christian Webb was dismissed from his teaching position at Thorn Kings Edwards Primary School in Doncaster after the board of Councillors decided he was inappropriate and unsuitable to teach at there school. MC Devvo began rapping in the mid 2000's but never made any money from his rap videos and songs. His songs proved popular on Youtube and in 2007 he released an album called "From Yorkshire To New York", Then Devvo disappeared completely between 2010 and 2012. But since then he’s been touring regularly up and down the country, and even though he recently announced his retirement, he still does the odd sell-out show now and then, like the 200 capacity venue The Maze in Nottingham.


Primary School Teacher Christian Webb - aka MC Devvo. At passers by cars and buses, You are all a bunch of fuking buses, This is a Devvo rap, (Glass smash effect)
Smoke it, Toke it, Deal it, Break it, Smoke it, Toke it, Deal it, Deal it, Smoke it, Smoke it, Smoke it, Swapped got want need. swapped got want need, Had  -(Dreamy synthesizer key begins to play including light beat and deep base sound)  Mesh believes  I'm a wannabees, I'm a mother fuking prodigies, I'm a mother fuking prodigy, Africa Jamaica India and Brighton, Fuk you I'm always fighting, Dropping a E, And I'm nicking your purse, And I'm nicking your purse, 


Image Above - Mc Devvo "Yorkshire Till I Die" One parent said: “Everyone said he was brilliant but you wouldn’t want Ali G as your kid’s teacher.” Another said: “Kids don’t realize it’s meant to be a joke.” Webb, wrote the songs with comic David Firth, 36, Fans have commented on how he was "a classic back in '07" but had disappeared without a trace. Webb started to make videos just for a laugh and it went from there, he considers his music a nostalgic thing. MC Devvo's next track will have to be about teaching primary school children in a better and improved vocabulary if he is not reinstated at his school.


My mate Lee boshes E's like you wont believe, Jail date please (Record spins back effect) He's not a bell end,(Smash of glass effect) He's not a bell end  Let's have a squitzy on your jeb end, That's a ciggy,ciggy or a rolly, (Leeleelee) -  I'm not fuking  bothered,bothered bothered (Shouts loudly) Bothered bothered - Dickhead - Glass sound - Maximum in the area - Fuking bed wetter, I want your sweater, sell it on forsby markets for a tenner, probably wont get that much, It's fuking fruit of the loom in it, No body buys fruit of the loom anymore,
Easy E i'm not a geezer, I'm a microphone teaser,teaser,  crowd pleaser,pleaser,  sweating like a beaver, get your rat out, get your rat out, sweating like a beever,beever,  get your rat out get your rat out out, oi oi. (Glass sound)

Got a job teaching them kids, it's not easy but i'm not thick, English maths music and art, there learning quick and i'm considered Bogart, the school bell rings the day begins, blackboard and chalk was the thing now it's ink and ring a ting ting,


Teach those kids teach em well, make em feel that they are swell, write it down and shout it out, it's early morning and we can spell,

MC Devvo is no more please don't tell the headteacher anymore, I can spell and I can write so will you if your imagination is just right, impress your mind and be yourself you never know how high you can fly, homework homework, no one likes, it's okay if your behind, MC Devvo is no slouch better not tell the headmaster my rhyming and devilish doubts, be yourself and don't be a fake if you cant sing and dance then it's a mistake.

If you one the lottery would it change you?, Most people dream that they have won a large amount of cash, after all having money provides security and independence amongst other things. If you ever met Yu Youzhen, 59 you would never in a million years consider her rich. Yu lives a simple lifestyle and works hard as a street cleaner for the sanitation department, on average Yu earns $230 a month for her efforts not a great deal of money.


The fact is, Yu is a millionaire and does not need to work as she has enough money to keep her comfortable for the rest of her life. Youzhen’s rags to riches story began nine years ago when the land she and her husband owned was acquired by the Chinese government for property development. In exchange for their land, the couple got 21 real estate properties, which brought them a lot of income and made them millionaires. When asked why she decided to go back to work and work so hard when she has so much money, Youzhen responded that she wants to be a good example for her children and teach them good work ethics. “The work is not just about wages, it gives me something to do, which is very important,” Youzhen said.


Youzhen said that she made it very clear to her children that if they work, they will inherit her fortune, but if they refuse to work and choose to sit around and live off their parents, then she will not leave her fortune to them. Youzhen is a great role model to her children, as she does not sit around. She works hard as a street cleaner in the city of Wuhan. She said that her son and daughter both work. Her son is a truck driver and her daughter has a full-time job. Lots of people who have won or inherited large amounts of money have fallen into financial ruin, they have squandered the money, bad investments and purchases, gold diggers etc, The work ethic is very good and some people can't give it up like Yu, even if they are rich.

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