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Two gang members rapidly start to lock a silver suitcase it clicks as it locks.


A gang member wearing a grey suit picks up the suitcase and leaves the room, He will take this suitcase downstairs and out of the building, Now is not the right time to do business as a serious situation is now erupting out of control.


The other gang member wearing a black suit with long hair starts to rapidly fill the other suit case with the bags of cocaine. The gang member on the other side of the table is hastily rubbing cocaine into his gums and mouth to boost his morale and mind.


A simple synthesizer sound can be heard as Mickey makes his way out onto the stairwell to investigate. 


Mickey cautiously edges his way out of the room looking all around as he does so. The monitor display flickers a black line as it fails to display any images of the corridor.


Fatman is taking large bundles of notes from a wooden draw, He stuffs the wads of cash into his pockets in a rapid way.


Fatman's girlfriend is in bed and say's, Hey sweetie, What's going on?


Fatman turns around and replies, Don't worry baby, It's cool Take a nap in a sarcastic way.


Mickey has reached the edge of the balcony and is cautiously looking down. Mickey drops his right hand as he swings his gun in a left to right motion trying to spot any movement below.


Suddenly a wooden ceiling panel begins to slowly slide open without Mickey noticing.


Mickey turns back around having not seen anything below, Mickey is chewing some gun and starts to make his way the few short feet back to the weapons storage room, Suddenly a whipping sound is heard and almost instantaneously a cord elopes around Mickeys neck so quickly he still has not realized the danger he is in.


Mickeys feet twitch and spasm as his body is lifted from the ground by incredible forces from above.


Mickeys machine gun and radio receiver fall to the floor creating a loud banging sound. The radio breaks into pieces from the force of hitting the hard floors surface. Mickeys body starts to swing and a crunching sound is heard as his neck is broken and he dies.


Fatman and two of his gang members enter from the other door into the weapons storage room. A face of shear shock and bewilderment is on the face of Fatman, He can not believe what he is seeing as he stares at the display monitor which has suddenly started to work again. 


Fatman whimpers "Oh My God! as he breathes heavily. 


Fatman say's, Those fuckers blocked both the exits as he looks at the dead Mickey hanging from the ceiling.


Fatman is now very worried as he immediately leaves the room, as he enters the corridor he pushes the bodyguard with long black hair out of the way as he starts to panic with fear.


Fatman takes the lead and turns left into another corridor.


Fatman knows he is in trouble and looks in all directions with fear and confusion.


Fatman looks to his left.


Fatman signals to his gang member cronies with his left hand to "Check the terrace"


The body guard with long black hair takes the lead as he runs through the living room towards the terrace outside, The gang member behind is carrying two suitcases that are loaded with the pure cocaine. Fatman now believes that the intruder is after the cocaine and cash. 


A gang member cautiously slides open the glass window panel as he looks behind to survey his situation. He then looks forward as he steps out into the outside world. It is very noisy outside, Police car sirens and motor vehicles can be heard from the road below. 


Fatman looks all around with machine gun in hand. Suddenly a pinging gun shot is heard from the terrace.


The gang members outside are taken by surprise as they look up and all around at the sound.


Suddenly the heavy metal shutters fall from there open position, A loud metallic sliding sound is heard as the shutters slide down rapidly blocking sunlight from inside the apartment.


Fatman has turned into a quivering and shaking lump of lard as he stares in fear at the shutters falling down, He is now feeling trapped and isolated from his gang member buddies.


Suddenly a shot reigns out from outside, The force of the bullet penetrates the steel shutters and disintegrates the glass panel from inside.


More shots are heard in succession as Fatman cowers by a large concrete support beam.


More shots are heard as more glass breaks from the tremendous forces. A loud crashing sound of glass is heard.


Suddenly all is quiet as two more shots are heard, As the bullets penetrate the metal shutters they produce perfect circular shapes in the metal which allow light from outside to shine through creating a halo effect.


Fatman holds his weapon up pointing at the shutters and say's "Hey"... "Yo!"


Fatman turns and looks around the column in fear.


Fatman breathes heavily and all is silent, Fatman can see something from outside that causes the light from the bullet holes to flicker when someone walks past.


Suddenly Leon can be seen from the bullet hole, His gun is visible for a few seconds before he stares in at the frightened Fatman.


Fatman spots the eye looking in at him which causes Fatman to retort and become increasingly nervous. 


An echoing synthesizer sound is heard as the strange and foreboding eye stares at Fatman with no signs of forgiveness or mercy.


Fatman can take no more of the suspense as he suddenly starts to fire his weapon at the shutters in an attempt to kill the staring eye.


A loud sound of machine gun fire and smashing glass is heard as Fatman litters the metal shutters with bullet holes. More and more light starts to beam through from the many many holes now being produced.


The metal shutters fill with bullet holes very quickly.


Fatman is on a mission and is in overdrive as he unloads his machine gun across the metal shutters in an attempt to kill what ever it is that is stalking him.


The shutters ping with light from the many rounds of ammunition.


Fatman is in no mind to stop firing at this moment in time.


The shutters are destroyed from the many bullet holes.


The sound is very loud as glass debris and metal flies in all directions. Fatman continues the onslaught.


Suddenly all goes quiet as the machine gun starts to chug and click having run out of bullets. Fatman tries to fire more bullets but he has unloaded a full magazine into the shutters.


Fatman does not feel safe and secure as he now has no weapon to protect himself. He is confused and scared as he suddenly decides to break from his position, He knocks over a lamp that smashes to the floor as he makes haste towards the corridor.


Fatman breathes heavily as bongo drums can be heard, Fatman feels the corridor with his hands as he quickly makes his way up the long hallway.


Fatman turns a corner as he pants for air, He is panicking now and not in the best of ways.


Fatman is making his way towards the weapons storage room to reload his weapon.


Fatman quickly slams his machine gun down onto a work surface as he desperately attempts to arm himself.


Fatman begins to grab weapons from a rack 


Fatman grabs a pistol which he quickly puts into his left inside jacket pocket.


Fatman grabs a couple of machine guns, He plans to kill the intruder or die trying.


Fatman enters the corridor with two machine guns held high, He breathes fast and furiously from the stress of the situation.


Fatman knows that he is in big trouble and can feel a terrible sense of danger in his mind.


Fatman turns a corner and enters into a darkened room.


Fatman looks all around as he returns to the living room that he previously was stood in. The shutters lay silent and there is no sound from his gang member cronies who have no doubt been shot and killed.


Fatman is breathing fast and heavily as he panics from the situation. 


Fatman turns in a complete 360 degree movement as he struggles to maintain his mental state and bearings. He still has no idea who it is that is trying to kill him and he is now isolated.


Fatman stops momentarily by the door well as he looks from left to right as he cautiously makes his way through to the next corridor.


Fatman enters down the corridor and then turns into a room on his right hand side.


Fatman enters the kitchen area.


Fatman puts one of his machine guns down onto a work surface momentarily as he tries to open a door that leads out onto the terrace.


As Fatman pulls on the door handle it suddenly breaks off in his hand leaving the door locked and unable to be opened.


Fatman realizes his luck is running out as he surveys the room, He turns right and spots a telephone from a few feet away.


Fatman grabs the phone with his left hand as he holds a machine gun in his right.


A beeping sound is heard as Fatman grabs the portable telephone from its receiver.


Fatman leaves the kitchen and makes his way back up the corridor.


Fatman is cautious and breathing heavily as he backs up into the living room once again. A bright light shines through the many holes in the shutters. 


Fatman stares at the light as he starts to dial a number on the phone.


A series of digital beeps are heard as the number is dialed, A female voice is heard a few seconds later, 911 Emergency?


Fatman responds in a worried and loud voice, He say's, I need help! Somebody's trying to kill me!.


Fatman creates a crashing glass sound as he falls backwards from his panic, The emergency worker replies, All right, just stay on the line. I'll just be off for a moment. Sir, I'm gonna connect you with an officer.


Fatman is breathing rapidly as he replies "Okay"


Fatman has his back turned and is not paying any attention to anything that may be behind him. Fatman waits patiently for a response from the police. A rumbling sound is heard accompanied by a beating heart, The camera slowly zooms into the frightened man as he waits for a police officer.


Suddenly from the darkness a hand appears holding a sharp blade, At this moment in time Fatman is unaware that Leon is directly behind him as has him where he wants him.


Suddenly the rumbling sound stops dead as Leon firmly holds the blade to Fatman's throat. A scratching sound is heard as Leon places pressure onto Fatman's throat with the sharp metallic blade


Leon appears slowly from the darkness at the same time a police officers voice can be heard on the telephone handset. The voice say's, Detective Jefferson, May I help you?, Fatman replies, I'll call you back.


A single beep is heard as Leon switches the phone off. Fatman say's, Hey, relax man, I got half of Bolivia sitting in those suitcases over there. Ain't even been cut yet. Go ahead, take it, it's yours.


Suddenly Leon produces a small white piece of paper with his left hand, Fatman stares awkwardly at the piece of paper as Leon say's, Dial this number!


A beep is heard as Fatman begins to dial the number. A series of beeps are heard as the number pad is pressed.


Suddenly Fatman's girlfriend appears from the bedroom, She had been hiding from the commotion and is trying to leave the building. She is shocked to see Fatman being held hostage by Leon and lets out a loud gush of air as she sets her sights on the two men.


The woman slowly edges forward trying to conceal her fright, She smiles and nods her head at the two men to try and make sense of the situation. She say's, Uh, I'll talk to you later, sweetie, Okay?


Both men just look at the woman with frozen faces, She say's "Bye" as she makes her way out of the apartment. 


The woman is a little breathless and is keen to get out of the building, She opens the door and leaves without saying another word.


The door slams loudly as the woman leaves, Fatman is feeling the squeeze as his eyes start to swell, Fatman say's Hello as a voice comes onto the telephone. The male voice sounds important and to the point, The voice say's, It's Maurizio, Remember me?. I see you're back in town, Fatman replies, Yeah. No I mean No Fatman say's in a mixed up way, Just for today. Mauritzio replies, Ah Huh, So it's safe to say today's your last day in town and we'll never see your fat fucking face again?. Fatman replies, Yeah...Right. Mauritzio replies, Let me speak to our mutual friend.


Fatman say's as he trembles with fear, He want's to talk to you, Fatman passes the telephone over to Leon.


Leon turns his head and takes the telephone from Fatman, He slowly raises the phone to his left ear and say's "Yes" Mauritzio responds, Make sure he understands then let him go.


Leon looks at the phone as it emanates a continuous high pitched tone as the other caller terminates the call. A beep is heard as Leon switches the phone off.


Police sirens can be heard from the distance as Leon turns his head to speak with Fatman, Leon say's, Do you understand? Fatman shakes his head positively in a shaking and frightened way.


Leon say's, So say it, Fatman responds, I understand.


Leon responds, "Good", Leon releases the phone and let's Fatman take control of it again.


A high pitched synthesizer sound is heard as Leon slowly disappears into the darkness leaving Fatman to reminisce on the experience.


Fatman is scared shitless at this point and is suffering from shock and defeat.


Fatman slowly turns around and jumps with fright at the sight of nothing, He has been mentally tortured and is feeling it's effects.


Fatman is still very much fearing for his life as Leon might change his mind and kill him. Fatman looks from left to right still not able to come to terms with the fact that he is alone and the terrible situation is over if he simply leaves town and all the power that came with it.


Suddenly something is released and Fatman lets out an almighty sigh of relief as he realizes he still has his life.


Fatman rests his body and head onto a concrete support column as he say's Jesus in a seriously relieved way. He breathes heavily as he looks up into the ceiling to contemplate his next move.


Leon is on a train and is travelling to his hotel, Being a professional hitman requires that Leon is forever moving from place to place to keep a distance from his enemies. A loud screeching sound is heard as the train travels over the tracks.


Leon arrives back and is in a local convenience store, Leon's favorite pass time is drinking fresh cow's milk, Leon slides the glass door open to retrieve some milk cartons from the refrigerator.


Leon places two cartons of milk into his brown suitcase.


A man's voice shouts out from inside the store, Alan, Alan amigo, Two milk as usual hey. A male voice emanating from a television can be heard in the background. Leon places the milk into his suitcase and then locks it shut with the buckle at the front of the large brown case.


Leon slides the refrigerator door closed again.


Leon exits the shop as a silver train passes by at speed, A guitar is heard playing along with a mellow synthesizer melody.


Leon steps out and turns right as the door shuts behind him.


Local teenagers can be seen hanging out on the streets of the city, Trash cans align the paths as Leon walks the short distance to his hotel apartment.


Leon looks left slightly as he enters the entrance at speed. Leon's hotel is directly next to the convenience store and the door squeaks as he pushes it open.


The apartment has a long and high staircase that is used to reach the desired floor. Each stair well comprises of 16 stairs before a twist of 3 additional stairs before the next set of 16.


Suddenly a pair of legs become visible as they protrude through the metal railings. A young girl is sat on the stairs smoking a cigarette as Leon makes his way up from downstairs.The young girl swings her legs up and down in a rhythmic motion as she relaxes on the stairwell.


A guitar plays as the camera pans up slowly starting with her feet which sway in and out.


The girl is wearing designer leggings that have a cartoon appearance to them.


The girl is smoking a cigarette and does not want her parents to see her smoking so chooses to smoke on the stairs.


The girl seems a little sad and deep in thought as she sits on the stairwell.


The girl portrays an innocence even though she she is smoking a cigarette. She is quiet and calm as she looks out from the flowery metal railings.


A xylophone can be heard mixed with the guitar melody.


A tapping sound is heard as Leon makes his way up the steep stair case.


The young girl notices Leon approaching from below and starts to watch him climbing the stairs.


The young girls rests her smoldering cigarette onto the slated surface so that Leon can't see her smoking, She is convinced that an adult may tell her off for smoking in the building and at such a young age.


The young girls looks at Leon as he approaches then looks down and then back up again as not to catch his attention.


As Leon passes the young girl she has an impulsive urge to make her self known, She say's "Hi" as Leon walks past.


Leon stops and turns around to face the girl, He has a solemn expression and just stares at the girl.


Suddenly Leon speaks, He say's Why did you hide the cigarette?. The young girl looks down and away from Leon as she replies, This building is full of rats. She looks at Leon briefly before saying, I don't want my old man to find out.


The young girl comes across as someone a lot older as she speaks to Leon, She say's, Got enough problems, 


Leon leans forward and stares at the girl in a way of trying to understand her better.


The young girl looks at Leon but nothing is said.


The young girl turns her head and stares out through the railings. The young girls face around her right side eye is bruised as if someone has slapped her.


Leon stands upright and say's, What Happened?


The young girl replies, I fell off my bike.


Leon stands motionless for a few short seconds as he looks away from the girl, Leon also has a lot on his mind.


Leon then turns and walks away to his apartment.


The young girl slides herself slightly back from the railings as she picks up her cigarette. The girl watches Leon move off in the distance then say's Hey!


Leon stops in his tracks and slowly turns around to face the girl once more.


The girl say's, Don't tell my dad about the cigarette, Okay?


Leon hears the girls words, He stands for a few moments before heading off to his room.


The young girl watches as Leon walks to his door just ahead.


The young girl rests her head on the railings as she continues to smoke.


A clacking of locks is heard as Leon turns the key to his apartment in 6D.


Leon turns his head at the sound of another door opening a short distance away. The door creaks as it slowly slides open.


A man's voice can be heard from inside the apartment talking to another, The man say's "Stan why you doing this doc",


A pair of legs suddenly appear from the door, they slowly walk out tapping on the floor as they do.  (Stan replies, I don't know)


The young girl notices the person come out of the apartment and decides to discard her cigarette, She looks on over as she flicks the cigarette away through the railings. (The man's voice replies to Stan, Funny how people got memory problems these days,)


A rattling of keys is heard as Leon enters and closes his door looking out as he does so. (Man speaking to Stan continues, I mean the one with the son,).


A man has appeared from the apartment and is smartly dressed and wearing an ear piece, The two men can still be heard talking, The man say's to Stan, You know a man should know when too come out of the sun. Stan say's,  Christ I don't know how it happened, I mean that's my job? I'm just a holder.


Stan and the other man come out of the apartment onto the corridor in some kind of dispute. Stan continues, I hold the stuff just like you give it to me. I don't look at it, I don't touch it. The man in the suit stands motionless as the two men continue there conversation.


Stan is wearing a green top, He continues, I don't even know how to cut it. The dealer in the black jacket replies, Try and follow me alright?


The dealer continues, In June when we gave you the dope, It tests 100% pure.


Now it's July, We pick up the dope and it tests 90% pure.


Now somewhere between June and July.. 


10% turned to cut.


Stan replies, I don't know.


The young girl is still sat on the stairs, She pulls out a lollipop and discards the packaging into her right side pocket, She starts to suck on the lolly pop as the heated argument continues up the corridor. Stan replies, You give me the stuff, I hold the stuff,


Stan continues to convince the dealer of his innocents, He say's That's all I know. The dealer responds, Hey look, you know, I'm trying to help you out here.


But you know, if you're gonna be a hard ass about it,


The dealer turns his head and signals with his hand to the man stood further up in a suit who is his boss, The dealer say's, I gotta disturb him.


The dealer continues, Now let me tell you, when he's into his music,


He hates being disturbed.


Stan responds, I'm telling you the truth!


The dealer replies, I hope so, because he's got a talent for sniffing out a lie.


The dealer continues, It's scary,


The dealers boss is still listening to music and has not moved an inch. The dealer continues, It's almost like a sixth sense.


The dealer say's, Now, are you gonna change your tune or do I gotta bust into his?


A few seconds pass then Stan replies with conviction, I'm telling you the truth.


The dealer looks at Stan then lets out a loud sigh of disappointment, He nods his head in disbelief and finishes the conversation as he can do no more. He say's, Alright in a have it your way kind of expression.


The dealer walks off towards his boss leaving Stan to contemplate on his words.


The young girl is still sat on the stairs and can hear every word the men have said, She continues to sneak in on the conversation as she sucks on her lollipop.


The dealer walks back to his boss who is busy listening to music, The dealer say's Stan...Stan to try and break his bosses concentration.


The boss pulls his headphones away from his ears as music can be heard emanating out,


The dealer is hesitant and does not want to upset his boss, The dealer say's, I'm sorry, you see he said he didn't cut the dope. A few short seconds pass then the boss responds with "Oh".


Low level airy synthesizer sounds can be heard, The boss slowly turns around and looks down the corridor to where Stan is stood with a deluded and quite menacing expression.


Stan stares at the dealers boss from a distance in silence anticipating what might happen next.


The boss walks over to Stan with a solemn expression on his face not in the best of moods.


The boss has a hunch that Stan is lying and wants a second opinion. He moves closer to Stan much closer as he starts to smell the odour from Stans green sweatshirt.


The boss sniffs in quick succession treating Stan like he is a piece of meat or a sub human species.


The boss is cold and completely silent as he examines Stan.


The boss may have the ability to sniff out a lie and may certainly want to sniff out the truth and the whereabouts of his cocaine if Stan is being dishonest.


The boss sniffs Stan's right ear as Stan stands motionless and bleak faced.


The boss begins to caress Stan with both hands, He rubs his neck and continues to sniff and smell Stan's hair and skin. Stan looks at the boss briefly but is too scared too tell him to stop. A low level synthesizer sound can be heard depicting bells that echo at a continuous note.


The dealer looks on none too happy with having to involve his boss, he rubs his face with his hand to signal his disappointment that Stan did not come clean.


The boss sniffs hard and long simulating a line of cocaine as he rubs the back of Stan's head with his left hand. 


The boss pats the back of Stan's neck two times as he turns his head slightly to speak with his dealer member, He say's Of course, he didn't.


The boss continues the physical contact treating Stan like a child as this point. He looks at Stan almost believing his story.


The boss softly rubs his head into Stan's right side cheeks almost indicating affection and comfort towards Stan.


The boss lets out a murmur of pleasure as he intimately holds Stan's neck with both hands, He rests his head onto Stan's cheeks and head almost extracting a cold and distorted consolation in a time of great distress or sadness.


The boss hugs Stan as he say's, Just do me a favor, Find out who did, for tomorrow.




The boss has finished the conversation and leaves Stan to his thoughts.


The boss walks off tapping the floor with his feet as he does so, Stan is now emotionally affected by the bosses behavior and demands.


The dealer leaves with his boss as he does so he softly slaps Stan on the right cheek two times to try and make him see sense.


Stan is breathing more heavily and is feeling the squeeze from the two men, He still stands motionless as the two men leave the building but is relived the encounter is over for now anyway.


Leon has been watching the men do business for sometime and has been spying through the door handle mechanism.


Stan has suddenly changed his attitude and chases the two men who are now on the stairs making there way out. Stan shouts out, Malky, hey, wait! 


Stan continues, Hey, I didn't cut your shit! Find out yourself!.


Stan is a little breathless and also now a little angry with the way he is being treated by the drugs gang, Stan now sets his thoughts onto his daughter who is still sat on the stairs, He say's with irritation, What the hell are you doing out here? 


Stan kicks the girls right side buttock with his right foot and say's, Get inside and do your homework.


The girl replies I did it already. 


Stan finds the girls snappy remark infuriating and slaps her around the right side of her face. Stan shouts, Oh Yeah? 


Stan shouts, Get inside and help your sister clean up the goddamn house!. Stan shouts louder, And stop smoking cigarettes!.


The young girl stands up quickly and leaves the stair case.


The young girl runs back to her apartment creating a loud tapping sound on the slated floor as she does, Her father is consolidating his meeting with the drug dealers and is contemplating his next move as he watches the last of the men disappear down the winding stairs.


The girl reaches the open door space and enters slamming the door behind.


Leon is intrigued by the life and vibrancy of his corridor as he continues to watch it's movements from his spy hole.


As soon as the young girl closes the door Leon decides that he has seen enough for now and replaces the circular door knob back into it's mechanism. Leon now knows that the girl is being physically abused by her father and that her father is mixed up with drugs.


Leon replaces the door knob.


Leon walks on over to a window bay and picks up a green and leafy plant that has been getting some quality sunshine.


Leon places the potted plant onto a dining table that contains a spray bottle of plant nutrients.


Leon adjusts a wooden chair and places it closer to the table for a symmetrical and tidy appearance.


Leon walks on over to one of the bay windows and slides down the glass panel to a shut position.


Leon holds the nets softly with both hands as he peers through the window to the outside world.


A soft violin plays accompanied by a clarinet, It is a somber sound with occasional light drum beats. A large fan is spinning wildly that pushes the nets slightly with the light breeze created. A flickering prism of light reflects on and off as the fan evolves around. Leon looks down at the table for a fleeting moment.


Leon reaches for his hat with his right hand and takes it off.


Leon reaches up with his left hand and removes his glasses.


Leon checks his glasses and rubs them slightly with his hands to ensure they are clean.


Leon starts to unbutton his long trench coat.


Leon slides off his coat with both hands revealing the tools of the trade underneath.


Leon ensures his coat is neatly stored.


Leon places the coat down onto the dining room table.


Leon takes a shower to wash away his sorrow and pain. He rubs the back of his head with his hand as the warm water sprinkles down.


Leon rests his head onto the wall of the shower cubicle as he relaxes his mind the best way he can.


Leon is sat in the kitchen contemplating his life and his actions over his favorite pass time...A glass of milk. The green fan on the back wall spins at a medium speed.


Leon decides to do a spot of ironing as it provides a therapeutic rhythm and a moment of peace and quiet.


Leon takes his time with the ironing as he places his left hand firmly onto the clothing so that all creases are removed, Leon is somewhat a perfectionist.


Leon is simple by nature and he has a strong relationship with his green and leafy plant. Leon attends to his plant like it was his best friend applying nutrients and ensuring the leaves are healthy and full of color and zest.


Leon carefully wipes a leaf with a soft cloth to bring out the natural contours shape and transparency of the plant.


Leon places his revolver down onto a small wooden table next to a radio and a picture of Mary mother of god with Jesus as a child. He always keeps a gun within close range just in case of an emergency.


Leon sits down onto a black leather armchair expressing a face of thought.


Leon puts his glasses back on.


Leon reaches up with his right hand and switches the light off.


Leon does not use a traditional bed when he rests, He much prefers to sit in an armchair with one eye open, As being a hitman comes with all kinds of risks and he must act fast if his life is threatened. Leon sits in the darkness with much on his mind.


The darkened room flickers with a low level ambient light that is produced from the fan that is evolving silently throughout the night. 


The next day has arrived and it is early morning, A clock radio is still in the off position.


Suddenly the radio alarm switches to 2 and a loud sound of music and voices are heard. A boys voice is heard saying ONE!


The young girls father suddenly awakes from the noise and jolts from his resting position with arms outstretched.


The mans girlfriend is in the bathroom, She bends her neck and starts to gurgle loudly after swigging a glass of purple mouthwash. The boys voice is heard again, (TWO take a deep breath and.)


A young boy is just waking up from his sleep as the boys voice can be heard again. (Take a deep breath out)


The girls father reaches for the alarm clock with his right hand then stares at the time with a face of worry and concern.


(Take a deep breath inhale) emanates from a television set. The young girl is sat in the kitchen and say's to her older sister who is exercising to early morning yoga in front of the television, Time up, my turn now.


The young girls sister is an avid television junkie for stretching exercises and in no circumstances is she going to allow her sister to change the channel, The older sister turns her head around and say's with annoyance, Change the channel and I'll smash your face!


The television emanates a musical ditty with exercising women, They rhyme along with the exercise and rhythmic thrusts to words of stimulation, The woman say's  Here we go for the label...and down., as the woman bend low to exercise the legs and back. 


The older sister starts to bend up and down with a rhythmic thrusting action really working those legs and pelvis now, The television sound say's, And down and down and down.


Being a professional hitman requires that you keep fit, Leon exercises regularly and his favorite movement is the sit up. Leon tightens a belt around his bed so that he can attach his legs for support. A clicking sound is heard as he pushes down a golden tightener.


The noise is so loud from the young girls apartment the sound is reaching into Leon's apartment, Leon is dedicated and is not bothered about the sound as he pulls on the belt to check it's tightness.


Leon starts to exercise his stomach muscles as he exhales loudly each time he reaches the top and bends slightly over to push air out.


The young girls father is still waking up even with all the noise and commotion, He stumbles up the corridor without realizing his girlfriend is coming out of the bathroom.


A loud banging sound is heard as the door suddenly flies open at speed and crashes into the mans head. The woman say's oh... Sorry sweetheart as she walks into another room directly next to the one she came out of. The man seems tired and a little worried.


The man rests his hand on the wall still trying to get his senses together. Madness in the morning is guaranteed in this house.


A jazzy theme tune is playing out from the television at maximum volume, The leader of the exercise group is heard saying,  Squeeze, Release and Squeeze. The young girl has a special relationship with her younger brother she really loves him with all her heart. The young boy enters the kitchen still tired as he rubs his eyes.


The young girl opens her arms for her brother as they hug each other, The girl say's, Good morning, sleepy.


Good Morning, Sleepy.

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