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Pvt Steel raises his hands out in front of him as he shouts even louder, "I ain't being paid enough to work in a fucking loony bin!. Lowers hands and rests his left hand onto the table, Looks at Rhodes then back over at the scientists.


Pvt Rickle's looks on over at the other soldiers as he say's sarcastically, "I ain't been paid at all!"


Pvt Rickle's chuckles loudly as he turns his head right towards Rhodes.


Pvt Johnson turns to his right as he say's to Pvt Miller "Paid?"


Johnson turns his head around and say's to Pvt Torrez sarcastically, What the hell are they paying him for? referring to Pvt Steel. Pvt Miller plays with his fork as he touches his mouth briefly with it, Pvt Torrez is examining his rolled up cigarette with his left hand. (A lot of noise is now being produced by the soldiers as they confer over money.)


Captain Rhodes wants silence as he begins to shout loudly, "All right, Shut up! Hesitates - Just shut up! - Logan looks over to Sarah then down at a slight angle.


All is icy quiet and there is no sound score - Rhodes is silent as he slowly turns his head around to face Dr Logan, Rhodes closes his eyes fleetingly before saying with disillusion, What the hell are you talking about, Frankenstein?


Frankenstein looks slightly to his right towards Rhodes but does not make any eye contact, Looks back to Sarah, Dr Logan say's as he releases his fingers from his hands and places his right hand over his left -  I'll be able to show you soon enough, Nods slightly towards Sarah and say's "Sarah knows" Looks down at table then back to Sarah, Looks away fleetingly then back again to Sarah and say's, "She's seen the progress I've been making, (Raises eyebrows) Isn't that right Sarah?


Sarah looks up from the table and directly at Dr Logan, Sarah hesitates before looking up at Captain Rhodes, Sarah say's softly, Yes, Hesitates, There's been some progress.


Pvt Steel rubs his nose with his left hand using his index finger, Rhodes say's with an angry suspicion, "What kind of progress?" Hesitates - Shouts at a medium level, "What are you talking about "Make them behave?" What does that mean?


A shuffling of feet is heard as Dr Logan snaps to attention as he turns to face Rhodes (Shakes head positively at a rapid speed) Dr Logan say's,  "It means keeping them from wanting to eat us for one thing."


Rhodes begins to walk down the middle of the tables at a slow pace as he keeps his eyes firmly fixed to Frankenstein, A light tapping is heard from Rhodes boots - Logan continues, It means keeping them in check, It's controlling them. (Pvt steel is quietly conferring with Pvt Rickle's as he shakes his head up and down.) Rhodes looks away from Logan fleetingly.


Dr Logan shakes his left hand fleetingly as he say's again, "Controlling them" Sarah looks to Dr Fisher as she opens her fingers from between her clenched hands.


Captain Rhodes shouts loudly as he say's, When are you gonna show us something (Looks to Dr Logan) that we can understand?.


Dr Logan outstretches his left hand and shakes it furiously as he say's with confidence, It's very close - Very close,


Dr Logan looks down then back up at speed - (Waves left index finger fleetingly towards Rhodes) "I think in a matter of weeks."


Sarah interrupts Dr Logan as she widens her hands with fingers outstretched and shouts over, (Dr Logan instantly turns around to face Sarah) - I don't think there's any way you can tell how long anything is going to take.


Dr Logan listens to Sarah's thoughts in silence.


Sarah continues with slight anger and frustration as she looks at Rhodes,  It could be months; it could be years before we know (Sarah looks to Dr Logan) exactly what we're dealing with here.  Sarah looks over at the soldiers momentarily as she tries to explain her point) (Soldiers begin to become rowdy once more) (Loud tapping sound is heard from the soldiers table)

Soldiers begin to wave there hands up in the air as they produce a loud sound of chatter among themselves. (Rickle's is chewing on some gum) (Pvt Miller has stood up and raises his left hand over to Pvt Rickle's and Pvt Steel in an effort to silence the men. Dr Logan speaks loudly as he looks at Sarah and say's "Sarah's research" Logan is trying to explain the progress Sarah and the other scientists have made so far, Dr Logan suddenly becomes much more agitated as he shouts at the top of his voice "Sarah's research" (Looks back to Sarah) No one is listening to the scientists and there is a lot of background noise which is drowning the words of Dr Logan, Frankenstein does not like being ignored expecially at this critical time.


The soldiers quickly become silent as Dr Logan continues at a normal level of voice, "is more esoteric than mine." (Flicks hands fleetingly) (Esoteric means intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.) Logan looks away slightly then back to Sarah as he say's, "She's looking for a way to reverse the process, a way to (Becomes louder) eradicate the problem.


Sarah veers her eyes over to Dr Fisher momentarily before looking down at the table in thought, Sarah looks back to Frankenstein as he say's, It could take a long time, a very long time. Sarah lowers her hands as she looks back down. Dr Logan continues, She may never find what's she's looking for. Sarah raises her head slightly. Logan is praising Sarah's hard and resilient work and demands more respect from Rhodes and his soldiers.


All is quiet as Dr Logan continues, (Looks away from Sarah)  We have a limited supply of chemical agents, Our equipment is hopelessly inadequate. (Looks back at Sarah)


Captain Rhodes is becoming more angry as his face contorts with narcissist misunderstanding and lack of empathic reasoning,


Rhodes say's, McDermott doesn't have decent radio gear, Rhodes slowly walks to his right as a low level tapping from the Captains boots is heard. Rhodes continues as he paces, Now your telling me that you (Becomes louder) don't have the shit you need?


Rhodes raises his right arm out and points it towards his men as he becomes even more angry and much louder, Walks off to his left avoiding eye contact with the scientists. -  We're running low on ammunition, We're running low on men for Christ Sakes! Soldiers begin to chatter among themselves producing a very loud jumble of audible sounds.


Rhodes looks back to Sarah as she begins to shout out her thoughts on the situation, Sarah shouts, It was very rushed, This operation was put together in a matter of days.


Rhodes responds as he say's with confidence, Yeah, well, it can all be taken apart in a matter of minutes, lady. Soldiers become silent once again - Rhodes continues, And I'm here to tell you that I'm ready to do that little thing. Soldiers start to shout out and become noisy again.


Rhodes walks off to his right - Rhodes continues, "I'm ready to take the next train outta here! - Dr Logan responds and say's, I ask you again, Captain: "Where will you go?"


Logan shakes his head as he looks away from Rhodes and say's, You have no choices, Looks back to Sarah and say's, You'll have to give us the weeks that we've asked for.


Sarah responds with a stern vocal tone as she looks directly at Captain Rhodes and say's loudly, You have to give us however long it takes. (Sarah looks at Dr Logan fleetingly) (Soldiers begin to chatter momentarily)


Sarah sighs lightly as she looks down while holding her hands out to express her words, Sarah say's, Look - Hesitates - There have to be survivors in Washington. Soldier shouts out "Oh my ass" in disagreement with Sarah. Sarah continues, They have more sophisticated shelters than this one. (Soldiers shouts out loudly "Bullshit!" Sarah continues, There have to be people in those shelters who know about us who know where we are. (Soldiers become more rowdy)


Sarah looks up at Rhodes and say's, With no radio contact, (Sarah shouts loudly with frustration and anger) (Soldiers become much louder) they'll come looking for us. (Sarah looks at Dr Logan then back to Rhodes.


The soldiers are becoming rowdy once more and this is now having a mental effect on Captain Rhodes, Rhodes shouts at the top of his voice with vexation, "I said SHUT UP! - A screaming voice quickly dies down and so do the rest of the group which produces another solitude moment.


Rhodes slowly turns his head as he looks on over to Pvt Rickle's, Pvt Steel has now become slightly annoyed at Rhodes impertinent rudeness and authority, He picks up an empty yellow can of RALPH beer with his right hand an instantly throws it at high speed towards a large piece of natural rock that is jutting out of the wall. A loud clanging rattling sound of metal is heard as the can hits the rock surface before landing on the floor. Pvt Steel sucks on his cigar in his mouth as he squeezes his lips around it, Pvt Rickle's looks down like a bad child as Rhodes looks over them.


Silence has returned and you could here a pin drop at this point, Rhodes slowly turns his head back around to face the scientific team, Rhodes nods his head up and down slowly as he paces his fingers onto his right hip, Rhodes suddenly say's, "You got a little more time," Rhodes slowly walks off from his position towards Dr Logan and the others at a slow pace of steps, Rhodes continues, A little more, I ain't saying how much.


McDermott is motionless as he veers his eyes away from Rhodes then to his right towards John before blinking and then moving his head slightly right. (Gently taps right index finger three times ) Rhodes continues his rhetoric and controlling words, "But you'd better start showing me some results, (Rhodes boots are heard tapping at a constant rate)


John turns his head right towards Rhodes as he gently taps his thumbs together, Rhodes continues, "And you'd better not piss me off." John looks away from Rhodes. More tapping of boots - Rhodes continues "Do you understand" John looks back at Rhodes.


Rhodes suddenly shakes out his right hand at speed while pointing his index finger towards the scientific team, Rhodes has become angry once more as he shouts out loudly with his uncontrollable anger, "Nothing happens around here without my knowing about it."


Rhodes continues to slowly tap on his heels as he makes his way down the chamber, Rhodes hesitates before saying in a quieter tone of voice, And anybody fucks with my command, Rhodes stops in his tracks as he looks on over at Sarah and the others.


Sarah is looking down but now feels impelled to look up at the tyrannical leader, Sarah is silent as she raises her eyes and stares at Rhodes. Rhodes continues, "They get court martialed - They get executed. Deep synthesizer chord is now playing to provide the sound score.


Rhodes is silent and motionless as he veers his eyes to Dr Logan and then Dr Fisher as he nods positively slightly, Rhodes say's softly, You'd better know I mean it too, people. Rhodes slowly turns his head back to Dr Logan and then Sarah Before looking further to his right as he focuses on John and McDermott.


John (Flyboy) looks at Rhodes for a second more before looking down while flinching his right eye, John raises his right hand and places his index finger to the right side of his bottom lip before rubbing several times.


John lowers his hand before looking back at Captain Rhodes, John folds his hands together as he suddenly produces a beaming smile for the Captain, John is playing it cool and will go along with the Captains demands for the time being.


A small amount of time has passed and the 7.00 O'clock meeting has now finished to the scientists relief. Pvt Miller and Pvt Torrez have also left the operations chamber as they talk among themselves, Pvt Torrez to the right offers Pvt Miller a smoke as he say's, "Do you want a roll" Pvt Torrez has two cigarettes in his left hand as he offers one to Pvt Miller. Miller say's "Shit" as he accepts the smoke with his left hand. Pvt Miller nods positively in thanks as he turns the corner with Torrez while looking up at the ceiling fleetingly. Both soldiers will be making there way back to there breeze block fabricated dormitories for rest.


Sarah and Dr Fisher are just behind the soldiers as they walk at a fair pace, Sarah say's to Dr Fisher, "He wouldn't have done it" I can't believe he would of done it. Sarah is referring to Captain Rhodes who ordered Pvt Steel to shoot her. Both Sarah and Dr Fisher also follow behind the soldiers as they make there way to there restrooms.

John and McDermott are not so far behind Sarah and Dr Fisher as they also retire for the night, John hears Sarah's concerns and shouts up the corridor towards her, Sarah and Dr Fisher stop in their tracks and turn around as soon as they hear John's voice. "No" He wouldn't have done it. McDermott is screwing the cap onto his silver liquor flask with his right hand. A tapping is heard from John's feet - As John gets a bit closer he say's to Sarah "He would've had Steel do it.


Sarah is unhappy with John's presumption as she nods her head negatively while tightening her lips together, Sarah looks away from John and down at the floor as she takes a few steps forward and say's, "He can't be that inhuman."


The two soldiers can be seen walking off into the distance, John reaches Sarah and stops to talk to her as he say's, No, he's human. McDermott walks slightly past Sarah and Dr Fisher as he waits for John.


John say's "That's what scares me you know" Slow relaxing synthesizer melody is heard -


John is relaxed and speaks with an inner confidence and understanding which Sarah is trying to believe, John widens his hands as he expresses his words and say's, He won't shoot Billy 'cause he doesn't have anybody else who knows electronics. John is referring to William "Bill" McDermott who is struggling with the vintage world war two radio equipment.


McDermott stands by the wall in silence as he raises his head at Johns words -  McDermott  watches and listens to John.


John steps slightly forward as he defends himself and say's, He won't shoot me, cause I'm his ride. John shakes his left hand out as he say's, He probably won't shoot old Frankenstein,


John continues as he shakes his head negatively, "cause the old doc can talk him silly." Dr Fisher looks at John - Sarah's eyes veer from side to side slightly. John looks over to Dr Fisher and say's with a worrying tone of voice, "But the rest of you..."


John slowly looks back at Sarah in silence before saying, "better start worrying you know." John continues to look at Sarah in solitude before walking off around her. Tapping of feet is heard - Light and soothing keyboard melody is playing to provide the sound score.


Sarah slowly turns as she watches John and McDermott make there way back to there residence,


A light tapping of feet is heard as John and McDermott make their way down the long corridor back to relative safety,


Sarah sway's slightly from side to side and is a little tense, As she watches John and McDermott disappear along the corridor she shouts out - "Maybe if we tried working together, we could ease some of the tensions. We're all pulling in different directions,


John responds as he turns his head around while continuing to walk and say's, Well that's the trouble with the world Sarah darling... John turns more as he stands horizontal and say's, (John points his right index finger fleetingly towards Sarah) - People got different ideas concerning what they want out of life. John turns completely around as he faces forward once again. Johns left arm swings up and down at a rhythmic rate, McDermott turns slightly around also as he follows John back to there residents.

John and McDermott walk off into the distance leaving Sarah and Dr Fisher in privacy.


Sarah has said goodnight to Dr Fisher and has retreated back to her breeze block fabricated room that she shares with her boyfriend Miguel, Sarah is sleeping soundly but the atmosphere and the situation with Captain Rhodes, Miguel, and the zombie outbreak is taking a toll on her mental stability.


Sarah has managed to grab some well earned sleep but has now become restless and has woken up. Suddenly Sarah becomes restless as she raises her sleeping blanket to the right side of her forehead, (Light sound of material is heard) Sarah continues to hold the soft material in place before waking up from her slumber, Sarah lifts her head up slightly as she looks on over at the far wall, Suddenly Sarah veers her eyes to Miguel who is sleeping soundly on his bed, Miguel is still under the effects of the anti psychotic drug and has been sleeping for quite sometime.



Miguel is awake as he stares at the ceiling in some kind of trance state, He is silent and motionless and is oblivious to Sarah's presence.


Suddenly Miguel begins to turn his head slowly towards Sarah. Miguel relaxes his head once more as he stares over at Sarah. A short repeating pipe melody is heard -


Miguel is acting strangely even though he was doped up 12 hours ago, Miguel persists with his cold stare towards Sarah as he instantly lifts his body from the bed.


As Miguel bends over more on his side his green army issued shirt opens to reveal a ghastly sight, Surgical scissors can be seen attached to Miguel's chest and there is large amounts of blood, Has Miguel self harmed himself while under the effects of the anti psychotic drug, The scissors produce a chinking metallic sound as they slide down Miguel's chest area.


Suddenly Sarah moves her head right slightly after realizing that there is something not quite right with Miguel's behavior and now his abdominal and chest area.


A slopping sound of falling flesh is now heard as Miguel's insides start to slide out from his rib cage, The surgical scissors are also on course to hit the floor along with Miguel's skin and bones. Miguel raises his arms out with fingers outstretched like a typical zombie would, This is serious is Miguel infected or has Frankenstein been busy while Sarah was away.


To make matters worse Miguel's vivisected innards have now fallen out from his chest and are destined for a messy splat on the floor also. Rapid Cannon sound is heard


Miguel is completely unaware of his predicament as he tries to reach the tired Sarah.


Miguel's intestines have been severed as a large amount of internal organs slither and slide to the floor below to Sarah's horror and dismay.


The gruesome sight causes Sarah to scream with fear as she quickly pushes away the brown sheet with her right hand, Sarah looks up and away from Miguel as she tries to compose herself.

Sarah sighs loudly as she relaxes against the back wall with her eyes closed momentarily. Sarah looks over at the door then turns her head slowly left. Sarah blinks before settling her eyes on Miguel who is on the bed in the distance.


Miguel is sat up and is silent and motionless, He is sliding his fingers from his right hand left to right at a slow pace as he holds his silver chain and stares into the void, To Sarah's relief she had been hallucinating and Miguel has not been vivisected by Dr Logan nor has he become a zombie.


Sarah continues to stare at Miguel as she quickly tightens the brown sheet around her for comfort and warmth, Miguel is also silent as the pair contemplate on each others relationship problems. No sound score - All is quiet -


Miguel say's softly, "You are afraid" before raising his eyebrows, Hesitates - Aren't you?


Sarah looks away from Miguel as he continues, "Just as afraid as I am." Sarah is silent and is not responding to Miguel's thoughts.


Miguel is holding his religious silver and gold chain with his right hand as he returns to his religious beliefs, Miguel slowly turns his head towards Sarah as he speaks with a slow and tired tone of voice, "Why don't you take a sedative Sarah, so you can sleep? Miguel's right hand drops to his chest which produces a jingling sound from his chain, Miguel closes his eyes momentarily from the strain and mental stresses he is still feeling.


Sarah is still quiet as she looks on over at Miguel, Sarah moves her head slightly right as she continues her silence.


Miguel is feeling very unhappy with the way he perceives Sarah is treating him, Miguel is finding it difficult to understand why Sarah is acting the way she is towards him, Miguel continues to speak but is not considering his words carefully, Miguel say's, "You're full of shit, Sarah, you know that? You're really full of shit.


Miguel hesitates then say's, "I'm through with you" as he rests his head back against the far wall.


Sarah is not in the mood to argue with Miguel as she is also under an enormous amount of stress after nearly being shot by Pvt Steel, Sarah's relaxed state has now changed to one of anger as her facial features grimace form Miguel's cruel words, Sarah say's calmly, "Fine then" Sarah continues to watch Miguel in silence as her anger and frustrations build inside her.


Sarah speaks with more venom and anger as she say's with slight aggression, "Get out" Sarah hesitates as Miguel refuses to do anything, Sarah takes in a large breath of air as her face contorts with much more anger from the now ignorant Miguel,


Sarah screams at the top of her voice "Just get out"


Sarah rapidly stands up as she throws her blanket away at speed - (Sound of materials is heard) Sarah looks on over at the sick Miguel with a strong conviction that she is doing the right thing,


A scuffling is heard as Sarah instantly turns to the exit door and opens it at speed, Sarah is now forcefully indicating to Miguel that she desires him to leave at once, Sarah is becoming emotionally confused because of the terrible treatment she has had to endure from Captain Rhodes and his soldiers and is now taking it out on Miguel. The door opens at speed producing a loud wooden bang of wooden materials.


Miguel is silent as he tries to absorb Sarah's abnormal behavior, He may of said the wrong things to her but he has to decide either to leave or find a sobering solution.


A loud flapping of sheets is heard as Miguel suddenly leaps from his bed at speed, Miguel's face grimaces with frustration and anger and now has decided to take action.


Loud scuffling of feet is heard from Miguel as he makes his way across the room towards his machine gun, Clinking of heavy metal is heard - Miguel grabs his gun with his right hand before pulling it away from the wall with speed and force.


Miguel's chains rattle and sway from side to side as the soldier makes his way out of the room, Miguel is very upset but has decided to clear out and leave Sarah to her own devices.


Miguel is on a mission as he rapidly approaches the exit door, He will most certainly return to the other soldiers dormitory as he is required to carry out his daily chores unabated by Sarah.


Sarah holds the door open with her right hand as she patiently waits for Miguel to leave. Miguel quickly steps out through the gap and disappears down the corridor without any further commentary.


Sarah is adamant she has done the right thing by throwing Miguel out of there rest room, Sarah slams the door closed at speed with her right hand which produces a very loud bang of wood from the door, The pull down blind cord swings furiously from left to right from the explosive forces of Sarah's hand.


Sarah stands by the door in silence as she tries to gather some composure. Sarah turns around as she sighs quietly before rubbing her hands together, It is still evening time and Sarah did not get much sleep because of her mental strife, Sarah is now considering if she should stay and try and get some sleep or maybe leave the room and explore the complex a little, Sarah maybe feeling a little paranoid but her conscience is telling her that she should stay awake. Sarah closes her eyes for a few seconds as she contemplates Miguel and her own safety and situation, Everyone around her is losing there mind and she has to stay strong for her own mental stability.


Suddenly Sarah snaps out of her thoughts as she opens her eyes while pressing her hands tightly together, Sarah now has an impulsive urge to continue as she looks down at her shoulder strap that houses a weapons pouch and radio transmitter.


Sarah is silent as she looks from side to side as she tries to fathom her next move, Sarah sighs quietly as she puts her hands to her hips momentarily while looking down at the floor, Suddenly Sarah reaches down and grabs her shoulder strap. Light scuffling is heard -


Sarah quickly turns and reaches for the door handle with her right hand, The door produces another wooden sound as Sarah opens it up, Sarah steps out at speed leaving the terrible episode with Miguel behind, Sarah can't stay in the room any longer and needs to be doing something positive.


The door slams behind as Sarah makes her way up the corridor. Blind cord sways from side to side.


Sarah slowly makes her way up the deserted corridor as she swings her equipment strap over her left shoulder with her right hand, Xylophone is heard playing up the scale at high speed, Echoing sounds are heard to create a suspenseful situation.


Sarah brushes her hair with her right hand as she continues her journey, Sarah then pushes her hair back with both hands as she makes her way towards a first aid kit that is attached to the wall just a few feet ahead.


Sarah produces a light tapping of feet as she nears the first aid box, Sarah opens the steel door with her right hand from the bottom right hand corner as she looks for some aspirin, Sarah places her left hand onto the door as she places her right hand inside the box so that she can retrieve some headache pills. A light tap is heard as the door is closed back with Sarah's left hand,


Sarah turns and begins to walk towards a water fountain as she opens the packet of aspirin with both hands. A popping sound is heard as Sarah discards the packaging onto the floor with her left hand. Sarah places the pills into her mouth with her cupped right hand as she rests her left onto the edge of the water fountain, Sarah tilts her head and opens her palm wide as she takes the medication into her mouth.


Sarah bends down to the water outlet as she takes a large mouthful of liquid to wash the pills down, Squishing water sound is heard - Sarah bends back up as she tilts her head backwards to allow the medication to be swallowed more easily,


Sarah wipes her mouth with her right hand - Suddenly a zombies groans can be heard in the distance. A slapping sound is also heard


Sarah slowly turns her head towards the terrible sounds of zombie groans and moans that are emanating from a short distance away. Sarah lowers her hand slightly as she focuses her attention on a frightening disturbance in a room just a few feet ahead of her.


Inside one of Frankenstein's scientific rooms a distraught and angry zombie can be seen thrashing around violently as it makes frightening sounds of evil, This zombie was brought in earlier along with a female undead specimen, This zombie is having a very bad day as it thrashes around with it's rotten arms and legs in a bid to become free from it's bonds. The zombie is tightly chained up around the neck with a thick metal chain which can be heard jingling profusely. Electronic bongo drums are heard - The zombie is hard at work in it's attempt to free itself and is making a lot of noise and commotion in it's darkened environment. Shadows from the zombie reflect onto a far bench which moves rapidly in chaos and despair.


Sarah watches the zombie from her position as she ponders her thoughts - Zombie screams with pain - Sarah holds onto her equipment strap with her right hand as she turns her head behind her before moving off and away from the noise and commotion.

Sarah continues to look behind her as she makes her way up the corridor, As she rounds the corner another long corridor is now visible. Sarah looks ahead before turning into the corridor as she makes her way along, Sarah is not quite sure where she is going tonight but fate will choose her path as she uses her inbuilt instincts to explore further.


Sarah continues at a medium pace down the darkened corridor, Suddenly a noise is heard similar to a piece of wood falling to the ground, this causes Sarah to stop in her tracks momentarily, (Zombie can still be heard) Sarah continues but is slightly slower on approach - Light tapping of feet is heard from Sarah.


Sarah continues to walk along the corridor as she attempts to reach the end.


Suddenly without warning a loud wooden bang sound is heard, From out of no where a soldier comes flying out of a door well and into the corridor space completely taking Sarah by surprise.


Sarah is completely startled and afraid as the soldier travels at high speed towards the far wall,


Sarah moves to the back wall as she tries to take in the crazy situation she is now in the middle of.

Something is going down and Captain Rhodes soldiers are in war mode as they fight and bicker among themselves. Pvt Torrez was the first soldier out of the dormitory and has been physically pushed to the back wall, Pvt Rickle's follows just behind as he throws a deck chair at full speed and force towards Pvt Torrez. (Crashing sound is heard as the chair hits the wall flat before falling to the ground) Poor Sarah cowers by the back wall


Pvt Torrez grabs the plump Rickle's around the waist in an attempt to bring him down, Rickle's hands spread over the top of Torrez as the pair twist around in an anti clockwise movement. Both men tussle and turn as they try to take control.


Pvt Johnson now appears from the open door, Pvt Johnson points his left hand towards the two fighting soldiers as he shouts out, "Hey guys! - Come on, man! in a futile effort to break up the fighting.


Suddenly Pvt Miller comes out of the door at high speed crashing into the back of Pvt Johnson, This causes Pvt Johnson to also hit the back wall at speed crashing his face and body into the concrete walls without anyway to stop it. Pvt Miller turns around and is now fighting with Pvt Steel, Complete mayhem is assured as all five soldiers fight among themselves in the corridor, A lot of noise and commotion is produced,


Pvt Steel comes out of the door and instantly attacks Pvt Miller, Sarah leaves the back wall and begins to push Pvt Miller off from Pvt Johnson as Pvt Steel grapples with Miller. It seems that Pvt Torrez has upset Pvt Rickle's who has attacked Torrez, Johnson has tried to calm things but has been attacked by Pvt Miller, Pvt Steel has come out to help his best friend Rickle's and has become embroiled in the fight with Johnson and Miller. Rickle's and Torrez continue to fight on the other side of the corridor,


Wheres a friend when you need one - McDermott has been busy trying to contact survivors on his basic and inadequate world war two radio equipment, McDermott carries a large bag that contains a SCR-300 portable radio transceiver, This device was used by the US Signal Corps in World War II, This backpack mounted unit was the first radio to be nicknamed a "walkie talkie" It had a range of about 3 miles and weighed with battery version B: 32.23 lb (14.62 kg). McDermott looks down the corridor and can hear the commotion from the soldiers, he knows Sarah is in trouble and among the fighting men and instantly decides that he will help her out. Sarah shouts out "Stay back" the men are shouting and groaning loudly.


McDermott quickly turns the corner and begins to run towards Sarah and the soldiers.


McDermott quickly reaches the traumatized Sarah as he comes up behind her, Torrez suddenly gets the better of Rickle's as they both crash to the floor with Torrez on top, Pvt Steel has his arms locked around Pvt Johnson and Pvt Miller, all three men are locked in some kind of embrace as they scuffle and tussle, A lot of shouting and groaning sounds are heard -


The force of Pvt Steel pushes Miller onto McDermott who hits the side wall momentarily. McDermott pushes Miller away with his right hand. McDermott holds Sarah firmly by the shoulders with both hands as he pushes and guides her out of harms way, Torrez is still on top of Rickles as they both struggle for dominance.


McDermott and Sarah quickly make a run for it around the fighting goons.


Sarah touches the side wall fleetingly with her left hand while holding her right side neck with her right hand.


Sarah grimaces as she escapes the maniacal soldiers.


Miller is now pushing Pvt Steel against the wall and Johnson is hogtied next to Pvt Steel, Pvt Torrez lifts his legs up in the air similar to the Windmill style in a break dancing competition, Torrez's right toe hits the wall momentarily before releasing and becoming completely freestyle in operation.

McDermott leads Sarah around a corner with a concentrated and caring attitude, Sarah suddenly shrugs her right shoulder and arm with slight irritability as she say's to Bill, I'm all right. Sarah pulls away from Bill's right hand which he has gently placed onto the back of Sarah.

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Sarah turns her head around to face Bill and say's, Thanks Bill. (Noise from the soldiers is still heard)


Sarah turns back around as she say's again with a sad tone of voice, I'm all right. Bill suddenly pulls out his silver liquor flask from his right back pocket with his right hand. Bill say's, "Here" as he tries to offer Sarah a shot of his Brandy, Bill begins to unscrew the top from the flask.


Sarah stops in her tracks and quickly relaxes her head against the side wall while holding her neck region, Sarah is feeling some pain and grimaces slightly from the stresses she is feeling, The neck pain could of been brought on by Miguel's assault or maybe alleviated blood pressure. Bill offers the silver flask to Sarah as he say's "I've just filled it up" (Sound of moving liquid is heard) Bill continues, Got a refill as well. Sarah looks down at the flask as she considers the offer or not.


Sarah turns to face Bill as she smiles before saying, No thanks, I'm all right really. (The soldiers noises have now subsided)


Bill is determined for Sarah to take a swig of his grog and continues to persist, Bill holds up the flask with his right hand as he say's reassuringly, It's just Brandy, Bill hesitates as Sarah looks at him, Bill say's, Good for the heart. Sarah is beginning to become persuaded as she looks down at Bill's flask in two minds whether to accept or not, Sarah looks back to Bill and say's, It's shit for your heart, and it eats up your liver.


Sarah instantly takes the flask from Bill with her right hand and takes a good mouthful of liquor -(Splashing liquid sound is heard)


Sarah lowers the flask and coughs as the strong spirit travels into her throat and stomach, Sarah looks back to Bill fleetingly before looking back down at the flask in hand, Sarah suddenly goes for the second round as she raises the flask once again, This time however she tilts the flask much more vertically as she takes a giant swig of the strong stuff.


The night is still young and Sarah has decided she will stay with McDermott tonight for safety and company, Bill lives with John in another area of the gigantic storage facility and has decided to bring her back with him, A large white door slowly begins to open as Bill pushes from the other side, Inside this darkened area is a large amount of equipment, broken down vehicles, Buggy carts, and a whole series of safety hats and clothing.


Bill is first through the door as Sarah follows behind, Bill turns as he closes the door behind him with his left hand, Sarah makes her way over to the safety hat and clothing racks as she picks up a red hat with her right hand.


A loud bang is heard as the door shuts too, Sarah walks away from the equipment rack as she holds her hat with both hands, Bill walks over to the rack and and retrieves a red safety hat from the top shelve with both hands, Sarah switches on the high powered light to her safety hat with her right hand as she looks down, Sarah releases her left hand as she places the hat onto her head with her right hand. Bill turns as he continues to hold his hat with both hands before switching his light on with his right hand. Both Sarah and Bill start to walk forward into the darkness as Bill continues to hold his hat for a few seconds more before placing it onto his head also. (Notice the far right side buggy cart only has one wheel at the front)


Sarah adjusts her safety hat with her right hand so that it becomes a snug fit and does not obscure her view, Bill and Sarah continue there slow and relaxing walk through the underground bunker - Synthesizer pad plays infused with light bongo drums.


Sarah looks at Bill for a fleeting moment as Bill looks up at the ceiling as they continue there journey,


A light tapping of feet is heard from the pair,


Sarah has been down in the Seminole bunker storage facility for several weeks but is still discovering new areas of the gigantic cave network, There is stacks of equipment, pallets and boxes in every direction, vintage and very dilapidated trucks and carts are also stored in this area.

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As Sarah and Bill progress more items of interest come into view, On the right side there are two empty and very rusted gas and oil tanks, an old boat has also been left to deteriorate including a very old truck. Sarah adjusts her equipment strap with her left hand as she holds the strap firmly with her right, Sarah suddenly takes two running steps forward after reaching a small drop in the ground. The bunker is always full of surprises but this time it is a pleasant one, A loud pinging and clicking sound is heard at regular intervals, This high pitched sound is coming from a large bat that lives within the bunker, The bat suddenly flies past Bill and Sarah as it squeaks across there path and too the other side.


Bats are found almost everywhere in the world. There are bats in the far north of Scandinavia, as well as in the deserts of the south-western USA. The only places on Earth with no bats are the Arctic, Antarctic and a few isolated Oceanic islands. The tropics have the biggest variety of bat species: Indonesia has 175 species of bats (about ten times the number of species found in the UK). Central and South America are home to almost one third of the world's bats species.

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In some parts of the world, bats are revered. In China they are considered symbols of good fortune! But in many places, bats are feared and misunderstood and in many countries bat are not protected – despite falling bat numbers. Globally, bats face many pressures. This can be especially true on islands where they have to contend with cyclones and typhoons that can devastate their habitat. Even in the UK, bats might be affected by long bouts of cold, wet, windy weather – such weather means there are fewer insects flying for bats to feed on, and it can make hunting for insects more difficult.


The place a bat lives is called its roost. Bats need different roosting conditions at different times of the year and they will often move around to find a roost that meets their needs. Some bats prefer hollow trees, some like caves and some use both at different times. Many bats shelter in buildings, behind hanging tiles and boarding or in roof spaces. For several weeks in summer, female bats gather in a maternity roost to have their babies. In winter, bats use hibernation roosts. Bats have been discovered roosting in all sorts of places, but there are three broad roost types that are the most common: roosts in trees, roosts in built structures and roosts in underground sites. Bats may also roost in bat boxes.

  • All UK bat species use echolocation to navigate and hunt for insects in the dark.

  • Bats are the only true flying mammals in the world.

  • A tiny pipistrelle can eat up to 3,000 insects in a night.

  • Things we get from bat-adapted plants include dates, vanilla, bananas, breadfruit, guavas, Iroko timber, balsa wood, sisal, Tequila and chewing gum!

  • Bats are more closely related to humans than they are to mice.

  • The majority of the world's bats eat insects - just like British bats. In the tropics bats also eat foods like fruit, flowers, frogs, fish, blood, even other bats.

  • Bats usually only have one baby a year and can live for up to 30 years


Sarah fleetingly looks to her left as Bill looks to his right for a few seconds before looking forward once more, A wooden tapping sound is heard as Bill and Sarah walk over a series of wooden pallets that have been carefully laid down over a large hole in the ground. Sarah hops again as she reaches the end of the pallets. Bill turns to Sarah for a momentary moment.

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Bats hunt for insects at night, using a high frequency system called echolocation. Bat calls are usually pitched at too high a frequency for humans to hear naturally - but they can be heard or recorded using a bat detector. Individual bat species emit calls with specific characteristics related to their their size, flight behavior, environment and prey types. This means that with the aid of bat detectors we can identify many species by listening to their calls or recording them for sound analysis on a computer.


A tremendous amount of vehicles boats and trailers have been rotting down in the Seminole bunker for a very long time, It is dusty dank and dark and the air is moist which produces rust and erosion. This vintage truck has seen better days as it withers away safe from the zombie hordes that survive above ground.


Orange Crush Delivery Truck Circa 1920 

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McDermott speaks as he nears John's residence and say's, We don't get a lot of visitors out here, (Sarah looks to Bill) Bill continues, and we like it that way.


Bill suddenly runs ahead as he nears the entrance of John's home, Flyboy lives in a modified shipping container that has been put to good use inside the bunker. A light tapping of feet is heard as Bill steps up three small steps, Bill reaches for the door handle with his right hand outstretched and turns it quickly clockwise. A metal clicking sound is heard from the door handle. Bill lets the natural movement of the door to slide open while he keeps his right hand to the middle of the door. Bill say's as he continues to look away from Sarah, "Here it is:" Bill lets go of the door as it slowly widens on it's own energy, Bill widens his arms out like a bird in flight and say's with excitement, "The Ritz"


Bill swings his right arm forward as he politely invites Sarah into "The Ritz" Bill say's "Madam"


A light tapping of feet is heard once again as Sarah quickly makes her way up the stairs and into "The Ritz", Sarah holds onto her battery that powers the light on her helmet with her left hand as she makes her way inside.


Bill reaches over with his right hand and closes the door behind him. (Light squeaking sound is heard from the doors hinges)


Sarah looks to her right as soon as she enters John's home before taking two steps to her left. John slowly pulls the door closed.


Sarah slowly looks to her left and as she does so she instantly becomes transfixed on something in the distance, Something has caused Sarah to beam with a hidden happiness and she has become rather elated at this point.

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Just in front of her is a large framed picture that depicts some red roses and the well known phrase - "God Bless Our Home" - Below the picture a table contains a jumble of items including a bottle of liquor, a fire extinguisher, An old world war two radio receiver and transmitter, ornaments, a headset, a magazine "with the article "Retiring to Florida?, a metal mug, a round tray that contains an assortment of lit candles, An instrument to measure radio frequency locations, a green army hat, another magazine, notepaper, a shoulder strap, two tins of food, and other pieces of interest. This scenario reminds Sarah of the good old days before the apocalypse and her memories have come flooding back, It certainly is a beautiful scene compared to the macabre laboratory Dr Logan works in and the terrible horrors Sarah has experienced first hand. A wooden bang sound is heard as Bill firmly closes the door to "The Ritz"


A light and melodic melody begins to play with a continuous middle toned chord, A grey chain swings slightly from side to side that is attached to the wall above the door, Bill say's as he turns towards Sarah, "John's probably out the back". Bill walks past Sarah as Sarah continues to admire the picture and table. Bill produces a wooden creaking sound as he walks forward, The candles are burning brightly which creates a soothing scene. A few moments pass and Sarah begins to follow Bill along the living room space.


Bill speeds off ahead as Sarah slowly follows, Sarah places her hands into her pockets as she continues to admire the views, This is something quite different for Sarah compared to her laborious laboratory work and extremely nerve wracking meetings with Captain Rhodes and his men. (Sarah produces a light muffling sound of movement)


Sarah looks to her right as she fleetingly glances at a natural countryside and river scene created in oil paints.


Bill stands patiently by some double doors as he holds the left side handle with his right hand, Sarah slowly walks forward as she continues to smile broadly with a short lived happiness. Light tapping from Sarah is heard -


A small kitchen area is visible from the right side of the room, Every inch of this makeshift home has been utilized to the maximum to create a home that soothes and hides away from the zombie epidemic, There are no horrors on display inside John's home and zombies are definitely not allowed in. Sarah is moments away from discovering what lies behind the brown double doors.


The double doors are painted a traditional white on the other side, Sarah and McDermott are stood just behind them.


A slight and quick squeaking is heard as the double doors open at speed to reveal Sarah and McDermott, Bill looks at Sarah for a fleeting moment before looking into the new room, Sarah has opened her side of the door as she looks in with intrigue and suspense, Almost immediately Sarah begins to beam with happiness once more as she sets her sights on John in the distance, Sarah chuckles slightly with delight at the sight in front of her. McDermott is also quite amused and it is very rare that McDermott does smile considering the situation.


John shouts out from a distance as he greets his fellow friends and scientists, John is very enthusiastic and happy as he shouts out "Hey Hey Hey" in quick succession. Something has tickled Sarah pink as she exudes sheer overpowering cheerfulness.


John has been busy building his makeshift home and has done quite a marvelous job from the many tons of junk and items that have been disbanded by their owners, John's dream is to find a magical island of mystery that is beautiful and warm but most importantly devoid of zombies, A gigantic painting depicting a tropical island is visible behind John and this is his vision for the future if possible, John has created a relaxing environment to help him cope with the many stressful events and situations he has to deal with on a day to day basis. John has a ginormous hard backed book of notes regarding every item that has ever been stored or taken out of the Seminole storage Facility, It is very in depth and is of great interest to John. John say's with zeal, "What do you know". John greets Sarah by waving his left hand out slightly with a flat palm fleetingly as he say's with kindness, Welcome to civilization Sarah.


The room also consists of seven brightly colored ice cream cone shaped lights and flags, Pots of roses adorn the floors, and there is some wooden paneling with a diamond shaped theme throughout, A pink flamingo and a blue metal deck chair give the room some tropical character. Sarah removes her safety hat with her right hand as she smiles profusely at the welcoming face of John, Bill has retreated back into the kitchen area as he also takes his hat off with his right hand, John say's "The last holdout"


Sarah holds her hat and her shoulder strap down by her side, Sarah say's "It's pretty nice" Sarah passes her hat to her left hand as she swiftly checks her watch before turning off the light to her hat, Sarah looks to her right momentarily as she evaluates and enjoys the scenery, A light tapping is heard as Sarah begins a slow and steady walk down a series of wooden steps that will take her down to John's level. Sarah say's, Nicer than we got inside, (McDermott removes his radio receiver bag from his shoulder and sets it down on the floor from the other room) Sarah grabs her shoulder strap with her right hand as she reaches the bottom of the wooden platform, Sarah continues to admire the room as she turns right and begins to look at the wooden fencing before turning completely around with a 360 degree motion.


Sarah holds her red hat with both hands as she turns to face John and say's with admiration and impressed thoughts, "Not a bad idea". Sarah slowly walks off to her right as John looks on.


John looks slightly to his right and up at the ceiling as he avoids eye contact with Sarah, John fidgets with his hands fleetingly as he say's, "It's a little safer where you are". John stops fidgeting as he returns his eyes back to Sarah once again.


Sarah has now made her way to where John is sat, Sarah slides her right hand down the length of her shoulder strap before grabbing hold of it with her left hand, Sarah turns to her side as she defies breaking eye contact with John, John say's, But we like to live dangerously, Billy boy and me, you know,  Sarah pulls off the strap with her left hand as she turns away from John this time breaking eye contact momentarily, Sarah sets the strap down onto a table with her right hand as she say's "That's a laugh"


Sarah turns back around and instantly sits down onto a chair as she say's to John, I haven't seen you do anything dangerous since we got here. Sarah rests her right side cheek onto her right hand.


John instantly leans forward as he places his left hand onto the left side of the thick database of records, John say's with resilience, "We're sticking around", John suddenly stretches his arms out slightly more as he drops the data base of records down onto his reclining chair bed in front of him, John releases his grip with both hands at the same time which causes the thick book to fall evenly producing a loud crunching sound of compressed and heavy paper. The thick binder also contains a green, blue, and brown wallet that is full of information regarding the bunker and it's professional business before the outbreak.


John folds his arms before raising them slightly momentarily before saying, John widens his mouth slightly, John looks Sarah directly in the eye as he say's, That's getting a bit dangerous, Hesitates slightly, "As I hope you noticed this evening" John understands it is very risky to ones life every day inside the bunker not primarily because of the zombies but of the soldiers and Captain Rhodes.


A light howling wind can be heard but there is no sound score - Sarah is starting to feel much more relaxed as she listens to John, Sarah looks on over at John in silence as she ponders her thoughts, Sarah blinks as she looks down before slightly moving her head right and swallowing subtly as she nods negatively in the lightest possible of ways. Sarah reopens her eyes and looks back at John as she moves her head left slightly, Sarah suddenly say's, "Your a mystery to me?" as she shakes her head negatively in the very subtlest of ways again.


John flinches slightly at Sarah's words before looking down and bending his right arm over to his right as he retrieves a beverage from the corner of his chair, Sarah say's "You really are"


John looks back at Sarah in silence as he holds his glass with both hands. (John nods upwards once)

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