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Aliens have been portrayed by movie makers and artists and sightseers for many moons. Some people believe they were abducted by aliens and were taken away in a strange spaceship from another world. UFO'S have been spotted from all over the world and there are plenty of photo's to proof we are not alone, To the most of us aliens are make believe a fantasy within one's mind but to others they have really made contact with far away beings. Area 51 is a good example of alien experiments and strange activity it is a prohibited area and no one is allowed to go near it. If aliens really do exist would they be friendly if you met one or a few, Would they zap you into outerspace or worse carry out experiments on you. Some people have been kidnapped by aliens and some have only seen one close up. Could they be reptilian in nature are they more advanced than humans, Surely they are if they can arrive on earth from billions of light years away. But what if aliens are already on this planet living a secret life blending into the environment. Maybe they are spies that are sending information back to there alien race or planet.UFO's can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes not unlike the cylindrical or cigar shapes we often see but maybe they have the technology to become invisible this could be possible. How would we treat an alien being would we carry out experiments and treat it badly or would we simply ask it questions and offer it a home and friendship. Would NASA be interested of course they would just like ET the movie no alien is safe on earth. Could we live in harmony with aliens maybe if they did not interfere with the natural cycle. Aliens maybe able to teach us how to better get on with one another as the world is pretty messed up with people killing each other and Kim Jung Un wanted to start a nuclear war. Maybe aliens will habituate earth after a nuclear war as they can live in its atmosphere maybe they will take over the earth as there own as we were to stupid to look after it and treat it with respect. There are still a lot of organisms we have not discovered yet on earth mankind is still learning, Aliens are still learning there is no end to knowledge. Mankind wants to progress into a digital age with space exploration and mars colonisation we could seriously learn some information from aliens. In the future we may become friends with aliens if we can travel at light speed through space, There are many many planets out there in the milky way galaxy and light speed will enable mankind to find new worlds, If aliens are already on the planet we may become the aliens as we are entering there space.

The first written account of UFO sightings dates back to the ancient pharaohs taken from the Tulli Papyrus a very difficult transcript to read and decipher. This was recorded in 1480 BC so if it is true aliens from other planets have been around a very long time. Maybe they have evolved for longer than mankind so are more advanced just like humans have developed powerful technology and inventions in the last 100 years.

Thutmose III Titan of the sands was an Egyptian king who ruled Egypt for almost 54 years. He was the six pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty and ruled for the first 22 years with his stepmother and aunt. Hatshepsut was the fifth reigning pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty.His reign was between April 24, 1479 BC to March 11, 1425 BC.

Hatshepsut Meaning foremost of noble ladies.

The Tully Papyrus

Translation of the Tulli Papyrus

The great pyramid of Giza has the same coordinates as the speed of light of 299,792,458 Miles per sec m/s. 

The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest and the largest pyramid among the three in the Giza pyramid complex. It was also the tallest man made structure for 3800 years.The accuracy of the pyramids workmanship is such that the four sides have an average error of only 58mm in length. If UFO's were sighted it could indicate that ancient Egyptian civilization was extremely advanced for that period in time. Maybe aliens built the pyramids for the Egyptians as it is incredible how much work and heavy labour would be required to build these huge structures. It would of taken a peak workforce of 40000 people and 10 years solid to construct. They would of used tools to shape the bricks like copper pickaxes and granite hammers.

The Egyptians may of been influenced by alien encounters and the pyramids are in recognition of there knowledge gained. 

In 343 BC a giant torch was seen moving through the sky by the Greek general Timoleon, Defender of the greeks against the Carthaginians and showed the route his army needed to get to Sicily. In 336 Timoleon became blind and retired after conquering his enemies.

In the heat of battle Lucullus and his Roman army were set on the battlefield to fight against Mithidratis the king of Pontus and his ally Marios who was dispatched by Sertorius. A UFO appeared above the two armies resembling a flame and vase shape with a metallic colour shine came above them, Both armies ran off in fear after looking into the sky.

Titus Livius Patavinus was a great historian of the ancient world. His writings on Rome include incredible sightings of phantom ships that glowed brightly in the night sky around 214 BC in Rome Italy. Could this be true it is debatable among UFO-ologists.

The Greek biographer and historian Plutarch (46-120 AD) provides us with a historical  testimony of a UFO sighting at a battlefield during the third Mithidratic war (75-63 BC). The testimony can be found in Ploutarch’s book “Lucullus” (in Greek ΛΕΥΚΟΛΛΟΣ).

Author and naturalist Pliny The Elder described a spark that fell to earth in 66 BCE becoming as large as the moon before returning to the sky.

The Siege Of Jerusalem 70 BCE

On April 14th 1561 around dawn residents of Nuremburg witnessed what they described as an aerial battle followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object, There was also hundreds of spheres cylinders and other strange shaped objects that moved erratically overhead.

During the siege of Jerusalem in 70 BCE soldiers witnessed bright lights in the sky over the temple and chariots and soldiers coursing through the clouds.

On February 22nd 1803 in Japan off the Harayadori shore In the Hitachi province a strange vessel shaped like a large rice cooking pot slowly drifted in towards some fishermen. It had four little windows on four sides and was coated in a black paint. The height of the boat was 3.33 m (10.83 ft) and its breadth was 5.41 m (17.75 ft, A woman of 20 years was found in the boat with indescribable beauty, She spoke a foreign language which no one understood and held a box which no one was allowed to touch. She had Red and White hair and a very pale pink skin. witnesses have reported seeing this woman and her rice cooker boat all over Japan in numerous other places still holding her box which no one could touch.

In 1801 The Hull Packet a newspaper reported a sighting of a fiery object that hovered over the Humber, It had an immense moon like glow and a black bar across the centre of it's face. For a short moment it brightly lit Hull and the Humber until splitting into seven fireballs that streaked across the sky and vanished.

The Hull Packet has nearly a century of history behind it, having run from 1787 to 26 February 1886 closing with issue number 5,288

In the year 1897 on Saturday April 17th a cigar shaped UFO was witnessed appearing suddenly above the skyline in Aurora Texas. It was metallic silver in colour and weighed several tons. It occurred at a time when many strange airships were being sighted. The craft seemed to have some technical problems as it slowed down to about 12mph then slowly passed over the town square and hit the judges windmill upon exploding into pieces .It destroyed the windmill water tank and flower garden.Locals went to the crash scene and found the dead pilot but they said he was not human at all. Even though the pilot was badly damaged in the crash locals said he may have been from Mars.When the locals checked the pilot they found some papers written in an unknown language a form of hieroglyphics. The pilot was buried in a Cristian burial plot and his gravestone had a flying saucer placed on the front with portholes. But his grave today is unknown as the markers have been taken and the owners disallow anyone to dig up the dead.

The Roswell Crash 1947

The 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash,  Rev William Huffman was the local pastor for Red Star Baptist Church. He received a call from police asking if he could travel with them to an aeroplane crash site to administer prayers and condolences. When he arrived there was an abundance of FBI agents firecrew and military personnel. He could see a disc shaped object there was hieroglyphic inscriptions and writings around the inside of the UFO. He also saw three non human forms lying on the ground, His description was that they were hairless had big bug eyes, small mouths and ears but a large head.They were about 4ft tall with long arms and fingers and no hard bone structure. He was asked to pray over them and sworn to secrecy never to tell anyone about what he saw.

Small Alien With two Officers.

In March 1948 an unidentified craft with 16 humanoids on board made a controlled landing in Hart Canyon 12 miles northwest of the city of Aztec, On board were 16 humanoids and a supply of concentrated food wafers and heavy water for consumption. This was documented by Author Frank Scully in 1949. The military took away the craft and it's occupants for scientific research and is highly classified.

The Tourist Plaque At Hart Canyon New Mexico

On April 24th 1950 42 year old factory worker Bruno Facchini was working the late shift when he stepped outside for a breather. There had just been a thunderstorm and he decided to check the electrics were ok. As he did he noticed a glowing light which he thought was a transformer, It was circular shaped with a ladder descending from its bottom. At the top of the UFO was a greenish light which partially hid a lightly skinned humanoid. He then saw several more aliens and then the ladder drew up as the aliens reentered the craft. This startled Bruno so he decided to run for it as he did a strange beehive sound from behind and a powerful energy hit him full force and sent him to the ground, He had just been laser beamed zapped by one of the aliens. The next day he reported his story to the police, They found burnt marks on the ground and a other signs of a heavy object. Everyone believed Bruno's story he was an honest and reliable man but he never made a penny from his alien meeting.

Bruno Facchini's Meeting.

On September 12th 1952 two brothers Edward and Fred May and there friend Tommy Hyer witnessed a bright object hovering above the sky before coming to rest on a farmers field. They ran to the May's mothers house Kathleen May and she accompanied them back to the site. Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver and Eugene Lemon 17 also came along all young boys. Lemon's dog ran ahead and came back barking with it's tail between it's legs. They climbed to the top of the hill and suddenly saw a bright pulsing red light and a pair of eyes staring at them similar to an owl or other animal, Lemon aimed his flashlight at the phenomen and saw a towering man like figure with a round red face surrounded by a pointed hood like shape.The body was dark and colourless, Some would say it was green with drape like folds.It suddenly emitted a hissing sound and came towards them whereas the group ran away.The group had noticed a pungent mist at the scene and sometime later the group showed signs of sickness with convulsions sore throat and vomiting.

On August 21st 1955 five adults and seven children turned up and reported to there local police station that they were being attacked by little green aliens and they had been holding them off with shotguns for nearly 4 hours. Elmer Lucky Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor two of the adults claimed they shot at at least 15 of the green men as they tried to peer into there windows or popped up at the doorway .Alarmed by this information four city police five state troopers, three deputy sheriffs and four military police from nearby US army Fort Campbell drove to the Sutton farmhouse. When they arrived they found no evidence of aliens just a load of holes in doors windows and other places around the farm .Incidently Lucky Sutton and his wife Vera were itinerant carnival workers who were visiting at the time.

Area 51 is a united states air force facility and is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base within the Nevada Test and Training Ground. 

Antonio Vilas Boas was a 23 year old Brazilian farmer who was working at night to avoid the hot day temperature. It was October 16th 1957 and he was out ploughing fields near Sao Francisco de Sales, He looked up and saw a red star in the night sky, It got closer and bigger until he could recognise it as an egg or circular type of craft with a red light at the front and rotating cupola on top. The craft landed as three legs popped out, Boas decided to run for it. He first tried to escape on his tractor but the engine failed after a few seconds so he went on foot. However he was caught by a 5ft tall humanoid being who was wearing grey overalls and a helmet. It's eyes were small and blue and it yelped, Three other humanoids came and together they took Boas into there craft. Once inside Boas was stripped naked and covered from head to toe in a strange sticky gel. He was taken into a semicircular room through a doorway that had strange red symbols over it. They then took a sample of blood from his chin and then taken to a third room and left for 30 minutes. A gas was injected into the room which made Boas violently Sick. Then shortly after he was joined by a very attractrive and naked female humanoid, Her underarm and public hair were bright red her hair was long and white. Boas felt an enormous attraction to her and they both had sexual intercourse, She never kissed but nipped him on the chin.After this the female smiled at Boas rubbed her belly and looked up maybe as a gesture or to say I am raising are child on another planet somewhere in the galaxy.The female seemed relieved it was done but Boas was angry as he felt used and probably abused. He was given back his clothes and took on a detailed tour of the ship, He tried to steal a clock like device as proof of the encounter but the humanoids took it off him, He was escorted off the craft and watched as it slowly took off and vanished into the nights sky, All this happened in 4 hours.

Boyd Bushman Born 20th July 1936 Died 7th August 2014, Was an Area 51 engineer who spoke about there being alien life forms at Area 51 in an interview shortly before his death. He also said he reverse engineered space ships and even claimed alien life forms are employed by the U.S.

As in the movie They Live a down and out worker finds a pair of glasses which reveal alien life forms living among the human population. When he looks at signs pictures magazines and TV as an example he see's hidden messages instead of the normal messages. Stay Asleep No Thought and Obey Authority are some of the messages.

Aliens are living among the population but look human and act human until you put the glasses on, A group of activists know about the invasion and are trying to blow the aliens cover with glasses and carefully planned missions.There is a satellite that is keeping the aliens undercover if it is destroyed all aliens will be seen as what they are ugly.

White Alpha 7 to Andromeda is now ready for boarding please stand on the transmission platform, They Live dialogue.

My theory is if aliens are employed by the U.S they will be considered a higher lifeform than humans and will be given certain privilege's The U.S. security will want to keep this hush hush for obvious reasons, But is this not dangerous as these aliens may turn hostile and decide to take over the world with there higher technology, Maybe they will send in more aliens in space ships to take over, The U.S. on the other hand will want to learn from these beings and to find out how they react among humans. If the aliens have time travel technology then the U.S will be interested in that, It would open the door to all sorts of exciting things as it may help humans to explore new worlds and solar systems. Some world leaders will be right on the trigger for this happening as some may not agree to the U.S. ideals and terminologies. Reverse Engineering alien space craft would also help the space industries in building faster safer and better all round craft. Ben Rich former CEO of Lockheed Martin in a speech quoted, We now have the technology to take ET home. People believe this company came into possession of alien technology and incorporated what they could understand into there incredibly fast planes the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-22 Raptor and the F-117 Nighthawk, all of them with state of the art technology that no one else had in their possession, Lightspeed would be a very interesting factor for this company, Invisibility would be ideal for war and super strong impenetrable armour would be the benefactor.

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